Tuesday, February 12, 2013

“La Mia Bella Principessa” Nancy Pelosi,  My Beautiful Princess of Liberals: “Cheerleader Extraordinaire" of “Waterboarding"Patriot’s Act; Iraq War;  Political Corruption; Political Patronage; Nepotism; Bush  Jr; and wealthy liberals with net worths of $58M dollars,  will attend Emperor Obama’s dictat or state of the union with a young girl and her mother “who survived Sandy Hook.” 
I don’t know about you, my dear readers, but I am absolutely choked up with anticipatory emotion to see which young girl and which mother will be chosen from the CRISIS ACTORS GROUP ….
  SIDEBAR: Readers, please go to ISO42 Social Media In Emergency Management , the “official course launched last Summer by the Emergency Management Institute” [FEMA sponsored]. 
[1] How the Public Perceives Community Information Systems
[2] Key Organizational Challenges
[3] List of Commonly Used Social Media Sites, Platforms, and Tools by Emergency Managers
[4] Common Steps to Adopting the Use of Social Media in Emergency Management
[5] Tactical Uses of Social Media in Emergency Management
Folks, I did not make up the above sentences.  I did not believe them until I came across this site “CRISIS ACTORS” 
Then I read the following. “Active Shooter Crisis Actors Target Mall Shootings via Visionbox”. 
  As usual, I digress to subtly get the point across how professional and lucrative being a crisis actor can be- not to mention how easily false crisis scenarios are created by our corrupt government and especially FEMA. 

Now, back to my original point about Princess Pelosi (how lucrative being a politician can be) and her child and mother actress duo
  So what makes such a beautiful 73 year old,  religious CATHOLIC (They seem to appear everywhere lies, corruption and politics occur  ---alongside of PEDOPHILIA) want to perpetuate the lies and corruption of the legislative body we call congress?
The answer is quite simple!  Here's some background bio for you….
She grew up in a corrupt, venal, criminal, Baltimore Mafia style Political machinery where patronage, pay-offs, political debts and vendettas were run-of-the-mill occurrences. 
For those of you who know nothing about Baltimore, please see the TV series “The WIRE”!!—police corruption, gang slaying, political vendettas, prostitution, etc, etc 
  So now, many facelifts and 6:30 a.m. blow drys later,  this geriatric marionette whom we now know affectionately, as PRINCESS NANCY,  began her career at the foot of her father,  a political/mafia capo di tutti capi gangster-politician.   He was the guy writing down in the little note book who owed what to whom (money, votes etc), yeah, just like in the movies. 
In other words,  she came up the regular way that any ordinary American Politician of good standing did whether they were in Chicago [Pritzkers, Daly, Obama], Los Angeles [Wasserman, Cohen, Berman],  Boston [Kennedy, Kerry, O’Neil ], Dallas [LBJ, Connelly, Bush], NYC [Cuomo, Bloomberg, Koch],  and worked her way up. Starting as an intern for a Maryland senator alongside fellow intern Steny Hoyer.
  She then married her husband a “businessman” who amassed a fortune worth $58, 436, 537.00  which included a portfolio of jointly owned San Francisco Bay real estate, a vineyard in St Helena, California, valued between $5million -$25 million.  In addition,  they are  major shareholders of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League and own a good share of Apple. 
  But like all politicians, (remember Hillary Clinton and Purdue Chicken Futures)  Nancy,  the Liberal ‘who can do no wrong’ was caught on November 2011 with other members of congress using secret information on a closed door sessions to make money on VISA stock.  The bill in question would limit the credit card fees.   She denied the charges as …. of course…. “A RIGHT WING SMEAR”!!!
  But, folks, that’s just never, never enough for sociopaths who lie and are corrupt and feel entitled
Remember Dr Steve’s rule about sociopaths (i.e politicians)  “More is never enough!”
Princess Nancy has other excesses or entitlements such as flying on a USAF boeing 757 with her extensive staff at taxpayer’s expense
  Remember Charles Rangel and how the Ethic’s committee went after him for election finance violations?  Seems like congressional internal auditors have their favorites and they are usually powerful with gerrymandered districts that ensure an easy re-election (Nancy’s district is majority democratic and she wins by BIG Majorities so no one runs against her). 
Dr Steve’s Second Rule of Sociopathy, i.e Political Corruption --- Make sure you are CATHOLIC, JEWISH  or GAY.  No one will dare challenge you!   Sorry Mark Foley [R-Fla], you “blew your cover”, so to speak!
But speaking about IMPEACHMENT, guess who stopped the JUSTIFIABLE IMPEACHMENT of George Bush Jr?
You got it!!  Princess Nancy!
When the citizenry of the US wanted to impeach the POTUS who gave us the 9/11 false flag and the deaths of 3000 plus Americans, the bold-faced lies of WMD in Iraq,  and his incredible criminal violations of the civil liberties-  Princess Nancy thought it best for her political future and her precious band of democratic cowards to “take impeachment off the table”.
But her sense of entitlement and political machinations does not stop at single incidents such as the ones previously mentioned.   She and many other wealthy congressmen and senators, who cannot spend their allotted congressional contributions on themselves have devised a scheme where they in turn created their own respective political patronage by investing in other like-minded candidates. So we contribute to her and she then contributes to others in her party to insure her tenure.   So much for representing citizens or constituents,  Nancy represents herself and HER INTERESTS!
Why are American citizens so much in the dark concerning our intelligence and money spent on same?
  Well, it all works together quite well when Princess Nancy is anointed to become speaker of the house by none other than Rahm Emanuel (see how the connections work?). 
  But she tried to mend her ways by giving the illusion that despite her venality, incompetence, and deceitfulness, she was not LUCRETIA BORGIA, but a True Blue LIBERAL.
  So she becomes an early member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) that espoused good liberal ideas like fairness,  job creation, fixing roads, training workers etc but has now morphed into a major "gun control" group in congress!  (bit of background, joining with her was an old acquaintance whom I hired as a Regional Medical Officer RMO at the State Department,  Dr James McDermott, MD [D-Wash] - a highly qualified adult/child board psychiatrist)  
  So what do we make of Princess Nancy Pelosi and her make believe child and mother farce?
My advice to her and the rest of congress:
Forget about Sandy Hook FEMA False Flag!  Leave gun control alone!  Adult Competent Americans want their guns, its our right!
But Princess Nancy, if you are so concerned with violence against children why did you publicly dismiss the violent nature of popular video games and their obvious impact on the minds of our kids ?   Where is your money coming from,  hollywood? (see earlier link by HuffPost)
FEMA can't take care of victims of Hurricane Sandy but they can certainly make lots of cash from the False Flag Sandy,  congress has now become the problem not the solution thanks to the likes of you Mrs Pelosi.  I know you love your throne and all the perks that go with it but its time to go away….California should call for more fair elections where they actually get representation in congress.  Take a hard look at Ms Pelosi's district, hmmmm.
Americans are not as dumb as you think we are Ms Pelosi!  No matter how you try to fake it, we get what you're doing….so do us all a favor and retire gracefully then you can concentrate on doing some good instead of making yourself preternaturally pretty for the TV cameras.



  1. "It's not about the money. It's about the game. The game between people."

    -- Gordon Gekko

  2. Dr. Steve,

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been saying for almost ten years now that Nancy Pelosi is a product of Baltimore's Little Italy scum. Although I am now a citizen of Ohio due to a corrupt Baltimore city hall and hands down stupid Governor of Maryland Martin "I really want to be President" O'Malley I left the city and state. By the way anyone with some sense in that city knows O'Malley has his gay brother running the show for him in city hall. I even remember there being a story about Tom Clancy wanting to build a gun range in his 14,000 sq ft. Ritz Carlton building he had bought and of course the city of Baltimore can't have that. As if him paying in the upwards of $250,000 in property tax isn't enough to let him do as he sees fit. Thjat city and state stinks of filth and it's pay to play system has got to stop. The Patronage which you 100%$ correct on has got to stop. I know this first hand after engulfing myself in Maryland politics for a 2006 Delegate run because I have never been inspired by any of these corrupt bastards. Also thank you for the Ben Carson shout out. I have read a few of his books and his book "Take the Risk" has inspired me so much over the years and I recommend it to any of your readers. To me it's as inspirational as Ben Franklins autobiography. Also thanks for the comments on AFCEA and General Keith B. Alexander. If any of your readers are intrested there is another conference in Baltimore, April 8-10 2013 where General Alexander will be a speaker. I am definately be in attendance and thank you for the insight. If anyone is interested its the Defense Intelligence Worldwide Conference Once again thanks Dr. Steve I don't always get to comment because of my schedule but I always make time for the reading of your blog and comments by other readers. Long live the Free American Spirit!!!

  3. I don't agree that W. Bush was a part of the 9-11 plot. While it was occuring he was in Air Force One, which was experiencing a bizarre and unexplainable connectivity problem which kept him out of command and left the management of events to Cheney and others. The 9-11 event was organized by Israel and Saudi Arabia and their confederates in the US were the team from the Ford Administration [Rumsfeld/Cheney]. The team which ran the Executive after Nixon left was Ford-Kissenger-Rumsfeld-Cheney-HW Bush. That was more of less the team which ran things from 2001 through 2009 although I am sure W.Bush and his father were not a part of the 9-11 plan.

    btw I don't view Ford as the innocent, super-decent guy others consider him to be. I think he was way deep in a lot of very sinister shit. In particular his charade that appointing HW Bush to head CIA after Colby was the appointment of an "outsider." HW Bush had been a high flight agent since his father recruited him in 1950.