Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am watching the superbowl and working on a new screenplay, here’s some of my notes, tell me what you think….
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy: The Ventriloquist and the Dummy! 
Or Mark Kelly [husband] And “His Dummy Wife”, the former Representative, Gabrielle Giffords! 
Brought to you by “The Agency of False Flags” [FEMA], Our Eunuch Congress/Senate, and “The Sandy Hook Fund for Non-Murdered Child Victims”!  
Starring GENE ROSEN  [FEMA’s Despicable Actor of the Year], Playing in his Yiddish Rendition “The Dybbuk Kike!” “I found the children in my driveway!” 
[Klezmer Music and Wailing Mothers]
In the Background we see Suzanne Collins whispering to Emperor Obamus!   
Gabrielle Giffords is dressed in blood orange matronly hemp robe, testifying on GUN CONTROL in front of white Politicians from Capitol Hill.  Sitting alongside of her,  pulling her strings is Ventriloquist Captain “Space Cadet” Mark Kelly [once again –the salt of the earth, Irish-Catholic, ‘choir boy’].  
She looks more like a dummy than even the elegant  Charlie McCarthy!
Giffords: ”Too many children are dying” (muttering, repeating) ”Too many children are dying.” 
Room erupts in applause and hosannas!
Captain Kelly [Ret Navy]: “ I’ve been shot at dozens of times, I would suspect that not many members of this panel, or even the room, for that matter, have been in any kind of firefight.  It is chaos…. I think there are really some effective things we can do. And, one is, Senator, the background check. Let’s make it difficult for the criminals, the terrorists and the mentally ill to get a gun.” 
Cut to Wounded Warrior in Navy Bethesda Hospital: 
He is in the ICU unit. He has a Purple Heart and Silver Medal Of Honor Pinned to His Pillow. 
Soldier #1: “I served my country, sir! It was an honor!”
Another Wounded Warrior, his head wrapped in gauze, waiting in the Emergency Room of the Navy Bethesda Hospital:
Doctor:  “Sorry Marine, you will have to wait.  We have a Congresswoman who has been shot!’ 
Soldier #2 “Yes, sir! I understand!”
He was in a fire-fight in Fellujah!
Cut to a Veterans Administration Hospital In USA:
An Iraq/ Afghanistan Wounded Warrior with PTSD, sitting in the hallway with other Wounded Warriors, all who have PTSD and had seen direct combat in Iraq/Afghanistan. 
The doctor’s office is CLOSED.  The Wounded Warrior  takes a bottle of thirty pills and consumes them all . 
He had to wait to see a doctor.  But it was too late!! 
He has committed suicide! He too had been in a fire fight in Afghanistan.  But there was no qualified doctor to see him. 
But enough of REALITY!! Thousands and thousands of real heroes wounded in combat!  Record high suicide rate among veterans!  Poor quality healthcare for those vets that truly need it! But we don’t want to see this, no the American public wants something different, something with more pizazz, like fake school shootings that FEMA and other government security has been “practicing for” …Eric Holder can't get enough guns for himself so now he wants to take them from everyone!
So, let’s go back to the DUMMY CHARLIE McCARTHY:
He was a highly precocious child dressed in a top hat, cape, and monocle. He was unlike our present-day DUMMY-EX-CONGRESSWOMAN GABRIELLE  GIFFORD,  he was debonair, girl –crazy, child-about-town and as a child, a wooden puppet at that, he could get away with double –entendres. 
W.C. Fields [Comic who said:  ”I don’t drink water because fish fuck in it!”]   “Well, Charlie McCarthy, the woodpecker’s pinup boy!”
Charlie:  ”Well, if it isn’t W.C Fields, the man who keeps Seagram’s in business!”
W.C. Fields: “I love children. I can remember when, with my own little unsteady legs, I toddled from room to room.”
Charlie: ”When was that? Last night?” 
W.C. Fields:  ”Quiet, Wormwood, or I’ll whittle you into a Venetian Blind.” 
Charlie: ”Ooh, that makes me shutter!”
W.C. Fields:  ”Tell me, Charles, is it true that your father was a  gate-leg table?
Charlie: ”If it is,  your father was under it!” 

Seems like we should leave the farce to the Hollywood studios and stop trying to pull the wool over the American public’s eyes.  What I have seen from Obama and FEMA is so amateurish and in such bad taste its really quite disgusting. ….seriously, the story line and the acting are just plain BAD!
  To our combat veterans who have sacrificed their lives and bodies and minds for our country, I am sorry for the war that you fought without a country to back you or care about you…..
To the corrupt, cowardly officials and law enforcement in the state of Connecticut,  I will let your own state citizens make their judgements…..take back your state from these criminals!
To Gabrielle, who could never refuse a chance to talk about herself and her ne’er do well accomplishments as a CONGRESSWOMAN,  I am sorry if you did get accidentally shot.  But why are you more important than our wounded warriors?
We praise those cowardly civilians—men and woman who send soldiers off to war to lose body parts and minds because of democracy?  Threat to freedom?  Terrorists? 
So who are the DUMMIES? 
Is it the veterans who wait patiently and with little protest for treatment that they will never get?  Who served multiple tours of duty to return home only to find their lives in shambles?
Is it the American public who watches as FEMA stages multiple “practice” exercises for “children in danger” but cannot get to Staten Island when the real disaster Sandy strikes?
Who is pulling the strings?
Is it big government agencies with out of control management and budgets that we fund with our taxes that are totally ineffectual when real disaster strikes?
  Is it our so called president that was supposed to lead a new administration to protect and ensure the health of the American people?  Maybe congress that was designed to stand up to a tyrannical president who has his own agenda regardless of what the citizens need or want?
Or maybe its our free and independent press (media) that is supposed to report the truth but really does the bidding of those in power?
Alright, I need to re think this screen play, it’s a bit dark and very confusing….seems the American people need to wake up and see reality.  The veterans need to demand what is their due and demand the resignation of Eric Shinseki.  As for me, I am never at a loss suitable subjects for political doomsday novels and movies….the problem is finding stuff that is fiction, reality is really taking over the entertainment business.


  1. typo: "Eric Holder CAN'T get enough..."

    this "screenplay" should omit the halting declarations by Gabby Giffords. She was collateral damage, and should not be mocked.
    Mark Kelley has a frustrating life now; give him a break. He is married to a stranger.

    If you want to make a metaphor "dummy" consider the Teleprompter as Edgar Bergen and "Obama" the DUMMY!

    Jon Favreau, Obama's cognition and extracconstitutional Rodin, is off to Hollywood. Listen the the teleprompter's imminent personality change!

    Here is a mix 'n match for your introspective pleasure:

    Bergen McCarthy
    Telprompter Obama
    Brennan Clapper
    Brennan Hillary
    Brennan Panetta
    Brennan Big Sis
    Brennan Obama
    Brennan Petraeus
    Jarret Obama
    Cheney Bush 43
    Bush 41 Cheney
    Bush 41 Obama
    Bush 41 Hillary
    Bush 41 Brennan
    Bush 41 Biden
    Bush 41 Rove
    Bush 41 Romney
    Bush 41 Jeb
    Bush 41 Queen Elizabeth
    Bush 41 Iraq Dinar Revaluation
    Bush 41 Libor
    Bush 41 Pureheart Investments (CIA)
    Bush 41 CIA
    CIA Congress

  2. Giffords can join the James Brady club of Republicans who would otherwise vote pro-NRA but who instead reverse themselves when they are the ones who are shot.

    Just goes to show you most Republicans have no real convictions. They're just as incapable of rational thought as the bleeding-heart sob-sisters of the Left.

    Now let me explain the truth about guns in America.

    Between 1905 and 1945 Colt arms sold ONE MILLION pocket sized pistols to Americans because in America many or most people usually went around armed.

    The "concealed carry" movement of today is merely the most recent revival of the longstanding practice of Americans in cities are carrying concealed weapons without anyone knowing about it.

    It's not true either that the western frontier was lawless or that people in western towns wore sidearms.

    The truth is that nobody wore sidearms, and certainly not in holsters.

    In most western towns [unlike the east where everybody had concealed pistols in their pockets] there was gun control, and people were not permitted to carry arms in the city limits. Even peace officers carried their weapons in the trousers or jackets where they couldn't been seen.
    Wyatt Earp for example carried his Cold peacemaker in his trouser pocket.

    The east was every bit as corrupt and lawless as the west, and it's always been normal for citizens in America to be armed.


    The Colt models to which I refer above are the 1903 .32 hammerless automatic and the model N 1908 .25, which was adapted from the successful European FN Browning 6.35mm pocket pistol. Both models are Browning designs.