Friday, March 29, 2013

Federal Investigators are trying to put Jaime Dimon, Chief of the Crooked Bank,  JP Morgan Chase in Jail and at the Same Time They Will Try to break up the Bank!!
It’s about time that Wall Street starts paying the price for what they have done to those of us living on Main Street!!
Let’s talk about how federal investigators, Senators, and the American People have pushed this administration to place Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan in Jail.  This is really a testimony to the federal agencies and legislators who labored for months over thousands of pages to bring justice to Wall Street.
  Now let’s start off by enumerating who is doing what to whom.
[1] Federal Prosecutors of the DOJ [thanks! you guys have brains and courage] are examining whether JPM failed to fully alert authorities to clear suspicions of ‘money laundering and ponzi schemes’ carried through and with Bernie Madoff and JPM / Jaime. 
[2] Federal Prosecutors; FBI [thanks Mueller]; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [FDIC—thanks again!], the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [Very important]; and the Security Exchange Commission [ SEC—Markedly improving];  Vance and NYC Fed Prosecutors are examining how much evidence that they can muster to effectively indict,  convict and jail Jaime, his immediate staff, JPM Board members and others at JPM, including the Illegal traders, and those who ‘resigned’ for CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. 
[3] The aforementioned Federal agencies are working in concert [which is very impressive] in order to make Jaime and his consort banksters and board members directly culpable for lying to investors and regulators about the risky wagers that were ‘illegally’ made by the The Whale --- a one hundred BILLION DOLLAR TRADE WHERE SIX BILLION$ or MORE of TARP MONEY WAS LOST!!
[4] Thanks to Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) and his staff who poured over 90,000 pages of testimony and questioned the arrogant Jaime who considered the Fed's Investigation into his illegal banking activities a ‘tempest in a teapot’
I would also like to thank Sen John McCain [R-Arizona] whom I have criticized for his differing positions on the Iraq War, but when it comes to banking he had correctly warned Jaime and Eric Holder: "That no bank is too big to be prosecuted". 
In particular,  I happen to know that all of the JPM Lawyers in 2008 and later,  literally lied in courts all over the country about the mortgage notes and deeds which they did not own but claimed they owned because of the default of Washington Mutual Mortgage  and other companies which were sold to JPM for a pittance.   Also the American citizens gave unnecessary TARP money to Jaime and his ‘crooked cronies’ for ‘bank reserves’ .   Those reserves were used to give himself and others large undeserved bonuses. 
[6] Both state and federal courts are still examining the illegal robosigning instituted by JPM and Jaime to bypass the fact that they did not have the original copies of the deeds and mortgages of the houses, condos, and buildings on which they were foreclosing. 
[7] In 2011, Senator Levin and the FBI warned Jaime that he was for the eighth time in violation of banking law and engaged in ‘illegal financial activity’ when he personally refused to provide the aforementioned hard working Federal Regulators with the necessary and mandatory profit and loss statement reports required for Investment Banking. 
Sidebar:  When I was brought in as a Managing Director of Kidder Peabody to take it down for ‘illegal trading activities’,  I brought in the past Director of the SEC,  Gary Lynch who automatically arrested the ‘perpetrators’ of the  illegal non-existent ‘securitized mortgage’  and ‘non-existent trade’.  It took less time and effort.  The ‘culprits’ went to prison but the key man, Michael Carpenter, a boorish Brit of little wit,  substance, or manners,  was subsequently recruited by his ‘cronies’ at Citibank, Weill and Rubin.  He screwed up there, and went up the ladder a la Peter Principle to head up--- GMAC which as expected he destroyed ---until he was bailed out by the American taxpayer. 
[8] Jaime is not only incompetent, ‘criminal’ and arrogant but he had the audacity to insult FEDERAL REGULATORS,  who have been working on behalf of the American People to salvage their money, mortgages and homes----- HE CALLED THEM, “STUPID”!!!
I hope this shows that all is not lost in this wonderful republic we call America.  The system can work.   But it works when people like you and me and equally important, the mainstream and alternative media report on the illegal activities of Wall Street.
  In particular,  I personally want to thank that NY Times, and it’s Executive Editor Jill Abramson for her relentless coverage of this JPMorgan Scandal.   I would also like to thank all the young, enthusiastic reporters in the Huffington Post who provided me and others with instantaneous information about what was happening.  Also the Wall Street journal and particularly Rupert Murdoch who behind the scenes understood the banking travesty that was occurring in America.  Got to love the NY Post which in their inevitable sarcastic double- entendre way crucified Jaime and his Wall Street cronies. 
  Of course, I want to thank all of the Federal Regulators who have spent countless hours trying to bring Jaime down to the level where he and NOT they were the STUPID ONES!
Thanks America.  You restored my faith in the system. 

Here's some homework on bankster Jaime Dimon and his mafia bank of JPMorganChase, maybe the Feds are finally cracking down?  Let's make it happen.  I will be posting later today.
here's the youtube of my AlexJones segment, in case you missed it.  Thanks Patriarch.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catch me on Alex Jones,  I am on right now talking about this OBL nonsense.
You will need 1 hour to watch but it is worth it, Sibel Edmonds sums it up quite nicely.  Thanks to a faithful reader for it with your kids, family, worth a year of school.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SYRIAThe Repeat of an AMERICAN TRAGEDY!  Viet Nam Redux.  American CIA purposeful, malicious, arrogant,  unnecessary  intervention creates another in a series of military disastersVietnam; Chile; Salvador; Nicaragua; Iraq; Libya; Egypt; Pakistan; and now SYRIA!! 
What’s next for the Consistent Idiots of America?  A Middle East Armageddon?
Once again, a dangerously Machiavellian Ex-CIA asset and presently incompetent POTUS Obama along with his ‘choir boy’  White House staff enter into another conflagration without any NATIONAL SECURITY importance to the USG or the American citizens.
Another COVERT war initiated by the CIA has been waging for several years without the AMERICAN PUBLIC having any say in whether they want another UNNECESSARY WAR supposedly fought in the name of  fleeing refugees and humanitarian aid.
The truth is that this war in Syria is being fought by the USG and its military/industrial cohorts for geo-political reasons, in reality its Sunni vs. Shiites.  We are irresponsibly on the side of UAE, Saudis, Jordan, Israel and working against  Iran, Russia, China.  We have no reason to be in this fight in Syria, our national security is NOT at stake.  Please do not fall for this B.S. by the puppet media and the CIA marionette POTUS Obama.  
How many times do we need to repeat this American Tragedy?  How many more body bags need to be returned to Dover Air Force Base?  How many more billions need to be spent before our economy tanks into a bread and guns depression?
So-called leadership in the USG has zero practical knowledge of Syria and it’s multi-ethnic composition,  or any previous experience dealing with General Hafez Assad, the former Leader of Syria nor his son,  Dr Bashar Assad, M.D.  Despite or because of their ignorance,  the USG has decided to spend countless billions of American dollars arming the resistance(?) in Syria.   Of course,  this wasted money is badly needed at home for improving the economy and building an infrastructure worthy of the information age.  Not to mention, the 25 million unemployed and marginally employed citizens who need a job so they can support themselves in the American dream.  
But once again, we intervene in a middle east conflict because of humanitarian concerns, glory and American compassion….really? what?  Do you honestly believe this garbage?  This is exactly why they don’t teach American History so everyone will fall for the same old trick every decade or so!
For over three years,  I have warned this administration to AVOID at all possible costs a DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION into Syria. 
  I warned against supplying the so-called, “FREE SYRIAN ARMY”  It’s certainly not free- - It consists of a bunch of Salafists and Sunni paid thugs and foreign (Turkish) mercenaries funded by Saudis, UAE, Dubai, France, England and others.  It’s certainly not “SYRIAN”.   If there are any so-called Syrians they are the Sunnis from Homs and Hama.  These ‘thugs’ were and are “Salafist Radicals”,  sponsored directly by Saudi Arabian misfit princes who had been previously ‘managed’,   perhaps somewhat brutally by Hafez Assad,  some thirty years ago-- in an ALAWITE controlled country. 
For certain, there is no “ARMY” as we commonly know it as a formalized C3I structure with a formal COMMANDER IN CHIEF or a legitimate president representative of thismotley mercenary group of fighters. 
Without having learned anything from disastrous previous experiences in the Egyptian, Libyan and Pakistani interventions,  the White House/Intel  have just designated an ad hoc supernumerary as President of the Free Syria [a non-existent wishful thinking entity],  a hapless American citizen by the name of  GHASSAN HITTO.   He is a 50 year old,  former information technology executive,  who emigrated from Syria to America years ago.  His full extent of political , military and intelligence work in that region consists of being a ‘volunteer’ in the area. 
  This appointment is NO BETTER than the CIA-CREATED Hamid Karzai,  an ex-Maryland Delicatessen Owner with severe bipolar mental illness and that old disease called corruptitis insatiable need to ‘rip off his country and the USG’
Or how about Egypt?  where the CIA, and our military/WH gang of incompetents demonstrated their complete lack of any psychological or political understanding of the MIDDLE EAST and the personalities involved by appointing the DISASTROUS  ex-American Professor [also a CIA asset in ‘hiding’ at the local DENNY’S DINER across from Taft HS]  from NORTHRIDGE  CALIFORNIA.   NONE OTHER than our vociferous, ANTI-SEMITIC , ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD “canon fodder”, our very own INCOMPETENT---  MOHAMMED MORSI.
This pattern of ineptness of our MILITARY and CIA continues because of a lack of internal psychological political talent and/or experience.   So we keep on appointing American surrogates in the Middle East without merit, talent or any experience in politics, military or intelligence.  The Tragedy of American History repeats itself, once again, in the selection of this well-intentioned neophyte. 

  Whom am I to be so critical of POTUS and his WH advisors like Valerie Jarrett, Rhodes, Samantha Power, Donilon, Biden, Clinton and now, Kerry (to name just a few)?
For the record,  I have thirty years of experience fighting  Hafez Assad while he was trying to blow up parts and parcels of Lebanon and other places in the Middle East.   But I also remember when he agreed with Israel and the USG to temper the PLO,  PFLP,  Hamas, and more importantly Hezbollah in return he received not territory but rather the Lebanese banking system.
Hafez Assad was a warrior in the true sense of the word.  He fought a war against the IDF while he was hospitalized in the ICU unit with a heart attack.   In the process of the last war with Israel,  he lost 76 Syrian jets while the Saudis barely lost a pound of flesh.   You see this whole thing goes back to the Saudis and the UAE and boy, are their decadent days numbered!  
The CIA is shipping weapons into Syria against the better judgment of those in the USG who are afraid to shout over the loud mouth, sneaky warmongers.  I posted an article earlier from the NYTimes that goes into incredible detail on this travesty, subtitled “Lethal Assistance Reaches Assad’s foes on Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari Planes”  Bravo Jill Abramson!  Your writers deserve a Pulitzer Prize for telling the American Public the truth about this REPEAT SIN of fake American wars.
Maybe we are seeing a Pentagon-Papers-type-leak about an illegal war….we all know what happened to Nixon!
So back to my personal experience with the Syrian government……on a personal trip to that beautiful country some years ago,  I was personally interrogated by the Interior Minister for six hours.   In the process,  I got to know many operatives and understood their concerns but also learned that overall the majority of Syrians under Assad were happy with their leadership and craved more than anything to do business with the USG and Israel.  It did not seem like the ruthless regimes of Saudi Arabia or the UAE where U.S. mercenaries, ex-US police chiefs, ex-Blackwater, ex-SOF all earn a very handsome wage fostering war and insurrections.
Why is this totally illegal arms shipment to Syrian Rebels so dangerous?  So many reasons, let me spell out a few….
1. This illegal transport of military weapons is shipping through Croatia then on to Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and finally into Syria -maximizing the potential for expanded regional conflict or war.
2.  No one really knows who is receiving these weapons, are they good guys?  bad guys? who knows?  certainly not the CIA!
3. Such illegal weapons shipments puts pressure on Turkey and its Kurdish problem compounded by Erdogan's inept handling of his domestic affairs and his obsession with Syria.
4. Jordan will be a major problem as the MI6 appointed King Abdullah tries to hold on to his Disneyland throne as the Islamic brotherhood tries to snatch it away.
5. Lebanon will fall into one of its serial civil wars- the last one saw U.S. military casualties, station chief dead and thousands of innocent civilians killed.
6. The CIA and USG has no control over the end game, we are entering a conflict with Russia, China, Hezzbollah and Iran on the other side…they have a lot more experience in this part of the world than we do.  Like Iraq, Egypt etc, we have no plan for the next government in Syria.

Stop Obama and his thugs from creating Viet Nam Redux!  His murderous deceptions and his falsely awarded Nobel Peace Prize do not change the reality of his Arab Winter.  Pass this on and let's give him a nixon!

here's tonight's homework, Syria will be the next Iraq, the next VietNam...the CIA is at it again

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Warning from Putin:  Any Corrupt Russian Oligarchs,  all of whom have Stolen Major Russian Assets and became Personally Wealthy,  Return the Russian Money—or Pay the Consequences—DEAD OR ALIVE!!!

For over twenty years,  since the downfall of the drunk, ineffectual Boris Yelstin (whom we in the USG placed in charge of the dissolving Soviet Empire)  many of the KGB Operatives—usually of Jewish origin--- RAPED RUSSIA of it’s VALUABLE minerals,  oil,  gas and other precious commodities without regard to the consequences that their INCORRIGIBLE , ILLEGAL actions might have on the  POOR REMAINING CITIZENS of RUSSIA. 
  I, like many others here in the states and other parts of the world, have watched as obscene amounts of RUSSIAN WEALTH spread UNCTUOUSLY over the pipelines of corrupt banks,  corrupt real estate transactions and illegal procurement of Russian behemoth industries acquired by personal favor and/or family connection.
  Witness the recent destruction of the CYPRUS BANKS where the OLIGARCHS had deposited illegally into a corrupt Cypriot bank over 25 BILLION DOLLARS,  which they will never see again.  Such miscreant behavior will place the country of Cyprus into bankruptcy,  causing major EU tensions with Germany and France. 
Sidebar: In my humble opinion the EU Markets, as I have written before,  are nothing more than an excuse for GERMANY,  specifically Angela Merkel,  to dominate all of EUROPE FINANCIALLY, In other words, what the Germans could not do militarily,  they did with the highly over-valued,  ersatz EURO.
Most of the Cypriot Banks on both the Turkish and Greek side are specifically created to LAUNDER “CORRUPT” MONEY from all over the world, but specifically RUSSIAN OLIGARCHY MONEY. 
  Now why do I say that PUTIN has really sent out a WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE warning to his fellow Russian oligarchs?
A few days ago,  Boris Berezovsky,  a one-time Kremlin power-broker who curried favor with the inebriated, ineffectual Boris Yelstin, was found DEAD from ‘mysterious causes’ in his lavish Ascot Estate in England where he sought political refuge. 
Boris Berzovsky,  was mathematician-turned-Mercedes Benz dealer and in his rapaciousness acquired BILLIONS during the chaotic privatization of state assets in the 1990’s, after I and others in the USG had ‘taken down the Soviet Union’
  SUIS GENERIS,  Boris, was a man of little consequence.   He was neither charitable [other than to cover his miscreant activities], nor talented, nor creative.  He was simply a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH,  like countless others in Russia, or Miami,  NYC,  Los Angeles,  European cities, who stole their fortunes with the implicit blessing of the ruthless ex-KGP operative, Vladimir Putin
If there is any doubt as to how ruthless Putin can be toward those whom he helped to become wealthy but who turned against him,  let me point out another example of another corrupt Oligarch [who also happens to be Jewish], MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY, who had been imprisoned by PUTIN for almost a decade because of Mikhail’s ungrateful defiance of Putin who allowed him to literally steal Yukos Oil.
  What we have here is the wild west of the new Russia after we, in the USG, under Nixon, Reagan and really BUSH SR, had taken down the Soviet Union without guns, boots on the ground or nuclear war.
Believe me,  it was not easy.  And the one President who really deserves most of the credit for having accomplished this feat so quietly and discreetly was not Reagan but BUSH SR, when he was both VP and POTUS. 
Back to why I think that many RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS should be imprisoned by Putin or at least deported from U.S. and EU COUNTRIES. 
  First most if not all of their assets,  are from  ILL-GOTTEN GAINS GRANTED SPECIFICALLY as a QUID PRO QUO for their supporting the Russian economy and keeping their political involvement silent if not completely absent. 
Secondly,  the Russian Oligarchs, are basically what my Russian mother would call PRETENTIOUS RUSSIAN MUJIKS—or nothing more than peasants who robbed their country of it’s wealth and natural resources.  These robbers had no regard for nation building and could care less about the poverty they had created in the rest of the incredibly large Russia.  This is a country with eleven time zones!
  Now, I am not writing to defend Putin,  I simply want to remind everyone,  including the U.S. Intel community,  that this man has a very impressive resume that many may not comprehend.  So please allow me to summarize Putin’s statecraft experience…..
Putin, as a young KGB officer,  had been sent to East Germany for over eight years working with Marcus Wolfe,  a jew who had been directly appointed by Stalin as the ‘senior’ leader of STASI INTELLIGENCE.   Stasi, or Eastern German Intelligence,  was a formidable organization consisting of well over 100,000 active operatives as well as countless hundreds of thousands East German and West German informants.
  Putin, first, has to be seen as an East German operative who spoke German as well as he speaks Russian or English.   From there, Putin was transferred from Wolfe to the Supreme Soviet Spymaster with whom I had worked, Yuri Andropov.   Andropov,  was exceedingly smart, ruthless but very nationalistic.   He died from cancer in his mid-sixties.  But early on he had informed me of his very talented protege, Vladimir Putin
  Several years ago,  before Putin was officially anointed the Chief of the KGB or ran as ‘an assistant of a liberal muscovite’ who also turned out to be ‘crooked’,  the KGB officers in LUBYANKA,  asked me about this certain KGB officer from ST PETERBURG.   Even the Muscovite KGB had no real idea of how masterful PUTIN was in intelligence and statecraft.   They had to ask an AMERICAN DAS/OPERATIVE to explain to them that PUTIN would be a man whom they would have to contend with for decades to come
  I don’t think they believed me. 
Now,  you may understand that the death of ONE despicable Russian OLIGARCH and the IMPRISONMENT of others along with the collapse of a Cyprus bank foretells the destiny of all those who thought they could steal from Mother Russia with impunity. 
America must demand that these societal parasites be returned to where they belong, back into the hands of Putin.  Do we really want these criminals sucking off the American legal and banking systems?  If these "visitors" are not contributing to the good of America then get rid of them!  We deny green cards to Czech carpenters who can actually help construct buildings and renovate our cities infrastructure but we allow these rapacious oligarch gangsters to come in and corrupt our American institutions.  Get out, go home, Putin will take good care of you! 

here is some homework for tonight's post.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Barack Obama: “I’m no Dick Cheney on Drones!” and his previous pronouncement: “I am not a DICTATOR,  I am a President” 
First part, you’re right, you are NO Dick Cheney! You are not as smart or as efficient!  Nor as hard-working!
Second part, you are a dictator!  You think you are smarter and know what is best for everyone.
I have no intention to confuse anyone let alone myself.   But after writing about how I would like to put Cheney on trial for War Crimes committed against the USA, which I still believe very strongly, I find myself in a very unusual PARADOX!!!
Here is the PARADOX:
Cheney [whom I have known about forty years] is a very HARD WORKER.   Like it or not, OBAMA,  as Roger Ailes declared in his recent autobiography, ”OBAMA IS LAZY!!” 
I so agree with that.   I have never seen a more LAZY POTUS than OBAMA.  For whatever characterological issues,  Obama was LAZY in Occidental College and Harvard Law School [there is no record of his being at Columbia University]. 
In contrast,  Dick Cheney by the time he was 37,  already had three or four heart attacks because he worked so hard for Nixon, Rumsfeld, Ford and others.  His work ethic in these administrations was LEGENDARY. 
Obama is legendary for leaving the office at 6pm and then telling his admirable, hardworking White House, youthful staff, “go home and enjoy their family time!” 
Sure OBAMA! These poor WH “shleppers”, barely dry behind their respective ears are working hard to develop dysfunctional policies- both domestic and foreign.
In an article (posted) in NYTimes, writer Mark Lander describes an incomplete, failed novelist who wandered haphazardly into foreign policy making disastrous, destructive advisories on Egypt, Libya and Syria.   Please don’t forget this guy’s name:  Benjamin J. Rhodes, deputy national security advisor.  What an arrogant ignoramus!  This Rhodes is typical of Obama’s own immaturity and incompetency in areas of foreign policy.
By contrast, Cheney is strategic in his thinking.  He had a very clear idea of what he wanted and how he was going to implement his “America First” strategy.  He was the master in manipulating both the civilian and the military mindset to agree with his warmongering actions.  Totally immoral but effective.
Obama, on the other hand, accepts a Nobel Prize for Peace without having done anything for the peace process.  Then Obama gives a deceptive, hypocritical speech on understanding muslims and reaching out to them while he simultaneously declares an unexplainable war on Afghanistan.

Obama:  you have been completely INEFFECTIVE IN THE FIRST TERM and now in the SECOND TERM.   As a major legislator once said, “I can pass the legislation but it’s up to the White House to implement it.”
You have been INEFFECTIVE IN IMPLEMENTING OBAMACARE,  Foreign Policy decisions ---Libya, Egypt, Syria—You and the CIA , created the "Arab Spring" and now because of  your lack of EXPERIENCE AND INTELLECTUAL GRAVITAS,  you have created "THE ARAB WINTER"
  Cheney would have avoided both spring and winter. 
Cheney, unlike you,  NEVER  TRUSTED the CIA and instead as we saw in 9/11 and in the Iraq War created his own Intelligence,  even co-opting your new DCI—John Brennan. 
Now let me get to my point that you, Obama, are in personality and style more like a dictator than president. 
Your denial of not being a ‘dictator’ opened the psychiatric /intelligence window to say that in fact,  you were very much of a dictator and not a democratic POTUS.
  Remember Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook”, well, we all know how that turned out. 
You were born of the CIA and learned it’s tactical, officious modus operandi.  You practice the tradecrafts of betrayal, deceit (I, Obama, killed Osama!) and deception –your nonsensical distracting books about your Kenyan father.   Like most operatives, you forgot to mention the details of your CIA mother, CIA maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather.  
Deception, Denial and Deceit—THY NAME IS OBAMUS. 
Why don’t you tell the American Public about Valerie Jarrett, your female Rasputin, and how her famous, hematologist father went to Iran in the 1970s when blacks could barely go to my Med School!  At that time,  Cornell University Medical college was anti-semitic, anti-catholic and anti-black
Why is that important for the American public and blacks to know?   Because you, I and Valerie, know all too well, that her father had to be a CIA asset in order to do his famous hematological studies in Shah’s Iran. 
  Again, like all good dictators, you lie, hold trusted counsel close to you—like the dysfunctiontal choir boys –Biden, Donilon, Brennan, Dempsey—you get the idea.  Your close inept circle of advisors is indicative of a man who is very insecure of his position as POTUS.
I learned a very important lesson while working for five administrations- look at the President’s advisors and you will see how strong and capable he will be.
  You have failed the test with Biden, Hillary, Kerry, Donilon, and a completely incestuous Chicago based cronyism. 
Let’s talk about the crooked banks—JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Bank of America are still running amok.   Eric Holder, your corrupt, inept AG says “he can’t prosecute big banks”.  Not to mention ex SecTreas Tim Geitner (father CIA Peter Geitner) and now the liar/cheater Jack Lew,  you certainly know how to pick them!  
I have worked for many presidents who had different styles and levels of intellectual gravitas- and after careful consideration and observation- you are no president but rather a dictator.  You are a lazy, incompetent, corrupt dictator who belongs in a banana republic.  Hail Emperor Obamus!  You will go down in history as the first black president, hopefully not the last.  Are you listening,  Dr Ben Carson of John Hopkins?  Ben literally saved my life and maybe he can save America after the Radical Prostectomy that Obama has just made on our CIA, military, healthcare and the economy.


A little homework on Obama via

President Barack Obama’s defense to Democratic senators complaining about how little his administration has told Congress about the legal justifications for his drone policy: Dick Cheney was worse.

That’s part of what two senators in the room recounted of Obama’s response when, near the outset of his closed-door session with the Senate Democratic conference on Tuesday, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) confronted the president over the administration’s refusal for two years to show congressional intelligence committees Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel memos justifying the use of lethal force against American terror suspects abroad.

Obama recently allowed members of those panels to see the memos, but only after senators in both parties threatened to hold up the confirmation of John Brennan as Central Intelligence Agency director. Brennan was confirmed last week, but lawmakers not on one of the intelligence panels are still being denied access to the memos and several are steamed over being frozen out.

In response to Rockefeller’s critique, Obama said he’s not involved in drafting such memos, the senators told POLITICO. He also tried to assure his former colleagues that his administration is more open to oversight than that of President George W. Bush, whom many Democratic senators attacked for secrecy and for expanding executive power in the national security realm.

“This is not Dick Cheney we’re talking about here,” he said, according to Democratic senators who asked not to be named discussing the private meeting.

Two Obama administration officials, who asked not to be named, confirmed Rockefeller raised the drone oversight issue with the president at the session. The White House had no comment on Obama’s alleged reference to the former vice president.

While Obama defended his handling of the issue, he told his former Senate colleagues he understood their concerns about being left out of the loop on such sensitive decisions, senators said. The president noted that he would have “probably objected” over the White House’s handling of this issue if he were still a senator, they said. But, according to the sources, he noted his viewpoint changed now that he occupies the Oval Office — not a room in a Senate office building.

Read more:
posting soon, here is some homework

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a little music for ya, the Vatican Rag by Tom Lehrer

Once Again the Corrupt Catholic Cardinals Choose a War Criminal as the New Pope--- Jorge Mario Bergoglio—A Co-Conspirator with the Argentinian Military Junta.
  The Catholic Church regurgitates it’s corruption, time and time again.  It is an endless parody of the True Tenets of the Prophet and Martyr the Jew, Jesus Christ—“Do Onto Others As They Would Do Onto You!!” 
The Catholic Church went from Pope Pius XI and his open collaboration with Hitler and Mussolini to having an ex-member of the Hitler Youth, Pope Benedict XVI. 
Before his becoming the Pope, he was known to all of us non-believers as “Cardinal Ratzinger”—a most ominous premonition of a name –RAT-SINGER.  In fact, his name foretold how he could have ‘ratted out’ the systematic pervasive world-wide Papal-sanctioned child abuse and pedophiles.  But he did not say a word to correct any of the worldwide abuses of the Catholic Church that still continues till today.  As an EX-Nazi, despite protests to the contrary,  Ratzinger held the nefarious title of having been the Prefect for The Congregation of The Doctrine of Faith---the most important dicasteries of the Roman Curia.
  But thanks to his lack of moral gravitas and his supercilious attitude that he was both intellectually and spiritually INFALLIBLE,  he resigned to the NUNNERY to allow the SINS OF THE PAST to remain buried in the catacombs of inequities---just like his predecessors –from the Borgias, the Medicis and compounding itself into a bollus of sins so numerous that they ascended  onto the “Machiavellian Heaven of the Disguised Anti-Christs”--- THE HOLY SEE –neither HOLY nor SEE-- of the non-existent state of the VATICAN CITY. 
You might think that I protest too much when I say that I am tired of civilian, military/industrial and now religious corruption.  But man will always be venal, corrupt and deceitful whether he be, naked or clothed in some effete regalia of Haute Couture.  For the most part, the Cardinals, Monseigneur, and other factota of the Catholic Church act as if they were attending a New Orleans MASKED BALLS replete with Drag Queens and Homosexuals…. 
Even the play RENT grants more dignity and justice to those honorable HOMOSEXUALS who have lived bravely in an open lifestyle to which they were intended to live.  And certainly the openly gay person or LGBT lives life with more gusto than the HYPOCRITICAL CATHOLIC CHURCH and particularly this Pope Francis who has a history of viciously attacking gays, LGBT, gay marriage and gay adoption. 
So of course as the psychiatrist that I am,  I have to posit the obvious question….. 
Why are you, Pope Francis, a 76 year old Argentinian so opposed to a part of human nature to which you must have been exposed at one or another time—HOMOSEXUAL erotic feelings and actions!!
  There is an axiom of psychology --- of course my favorite one—Qui s’excuse, c’accuse!  He who excuses has really ACCUSED HIMSELF OF BEING A HOMOSEXUAL---latent [probably not] but a clear closeted Queer.
It’s ok to be queer Pope Francis!  because what I have in store for you has nothing to do with what you have hidden in your crotch and in your insolent words to the wonderful world of LGBT. 
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio:  I know somethings that maybe others do not want to know.   I know of your secret past and the crimes that you and your military junta cohorts committed in Argentina in 1976.  You are a war criminal and a co-conspirator in torture,  abduction and terror committed by the Argentinian Military.   You specifically denounced countless Catholic Priests, Nuns, and your own Jesuits who fought against the military oppressors.  In fact,  you were directly responsible as journalist Horacio Verbitsky, wrote in his book, The Silence.   
Let’s recall how you withdrew your Jesuit Protection as the Chief Jesuit in charge of Buenos Aires and allowed two Jesuits,  who had visited the slums of your cities, to be arrested and tortured by the military colonels.   You know all too well that Jesuit Orlando Yorio and other kidnapped Jesuits and Catholic nuns and priests,  refusing to obey your craven orders were subsequently taken to the Military Juntas jails.   There they were interrogated, tortured and endured insufferable pain, both emotionally and physically.
  You were and still are a coward.  I challenge you to deny the facts of what I am about to write.
In 1976-77,  I was personally involved in the neutralization of the Brigatta Rosa –The Red Brigade in Italy.   I worked for DAS when the fascists attempted to overthrow the legitimate Christian Democratic Party,  headed by my good friend and colleague—Prime Minister of Italy—Francesco Cossiga.
When I returned to the U.S. from Italy,  I was visited by a polite, well dressed Italian/Argentinian,  a political/military representative of the Argentinian Colonels’  Military Junta that had already killed thousands of people including catholic priests,  nuns,  catholic lay personnel and Jesuits ---all fighting against the illegal seizure of power. 
I have a good memory for dialogue so let me share the conversation between the Argentinian fascist and me
“Would you good doctor,  please help us,  the military in Argentina,  work to suppress the communist threat as you had so successfully did with the Brigatta Rosa in Italy? “
  I then replied as disingenuously, "Who are the Communists in Argentina?"
  He replied with alacrity, “Of course, they are the subversive elements in our society like left wing students, communist agitators, labor union workers and Communist ideologues who were teaching at the University.”
  “How many ‘communists’ have you caught so far? “
  “We have now about six to ten thousand communists in prisons and in the football stadium, all awaiting trial.”
  “What would you like me to do for you and your military colleagues?” I had already had an intelligence briefing on the state of ‘communists’ in Argentina during the military junta period.  I knew by his questioning how much he was fabricating, deceiving and distorting the actual situation in Argentina. 
"We want you to do exactly what you had successfully done against the Communists in Italy!"
  “What had I done?”  I then realized that the Italian SISME and SISDE had quickly informed the Argentine junta of some of my recent actions in Italy,  I say some but not all   because even the Italian intelligence services were not privy to my actions –only Cossiga—who was then Interior Minister of Italy. 
I knew that this Argentinian military officer/diplomat had no idea about what he was really asking me to do.  It was obvious to me that in his mind that what I had accomplished in Italy had to involve torture, interrogation and other bodily harm.   REST  ASSURED! In no way had I done any of that in my entire time in Italy.
“So you want me to interrogate and torture ‘presumed communists’ for the Colonels?”
  "To put it bluntly, yes! Please teach us what and how you did what you did to neutralize the Red Brigade!"
  "And those six thousand nuns, priests, and Jesuits and students that you have in your football stadium ready to torture and interrogate are all Communists? "
  “How did you know who was there? I had not said anything about Catholic priests, Catholic nuns and Jesuits!”  For a man of the cloth, military cloth that is, he should have been better prepared to deal with a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who has all types of access to all types of intelligence.   This is true for anyone who is a DAS –not just me. 
“Yes, we do have Catholic priests, nuns and Jesuits. I will admit that . It’s no secret. They all practice “Liberation Theology”
Liberation Theology was a theory where many,  if most of the well-trained Catholic Priests but particularly the Jesuits in Argentina were trained to "liberate the poor and oppressed from the elite class and military authority."   I was well acquainted with this theology because in my private psychiatric practice at night,  I had treated (for FREE), Jesuit priests, Mother Superiors and nuns for many different mental and non-mental problems,  in many cases concerning their loss of faith.  My "patients" also informed me of the torture and imprisonment of their brothers/sisters in Argentina.
  “Does the Jesuit Leader of Argentina know of these charges and accusations you have made against Jesuits and Liberation theology as a ‘communist conspiracy? “
  "Yes, of course, his Holiness,  the head of the Jesuits JORGE MARIO BEGOGLIO is working with us to rid the church of these communists."
Sidebar:  That’s when the now pope's name first came up, —I wrote the name on a scrap of paper to make sure that I would remember it if I would ever meet the Jesuit who was JUDAS TO HIS OWN JESUIT Flock!!
"I will not help you to torture your six thousand priests, nuns, Jesuits, students, and others."
“But what if I ORDER YOU!!!”
 As you can imagine, knowing me the way you do, I do not like to be threatened….
“Please leave my office and go see Secretary of State Cyrus Vance or Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher!”
  He left my offices completely infuriated and certain that I had to follow his orders. 
  Well, needless to say,  that both men Vance and Christopher were incredibly decent,  honorable and very professional human beings who clearly had done what I had done—threw the Military officer out of their respective offices. 
  The message was very very clear to me.
  After taking down the Red Brigade,  I immediately with the help of CyrusVance and Warren Chistopher,  proceeded to create the strategy for the REGIME CHANGE IN ARGENTINA.   A few months to a year later,  the military junta was out. 
However, the Co-Conspirators including JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO were left alone because I was instructed that we could not and should not interfere with the matters of the HOLY SEE and the JESUIT ORDER since some of our clandestine operatives had worked in the different Catholic Orders around the world. 
  In truth,  I never thought that a hypocrite like this guy would ever re-emerge.   In fact, I was certain that some of the Argentinian families who had lost their love ones would have sought proper RETRIBUTION against Bergoglio in court.  But we all know that the courts are very slow to react to the abuses committed by catholic priests!  Lots of examples in the United States alone on that fact.  So the new pope is a corrupt,  fascist killer and the old pope was a bona fide Nazi!  Good job with succession planning, at least the Vatican is consistent!  Good luck trying to clean out the corrupt and pedophile priests!  They are really small fry when compared to this new pope!

a bit more homework for you, I know you can handle it
more homework
this new pope has some dark secrets that I know a bit about, be posting soon BUT first some homework

Monday, March 18, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thank you Presidents Clinton [and HILLARY], Bush Jr [CHENEY/RUMSFELD], and Obama [BIDEN/BRENNAN] and all their political cronies and military/industrial war profiteers
In a recent article by Daniel Trotta in Reuters [thanks Huff Post, posted earlier],  he correctly reports the following facts about the COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, SELF –DESTRUCTIVE WAR in Iraq initiated by ‘Shock and Awe’  POTUS, Bush Jr  and the Usual Suspects
Here are the warmongers who sent our brave warriors into battle yet these chickenhawks either avoided military services entirely or if the served (only Rumsfeld) avoided combat.  They must be held accountable! feel free to add to the list or add info.
1] POTUS Clinton, Bush Jr
2] VP Cheney (avoided military service a total of 7 times)
3] Donald Rumsfeld (naval flight instructor, reservist) 
4] Zalmay Khalizad, Sandy Berger, Frank Fukuyama
5] Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Steve Hadley, Condi Rice
6] Dennis Ross, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, George Tenet (DCI)
7] David Wurmser (an advisor to Dick Cheney whom I had fired)

Here are some of the horrific numbers and stats: 
[1] Iraq War cost $1.7 Trillion [too many zeros to even write out!] with an additional $490Billion [what’s a billion here and there?] in benefits owed to war veterans and that number could grow to over $6 Trillion over the next decade.
[2] The IRAQ War KILLED at least 134,000 Iraqi civilians and may have caused up to 536,000 innocent Iraqi deaths. 
[3]On the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 stand down, a 2011 study from 30 Academics and experts published in the Watson Institute Study [I Knew Ambassador Watson –good man!] stated that the wars in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan DIRECTLY cost the U.S. treasury [that’s you and me] $3.7 TRILLION in ACTUAL EXPENDITURES and future commitments such as the MEDICAL AND DISABILITY CLAIMS OF US WAR VETERANS—most of whom can barely afford to live a normal physical, emotional , and financial existence, thanks to the PTSD and other major IED injuries. 
[3] The estimated death toll from the THREE WARS, previously at 224,000 to 258,000 increased to a range of 272,00 to 329,000 two years later. 
[4] The interest of expenses for the Iraq War could amount to $4 TRILLION during that ten year period of wars. 
[5] The social cost of the burdens placed on the brave men and women who fought the UNNECESSARY WAR was ASTOUNDING in terms of broken families, displaced spouses and children.  In actual dollars, the medical and disability claims for veterans after a decade of war totaled $33billion and two years later that cost grew to $134Billion

[1] The experts in the Watson Report concluded as many of us warned before the war that little if nothing was gained from the war and actually we did horrific damage: a traumatized country of Iraq, thousands of disabled veterans and a U.S. economy that TANKED. 
[2] The Iraq War REINVIGORATED radical Islamic militants in the region. 
[3] The Iraq War set back Women’s rights in this area of the world. 
[4] The Iraq War weakened an already precarious Iraqi health care system. 
[5] As predicted by me and others, the IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION $212 Billion was a complete failure!!! Most of the dollars went to waste and fraud…..into the pockets of those named in this blog and others.
[6]  POTUS BUSH JR claimed there were WMD and that was the rationale for the war but surprise! There weren’t any WMD! We know this now!  [also POTUS Clinton provided him with OSBL, RENDITION, And “PREPPING” for “STAND DOWN”] The MILITARY /CIA INTEL COMMUNITY LIED-Thanks General Michael Hayden, DCI—George Tenet and all the CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS WHO GAVE US THE PATRIOTS ACT—Hillary Clinton, Max Baucus, Jim McDermott, Harry Reid,  (will post a couple links to start the research going)
Not one person in the Administration STOOD UP !!!
But here is the absurd commentary of the Bush Jr War:
  Steve Bucci , the military assistant to Former SEC DEF Rumsfeld,  now a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation:
“Action needed to be taken…. It was really in Iraq that al-Qaeda central died.. they got waxed.”
Now it’s time to WAX the PERPETRATORS of the WAR:
This includes members of the military (other than General Shinseki who bravely disagreed with the likes of Rumsfeld) and intel communities who did not stand up and challenge the disastrous activities/policies of POTUS and his administration.
These nefarious characters must relinquish all their personal gains from books, speeches and other unseemly activities and immediately REIMBURSE THE US TREASURY for their ill gotten gains.  And they must be held accountable for their crimes.
I am talking about the likes of General Tommy Franks, General John Abizaid, General Richard Myers as well as the names listed at the top of this blog.
  It’s also time for the Combat Veterans of Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan to extract their measure of moral and military justice from these cowardly, crooked military and civilian leaders.   Clearly, they are the Benedict Arnolds of the 21st century.  Why aren't these traitors to our country's foundation/morality being held accountable for their crimes against our once great nation?  Why are we allowing our legal system to be corrupted by the same individuals who should be prosecuted?   I can only hope that my blogs will help the decent citizen understand that we have been waxed by our own leadership and we are now paying a very high price.  Enough!

I will be posting later today, here is some homework!  Warning, it will make you angry or it should make you angry, what a waste and look what we got out of it...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Congratulations! to Sec. Def. Chuck Hagel; General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. [US Top Commander In Afghan]; and Senator Lindsey Graham, for severely reprimanding the indolent, insolent, ingrate,  President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan!!!
Americans can and do complain (guilty as charged) about our military/civilian systems, but on occasion, the USG/military  respond appropriately, and often in concert, with the explicit outrage of the American Citizenry. 
I promise that I am not losing my edge but I do have to give credit where credit is due …..
  My comments are based on what I read this morning in the NYTimes about Afghanistan (posted article earlier).
“Frustration with Mr. Karzai was clear in the alert known as a command threat advisory [CTA}, sent on Wednesday by Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. to his top commanders.   His [Karzai] remarks could be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces—he[ Karzai] may also issue orders that put our forces [SOF] at risk the advisory read.”
  The article goes on to specifically delineate the problem discussed in the CTA [my words] by clearly stating the following words:
“Mr Karzai’s comments about  Bagram Prison [which HK wants to take away from the USG] …is Inflammatory speech and warning US to guard against HEIGHTENED INSIDER ATTACKS BY AFGHAN FORCES against Westeners,  as well as OPPORTUNISTIC TALIBAN violence”. 
Sidebar: I have modified some of the above sentence to make it more clear to my readers. 
In concert with Gen. Dunford Jr’s warning,  Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina  warned Karzai directly:
 “I am perfectly capable of pulling the plug on Afghanistan!”
  Please, Senator Graham, on behalf of the Millions of Americans who are barely able to make a living and are working two to three jobs please PULL THE PLUG AND GET US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!!!
Sidebar: I don’t know Senator Lindsey Graham; but I do know that throughout his tenure as a senator,  he has never boasted about having served in the Iraq/Afghan region as a Reserve Officer.  Unlike some other self promoting,  ersatz military hero senators who love to wax Proustian, recounting  In Search of Lost Time.   Please read the original French version of this incredible Jewish, French, Homosexual writer,  Marcel Proust.   It’s worth the effort! 
“Les Memoires Des Temps Perdues”, a stream of consciousness about life and the sensuous evocations of solitude. 
Suggestion: Senator John McCain,  you don’t need a steady stream of publicists, books and TV drama to restructure your false narratives about the Hanoi Hilton-- just read Proust's book and accept it’s conclusions. 
Please,  remember that I was on the other side when the FBI were instructed from above,  not to present you with FBI warrants for an “Arrest”-- on charges of “TREASON”. 
So stop your nonsense where you commissioned a TV show to  celebrate  your 40th year anniversary of your captivity in the Hanoi Hilton.   It’s insulting to 11 million men, who were drafted for that Vietnam War.  
  Enough! with these desultory discussions about John McCain and now back to the main point of this post. 
I just want to conclude with the following points:
[1] Get rid of Hamid Karzai ASAP! He is mentally ill and has a documented history of bipolar illness just like Jess Jackson Jr from Illinois.  Hospitalize him or RETIRE HIM!.
[2] Let’s get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria!
 We don’t belong in any of those countries. 
  The CIA and ill-advised civilian leaders led us into these unnecessary conflagrations for selfish political/financial purposes.   So dear Generals and Senators,  let the US bring back our brave warriors in one piece and not in bits and pieces in a body bag.
  Thanks again to NYTimes, Chuck Hagel, General Joseph Dunford and even Lindsay Graham.  America can work when it wants to and I think everyone is getting the message: We want out!