Wednesday, March 20, 2013

more info on the pope thing


  1. Where in all this is Father Guido Sarducci? Can anyone tell me what's happened to father Guido Sarducci?

  2. And why is homosexual marriage a bad idea?


    The purpose of marriage is to create a legal and social unit for the purpose of rearing children and providing for dependents.

    It has nothing to do with an romantic love or commitment.

    When you apply for marriage no one asks you if you are in love or have a committed relationship.

    They ask you this:

    1.are you related?
    2.are you already married?
    3.are you of the age of consent?

    If "gays" are going to REDEFINE the meaning and purpose of marriage so it's no longer about childrearing, but about a committed relationship between idiots who think marriage is about Loooooooooooove........

    Then there's no reason why people cannot also fall in love and marry their siblings, their parents, infants and children, groups of others (polygamy) and even their pets such as dogs, cats, and barnyard animals.

    The "gay" concept of marriage is absurd.

    It's yet one in a tangled mess of fantasy ideas homosexuals have due to their wish to deny their abnormality.

    The merely seek to marry each other so they can gain society's agreement of their normality, which is absurd.

  3. Dear Dr. Steve Pieczenik,

    Thank you for your Very insigthful and facts based post and podcat on the new Pope Francis.

    Doing some more research, it seems that the Pope eleccion is linked to a very critical issue of the future of the Christians and other Gentiles.

    If you can investigate and tell us about it it would be profoundly apreciated.

    Does any want to live under a Cabalist/Talmudist religious government?

    Thank you so much,

    The Black Pope and The 4th Vow (Blood Oath) High Jesuits

    Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin's 'Noahide' Center

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I at 187 years since the issuance of Quo Graviora Papal Bull against Freemasonry

    Grand Lodge of Argentina welcomes the election of Pope Francis

  4. I can answer that!

    Pope Francis has no sinister plans to convert the doctrins of the Roman Catholic faith to that of the Talmud.

    As for the Masonic Lodges of here and there....

    These Lodges are for the birds. People join these places so they can network with other businessmen thinking it will help them in business but all they get is a bunch of gobblygook, a stupid apron to wear, and a trowl.

    Now the Masonic Lodge of Rome is different because Masons were banned by the Church and government for a long time and so the Lodge there became a secret society. Italians are very sinister people by nature, and they love to join together in criminal conspiracies so the Lodge of Rome has been a center for facist intrique (I used to have an Oldmobile by that name) and all manner of hanky-panky.

    Former Prime Minister Burlesconi, a genuine nut if ever there was, was a member of the Lodge as well as a subgroup, "Propaganda Due," or "P2," which has been implicated in all kinds of fun conspiracies involving facism and the like.

    Dr.P has great knowledge about "P2" although he refuses to share it as it's among many things he knows about Italy but likes to pretend he knows little about that sly old buzzard.