Monday, March 4, 2013

A Friendly Warning to ChinaSTOP SHIPPING ARMS to IRAN …. or SUFFER the CONSEQUENCES… external conflict may result in Internal Dissension!
  Once again the NY Times comes through with incredible intelligence.  Please read Sunday, March 3, 2013 article entitled “Seized Chinese Arms Raise Concerns In Iran” by Robert F. Worth and C. J. Chivers (posted earlier).   For those of you who may be concerned that I may have been brainwashed by the so-called  mainstream  media,  I checked all the facts with well-placed corroborative sources in the intel community. 
  Let me spell out what the article says (placed discretely on P18 of the NY Times),  in order not to create undue diplomatic tensions between China and the US. 
In summary,  an Iranian  “dhow” [small boat],  JEEHAN 1 manned by Iranian sailors,  was captured off the Yemeni Coast.  It was found to be transporting SOPHISTICATED CHINESE ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILES.  THE QW-1M!!!
 So what? 
  Let me tell you what that really means in very practical pre-emptive war terms.   Most of the missiles were manufactured in China circa 2005.  They included QW1M and carried the iconic stamp of the Chinese National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation.   This Chinese Army (PLA) ‘cut-out’  company is well-known to the intelligence community around the world.   It has already been sanctioned for illegal transfer of heavy assault weapons to Pakistan [a USA ‘on-and-off’ ally] and Iran [a definite “no-no’!]
Fortunately the US military and Yemeni ally interdicted the illegal shipment of arms thanks to good intelligence work. 
Important: Now you see why it is so important to have outstanding US civilian/military intelligence.  It cannot be sacrificed at any cost!
Good intelligence is the backbone of all democratic societies and their respective national securities.  In my world of intelligence, I always have, and still believe, that US intel can, more often than not  prevent our brave warriors from dying needlessly  in wars that we, wittingly or unwittingly, find ourselves trapped within.   Believe me, in thirty years of this type of experience,  I have rarely met a military officer who wanted to go into a war.   But I have met more than enough liberal and conservative civilian leaders who were more than happy to send, not their kids, but our boys and girls to a needless war. 
  This anti-missile weaponry as well as others that I will soon delineate,  will tip the balance of power so off kilter that it will literally threaten the entire Middle East and not just Israel.  This weaponry threatens Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Jordan and the Northern Magreb. 
  Message to China:  this is a MAJOR FAUX-PAS on the part of your military/civilian strategists and the rapacious not–too–bright Ayatollah Khameini. 
Sidebar: As many of you readers already know from my previous blogs where I have discussed the conversations between me and Ayatollah Khomeini when we were discussing the freedom of the American hostages, the brilliant Ayatollah told me in confidence that he was very much concerned to leave the Iranian Revolution to the oversight of his not ‘very bright’ son Ayatollah Khameini. 

  So to find that Iran has ordered the following shipment of arms from CHINA places both CHINA and IRAN in very much of a SERIOUS CONUNDRUM from which, each country might find themselves with severe internal problems
  Let’s enumerate the ways that CHINA had mixed it’s Mandarin, Cantonese, Uyghur, Muslim, Tibet, South Asian, India problems into one big potential mess
  According to both the NY Times article and US INTEL the Jeehan 1 took on cargo in an Iranian military controlled-port located in a harbor on Lesser Tunb Island, an islet west of the Straits of  Hormuz. 
  On January 23, 2013, the Jeehan1 was pursued by the American Destroyer Farragut and a Yemeni boarding team off the coast of Al Ghaydah. 
The Dhwa flew a Panamanian flag but hidden beneath ersatz fuel cargo, the US Navy discovered the following so-called ‘non-weapons’:
- 316,000 cartridges for Kalashnikov Rifles.
-63,000 cartridges for PK machine guns or the Dragunov Series of sniper rifles [remember the danger ‘snake eaters’ can really cause!]. 
-12,000 cartridges for 12.7 millimeter DShK machine guns.
- 95 RPG-7 rocket launchers. 
The rifle cartridges were packed in crates resembling packaging used by Iran’s Defense Industries Organization.    It too was already sanctioned by the world community.
What does this all really mean?
For Iran this means more and more sanctions which are already taking a major toll on it’s economy and social fabric.  The youth of Iran, as I discovered in my recent trips,  have as many drug addiction problems as they did under the Shah.  The Iranian currency is markedly deflated, the black market is inflated and the Ayatollah (as his father correctly predicted) is not “very bright” and cannot effectively run the Iranian Revolutionary Government.
For China this means big trouble.  It seems like the Communist Central Committee cannot control the People’s Liberation Army.  In an act of defiance, the PLA has told it’s civilian leadership that they are NOT in charge.
Why do I say that?
The most important concern for the civilian leadership of China is internal political/economic stability.  The civilian leaders of China are too smart to try to de-stabilize the Middle East with weaponry that they knew would be apprehended by our intelligence/naval community.  That means the PLA dared the Communist Civilian Leaders to stop them!
If the PRC leaders had stopped the PLA from making this “shipment” it might have meant a Military Coup from within China by the PLA against the civilian leadership of the Communist Party.
However,  if the Civilian Leadership ordered this foolish move of destabilizing weaponry into the Middle East- it means to me that the new civilian leaders of China are completely inept and lack judgement.   Certainly no Deng Xiaoing or Jiang Zemin would have risked political and economic stability for a short term gain of little military consequence for the Chinese PLA itself.    Would the Chinese civilian leaders really risk starting an avalanche of “embargoes” of Chinese-made products which are currently inundating the U.S.A., Europe and the Middle East?
China should beware,  do not make the same mistake that Japan and China made.  Do not play with American resolve.   We may get a little lazy some times but as I once warned a senior Soviet Official those “children who make Disneyland toys” are also capable and willing to take down the Soviet Union- without a war!
China should remember that they need water very badly and also,  they have Tibet and India literally on their rear!  
The new "would be" leader Xi Jinping likes to support the military publicly and privately.   Xi also is full bluster and confidence and wants his military "battle ready."  The question is: how much is he willing to risk economically, politically and socially to "prove" his leadership?  A drop in demand for Chinese goods will cause unemployment and social unrest (more than China already has).   An escalation in our currency war will be bad news for China domestically.  Thirsty China has many enemies close by.  This could be the perfect time for manufacturing to come back to America!  Hecho in U.S.A. !


  1. "In my world of intelligence, I always have, and still believe, that US intel can, more often than not prevent our brave warriors from dying needlessly in wars that we, wittingly or unwittingly, find ourselves trapped within."

    Perhaps this should be phrased differently, as " wars that they instigate to begin with..."

    OK? Where are those shoulder-fired missiles in Syria coming from? Benghazi perhaps? Sent by your favorite for DCI? Yes, these expert intelligence people are really good at putting out fires that they start.... Vietnam, for instance.

    1. to clarify: the "they" in "wars they instigate" are not "our brave warriors" but rather the covert operations types who are in the business of stoking fires the world around... If you haven't read Fletcher Prouty's "The Secret Team" you really need to do so... He meticulously explains how this happened in Vietnam, evolving from "limited" covert operations into a full-blown, decade-long war. I fear we are seeing something similar evolving in the Middle East.

  2. This is to be the Chinese Century, or so our slave masters in the NWO have convinced the globe, for their own purposes. The carpet can be pulled out from under China at any time. The Chinese, in their racial superiority state of mind, are easily manipulated into believing, because they manufacture junk for the rest of the world (with technology given to them), that they are the new "kings of the earth". The NWO will collapse them when need be, although the resultant war caused by the "jilted bride - China" will shake the earth.

  3. The human who is seldom of absoluteness/reality [if ever] is a relative being. This is no surprise because ALL humans are creatures of duality, all having 2 brain lobes which offer 2 viewpoints/Relativity for every view/Reality, given time. Humans are dual-natured because the duty of Humanity/Diversity/Duality/Transience/Without is for realising Divinity/Collectivity/Singularity/Permanency/Within.

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  5. Dr. P, who do you think they were delivering them to? I mean, China has a port (Chabahar?) on the Iranian side of the Gulf of Oman near Pakistan, and a road overland through Afghanistan down to it, so if they took off from there--Strait of Hormuz--who were they planning to give them to?

    Don't you long for the days when we had real foreign correspondents? :-(

  6. Dr. P please....

    "Our brave soldiers?"

    Wars in which we "unwittingly find ourselves in?"

    What have you been smoking?

    The US NEVER "unwittingly" "finds" itself in any wars. That's frankly a little ridiculous.

    As for US servicemen being "brave" or noble or the like...ask the ordinary people of Vietnam or Iraq who the Americans hated, killed and tortured because they resisted the "brave" US servicemen's armed conquest of their country bombing and killing their families, etc...

    Now for the main stuff....

    Iran has every right to defend itself and you know this.

    The Chinese are damn well going to help them, and the US and the UN has no right under international law to be imposing sanctions or punitive actions against Iran because they have a nuclear program just like the Israelis and Americans have.

    Iran is entitled to have nuclear weapons..period.

    China is entitled to assist the Iranians in their defensive plans regarding the US, Irael, Saudi Arabia, or anyone else.

    The Iranian government, or the Chinese for that matter, are not my ideal of what any government should be.

    But that's not justification for preventing them from doing what countries are entitled to do, and neither of those governments...

    Have killed as many ordianry people or engaged in the naked aggression that the US has, regardless of the fact that I like the American form of government more and call the place my home.

  7. And furthermore...

    This garbage by the New York Times is the same hysterical crap they spewed out prior to the US invasion of Iraq.

    The NYT is merely parroting what the US government wants them to be trumpeting, and they're delivering all this garbage to us fed to them from US sources.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. MIT,

      I'm with you 100%. Iran has as much right to a nuclear weapons or any other weapon as we do. More, given that they have not attacked anybody in 400 years and the U.S. has a fifty-year record of imperial aggression, including false flag attacks like 9/11 to justify them. The sanctions against Iran are an imperialist act of war. We are acting like we own the world. With British lackey dictator Obama at the helm, our government is totally illegitimate and has no moral legs to stand on in the eyes of the world.

  8. And while I'm at it...

    This is exactly what US intel shouldn't be doing but wastes all it's time doing....

    US intel assets are tasked to "police" the countries the US doesn't like, whether the reasons are sound or not, or whether what the target country is doing is justified or not....

    US intel resources are being used to chase down phantom enemies and make new ones, all in support of phoney doctrines.

    At least in the Cold War there were real enemies which could have blown up the world if we got it wrong.

    Today we're just screwing around pitifully tasking our officers to perform these RIDICULOUS MISSIONS against TARGETS WHO WE DON'T LIKE BUT WHO REPRESENT NOT THREAT TO US AT ALL!!!!!

  9. And while I'm at it let me say this...

    The Iranian government is about the most RATIONAL and intelligently-managed of any on the planet when it comes to security and international relations.


    And Lucian Pye would agree with me!

  10. And this is what I learned at MIT about the "brave" American soldiers.

    This is what I learned from Stephen Miller...

    The last American army which fought on it's own soil [or even it's own continent] was the army of the Confederacy.

    The US armed forces always fight very questionable wars far away from home and...

    ...that's why the US army always has the LOWEST COMBAT POWER AND EFFECTIVENESS of anyone else in every war they fight.

    The ONLY units which have acceptable combat power are whatever all-volunteer units the US may have [such as Marines (a cult) and airborne division (Currahee!).

    Otherwise draftee US units are composed of non-zealous, rational American citizens who are too intelligent to kill and die for some purpose thousands of miles from home in which their families and nation really aren't at risk of any harm.

    And as for the current US army it's composed of two kinds: who can't afford college any other way so it's a job they had to get through,

    2.psychopaths who like playing violent computer games and want to find a pretext to kill ordinary people,

    3.really stupid zealots who want to believe their way of life is threatened by Islam.

    Those are your "brave" American soldiers.

    1. oh make that three bad.

    2. Did you know that the crazy assholes who ran the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s were all zealots who volunteered for service within days of Pearl Harbor?

      It's true!

      While all the normal, intelligent citizens of the United States were at home waiting for their draft notices [the first peacetime draft had already been instituted] the really zealous and crazy ones rushed out of their homes and beat on the doors of the induction offices for their chance to kill..Japanese? uh...Germans [wait, they hadn't declared war on America yet...uhh...well anyone the War Department would let them go kill I guess...]

      Yes boys and girls the reason why the CIA was all fucked up in the Cold War is because it was run by adventure-seeking zealous idiots who suffered from "Teddy Roosevelt syndrome" and lacked any kind of normal judgement and were STUPID enough to believe what they read in the papers.

    3. Oh and here's what happened to them...

      Chief of Covert Action Frank Wisner:
      Committed to a mental hospital/electroconvulsive therapy/death by suicide[blew head off with a shotgun].

      Wisner's Deputy Tracy Barnes:
      Pushed out and forced to resign/spent the rest of his life arguing with black thugs around the Yale campus in Newhaven. Lost family fortune/died of heart attack before age 60.

      Desmond Fitzgerald:
      Pushed out/died of heart attack before age 60.

      James Biddle:
      Pushed out/lived to old age.

      Alan Dulles:
      pushed out/lived to old age.

      Cord Meyer:
      wife divorced him and began an affair with President Kennedy. She found assassinated by gunfire 10 months after Kennedy assassinated.

      William Colby:
      family estranged from him/died mysteriously in drowning.

      Richard Helms:
      pushed out/lived to old age/convicted of felony and pardoned.

      James Angleton:
      pushed out/died of cancer

      Winston Scott:
      found dead after writing critial memoir,"It Came to Nothing."

    4. I meant to say Richard Bissel, not "James Biddle." I was writing all this so fast I mistyped his name.

    5. Thank you, all correct. Your comments are very important

  11. And as for Jonathan Pollard!


    Pollard's wife met with Netanyahu a couple of days ago and he assured her he will order the President of the United States to turn him loose merely because Israel says so and it doesn't matter a shit that Israel hired him to spy against the United States and got caught AND Israel sold some of the yield to TO THE SOVIET UNION IN EXCHANGE FOR FAVORS.

    1. Fantastic posts and I agree that iran has the right to defend itself as does china also has the right to trade arms with another country. I seem to detect a slight hint of the doc playing devils advocate here to arouse reaction and gauge opinion

    2. Yes I'll concur with MITMichael for the most part this time around... though let's not knock "our brave soldiers" too hard, as I would imagine the majority fall within the first category, pretty much "unwitting" when they enrolled, then ordered to do things that have been fucking with their heads upon their re-entering domestic life, hence the sky-rocketing suicide rate.

      And, while Iran may have a "right" to nuclear power, any proliferation by anyone is not something to be encouraged in any way, shape or form. But, again, I go back to: who got this ball rolling to begin with?

      As for Dr. P. playing devil's advocate? Yes, perhaps, but at times I'm wondering if this is all about profiling how the opposition thinks... Are we in a reverse psych hall of mirrors here? I watched Clear and Present Danger last night -with the Jack Ryan character based in part on Dr. P -methinks Ryan's line to the prez: 'tell the press he was not just a friend but a life-long friend' was vintage Dr. P.

  12. Well MITmichael I really enjoyed this morning's posts. Thank you.

  13. Great stuff MITMicheal, I love reading what you have to say. I'm pretty young (only 19) but I'm incredibly grateful that so many of the commenters here are so brilliant, I always learn so much. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.