Monday, March 25, 2013

A Warning from Putin:  Any Corrupt Russian Oligarchs,  all of whom have Stolen Major Russian Assets and became Personally Wealthy,  Return the Russian Money—or Pay the Consequences—DEAD OR ALIVE!!!

For over twenty years,  since the downfall of the drunk, ineffectual Boris Yelstin (whom we in the USG placed in charge of the dissolving Soviet Empire)  many of the KGB Operatives—usually of Jewish origin--- RAPED RUSSIA of it’s VALUABLE minerals,  oil,  gas and other precious commodities without regard to the consequences that their INCORRIGIBLE , ILLEGAL actions might have on the  POOR REMAINING CITIZENS of RUSSIA. 
  I, like many others here in the states and other parts of the world, have watched as obscene amounts of RUSSIAN WEALTH spread UNCTUOUSLY over the pipelines of corrupt banks,  corrupt real estate transactions and illegal procurement of Russian behemoth industries acquired by personal favor and/or family connection.
  Witness the recent destruction of the CYPRUS BANKS where the OLIGARCHS had deposited illegally into a corrupt Cypriot bank over 25 BILLION DOLLARS,  which they will never see again.  Such miscreant behavior will place the country of Cyprus into bankruptcy,  causing major EU tensions with Germany and France. 
Sidebar: In my humble opinion the EU Markets, as I have written before,  are nothing more than an excuse for GERMANY,  specifically Angela Merkel,  to dominate all of EUROPE FINANCIALLY, In other words, what the Germans could not do militarily,  they did with the highly over-valued,  ersatz EURO.
Most of the Cypriot Banks on both the Turkish and Greek side are specifically created to LAUNDER “CORRUPT” MONEY from all over the world, but specifically RUSSIAN OLIGARCHY MONEY. 
  Now why do I say that PUTIN has really sent out a WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE warning to his fellow Russian oligarchs?
A few days ago,  Boris Berezovsky,  a one-time Kremlin power-broker who curried favor with the inebriated, ineffectual Boris Yelstin, was found DEAD from ‘mysterious causes’ in his lavish Ascot Estate in England where he sought political refuge. 
Boris Berzovsky,  was mathematician-turned-Mercedes Benz dealer and in his rapaciousness acquired BILLIONS during the chaotic privatization of state assets in the 1990’s, after I and others in the USG had ‘taken down the Soviet Union’
  SUIS GENERIS,  Boris, was a man of little consequence.   He was neither charitable [other than to cover his miscreant activities], nor talented, nor creative.  He was simply a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH,  like countless others in Russia, or Miami,  NYC,  Los Angeles,  European cities, who stole their fortunes with the implicit blessing of the ruthless ex-KGP operative, Vladimir Putin
If there is any doubt as to how ruthless Putin can be toward those whom he helped to become wealthy but who turned against him,  let me point out another example of another corrupt Oligarch [who also happens to be Jewish], MIKHAIL KHODORKOVSKY, who had been imprisoned by PUTIN for almost a decade because of Mikhail’s ungrateful defiance of Putin who allowed him to literally steal Yukos Oil.
  What we have here is the wild west of the new Russia after we, in the USG, under Nixon, Reagan and really BUSH SR, had taken down the Soviet Union without guns, boots on the ground or nuclear war.
Believe me,  it was not easy.  And the one President who really deserves most of the credit for having accomplished this feat so quietly and discreetly was not Reagan but BUSH SR, when he was both VP and POTUS. 
Back to why I think that many RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS should be imprisoned by Putin or at least deported from U.S. and EU COUNTRIES. 
  First most if not all of their assets,  are from  ILL-GOTTEN GAINS GRANTED SPECIFICALLY as a QUID PRO QUO for their supporting the Russian economy and keeping their political involvement silent if not completely absent. 
Secondly,  the Russian Oligarchs, are basically what my Russian mother would call PRETENTIOUS RUSSIAN MUJIKS—or nothing more than peasants who robbed their country of it’s wealth and natural resources.  These robbers had no regard for nation building and could care less about the poverty they had created in the rest of the incredibly large Russia.  This is a country with eleven time zones!
  Now, I am not writing to defend Putin,  I simply want to remind everyone,  including the U.S. Intel community,  that this man has a very impressive resume that many may not comprehend.  So please allow me to summarize Putin’s statecraft experience…..
Putin, as a young KGB officer,  had been sent to East Germany for over eight years working with Marcus Wolfe,  a jew who had been directly appointed by Stalin as the ‘senior’ leader of STASI INTELLIGENCE.   Stasi, or Eastern German Intelligence,  was a formidable organization consisting of well over 100,000 active operatives as well as countless hundreds of thousands East German and West German informants.
  Putin, first, has to be seen as an East German operative who spoke German as well as he speaks Russian or English.   From there, Putin was transferred from Wolfe to the Supreme Soviet Spymaster with whom I had worked, Yuri Andropov.   Andropov,  was exceedingly smart, ruthless but very nationalistic.   He died from cancer in his mid-sixties.  But early on he had informed me of his very talented protege, Vladimir Putin
  Several years ago,  before Putin was officially anointed the Chief of the KGB or ran as ‘an assistant of a liberal muscovite’ who also turned out to be ‘crooked’,  the KGB officers in LUBYANKA,  asked me about this certain KGB officer from ST PETERBURG.   Even the Muscovite KGB had no real idea of how masterful PUTIN was in intelligence and statecraft.   They had to ask an AMERICAN DAS/OPERATIVE to explain to them that PUTIN would be a man whom they would have to contend with for decades to come
  I don’t think they believed me. 
Now,  you may understand that the death of ONE despicable Russian OLIGARCH and the IMPRISONMENT of others along with the collapse of a Cyprus bank foretells the destiny of all those who thought they could steal from Mother Russia with impunity. 
America must demand that these societal parasites be returned to where they belong, back into the hands of Putin.  Do we really want these criminals sucking off the American legal and banking systems?  If these "visitors" are not contributing to the good of America then get rid of them!  We deny green cards to Czech carpenters who can actually help construct buildings and renovate our cities infrastructure but we allow these rapacious oligarch gangsters to come in and corrupt our American institutions.  Get out, go home, Putin will take good care of you! 


  1. I traveled to Israel regularly in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union was being pillaged, and you are correct in that it was Russian Jews working with Russian criminals and Israelis which conducted it.

    That was a really ugly time to be in Israel, as blood diamonds were pouring into the country from wars in Sierra Leone, Angola and Congo while girls from all over eastern Europe were also pouring in a sex slaves, being transited from Tel-Aviv to various places.

    No authorities in Israel did anything about these organized criminal activities, and this seared my impression about the Israeli political elites for all time to come. I learned that there is a core of pure evil at the heart of the otherwise sanctimonious Israel elites.

    As for the American role in the plunder....

    IMHO it was US activity which encouraged the means of looting the USSR.

    The dissolution of the USSR was less a popular uprising as it was a criminal program to plunder the country.

    However it happened it's a positive that the USSR and China have disgarded their Marxist systems.

    Marxism was the most malevolent phenomena of recent history.

    Although there were excesses among anti-communists, such as the National Socialists in Germany and elsewhere, Soviet and Maoist communism was by far the greater evil.

    I think most informed people at the time realized this.

    1. "I learned that there is a core of pure evil at the heart of the otherwise sanctimonious Israel elites."


      The evil of compartmentalization.

      is Judaism designed as a secret society?

      Majority Jews HAVE TO expose those Evil doers, instead of benefiting from them indirectly. The amount of the Rothschilds fortune is a taboo, why? At the end, each time, it is the majority Jews who suffer most.

      EYES WIDE SHUT... no more.

  2. For that matter the Chinese evolution into a wealthy trading country was encouraged by US activity.

    Kissenger associates, Raymond Vernon and everyone at Harvard should be commended for bringing this about.

    When I was taking classes at Harvard in the early 1980s I witnesses this effort, and it involved the Kennedy School, the Law School, and other centers. Everything was geared toward integrating China into the international trade regimes.

    Trade with China has it's drawbacks, but the goal was to create billionaries out of otherwise Marxist Chinese leaders.

    Is it a democracy?

    Hell no.

    But it's not a Marxist threat to the world anymore either.

  3. As one of my CIA buddies told me at the time...

    "It used to be a game. Now it's a business."

  4. Russia today is a cash-rich, gold-holding, surplus-investing, natural-resource-rich country while the United States....

    Is a deficit-spending, indebted polyglot boarding house to the world ruled by lazy, venal, and decadant white people whose kids only want to take drugs, hook-up for sex, and are a bunch of assholes like the sadists who ran Abu Gahrab prison in Iraq.

    The US is's finished.

    The US roted from decadence just as Rome did, and both places deserved it because both places were basically evil and sanctimonious at the core.

  5. Whatever Putin is, and he is many things, he is the Russian President.

    Russia is a great power, with memories of Super Power status.

    It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to maintain peaceful & productive diplomatic relationship with Russia supporting commercial intercourse, cultural exchanges in the arts & sciences, and encourage cooperation & communication across broad areas of mutual concern.

    Vladimir Putin is a Realist in terms of geo-political strategy, and, so far has steered the Russian ship-of-state well, possibly of the caliber of Otto von Bismarck, German Chancellor.

    Indeed, both Putin and Bismarck have headed nations, newly reconstituted, and have practiced a 'balance of power', chess board, patience.

    The Syrian policy of regime change is blowing up on the Obama administration and their tacit Republican collaborators.

    Russia, with Putin at the helm, has a national interest in the stability of Syria.

    The United States has disregarded Russia's interests in Syria.

    It is a policy mistake to push Russia to conclude America is implacably opposed to reasonable Russian policy objectives.

    At this point, it would seem both Russia & China are employing a strategy of bending in the short-term while the U. S. engages in neo-colonial over-stretch which causes economic exhaustion... possibly even collapse.

    But Russia and, indeed, China have their own redlines and Syria, and especially Iran, are redlines, the United States has no reason to cross.

    Russia, through its president Vladimir Putin, is an interlocutor capable of significant cooperation leading to peaceful relations.

    That possibility should be promoted by people of good will who support peaceful international relations.

    1. I wouldn't put Putin in the category of Bismark however. Putin's wars in Chechnia and so forth were not thought out and were brutishly ruthless. Many of his actions are merely strong-arm tactics which are reflexive to all stupid Russian leaders. I disagree that Putin's brilliant, perhaps by NKVD/KGB standards, but that's a low bar [in dreadfully popular parlance].

      As for "balance of power" politics I fail to see any craftiness on his part, and unlike Europe in the Great Power era there are no other powers for Russia to use to hedge American hegemony.

      Putin's seen most of the eastern block countries not only leave the Russian orbit...


      I'd call that a strategic catastrophy for Russia UNDER HIS 'WATCH' [another dreaful modern phrase].

      Domestically Putin is a thug when it comes to tolerating dissent, particularly intellectual-based criticisms of his brutishness and so forth.

      Putin is nothing more than just another anti-intellectual and thuggish Russian dictator. He's a dinosaur, and is holding back political development there monsterously.

    2. I don't agree at all.

      the challenges faced by Putin are enormous in this gigantic country with so many foes inside and outside.

      I believe like Dr P.; Vladimir is doing a brillant job, and THE GREAT example for all FREE LOVING Europeans and Americans.


    3. That's like saying Stalin, Tzcar Nicholas or Ivan the Terrible loved their country.

      Russian autocrats are thugs. They love themselves.

  6. Not a great deal to add! Great analysis and great feedback. When I glanced at Dr P's headline on this blog I immediately thought of khodorkovski as another example but that was covered! What I would throw into the mix is that surely this 25 billion that has effectively been stolen won't be forgot about so easily?? Apparently the British/Iraqi family murdered in France was allegedly to do with 800.000£ that belonged to Saddam!! If I were an EU finance minister I'd be checking under the sauce to see if its pasta!!!

  7. "In my humble opinion the EU Markets, as I have written before, are nothing more than an excuse for GERMANY, specifically Angela Merkel, to dominate all of EUROPE FINANCIALLY, In other words, what the Germans could not do militarily, they did with the highly over-valued, ersatz EURO."

    Thank you. Couldn't agree more. The Maestricht Treaty and the Euro saved Germany's ass.

    1. IMHO the main cause of the Great War, which led directly to the Second World War, was the RISING ECONOMIC POWER OF GERMANY.

      German economic power versus England and France was the prime source of conflict and fear which led to all the events which gave rise eventually to the spark of war.

      The French and their Russian allies together with the British thought they'd deal a blow to Germany in a few weeks but it didn't work out that way. The rest of the century was thereby soaked in blood.

      No one can compete with Germany because of their work ethic, unity, self-sacrifice, lack of larcany, integrity in business and politics, and scale.

      Germany is the dominant economic power in Europe because they are the most virtuous culture.

      The Germans will always survive and prosper when all others rot from within, like the evil United States of England...uh, or whoever actually runs this filthy crime-ridden place.

  8. Dr. Pieczenik,

    I heard another story about Khodorkovsky and Yukos Oil. Khodorkovsky wanted to sell Yukos to Exxon in 2003 with Cheney's assistance. Putin went bezerk and chased him down across Europe and jailed him. There was more to it than the bitter poverty these guys caused in the 1990s, with Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs jejune economic thinking and help. My heart ached hearing about the suicides of the elderly and the stories of how they were cast from any safety net. Overnight.

    There's another story behind it.
    In 1946-1949 when the Truman didn't give a shit whether the Russians froze in winter, Stalin got his PhDs to sit down and read every bit of scientific literature the west had produced. For three years.

    (For those who don't know, Russia after 1917 gave every Russian kid a free education, whether university or tech school. Competition, as a result, to get into the best schools was fierce. The brightest would get to live charmed lives, just like the ballet dancers and musicians. The education they got was superior, particularly in the sciences. You didn't just major in Chemistry. You had to study Physics, Geology, and another elective. It was a rare American kid who got the quality of university education that the Russians dished out in Science and Math. This is what Israel imported in the 90s, whether Jewish or not--Avrum Burg wasn't dumb setting that up—and which drove Israel's tech spurt.)

    Stalin's scientists made amazing discoveries about what the west had missed. I'll cover only one here. Oil. In the late 40s, Russia had no fuel and no one would sell them any. Russia needed oil to keep its people alive in winter and to run an army in the event of another war. The scientists discovered the work of a German scientist (Wegener) who had proved that oil was abiotic in the early 20th C. Meaning not a fossil fuel. Armed with this discovery, the Russian scientists made oil in the lab with laboratory-pure solid marble (CaCO3), iron oxide (FeO), wet with triple-distilled water, and subjected to pressures up to 50 kbar--the earth's mantle is 30 kbar--and temperatures to 2000 C. They got oil. Stuff they could put in their gas tanks. They used this discovery to produce the huge Dneiper-Dunetz field in the Ukraine, producing more oil than the entire Alaskan reserves. And it's why they are the number one producer of oil globally today, or were the last time I checked. They bring in oil in every field they drill, whereas American and British oil producers only hit one field for every 28 they drill (ref: USGS) that doesn't rely on seismic readings.

    When the USSR broke up, the Russian scientists, looking for work, tried to interest the Clinton WH. The single oil czar roaming the WH sneered at them. That's when they stayed home and brought in the Dneiper-Dunetz field.

    Fast forward. Yukos scientists knew this technology. Cheney wanted to get his hands on it and the scientists. So did Exxon. That was what was at stake in 2003. But it's why Putin re-upped Khodorkovsky's sentence a couple of years ago, or last year, until 1917 or 18. After all, Khodorkovsky bought the company for pennies on the dollar. Jacob Rothschild is managing his business until he gets out of jail.

    Here's a longer story about it, with links to the right

    Here's a short NPR interview with Dr. Kenney from Texas who worked with the Russians on abiotic oil starting in 1985. Don't miss it.

    1. You have to ask yourself why this NPR Kenney interview is not available in NPR's archives--try searching--even though it was only recorded two years ago. They wiped it.

    2. When I was in the diamond industry I learned that diamonds are carbon and come from layers of earth miles deep which are composed completely of.....


      Yes, a few miles under the earth is a huge layer of graphite carbon. It may be that much of the hydrocarbons which make there way to the surface are products from this layer.

      This would explain why there is petroleum very deep under the surface, much deeper than can be explained by the "fossil fuel" assumptions.

      It's hard for me to imagine how even 300 million years of time could explain how these layers, claimed to be once the surface of the earth, came to be buried under miles of rock. I don't believe these layers were ever the surface of anything.

    3. What a typo.

      "But it's why Putin re-upped Khodorkovsky's sentence a couple of years ago, or last year, until 1917 or 18."

      Should read this
      "But it's why Putin re-upped Khodorkovsky's sentence a couple of years ago, or last year, until 2017 or 18."

    4. Correction:

      If the NPR show that I link to in my March 26, 2013 at 2:15 PM post was recorded the week that Kenney's paper was published, then the correct date of the NPR broadcast was August 2002.

      "In August 2002, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study authored by J.F. Kenney, V.A. Kutchenov, N.A. Bendeliani and V.A. Alekseev."

      My apologies. I should have checked PNAS before I wrote it. I made an assumption based on the upload date to

    5. Yes, oil is abiotic.

      "The original hypothesis that oil was derived from organisms was postulated in 1757. This hypothesis was based on the crudest of observations.

      Shortly after 1800, other scientists postulated that "rock oil", for that is what it was originally called, was derived from abiotic chemical processes and the debate has been going forward ever since, although admittedly the "fossil" theory got the upper hand, but now with oil found off the coast of Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, and the West African coast that is below the salt barrier, sometimes as deep as 25,000 feet below the sea floor and in water over 5,000 feet deep, at pressures and temperatures that violate all tenents of the so-called "oil window" corollary of how oil would form in the "fossil" theory, it's becoming increasingly apparent that oil is abiotic.

      A majority of the giant and super giant oil fields are located above deep faults in the Earth, commonly called "tectonic faults".

      This link: detailed forum discussion of abiotic oil, HERE

      Scientific abstracts, discussion, newspaper, full scientific papers supporting abiotic oil theory.

      The best evidence currently available overwhelmingly supports the abiotic oil theory.

    6. Abiotic oil is no mystery:

      Below is a diagram/schematic of the geology of hydrothermal hydrocarbons:

      diagram/schematic prepared by Keith and Swan, Hydrothermal Hydrocarbons

      Considering the sceientific evidence available, it's surprising so-called "fossil" feul theory still is holding on.

      Hydrothermal Hydrocarbons, abstract, Keith & Swan (2005)

      Exellent short course on abiotic oil theory.

    7. Thanks, Anaconda.

      Are you in the oil biz? If so, I may ask you OT questions here on occasion.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I can answer that!

      The US will co-exist with militant Islam regardless what Fox News and alarmists say. All money for the militants comes from Saudi Arabia, and they won't give a dime to anyone who'll attack the US, so we have nothing to fear.

      That's why the US will tolerate and sometimes support militants/islamists against certain regimes which are on their way out anyway.

      The biggest thing the US can do in the region differently is very difficult to do because it runs against the Israeli lobby.

      The US would de-fang militant and all other disdain for the US by ending support for Israel when Israel is completing the colonization of the West Bank and using brutal tactics in such places as Lebanon and Gaza without remorse or necessity.

      Also the US needs to bury the hatachet with Iran. There's not a freakin' reason in the world why the US can't get along with the Iranians. Bury the hatchett and let's get on with it.

    2. Reggie D,

      Watch this clip for starters: 8 min

    3. Then for entertainment, watch this. 45 minutes. And it is as entertaining as it is informative. This site has a better quality cut than youtube.

    4. BTW, Reggie D, that last vid (BBC) was banned in the country. Neither PBS nor any of the cable companies would touch it.


    5. En Route to Global Occupation
      Because of his background in government, Gary Kah was invited to join the WCPA (World Constitution and Parliament Association), overseeing the planning and implementation of the one world government.

      Architects of Deception
      Jüri Lina has collected information and rare documents from many sources to create a record of the devastating activities of the secret societies.

      His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan: the Muslim Brotherhood is a Masonic cult.

      Rebirth of Freemasonry in Egypt

      Freemasonry became legal in the United Arab Emirates

    6. Freemasonry is about showing up and getting an apron and trowel to wear.

      It's more of a joke than any kind of conspiracy.

      Anyone who's known their leadership instead would know that.

      Enough of the unsubstantiated conspiracies.

    7. Depends of the lodge. Seems that lodge in Italy, P2, was quite active in some pretty heavy stuff.

      Most Masons don't have anything to do with the higher ups. But the Masons, I think, tend to be a contact network.

      Certainly, there is history.

      But current Freemasonry leadership may have been passed by -- I don't have personal knowledge.

    8. The Lodge in Rome is without question a conspiratorial group.

      If someone is a Mason in one country they can't show up in another and find any support. Lodges are independent from each othe and have their own histories.

      Overall it's a very diverse group. You should see the pictures of Lodge members in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It's a bunch of old skinny black men wearing ill-fitting suits. No one can tell me that these Sierra Leonean "Masons" would have anything to do with the Lodge in my city of Austin, Texas.