Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once Again the Corrupt Catholic Cardinals Choose a War Criminal as the New Pope--- Jorge Mario Bergoglio—A Co-Conspirator with the Argentinian Military Junta.
  The Catholic Church regurgitates it’s corruption, time and time again.  It is an endless parody of the True Tenets of the Prophet and Martyr the Jew, Jesus Christ—“Do Onto Others As They Would Do Onto You!!” 
The Catholic Church went from Pope Pius XI and his open collaboration with Hitler and Mussolini to having an ex-member of the Hitler Youth, Pope Benedict XVI. 
Before his becoming the Pope, he was known to all of us non-believers as “Cardinal Ratzinger”—a most ominous premonition of a name –RAT-SINGER.  In fact, his name foretold how he could have ‘ratted out’ the systematic pervasive world-wide Papal-sanctioned child abuse and pedophiles.  But he did not say a word to correct any of the worldwide abuses of the Catholic Church that still continues till today.  As an EX-Nazi, despite protests to the contrary,  Ratzinger held the nefarious title of having been the Prefect for The Congregation of The Doctrine of Faith---the most important dicasteries of the Roman Curia.
  But thanks to his lack of moral gravitas and his supercilious attitude that he was both intellectually and spiritually INFALLIBLE,  he resigned to the NUNNERY to allow the SINS OF THE PAST to remain buried in the catacombs of inequities---just like his predecessors –from the Borgias, the Medicis and compounding itself into a bollus of sins so numerous that they ascended  onto the “Machiavellian Heaven of the Disguised Anti-Christs”--- THE HOLY SEE –neither HOLY nor SEE-- of the non-existent state of the VATICAN CITY. 
You might think that I protest too much when I say that I am tired of civilian, military/industrial and now religious corruption.  But man will always be venal, corrupt and deceitful whether he be, naked or clothed in some effete regalia of Haute Couture.  For the most part, the Cardinals, Monseigneur, and other factota of the Catholic Church act as if they were attending a New Orleans MASKED BALLS replete with Drag Queens and Homosexuals…. 
Even the play RENT grants more dignity and justice to those honorable HOMOSEXUALS who have lived bravely in an open lifestyle to which they were intended to live.  And certainly the openly gay person or LGBT lives life with more gusto than the HYPOCRITICAL CATHOLIC CHURCH and particularly this Pope Francis who has a history of viciously attacking gays, LGBT, gay marriage and gay adoption. 
So of course as the psychiatrist that I am,  I have to posit the obvious question….. 
Why are you, Pope Francis, a 76 year old Argentinian so opposed to a part of human nature to which you must have been exposed at one or another time—HOMOSEXUAL erotic feelings and actions!!
  There is an axiom of psychology --- of course my favorite one—Qui s’excuse, c’accuse!  He who excuses has really ACCUSED HIMSELF OF BEING A HOMOSEXUAL---latent [probably not] but a clear closeted Queer.
It’s ok to be queer Pope Francis!  because what I have in store for you has nothing to do with what you have hidden in your crotch and in your insolent words to the wonderful world of LGBT. 
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio:  I know somethings that maybe others do not want to know.   I know of your secret past and the crimes that you and your military junta cohorts committed in Argentina in 1976.  You are a war criminal and a co-conspirator in torture,  abduction and terror committed by the Argentinian Military.   You specifically denounced countless Catholic Priests, Nuns, and your own Jesuits who fought against the military oppressors.  In fact,  you were directly responsible as journalist Horacio Verbitsky, wrote in his book, The Silence.   
Let’s recall how you withdrew your Jesuit Protection as the Chief Jesuit in charge of Buenos Aires and allowed two Jesuits,  who had visited the slums of your cities, to be arrested and tortured by the military colonels.   You know all too well that Jesuit Orlando Yorio and other kidnapped Jesuits and Catholic nuns and priests,  refusing to obey your craven orders were subsequently taken to the Military Juntas jails.   There they were interrogated, tortured and endured insufferable pain, both emotionally and physically.
  You were and still are a coward.  I challenge you to deny the facts of what I am about to write.
In 1976-77,  I was personally involved in the neutralization of the Brigatta Rosa –The Red Brigade in Italy.   I worked for DAS when the fascists attempted to overthrow the legitimate Christian Democratic Party,  headed by my good friend and colleague—Prime Minister of Italy—Francesco Cossiga.
When I returned to the U.S. from Italy,  I was visited by a polite, well dressed Italian/Argentinian,  a political/military representative of the Argentinian Colonels’  Military Junta that had already killed thousands of people including catholic priests,  nuns,  catholic lay personnel and Jesuits ---all fighting against the illegal seizure of power. 
I have a good memory for dialogue so let me share the conversation between the Argentinian fascist and me
“Would you good doctor,  please help us,  the military in Argentina,  work to suppress the communist threat as you had so successfully did with the Brigatta Rosa in Italy? “
  I then replied as disingenuously, "Who are the Communists in Argentina?"
  He replied with alacrity, “Of course, they are the subversive elements in our society like left wing students, communist agitators, labor union workers and Communist ideologues who were teaching at the University.”
  “How many ‘communists’ have you caught so far? “
  “We have now about six to ten thousand communists in prisons and in the football stadium, all awaiting trial.”
  “What would you like me to do for you and your military colleagues?” I had already had an intelligence briefing on the state of ‘communists’ in Argentina during the military junta period.  I knew by his questioning how much he was fabricating, deceiving and distorting the actual situation in Argentina. 
"We want you to do exactly what you had successfully done against the Communists in Italy!"
  “What had I done?”  I then realized that the Italian SISME and SISDE had quickly informed the Argentine junta of some of my recent actions in Italy,  I say some but not all   because even the Italian intelligence services were not privy to my actions –only Cossiga—who was then Interior Minister of Italy. 
I knew that this Argentinian military officer/diplomat had no idea about what he was really asking me to do.  It was obvious to me that in his mind that what I had accomplished in Italy had to involve torture, interrogation and other bodily harm.   REST  ASSURED! In no way had I done any of that in my entire time in Italy.
“So you want me to interrogate and torture ‘presumed communists’ for the Colonels?”
  "To put it bluntly, yes! Please teach us what and how you did what you did to neutralize the Red Brigade!"
  "And those six thousand nuns, priests, and Jesuits and students that you have in your football stadium ready to torture and interrogate are all Communists? "
  “How did you know who was there? I had not said anything about Catholic priests, Catholic nuns and Jesuits!”  For a man of the cloth, military cloth that is, he should have been better prepared to deal with a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who has all types of access to all types of intelligence.   This is true for anyone who is a DAS –not just me. 
“Yes, we do have Catholic priests, nuns and Jesuits. I will admit that . It’s no secret. They all practice “Liberation Theology”
Liberation Theology was a theory where many,  if most of the well-trained Catholic Priests but particularly the Jesuits in Argentina were trained to "liberate the poor and oppressed from the elite class and military authority."   I was well acquainted with this theology because in my private psychiatric practice at night,  I had treated (for FREE), Jesuit priests, Mother Superiors and nuns for many different mental and non-mental problems,  in many cases concerning their loss of faith.  My "patients" also informed me of the torture and imprisonment of their brothers/sisters in Argentina.
  “Does the Jesuit Leader of Argentina know of these charges and accusations you have made against Jesuits and Liberation theology as a ‘communist conspiracy? “
  "Yes, of course, his Holiness,  the head of the Jesuits JORGE MARIO BEGOGLIO is working with us to rid the church of these communists."
Sidebar:  That’s when the now pope's name first came up, —I wrote the name on a scrap of paper to make sure that I would remember it if I would ever meet the Jesuit who was JUDAS TO HIS OWN JESUIT Flock!!
"I will not help you to torture your six thousand priests, nuns, Jesuits, students, and others."
“But what if I ORDER YOU!!!”
 As you can imagine, knowing me the way you do, I do not like to be threatened….
“Please leave my office and go see Secretary of State Cyrus Vance or Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher!”
  He left my offices completely infuriated and certain that I had to follow his orders. 
  Well, needless to say,  that both men Vance and Christopher were incredibly decent,  honorable and very professional human beings who clearly had done what I had done—threw the Military officer out of their respective offices. 
  The message was very very clear to me.
  After taking down the Red Brigade,  I immediately with the help of CyrusVance and Warren Chistopher,  proceeded to create the strategy for the REGIME CHANGE IN ARGENTINA.   A few months to a year later,  the military junta was out. 
However, the Co-Conspirators including JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO were left alone because I was instructed that we could not and should not interfere with the matters of the HOLY SEE and the JESUIT ORDER since some of our clandestine operatives had worked in the different Catholic Orders around the world. 
  In truth,  I never thought that a hypocrite like this guy would ever re-emerge.   In fact, I was certain that some of the Argentinian families who had lost their love ones would have sought proper RETRIBUTION against Bergoglio in court.  But we all know that the courts are very slow to react to the abuses committed by catholic priests!  Lots of examples in the United States alone on that fact.  So the new pope is a corrupt,  fascist killer and the old pope was a bona fide Nazi!  Good job with succession planning, at least the Vatican is consistent!  Good luck trying to clean out the corrupt and pedophile priests!  They are really small fry when compared to this new pope!


  1. It seems like you know everything about everybody Dr. P, your breadth of knowledge is extremely impressive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and God bless you. God bless the people who comment here are well, I don't really post but I read every single comment, I've learned so much from you guys I feel almost blessed to be able to read what you have to say.

  2. 6 degrees of separation.

    It's good he never figured out where you were conceived!

    So, the "chickens have come home to roost". (Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the Pied Piper of Black Liberation Theology & the man who taught Bari Malik SHABBAZZ/ sotoero / Bounel/OBAMA everything he wanted to know about sex was but was afraid to ask.)

    In fact Wright made the schitach (yiddish for match) with Jessie Jackson's daughter's best friend, Michelle Robinson Obama aka wife of Harrison J.Bounel, a Russian immigrant Jew who was born in 1890. (Documented in the social security background check index)j
    ( wouldn't the Israel's be impressed if they knew POTUS WAS A DEAD RUSSIAN JEW?)

    Now where does Calypso Louis FARRAKHAN from ROXBURY MASS connect to these rodents?

    BARI was a member of Wright's church's "down low club" for gay men who want a respectible public life.....

    So, lets connect the dots:
    1. How many degrees of separation are there between "Liberation theology" & "Black Liberation Theology"?
    2. How many degrees of separation are there between OBAMA FORCING RATZINGER OUT & moving Jorge in?
    3. How many degrees of separation are there between KIrshner Socialism & Obama Socialism?
    4. How many degrees of separation are there between FARRAKHAN & Jorge?
    5. Who is the NEW FOX IN TOWN, the one who rides the subway, who is going to GUARD the henhouse - aka, the Vatican Bank where all the Obama, BUSH CRIME FAMILY, Biden, Clinton, Farrakhan, & Kirshner money from their countries' taxpayers has been seized, laundered & hoarded for a rainy day?

    NOW DON'T TELL ME A QUISLING WAS OUTTED & outfoxed by a slyer member of the canidae family?

    My Mother used to say: "Water seeks its own level."

    Far fetched ? I think not.

    Dr. P.
    In the name of HONOR, please submit an op Ed to the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Times & EXPOSE this MAFIA RACKETEERING RING Stretching globally, without boundaries & defying JUSTICE.

    1. I routinely send all of my posts to WSJ, NYT far they have not published me. We will continue the fight, re-post where you can. Thanks.

      ("a sermon, especially one intended to edify a congregation on a practical matter and not intended to be a theological discourse.")

      not so spontaneous , creating an INFERENCE OF CORRUPTION & LAWLESSNESS BASED ON FACTS & EVIDENCE for the reader to conclude. (rather than uttering a direct attack)

      "A homily to THE PAPAL LEGACY".

      Editors do not want to be a vehicle for personal VENGENCE & subsequently be sued for libel.
      It is also too long for acceptance as an oped.
      Edit & condense it & it should make it.
      Try the @ before you post here next time.
      Most like original pieces they post FIRST & then you repost here.

      Your 1st person knowledge without your 1st person conclusions is of supreme importance for the WORLD historical record.

    3. Slush fund of top politicians found at Vatican Bank, Obama, Clinton, Roberts? Legatus split!

      "Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon. On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from, the Vatican Bank in Rome.

      The source of funds for these accounts in almost every instance was found to be the US Treasury. Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen including John Boehner, several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several cardinals. Big money was found in each of the accounts.. "

      Now what was I inferring about the mobster mens rea surrounding the beltway?
      Read more:

      "The Ins & Outs at the Vatican Bank"

      President Obama, the Bush family and other government officials continued to move funds out of the Vatican Bank. The funds have moved to London and Asia. We are continuing to monitor every move made by the cabal.
      The Supreme Court has still failed to act on the information supplied. We continue to be informed that they want to postpone any action, hoping settlements will be paid and the situation will go away so they will not have to fulfill their responsibility to the American people.
      Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to denounce Obama detractors on the Birther issue.
      The Falcone letter Dated February 8th was delivered to each Supreme Court Justice. Click on the link below or see the third letter located right hand side of this site.
      Part of Congress has started to collect information preparing for an investigation. We need them to move faster. If they were to invite us to participate, the case would be closed. How about it Congressman Issa?
      As a result of the continual exposure to the world of his criminal activities by mid-week, intelligence reported that Bush Sr. verbally indicated to release the funds for Wednesday and Thursday distribution (See bullet point below in reference to Bush Jr.) By mid week the world banking system moved more funds, started to prepare to repay investors funds including Falcone, and complete the promised Global Settlements. A deal was communicated to appropriate parties that everything would be completed by the end of business day Friday 11th.
      Intelligence reported Friday 3:00pm that Obama stopped the distributions. In addition to Obama, Bush Jr. also took actions to stop the distribution. It was reported that Obama was 90% and Bush Jr. was 10% responsible for stopping the payment of investor’s funds and the Global settlements. Once Obama was informed that Bush Sr gave his ok for the release of payment, Obama stepped in and stopped everything. The prevention of investor’s repayment or Global Settlements is being accomplished through the US Treasury Department. As indicated in our last report, Timothy Geithner has also taken funds along with other officials. The US treasury is illegally assisting in preventing the distribution of these funds. Remember, Obama was bribed $2,000,000,000 dollars for his cooperation."

    5. Part1 Vatican bank depositors:

      "As stated in the January 21 letter, the following is a partial chart of Government Officials sent to the Supreme Court that have benefited in the blocking of Falcone's Funds.

      President Obama Vatican Bank $1,000,000,000
      President Obama Bank of Santander $1,000,000,000
      Vice President Joseph Biden Vatican Bank $100 Million
      Tim Geithner Vatican Bank $700 Million
      George Bush, Sr. Vatican Bank $700 Million
      George Bush, Jr. Vatican Bank $200 Million
      Alan Greenspan Vatican Bank $500 Million
      Mitt Romney Vatican Bank $400 Million
      Michael Herzog Vatican Bank $500 Million
      Bill & Hillary Clinton Vatican Bank $400 Million
      Paul Guennette (associate of Bush, Sr.)
      Vatican Bank $700 Million

      Note 1: The chart of stolen funds supplied to the Supreme Court focused mainly on the Vatican Bank. We listed the account data exactly as it was delivered to the Supreme Court. Why are all these corrupt Politicians using the Vatican Bank?

      Note 2: As we have reported previously, we have tracked several other large bank accounts around the world associated with the above conspirators.

      Note 3: As noted in letter #2 above, there is a list of several other government officials who have received illegal payments that are deposited at the Vatican Bank.

      Note 4: Since the delivery of this information to the Supreme Court, several of the above conspirators have been moving their funds out of the Vatican Bank. The detail of each action is continually monitored and further proves their guilt.

    6. Part 2: depositors at the Vatican Bank:

      ..."This is the first time we have received information to report the amount of two billion ($2,000,000,000) dollars that President Obama has been paid for cooperating in preventing the distribution of the financial settlements. This is the most critical information we have reported to date in reference to Obama and adds significantly to the investigative authority of the Supreme Court’s decision in reference to his citizenship issue. Here is our understanding of the facts:
      The Supreme Court has already heard arguments and continues to deliberate privately on making a final ruling on Obama's Birth Certificate issue.
      The Court has also received evidence that Obama has been blackmailed using a certified copy of his original Kenya Birth Certificate and paid money for his cooperation in preventing financial settlements.
      Obama's Birth Certificate issue, bribery of the same by George Bush, Sr. and money received is all interwoven. The Court has the responsibility to investigate and address all these issues, before they can make a legitimate decision.
      As previously reported, we understand the Supreme Court trying to make a national security issue of Obama's citizenship, considering to postpone this issue two years in the future, or even rule in favor of Obama, but we cannot accept the fact that the highest government officials have stolen funds from American citizens and then bribed other government Officials to look the other way. The actions of these officials are treasonous and criminal at the very least. The Court should immediately demand the resignation of Obama and other listed government officials, with subsequent investigations taking place. No other option exists. If the Supreme Court ignores their Constitutional duty to investigate, then we can only conclude that some of the Justices may be involved with the above conspirators. The Supreme Court Justices must know that once they are appointed, “We the People” demand that they look beyond any political party and do their job in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. The truth will always surface out and we will hold anyone, even the highest government officials including the Supreme Court, accountable for their activities of corruption and treason."

    7. Dude you're quoting garbage.

      None of those claims about deposits in the Vatican bank are true.

    8. Dud,
      Prove OTHERWISE. Your word means zero without proof.
      I believe these guys. Their website has been silent for months, just as all the Generals who suddenly retired, remain auspiciously silent.

      I have more urgent issues to share than genitalia...GROW UP... DUD!!

    9. Patriarch,

      Just for shits and grins I did some minimal searching on the claims made in the articles you link to.

      There are no documents to back up what they proclaim. The relationships are hazy, full of breathless innuendo. Google searches show up replications of the single-sourced originals. [If you have a Mac, use DEVONthink Agent to search, some learning curve. Google is useless.]

      The Edward Falcone stuff sounds like it was written by a teenage PR trainee, or maybe Falcone himself, lamenting his losses late at night after eight drinks too many.

      The Supreme Court/birther thing should have been updated, if they were assiduous about their work. Taitz had her case thrown out in December 2012. She demanded to see Justice Kennedy's signature on the doc, not knowing, I suppose, how digital signatures work, and that all lawyers are required to file digitally in the federal court system. By law. So the SC online docket denying her case should suffice. She petitioned in January 2013 for an "en banc" hearing. They met Feb 15, 2013, and it was thrown out Feb 19, 2013.

      For the record, the birther case makes zero sense to me based on five things:

      (1) A pregnant 18-year-old, or any woman, could not get on a plane if eight months pregnant. FAA rules even then. My mother had to prove her due date with a doctor's letter in 1960 when they went to Hawaii, and couldn't travel with my father on one of his business trips as a result of the late date.

      (2) A flight from Hawaii to Mombasa is over 10,000 miles and around 23-24 hours flying time at today's jet speeds with jet styles. Mombasa wasn't Chicago.

      (3) An economy ticket would cost at least $5,000, a year's salary for the majority of working Americans then (around $3/hr). Where would she get the money? Why would she spend the money?

      (4) Where was she going to live in Kenya for those six weeks until the baby was born? And pay for it? Obama's father's home town was near Kisumu in the west. Mombasa was on the eastern shore (and actually part of Zanzibar then). 12 hours by modern roads today away from the hospital? Why bother? Why not use a mid-wife?

      (5) Her mother-in-law didn't speak English, and she was going to sit in a mud hut with 90% humidity waiting for someone to take her to a hospital over dirt roads a day away as soon as her water broke? And that's assuming an operating vehicle, and access to gas.

      If you want to see how a good investigative researcher works, read this woman's stuff for method. Forensic work is detailed and, to some, boring. You should be demanding that from anyone who makes the sorts of declarative claims that White Hat does. None of Falcone's claims stand up to that scrutiny. The Vatican bank detail is laughable. Don't forget (and you can see the docs and operating manuals at the National Archive online, it's called "Operation [can't remember]", Rumsfeld did it), the Pentagon spends upwards of $350-$400 million for psy-op and disinfo creation on the web every year. Rooms full of uniformed troops sit in front of computers and make this shit up to occupy your time. The National Archive document has photos of them.

      Krause's bio:

    10. You're right that the Vatican accounts are laughable. No one would have that information were it even true.

      But the birther stuff is different.

      I don't know why Obama's mom would have chosen to stay in Africa for weeks or months to deliver there, but it's possible given how nuts she was. She was totally nuts to have taken up with the father and gotten knocked-up by him. All her choices and habit were similary nuts. It would have been just like her to have wanted to give birth in Africa for any number of silly reasons.

      I'm convinced the documents Obama has produced are forgeries, and I don't know why he would do that. Then there's the matter of documents missing in Kenya.

      I don't know.

      The guys's changed his name and lied about his history in bizarre ways that it's plausible he's lying about his birth also.


      With his hair turning grey so suddenly would anyone take offense if I started calling him, "Uncle?"

      I don't eat rice or any grains anymore but when I did my favorite was "Uncle Ben's."

    11. Policycritic,

      Your "evidence" is dicta.
      "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."
      Mark Twain


      As for Obama's origins, I think all photos are photoshopped & his mother is not Stanley at all.
      Would you vote for Malcolm X's illegitimate child as POTUS?

      Check out the resemblence. & HIS DAUGHTERS look just like the SHABBAZZ daughters! (Half aunts-Bari's half-sisters).

      He's a natural born citizen for sure just a deceptive one.
      "Obama" is a cover story except Malcolm knewi Obama sr's father.

      Check out his DEEP HEAD SCARS-/the salient clue to his iD.

      BARI Malik SHABBAZZ was in a car accident on 3-12-82. He failed to appear. Bench warrant issued. "Died" without a death certificate a few weeks before "OBAMA" runs for Illinois State Senate. Before he ran for US senate, Hawaii bench warrant was removed EX PARTE. For a man DEAD 13 years....HAHAHAHA!;jsessionid=FDFF513AA90109AC4375A7CBE7C8AF36

      enter at the prompt, Case ID or Citation Number(*): 1193041MO and hit "Search.”

      Obama is CIA FROM YOUTH.
      BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz)
      B 10/28/59
      D 8/94
      SSN 084545926

      Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994. If Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the same person as is listed in this Hawaii auto accident as Bari Shabazz, why would someone care to recall his arrest warrant on April 9, 2003 or almost 9 years after his death? Surely, it could not be Bâri′ M. Shabazz who was interested since he had been dead since 1994. On the other hand, if he was not dead he would be interested.

      The SSDI record states that the death information for Bâri′ M. Shabazz was coded “V”.
      V signifies: “Verified: Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.”
      The report is not coded “P“ which signifies: “(Proof): Death Certificate Observed”. Notice of death was made by an informant who did not present verification of his/her reporting. No death certificate was presented with the notification of death.

      Once in the federal system, the record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.

      Continued in Part 2.

    12. Part 2:

      On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.” Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

      What needs to be investigated is why the local prosecutor and court took those actions so many years after the traffic accident and at whose behest.
      When there is an auto accident, the police do a detailed accident report. That report includes the name, addresses, date of birth, and social security number of the person involved in the accident who is charged for that accident. The driver’s license number is also included if that license is produced or otherwise verified. A physical description of the defendant is also included. The make of auto, including the year made and VIN number are also included, along with statements of witnesses. There could be a photograph of the defendant in the police record. A thorough investigation of this matter would surely include searching the police record in Honolulu County for this report so that this information may be examined and evaluated.

      He has used as many as 26 ss#s & counterfitted a selective service card by inverting "2008"& cutting off " "20" to recreate a stamp "80" when all stamps are 4 digits not 2 ("80") should be "1980".


      Finally, it is much too convenient for comfort that so many military generals have suddenly retired with full benefits.

      Wisdom is the primary benefit of old age.
      "The person who has had a bull by the tail once has learned 60 or 70 times as much as a person who hasn't. "
      Mark Twain

    13. Where this creature was born is missing the point.

      The point to me is why was this teenage girl fucking this older witchdoctor from Africa? Have you seen pictures of this guy? Harry Belafonte he's not! The guy was a tribal-looking toad who carmed his way into the vagina of an INCREDIBLY STUPID AMERICAN TEENAGE GIRL whose parents did nothing about it.

      If I were her parents I would have taken her immediately to a hospital for evacuation, then grabbed the ALREADY MARRIED African father, cut off his dick and balls, then thrown him into the ocean from a helicopter.

      No joke.

      I've plenty of experience with African men.

    14. Barak Obama is the product of EVIL. His parents, grandparents, etc..ALL EVIL.

    15. Dr. Pieczenik,

      "I routinely send all of my posts to WSJ, NYT far they have not published me."

      If you send them as you publish them here with caps and exclamation points, they won't read them. If you send as you republish them on the Forum--all lowercase--they have a better chance.

      Since 'all caps' are considered shouting (digitally) they dismiss multiple 'all caps' in any missive to be the work of a crank, or someone who is unsophisticated and unreliable as a source. Multiple exclamation points denote a person who gets verklempt about everything. Anyone who has heard you speak knows neither apply.

      Editors are snobs. Digital editors are worse, in some ways, and have a code all their own. Their only source of power is the English class that got them the job. They throw pieces out for the following crimes unless the writer is Joe Biden or Obama. They judge multiple uses of incorrectly used semi-colons, abbreviations, ellipses, texting shortcuts, em- and en-dashes with inconsistent spacing, or if you use two spaces after a period (which indicates age, as in too old). They are punctuation police. Punctuation has become a digital passcode to being "taken seriously." [Oh, and double quotes alway go after the period in American English (there are rare exceptions); single quotes before.] Even the overuse of italics is frowned upon. . .one per post is permissible. Ditto bold, maybe, and never underline. Bottom line, they hew to the AP Stylebook because their bosses do.

      You should send to Slate. They have a couple of guys who write a national security and other things column that is widely read.

      And don't forget to genuflect by ending your post with the litany of your titles listed prosaically under your name, State Dept first. Just to put the proper plug up their asses. ;-)

      P.S. The digital editor dos and donts apply with Slate as well.

    16. Patriarch,

      Never saw that scar piece. Interesting. The Hawaii court link didn't work. I suspect because it contained your session token. Was it behind a paywall?

      My reservations about the birther story still apply; even more so if it was a badly constructed cover story.

      And yes, I would vote for an illegal son of Malcolm X, or any person, for president. Was does an illegal birth or skin color have to do with the measure of a man? By some fluke of birth, I have despised racism since I was three years old. I remember it. I observed it. I recall it as if it were yesterday. My attitude towards it has never changed. But I have no trouble with racial jokes, and that includes all racial stereotypes.

  3. Great post. The guy gave me the willies when I first laid eyes on him, that first photo on the balcony in his glasses. Now I know what I may have been picking up. We (general public) had no idea during the 70s what was going on with the juntas in Argentina and Uruguay.

    OT. For your early morning coffee time:

    1. One of the Argantine Junta's boosters in the US was Vernon Walters, that fat, bloated, anti-communist zealot who never met a torturing, raping third world monster he didn't love.

      When the Argentine Junta attacked the Falkland Islands in 1982 Vernon Walters called down to Buenos Aires to seek to reason with the thugs and morons of the Junta, who he heretofore had considered sturdy fellows.

      Walters was shocke and dismayed that the Junta members weren't the reasonable fellows he'd thought they were, and they didn't give a shit what the US thought about their invasion of the "Malvinas."

      Walters was a buddy of Ronald Reagan, Director Casey, Al Hague and others, and was a welcome after-dinner speaker among crytpo-facist arch-conservative Roman Catholics such as Howard Hunt and William Buckley.

      for more on Walters and the Argentine Junta see:

      Michael Froelich, "The Causes of the South Atlantic War," MIT monograph, 1985.

  4. The problem here is homosexuality, whether expressed as men sadomising boys or men sadomizing each other - it's all pathology.

    If I'm a Doctor and someone comes to me and complains that thier genitals don't function, that they aren't funcioning as they were intended and he therefore cannot reproduce...

    I'm going to say he has a disorder.

    And when I find the CAUSE of why his genitals are not working I'm going to call it A PATHOLOGY.

    So if another patient comes to me and says that they cannot reproduce because THEY HAVE NO ATTRACTION TO THE OPPOSITE SEX and they are REPULSED BY THE SIGHT OF THE OPPOSITE SEX'S GENITALS...

    I'm going to say that person has a MENTAL DISORDER.

    And if I can isolate what the cause of that person's disorder is I'm going to call it A PATHOLOGY.

    The simple fact is that homosexuality is not a choice, but a mental disorder. I renders a person unable to function or perform the way his/her body was designed to function IN THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION THE BODY HAS --- TO REPRODUCE.


    However the false claims of normality by the organized political lobbies of the victims pressured these professional organizations to cave in.

    The biggest problem homosexuals experience is their sensitivity to their social abnormality. Nothing bothers homosexuals more than their self-image based on the obvious state of their abnormality. It's therefore to be expected that would seek not only to delude themselves, but to delude all of society in an obcessive quest to deny their abnormality and disfunctionality.

  5. This shouldn't come as a surprise really! I truly believe the church of rome practice a "do as I say not do what I do" philosophy. The blatant child abuse that is constantly covered up (the legal age of consent for sex in the vatican city was 13 and I think it just increased to 14) then there is the financial grip they exercise over the mostly poor in the worlds poorest regions and that's after they looted the very same places!! The moral stance they operate is truly breathtaking to say the very least. Interesting is the point made by the argintine general comparing parts of the church to communism because at the highest level that's what it is! The 1.5 billion followers have no say in whom represents them but are expected to follow every direction that's uttered from a system that's barely changed since the middle ages! The peadophillia should be of great concern yet we had a cardinal whom expressed such practice as an illness rather than a crime!! Is he ill or a criminal?? Jesus jimmy saville actually received a high papal knight hood!! So yes its no surprise this pope sold out on his flock as yet again people who hold high office must sell there soul. We have a president whom is a nobel peace prize winner a pope whom PONTIFFicates peace! Prime ministers and presidents who in the name of peace insist in leaving countries in pieces and on top of that pervert pardres that promote penile penetration! That's my rant over and by the way I love the nuns picture above!!!

    1. Don't think having a 13 or 14 year old age of consent is abnormal. In fact it's the age of consent in most places, including most states of the United States, certainly here in Texas.

      As long as the activity is between consenting individuals of different sexes it's not abnormal. If it's between people of the same sex it's abnormal, due to a pathology, however it's a harmless pathology which doesn't harm anyone so long as the victims don't claim to be normal people [which they certainly are not].

      I'm all for healthy sex, and the suppressed and deviant practices of some in all churches should be rooted out and the villians subjected to capital punishment wherever possible.

      The sexual abuse now exposed in the Catholic church also happens in the southern Babtist churches here in Texas at the summer youth camps, and their camp "love buses," and in the methodist churches and the Church of Christ, etc....

      ONLY the Lutheran Church of America is free of this kind of perversion. Largely because this church is composed largely of people of Scandanavian and German descent, and these people NEVER have sexual perversions. NEVER.

    2. If you look at Europe you'll see the only countries with strong economies are the Scandanavian countries, Germany, and Poland [for whatever reason the Poles have it together].

      Anyone claiming that there isn't a racial or deeply-rooted cultural superiority to these societies has to explain these facts. The way these societies do things has PERFORMANCE and RESULTS.

      For that matter Israel is now a very strong economy, IMHO due to trashing their previous communistic economic model. I think it's pretty clear that Jews are intellectually superior to just about any other group, and this is a rather undeniable proposition.

    3. Point taken mit! I think what I was highlighting or trying to was that in the vatican priests are supposed to be celibate and anyone under the age of say 16 in there are alter boys ect and yes its by no means exclusive to catholic churches. I have no problem with gay people save to say I'm fed up with its constant over exposure on television ect in fact a common theme here in england is "I'm gay get over it!" Well I'm well and truly over it and its them who need to get over it I think!! BTW really enjoy your posts lots of powerful argument to digest mit thanks

    4. Homosexuality in and of itself is harmless.

      The problem however is the homosexuals' emotional problems regarding their clear abnormality, and what they do about it.

      What they do is organize and lobby and pressure with an agenda to convince the world that they are not abnormal and to bend law and tradition to acknowledge what they wish were true but simply is not.

      The greatest good in the world is upholding what is clearly, simply, and self-evidently true. Evil arises in the world whenever anyone spins, twists, distorts, or misleads anyone on any issue.

      For example....

      The current gun control efforts in the Senate, backed by Vice President Biden and others.

      As a massive gun owner myself I would happily support the criminalization of certain guns, or agree to restrictions, if there were any evidence at all that these schemes reduce gun violence.

      But they don't.

      Instead we have a bunch of venal politicians who want to be seen as, "I'm doing something about it" when they're not.

      None of the current gun laws, or any of the proposed ones, reduce gun violence AT ALL, and the advocates for these laws are completely aware of this. The facts are well known and undeniable. The Bidens and others passionately pushing to criminalize certain kinds of gun ownership are conning the public.

      I'm opposed to misleading anyone on anything.

      Life is fearsome enough without making it even more difficult to survive by twisting peoples' minds and making it difficult for them to learn to reason through this world.

    5. I like to joke around about racism because racism is usually grounded in a lot of truth, because it's universal and unavoidable, and yet it's come for political reasons to be defined as the greatest evil imaginable.

      I like to poke fun at unsound ideas that have come to dominate the public mind, whether it's the "evils" of racism, sexism, smoking cigarettes, terrorism, "radical islam," or anything for which there is distortion and demogouges misleading the public such as HOW UNLIVABLE LIFE IS FOR ANYONE NOT HAVING INSURANCE!!!


      Society how has accepted the idea that IT IS CRIMINAL TO NOT HAVE AN INSURANCE POLICY!

      This nonesense began with the criminalization of automobile transport by anyone not purchasing insurance, and now of course it's the heart of national health care schemes.

      Can you imagine the horrors of living without HEALTH INSURANCE! Why there are 40 MILLION AMERICANS WHO DON'T HAVE A HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY.

      THE HORROR...

      THE HORROR...

    6. btw...

      I've saved about $100,000 over the years by NOT purchasing health insurance.

      I have a good idea of what my health charateristics are and what the risks of disease are for myself. I'm not at risk for heart desease, auto-immune or inflammatory disorders, hypertension or diabetes...

      Without any of these issues on the horizon I'm at really low risk for any kind of cancer...

      Why would I want to invest in a system to pay for all the trolls out there who never exercise, never go into the sun, eat massive amounts of carbs and sugars....

      I'm part of the pepsi generation.

      In a country of 320 million people in which 380 million have health insurance I'm one of the few so impoverished and so deprived that I don't have it.

    7. I mean 280 million have health insurance, not 380...

    8. Insurance is the biggest scam ever invented along with pensions!! Its all about the fear factor really. In not saying keeping a bit aside for a rainy day or enough to cover funeral expenses is a bad thing (if I had my way id like the birds and predators have what's left! Red indian style!) But my perception of insurance salesmen is one of contempt and best wishes to the millions of americans who clearly can't afford it( your numbers are soon to be swelled) regarding gun law well being british makes me underqualified but we had a purge on knife didn't work in fact more guns were used!! So hold on to your rights because that's the common denominater here

    9. Most people, and I mean 99% of them, can live free of....


      inflammatory desease including coronary artery desease, crohns and colitis

      auto-immune deseases such as rhumatoid arthritis, tyroid disorders, lupus, etc.

      weakened immune system disorders such as CANCERS OF ALL KINDS, and any kind of infectous diseases.

      Follow these guidelines:

      1.avoid high calorie foods which causes insuline to spike

      2.get regular exercise, preferably resistance training to maintain muscle mass

      3.get adequit vitamin D from the sun, certain foods, or suppliments

      4.It doesn't hurt to suppliment with a multi-mineral the same way all animal ranchers keep their stocks healthy through mineral suppliments.

      5.And if you want to take things one step further you can forstall aging through the use of two things:

      a.anti-oxidants of all kinds

      b.vital oils such as fish oils

      I'm 53 years old and my health is better than most 20 year olds and I put very little effort into this.

      One thing you've gotta do though is increase muscle mass through weight lifting.

      Having more muscle makes it difficult to develop diabetes and other insulin problems because the muscle bulk uses a lot of resting energy. It's also needed to counter-act the loss of muscle which occurrs due to aging.

      I have a greater muscle mass than most teenagers, and because of it I'll never need a walker...even when I'm 100 years old.

    10. I don't drink any alchohol either. Any intoxicants are going to weaken your body and fuck with your mind.

      If you want to avoid disease you have to avoid chronic stress or depression. These two mental conditions will destroy your immune system and lead directly to cancer and other issues.

      Periodic extreme mental stress is okay.
      Grieve and other mental stresses for short periods are good.

      Fasting for short periods like three days is very good.

      However chronic stresss or depression for weeks or months will destroy you.

      Periodic emotional, physical and dietary stress is NORMAL and BENEFICIAL.

    11. 90% of people who develop a lethal cancer report it came within months of a prolonged period of mental stress or depression.

      Then when the patient is told they have cancer their stress level increases more and the cancer then spreads and that's how most cancer patients die.

    12. Interesting as only today on a radio station it was claimed that 23 million prescriptions of anti depressents were dispensed in the uk last year!!! Now that is depressing

    13. If you wanna see how chronic stress for months or years will physically and mentally destroy a human being find a war veteran and see what he's like...

      The effects of prolonged emotional stress will change a person to the point that he's fucking ruined for the rest of his life.

      Especially if the person is young when it happens to them.

      War is hell.

    14. On the mental inputs for cancer read, "Cancer is the Turning Point."

    15. If you want people to be mentally healthy THEY HAVE TO BE FREE!!!

      Having a free political and social system is necessary for HAPPINESS.

      To avoid anxiety and depression people have to have adventurous lives walking around free on this planet AND THIS INVOLVES TAKING RISKS.

      If you try foolishly to ring out all the risk from a society by putting it under tight control YOU WILL MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO HAVE ANY ADVENTURE OR PLEASURE and they WILL BECOME DEPRESSED AND ANXIOUS.



      We all have an animal nature, and healthy living envolves the joys and tragedies of walking around and seeking what you need.

      People will get hurt but that's part of it. Injury will happen.

    16. It's the difference between having an inside cat and having an outside cat.

      My outside cats are gone for days, then turn up outside the door in the morning all exhausted and sleep for days to recover, then head back outside again for more fun. They don't live as long as indoor cats but they're the happy ones.

    17. I would never drink a super-sized cola but I'd fight to the death for any man's right to buy one!

      Take that Michael Bloomberg!

  6. BREAKING!!!
    IMF LAGARDE (from Chicago!) RAIDED!

  7. HUBRIS: THE SELLING OF THE IRAQ WAR ? (Issicoff & Korn)
    9:00 -11:00 PM EST FRIDAY
    Repeat 6:00-8:00 AM SATURDAY

    1. Thanks for the heads-up but I don't have cable.

      If I'm at the gym at that time I can watch it though.

    2. Hurbis was the term refering to an actual crime in Greece of acting as though one were of a high station when one was not. If you pretended to be noble, or conducted yourself as though you had the priviledges of a noble, you were guilty of hubris.

      The engineers of the Iraq invasion were not hubris. They were calculating, criminal in that they committed countless crimes, and were zealous.

      The show should have been called,

      "Zealots: How a group of single-minded people lied us into the crusade they wanted."

    3. Furthermore...

      I'd never produce or appear on anything on MSNBC.

      That channel is SUCH A LOSER.

      I'd rather air it on someplace where normal people actually watch, like the House and Garden Channel or the Food Network or someplace like that.

      Nor would I want it on the History Channel as that is about what, "Ice Road Truckers? Gimme a break! What the fuck's that got to do with history for crying out loud.

      I let my cable service go years ago.

    4. "I spent a year in Iraq as a U.S. Foreign Service officer, leading two of the then-vaunted Provincial Reconstruction Teams. We were charged with nothing less than winning the war for America by rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure, creating a functioning democracy and stable economy, and thus ensuring Iraq would be an ally of the United States in the war on terror. As it became more and more apparent to me over the course of my time in Iraq that we were accomplishing none of those goals (while simultaneously wasting incredible amounts of money), I was compelled to tell the American people what I saw. It would be both a lesson for history and a warning about similar efforts already under way in Afghanistan. I wrote a book and lost my career of 24 years at the State Department as a result...."

      ..."by invading Iraq, the U.S. did more to destabilize the Middle East than we could possibly have imagined at the time. And we — and so many others — will pay the price for it for a long, long time....

      ...It all made so much sense to the neocon visionaries of the early Bush years. The only thing that Washington couldn’t imagine was this: that the primary destabilizing element would be us...

      .. the U.S. sat on its hands as the regional spark that came to be called the Arab Spring flickered out, to be replaced by yet more destabilization across the region. And even that hasn’t stopped Washington from pursuing the latest version of the (now-nameless) global war on terror into ever-newer regions in need of destabilization...

      ...our leaders no longer blink at the thought of sending American drones and special operations forces ever farther afield, most notably ever deeper into Africa, creating from the ashes of Iraq a frontier version of the state of perpetual war George Orwell once imagined for his dystopian novel 1984....

      "...why such mistakes are being repeated, one need only look at the people involved: A large percentage of the State Department personnel on the ground in Afghanistan are veterans of the Iraq reconstruction, as are the soldiers reconstructing alongside them. The same two U.S. Ambassadors (Zalmay Khalilzad and Ryan Crocker) ran both embassies at different times. Most of the lame and unskilled hirelings who worked with me in Iraq moved over to identical roles in Afghanistan, and even one of my old bosses found work in Afghanistan after retirement from State. On the macro level, the same massive contracting firms and security mercenaries continue to make bank. The fat paychecks help keep everyone looking the other way about “progress” and thus on-message..."

      "...Having somehow turned much of Islam into a foe, Washington has essentially assured itself of never-ending crises that it stands no chance whatsoever of winning. In this sense, Iraq was not an aberration, but the historic zenith and nadir for a way of thinking that is only now slowing waning. For decades to come, the U.S. will have a big enough military to ensure that our decline is slow, bloody, ugly, and reluctant, if inevitable.."

    5. The Iraqis still have less infrastructure than they've had since the 1960s!

      The whole thing was a rip-off, and plenty of people got filthy rich off the US Treasury.

      Iraq was already the strongest state in the region opposing Islamists. The US plan had nothing to do with that, in fact the US doesn't mind Islamists anywhere so long as their money comes from the Saudis, who will not support any militants who target the US or Europe.

      Saddam Hussein was a genius who held together a country which without him desended into chaos.

      He fought the Kurds, the Shiites, the Iranians, the Islamists and many others to keep things together.

      He gave more rights to women than any other Arab leader, spent massive amounts on infrastructure and services until the Iranians (with Israeli help) invaded his country.

      Saddam Hussein will go down in history as a genius and a martyr to US violence, terror and aggression.

      When I did government work Iraq was my place, and I was totally a supporter of Saddam Hussein and fought against morons and idiots like ROBERT BAER who wanted to assassinate him because he used strong measures.

      Well Mr. Baer you got your wish do you think the Iraqis have a better future now!

      Unfortunately CIA officers like Baer LACK THE INTELLECT AND UNDERSTANDING OF agents like myself because his kind of officer HAS NO EDUCATION!!

      For Christs sake do you think I was at MIT because I was a moron? Bob Baer couldn't have even gotten into a program like that.

      CIA is full of under-achieving, intellectually-challenged nit-wits!

    6. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that I'm not a genius. I am.

      And I was way too intelligent to work with people like the ones I worked with at CIA.

      In fact I was intelligent enough to realize that all of statecraft is folly and a career in foreign affairs MISSES THE MEANING OF LIFE.

      It's impossible to have a happy, meaningful life and be a part of the foreign affairs apperatus of government.

      As soon as I left I was able to re-join the human race.


    ICD (improvised chemical device) brought to you by the worlds bullies: leaders of alqaeda-Barack Obama & CIA's John Brennan

    1. From a tactical point of view I don't think chemical weapons would benefit the rebels.

      Chemical weapons are difficult to use under any circumstances in open areas. If you have a dense concentration of enemy troops massing for an attack they have some value, but they're useless against the thin groupings involved with counter-insurgency.

      I don't think this story passes the sniff test.

      What do you think Dr.P?