Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catch me on Alex Jones,  I am on right now talking about this OBL nonsense.


  1. Phenomenal stuff, thanks for coming on the air Steve. God bless you.

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei

  2. Here is your guest spot. Next Time, ask Alex to let you finish your sentences before he jumps in with another spontaneous question.

    You switch answers and never get to finish your first thought.

  3. Jones always twists and distorts his guests' statements to falsely uphold his own insane doctines about the "globalists" seeking to kill off 90% of the world's population by adulterating vaccines with cancer viruses, intentionally destroying the brains of individuals with known toxins in Flouride, and pursuing a master plan for global enslavement through selecting the Presidential candidates, inventing Marxism and Facism to set against each other, and controlling the currencies of every country.

    Anyone who appears on his show will find his words falesy and unintntionally used for this agenda, which Jones himself doesn't believe in but which hs espouses with great pathos to build a huge fortune here in Austin, Texas, where I am based.

    Dr.P there are better avenues for expressing your views.

    You've lost a lot of credibility among acedemics and government people by you appearances with Jones.

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    2. you are an OBOT WHO IS UNABLE TO SPELL!


    3. People like me don't have those kinds of attachments.

      I don't have anyone who can be used as leverage against me by the Globalists, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Masons, or the Jewish bankers..

      Any of which could otherwise kidnap my family and force me to do their bidding.

  4. I thought when Dr p came on to express his let's face it very qualified opinion on anders breivik it was a case of "please listen" to Alex Jones and held the audience captive whilst breaking down the analysis of breivik and expressing how this was a lone wolf attack as opposed to a globalist conspiracy! I enjoyed that because at the end of the day we want to hear the guests speak. What I would say is I have a feeling Alex Jones may have been told to " pull his horns in" regarding guests of great insider knowledge. The one thing I think I've learned since forming a great interest in these matters is really how basically you can tell if someone is pissing up ones back and telling you its raining and to be honest 9/10 the info is out there to corroborate if we "rub" the surface a little and I'm pleased to say I'm generally pleased!! BTW if I never heard of Alex Jones I would of never got an opportunity to partake in blogs such as this so some credit where its due

  5. Everytime one of Jone's guests makes a reasonable statement such as:

    "Yes the DU released by Americans munitions in Falujah may be resulting in increases in birth defects there..."

    Jones will follow by saying something like:

    "Of course and don't you agree that is proof that the international bankers have a plan for global genocide by using DU to kill off all the useless eaters?"

    Jones will take every reasonable statement by someone like Pieczenik and distort it to his own agenda...


    Anyone who's STUPID ENOUGH to appear as a guest on Jone's show will have their reputation ruined because no one with any intelligence or authority sees Jones as anything but a fraud and con man.

    Living in Austin take it from someone who knows [me] that JONES DOESN'T BELEIVE A THING HE SAYS AND IS IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

    Dr. Pieczenik could appear on many different venues such as NPR, Russia Today, Al-Jazzeria, etc., but instead he's TORPEDOED HIS REPUTATION WITH EVERYONE IN GOVERNMENT AND OTHER REAL PLACES by these ill-considered appearances with Jones.

    1. there is something wrong with your logic. do you know jodi arias, on trial in maricopa county arizona? you are kindred spirits. have you been abused by your father?

    2. You've just proven my point.

      When you have no defense or arguemtn to make you resort to ridiculous personal insults.

      You and Dr. Pieczenik's other fans on this board are pititful.

      Frankly Dr.P is pitiful as well.

      Actually pathetic.

    3. As for Jodi Arias I think she's hot.

      She will not be convicted because the shit-head she stabbed to death deserved it.

    4. You are wacky:
      If this is MIT's best & brightest the acceptance criteria has certainly changed since I was at BROWN (1940).

      Why exactly did you leave your position at the CIA, or are you an outcast masquerading as a man of the world who is too indolent to use spell check?
      You must be a full time resident of Hotel know-it-all.

      Hint: type your comment on Microsoft WORD. It spell checks; then paste it on the comment box.

      How foolish of me.

      You are a very deceptive individual; dr . P. can analyze your wannabe psyche better than I however.

  6. The truth about Jones is he's a sociopath. I lived for twenty years across the street from Anderson High School where Jones attended. Jones was a bully, an asshole, and a total idiot who was loathed by the teachers, staff, and students. He was a sick, cruel punk then and he hasn't changed a bit. He's a total con man and doesn't believe a word of anything he says on air. Just listen to his ridiculous monologues where he cries and weeps and then flies into rages about the evils of the globalists. It's the most insane, incredible farce imaginable.

    Dr.P has trashed his reputation with anyone of any importance or credibility at MIT and elsewhere because of his continuing association with Jones.

    Dr.P I challenge you to return to MIT and explain to them what you're doing and find any support there WHATSOEVER.

    1. I think you are turning your thoughts angry and depresses (and unemployed?) SOB!

    2. Angry? Depressed? Unemployed?

      Sounds like you're referring about Dr.Pieczenik.

      Dr.Pieczenik is a one-time insider who's destroyed his credibility among everyone but conspiracy mongers through his insane railings with charlatians like Jones.

    3. MITmichael, sounds to me like a disagreement about policy.

      You and Dr. Pieczenik disagree about policy, so now you have taken after Dr. Pieczenik, personally.

      Not much of a surprise given your responses or lack, thereof, to commenters who challenge your opinion.

      As important as knowing what really happened in the past, the present & future are where the rubber meets the road because actions can be taken to change poor policy choices.

      MITmichael, you are a hypocrit. You don't like Dr. Pieczenik's assertions and conclusions. Okay, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to make up facts to suit your policy preferences.

      That was the biggest criminality of the Iraq War: 'sexying up' the intelligence, fitting the intelligence around the policy.

      But it would seem because others disagree with you and do provide facts & evidence, you have taken to personal insults against Dr. Pieczenik.

      Of course, you criticize others for doing the same thing:

      MITmichael wrote: "When you [Patriarch] have no defense or arguemtn to make you resort to ridiculous personal insults."

      Occasionally, you make interesting comments, sometimes I even agree, but you seem to have flamed out.

      And if I had to identify at what point that happened, it was the recent 'Syria' post.

      Being shut down by others who can and do marshall facts & evidence in opposition to your opinions apparently doesn't sit very well with you.

      Your reaction has been to take personal shots at Dr. Pieczenik.

      Is it true Dr. Pieczenik makes assertions those in government don't like? (Or people who view themselves as insiders or agree with insider policy?)


      An old saying is that if you are getting maximum flak, that means you are over the target.

      Judging by MITmichaels reaction, Dr. Pieczenik is over the target and apparently MITmichael doesn't like that one bit, so up go his flak guns pointed at Dr. Pieczenik.

      Can't win an argument, so go personal.

      That's what we've seen from MITmichael.

      Also attempt to discourage people from considering what Dr. Pieczenik has to say.

      While I occasionally disagree with Dr. Pieczenik, hopefully I'm respectful about voicing those disagreements.

      Yes, I have my slip-ups, but by and large, in terms of persuasive power, personal attacks are not effective.

      Rather, it simply makes the accuser look small minded and detracts from his argument.

    4. I'm not interested in debating Dr.Pieczenik on each and every exaggeration and false claim he's been making on the Jones show or on this board.

      My point is a general one and it's about the overall activities of Dr. Pieczenik and Alex Jones.

      Dr. Pieczenik has done this on the boards:

      1.advocate for the destruction of the U.S. constitution

      2.claim that George Bush was a great President who never did anything wrong

      3.claim that James Baker and Lawrence Eagleburger were great men who never did anything wrong

      4.claim that the Navy Seals are all frauds, phonies and incompetents that Muammar Kadaffi is still alive that Osama bin-Ladin died in 2002 while providing no evidence of such that the rebellion in Syria is entirely a CIA operation that Dr. Albert Wohlstetter taught "stand-down/false flag" Covert Action tactics to his students at the University of Chicago. that he was instrumental in the "take-down" of the USSR and other governments while on the USG payroll.


      I'm about as conspriacy-oriented a person as you're gonna find, but these assertions are VERY ONE-SIDED.

      Pieczenik ONLY CRITICIZES certain wrongdoers in government while PRAISING OTHERS WHO ARE KNOWN TO BE EQUALLY MALEVOLENT.

      Pieczenik constantly distorts, exaggerates, and misleads regarding his own government activities and the activities of others.

      If you want to believe and defend Dr. Pieczenik that's fine...

      But are you prepared to defend the destruction of the Constitution and the biographies of George Bush and Lawrence Eagleberger?

  7. And here's some other unanswered questions about Dr.Pieczenik.....

    Where does all his money come from?

    I think that's a legitimate question.

    It certainly didn't come from being a State Department official.

    Dr. Pieczenik says he used to own a bank, funds other peoples' business ventures with his own cash, invests in real estate in of all places Bulgaria?

    What's with all this wealth?

    In other posts he claims he's only "an immigrant" who came to the US to find a home, etc..etc...


    He didn't make this fortune by working for the State Department so he must have inherited it from his family so who are they?

    His family were, as far as I can tell, professionals such as physicians living in eastern Europe who fled and wound up first in France and then in Cuba where he was born...

    Then they wind up in the United States where he goes to expensive private Universities and private medical schools and MIT, etc...

    Why would his family have all this money to jump around from country to country, then after his parents die they leave him this fortune so he can purchase banks, be an angel investor, buy real estate in exotic places....


    If I believed the source of all this money is legitimate I'd be a moron.

    This is likely looted monies, plundered, from eastern Europe because there's no legitimate way a Jewish family could have made that much money practicing medicine in Russia! Jews in Russia were permitted to own businesses? To own real estate? What?

    I'm a fith generation Texan and my family members are buried in the United States and have lived here since 1850..

    And someone like Pieczenik who wasn't even born here lands with all this money AND TELLS ME THAT THE CONSTITUTION IS AN ARCHIAC DOCUMENT AND SHOULD BE DESTROYED.

    Dr.P please go back to Russia or Cuba or France or wherever you're from.

    You're not a loyal American but an imposter.

  8. All the above is fair game.

    MITmichael, maybe you had these questions, reservations, and differences build as additional weblog posts were added.


    But I'd say what triggered such a fusillade is the Syrian post and comments that reject your view of events in Syria.

    What is Syria, in terms of American public opinion?

    Syria is a current set of events & circumstances, where public opinion can make a difference. In fact, even a minority of public opinion (loudly expressed) could stop this operation in it's tracts.

    A quarter, 25%, of the American People objecting to this terrorist operation, as self-defined, by their use of terror tactics, the whole Syria charade would be stopped, cold, dead in its tracks, period.

    Say what you will, but without the foreign money, weapons, foreign mercenaries, of which al-Nursra front is an al-Qaeda affiliated group, this slow-motion destruction of Syrian society, a secular, pluralistic, tolerant society, would be stopped.

    If there is any social structure that should be supported & promoted by the United States in the Middle East, it is Syria.

    Syria has had a constitutional referendum, which passed and had relatively high voter participation rate (26 February 2012). Syria has had parliamentary elections (7 May 2012).

    Certainly, Syria is not perfect, but the pluralism & tolerance practiced in Syrian society should be encouraged, not condemned to terrorism, sectarian intolerance, and civil strife.

    The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood seemingly takes the position, along with the Obama administration and their tacit Republican collaborators, that "we had to destroy it, in order to save it."

    "If we can't control it we will destroy it."

    It's morally repugnant and in the long-term geo-political sphere, dangerous policy feeding into the "clash of civilizations" narrative promoted by neoconservatives and others.

    Again, only when a current policy, promoted by a false narrative, where a change in public opinion could threaten that policy and those in elected office promoting it, does MITmichael, in essence, become unglued about his concerns regarding Dr. Pieczenik.

    In other words, where Dr. Pieczenik's opinions concern past events (beyond the reach of public opinion) MITmichael will eat his popcorn and watch the show, no problem, but where public opinion matters -- such as an ongoing operation where the U. S. government, through it's agency, the CIA, is sponsoring terrorism -- which could be stopped by widespread public condemnation, MITmichael is there with full-throted support parrotting the corporate media spin.

    Who's the shill in this situation?

    On this Easter morning, can we give peace a chance?

    The white dove of peace would be the greatest gift the American People could give the Syrian People.

    And, it is within the power of the American People to grant -- Peace in Syria -- what a wonderful & beautiful gift to give and behold its fruits.

    MITmichael knows that, so goes into overdrive to support the elites' agenda of death & destruction.

    MITmichael, you come off looking like a lapdog for the elite with the same disgusting & putrid morality.

  9. You're not gonna find anyone anywhere who's more critical of the US government, CIA, and criminals like George Bush and his family than I am.

    I've been very consistent about this.

    But Pieczenik spent decades working for George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Larry Eagleberger, etc., and never has a negative thing to say about any of those people or the things he was involved with.

    Pieczenik now suddenly re-invents himself with exaggerations, claims, and accusations about some people in government but not others.

    Ask yourself who on this board is working for the interests of the ain't me.

    As for Syria I just happen to disagree.

    But what happens in Syria is inconsequential to the other issues indicating Pieczenik's disingenuousness.

  10. I was recruited into CIA by another immigrant from a rich Russian Jewish family, Walt Rostow.

    His family were bohlsheviks who ran afoul of the communist government and showed up in New York WITH HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY THEY HAD NO EXPLAINATION FOR.

    In reality I know where Rostow's money came was plundered from Russia after the bohlsheviks took over.

    The same is true of all the Jewish immigrants to the United States who became the "neo-cons,"
    such as Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoritz, Richard Pearl, Paul Wolfowitz, etc....

    All these people are the children of Jewish bohsheviks who were allied with Leon Trotsky and fled to the United States with huge fortunes plundered from non-communists and white Russians who had their properties STOLEN.

    Now we have the Pieczeniks.

    They leave Russia and show up in the United States with a huge fortune, enough for Steve Pieczenik to purchase a bank, own several venture capital companies, purchase land in Bulgaria, and own real estate all over the Washington DC area...

    Like the neo-cons Pieczenik worms his way into American government, not even practicing medicine as he was trained to do, but disgarding his medical training for an opportunity to work for Henry Kissinger under his "lapdog" Larry Eagleberger.

    Now he tries to convince the world he's a critic of the USG, and destroys the cause of liberty by discrediting all of us with crazy claims and insane proposals.

    Pieczenik is the enemy of liberty.

    He's a neo-con of another color.

    1. Yeap, I agree totaly with your speech on the wall street jewish financed jewish expat bolcheviks plunder of russian gentiles wealth, very well prepared by the ideological strategies of Moses Hess and his student Carl Max.

      Then there was a segund plunder after the disolution of the ussr.

  11. Oh and another thing about Pieczenik and his real background....

    While at MIT he worked exclusively with Lucian Pye.

    Lucian Pye was a CIA operator and polemicist who continued to support the Vietnam war after the entire faculty of MIT came out against it.

    Why didn't Pieczenik do his dissertation with one of the other MIT professors who were critics of the government instead of Lucian Pye, the CIA-shill government insider?

    Because Pieczenik wanted into government.

    It was because Pieczenik supported the CIA role in Vietnam that Pye introduced him to Larry Eagleberger, who geve Pieczenik his career.

    Look into it.

    In 1970 when protesters chanted outside Lucian Pye's office,

    "No no we won't die. We won't die for Lucian Pye!"

    Pieczenik was in the office with Pye telling him how great he was.

    Sort of like he says how great George Bush is on the boards.

  12. Please Dr.Pieczenik...

    The games' over and you are exposed.

    Go back to your venture capital companies, your banks, your real estate holdings, your meetings with James Baker and so forth.

    Stop pretending to be an American who cares about liberty.

    1. no sir, YOU ARE EXPOSED!


      I suggest your instability would be better addressed by counseling without the Halcyon.

      Your paranoia is definitely drug induced.

      Go find another blog to bully.

      what you have to impart can be found online.


  13. Syria is not simply a disagreement, its facts you haven't answered for.

    Dr. Pieczenik is inconsequential as compared to the millions of innocent people in Syria.

    But then again, you must know the truth about the Bolshevic Revolution and fact that outside support was critical to its success.

    Wall Street finance, specifically Jewish Wall Street finance was critical, as well as continental Jewish finance, in the overthrow of the Russian monarchy.

    And look what we got out of that?

    A ton of death & destruction.

    And geopolitical pathologies that still plague international diplomatic and strategic military relations to this day.

    And you, MITmichael want to repeat the experiment in Syria, which could engulf the whole Middle East in the tragedies that befell Russia and then China and other countries.

    Now, if that doesn't make you a complete hypocrit I don't know what does.

    The lesson is that intervention is a wild card, unintended consequences abound.

    Syria could be the spark that turns, not just Syria, but the whole Middle East into one giant ant-hill.

    Maybe Russia has finally learned a lesson from its past and realizes, not only the savagery & brutality, but that military intervention, whether covert or overt, is not the answer to encouraging peace in the Middle East.

    MITmichael, I asked whether or not you wanted peace in Syria.

    You failed to answer that simple question.

    I'm sure the readers would appreciate your answer.

    A peaceful and stable Middle East is in the United States vital national security interest.

    A Syrian political volcano puts that vital national security interest unnecessarily at risk.

    And who is pushing the intervention in Syria the most?

    The neoconservatives.

    Those same folks who's intellectual foundation came out of the Bolshevic Revolution.

    Trotsky: "World Communist Revolution"

    Neoconservatives: "World Democratic Revolution"

    Same game, different labels.

    It's time to end the game by exposing it.

    It's the game being played in Syria.

    And you support that, MITmichael.

    You are one sick hypocritical bastard.