Thursday, March 14, 2013

Congratulations! to Sec. Def. Chuck Hagel; General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. [US Top Commander In Afghan]; and Senator Lindsey Graham, for severely reprimanding the indolent, insolent, ingrate,  President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan!!!
Americans can and do complain (guilty as charged) about our military/civilian systems, but on occasion, the USG/military  respond appropriately, and often in concert, with the explicit outrage of the American Citizenry. 
I promise that I am not losing my edge but I do have to give credit where credit is due …..
  My comments are based on what I read this morning in the NYTimes about Afghanistan (posted article earlier).
“Frustration with Mr. Karzai was clear in the alert known as a command threat advisory [CTA}, sent on Wednesday by Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. to his top commanders.   His [Karzai] remarks could be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces—he[ Karzai] may also issue orders that put our forces [SOF] at risk the advisory read.”
  The article goes on to specifically delineate the problem discussed in the CTA [my words] by clearly stating the following words:
“Mr Karzai’s comments about  Bagram Prison [which HK wants to take away from the USG] …is Inflammatory speech and warning US to guard against HEIGHTENED INSIDER ATTACKS BY AFGHAN FORCES against Westeners,  as well as OPPORTUNISTIC TALIBAN violence”. 
Sidebar: I have modified some of the above sentence to make it more clear to my readers. 
In concert with Gen. Dunford Jr’s warning,  Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina  warned Karzai directly:
 “I am perfectly capable of pulling the plug on Afghanistan!”
  Please, Senator Graham, on behalf of the Millions of Americans who are barely able to make a living and are working two to three jobs please PULL THE PLUG AND GET US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!!!
Sidebar: I don’t know Senator Lindsey Graham; but I do know that throughout his tenure as a senator,  he has never boasted about having served in the Iraq/Afghan region as a Reserve Officer.  Unlike some other self promoting,  ersatz military hero senators who love to wax Proustian, recounting  In Search of Lost Time.   Please read the original French version of this incredible Jewish, French, Homosexual writer,  Marcel Proust.   It’s worth the effort! 
“Les Memoires Des Temps Perdues”, a stream of consciousness about life and the sensuous evocations of solitude. 
Suggestion: Senator John McCain,  you don’t need a steady stream of publicists, books and TV drama to restructure your false narratives about the Hanoi Hilton-- just read Proust's book and accept it’s conclusions. 
Please,  remember that I was on the other side when the FBI were instructed from above,  not to present you with FBI warrants for an “Arrest”-- on charges of “TREASON”. 
So stop your nonsense where you commissioned a TV show to  celebrate  your 40th year anniversary of your captivity in the Hanoi Hilton.   It’s insulting to 11 million men, who were drafted for that Vietnam War.  
  Enough! with these desultory discussions about John McCain and now back to the main point of this post. 
I just want to conclude with the following points:
[1] Get rid of Hamid Karzai ASAP! He is mentally ill and has a documented history of bipolar illness just like Jess Jackson Jr from Illinois.  Hospitalize him or RETIRE HIM!.
[2] Let’s get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria!
 We don’t belong in any of those countries. 
  The CIA and ill-advised civilian leaders led us into these unnecessary conflagrations for selfish political/financial purposes.   So dear Generals and Senators,  let the US bring back our brave warriors in one piece and not in bits and pieces in a body bag.
  Thanks again to NYTimes, Chuck Hagel, General Joseph Dunford and even Lindsay Graham.  America can work when it wants to and I think everyone is getting the message: We want out!  


  1. Lindsay Graham wants to be remembered as the Media star of the Senate.
    He has a compulsive addiction for Face Time.
    He is ALL BLUSTER, says he will not vote for a bill or confirm a nominee, & he turns on a dime. (Vote more for Obama's agenda than any other except Collins).

    Perhaps he has been intimidated & fearful his personal life will be compromised.
    Regardless, he is an unreliable Member, basically dishonest & MUST BE BANISHED!
    Nothing will happen with Karzai, just as nothing happened with Benghazi.
    Graham is useless & has lost all credibility.

  2. As I've said before, Lindsey Graham is an effeminet little toad like many homosexuals or un-manly individuals who make military careers out of their masulinity fantasies. These half-men are dangerous, aggressive, unbalanced, etc., and spend thier time polishing boots and whips when not making shrill speeches calling for death and destruction.

    As for Karzai...

    How else is he to register his disgust for America's role? How else is he supposed to survive when the US leaves?

    Have you thought about that?

    Before long the US will be out and he'll have to face his enemies there alone.

    Remember what happened to Najibulla when the Russians left?

    Is that what you'd like to see happen?

    He's doing what he has to do, and I don't give a shit if he's a little bipolar or what. Nobody's perfect.

    As for "getting rid of him...."

    Oh yeah that would be a great move. Sort of like getting rid of Diem in 1963...

    What's our next move then? Who else is over there to work with?

    After the US got rid of Diem the US had to sponsor four more coups in two years because the ones who followed were no better.

    Just leave the poor guy alone won't ya!


  3. Maverick lawyer takes on NDAA.

    Now why can't there be more like Carl Mayer leading America?
    A man with integrity fighting for TRUTH & JUSTICE,


    Lindsay Graham voted to enact this Law which Obama signed New Year's Eve 2012.

    The New York Times calls Carl Mayer: "A populist crusader and maverick lawyer." (New York Times, October 15, 2004).

    Mr. Mayer's biggest impact was when he was profiled by Mike Wallace and Morley Safer on the CBS News Program "Sixty Minutes". Mayer -- then an elected Independent town councilman in Princeton, N.J. -- went undercover and wore a wire to expose the rampant corruption and criminality endemic to New Jersey and, increasingly, American, politics.

    On that program, the CEO of United Gunite Corporation (a construction company) was caught offering a cash bribe to a "Sixty Minutes" cameraman to stop his filming: a first in "Sixty Minutes" history.

    The same CEO was subsequently indicted by the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey and cooperated in indicting corporate lobbyists and the mayors of several New Jersey cities, including Patterson and Irvington. The fallout continues as over ninty elected officials and corporate lobbyists have been sent to jail for bribery, extortion and other corruption charges.

    Mr. Mayer dedicates his law practice, writing and electoral efforts to ending the tyranny of corporate power over American citizens.

    He has written in law journals opposing efforts by corporations to use the Bill of Rights intended only for American citizens to shield corporations from accountability and legal sanction.

    Mr. Mayer worked on the Nike v. Kasky case in the United States Supreme Court that successfully prevented Nike from using the First Amendment to continue deceiving consumers about sweat-shop labor used in Nike plants.

  4. Enough is enough! Time to call it a day and pull out of afghanistan. We can deliberate all we like but the whole affair regarding the whole middle east is long in the tooth and the general public now don't even know why the west is in there such is the gobbledegook media saturation reporting on it! If the white house wants to go to war get on the white horse and lead the charge and take cameron and blair with them! If the jewish lobby in both england and america is concerned about israel my message is very simple! Go over and live the dream! I'll continue to hold the fort with the rest of us cutting our coats according to our cloth!!!

  5. Interesting reading! it seems the penny may be starting to drop!!

  6. "The World According to Dick Cheney" leaves you wanting VENGENCE.
    What a pathetic man.
    How he got so far up the power chain was merely a politically Mafiosi path.
    He had a rap sheet at 19. Flunked out of Yale 2 yrs in a row & was a day laborer for several years.
    He is a pathological liar & cannot glean truth from prevarication.
    He was reared to deceive. He should have served time at 19. It would have been easier to convict him in 2001.
    How he was rescued from death so many times is incredible.
    He is a piece of crap & should be charged in the Hague with CRIMES AGSINST HUMANITY.
    Watch it on demand: SHOWTIME.

    1. Coincidentally, Tom Drake who exposed Cheney's ILLEGAL warrantless wiretapping web of deceit, VIA NSA SPOKE AT THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB ON FRIDAY THE IDES OF MARCH:


      I know the enemy; it is the Executive branch of the USA, consecutively ad infinitum.

    2. Patriarch,

      That's not the half of it.

      When Bush Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta, former Democratic congressman, testified to the 911 Commission that Vice President Dick Cheney "whipped his neck around", that provided the smoking gun proof of Dick Cheney's guilt.

      For proper context

      Mineta: "During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President...the plane is 50 miles out...the plane is 30 miles out....and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??"

      Since there is no evidence of any attempt to 'shoot down', then the only other choice is the opposite:

      No shoot down, unless Cheney gives the order.

      Only a principle operator of 911 would have a standing order of 'No shoot down' of incoming plane(s) towards the Pentagon.

      Patriarch, good find on the early history of Dick Cheney. Your characterization of Cheney rings true, given the background you provided.

      Cheney's a monster -- a man who, by Truth & Justice, should be swinging from the end of a rope with a black hood over his head and his feet uselessly "dancing" in air, after dropping through the trap-door, jerking as the body reaches the rope's end.

      The black & white photos of President Lincoln's conspirators at the end of a rope come to mind.

      Regarding Afghanistan, MITmichael may have outlined the problem: The occupation of Afghanistan by the U. S. Military may have completely soured the population against U. S. transnational exploitation of Afghan natural resources.

      In other words, the U. S. has screwed the pooch.

      If that is the case, then there really is no reason to continue the occupation.

      (But failure to establish conditions conducive to long-term economic exploitation counts as a major failure [for the elite] -- the bargain was for political & economic control as jump-off point for further political & economic penetration into Central Asia -- per The Grand Chessboard)

      Regarding Karzai:

      Karzai has a right to attempt to survive.

      Self-defense, as it were.

      Of course, Karzai has known for many months (years?) the U. S. was negotiating with the Taliban, that's no secret.

      Why complain now?

      Because we are getting close to the End Game in Afghanistan and Karzai wants to be at the negotiating table with some "chips" of his own.

      Has Karzai always known his job was, in effect, riding the tiger... and "ending badly" a distinct possiblity?

      Of course. But still, dumping Karzai at this time would be a diplomatic disaster with long-lasting repercussions.

      We have to give the "natives" we put in power the chance to survive or no native, worth his salt, would or should trust U. S. assurances from here on out.

      That is not an acceptable outcome in light of advancing United States vital national security interests.

      The U. S. needs credibility with local nation-states and those countries' rulers.

      Betraying our own puppets, while done numerous times in the past, at this juncture, and in Afghanistan, after a 12 year effort with commensurate losses in blood & treasure, would be a poor policy decision.

      What's the world's perception?

      Given the last 12 years, which country is the most dangerous to deal with?

      Quite reasonably, the U. S. could be concluded the appropriate answer.

      Realist, patriotic, foreign policy experts understand this perception is not in America's long-term national interest.

      An evident failure in attempt to dominate the world will shatter America's standing in the world.

      That 'good will' is a vital national security interest worthy to defend.

      And foolish to discard.

    3. I watched the trailer and read a review of the Cheney flick. It sounds like the usual BS, Cheney giving an interview to an approved Hollywood prostitute. I don't think I'll take the time to watch it.

    4. it is worth watching Cheney lie. others are interviewed who contradict his "facts".