Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SYRIAThe Repeat of an AMERICAN TRAGEDY!  Viet Nam Redux.  American CIA purposeful, malicious, arrogant,  unnecessary  intervention creates another in a series of military disastersVietnam; Chile; Salvador; Nicaragua; Iraq; Libya; Egypt; Pakistan; and now SYRIA!! 
What’s next for the Consistent Idiots of America?  A Middle East Armageddon?
Once again, a dangerously Machiavellian Ex-CIA asset and presently incompetent POTUS Obama along with his ‘choir boy’  White House staff enter into another conflagration without any NATIONAL SECURITY importance to the USG or the American citizens.
Another COVERT war initiated by the CIA has been waging for several years without the AMERICAN PUBLIC having any say in whether they want another UNNECESSARY WAR supposedly fought in the name of  fleeing refugees and humanitarian aid.
The truth is that this war in Syria is being fought by the USG and its military/industrial cohorts for geo-political reasons, in reality its Sunni vs. Shiites.  We are irresponsibly on the side of UAE, Saudis, Jordan, Israel and working against  Iran, Russia, China.  We have no reason to be in this fight in Syria, our national security is NOT at stake.  Please do not fall for this B.S. by the puppet media and the CIA marionette POTUS Obama.  
How many times do we need to repeat this American Tragedy?  How many more body bags need to be returned to Dover Air Force Base?  How many more billions need to be spent before our economy tanks into a bread and guns depression?
So-called leadership in the USG has zero practical knowledge of Syria and it’s multi-ethnic composition,  or any previous experience dealing with General Hafez Assad, the former Leader of Syria nor his son,  Dr Bashar Assad, M.D.  Despite or because of their ignorance,  the USG has decided to spend countless billions of American dollars arming the resistance(?) in Syria.   Of course,  this wasted money is badly needed at home for improving the economy and building an infrastructure worthy of the information age.  Not to mention, the 25 million unemployed and marginally employed citizens who need a job so they can support themselves in the American dream.  
But once again, we intervene in a middle east conflict because of humanitarian concerns, glory and American compassion….really? what?  Do you honestly believe this garbage?  This is exactly why they don’t teach American History so everyone will fall for the same old trick every decade or so!
For over three years,  I have warned this administration to AVOID at all possible costs a DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION into Syria. 
  I warned against supplying the so-called, “FREE SYRIAN ARMY”  It’s certainly not free- - It consists of a bunch of Salafists and Sunni paid thugs and foreign (Turkish) mercenaries funded by Saudis, UAE, Dubai, France, England and others.  It’s certainly not “SYRIAN”.   If there are any so-called Syrians they are the Sunnis from Homs and Hama.  These ‘thugs’ were and are “Salafist Radicals”,  sponsored directly by Saudi Arabian misfit princes who had been previously ‘managed’,   perhaps somewhat brutally by Hafez Assad,  some thirty years ago-- in an ALAWITE controlled country. 
For certain, there is no “ARMY” as we commonly know it as a formalized C3I structure with a formal COMMANDER IN CHIEF or a legitimate president representative of thismotley mercenary group of fighters. 
Without having learned anything from disastrous previous experiences in the Egyptian, Libyan and Pakistani interventions,  the White House/Intel  have just designated an ad hoc supernumerary as President of the Free Syria [a non-existent wishful thinking entity],  a hapless American citizen by the name of  GHASSAN HITTO.   He is a 50 year old,  former information technology executive,  who emigrated from Syria to America years ago.  His full extent of political , military and intelligence work in that region consists of being a ‘volunteer’ in the area. 
  This appointment is NO BETTER than the CIA-CREATED Hamid Karzai,  an ex-Maryland Delicatessen Owner with severe bipolar mental illness and that old disease called corruptitis insatiable need to ‘rip off his country and the USG’
Or how about Egypt?  where the CIA, and our military/WH gang of incompetents demonstrated their complete lack of any psychological or political understanding of the MIDDLE EAST and the personalities involved by appointing the DISASTROUS  ex-American Professor [also a CIA asset in ‘hiding’ at the local DENNY’S DINER across from Taft HS]  from NORTHRIDGE  CALIFORNIA.   NONE OTHER than our vociferous, ANTI-SEMITIC , ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD “canon fodder”, our very own INCOMPETENT---  MOHAMMED MORSI.
This pattern of ineptness of our MILITARY and CIA continues because of a lack of internal psychological political talent and/or experience.   So we keep on appointing American surrogates in the Middle East without merit, talent or any experience in politics, military or intelligence.  The Tragedy of American History repeats itself, once again, in the selection of this well-intentioned neophyte. 

  Whom am I to be so critical of POTUS and his WH advisors like Valerie Jarrett, Rhodes, Samantha Power, Donilon, Biden, Clinton and now, Kerry (to name just a few)?
For the record,  I have thirty years of experience fighting  Hafez Assad while he was trying to blow up parts and parcels of Lebanon and other places in the Middle East.   But I also remember when he agreed with Israel and the USG to temper the PLO,  PFLP,  Hamas, and more importantly Hezbollah in return he received not territory but rather the Lebanese banking system.
Hafez Assad was a warrior in the true sense of the word.  He fought a war against the IDF while he was hospitalized in the ICU unit with a heart attack.   In the process of the last war with Israel,  he lost 76 Syrian jets while the Saudis barely lost a pound of flesh.   You see this whole thing goes back to the Saudis and the UAE and boy, are their decadent days numbered!  
The CIA is shipping weapons into Syria against the better judgment of those in the USG who are afraid to shout over the loud mouth, sneaky warmongers.  I posted an article earlier from the NYTimes that goes into incredible detail on this travesty, subtitled “Lethal Assistance Reaches Assad’s foes on Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari Planes”  Bravo Jill Abramson!  Your writers deserve a Pulitzer Prize for telling the American Public the truth about this REPEAT SIN of fake American wars.
Maybe we are seeing a Pentagon-Papers-type-leak about an illegal war….we all know what happened to Nixon!
So back to my personal experience with the Syrian government……on a personal trip to that beautiful country some years ago,  I was personally interrogated by the Interior Minister for six hours.   In the process,  I got to know many operatives and understood their concerns but also learned that overall the majority of Syrians under Assad were happy with their leadership and craved more than anything to do business with the USG and Israel.  It did not seem like the ruthless regimes of Saudi Arabia or the UAE where U.S. mercenaries, ex-US police chiefs, ex-Blackwater, ex-SOF all earn a very handsome wage fostering war and insurrections.
Why is this totally illegal arms shipment to Syrian Rebels so dangerous?  So many reasons, let me spell out a few….
1. This illegal transport of military weapons is shipping through Croatia then on to Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and finally into Syria -maximizing the potential for expanded regional conflict or war.
2.  No one really knows who is receiving these weapons, are they good guys?  bad guys? who knows?  certainly not the CIA!
3. Such illegal weapons shipments puts pressure on Turkey and its Kurdish problem compounded by Erdogan's inept handling of his domestic affairs and his obsession with Syria.
4. Jordan will be a major problem as the MI6 appointed King Abdullah tries to hold on to his Disneyland throne as the Islamic brotherhood tries to snatch it away.
5. Lebanon will fall into one of its serial civil wars- the last one saw U.S. military casualties, station chief dead and thousands of innocent civilians killed.
6. The CIA and USG has no control over the end game, we are entering a conflict with Russia, China, Hezzbollah and Iran on the other side…they have a lot more experience in this part of the world than we do.  Like Iraq, Egypt etc, we have no plan for the next government in Syria.

Stop Obama and his thugs from creating Viet Nam Redux!  His murderous deceptions and his falsely awarded Nobel Peace Prize do not change the reality of his Arab Winter.  Pass this on and let's give him a nixon!


  1. A Pulitzer prize to the NYTimes for this...? What about Sibel Edmonds/James Corbett who broke the story -or even a bigger part of it which hasn't fully gone mainstream- some 15 months ago!?

    While we're at it, I would highly recommend this interview series between Corbett and Edmonds detailing what she calls Operation Gladio Plan B. You Dr. Pieczenik are probably more familiar with what would be Gladio Plan A, but Edmonds, who grew up in Iran/Azerbaijan/Turkey, and by virtue of her time as an FBI wiretap evesdropper, became familiar with some extremely deep politics operations (involving Marc Grossman) that basically led to the development of the new, post-Cold War bogeyman: the Islamic militant extremist...

    1. Thanks for this Sibel Edmonds interview! I just reposted it on FB and on this site. Much appreciated, she does an amazing job summing it all up.

    2. I was going to suggest the Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett Gladio talks. You beat me to it! They are absolutely excellent and should be required viewing for Americans. Also Dr. P, heard you on AJ today.. Great job as usual.

  2. Dr.P I disagree with you completely about this.

    First, refering to Obama as a "dangerously Machiavellian" anything is way off the mark. Obama is a purely reactive, disinterested person who can't even be called an "actor" in international politics because he has no agenda, goals or purposes.

    Regarding the CIA aid....

    1.It's meant to assist non-Islamist elements among the rebels because otherwise the only rebels getting any support (from the Saudis of course) are fundamentalists. The bright side is that a lot of those getting Saudi aid are only posing as fundamentalists for this reason.

    2.It's possible that the fundamentalists will be the ones to defeat Assad, and that would disrupt US goals with Israel, Lebanon, etc.

    3.There are ideological reasons among Obama's people for not abandoning the rebels.

    4.The tensions with Iran, Russia, China over this are very minimal at best. Those states don't have any real need for Assad.

    But my biggest problem with your post however is the parallel with Vietnam.

    In Vietnam the south Vietnamese Army and people didn't want to fight the communists, and were only forced to do so when the CIA did away with a string of neutralist juntas in 1964 until they got the message that they could only stay in power if they continued the war. Vietnam from 1964 onwards was AN AMERICAN-CONSTRUCTED WAR.

    In Syria this is certainly not the case.

    Syria is like Tunisia, Lybia and Egypt in that the US is way behind the curve of events and is cobbling together ad hoc policies to try to limit damage.

    1. No, MITmichael, the U. S. was behind the so-called "Arab Spring" and Syria is an immoral operation.

      But I forgot, morality has little to do with your calculations and assumptions.

      I can't go back to any prior operation (and neither can you), but I can point out the immorality and disgusting calculations you seem to espouse.

      Syria is now, and the lid needs to be blown off this immoral, traitorous, action against the American People.

      Nobody has the right to commit the American People to support terrorist acts without getting their explicit permission.

      Apparently, you've been pickled.

    2. MITmichael, please read this report:

      The Redirection

      Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?

      by Seymour M. Hersh March 5, 2007
      The Redirection

      This was all planned in advance:

      Hersh wrote: "To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda."

      And, this,: "Some of the core tactics of the redirection are not public, however. The clandestine operations have been kept secret, in some cases, by leaving the execution or the funding to the Saudis, or by finding other ways to work around the normal congressional appropriations process, current and former officials close to the Administration said."

      Frankly, MITmichael, I find you opinion completely out of touch with what is really happening on the ground.

      Another report circa 2007: To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers, Wall Street Journal

      I'm surprised, MITmichael, you would be so misinformed on this subject.

      All one needs to know about the so-called "Arab Spring" is that it used the same "color revolution" tactics, and their leaders had numerous contracts with "democracy" NGO's who advised the leaders.

      Tunisa turns out to be fake.

      That oppressed fruit seller turned out to be fake.

      Libya, I'm really surprised you would attempt to pass out that pig slop as everybody knows al-Qaeda flew their flag over the Benghazi courthouse and the U. S. supported al-Qaeda affilitated groups.

      MITmichael, your morals don't matter to me, but your analysis and knowledge are appalling in this area.

    3. You're applying a conspiratorial framework where there is no evidence of such and ignoring the evidence that these uprisings are internally-generated rebellions much like the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

      In Iran there were no outside powers directed anything. The masses of people had enough of US influence over a corrupt, US-installed regime.

      What happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, and Syria is much the same.

      When these situations arise the US must make choices, as it did in 1963 in supporting a coup against it's ally Diem in Vietnam, or in supporting the opposition to Marcos in the Phillipines in 1986.

      Are you going to claim that popular uprisings don't exist? Are you claiming that the Iranian revolution, the uprising against Diem and against Marcos HAD TO BE THE WORK OF FOREIGN CONSPIRACIES?

      What you are accepting as evidence of foreign intriques in these Arab socities is unsupported, and put about by profit-making conspiracy theorists who are only interested in lining their own pockets.

      As for Hersh however he has a point, but that was the Bush administration years ago and it has no application to the last six years.

      You are claiming that Hersh's commentary applies when it is like all your other "evidence," in that it doesn't explain anything.


      If you were to put your views to any knowledgable professors of area studies or politics at MIT they would disagree with you entirely.

      My views are consistent with theirs, and Dr.P being a product of that program should ask himself what his teachers and mentors would think about some of the exaggerations he publishs here.

      I think they would scowl at him.
      Bad boy Dr.P.


    4. Please don't be intellectually dishonest, MIT wrote: "[Anaconda,]You're applying a conspiratorial framework where there is no evidence of such..."

      I requested, "please read this report:

      The Redirection" -- The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh (2007)

      The Redirection

      MITmichael, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then in all probability, it is a duck.

      The strategy & tactics are the same, as spelled out by Hersh and the NYT report and there are numerous other reports confirming this is the case.

      Evidence exists of outside interference in Syria since 2010:

      Washington Post, April 17, 2011, U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show

      Wash. Post: "The State Department has secretly financed Syrian political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables.

      The London-based satellite channel, Barada TV, began broadcasting in April 2009 but has ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria as part of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the country’s autocratic leader, Bashar al-Assad."

      Washington Post, April 17, 2011

      This destabilization campaign supposedly started in 2009, hmmm, just after Obama got into office, just two after 2007 when Hersh wrote his report... continuity of agenda, anybody?

      So, MITmichael, your reference to "six years" is baloney, try like two years or no years, since the plot to destabilize Syria continued seamlessly from the Bush administration to the Obama administration -- just the point Dr. Pieczenik, made in his weblog post.

      MITmichael, you ignore the New York Times article that Dr. Pieczenik linked to and formed a basis for his weblog post:

      Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A.

      The New York Times report March 24, 2013 details operations which match what Seymour Hersh reported in 2007.

      And I also provided this Wall Street Journal headline from 2007:

      To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers

      (the WSJ report is behind a paywall, so no link)

      Again, the Muslim Brotherhood is definitely currently a key element of the so-called "rebels" in Syria engaged in terrorist tactics, such as large-scale indescriminate bombings, summary execution (some beheadings), and large-scale infrastructure damage.

      MIT wrote: "[Anaconda,]You're applying a conspiratorial framework where there is no evidence of such..."

      There, a recap of the evidence I provided, there is much more, but do I really have to spoon feed you like a little baby?

      Anaconda wrote: "All one needs to know about the so-called "Arab Spring" is that it used the same "color revolution" tactics, and their leaders had numerous contracts with "democracy" NGO's who advised the leaders."

      Of course, MITmichael doesn't respond to the specific example (similar "Color Revolution" tactics briefly mentioned above), but goes on to state: "ignoring the evidence that these uprisings are internally-generated rebellions much like the Iranian Revolution of 1979."

    5. (Cont.)

      Of course, there are internal forces, but the driving force, especially in Syria, and that's what's the post is about, is the foreign money, weapons, and mercenaries and mostly Muslim Brotherhood members, who have been opposed to the Assads for decades, but have a strong attachment and working relationship with the CIA, so the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood can hardly be described as completely "internal".

      On a side-note, regarding the 1979 Iranian Revolution, while there were internal dissidents, the CIA and State Department did have a hand in the Iranian Revolution (excerp from New American article, Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened):

      "Nahavandi writes:

    6. (Cont.)

      The alternation of parties does not change the diplomatic orientation of the United States that much. The process of toppling the Shah had been envisaged and initiated in 1974, under a certain Republican administration.... Numerous, published documents and studies bear witness to the fact, even if it was not until the beginning of the Carter administration that the decision was made to take concerted action by evoking problems related to human rights.

      The Shah’s destruction required assembling a team of diplomatic “hit men.” Du Berrier commented:

      When the situation was deemed ripe, U.S. Ambassador William Sullivan — the man reputed to have toppled the pro-American government of General Phoumi Nosavan in Laos — was sent to urge the Shah to get out. In December Mr. George Ball, an instant “authority on Iran,” was sent as a follow-up with the same message."

      Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened

      There is much more evidence on this subject if one cares to research open source materials.

      So, again, MITmichael, you are wrong and you seemingly want to mislead the readers or you are uniformed.

      MITmichael wrote: "In Iran there were no outside powers directed anything."

      Totally false.

      MITmichael wrote: "What happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, and Syria is much the same."


      There are plenty of facts & evidence supporting the contention that the U. S. and the West were behind the "Arab Spring". But the researcher does need to get off their opinionated butt and actually research.

      So, no surprise that you, MITmichael, simply accepts the corporate media spin.

      MITmichael wrote: "Are you going to claim that popular uprisings don't exist?"

      No. But one does need to be reasonably sceptical. Undoubtedly, there are popular uprisings, but simply ignoring the evidence provided of outside agitation and direction isn't acceptable.

      MITmichael, you need to grasp the nettle by discussing the evidence provided by those that disagree with your opinions. If you don't there is not reason to give your opinion any weight.

      Putting aside the Iranian Revolution for the reasons provided above...

      MITmichael wrote: "the uprising against Diem and against Marcos HAD TO BE THE WORK OF FOREIGN CONSPIRACIES?"

      This is a distraction and a strawman argument.

      First, we aren't talking about Diem or Marcos, we are discussing Syria -- each case needs to be judged on its own facts & evidence, so, it's nothing but a distraction away from the situation in Syria; second, since I never bring Diem or Marcos, rather, it's your distraction, then it's also a strawman argument.

      MITmichael wrote: "You are claiming that Hersh's commentary applies when it is like all your other "evidence," in that it doesn't explain anything."

      The New York Times report provided by Dr. Pieczenik doesn't provide anything.

      Laugh out loud, dude, you ignore the obvious connections. The report makes plain that the CIA has been providing weapons since early 2012, probably much earlier.

      MITmichael wrote: "If you were to put your views to any knowledgable professors of area studies or politics at MIT they would disagree with you entirely."

      Talk about an appeal to authority.

      You have no idea because you apparently don't know the facts & evidence I would provide. But what MIT professors might think is totally beside the point and again is a distraction.

      MITmichael wrote: "My views are consistent with theirs..."

      How in the hell do we know that?

      Answer, we don't, but it is a clever way to suggest your opinion has more validity than it really does have and, again, another distraction away from the actual facts & evidence supporting the contention that the Obama administration is a state sponsor of terrorism.

      All in all, in this case, you are misleading readers.

    7. Before you accuse anyone of misleading the readers consider this:

      That in every internally-generated mass revolution there are always foreigners trying to get on the good side of rebelious factions by providing them with support.

      Germany supported Lenin and the Bohlsheviks, Iraq supported the Ayatollha Homeini, The Russians supported the NLF against Diem, other governments supported the anti-Marcos groups in the 1980s, many states supported the ANC in South Africa in the 1980s, Cuba supported the the rebels in El Salvador in the 1980s.

      However none of these efforts at support had any real effect on anthing, and certainly were not the genesis any of these mass uprisings.

      You cannot point to vague, undefined programs the US and others have to penetrate and influence these Arab uprisings and CLAIM WITHOUT EVIDENCE that any of these efforts are efffective or important much less critical.

      You're reflexively defaulting to a conspiratorial view of world politics in which the most important thing is always COVERT ACTION, and it's not the most important thing.

      In fact Covert Action is pretty ineffective regarding influencing or creating mass popular movements.

      The situations in which CA has been effective is where something can be changed by providing a small amount of support, a critical amount, to an existing group which is already well and indiginously created and just needs a little push.

      Covert Action involves reading the confllicing, existing competing groups and aiding your side in small, critical ways which are just enough to give them an advantage.

      Covert Action isn't about creating groups from scratch where they didn't exist before and transforming whole societies in ways they'd never have otherwise gone.

      That's fantasy stuff.

    8. For that matter look at the role of the French in the American revolution.

      According to your way of thinking you'd claim that the whole American revolution was a French plan from the beginning, a crafty plot to damage the British after the French-Indian wars....

      It just ain't so.

    9. MITmichael,

      There you go, again. The subject is outside covert support in Syria by the United States and whether the covert action is an example of a 'continuity' of agenda from the Bush administration to the Obama administration and that this constitutes state sponsoring of terrorism.

      But the total discussion in your reply to my three comments on a weblog post about Syria is this:

      MITmichael wrote: "You cannot point to vague, undefined programs the US and others have to penetrate and influence these Arab uprisings and CLAIM WITHOUT EVIDENCE that any of these efforts are efffective or important much less critical."

      That is false.

      I did provide evidence:

      The Redirection" -- The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh (2007)

      The Redirection


      Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A.

      The New York Times, March 24, 2013


      U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show

      Washington Post, April 17, 2011

      What's note worthy is that MITmichael doesn't specifically address one iota of what is in these reports.

      MITmichael doesn't quote one sentence or one paragraph from the above reports, then offer reasons and facts & evidence to claim the reports are false or misleading.

      Rather, MITmichael makes conclusionary statements with no specific evidence to back up his statements.

      And he wonders off into generalities about other geo-political events which fail to shed any light on the facts on the ground in Syria.

      So, while MITmichael claims I don't present specific evidence, it is MITmichael who fails to address specifics.

      That's call psychological projection and is hypocritical.

    10. (Cont.)

      Nor does MITmichael address any of the reasoning, facts & evidence I made in my three-part reply. No, instead MITmichael goes off on his own tangent.

      The 1979 Iranian Revolution?

      Iran and the Shah: What Really Happened

      Down the memory hole as far as MITmichael is concerned.


      Because MITmichael doesn't have an answer to all the facts, evidence, and accounts of what really happened in the 1979 Iranian Revolution provided in the article which contradicts his corporate media myth.

      But you, MITmichael, didn't discuss one sentence of those several reports.

      That's call refusing the "grasp the nettle".

      Those two reports (plus the Washington Post report from 2011) provide plenty of specifics regarding Syria, such as tactics, strategy, and the players, such as Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Hersh article provides the reasoning for the strategy & tactics to be employed against Syria.

      Of course, you ignore that and provide generalities about other geo-political events. That's called a distraction.

      When somebody ignores evidence, or claims there isn't evidence, when, in fact, there is evidence, all you can do is point out the failure to address those specifics.

      And remind readers of that interlocutor's failure to do so... which goes directly to his credibility.

      If they can't or won't address specifics provided by the other side in a discussion it's most likely because they don't have a persuasive response.

      MITmichael wrote: "That in every internally-generated mass revolution there are always foreigners trying to get on the good side of rebelious factions by providing them with support."

      Mostly this is true, but not always.

      What about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in which the U. S. did not intervene or the 1968 czechoslovakia Uprising?

      But, again, we are discussing Syria.

      What about Syria?

    11. (Cont.)

      But all we, readers, get from MITmicheal are generalities about other geo-political events -- not a discussion of Syria.

      MITmichael wrote: "However none of these efforts at support had any real effect on anthing, and certainly were not the genesis any of these mass uprisings... [there is no evidence] any of these efforts are efffective or important much less critical."

      Sorry, Charie, but there is copious evidence that outside support was critical to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, but, again, that is a seperate event -- here, we are discussing Syria.

      But it just goes to show that even with his own distractions, MITmichael is wrong.

      What I'm trying to figure out is if MITmichael is intentionally misleading or simply misinformed and parrotting the misinformation.

      MITmichael wrote: "You're reflexively defaulting to a conspiratorial view of world politics in which the most important thing is always COVERT ACTION, and it's not the most important thing."


      I'm referring to a specific example, Syria, and providing evidence for my conclusions regarding Syria.

      Again, it is you, who are claiming I am imposing 'my world view' onto Syria without ANY supporting evidence.

      That is a lie.

      But let's cut to the chase, shall we, let's apply the "but for" test to Syria.

      But for the foreign money, weapons, foreign mercenaries, the Syrian situation would be over -- the so-called "rebellion" crushed by Assad.

      By the way, it is the foreign mercenaries who are using wholesale terrorist tactics of bombings, summary execution, and infrusture damage, not the Assad government.

      And, yes, the foreign money, weapons, and mercenaries are critical to the "rebellion" otherwise it would be over by now because the Syrian Arab Army is killing or capturing large amounts of mercenaries and their weapons.

      MITmicheal wrote: "Covert Action isn't about creating groups from scratch where they didn't exist before and transforming whole societies in ways they'd never have otherwise gone."

      That's mostly true, in Syria, you do have the Muslim Brotherhood and others who object to Assad, but in no sense is it a 'popular' uprising.

      Numerous reports state that a majority prefer Assad to the terrorists who have made plain that their goal is "Christians to Beirut and Shia to the tomb."

      MITmichael, your American Revolution/French assistence is a distraction -- you have no idea what I think about that. Again, a distraction.

      It seems, the strategy of distraction is what MITmichael is good at. Real analysis & interpretation... not so good.

  3. Thanks, Dr. Pieczenik, for flagging the Syria situation.

    I look forward to hearing your appearence on AJ, I know what the subject is, bin Laden, but I hope you get a turn on Syria.

    The western media gives similiar treatment to Syria.

  4. Replies
    1. I heard, great job. I appreciated your injecting Syria into the discussion because as important as the truth regarding bin Laden is, and it's very important, Syria is the current stepping-stone in their multi-stage plan.

      I'm encouraged, as it sounded as if you have opened some eyes in private circles on these various subjects (and learned additional details).

      It sounds right: Faulty plans and a ruthless ambition to jam those plans through (despite the flaws & failings -- that can't be corrected because the plans are crooked and gangster-like from the beginning) regardless of the potential consequences.

      I bet they feel they can't stop their plans because to stop mid-way through is to risk exposure of the plans.

      In their opinion, the plans must be completed, "Oregon or bust", but that makes them all the more desperate and willing to take more risks.

      Risk of exposure increases.

      I hope you get invited back on again soon.

    2. If this is your best then you're falling way short of establishing anything.

      I remember in the late 1970s when the north of Syria rebelled against the Assad regime and Hafez Assad surrounded Hama and Aleppo with artillary and tanks and created a massacre.

      The oppostion in Syria has been intense for decades, and it's no surprise to anyone who knows the history and facts that the current uprising is a repeat of the past.

      Your implication that the situation is a construction of the CIA is ridiculous, and frankly I'm starting to agree with many of my government contacts who say of you that you've lost your marbles.

    3. Dr.P do you REALLY believe that Kadaffi wasn't killed and was secretly spirited away someplace because, "heads of state don't kill other heads of state."

      Is that what you really believe?

    4. MITmichael wrote: "The oppostion in Syria has been intense for decades, and it's no surprise to anyone who knows the history and facts that the current uprising is a repeat of the past."

      Yes, there was and is opposition, and yes, Hafez al-Assad, the father of Bashar al-Assad , did take out the concentration of Muslim Brotherhood followers in Homs (1982), who had rebelled, with, again, encouragement from the West, but they screwed up and allowed themselves to be cornered in Homs -- bad strategy -- and they were almost completely wiped-out.

      But again, what would you have a sovereign do when a transnational organization like the Muslim Brotherhood acts to take over the country?

      Actually, the above question is meant, at least, to provide some response, but it's beside the point. That was over 30 years ago. It is questionable how much that event has anything to do with what is going on in Syria, today.

      Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational organization which wants to break down borders in the Arab world.

      While the borders are artificial, that was imposed over 80 years ago. At this point the Arab world would be better off to respect national boundaries, but certainly, we've seen that the Muslim Brotherhood when given the reigns of power, as in Egypt, only cause division.

      Exactly what the West wants: Divide & conquer. The Muslim Brotherhood is a piece of shit. Not even dogs will eat the shit that comes out of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      MITmichael, the Muslim Brotherhood is a minority in Syria and does not come close to being a representative body in Syria.

      MITmichael wrote: "Your implication that the situation is a construction of the CIA is ridiculous..."

      Now, I'm not sure if you are addressing this comment to me, but regardless...

      This is the third time you make assertions without supplying evidence. And, now, I see by your various comments, here, and otherwhere, you are losing it, in the sense that since you can't respond with facts & evidence and reasoning based those facts & evidence, you are name calling -- too bad for you that when you are confronted and challenged by facts & evidence and reasoning therefrom, you can't respond other than to start spouting off names like "moron".

      MITmichael, you are starting to sound more and more like a shill.

      Keep it up, nobody will give weight to your assertions at this rate.

    5. Actually nothing that's said on this board count for anything because nobody of importance anywhere believes anything Dr.Pieczenik says.

      He's trashed his own credibility by making unsupported, wild and exaggerated claims, and associates himself with charlatians like Alex Jones.

      It's true my tone on the board has changed, and the reason for that is that Dr.P's claims here and elsewhere have become more and more ridiculous.

      As a libertairan and as someone who left government work decades ago because of my disgust with it I'll state the following.

      Jones is the biggest source of comfort to those who want to take away our freedoms because his exaggerations can be used to discredit us all.

      Dr.Pieczenik is also the biggest source of comfort for those who want to continue the American empire because his exaggerations are being used to discredit ua all.

      Dr. Pieczenik has posted on this board that the US Constitution is outdated and should be totally trashed and done away with.

      Doesn't that tell you something?

    6. Dr.Pieczenik worked under Larry Eagleburger for years, one of the most venal, disgusting, fat slobs and war criminals anywhere in the USG.

      Dr.Pieczenik has repeatedly claimed that George Bush was a great President, etc...

      Has it ever occurred to you that Dr.Pieczenik still carries their water?

      Use your head.

    7. The difference between myself and Dr.Pieczenik is that after three years with the Afghanistan Task force I realized what the USG does is criminal and malevolent SO I LEFT.

      Dr.Pieczenik however stayed in government for decades, worked for crimianls like George Bush, Larry Eagleburger, Baker and others who are otherwise reviled by most on this board.

      Dr.Pieczenik never would have stayed as long as he did, and have continued to sing the praises of Bush, Eagleburger, etc., unless he was on their team.

      Dr. Pieczenik is exactly what he claims NOT TO BE.

  5. Just watching the news over here in England and its the most one sided report you'd ever have the pleasure to view!! And boy are they pushing for us to help(we are already) and the new phrase coined by our media is "unintended consequences" but the saving grace is some Russian ex government official who was asked " Russia is supporting Assad" he replied "so what" and pointed to Libya as western stupidity!! He also warned that arming the "rebels" will cause a bloodbath. Why is it the Russians give it to us straight whilst UK/ USA officials waffle?? Wasn't it rumsfeld whom delivered the" we know there's unknowns and unknowns that are known and they no we know what they know blah blah blah" before invading Iraq?? I can't wait for either Cameron or Obamas golden narration why we should invade Syria! It will just roll off the tongue.

  6. What didya expect when the CORRUPT senate intelligence committee led by the CORRUPT FEINSTEIN (who has stolen billions from our national economy using her CURRENT TV PARTNER, MONEYMANAGER-HUSBAND BLUM, as her BAGMAN), confirmed BRENNAN?

    Feinstein became the de facto chair of the senate foreign relations committee & the armed services committee, removing by fiat the sexually addicted miscreant, menendez, & the NDAA SUPPORTER & Jewish embarrassment, Carl Levin, from opposing a war declaration on Syria.

    A perfect finesse by OBAMA.

    All one needs to continue evil is to have an inner circle of willing lapdogs who are promised unlimited wealth & historical infamy.

    By confirming Brennan & lying to AMERICA by omission of Brennan's leadership role in Benghazi, when she knows ALL about his one-man-operation, (& his break in to the US Passport office in 2008 to secrete Obamas past,) FEINSTEIN should've been removed from the senate, arrested, & convicted for TREASON, years ago.

    Moving Brennan to CIA OPERATIONS FROM WH OPERATIONS, was merely pro forma to expand covert operations & gunrunning from Libya to Turkey & Syria.

    Why doesn't a whistleblower in field operations sing?

    Feinstein is America's MATA HARI IN EVERY WAY. The conspiracy to MURDER those babies at Sandy hook by CIA black ops & feinstein's gun ban sitting in her home office file cabinet was prepared & ready to go.

    All that was needed was a domestic mass murder on the most unarmed innocent: WHO COULDA WRITTEN THE SCRIPT? Brennan or some other PSYCHOPATH..Bill Ayers?

    It was most likely the same person who created a phony PDF birth certificate for Obama, or the president's personal attorney, Judith Corley, flew to Hawaii to pick up the original, certified copies of a dead baby girls birth certificate to use as BOILERPLATE.

    The only way removing the 2nd amendment had a chance, was unspeakable horrors (as Obama's daughters have 24/7 protection).

    This is ROME REDUX. And we WILL FALL.

    Feinstein is a CIA OPERATIVE. SAXBY CHAMBLIS knows this. He is coinicidentally retiring from the Senate.

    She should be OUTTED by Richard Armitage:

    Stephen King, Tom Clancy, or Wm Shakespeare couldn't rewrite history like this.
    The arrogance is Obama, Brennan, Feinstein, & Reid truly believe they are insulated from retribution.

    They better watch out for Putin. they are in his SIGHTS!
    America will not bring these conspirators down, but another country's leader will.

    What goes around comes around: the psychopaths that they are feel they are indispensible.



    ("Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power....hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of humility, though not always with the lack of knowledge. An accusation of hubris often implies that suffering or punishment will follow, similar to the occasional pairing of hubris and nemesis in Greek society. The proverb "pride goes before a fall" (from the biblical Book of Proverbs, 16:18) is thought to summate the modern use of hubris. It is also referred to as "pride that blinds", as it often causes one accused of hubris to act in foolish ways that belie common sense....")

    "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

    "Among a people generally corrupt liberty cannot long exist."

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    Sir Edmund Burke 1729-1797

  7. It appears various opinions abound here on this weblog. A good thing in my estimation, even if, at times, I don't agree with those opinions.

    There are many perspectives and life experiences.

    Heck, might even learn a thing or two.

  8. Do I let the cat out of the bag? What the heck, to beat these elitists, gangsters, really,
    you need to divide them, peel them off from each other.

    And you need to frustrate and/or expose their main chance or gambit (this multi-stage military campaign in progress).

    (Not all elites are comfortable with the current plans, thus, should those plans fail, then those least comfortable from the start will peel away. Also, believe it or not, mercy should be extended to the elite who do peel off and help expose the worst plans of those who would substitute themselves for God.)

    There are elites who know that those with the hubris & arrogance to think themselves equal to the task of replacing God with their own WILL are dangerous to humanity.

    There are elites who have not forgot their humanity.

    God fearing (there are many atheists who reject this kind of egomaniacal thinking) men & women who can see the evil in these outrageous plans.

    But the currents are swift, cold, and unforgiving with plenty of rocks, both seen and unseen, those rising jagged above the raging white water, and those submerged below the fast running current with only shadows revealing their threatening presence.

    Atheists can be reached and persuaded (again, there are many compassionate & caring atheists), but it is the God fearing among the elite who can help expose it because they know the truth -- these egomaniacs want to assume supreme power with no reference or respect for a higher power.

    They want to be the high priest in front of the altar directing humanity.

    What they decree is law -- there is no appeal.

    But this hubris will only lead to ashes & bleached bones.

    Such is the folly of men.

    We can peel off the elite.

    If their plans are frustrated and exposed to mockery, ridicule, and righteous indignation.

    And, for those elite who reflect and think better, there is mercy.

  9. This Syria thing really troubles me as well. We're backdooring into another war. I know Assad Jr. doesn't have the reputation or fearlessness his father had. Sr. was an incredibly astute, if ruthless, leader. But he was five steps ahead of everyone in that region, and his people could go to sleep at night.

    I can't remember if I posted this here before or not--probably did--but F. William Engdahl published this six months ago.

    "One veteran Turkish journalist whom this author interviewed in Ankara in April, just back from an extensive tour of Syria, gave his eyewitness account of the capture of a small band of “opposition” fighters. The journalist, fluent in Arabic, was astonished as he witnessed the head of the rebels demand to know why their military captors spoke Arabic. When told that was their native language, the rebel leader blurted out, “But you should speak Hebrew, you’re with the Israeli Army aren’t you?”

    In short, the mercenaries had been blitz-trained across the border in Turkey, given Kalashnikovs and a fistful of dollars and told they were making a jihad against the Israeli Army. They did not even know who they were fighting. In other instances, mercenaries recruited from Afghanistan and elsewhere and financed by Saudi money, including alleged members of Al Qaeda, make up the “democratic opposition” to the established regime of Al-Assad."

    This is strategy?

    This thing has the stench of neocons gunning for Iran all over it. Netanyahu and Erdogan made nice because our rock star fell into the trap of arranging it. Israel can fly its planes over Syria (once it falls) and the Kurds (Mosul) They have backup in Azerbaijan. Now it's less than 1000 miles from Tel Aviv to Tehran, 100 miles more than Seattle to Vegas. Netanyahu wants his Daddy Glory even if it's blazing.And Americans are too beleaguered with debt to notice. But the Russians are noticing.

    Are our military going to go along with this?

    1. There are strong ideological reasons among Obama's foreign affairs staff for not wanting to see these rebels be crushed. These rebels have shown tremendous conviction and sacrifice in the face of horrendous barbarism by Assad. The simple fact is that a minimal effort at assistance with little risk of escalation or diplomatic consequence might help. Certainly it can't hurt given that the material aid till now is all coming from Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, who provide armes and cash but no training.

      The point here is not the Afghanistan strategy of the 1980s to cynically "keep the carnage of the pot boiiing without any end or resolution." That's what disgusted me when I worked with the Afghan Task Force at the time. Nor was I very sanguine about the simultaneous "pot-boiling" strategy the US and Reagan had with the Iran-Iraq War.

      The purpose here is to take an indiginous uprising which is being pummelled by Assad
      s loyalists with sophisticated weapons and give the rebels enough training and tools to give them a critical chance.

    2. MITmichael wrote: "These rebels have shown tremendous conviction and sacrifice in the face of horrendous barbarism by Assad."

      False. It is the so-called "rebels", actually terrorists, as defined by their tactics of wholesale indiscriminate bombing, summary executions (some beheadings), and wide-spread infrustructure damage, also destroying historical sites and both Christian churches & Muslim mosques.

      It's the so-called "rebels" who are barbarous killers.

      MITmichael, please provide evidence that it is the Assad government who is acting barbarous.

      (Oh, and trotting out western media spin as support isn't the best evidence, everybody knows the western media is providing cover.)

      MITmichael wrote: "The simple fact is that a minimal effort at assistance with little risk of escalation or diplomatic consequence might help."

      Not likely, as the terrorists are rapidly either captured or killed. It's a buzzsaw for the terrorists, that is what is causing the opposition to fragment, too many are being killed, and little progress on the ground is being made.

      It is only the 'never ending supply' of weapons and foreign mercenaries which is keeping the so-called "rebellion" going.

      Initially, there were peaceful protects, but almost at the same time, death squads with sharpshooters were killing indiscriminately both peaceful protesters and police. This was done on purpose and almost certainly by the foreign elements which were present from the beginning of the violence in Syria.

      The foreign operators where the cause of violence in Syria from the beginning.

      MITmichael wrote: "Certainly it can't hurt given that the material aid till now is all coming from Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, who provide armes and cash but no training."

      No. The Syrian crisis has the potential to turn into a regional war or is the necessary prerequisite for an attack on Iran, which also could escalate into a regional war or World War III. MITmichael fails to consider Russia in all this. The Syrian crisis is already spilling over into Lebanon, Iraq, Jordon, Turkey, and Israel, as either participants or internal troubles such as Jordan and Lebanon.

      MITmichael wrote: "The purpose here is to take an indiginous uprising which is being pummelled by Assad"

      Please, stop the lying.

      This is a Potemkin operation. This is a foreign financed and instituted operation employing a large number of foreign mercenaries who use terrorist tactics.

      Nobody denies the so-called "rebels" are using terror tactics of bombing, summary execution, and infrustructure damage.

      MITmichael, do you deny the "rebels" are using terror tactics, such as bombing, summary execution, and infrustructure damage?

      Yes or no?

      I'd appreciate a direct answer instead of all your well practiced avoidance tactics.

      MITmichael wrote: "[give the so-called "rebels" who use terrorist tactics] sophisticated weapons and give the rebels enough training and tools to give them a critical chance."


      Give peace a chance.

      To do that, the weapons & foreign mercenaries need to be cutoff. And the U. S. can put the clamps on Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

      This plot was United States inspired from the beginning, it only takes the word of the United States to stop it.

      The Obama administration needs to drop the "Assad must go" rhetoric and encourage the opposing parties to go to the negotiating table.

      The Assad government already has had a constitutional referendum, which passed, and parliamentary elections.

      It is the Assad govenment who is willing to negotiate and it is the "rebels" who insist no negotiation with Assad.

      And this is because the United States is whispering in the terrorist's ears, telling them to keep going, keep using terrorist tactics.

      MITmichael, do you support peace in Syria?

      Your choice, but your answer will be telling regarding how that head of yours ticks.

  10. To some degree Syria is like Spain in the 1930 in that great powers are supplying opposing forces with assistance but those powers have little more than ideological motives involved.

    In Spain there was an arms embargo but the anti-communists and communists found ways around it.

    In the end the anti-communists won, but after they did they provided no support to their Nazi and facist benefactors once the Second World War began.

    1. MITmichael, again with the false anology.

      In 1930's Spain, the two sides had significant domestic popular support.

      In Syria, the so-called "rebels", who use terrorist tactics, don't have wide-spread support of the population. Many if not most Syrians, who were involved in the peaceful protests, are not supporting the terrorists who are systematically destroying Syrian society.

      The peaceful protesters, and there were many at the start, are actually still there in Syria, but you don't hear much about them in the western media because they are actively negotiating with the Assad government to arrive at a peaceful settlement of grievances in a SYRIAN PEACE SETTLEMENT, not a dictation by outside, foreign parties.

      Syria is a secular, pluralistic society -- the foreign backed terrorists want a sectarian state.

      If there is one place on this earth where a secular, pluralistic society should be encouraged, it is in the Middle East.

      It would be barbaric tragedy if these mainly foreign mercenaries were successful.

      There are two parties opposed to Assad: The peaceful domestic party who is currently negotiating with Assad, and the terrorist tactic using foreign mercenaries who will not negotiate with Assad because their foreign supporters want regime change or bust -- in reality, either regime change or destroy the country.

      MITmichael, I have to say you do a good job of carrying water for the corporate, western media and the Obama administration and their tacit Republican collaborators.

      On a run the mill blog with uninformed readers, your tactics might be successful, but, here, I don't think so.

    2. You are simply dead wrong.

      The fact that you are mischaracterizing the Syrian rebels as entirely foreign-supported "terrorists" acting in defiance of the mass of will and opinion reveals that you are an ignorant moron who knows absolutely nothing about the topic.

    3. MITmichael wrote: "You are simply dead wrong."

      If you actually presented a foundation of facts & evidence, and reasoning based on those facts & evidence, as opposed to conclusionary statements, I would consider your statements, but you don't.

      MITmichael wrote: "The fact that you are mischaracterizing the Syrian rebels as entirely foreign-supported "terrorists" acting in defiance of the mass of will and opinion reveals that you are an ignorant moron who knows absolutely nothing about the topic."

      Again, a straw man argument because I didn't state the Syrian so-called "rebels" were "entirely foreign-supported".

      As I previously stated the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood was involved, but the bulk of the weapons are foreign supplied and a significant numer of fighters are foreign mercenaries. What exact percentage of the fighters are foreign mercenaries? Numbers are hard to come by, but it could be 50%.

      Put the shoe on the other foot: If a band of rebels, here, in America, was receiving weapons from foreign countries and, somehow, 50% of the fighters were foreigners, I wouldn't have any sympathy for those Americans who raised arms against the government, along with their foreign allies.

      What is apparent MITmichael, is that it is you who don't know much about the topic:

      Consider, you are spouting corporate media spin and have demonstrated you haven't gone beyond what you read in the daily newspaper in Austin.

      MITmichael, I think you need to regroup because, at this point, you sound like CBS news or NBC news or FOX.

      Parrotting that line just won't fly.

      Frankly, as time goes by, more and more Americans are becoming aware of all the terrorist acts being perpetrated in Syria and reject that policy.

      Americans don't support terrorist acts.

      But apparently, MITmichael you do.

      And apparently, you also are okay with large scale bombing, summary execution, and infrustucture damage.

      Sorry, I can't support that kind of barbarity.

  11. Thanks for "Consistent Idiots of America." I've entered it under a slightly different name. For CIA nicknames I now have:

    Certified Idiots of America
    Christians In Action
    The Agency
    The Company
    Virginia Farm Boys
    Pickle Factory

    1. You'll not find a bigger critic of CIA than myself.

      But your childish ridicule and name-calling is simply stupid.

      If you had a brain you'd formulate a reasoned critic instead of acting like the moron you are.

    2. What the heck are you talking about?

      I'm an expert in slang. Dr. Pieczenik used the slang name "Consistent Idiots of America," but I found that "Certified Idiots of America" had more use. Not all of the CIA slang names (such as 'The Agency" or "The Company") are "childish ridicule."

      I don't see how this justifies namecalling, MITmichael. You really are a moron for not understanding this.

    3. This is not slang.

      This is Dr.Pieczenik and others using ridicule because they have no real evidence for their claims.

      When they use ridicule my tactic is to respnd in kind, and then see the inevitable result.

      Which pretty much worked.

    4. Let me say that I always enjoy reading your posts.

      I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree (as with other posters, of course), but I usually don't state all of my opinions because I don't like to start flame wars that are a complete waste of everyone's time.

      Jon Lighter's HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG and Jonathon Green's SLANG DICTIONARY and Tom Dalzell's NEW PARTRIDGE DICTIONARY OF SLANG--my colleagues all--have entered nicknames for companies and U.S. agencies in their slang dictionaries. The old "Monkey Ward" is there for Montgomery Ward and "Wally World" is there for Walmart. "No Such Agency" is there for the NSA. "Famous But Incompetent" is there for the FBI.

      "Certified Idiots of America" was printed on two different sets of T-shirts, and the Dr. used "Consistent Idiots of America," so I decided to add it to my list of CIA nicknames.

      If I offended anyone, I'm truly sorry.

    5. I left work with CIA convinced that it was the root of all evil!

      I don't have words to express the malevolance, the suffering, the indifference to human life and dignity which operates at CIA.

      In the last dozen years the CIA constructed a fraud about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and operated a network of torture and rape centers where innocent people were victimized.

      The CIA just gets worse and worse.

      But it doesn't help to expose their evils when Pieczenik resorts to childish name-calling.

      And from now on I'm calling him "Pieczenik" instead of Dr.Pieczenik because what he's doing has nothing to do with his former Medical Practice. He loves to be called by his titles and remind everyone of his former credentials, but his opinions are no more or less valid on these topics than anyone elses.