Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why After Eleven Disastrous Years Are Americans Still in AFGHANISTAN?
  The true answer is….. (in contrast to the lies of Clinton,  Bush Jr and Obama the war is worth waging)Vast reserves of minerals, natural gas, opium and CIA-sponsored “terrorism” acts in the strategic geopolitical area bordering China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Central Asia.   The opium fields alone are worth a revenue stream of over $200M annually to CIA black ops…..we are talking cash, no records, no accountability- just like Viet Nam, Burma…you get the drift.
  Let us start with the faked reasons we,  Americans were given to sacrifice our innocent men and women…direct from the CIA/Neocon Bush Jr/Cheney/Wolfowitz sponsored 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. 
[1] Afghanistan is ‘defined by our government’ as state sponsor of terrorism,  NOT TRUE!!!
[2] The ELEVEN YEAR WAR IS “RETRIBUTION” for the 9/11 attacks. Not True!  9/11 was created so we could justify a war, old tactic.. 
[3] USG/NATO is bringing democracy and freedom to a Muslim, suppressed war-torn society.  NOT TRUE!!  Afghanistan is richer in minerals/gas than all of Saudi Arabia. 

The simple reason we have been in Afghanistan for eleven years and supported a crooked, ex-deli owner Hamid Karzai is because Afghanistan is treasure of minerals, coal, opium, gas, oil and ‘strategic geopolitical points’ from which the CIA and US military can cause unnecessary ‘conflagrations’ around Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia. 
Unfortunately our Pentagon had lied once again in 2010—it does have a very bad record of veracity—lying about 9/11,  Osama Bin Laden and his “non-existence” and then the make believe Seal Team Six kill  and again the lie about Benghazi [JCS  US Army General Martin Dempsey- remember his famous benghazi anti muslim video,  spontaneous riots and, as always, John Brennen]
Now the Pentagon/CIA/POTUS have in conjunction with the US Geological Survey [USGS] and USAID [a completely worthless organization, usually a very poor cover for the “Quiet American”,  a la  Graham Greene, ex-MI6, novelist.]  committed another misstep in timing and veracity when they announced the following: 
"The PREVIOUSLY UNKOWN DEPOSITS—including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like LITHIUM—are so big and include so many minerals that are ESSENTIAL TO MODERN INDUSTRY that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers of the world." 

  WOW!!  So,  Adios MF!  the reasons about so-called state sponsored terrorism, democracy, transparency, civil society.   What unbelievable BULLSHITSKI WE AMERICANS ARE BEING FED EVERY DAY,  not only BY POTUS and his CHOIR BOYS,  but also our much trusted PENTAGON, LEGISLATURE AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM. 
  Even I am a little shocked,  having been in that particular country for reasons of my own.   But I knew something was very wrong when the snake-oil salesman, ex-Ambassador, a CIA asset Zalmay Khalilzad [token muslim amidst the neocons and Bush jr/Cheney/Hadley/Wolfowitz cabal] who had worked for me [or with me?] put the crooked, bipolar mentally-ill, ex –Maryland delicatessen owner,  Hamid Karzai,  as the so-called President [please read pathetic CIA PUPPET] of the non-existent country called Afghanistan,  rife with tribal/ethnic turf battles going on since the time of Alexander the Great.
  Then what is the problem here, if the Pentagon told us on June 14, 2010 the truth? 
  Well, the truth is that many of the us in the National Security area since the 1960s knew what the Soviets knew and pronounced to deaf ears. 
The Soviet geologists discovered and built the first gas pipelines in the Afghanistan to supply Uzbekistan.   At that time,  some fifty years ago, USG and the PENTAGON/CIA/RAND  knew that the Soviets were RECEIVING 2.5 BILLION CUBIC METERS [meter is nine feet] ANNUALLY.   At the same time, we knew in the USG that the Soviets were importing large deposits of gold,  fluorite, barytes and marble onyxes.   But equally important we knew then,  fifty years ago, that the Soviets were extracting from the extremely,  mineral-rich HINDU KUSH MOUNTAINS  - the following minerals which are not in any way related to terrorism, al-qaeda, democracy, taliban.  
-Pegmatite discovered east of KABUL 
-Lithium [remember the Dreamliner Accident?]
-Beryllium, Thorium, tantalum—all used in airlines, electronics and spacecrafts.
Allow me to further enlighten you about the well-known (in certain circles) Soviet research and extraction processes, as well as geological maps and detailed reports of 1400 mineral outcroppings, along with 70 some odd commercial endeavors.  So much for recent Pentagon and U.S. Geological reports or findings….we have known about this for half a century or more.  There is conflict because the country in question wouldn't "play ball" when Bush jr/Zalmay asked to provide protection to the gas pipeline there….does this sound like a gangsta tactic,  it is!  Yes, citizens, we have been manipulated again!  We thought we went to war for democracy, women's rights etc,  Hell No!  Just pure simple gangsta greed.  This is important turf and USG is not going to give it up!  Our military is sent in to protect and secure the valuable natural resources and gas pipelines linking the Caspian Sea to the Arabian Sea.   This is why our brave servicemen/women are dying and coming back with PTSD.
There is over $8billion planned/executed for the TAPI - a pipeline.  We are talking about 1900 kilometers of pipe which will transport natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan into Pakistan then to India (see link posted previously).  This is very important, read about it so you get a clear picture of why we are there in Afghanistan.  Are you starting to smell the money, the greed?  You know now that the Bushes, Clintons and now Obamas are aware and know exactly why they are sending our men and women into this fake war and why we won't get out!  Its about the money, honey!    No matter what they say, you now understand the picture.
So what should we do?
What about that crook Hamid Karzai?  So far there have been six documented assassination attempts,  probably instigated by you know who,  please initials only.  I posted a link to the details on this as well.  But for our dear friend,  its only a matter of time- think Noreiga, Sadam, Qadaffi, Assad.  No more needs to be said.
What about the rogue CIA?-  cut their funds, give them a good haircut!  Let's have some balls and really slash their payroll.  We need the money for other stuff.
And the greedy politicians that pretend to be so patriotic and humane (nice words) but are lining their own (and their family's) pockets with money looted for them by the mis informed and cowardly military leadership?  Knowledge is power!  challenge the greedy bastards with the truth….in your own way, everyday.  
What about our veterans?  Our military service men and women? Stop using them for canon fodder and give them real skills that translate into real career opportunities.  The fight is not in Afghanistan, Yemen or all these other places that the USG says we are serving, come on, get real!  We need training and jobs at home…..we need our money spent on education, infrastructure, cyber security, technology, immigration reform, space exploration etc.   Stop lying, we don't believe it anymore!  Enough of the thuggery!


  1. I just can't agree with your analysis here.

    As in Iraq the US doesn't gain any more access to minerals by toppling the existing government.

    The government the US settled for in Iraq hates the United States and has given fewer oil concessions to American companies than anyone else.

    The same it true of Afghanistan.

    The Afghan government hates the United States and US mineral companies are at a disadvantage because of what America has done there. If I were the taliban I would target any mineral extraction facility owned by an American company.

    As for the CIA using heroin money from Afghanistan....

    The CIA doesn't need it. The CIA has a blank check from the Congress anyway, and is the most notoriously over-funded intel service on the globe.

    A case can be made that some cocaine money in the 1980s went to the Nicaraguan contras, but that was because the Congress wouldn't fund them. This is entirely different.

    I think the real reason why the US invaded Afghanistan was for ideological and prestige reasons. The Talib government was symbol, an icon, of militancy associated with alleged perpetrator. It would undermine the narrative if nothing were done to dislodge them, and they were initally dislodged with very limited US resources.

    The plan was to dislodge the Talibs with little resources, but then they came back and in order to forestall a reversal we ended up with "mission creep."

    As in Vietnam when you've said something is important and your soldiers have died there it's pretty damn difficult to say it wasn't worth it afterall and leave.

    Istead the institutions will adopt a doctrine, one based on dissonance, that it must be worthwhile or else why would we be there.

    Under such conditions things become un-rational and the military will just stay there forever unless you force them to leave.

  2. Furthermore...

    I think my attribution of US initial motives in Afghanistan being for "prestige" and "ideology" is what Lucian Pye would agree with as well.

    I can't imagine Dr. Pye agreeing that the US attacked to control yet unknown minerals.


  3. The motives for starting a war in the first place are often different for why it's not ended sooner.

    In almost every case where there is over-confidence and it's assumed victory will be shortly won...

    When it fails to happen the reason for staying is not a rational one - it's an emotional one.

    It has to do with not wanting to, "let your dead friends having died for nothing..."

    Once the emotional commitment is made then rationalizations are created and become doctrines.

  4. As for indifference to the suffering of US servicemen in theater....

    I said ten years ago that the Pakistanis would never abandon the Talibs. I said ten years ago that the Pakistanis had no choice but to support the Talibs, Hakanis, and others in killing and maiming US servicemen.


    Because they had no choice.

    Similarly when the US finally realized this was happening they didn't punish the Pakistanis.


    Because the US had no choice but to live with it.

    In Korea in 1950 did the US attack China to avenge their killing US soldiers in Korea?



    It wasn't an option.

    Statecraft is full of dilemmas.

    Sacrifices must be made.

    SHOWTIME 9:00 pm EST Friday the IDES OF MARCH.

    1. Is he the man with the robotic heart, or was it the heart taken from a hog, or stolen from a condemned Chinaman?


      Don't ever get within a hundred yards of that man with any kind of weapon. A great sportsman he is.

  6. I have to say I agree with the doc on this one! Why else would USA/UK bother? Or more aptly persist? Western powers are chiefly capitalist so there only in it for what's in it for themselves and there surely can be no argument! Its reported in Whittakers almanac the following is found, salt, silver, copper, coal, iron, lead, rubies, gold, bariite, uranium, ect etc whilst exports consists of lambskins, wool, dried fruits, nuts, carpets, spice,and gas. Now there's nothing more I enjoy than sitting on a nice rug with my new jumper on chewing nuts but the actual exports are no comparison to the potential I think we can agree!! Then there is the opium, if this wasn't a "black economy" staple why instead of ploughing huge resources into the fight against heroin why don't we spray the golden triangle with roundup?? Ha ha that would keep Monsanto happy! The plain fact is that the ignorant west can ride roughshod over an illiterate Afghanistan but hark my heedness! The Persians thought that! The British empire though that! The Russians thought that! Now the united states think it!! It's an easy country to enter but a difficult one to leave, welcome to the great game!!!!

    1. Why bother? Why persist?

      Why did the French and English continue the Great War after 1915?

      Why did the United States continue in Vietnam after 1967?

      Why did the Soviet Union continue in Afghanistan after 1983?

      the examples are endless....

      As for the heroin....

      I don't exactly know how to explain this to the public but serious people in government don't really give a shit about who is stupid enough to take illegal drugs or who gets rich because of it.

      Drug enforcement people in law enforcement are idiots playing a pointless game, and that's the way all serious people in government view it.

    2. Why did they indeed! Well I've offered my thoughts and I'm comfortable with them as rudimentary as they are. Mind I'm in total agreement over the governments " not giving a shit " over drugs! Though its a shame about the trillion spent since mr nixon declared war on drugs!! The documentary titled " the house I live in " was particularly good in dissecting the narcotics business I felt. Going back to afghanistan though I think we may just have to make do with the wool and dried fruit a little while longer! Like I've said " welcome to the great game"

  7. This might sound crazy to some, but I would say the reason we are not doing all the things we need to do as a nation to develop our economy and invest in our future is that Bernanke and those really running our economy are essentially British agents. The British Empire does want the U.S. to be a powerful industrial nation, it wants it to be a British colony like we used to be. We must once again kick out the British and take control of our country. The way to do this is to pass HR 129 which restores the full Glass-Steagall banking law of 1933, This will get Berhanke, the Fed and the major banks that are sucking all the substance out of the economy off our backs and allow us to rebuild our country.

    1. I'm all for Glass-Steagal and other banking regulations.

      But the case for that has nothing to do with allegations that the British or City of London control US banks.

      They clearly DO NOT.

      In 2008 when Barclays attempted to purchase Lehman Brothers the BRITISH GOVERNMENT PREVENTED THEM FOR DOING IT.



    2. I beg to differ. The British banks tightly control their inept government, not the other way around. They and their junior partners on Wall Street also control our government as well as our economy. That's the problem.

    3. I like Tony's line of thinking.

    4. No one who has worked with international bankers, as I have, could ever believe that.

      And even in the news you can see British banks running afoul of their government continually.

      The Lehman buyout deal was set and agreed to until the British authorities appeared and squashed it.

      I was there.

  8. The record reflects the Bush/Cheney foreign policy team and Chevron were negotiating a natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan in the months prior to 911 and the Taliban rejected the final U. S. proposal.

    The Afghanistan invasion was planned pior to 911.

    The Patriot Act was written prior to 911.

    Dr. Piczenik is correct as far as he goes.

    It was for money and geopolitics.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote The Grand Chessboard (1998), he explicitly called for controlling Central Asia as an existential requirement for the vital national security of the United States.

    Think I'm exaggerating?

    Consider the full title of Brzezinski's book:

    The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

    Drug money is 'soft', it can't be traced and is 'hard', it pays cash on the barrel, as needed.

    Drug money floats the international bankers.

    Consider HSBC, the too big to jail international bank caught laudering 300 billion in drug money.

    "Black" money (exists without any official acknowledgment) is worth more than the government acknowedged and traced money.

    Why? Because it can be used to buy anything on the black market.

    Lot's of money to be made on world black markets.

    At the apex of the pinnicle it even goes beyond money, it's about power & control.

    Afghanistan served numerous purposes for the elite.

    This is a recurring pattern: Multiple reasons or multiple interest groups (even individuals) motivated to promote the same outcome.

    In other words, politics at the Globalist level.

    Is there a final purpose?

    Yes, to create a "transnational 'cloud'" where world corporations and bankers are beyond significant nation-state control.

    The Transpacific Partnerhsip is an example of a building block of this enterprise. Corporations would not be subject to nation-state laws, but rather, transnational rules, that are enforced by arbitrators appointed by the transnational corporations, themselves.

    Transnational banks would be allowed to penetrate all markets and buy up natural resources & utilities, and control their distribution.

    911 & Afghanistan were the opening gambit of a deadly game.

    Part of the Iraq strategy was the knowledge that Iraq was one stage of a multiple stage plan.

    Iran was designed to be the "cherry on top" of the meal, not Iraq.

    And they will get hungry again.

    Syria is the current 'stage' of this multi-stage program.

    Right now, the elite are considering whether they can by-pass Syria and go on to Iran without it being fatal to their plans.

    Syria is proving to be a tougher nut to crack than was projected by the geopolitical gurus.

    1. This is exactly my point.

      If the US hadn't have invaded Chevron or Unical or any other US company could have had a pipeline in Afghanistan with the Taliban government.

      That's now impossible.

      The anti-American forces in Afghanistan will attack and destroy any such pipeline from now on.

    2. Has anyone here heard of Okham's Razor?

      Why reach for dubious and unsubstantiated motives for the Afghan invasion when a mundane and compelling alternative exists?

      The simple fact is that the Bush Administration had no choice but the invade given the narrative they'd created about 9-11.

      Once they'd framed the attack as being between the US and militants worldwide they couldn't fail to attack the one government that fit that category.

      They just never dreamed they'd fail at it.

    3. Dear A- Thank you for this. Exposing them is part of the opposition's multi stage plan.

    4. Dr. Pieczenik, Yes, exposing their plans.

      Thanks for injecting an opposition against all this madness.

      I hope to God there is an opposition's multi-stage plan against this dystopia the elite have envisioned for humanity.

      I do a small bit, I have my knowledge.

      But along with awareness, there needs to be organization.

      How that happens... isn't known, yet.

      The elite are not monolithic.

      Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan.

      There are factions among the elite.

      And fissures between the factions.

      An elite who know what's up.

      So far, their multi-stage plan has gone forward, not necessarily as successful as it's most confident proponents predicted, but still successful enough to keep the project going forward.

      To keep the factions together.

      But factions are wary because they fear an awakened humanity and their own realization of the inhumanity already perpetrated and planned for future stages.

      And their awareness the plans have struggled at times... things can go wrong... terribly wrong.

      I know the U. S. is a state-sponsor of terrorism in Syria. Should this knowledge be widely disseminated among the general public that could be the 'spanner' in the 'works'.

      One unequivocal failure (and hopefully exposure) and factions will begin to peel off.


    The current Congressional hearings about rape of girls in the military by their commanders has revealed the following:

    1.their are at least 40,000 rapes annually

    2.of that number only 19,000 are investigated

    3.most investigations are cover-ups

    4.commanders routinely give pardons to those convicted.

    Americans need to WAKE UP and realize that only a service filled with rapiest, sadists, and sociopaths will perform the kinds of aggressive, non-defensive missions the US armed services have always been tasked with.

    Without any draft to bring in ordinary citizens the professional US armed forces is just what was depicted in "From Here to Eternity."

    It's a force of slaves without any rights or decency or honor serving at the whim of sadistic officers.

    The United States needs to disband its armed services the way MIT's William Kaufmann proposed in 1989.

    The US military should forgoe all force projection abilitis, close down all foreign bases, and become a citizen self-defense force like the FOUNDERS ENVISIONED.

    The founders knew a standing army would bring this about.

    Young, cute girls never escape being raped by their officers while in service.

    40,000 rapes per year equals 130,000 rapes every three years, the period of enlistment. Former girls report that over 30% have been raped while in the service, which is every cute one there.

  10. The numbers bear out that EVERY CUTE GIRL WILL BE RAPED.


    30% of South African school girls under the majority rule black government NOW ARE HIV+

    Last year 90,000 abortions were performed on school girls.

    The male partners of school girls are older men, "sugar daddies" who enjoy unprotected sex with the girls in exchange for benefits.

    Majority rule has made for a sex romp with teen girls and older men, just as is normal in all other African countries.

    So what's new about that?

  12. I understand BITCOIN is causing severe anxiety at the FEDERAL RESERVE
    The new $$$ exchange which will, within 10 years, (I, most likely will not be around to witness it) dominate all electronic transactions.

    It bypasses bank profits & federal reserve central bank money laundering by academic "theoretical" gophers like Bernacke.

    Rescue of the plundered financial system created by the NWO & poppy bush's international looting is on its way!

    PS: If you have any volatile investments: funds, bonds, or stocks, time to unload them & reinvest in dividend bearing investments.
    The PRESENT BUBBLE IS MADE OF COUNTERFEIT PRINTED $$$, which within 45 days will lose 90% of its value. Sell your profits before they revert.

    I have been around long enough to see what forced inflation does to your passive income (investments) .
    If you do not have any, do not begin your portfolio until the bubble pops.

    1. Patriarch-Thanks for this, I will re-post so we can educate ourselves.

    2. 45 days, hey? I think when this bubble pops, it will be 10 times worse than 2008. There will be riots and marshall law this time. Unless by some miracle we can get HR 129 passed in time.