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BARVIKHA, Russia  A Luxurious Haven For Tyrants, Deposed Leaders, Terrorists,  Dictators…  The  Possible Next Home for Bashar al-Assad!
  Thanks again to the courtesy and the alacrity of Russian leaders, especially those who always clean up the mess American CIA/ Military/POTUS  present and the past.
Very rarely is Putin portrayed as a sagacious, cooperative world leader, but time and again, Putin keeps coming to the rescue of dysfunctional US  CIA/Military/POTUS’ repeated miscreant actions overseas.
  You want to start a war in Afghanistan that you don’t have a chance of winning? Why not pay Putin for the right to transit through Russia and use his helicopters to fight the non-existent ‘terrorists’ in the non-existent Karzai [completely corrupt and bipolar] government?
Ask Putin, and for a reasonable $um –anything is reasonable when you have wasted trillions of hard earned American dollars ---in useless, dangerous wars just to get elected [the Holy Trinity of Deception—Slick Willy, Bush Jr , and Obama]—whether it be a war in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan.   Putin has the weapons, the helicopters, the personnel and in the case of our ignorant Condi, they have the human ‘intel’.  In addition,  they can provide the  ‘contractors’ to implement the ‘misbegotten’ , dysfunctional war plans and even provide a credible exit strategy
It’s the exit strategy that fascinates me the most at this time.
  Several years ago, when the USG had problems with our bases in Kyrgyzstan,  thanks to the incompetent SecDef Donald Rumsfeld and his neocons, the corrupt, abusive tyrant Askar Akayev then President of Kyrgyzstan  [in Central Asia] was overthrown by ‘democratic protest’. 
Where can he go? 
New York City? No! Too congested! Miami! Not elite enough! Not enough other like-minded tyrants .
  So send him to Barhivka, Russia.  This is a small town of villas, luxury boutique shops- built around a sanitarium where Akayev stayed and is now home to other deposed leaders and members of their families.
It is a privileged life where these guys can enjoy each other’s company, eating, drinking and strolling along the fashionable snowy shopping centers which include such stores as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana .  Now these stores would be of particular interest to Dr Assad’s wife, Asma al- Assad who is known to be a fashion maven and shopaholic.
As for last minute preparations, Putin has taken care of that, because he provides 11th hour escape plans, including private jets, limousines and body guards- for a certain price, of course.
  Putin has really understood the meaning of ‘exploitative capitalism’.  Our American robber-barons [Gould, Whitney, Forbes, Delano, etc] would have been exceedingly proud of him!
  You see Putin is running a ‘humanitarian mission’ for all  the ‘untoward, collateral damages’ of our US unnecessary incursions into Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and thirty other non ‘national security’ threat areas with ‘recently contrived’ terrorists and dictators.
  So while our wounded warriors who have lost their body parts for a politically contrived war and 40% of our Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans have PTSD and suicidal ideation,  the despots whom we fought against went out to the Bentley dealership in Barkvikha and bought a Flying Spur Model Bentley in their first year of exile.  Clearly the deposed leaders have a lot more money than our completely incompetent, disinterested military generals and Admirals who only make several million dollars on their collective pensions and consultations to the military –industrial complex.
Our dysfunctional military officials usually retire around military bases like Tampa, Hilton Head, San Diego.  They are no fools. They want to be around the rich and wealthy so that they can create another corrupt consulting firm –just like General Stanley McChrystal is doing now.
  But Putin has the more transparent and far more entrepreneurial attitude to war.
Why start a war?
  He watched other Russian leaders do it and they were deposed.  Instead- why not make money off someone else’s mistakes? 
  Why not be in the business of war by providing everything from bandages to military equipment and intelligence without having to sacrifice human life and at the same time make a US POTUS beholden to you!?!
  For example,  let Slick Willy provide assistance to Osama bin Laden and then let him pass this ‘sick baby’ onto Bush Jr, who would use his dead carcass as a ‘narrative’ for our incursion into Iraq. 
By the way, in the process, Putin understood what I did, that our not-too-bright CIA/military/POTUS [Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Powell] also created another ‘bad guy’ in deposing Sadam Hussein
  When Bush jr was confused as to who was the culprit –Osama bin Laden or Saddam??   it was Putin who got into action.
  Once again, POTUS had to lie about the death of his ‘newly created’— enemy, “Dictator Sadam Hussein,”  who Rummy and Cheney had only funded a few years before.  But because Bush Jr and his minions, once again that Holy Triad of Incompetency –CIA/Military/WH--- said that he had ‘hung’ Sadam’.  Where was the proof?
An unauthorized videotape from a video phone which Bush jr said ‘was inhumane’ to videotape???
So where did Sadam go???
  You bet! Barvikha, Russia!  not too far from Iraq. Once again the Russians come to rescue the incompetent liars in our civilian, military and intelligence leadership. 
  You see there is a very powerful concept by which we the United States and all countries follow and that is the “Divine Right of Kings” which in simple terms means we don’t kill you if you don’t kill our leaders.
  Then the next question  that arises,  what about the mess that Obama, Hillary, Rice, Power, Donilon and the choir boys made in Libya
  Didn’t  CNN and other media show us a picture of the ‘newly created’ despot Mommar Qaddafi having been dragged around the streets of Benghazi?  Or did Obama once again lie about the death of another tyrant? 
  In my personal experience in thirty years of ‘regime change’ only two leaders died–Aldo Moro and Pol Pot. Neither the WH nor the dysfunctional CIA Station Chiefs were involved because I threw them out, knowing full well their history of distortion, deception and betrayal against other American officials. 
But Qaddafi did not die. 
  I predicted on the radio that he and his family did not go to Barkhiva, Russia because it was too cold and not consistent with his Tuareg culture. 
  I maintained that he and his family had fled into the sub-saharan desert into his very protective Tuareg clan’s protection. He even may have gone to Chad
So what is the moral of this town called Barvikha, Russia??
The first and most important lesson is that our Presidents lie and have no qualms about sending our military into harm’s way in the name of national security or the nonsensical ‘War on Terror’ [a war on fear?].
Secondly, there is no check on our military, CIA, and civilians who insisted on creating unnecessary wars in order to justify their political legitimacy.
  Slick Willy took care of Osama bin Laden and instituted ‘Rendition’ and began the ‘bureaucratic machinery’ for Bush jr’s 9/11.  No innocence here. Remember,  Hillary (as US senator) was the one who ‘gave the money ‘ to the 9/11 survivors and families.  
  Bush jr, implemented 9/11 and created two confusing narratives and villians- Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The first died naturally, the second was sent into exile, probably to Barvikha, Russia
  And now Obama, the disingenuous liar, who would change all ‘things evil’,  not only did not kill an already dead man OBL nor did he kill Qaddafi.  And more importantly after having instituted the drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere as well as sending our military warriors into a non-winnable afghan war,  Obama may hold the world’s record for the greatest number of lies and the largest number of innocent civilians murdered under his ‘anti-terrorism’ covert war of drones.  Not to mention being responsible for the deaths and carnage of American wounded warriors. 
  Is it no wonder that Putin turns out to be the most sagacious, humanitarian, capitalist leader of the western/asian world?
  He CYA’d four or more POTUSs and makes a fortune doing it.  And then has them indebted to him in perpetuate.
I think that Putin can teach our CIA/military/POTUS  triad something about war, narratives and statecraft. 
  For unlike our pathetically na├»ve, incompetent Presidents, Putin was trained by two of the greatest spymasters in the worldMarcus Wolfe [Stasi, East Germany] and Yuri Andropov [KGB]. 
  But all is not lost.  Let us remember, when the Jewish/Italian mob had troubles they sent their misfits to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Slick Willy was borne to a “prostitute” and in the midst of casinos, whorehouses, drug cartels. 
So Slick Willy did con this country into believing that he was a humanitarian and ‘good old boy’.  Ask the 800,000 Tutsi who died because of his and Hillary’s fear that intervention might affect his Presidency. 
  Now, we have to believe that Slick Willy and Hillary are really going to ‘help Haiti’ !  Haiti beware!  Hide the kids!
It may happen that once everything is known about Hillary, Slick Willy, Bush jr and Obama and his minions, Putin might still have some luxury homes left for them before the American public executes them for Criminal Activities and Treason.
One last word, after all the lies and murder that these and other POTUS’s have committed against us, the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES and other innocent civilians overseas, we should really ask ourselves one question—Why do we need a president? 
  George Washington warned against the tyranny of the Presidency.
  Democracy is a constant experiment where we must fight for our freedoms against the very people who claim to protect us. 
Alea iacta est! The die is cast! 


I will be posting soon, here is some homework...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Here's a good piece on the problems between DOD and CIA in the "war on terror" again, from a friend.
For those of you that thought the Tuskegee experiments were "isolated",  here's another good read supplied by a friend.
Nice job from one of my readers R Thorne, if you haven't seen it yet its worth taking a look.
The Clinton Body Count.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eric Boswell,  Assistant Secretary For Diplomatic Security Resigns, Over The Benghazi Affair While Sec State Has “Flu” And “Concussion”!
  There are basic truisms in life to which I stake my  extensive psychiatric/political career: 
  Both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are liars, corrupt, cowardly, and will always sacrifice those around them for their respective careers.
If the death or murder of an inconvenient person is required, the Clintons will willingly oblige!! 
No problem for them!
  But here is another truism that you might be surprised with--- There is no way in Heaven or Hell that Eric Boswell,  the Assistant Secretary for Security Affairs is in any way responsible for the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 
  How do I know this truism? 
  Again there are those in this Administration who forget that there are a few honest professionals who have worked with Eric or ‘Boswell’, as I used to call him. 
  I first met him when I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management for Lawrence Eagleburger during the Nixon Administration.   In that office were two of the most talented Foreign Service Officers I have ever met: [1] Patrick F. Kennedy, the present Under Secretary of State for Management and then a FSO Administrative Officer. No one knew the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the State Department and how it operated better than Pat Kennedy over the past forty years.   He, like Ambassador Thomas Pickering, whom I also knew were on the Accountability Board examining the Benghazi Affair. 
 [2] The other person, was a young, multilingual, expert on management, diplomatic security and the Middle East  and he was Eric Boswell
  Eric and Pat represented the best of the FSOs.  In that tradition, I am not surprised that Eric took the ‘hit’ for Benghazi on behalf of the Sec State.  There is no doubt in my mind that without the SecState Hillary Clinton’s approval,  Eric would never initiate or negate a Sec State’s orders. 
  Eric, like the Ambassador and the three Americans who died, were all professionals in diplomacy and military affairs. 
  Eric had been posted several times in the middle east including as I recall the West Bank.   He was fluent in French if not other languages so to suggest that he was negligent or incompetent is LITERALLY ABSURD.
  What in fact his resignation means to me is that like the military officers who were quickly decommissioned –one army general, one rear admiral and ten or more navy officers--  because they tried to do their jobs as honorable military/intelligence officers and try to save their dying military /Intelligence colleagues, these individuals were summarily dismissed.
  The cowardly civilian politicos in this administration try to maintain their legitimacy in their illegitimately contrived corrupt, cowardly world, that Obama has allowed himself to maintain and foster. 
  I am very much disappointed that both our  military officials and FSO’s around the world don’t protest this incredible, despicable COVER-UP of civilian malignant neglect. 
  Even if Ambassador Stevens had insisted that he did not need consular protection and was considered the ‘expert’ on ‘Libya’, the truth is that the consular office was not under State Department jurisdiction but was used by the CIA, MI, SOF to interrogate ‘terrorists’ and ‘store military weapons’ for the Syrian Liberation Fighters. 
  The problem, my dear readers, is that we, American citizens, are being fed ‘horseshit’ on a continuous basis. 
  But the worst part is that our Executive, Military, Legislative  and Intelligence leaders treat us, American Citizens, as if ‘we are dumb rummies’ [words used by a trucker about Carter’s lying].
  I don’t know about you but I am getting exceedingly tired of being fed horseshit as a steady diet because some pandering, dysfunctional, corrupt politicians are worried about their respective careers and , of course, in the case of Hillary, her future Presidency.
  Let me remind the leaders of our Republic---that no person- including POTUS is indispensable. 
  The Republic can only tolerate so much horseshit in the stall before the barn starts to burn.
  It would be best for POTUS and others in the exalted positions of the White house and elsewhere to remember that Centurions are located all over the world.
 In the Pacific, he is called CINCPAC.
 In the Atlantic, he is called USACOM 
 In Tampa, he is SOCOM. Special Forces. 
 In Miami, he is SOUTHCOM.
 In cyberspace, he is NSA, COMMANDER OF CYBERWAR. 
  In essence, POTUS is simply a disposable roman Caesar whom any Centurion Guard can eliminate at will. 
  For Eric Boswell to resign after General David Petraeus also resigned,  both ostensibly in disgrace over their respective mismanagement of the Benghazi affair, let those who have forced or encouraged their respective resignations remember that We, the People, have gone to war for far less crimes than those presently committed by those who think they rule through deceits, conceits and  betrayals.
As one recent British reporter asked me how did I change ‘regimes’, I answered, “it was easy.  All I had to do, was to allow the regime to self-destruct”.
  And right now this administration is doing everything it can to self-destruct. 
The rest will be easy. 
  Remember Hillary,  many of us still remember how Foster died. 
The future is not yours, by any means, only the ghosts of the pasts hug your vitriolic soul and will determine your nefarious outcome. 
And as for you, dear Eric Boswell, know that you sacrificed for both your country and your professional colleagues.  You have always been and always will be a professional.  That is a lot more than I can say about those of whom you spared prosecution.
  Someday, I hope that our professionals in the military,  foreign service and the intelligence community will stop putting their careers before "what is right and moral" and step up and just say “no, I won’t”.   Our country will be destroyed if no ones shows any courage.
Defy authority when it is wrong! You serve beneath a sworn oath that compels you to do what is best for our country—not our politicians.  
As for you,  Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Pat Kennedy, you sacrificed a good man for a bad cause. 
  Secrecy, national security, and illegal covert actions are not synonymous with patriotism
I expected more from both of you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!  Hope all is well with all of you.  Here's a link to an article about the Benghazi investigation, I will be posting soon.

Friday, December 21, 2012

here's my rudimentary audio cast, working on something a bit more professional
Comments from one of my former Intel colleagues on the movie Zero Dark Thirty...oh but first he comments on my recent podcast...I left his name out for obvious reasons...

My first impressions are that it is very professionally done - I also like the fact that your voice is well-controlled and somewhat emotionless -- that helps to drive your points home... also you clearly have some training (duh!) in public speaking -- there are no ahhhhs or uhhhhs in the discussion, which flows very smoothly.
now for the movie...For some odd reason, I often get press preview passes to some movies and I saw ZeroDark Thirty and came away entertained, but as usual disappointed as to how Hollywood distorts historical events in order to make a film... ahhh... entertaining.

My basic issue with Zero Dark Thirty, and almost every single Hollywood movie allegedly representing a historical event, is that I am a pedantic Virgo, who tends to over notice little "wrong" things about celluloid history... little things such as a military ribbon out of place, an uncovered salute from a sailor, a wrong line.

To start, the very start of the movie is made up and never happened. But even before the start of the movie I have an issue.

"How can you have an issue before the movie starts, xxxx? ", you ask.

The title is wrong.

No one in the military says "Zero Dark Thirty."  The statement used to depict a very early hour in the day is "O Dark Thirty" -- "O" as in the letter; not "Zero" -- and I understand that this may confuse some folks who never served, but if I'm going to be pedantic, then I might as well start with an erroneous title.

Back to the start of the movie.

There were only three people terrorists who were water boarded by the CIA in their effort to gather intelligence from the bad guys (and thousands of US military people as part ofthe Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) school - at least when I was in, being water boarded was part of the school curriculum); the dude being water boarded in the movie was not one of them, so why make that up?

That's two strikes already, and we're not even finished the first few minutes of the film,but Hollywood has already seeded suspicion about nearly everything that follows and that bugs the pedantic me.

The vast left wing nut house is going bananas over this film because it thinks that it is too flattering to the CIA, to the US Government, to whatever... they also rightly complain about perceived historical inaccuracies (although I didn't recall any such complaints on equally intellectually dishonest efforts such as Oliver Stone's "W" or Michael Moore's pick any documentary).

As a work of historical fiction, the film was splendid in its entertainment factor... and Hollywood will tell you that it is a "film and not a documentary." As you note very eloquently, the real problem is that a lot more people will see this film, and take it for a full, true story, than will ever read the actual facts and controversies about OBL's death.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Colicky, Drooling, Screaming, Infantile Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase! 
Losses not the initial $2 Billion he first claimed, but the  Poor Pathetic Whiner Lost $30 Billion
Congratulations to Huff Post Business, WSJ, CNN Money and Hunter Stuart’s Huff Post video mashup .
I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to write a blog based on the brilliant, persistent reporting of young journalist who refuse to give up on a story about Jamie Dimon, one of the most corrupt, incompetent, deceitful NY fast-talking bankers who is famous for constantly complaining about Wall Street regulations that wouldn’t  ALLOW HIM TO LOSE NOT HIS INITIAL LIE OF $2 Billiion Dollars on an incompetent, illegal  trade executed by Irvin Goldman who had been previously indicted for $10-15Million in losses for Baby Jamie.
  I would prefer to quote some of the ‘snappy’, very clever expressions that were created in the Huff Post article of 5/21/12.
First they gave “Baby Jamie” [my term] the sobriquet “Champion American Complainer”,  all the while complaining that he was not a complainer as his notoriously corrupt bank [which was repeatedly indicted by our Feds for all kinds of financial irregularities-] JP Morgan was losing $30 Billion which includes 19% drop in the bank's stock price. 
  Then the HPB goes onto term this brilliant concept ‘Cognitive Dissonance Vortex’ Baby Jamie created while he whined that the Volcker Rule would prohibit banks with federally insured customer deposits from being able to indiscriminately blow billions of dollars ‘on stupid gambles’.  
Baby Jamie warned with his pacifier in his mouth that ‘be careful not to throw the baby out of the bathwater’.  His inference was clear:  Baby Jamie  did not poop in his diaper while the other banks reeked of poop and vomit.
In other words,  Baby Jamie was saying to his poppa POTUS Obama who had declared Baby Jamie, ‘the smartest banker on Wall Street’ ----hey who can doubt that this Obama has a ‘sharp eye for talent’ not to mention his affinity for dysfunctional behavior and corruption. 
  As the Huff Post Business described my Baby Jaime as the “man who has honed complaining about regulation to a fine art.“ 
Now, my dear readers, I tip my hat off to the writers at Huff Post Business on this term--- they called him “The Mozart of Complaining”!! 

And he claims to the WSJ and others that the bank has a ‘fortress balance sheet’
So did AIG,  Bear Sterns,  Lehman Brothers, and many other companies which can hire the most incestuously corrupt  big accounting firms --- PriceWaterHouse,  Deloitte Touche,  KPMG, Anderson (R.I.P.) to verify how "solid" they are (not).
Big business and big banks are falling like dominos, as they should.
But Mozart of Complaining and Incompetence for in 2011 received a $23million dollar bonus for losing $30billion
So this shows that it pays to be crooked, infantile, whining, deceitful and egregiously political especially with our financially ignorant POTUS Obama. 
  Would someone please shut up Baby Jaime!

This guy Jamie Dimon is such a baby...I will be posting soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I recently noticed that I have some readers from Sweden, thank you for following me.  I wrote a novel several years back on your homeland during WWII- involving state sponsored eugenics and forced sterilization.  The truth exposed through fiction, the book is called Active Measures.  You may want to take a read.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Congratulations to POTUS on the Choice of Former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as the Nominee for Sec Def!
  I don’t personally know Senator Hagel but I have always admired both his political stance and courage.   In 2007,  Hagel opposed his Republican party and most of the Democratic Senators on their misbegotten choice of another Iraqi Troop surge.   He also opposed the conservative wing of his Republican party --- a lame collection of ‘chicken hawks’—who insisted on an increase in the military budget.  
  Hagel had both the foresight and courage to espouse calls for direct talks with Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza. 
And to make matters worse, Hagel really caused a cascade of false bravado to burst at the American Enterprise Institute where most of the neo-con  ‘chicken hawks’ are nestled in their berths of comfort and solace.
  In addition, Hagel committed the ‘no-no’ policy, as I call it.  He dared to initiate a dialogue with IRAN!!!
  Can you believe that this Vietnam veteran, Chuck Hagel was awarded two purple hearts when he was a soldier’s soldier in 1968.
  That was the time that most conservative Republicans like Cheney, Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, Hadley, Perle, Wolfowitz, Romney were in the process of making CERTAIN that they never would have to serve in Vietnam. 
  In fact, Cheney avoided the draft 9 times, clearly stating that ‘this was not his kind of war’.  In fact, his lovely wife, made certain that she was sufficiently pregnant just in time to get our ‘chicken warrior’ out of combat.
  In contrast, a simple man without pretensions went into combat and like most of us who have encountered war and terror, he understood that it was far more important to engage  your ‘presumed enemy’, wherever they may be,  into a process of negotiations rather than outright fighting.  If truth be known, he like Eisenhower, understood the limits of military actions.
  So he supports efforts to engage our allies overseas and use more of ‘soft power’ over ‘military might’.  And he understands that we have to decrease the size of DOD bloated budget and concentrate not on ‘more’ but ‘better’ fighting forces. 
  And, oh by the way, he believes in the outmoded concept of ‘BIPARTISANSHIP’.  He understands that in order to get any legislative action through a polarized body of cacophony and discordance, one needs to work both the Democrats and Republicans into a unified chorus of words and deeds. 
How novel!!
By the way, as a side note, Hagel , happens to espouse all those beliefs that a young novitiate senator from Illinois had proclaimed in 2008 when he ran for the first time as POTUS---Barack Obama. 
  Well, MR President, you have made a wise and stately choice in a time of turmoil and polarization.
I congratulate you on behalf of all us veterans who are tired of fighting needless wars and come back with missing parts and damaged souls. 
This is only a beginning,  Mr President.
But it’s a GREAT START!!!
Now, you really are acting like the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF we have been waiting for over thirty years. 
Hagel is the first combat veteran to serve as Sec Def!!
Remember Sarge! Treat us with tough love !!!!    

I like Potus's nominee for Sec Def

Thursday, December 13, 2012

US Air Force Drops One Billion Dollar Bomb on American Taxpayers: Time to Fire Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley,  Bush Jr and Obama Appointee.
It continues to amaze me how incompetent and completely dysfunctional some of our military has really become. 
  I came across an article written by Randall Stross,  Professor of Business at San Jose State University in this Sunday’s  NY Times called : “Billion –Dollar Flop: Air Force Stumbles On Software Plan”. (link posted in previously) 
His point was quite poignant and simple: The US Air Force had eaten up more than one billion dollars in the process of  installing COTS—a commercial off –the –shelf-software  in order to update a  program that is still present throughout the Air Force/Pentagon for over 250,000 employees since the 1970’s. 
They restructured the software program three times and were unable to impose a short 18-24 months deadline.  After having to hire a firm to find out why the Air Force was so costly and dysfunctional , they found out what any good manager of a grocery store or a retail store could have told them---There was not an ‘accountable leader’!
WoW! Just like our Presidents, Politicians and Bankers.
  But wait,  it does not stop here, my friends. 
Furthermore, no one was willing to step and ‘be accountable’. 
Let me do my part as an experienced ‘turnaround expert’ and ‘corporate/government gunslinger’ and save us, the American taxpayers,  another billion dollars by immediately identifying the problem ----His name is Michael B. Donley!
He is Secretary of the Air Force!
And in the tradition of our great military leaders—George Marshall,  Eisenhower and Patton---let me express the simple military motto: “You’re Out!”
Unfortunately,  he was first appointed by our inimitable incompetent  Bush Jr , whom you remember ran his own oil companies into bankruptcy and then Donley was reaffirmed for appointment by our less than managerially competent POTUS Obama –who never really managed anything. 
  So we have incompetence upon incompetence, costing we taxpayers billions of billions of dollars and making our Air Force more and more irrelevant and antiquated. 
  You see in today’s modern cyber/drone asymmetric warfare, there is no room for the Air Force.  Sad but true. 
  A jet fighter is a costly anachronistic fuselage of high octane chemicals which propel a highly trained Air Force Pilot in seconds onto a target.  The combined package--- training of the pilot, manufacturing of the highly sophisticated electronic rich gas tank, and maintenance is about  five hundred million dollars
  In comparison, a drone that can be flown without harm to the pilot over thousands of hours without pilot fatigue from an airbase in Nevada to Afghanistan is possibly four million dollars more/less, depending on the quality and special features of the UAV. 
  In other words,  it’s easy to see that in simple terms the jet fighter and the illustrious jet pilot are outmoded, out-dated and completely irrelevant
All you need is a tech nerd who has played lots of video war games.
So back to the story. …
Not only is the Air Force incapable of implementing a simple commercial software in it’s entire one-of-a million personnel department,  it has as it’s boss a person who never was trained as a pilot or hi-tech professional,  lets’ say, like SecDef Harold Brown, whom I personally knew and who developed the Stealth Bomber at Stanford. 
  Michael B. Donley is, yes, wait my readers, one of those “Irish Choir Boys” who attained his prestigious position through ‘sucking up’ and ‘barking down’. 
  His background bespeaks no talent for anything but some military intelligence and obsequious loyalty to Robert Gates former DCI and all of his superiors. 
  He served in the Army 1972- 1975.  He attended Intelligence School and Defense Language Institute.   He served in the 18th Airborne Corps and 5th SOF Group. 
  Oh, by the way, like Senator DeMint, he was editor of the National Security Record for the Heritage Foundation in 1978 and 1979.  Like all good ‘choir boys’ went on to ‘active duty’ pandering [a feature of the Irish Catholics that they seem to do well in both the ecclesiastical sense and in the political corruption arena—see Mayor Daley] as a legislative staffer on the Armed Services Committee from 1981 to 1984.  He in many ways,  seems to have the same legislative experience of our Greek Diner’s Immigrant sonGeorge Tenet, whom Bush Jr also appointed to DCI with Robert Gates. 
Is there a familiar picture forming in your mind?
  Incompetent,  poorly trained,  inexperienced, non-managerial,  political panderers of the right wing unable to accomplish a simple task like implementing an off-the –shelf--- software package for his employees.  And he can’t or won’t  take responsibility for the one billion dollar bomb.
  For much less incompetence and corruption,  we American patriots marched into Lexington and Concord to assert our right to commit our incompetence without someone above us imposing it on us. 
  Now, just to show you , my readers, that  I as a former Navy Captain [Ret], understand military efficiency and pride, I would, in contrast like to cite another article in my favorite magazine SIGNAL [AFCEA]:
Vice Admiral Kendall Card, USN, deputy chief of naval operations, who clearly states and assumes responsibility for information dominance and developing  the new, innovative software that will allow the navy to maintain warfighting dominance in the sea, undersea, in air and in space. 
Donley  move over for Vice-Admiral Kendall Card and the navy
  The days of the fly-boys are long over.  Into the sky junior birdmen! 


Read this story for "homework" for my next blog...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hollywood Liberals  had  a Major Colonoscopy performed by none other-- than Our “Professionals” at the Out Patient Department for “Sluts And Nuts” aka CIA and The Department of Defense [Military Intelligence].  
“Zero Dark Thirty” – The Fairy Tale story of Osama Bin Laden’s Capture , thanks  to an ‘Obsessive CIA Analyst’- wins the Following Awards:  New York Film Critics Award and The National Board Of Review
A non-existent character and a fabricated story-line created by our MI/CIA during the Bush Jr Administration gets credence from director Kathryn Bigelow (our 21st century Leni Riefenstahl).
Brother & sisters, was she taken for a ride!!
 This was the first woman director to have won an Academy Award for “Hurt Locker”.
  Truthfully, I have been a great fan of hers since she first directed a brilliant analysis of phallic instruments and a man’s fascination with killing a cop.  See “Blue Steel”. 
  Then she went on to make “Point Break” –also excellent and a very interesting commentary on how our presidents rob America of their values and wealth.  Next she made "K-19: The Widowmaker" about  a Russian Submarine  and it’s struggling-to-survive crew. 
But now, Kathy bought a story line that was so out of the realm of reality that it unfortunately places her in an imbroglio of determining her independence as a creative film-maker or a propagandist for the US CIA/DOD.
  At this point,  she is without a doubt a MAJOR CIA/MI ASSET that has been ‘doubled’ and ‘burnt’ by her own intelligence  ‘handlers’
By the way , this is also true of Ben Affleck, who was clearly seduced, or ‘honeytrapped’ by a nonsensical story of the CIA at their most incompetent and desperate moments in their magnificently failed intelligence endeavor called  The Iran Hostage Siege (“Argo”)
But my purpose  today,  is not to reiterate the failings or success of my former colleagues in the intelligence world but to illustrate how our American intelligence can effectively penetrate all elements and parts of our government, financial institutions, academia, and now Hollywood.  

Sidebar:  Congratulations Academy Of Arts And Sciences—You Have Been Effectively “Honey Trapped” and “Penetrated” by our “Obsessive Penetrating” CIA And Military Intelligence. 

I never thought that I would have to write and even attempt to discuss the ‘absurdity’ of the premise of a film describing a raid on a mortuary somewhere in Pakistan in order to kill a man who had already  been dead for ten years.  
However,  in full recognition to my colleagues in the intelligence field—I take off my hat in admiration at their persistence and  professionalism in both the civilian and military intelligence fields.  
  I have seen ‘terrorist ‘organizations penetrated, country leaders compromised and Labor Unions co-opted,  but I have never an entire self-anointed Liberal Institution like the Hollywood Elite completely ‘doubled’ ---another words, compromised. 
  Bravo to my colleagues in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and The National Military Intelligence Association!
 Outstanding Performance!
  Now,  as simultaneous member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences [they give out the Oscars] and the Writers Guild of America East and the Producers Guild of America,  please let me explain to my fellow members how badly they had been ‘penetrated’ by our superb American Intelligence Apparatus.   And how much they the elite and our American taxpayers paid for that ‘psychological proctoscope’
First, my congratulations  goes to the Howard Koch Jr, The President of the Academy.  In full disclosure,  I have met him several times at the Paramount Building and his close friend had optioned one of my properties a couple of times. 
Mr Koch,  I am certain,  you knew exactly what you  were doing when the representatives from the CIA and DOD informed you and Kathy that there were some ‘interesting CIA’ espionage stories that could be filmed. 
  You see without your knowing approval and that of Vice President, Kathleen Kennedy, a staunch Liberal and protogee of the Hollywood Strong Man—Steven Spielberg—there was NO POSSIBILITY for you or the Academy to make or release this film. 
But let’s not get too picky.
 I am certain that Robert Rehme who produced “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot’s Games” and had also offered me an opportunity to sell my franchise which I had refused, was also involved in this decision to cooperate with the CIA/DOD and possibly the FBI.  I say that because all the business of the Academy has to go though his Executive Branch Committee and his Audit Committee,  despite the fact that a particular studio made Kathy’s film. 
It is interesting to note that Kathryn Bigelow serves as the Chair of the Director’s Branch Executive Committee
 Are you getting the picture now? 
See how incestuous this film industry is?  And how easy it is to penetrate it especially by the CIA/MI?
Once upon a time,  the Academy and Hollywood had much more integrity.  That’s a little bit of the story I would like to share with you.
  Over sixty years ago,  a group of incompetent congressmen [like today] formed a committee to ferret out communists in Hollywood.  They were called the House UnAmerican Activities Committee – or affectionately  known as HUAC. 
  They blacklisted ten major writers including  one called Howard Koch Sr who was not allowed to write in Hollywood unless he and his fellow  ‘travellers’ denounced  all the other members of Hollywood who had been members of the Communist Party. 
  He and ten other members answered by replying that they would not answer the question as to whether they were or were not communists on the basis of the Fifth AmendmentOur American right  not to incriminate oneself. 
  Most spent time in jail for their contempt of the committee and one or two fled.  One who fled was Carol Foreman,  the director of the famous Gary Cooper [he was from Bozeman, MT]  in “High Noon”,  a story about a sheriff who has to fight the bad guys all alone while the citizens of town refused to help
  The only real subversive communist in the group was a man who knew how to play of these incompetent politicians,  and his name was Bertolt Brecht who was in fact not only a communist  but a GRU member [Soviet Military Intelligence] but he got off scott free
  There were those directors and actors unlike today who stood up against the government and you will recognize their names: John Huston [director], Humphrey Bogart [actor], Lauren Bacall [actress], Danny Kaye and the Committee of First Ammendments.
  Now, you get the idea how our government can intimidate and coerce all types of people and all walks of life to comply with their collective wishes? 
Unfortunately,  the ugly story of USG suppression did not end there.  The FBI, in their inevitable divide and conquer strategies,  were able to turn one  actor or director against another. 
 I suggest you see the film, “Guilty by Suspicion”.  In order to get a sense of how terrifying  the times were. People were unable to get jobs. They were forced to inform on friends and neighbors.
  Shades of the Patriot’s Act? Gen Michael Hayden, George Tenet, AG Ashcroft, Muellerneocons—are you listening?  
  Amazing how our history of noble repression in the name of national security returns again and again. 
But it got really uglier an uglier.  Elia Kazan an infamous director denounced many of his colleagues in the trade and made a movie that glorified the ‘squealer’ called  “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.
  In turn, the great playwright and liberal activist Arthur Miller wrote two screenplays in retaliation to Elia Kazan’s film.  One film was called “A View From the Bridge”  which depicts what happens to squealers  and the other film was based on his play “The Crucible” –based on the infamous Salem Witch Hunts in the 1600 in Massachusetts. 
Finally,  the black list was broken with two films which were finally credited to a writer who could not put his name on any of his films for almost a decade---the films were “Spartacus”  and “Exodus”, both written by Dalton Trumbo. 
 Kirk Douglas is often given the credit for breaking  the ‘black list’ but there were many others.  The first film to actually defy the McCarthyism and the black list was called “Storm Center” starring Betty Davis made in 1956,  concerning a small town librarian who refused to remove a book from library entitled “The Communist Dream”. 
Now in six decades, Hollywood,  once a bastion of liberal progressive thinking  where a Gentlemen’s Agreement of anti-semitism was directly challenged by the actor Gregory Peck or where Black Racism was examined in “Raisin In The Sun” becomes once again corrupted and compromised by suppressive forces in the USG.
Today we have such outstanding features as:
“True Valor” fictious tales of Seal Team Six
“Argo” CIA
“Homeland” CIA
“Safehouse” CIA
“Good Shepard” CIA
“Syriana” CIA  and on and on..

As the CIA and military fail increasingly more often in real life,  their fictional exploits become increasingly more formidable. 
  No one can say that Hollywood is not fantasy land. But no one has ever penetrated our fantasies as much as the CIA and DOD.
  Remember, you don’t have to see the movie by Kathryn Bigelow or even watch the boring Oscars.
If most of you don’t buy the film or pay movie tickets and don’t watch the Oscars, do you know what happens? 
Fantasy land and the CIA have no more money for their Big Brother Propaganda mission.
  Remember money talks and not buying tickets or DVDs or watching TV/Cable shows MAKES A VERY LARGE AND SCARY NOISE IN THE ALREADY FAILING HOLLYWOOD MONEY MACHINE
And please don’t forget where the Exit doors are. 

some propaganda for you..
A great American once said "The chief internal enemies of any state are those public officials who betray the trust imposed upon them by the people" Dalton Trumbo
Here is a bit more...
I will be posting soon, my thoughts about CIA/Military Intel's penetration of Hollywood but first some homework....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Al Qaeda Resurfaces in a Timeless Repertoire of Violence comprised of SAMs, AK-47’s, IEDs provided by WORLDWIDE Sunni Support from Turkey, UAE, Qatar,  Saudi Arabia—and our CIA.  

American National Security in a Thirty Year Tailspin –heading for a CRASH LANDING!!
Obama in part acquired the legitimacy of his re-election on a complete lie –that he ordered the “killing of Osama-Bin –Laden”.  A corpse already infested with worms and genetic mutations of Marfan Syndrome.
Next Obama went on to elaborate another false narrative,  later delineated in CIA-inspired and funded film by the once talented and politically impartial Kathryn Bigelow.  That her integrity was comprised is of little concern to me or the country.
  Obama went on to spin another incredible tale of ‘spontaneous attacks’ in Benghazi where four Americans were brutally killed under the constant surveillance of our own military and CIA.
  Again, nothing was done, other than his willingness to initiate desultory discussions about the mendicant Susan Rice and the ever prevaricator Hillary Clinton.  
Now Obama has created a situation where he and his dysfunctional national security has dedicated America’s support to the “Syrian Freedom Fighters” against  the “Dictator” Bashar Assad.
  The fact is that there are no experts in the administration on the Middle East except for the self-designating ‘choir-boys’,  there is not one person in his administration who has either worked with or against Hafez Assad—Bashar’s ruthless father who killed over twenty Islamic Brotherhood members in Homs---thirty years ago in order to avoid any of today’s present problems.
  But once again an onslaught of incompetence,  ignorance,  arrogance and bad faith repeats itself as we re-arm the al-Nusra Front--- a thinly veiled Al Qaeda.  This was the very same group which killed thousands and maimed even more thousands of American soldiers in the disastrous invasion of Iraq which inadvertently dissolved the country into a civil war which allowed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Ayatollah Khamenei to re-emerge as the predominant leaders in the region, once a minority.   Thanks to the incompetent intervention of our military troops in Iraq we inadvertently created the toughest,  most disciplined Sunni fighters whom are now migrating into Syria as the so-called "freedom fighters"….
There are no "Freedom Fighters".    In the world of ‘terrorism’ whoever fights against the power in situ is automatically called ‘freedom fighters’ and the ruling power is called  tyrannical—that’s the nature of the justification that our military/civilian/ contract fighters need for money in order to acquire ‘mass weapons of killing’. 
  It’s the same everywhere—Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan.
  Of course,  as we know from the movie "Lord of War",  no one likes to provide money more than the Saudis, French, British, Chinese, Russians, Qataris and Israelis.  So  its a bit ironic when the Salafists scream “God is Great! And Down With Israel” as they are holding an Israeli made UZI or American provided AK-47 from the cornucopia of weapons amassed in our defeated war zones.   You see we don’t really bring back our weapons to the states,  it’s too costly so we just sell it to ‘merchants of death’--- Britain, France, England, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE---most of the members of the UN Perm Five. 
In this Syrian conundrum,  I feel very strongly that from the very beginning we picked the wrong side.  I have made that very clear in previous blogs.   But more importantly,  the US expected Turkey to act as an intermediator which is a very responsible,  mature position to assume in international foreign relations.  However,   Prime Minister Erdogan really was unable to fulfill that role as an international statesman.  Instead,  he resorted to his old tricks that he played out when he was mayor of Istanbul where he instigated the right wing of his Democracy and Justice Party---  (a diaphanous cover for the Salafists in his organization) and arrested journalists and twenty –five military officers whom he claimed were attempting a coup against his administration.
  I can assure you my readers of one thing.  I have seen the Turkish Army in action in several different areas of the world.  And if they wanted to “neutralize’  Erdogan –they would have—with very little trouble.  But without the secular army in TurkeyErdogan is turning his country more and more towards the Salafist orientation of the Middle East.  That transmutation will cost him commerce,  increase military spending and a potential for a serious fragmentation of Turkey by the Kurds who constitute over one third of Turkey’s population.
  Surprisingly,  Putin has played a more passive role than I  had expected.  Maybe the Russian Bear is waiting to see what the outcome will be before they consolidate their power in the region. 
  As for France and Britain,  they have since the beginning of the twentieth century,  recapitulated their complete irrelevance to the Twenty First Century International Diplomacy. 
  As for NATO and the UN –they are the ‘cover’ for the USG.  Nothing more can be said. 
  And now,  for Obama--- he may squeaked his way into a second term.
But he is quickly entering the Pantheon of possibly being our worst president in the history of America.
The lies,  the muddled background,  the lack of domestic achievement, and the complete fantasy of foreign policy achievements leave Obama probably the most sociopathic POTUS since Bill Clinton—constituting the first Presidential folie a deux.
Simple Advice to Obama:  Get rid of your national security team!
  You don’t need the shibboleth of ‘Old Chicago’ MafiosoIrish Catholic ex-Clintonites.  Ask your Rasputin in Drag—Valerie Jarret—She knows that I am right. !!
  Remember the motto on the Royal coat of Arms,
Honi soit qui mal y pense.
  Bad things happen to people who have bad thoughts!!!! Good luck. !!!! 
From your new Grumbletonian.