Sunday, December 9, 2012

FBI,  SEC—Keep up the great work! Indict and Convict Stevie A. Cohen,  SAC Capital Advisors- Doppelganger of Mike Milken. 

Wow! It’s a hedge fund manager festival and just in time for the holidays.
Criminals are popping up everywhere like rats on a sinking ship.
And guess where they all live? 
 In what was once the most anti-semitic town I have ever done a Medical Internship in….Greenwich, Connecticut!
 I enjoyed my internship at Greenwich Hospital where I can assure you that Stevie Cohen could not have set foot in thirty, maybe even twenty years ago.
 So what is it with these goniffs? 
  Clearly as we have discussed in the past blogs, they all come from relatively intellectually impoverished background where their parents may have been honest workers or dishonest schmatte salesmen,  like Steve A. Cohen.
  You see he graduated from a very fine business school called Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.   Coincidently,  that’s also where Mike Milken,  a convicted criminal who developed the technique of the ‘naked short’ and the LBO that ravaged companies.   In short,  he and Stevie were really the more crooked version of Mitt who really was not as ‘clever’ or devious as Mike and his evil twin “Stevie”,  not to mention Ivan Boesky,  another crook who also was indicted for illegal insider trading
As one can determine from my previous blogs, I am particularly incensed by jewish crooks,  really I am more ashamed of them.
  I am proud to be born Jewish to Russian –Polish parents who fled the Holocaust and built an honest medical career and raised two sons who did fairly well, thanks to the beneficence of this great country.
  The problem with these guys like “Bugsy” Adelson,  Mike Milken,  Ivan Boesky,  Carl Icahn,  Stevie Cohen and many others,  including those at Goldman Sachs —is that not one, think about this statement—not one ever offered to serve our military or our national security.  They made a conscious decision to go into a business where they created no assets,  helped no innocent citizens and in turn decided to make ‘globs’ of  money by doing nothing more than cheating,  lying, and betraying, distorting, and corrupting financial systems.   The extreme nature of their criminal activity makes them a national security threat and I would also maintain that these goniffs are domestics terrorists in that they destroy the very financial system that Americans rely on for their businesses and their retirement investments.   In addition,  they butcher corporations that Americans depend on for job security.   Not to mention they sell us drugs for $90K a treatment that are worthless, remember Dendreon?   
These goniffs are not just ‘crooks’ who should be in prison like Bernie Madoff ---one of their closest associates,  but they are literally exceedingly toxic to the United States of America.   They offer nothing to the development and growth of this country—least of all capital.  These "financial terrorists" need to be destroyed before they destroy the foundation of our country.  These are not "victimless" crimes- our citizens, you and me, we are the victimsWe are the ones who are "ripped off" by these guys through lost retirement savings,  job elimination,  tax bail outs,  sub standard educational institutions,  expensive & ineffective medical care etc…you get the picture.
Steve Cohen represents the worst of America, disguised in the gaudy accoutrements of respectability ---bloated houses,  private jets, and of course, the inevitable societal diversion---Art Collector!
  Give me a break !
  Here’s a simple question?
  How does one make $600 million dollars a year as a salary
  I am a serial entrepreneur, former MD , and have owned banks--- I am a true capitalist at heart and action –but, never, never in my professional life have I ever met anyone  who made hundreds of millions without having been corrupt, collusive, or an outright dictator or drug dealer or all of the above. 
  Even my favorite Panamanian Drug Lord General Antonio Noriega in his hey day never made anything close to what Stevie and Mikie made per year.
  Let’s forget the fact that these guys are not inherently brave or courageous.  They are really emotional dysfunctional,  misfits who have never really learned anything  that would benefit mankind and have no desire to do anything but ‘screw the system for all it’s worth’
Call it sociopathy. More disturbingly,  Hebraic Sociopathy!   A compensation for feeling persecuted or inferior. 
But it really does not matter what the diagnosis is or was. What matters is that the system that had to oversee them and file charges had failed and is trying to attempt to prosecute Stevie again. 
  But in the world  of “regime change”,  it would be a very quick ‘solution’  but that’s not the way we work domestically.
But fortunately for the Hebraic Tribe,  insider trading is an all-inclusive ‘gaming of the system’.  There are Muslims, Christians, Greek Orthodox, Hindus, Confucius, Mormons, Methodists, Fundamentalists, Baptists, etc. -- and the all around utilitarian atheists and agnostics.
  For example, the FBI and the SEC have tied the following people to the SAC insider scandal leading directly to Stevie:
Matthew Martoma who received drug company insider tips from the famed neurologist, Dr Sidney Gilman  $276M illegal profits  
Donald Longuiel who turned tips into 1.1 million dollars 
John Horvath-insider tips from two tech companies
Richard Choo-Beng Lee implicated Stevie in corrupt insider trading. 
  But, my dear readers.  Unbeknownst to me and probably you as well,  is the fact that Stevie and the other goniffs created a new industry ---a growing, equal opportunity employment business of ‘expert network firms that connected traders with sources at publicly traded companies’. 
Now, that’s a business!…..I tell you a secret that no one else knows and I make money from that.  In the national security arena that would be called “TREASON”.  But in the domestic arena –the FBI and the SEC are having ‘trouble’ getting evidence on these ‘experts’.
 Are you kidding me? 
Just look at their ‘job title’ –‘spy-in-residence’.  Hey,  if they FBI can't figure this out they should look up an old colleague of mine –David Martin –Former Head of the Counter Intelligence Unit at the FBI. 
  He can turn around an ‘informant’ in ‘minutes’ . 
  However,  in all fairness to the FBI and the SEC,  they just ‘flipped’  Mr Lee and forced him to implicate Stevie in insider trading. 
  These are Mr Lee’s words, “SAC and  other hedge funds were cesspools of inside information,  specifically implicating the extensive expert network firms". 
  So how does a guy like Stevie become such a crook? 
He started to like playing poker in high school teaching himself ‘how to take risks’.   Now folks, if that is what he learned from poker than you have to see the movie "ROUNDERS" with Matt Damon and Edward Norton,  a brilliant study on the dynamics of addictive personalities who need to cheat and ‘game’ the system.
Next  Stevie goes to Wharton where like Mike Milken,  he learned the finer points of manipulating numbers, ratios and derivatives and ‘naked shorts’ and more importantly as MM once said, “No one ever defaulted on a Junk Bond”. 
  He is personally quite repulsive and was quite abusive to his cowering son.  The only reason I stayed at the meeting was to personally meet the ‘crook’ who brought down Drexel Burnham Lambert  (where I had turned down a job in private equities to work for much, much less in the Reagan Administration….)
So, my dear readers, you can see that I am not a novitiate in the world of crooks—
  And what we used to call at the infamous CIA Psychological  Profile Division –“Nuts and Sluts”. 
  Look back to  December 2009,  there was a ‘tip-off’ that Stevie was crooked as well his brother [just like MM and his brother] Donald T. Cohen when they were sued by Stevie’s ex-wife Patricia Cohen for ‘racketeering and insider trading’.   Unfortunately, on March 30, 2011, the US District Court in Lower Manhattan dismissed the case---who was paid off? Hmmm...
So I have some advice for Stevie A. Cohen who will,  I am certain,  be indicted and convicted for insider trading along with his "expert network". 
  Stevie –go the Psychiatric Department at Greenwich Hospital and ask for ‘a shrink’  and maybe ponder these words from someone whom I am certain you never read or could understand—a Jewish socialist philosopher,  Eric Fromm—who escaped the Holocaust and learned the following lessons:  “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction”.  
Stevie—here’s another bon mot—“it’s not want,  but rather abundance that creates avarice”.  That was said because I know you did not have enough time to learn a foreign language or clearly any philosophy concerning morality.   The man’s name is Michel de Montaigne.   You see Stevie,  the de in French means he is NOBILITY—something you and your  friends  could never really understand nor attain with all your charitable donations.
Now Stevie –this saying is IMPORTANT—this one was said by one of our German kinsmen—Arthur Schopenhauer [1788-1860] :"Wealth is like a sea water ; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame (and greed- I added this part)".  
Not all is desperate Stevie.   I do have some very good news for you. 
In the military during the late 1960’s I ran a ward of killers,  sociopaths and just outright crooks like you and Milken and many of your brethren,  there were a few things I could do for them:
1.  I could lobotomize them –yes,  just like the movie "One Flew Over The Cookie’s Nest"
2.  I could convince them that they were criminals and had to go to prison and not to the ward of the criminally insane ---and that believe it or not—was quite a relief to them. 
3.  I could help you out by doing what I did extensively at Greenwich Hospital ----and that was to give you bilateral ECT treatmentgets you out of your mid-life crisis and you won't remember a thing!
I personally follow the SAGE WORDS of the revered Rabbi Hillel:  "He who refuses to learn deserves extinction!"  No truer words have been said .. and so let it be written for you and your goniff friends.   The best thing to do would be to admit your guilt and pay the price and move on.  Remember what the Corsican side of my family is fond of saying "big mouthfuls often choke"…it was also the Corsicans that coined the word Vendetta.

Have a Happy Hanukkah !  Remember, you have eight days to think about it.



  1. In the overall/grand scheme of things, humans were gifted thoughts in order that they may develop conscience, thoughts being a double-edged sword in that it may be of utility or of weaponry. When thoughts are utilised as a mirror, that usually leads to conscience, the state where one realises that one is human and from the springboard of sustaining one's consceience, Divinity oka Evolutionary Spirituality, may be realised, Divinity being of the zero thought, the so-called Secret of The Ages which the mumbo-jumbo Secret Zist und Zat failed to uncover, let alone realise, and not one of thought, oka Religion & Religiosity, R&R being a very mermseric Tentacle of The Bookie.

    On the other hand, should thoughts be used as weaponry in the manner of Brain Development [or Bust], conscience will never be realised other than the display of Over Conscience or Under Conscience by self-hypnotised actors. This then leads to the devolution of the partial human, the one who has yet to realised his Spiritual Dimension because he had failed to transcend his 3rd dimension of The Intellect. Here, devolution will realise a fully thinking animal or a fully feeling vegetable of a human, real animals or vegetation lacking conscience because they have no need for thought, conscience, humility and other niceties principally because they are fully under the guidance of Nature, 24/7, via the 6th sense of absoluteness.

    Every human, apart from having 5 dimensionalities and has Divinity refracted within his totality, is dual natured, the joke being that some would like others to believe that they are singularly natured. Being dual natured means that after The Barking in Company, comes The Howling in Solitude or after the Spitting of Venom, comes the bout of Blood Coughing. Without one single exception within the human universe that is of [the] Relativity [between Thoughts of The Past and Thoughts of The Future].

    As such, when a human has yet to realised his self because he is stuck at the 3rd dimension of The Intellect, oka Brain Development, he not only lacks conscience, he lacks the realisation of his true infrastructure. Here, Fame, Fortune & Immortality is all he'll ever get to realise. Thereafter, because he is blind-blinded to The Spiritual, oka Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotency, he becomes looser than any cannon or his multi-faceted bowels. He becomes your fully thinking animal, just like all the politicos, dictators, and other gems of relative humanity - or what The Chinese/Cantonese colloquially describe as, "Defecating for others to tread". For them, Christmas or Hanukka is not only the time for pimps, whores and more, it is every moment of their waking lives. But be harkened and realise what Krishna told Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, "Who are you killing when they are already dead?" It then remains either to absorb those words mentally for regurgitating as Religion & Religiosity or to realise them and be glad that you have conscience and is conscionable.

    Let mad dogs not only be, but let them face their moment of true destruction, which unfortunately, is truly infinite, nothing since the appearance of The Physical Cosmos having been destroyed [other than merely being "binned" at The Collective Subconscious or The Collective Supraconscious] if only because no one really knows what destruction is in reality, only those who are able to create being the only ones who are able to truly destroy, The Bookie merely being an energy transformer, just like humans are, if only because The Bookie's duty is merely to devolve, to mark and pluck out those who are ripe for future destruction. And let no one spiral into these words of constant demise, a speciality of being Chosen, if only because Love in not only unconditional but Love is the experiencing/empowerment of Truth as well as being the Flow/Tao towards Bliss, a state realisable only when one is Of Love/Unconditionality.

  2. Dr. Pieczenik,

    I appreciate your personal experience, insights, & "take no prisoners" naming names approach to your blog posts.

    You are familiar with individual psychology and group psychology (negotiation with group leaders requires group psychology, as well as individual psychology, skills).

    When dealing with the Milken & Cohen group-set (and many others), I'm curious, how do these men with monsterous egos interact with larger groups?

    What kind of group psychology interacts on and effect these individuals?

    How long & strong are the strands that bind the individual to the group and what responsibitity does the group have for "wayward" individuals?

    How so, when, as you rightly pointed out, every group has crooks with monsterous egos, prowling for the next crooked deal?

    Selfish & arrogant men can be brought to account.

    History has seen it happen.

    But it is hard to do, often a high price to be paid, goes with the accounting.

    I appreciate your profiles of these individuals -- naming names -- with whispers of more... connecting the dots.

    1. start with Irwin D. Yalom Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy and always Eric Fromm Escape from Freedom.....thank you for reading.

  3. "Rounders" was a would-be gritty tail which needed a better director. Someone like Peter Yates or even Sidney Lumet could have taken that material and made it into a believable story. In fact I've gotten so disgusted at the state of "cinema" that I've decided to reform it by making my own films, the planning for which begins today.

    As for these Jewish robber barrons...

    As Gore Vidal often observed this country was founded by a class of sanctimonious hustlers whose conciete was echoed by the "grandeur" of the public buildings and monuments comprising our capitol, which otherwise could be mistaken for an outrageous hollywood sound stage.

    This country has always been fertile ground for robber barons and pirates of all sorts, was intended to be, and is the ideal place for it. "Possibilities," as my old film school Professor from UT Horace Newcomb used to say, " the grist of American cinema because in the frontier there are few boundries, few restrictions, and plenty of resources to be harnessed."

    As previously mentioned these particular robber barons of modern finance have more than their share of allopecia, and perhaps in their formative youth considered themselve [and by others] to be socially awkward, not celebrated or recognized enough by others, perhaps shunned by girls, etc...

    Having been a High School debate champion myself I can declare I know this type of personality well, and they tend to channel their youthful frustration into competitons and games which are non-physical, require mental rigor, and otherwise seek self-affirmation by success in such gaming competitions.

    Their application of brain power and problem solving to the game of financial gain is therefore an extention of this youthful pattern, and I don't think they mean any harm in it at all.

    I don't think they consider themselves crooks or even dishonest much less harbor any malice toward anyone in their gaming pursuits.

    It used to be that among the necessary elements for a "crime" was the element of MALICE. It used to be that for one to be branded a criminal that the bad acts involved had to involve a conscious intent to do harm to others. Regrettably this element is now all but absent in most of the deeds proscribed in today's criminal codes.

    I think these nerdy, selfish and pitiful characters are doing harm by their actions [remember in the 17th century speculators were hung] but I think it's going to far to brand them traitors or felons.

    They're just immature personalities living a fantasy.

  4. unfortunately greed is an addiction among these money junkies and id say that they cannot have the most important of all riches and thats contentment with life,id love to sit and listen to these people whine on in session with a psychiatric doctor and id offer a treatment of a stiff kick up the arse!! but why are they constantly allowed to get away with it? its disgusting to be totally frank, yet its allowed to carry on regardless! its plain to see the higher echelons of society are rotten to the core im afraid to say, and that filters down to the rest of us as we have become a "must have" world population that directly feeds these junkies addictions! the above words of wisdom you have shared with us are very true dr pieczenik and i hope these crooks realise the same fate awaits us all in the end and no amount of money stops that! to borrow an oscar wilde phrase "there are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what wants, and the other is getting it"

    1. It's not "greed," anymore than you'd accuse the Dallas Cowboys of "greed" because they always want to be in the Superbowl.

      If you knew these characters, as I believe I do, you would know that they're just competing and trying to win at a game, a sport, that they love to play.

      They're not seeking to harm anyone or to fill an insatiable void.

      They just like to win. All kids do.

    2. "It's not about the money. It's about the game."

      -- Gordon Gekko

    3. the trouble is unfortunately they and their like do harm people and its the less well off and truly hardworking people that suffer enormously through the "games" they play! i thankfully do not know people of such ilk nor would i ever entertain such people, im a simple person whom looks at life as black and white , right and wrong ect ect and it doesnt require an awful lot of analysis in my humble opinion "a man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.

    4. That's cool, and they're not my cup of tea either for company by any means. As for myself I don't even own the house I live in, and drive a used car [abeit a Mercedes].

      But whether speaking of one's country's enemies, or the "malfactors of industry," you have to put yourelf in their shoes and try to understand their real motives least your vitriole against them be found to be little more than santimonious.

      I always found the moralizing of Oliver Stone regarding Gordon Gekko to be tiresome because all Gekko ever did was lay off a few un-needed workers. Big deal.

      I've worked with corporate criminals who by their negligence and malice caused people to lose their lives. I've seen corporate managers who rolled the dice with the health and safty of many.

      The "crimes" of speculators should be reigned in, but unless you're talking about real swindlers like Madoff I refrain from accusing them of malice.

      Anyway I never do business anymore with bald men.

    5. a very fair point and thank you, its true to say i havent had the experience of knowing such individuals and probably just as well!! but i always think that right is right and this clearly isnt be it treason, extortion, ect ect, your point regarding maxwell and "burlesque" burlesconi and the mossad network is correct in my opinion and thank you for that,its just great that i have an opportunity to share an opinion and i continue my learning curve with the author and fellow readers, gandhi was right when he said "a little honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress"

  5. Having let these guys off the hook let me say that there is an actual case for "treason" that can be made for a class of Jewish businessmen who may be acting a "schills" for Israel in using Israeli-supplied money to monopolize key strategic industries to benefit Israel at the expense of the host states.

    In media Robert Maxwell [alas assassinated and thereafter buried in Israel per his will] and Silvio Burlesconi are examples of this. Burlesconi even went to far as to retain the Prime Minstership in Italy for a record duration, and astounded his peers with his outrageous tilt toward Israel in every possible manner as well as his collusion with Bush and Blair in engineering the Iraq war. He even went so far as to volunteer to forge documents about Iraqi WMD's such as the now-exposed "Niger yellow cake" letter which his Intel Chief Nicolo Pollari produced.

    In the US Elon Musk is now in the process of monopolizing all US space launches through "Space X" as well as key technologies for future automobile technologies through "Tesla." [contact me regarding misrepresentations involving their battery technology].

    And then there are blatent examples, such as the Israeli telecom companies in the US which serve the FBI/NSA in tracking all private telephone billing and tracing for Americans. Little do Americans know that all their telephone communications are tracked by Israeli companies.

    The Israeli/Mossad/Likud infrastructure is so huge, so encompassing, and growing all the time, by virtue of the almost unlimited amount of finance that they have available.

    It's truely an amazing network. I'm actually in awe of it and wish the US had the brainpower or foresight for any such thing.

  6. now you get the TREASON part....thank you for your comments.

  7. "FBI, SEC—Keep up the great work!"

    Is this headline a joke? Don't you realize that almost everyone who commits a white collar crime is not arrested and gets away with it? Don't you know that the SEC couldn't figure out the Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme even when it was outlined for them?

    As I have said before, I told my stockbroker that I wasn't working (if you work 15 hours a day as a blogger, you're not working) and my wife was having our first child and we needed safety, and I was told to put my money into Lehman Brothers. Don't you know that the rating agency that gave it the highest rating goes free? The accounting firm that helped to hide accounting irregularities goes free? NY Fed Chief Tim Geithner gets promoted? CEO Dick Fuld collects a $550 million paycheck and doesn't spend a day in jail or have to give back one cent?

    Don't you know that Jon Corzine of MF Global steals from private accounts and is still a free man? He's even free to still sell securities!

    "FBI, SEC—Keep up the great work!" The SEC, the biggest revolving door there is? The SEC, whose employees watch pornography on their government computers? The SEC, where chairwoman Mary Schapiro recently resigned, and who Zero Hedge and others ridiculed endlessly?

    My family is going through some hard times this holiday season. We're just regular people, and no one seems to care about us at all. No one's fighting for us and we don't know how we're going to make it.

    1. In the S&L frauds of the '80s 1,000 bankers went to jail.

      Aside from the naked speculation and insider trading which characterizes the above lampooned bald-headed malfactors THERE ARE A WHOLE OTHER CATEGORY of financial characters whose promotion of FALSELY-CERTIFIED SECURITIES WHICH FAILED should land them in prison.

      Obama is dead wrong when he conveniently claimed that "no laws were broken" in the securitized bond mess.

      There has been plenty of fraud in many aspects of banking which has not been properly investigated.

      Personally I think as long as their frauds don't result in defaults they might be allowed to skate...

      But when they default on their paper and there's even a hint of misrepresentation involved they SHOULD BE HELD CRIMINALLY LIABLE.