Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Colicky, Drooling, Screaming, Infantile Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase! 
Losses not the initial $2 Billion he first claimed, but the  Poor Pathetic Whiner Lost $30 Billion
Congratulations to Huff Post Business, WSJ, CNN Money and Hunter Stuart’s Huff Post video mashup .
I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to write a blog based on the brilliant, persistent reporting of young journalist who refuse to give up on a story about Jamie Dimon, one of the most corrupt, incompetent, deceitful NY fast-talking bankers who is famous for constantly complaining about Wall Street regulations that wouldn’t  ALLOW HIM TO LOSE NOT HIS INITIAL LIE OF $2 Billiion Dollars on an incompetent, illegal  trade executed by Irvin Goldman who had been previously indicted for $10-15Million in losses for Baby Jamie.
  I would prefer to quote some of the ‘snappy’, very clever expressions that were created in the Huff Post article of 5/21/12.
First they gave “Baby Jamie” [my term] the sobriquet “Champion American Complainer”,  all the while complaining that he was not a complainer as his notoriously corrupt bank [which was repeatedly indicted by our Feds for all kinds of financial irregularities-] JP Morgan was losing $30 Billion which includes 19% drop in the bank's stock price. 
  Then the HPB goes onto term this brilliant concept ‘Cognitive Dissonance Vortex’ Baby Jamie created while he whined that the Volcker Rule would prohibit banks with federally insured customer deposits from being able to indiscriminately blow billions of dollars ‘on stupid gambles’.  
Baby Jamie warned with his pacifier in his mouth that ‘be careful not to throw the baby out of the bathwater’.  His inference was clear:  Baby Jamie  did not poop in his diaper while the other banks reeked of poop and vomit.
In other words,  Baby Jamie was saying to his poppa POTUS Obama who had declared Baby Jamie, ‘the smartest banker on Wall Street’ ----hey who can doubt that this Obama has a ‘sharp eye for talent’ not to mention his affinity for dysfunctional behavior and corruption. 
  As the Huff Post Business described my Baby Jaime as the “man who has honed complaining about regulation to a fine art.“ 
Now, my dear readers, I tip my hat off to the writers at Huff Post Business on this term--- they called him “The Mozart of Complaining”!! 

And he claims to the WSJ and others that the bank has a ‘fortress balance sheet’
So did AIG,  Bear Sterns,  Lehman Brothers, and many other companies which can hire the most incestuously corrupt  big accounting firms --- PriceWaterHouse,  Deloitte Touche,  KPMG, Anderson (R.I.P.) to verify how "solid" they are (not).
Big business and big banks are falling like dominos, as they should.
But Mozart of Complaining and Incompetence for in 2011 received a $23million dollar bonus for losing $30billion
So this shows that it pays to be crooked, infantile, whining, deceitful and egregiously political especially with our financially ignorant POTUS Obama. 
  Would someone please shut up Baby Jaime!


  1. nothing new then!crooks whinging and whining!and i agree with your president he is a smart banker indeed,23 million bonus for losing 30 billion!! could you use your contacts to get me in the door dr pieczenik as i could lose the same amount surely? as we say in england "its going pear shaped" alright!! its only by not paying ones bills one can hope to live on in the memory of the commercial classes!

  2. seems potus choice for sec of defense is more enlightened than his glowing testimonial regarding jamie dimon!! from what ive learned about chuck nagel is very encouraging and it seems he isnt afraid to address the issues surrounding israel and iran, and it seems israel dont like it either!! this shift in direction ties in completely with what you have warned regarding support waning for the state of israel and since you stating this, more and more i read via other mediums its the case that once again your information is spot on correct and im grateful for these shared insights

    1. Blind support for Israel has waned dramatically, particularly among American Jews who have been influenced, as have Israeli's, by the release of government documents and scholarship in Israel exposing the truth regarding how Israel was founded.

      However this critical view of Israel has not yet been nearly enough to stop even one illegal settlement from being planned, or even one US dollar used for it to be withdrawn.

      It's still a long, long haul from criticism to a point where Israeli actions are changed in any way.

    2. agreed but at least a step in the right direction has been taken, also my country britain should be held accountable for past and present actions that have led/compounded this situation in the whole of the middle east and i include iran in that also! as regards these settlements well the world watches and thats about it! seems a million miles away from the land of milk and honey!

    3. Not exactly correct. In lieu of a gift., I am asking my invited attendees to buy an ISRAEL BOND for their posterity in honor of my 90th year. (I was bonds' Chairman for many years.). Israel has never defaulted.
      (DC has the 8th largest Jewish population in the USA.)

      On a related matter, at the BRIDGE CLUB yesterday, a woman with a slight European accent said in conversation, "Do you know the 1st thing Hitler did before he gathered up all the Jews? HE TOOK AWAY ALL THE GUNS".
      Another remarked, "The only difference between Obama & Hitler is -- Hitler is dead . "

      It appears to be (on ABC Helicopter VIDEO) there were 3 shooters at sandy hook. One caught, one dead, one ran into the woods. The previous weekend his mother spent the time at Bretton Woods NH "alone".

      There is talk she worked for DARPA.

      Someone smashed his computer. I'd check his email accounts.

      He wore the SAME garb as the Aurora CO. Holmes found sleeping in his car.

      NOTHING IS COINCIDENTAL. Connecticut conversations include the words, g
      "Mind Control". Many are dubious. ( I phoned Hamden.)

      How did that TOM PICKERING investigation work out for you Dr. Pieczenik? Waiting for your commentary.

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    5. Thanks for the good investigative work on Sandy Hook, Patriarch. I think the MK Ultra work never stopped and it has in fact been greatly expanded. Mind control and mass manipulation methods are being applied everywhere.

      I also have looked at the Pickering report and am awaiting Dr. P/s comments. I don't see any light it throws on the fact that all these military brigades are all "Al Qaeda", and the U.S.G. has been in bed with them every step of the way and recognizes them as the legitimate government of both Libya and Syria.

    6. I don't exactly know how to break this, but the United States has been finding common ground with Islamic militants/fundamentalists since at least the Afghan War in the 1980s. "Al Qaeda" is nothing more than a phantom organization which anyone can claim membership to. It is normal that in the US foreign relations that there will be alliances of different kinds with Islamic militants,and this will only increase in the future. As policy changes this will result in many complicated situations, as now witnessed publicly in Libya and Syria. Believe me, this is only the beginning of these ambiguities.

      As for MK Ultra I hope I can speak to that a little. It is a catch-all cryptonym refering to many psychological programs dating to the Korean war. I believe all the important documents were destoyed, and that was all long ago. Whatever techniques might still be available somewhere in that field, if they are programmatic at all, are not within CIA. They might be somewhere else that I wouldn't know about, such as in DOD or CSS, but I'm pretty sure CIA is out of that business.

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    9. I don't know how to break it to you, but the policy we are currently following will shortly lead to WW III and the destruction of civilization. Let's review the history. First "we" that is the British Empire brought "Islamic extremism" to power in "Saudi" Arabia because it served "our" interests. These degenerate Bedouins are not even the legitimate rulers of Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni monarchies have been "our" oil protectorates ever since. Then during the Carter administration our intrepid geopolitical warrior Zbigniew Brzezinski had the brilliant idea for sticking it to the Soviets, for "giving them their Vietnam" by backing the Afghan mujaheddin against them. He proceeded to have Saudi Arabia send their best Islamic militants, headed by Osama bin Laden, to come to Afghanistan to help in the fight. This was the origin of what has come to be called "Al Qaeda". After the Soviet Union fell, the military industrial complex needed a new enemy to justify its huge budget. "We" certainly couldn't have anything like a peace dividend. So "Islamic extremism" became the new enemy. "We" accomplished this by blowing up the World Trade Center, and 9/11 was the false flag attack that started the "War on Terror". Now "our" policy is to bring about a religious war in the Middle East by backing the Sunni militants and the Muslim Brotherhood against the Shia of Syria and Iran. But "we" have bigger plans. "We" have now put Patriot missiles in Turkey, but not to stop Syrian missiles coming into Turkey. They are meant for Russia. I think some of "us" are mad enough to think Dr. Strangelove's General Jack Ripper was right and "we" can win a nuclear war.

  3. Good piece.

    Good to see Huffington Post pick a theme and wale away at it.

    These too big to fail, now, too big to jail (See hsbc), need ridicule & mocking... as a start.

    The banker has no clothes.

    Underneath... a scrawny, chicken like body with feet covered in barnyard goop, his own included.

    Nothing so scrawny looking as a molting chicken with half its feathers missing.

    Hmmm... $30 billion, maybe somebody needs to have a talk with little baby jamie.

    It's time for little baby jaimie's parents to take him home.

  4. All we need is for Congress to charter a Third National Bank for infrastructure development and put a competent, patriotic American in charge of it. The Bank would be authorized to extend zero percent credit for economic development, projects like NAWAPA, fast rail, schols, research and development, the space program, etc - all those things which will make our country and children prosperous. All you would need is a decent economic manager to invest the credit wisely, in ways that produce in the long run far more wealth than the amount of credit initially invested, in other words someone not in bed with JP Morgan Chase, etc. Those institutions are bankrupt, have no redeeming social importance, and should be put through bankruptcy court. Send Dimon, Bernanke, Geithner and the rest of our national bloodsuckers home in a barrel.

    1. Won't work.

      When all the projects funded were completed the employees would be layed off and would not find work elsewhere.

      This is not a situation like the US in 1942 or Germany in 1934 where government spending can increase aggregate demand so as to create sustained growth.

      Any such expansion of public sector employment would do nothing to address the loss of the manufacturing sector to foreign competitors and the resulting massive structural trade imbalance.

      The extent of the loss of manufacturing and it's effect on trade is now being masked somewhat by a decline in purchases of foreign petroleum as domestic production increases.

      This masking factor works similarly to how the construction bubble helped mask the loss of manufacturing until 2008.

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  5. The "project" of building for our nation's future will never be completed, so it will never be necessary to lay off anybody. On the contrary, under the Hamiltonian system there will always be enough jobs for a growing population, because it is future-oriented to endless growth. Also, it would not lead to an increase in public employment. The credit extended by the National Bank would go to private companies. The tens of millions of high-wage jobs created would not be government jobs, they would be private sector jobs. If we really made efficient use of our technology, the nation as a whole would be so rich we could start cutting down on our work week and increasing our vacation time. Unfortunately our whole economy is being controlled by the likes Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner and their stooge Barack Obama. They are only interested in making and keeping themselves rich. They don't care about us or the country at all. But they have Congress convinced on a bipartisan basis that leaving them and their ilk at Goldman Sachs etc. in charge of our national economy is the only sensible thing to do, and anything else would be some kind of "communism". Democrats and Republicans really agree about this, and it's much more important than all the things they supposedly disagree about. On the loss of manufacturing, there is no good reason for this at all. God knows our infrastructure is crumbling and there is more than enough manufacturing work to be done. The bad reason is that the controllers of our economy are interested only in profits from financial speculation, not manufacturing or growth of the real economy. Private investment bankers are the middlemen we don't need. They think they own us. Hit the delete key. Get rid of them and our economy will flourish.

  6. You and Max Keiser oughta get a room.