Saturday, December 29, 2012

BARVIKHA, Russia  A Luxurious Haven For Tyrants, Deposed Leaders, Terrorists,  Dictators…  The  Possible Next Home for Bashar al-Assad!
  Thanks again to the courtesy and the alacrity of Russian leaders, especially those who always clean up the mess American CIA/ Military/POTUS  present and the past.
Very rarely is Putin portrayed as a sagacious, cooperative world leader, but time and again, Putin keeps coming to the rescue of dysfunctional US  CIA/Military/POTUS’ repeated miscreant actions overseas.
  You want to start a war in Afghanistan that you don’t have a chance of winning? Why not pay Putin for the right to transit through Russia and use his helicopters to fight the non-existent ‘terrorists’ in the non-existent Karzai [completely corrupt and bipolar] government?
Ask Putin, and for a reasonable $um –anything is reasonable when you have wasted trillions of hard earned American dollars ---in useless, dangerous wars just to get elected [the Holy Trinity of Deception—Slick Willy, Bush Jr , and Obama]—whether it be a war in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan.   Putin has the weapons, the helicopters, the personnel and in the case of our ignorant Condi, they have the human ‘intel’.  In addition,  they can provide the  ‘contractors’ to implement the ‘misbegotten’ , dysfunctional war plans and even provide a credible exit strategy
It’s the exit strategy that fascinates me the most at this time.
  Several years ago, when the USG had problems with our bases in Kyrgyzstan,  thanks to the incompetent SecDef Donald Rumsfeld and his neocons, the corrupt, abusive tyrant Askar Akayev then President of Kyrgyzstan  [in Central Asia] was overthrown by ‘democratic protest’. 
Where can he go? 
New York City? No! Too congested! Miami! Not elite enough! Not enough other like-minded tyrants .
  So send him to Barhivka, Russia.  This is a small town of villas, luxury boutique shops- built around a sanitarium where Akayev stayed and is now home to other deposed leaders and members of their families.
It is a privileged life where these guys can enjoy each other’s company, eating, drinking and strolling along the fashionable snowy shopping centers which include such stores as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana .  Now these stores would be of particular interest to Dr Assad’s wife, Asma al- Assad who is known to be a fashion maven and shopaholic.
As for last minute preparations, Putin has taken care of that, because he provides 11th hour escape plans, including private jets, limousines and body guards- for a certain price, of course.
  Putin has really understood the meaning of ‘exploitative capitalism’.  Our American robber-barons [Gould, Whitney, Forbes, Delano, etc] would have been exceedingly proud of him!
  You see Putin is running a ‘humanitarian mission’ for all  the ‘untoward, collateral damages’ of our US unnecessary incursions into Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and thirty other non ‘national security’ threat areas with ‘recently contrived’ terrorists and dictators.
  So while our wounded warriors who have lost their body parts for a politically contrived war and 40% of our Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans have PTSD and suicidal ideation,  the despots whom we fought against went out to the Bentley dealership in Barkvikha and bought a Flying Spur Model Bentley in their first year of exile.  Clearly the deposed leaders have a lot more money than our completely incompetent, disinterested military generals and Admirals who only make several million dollars on their collective pensions and consultations to the military –industrial complex.
Our dysfunctional military officials usually retire around military bases like Tampa, Hilton Head, San Diego.  They are no fools. They want to be around the rich and wealthy so that they can create another corrupt consulting firm –just like General Stanley McChrystal is doing now.
  But Putin has the more transparent and far more entrepreneurial attitude to war.
Why start a war?
  He watched other Russian leaders do it and they were deposed.  Instead- why not make money off someone else’s mistakes? 
  Why not be in the business of war by providing everything from bandages to military equipment and intelligence without having to sacrifice human life and at the same time make a US POTUS beholden to you!?!
  For example,  let Slick Willy provide assistance to Osama bin Laden and then let him pass this ‘sick baby’ onto Bush Jr, who would use his dead carcass as a ‘narrative’ for our incursion into Iraq. 
By the way, in the process, Putin understood what I did, that our not-too-bright CIA/military/POTUS [Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi, Powell] also created another ‘bad guy’ in deposing Sadam Hussein
  When Bush jr was confused as to who was the culprit –Osama bin Laden or Saddam??   it was Putin who got into action.
  Once again, POTUS had to lie about the death of his ‘newly created’— enemy, “Dictator Sadam Hussein,”  who Rummy and Cheney had only funded a few years before.  But because Bush Jr and his minions, once again that Holy Triad of Incompetency –CIA/Military/WH--- said that he had ‘hung’ Sadam’.  Where was the proof?
An unauthorized videotape from a video phone which Bush jr said ‘was inhumane’ to videotape???
So where did Sadam go???
  You bet! Barvikha, Russia!  not too far from Iraq. Once again the Russians come to rescue the incompetent liars in our civilian, military and intelligence leadership. 
  You see there is a very powerful concept by which we the United States and all countries follow and that is the “Divine Right of Kings” which in simple terms means we don’t kill you if you don’t kill our leaders.
  Then the next question  that arises,  what about the mess that Obama, Hillary, Rice, Power, Donilon and the choir boys made in Libya
  Didn’t  CNN and other media show us a picture of the ‘newly created’ despot Mommar Qaddafi having been dragged around the streets of Benghazi?  Or did Obama once again lie about the death of another tyrant? 
  In my personal experience in thirty years of ‘regime change’ only two leaders died–Aldo Moro and Pol Pot. Neither the WH nor the dysfunctional CIA Station Chiefs were involved because I threw them out, knowing full well their history of distortion, deception and betrayal against other American officials. 
But Qaddafi did not die. 
  I predicted on the radio that he and his family did not go to Barkhiva, Russia because it was too cold and not consistent with his Tuareg culture. 
  I maintained that he and his family had fled into the sub-saharan desert into his very protective Tuareg clan’s protection. He even may have gone to Chad
So what is the moral of this town called Barvikha, Russia??
The first and most important lesson is that our Presidents lie and have no qualms about sending our military into harm’s way in the name of national security or the nonsensical ‘War on Terror’ [a war on fear?].
Secondly, there is no check on our military, CIA, and civilians who insisted on creating unnecessary wars in order to justify their political legitimacy.
  Slick Willy took care of Osama bin Laden and instituted ‘Rendition’ and began the ‘bureaucratic machinery’ for Bush jr’s 9/11.  No innocence here. Remember,  Hillary (as US senator) was the one who ‘gave the money ‘ to the 9/11 survivors and families.  
  Bush jr, implemented 9/11 and created two confusing narratives and villians- Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The first died naturally, the second was sent into exile, probably to Barvikha, Russia
  And now Obama, the disingenuous liar, who would change all ‘things evil’,  not only did not kill an already dead man OBL nor did he kill Qaddafi.  And more importantly after having instituted the drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and elsewhere as well as sending our military warriors into a non-winnable afghan war,  Obama may hold the world’s record for the greatest number of lies and the largest number of innocent civilians murdered under his ‘anti-terrorism’ covert war of drones.  Not to mention being responsible for the deaths and carnage of American wounded warriors. 
  Is it no wonder that Putin turns out to be the most sagacious, humanitarian, capitalist leader of the western/asian world?
  He CYA’d four or more POTUSs and makes a fortune doing it.  And then has them indebted to him in perpetuate.
I think that Putin can teach our CIA/military/POTUS  triad something about war, narratives and statecraft. 
  For unlike our pathetically naïve, incompetent Presidents, Putin was trained by two of the greatest spymasters in the worldMarcus Wolfe [Stasi, East Germany] and Yuri Andropov [KGB]. 
  But all is not lost.  Let us remember, when the Jewish/Italian mob had troubles they sent their misfits to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Slick Willy was borne to a “prostitute” and in the midst of casinos, whorehouses, drug cartels. 
So Slick Willy did con this country into believing that he was a humanitarian and ‘good old boy’.  Ask the 800,000 Tutsi who died because of his and Hillary’s fear that intervention might affect his Presidency. 
  Now, we have to believe that Slick Willy and Hillary are really going to ‘help Haiti’ !  Haiti beware!  Hide the kids!
It may happen that once everything is known about Hillary, Slick Willy, Bush jr and Obama and his minions, Putin might still have some luxury homes left for them before the American public executes them for Criminal Activities and Treason.
One last word, after all the lies and murder that these and other POTUS’s have committed against us, the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES and other innocent civilians overseas, we should really ask ourselves one question—Why do we need a president? 
  George Washington warned against the tyranny of the Presidency.
  Democracy is a constant experiment where we must fight for our freedoms against the very people who claim to protect us. 
Alea iacta est! The die is cast! 



  1. "Divine Right of Kings?" -There is no time-honored precedent that this POTUS will not dismiss. The man is delusional, thinks he's the new Lucifer, the divine rebel. Just look at what else is in his trash-bin: Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, Hippocratic Oath.

  2. A great post dr pieczenik all credit goes to you as it were you that brought "the devine rights of kings" to our attention on the Alex Jones show which in my opinion resonated deeply and was consistent with what I already thought was suspicious regarding the depositions of two leaders whom the western powers previously courted, on one hand you have Saddam who due to his close proximity to Iran was heavily backed then there is gadaffi who gave up al mehgri the supposed lockerbie bomber (CIA fingerprints allover that! And they managed to rebuild that plane but none of the four planes in the 9/11 attacks!!) To restore diplomatic links (and invest his millions in the too big to fail banks in the process as well as tony Blair entertaining him!) What is funny is how both were supposedly found hiding like rats! Now humour me here but here's two men whom have been effective in gaining power and running countries and clearly must of retained support during the respective coups but were discovered in sewers! Meanwhile playboy bin laden lived in a compound in an army base watching his televisions!! I personallythink you are spot on correct over these leaders living in exile living decadent lives and especially in saddams case(mystery Russian plane that was allowed to leave Baghdad!??)And I love to hear an audio post on this fascinating insight

  3. The Russians can always be counted on to pursue whatever is the depraved course of action in any situation.

    The Germans never understood until 1943 that you can kill millions of Russians and they still keep coming because it's such a colossally huge place full of faceless undistiguished people like you'd expect to find in Asia rather than Europe.

    Malevolance and evil have always lied at the center of whoever is ruling Russia, and the massess of faceless people there are merely insects, bugs, in the mind of their power elites.

    As someone who knew many CIA cold warriors from the 1950s I share their cynical views that Russian society and culture lies at the heart of the evils we see in Stalin and other monsterous creatures who are spawned in that horrible place.