Sunday, December 16, 2012

I recently noticed that I have some readers from Sweden, thank you for following me.  I wrote a novel several years back on your homeland during WWII- involving state sponsored eugenics and forced sterilization.  The truth exposed through fiction, the book is called Active Measures.  You may want to take a read.



  1. In my opinion using fiction is the best way to inform the public on political issues. My early mentor, Dr. Walt Rostow, influenced me greatly on the power of media in shaping public opinion rather than acedemic publication. Where I differed from him was that I considered that fiction was ultimately more influential than news media in many cases.

    One example I like to use is the Oliver Stone film "JFK." It doesn't matter how many Gerald Posner or Peter Jennings books or documentaries there might be. In the final analysis the Stone film has enough credibility and explanitory power to overwelm all detractors and will largely shape the opinons of most people in the future who have opinions on the matter.

    1. a great point mit michael! it beggers belief that we "inform" the public via total fiction but we have to seek truth through non fiction!! the power of the media has been a successful tool in shaping minds on serious matters and "junk" television has brainwashed people full stop in my basic opinion, regarding the film jfk i agree absolutely and it certainly whetted my interest in cover ups ect, a real tour de force i thought! in america the president reigns for four years and journalism governs for ever and ever(oscar wilde)