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Eric Holder!  Sandy Hoax Hush Money!  Take the millions and give it to Detroit! not liars and fakers

from faithful reader BP!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good question,  Why is Eric Holder still around??  Great article posted below (Politico).
Crook,   I mean Cook Islands,  interesting place to shelter money from the tax man and lawyers.  Hillary went there in 2012,  her buddy Denise Rich has $100 million there.  Lois Lerner wants to "audit" Chuck Grassley...these people are OUT of CONTROL!  I was already subpoenaed,  now will I be audited too?  Lets spend our tax money on things like roads, efficient energy, schools, commerce generating projects,  not on political revenge al a IRS.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

ISIS/Iraq/Syria--- All One End Game for the Obama/Biden Administration—FEDERALIZATION!!
For some time now, the world has been witnessed to a series of presumed onslaughts of ‘vicious Sunni terrorists’ against an ‘incompetent Iraqi Al-Maliki/Shi’ite majority’.   What is the narrative that this administration really trying to convey?  We hear the official word from the hysterical Anderson Cooper with his CIA/CNN coverage or if one prefers,  choose the sober yet confusing analysis by Mike Morell (Ex-CIA) on the “tell-all confessional” hosted by Charlie Rose. The overall message is that we,  Americans,  are in the midst of an conundrum of such severe dimensions that this administration is need of all the ‘think tanks’ and ‘outsourcing’ the Beltway Bandits can provide.  AS IF,  these professional consultants can really figure out what we should do??  At how much an hour on the taxpayer’s expense?????
Outside of “healthcare” …..war is the biggest scam perpetrated on the American taxpayer!
Nothing is more revealing to someone like me than a series of news bulletins that always mentions “Sunni Terrorists” and “Iranian Forces” that really cover the basic intention of  Obama and Biden to initiate a regime change in Iraq,  throwing Al-Maliki out of power because he was a constant thorn in their side and… this is the key…. Realizing what Biden had said decades ago---Federalize Iraq.
VP Joe Biden has to endure all types of insults from the likes of former Sec Def Robert Gates,  Gen Petraeus, and Gen McChrystal basically calling him an ‘idiot’ or  ‘stupid’ or a “professional war-hog,  pseudo-warrior”.   Add in Sen. John McCain,  who considered Biden “wrong on everything from the war on terrorism in Iraq/Afghanistan to the federalization of Iraq.”   The “federalization” idea being to split Iraq into three areas- consisting primarily of Kurds in the north; Sunnis in Baghdad; and Shi’ites in Basra.
And what about the long forgotten trip that Obama personally made to Saudi Arabia that was probably intended to mollify the Royal family and allow them and ‘moderate UAE states’ [read CIA/mercenaries] to create a Sunni Caliphate stretching from Iraq to Syria.  
Why would this be important?
This caliphate,  which in reality presents no National Security threat to anyone but those who had a vested interest in past history,  allows for the both the Sunnis and Shi’ites to ‘appear to win’ in the Middle East.  Pronouncements from CIA Mike Morell and the like that say that such a caliphate threatens Israel and impinges on our US surplus oil reserves are NONSENSE!  The Israel-threat chatter is once again,  neo-con propaganda.   The USA and CINCPAC are too busy mitigating conflict in the Far East to worry about Israel.   As for our oil supplies,  we don’t need oil from the Middle East because we get it from other places (Nigeria, Mexico, Venezuela and Canada).  Has anyone seen any invasions in those places recently?
Therefore,  our blog takes its hat off to the Obama/Biden administration for creating a subtle back field strategy which allows Bashar Assad to attempt to end his civil war by allowing a non-threatening caliphate in the north of Syria.  At the same time,  the Obama/Biden strategy has allowed for an effective regime change,  forcing Al-Maliki out of office while destroying the antiquated secret Sykes-Picot 1916 Imperialist treaty.  Goodbye to the last vestiges of British and French post-Ottoman land grab in the Middle East!

So what’s left?
In my humble opinion,  the next regime to fall will inevitably be the Saudi Family which is corrupt,  incompetent, and ersatz defender of the Holy Book,  the Koran as interpreted by muslim Fakirs—the Wahhabis.  After Saudi Arabia,  will be Jordan or the so-called Royal family of Jordan.  Truthfully,  most of Jordan is really Palestinian who were displaced during the 1948 war and subsequent Israeli Conflicts.   Remember:  Palestine exists in the artificially created state called Jordan where a Hashemite descendant was purposefully misplaced away from the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina as part of the conniving British strategy of “Divide and Conquer”.
Now it’s time to dissolve all these artificial borders created by the Western Imperialist states in order to better garner their oil wealth from one central location,  rather than deal with disparate ethnic tribes.  The truth is that the ethnicity is alive and well and will persevere no matter how many US troops and planes we may send over there.

It’s best to follow the advice of Dr.  Rand Paul,  an ophthalmologist:  don’t get involved in the Middle East,  America!   Please follow the medical nostrum: “above all else, do no harm!” 

Our leadership and our citizenry must concentrate on correcting our failed economy and re-building America for the 21st century.  National debt from these stupid wars and other conflicts are crippling this country and no one benefits but a few rich bastards and the slave employees of the “war machine”.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

House Of Lies:  The Inevitable Downfall of Iraq,
 a Vietnam Redux!  A Repeated Case Study of America’s Obsessional Need to Delude its People and the World! 
This is the story of a fallen US military and  corrupt US/Vietnamese/Iraq civilian governments,  wrapped in self-delusion;  harnessed by incompetence; and leading us to the inevitable outcome of massive carnage and historical  shame.
As a teenager in Toulouse, France,  the first and last memory I had of French Indochina was that Dien Bien Phu had been overrun by the Viet Cong.  A few years later,  I was to hear those same words of defeat regarding the vicious War in Algeria where France had brutally colonized an Arab country for well over one hundred years.  Clearly,  the country of France and all of its adjunct philosophies expiated its colonial imperialism to spell ‘defeat’, ‘anachronism’ and ‘futility’.

Imagine my reaction when I had heard that a 37 year old French Military Officer named David Galula had written two books entitled:  Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958 and another ironically called,  Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory And Practice written in 1964.  David was part of a school of French Military officers associated with “GUERRE REVOLUTIONNAIRE”.   Rather than accept the fact that the French Army was born,  bred and brainwashed to be nothing more than an instrument of defeat,  these arrogant Organisation de L’Armee Secrete,  or OAS [they tried to assassinate Charles De Gaule],  blamed the French Government for being ineffectual.

This COIN [counterinsurgency] theory of ‘winning the hearts and minds of the restless natives’ became popular with General William Westmoreland [father of our Vietnam Defeat] and my former boss,  Henry no war is a bad war Kissinger.  In addition,  this hearts/minds theory permeated the CIA tentacle in the personages of William Colby,  General Edward Landsdale [“The Quiet American”] and his stool pigeon,  Dan Ellsberg [Pentagon Papers; yesterday’s Snowden].  Thus this nonsensical theory which had never worked in the past two hundred years was used to justify the death of 58,195 American soldiers in VietNam and hundreds of thousands wounded veterans.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Le Durc Tho,  once said to me when I was DAS for East Asia in the late 1980’s that “America was lazy”.  He was being polite.  We were more than ‘lazy’ we were purposefully creating lies and theories of war that had no correspondence to any reality in any country,  then Viet Nam now Iraq and Afghanistan.  My first and last words to my students at the War College at Ft McNair, Washington , DC. about the impending assault in Iraq ‘that it was a major mistake for which we were neither prepared nor understood.’  However,  being right was never a commodity highly valued by our civilians in government or our military.  In turn,  my students [Colonels, Majors, CIA, State Dept.  et. al. ] retorted as one might have expected, “this will be a short war.  Wait till you see the ‘Shock And Awe’…”  You know how that story ends (or doesn’t).
It always amazes me how resistant we,  Americans are to understanding duplicity and deceit practiced by our own civilian/military leaders against us,  the innocent American citizens.  Is this why we never teach contemporary history in our schools?  Better to keep the next generation dumb?
 All the students in my class at Ft McNair had understood the following premises:
[1] Iraq was a deceptive construct created in the 1920’s by Gertrude Bell [British MI-6; “Queen of the Desert”] in order to artificially unite three disparate entities – the Kurds in the north; the minority Sunnis in Baghdad; and the majority Shi’ites in Basra [where the Brits were pumping oil].
[2] 9/11 was a Bush /Cheney/Rumsfeld ‘stand down’ a la Paul Wolfowitz,  Steve Hadley, Condi; Elliot Abrams; David Addington etc.
[3] Paul ‘Jerry’ Bremer was a faux scholar/warrior who wrote a completely nonsensical article in the Mad Magazine or CFR’S “FOREIGN AFFAIRS” Journal—how ‘we,  Americans,  would accrue oil, money and wealth after our ‘successful invasion of Iraq’. 

Sidebar:  Bremer,  an abject reject from the Office of Counter-Terrorism at the State Dept and a DEVOTED MEMBER of OPUS DEI,  made certain along with his legal toddy, Walter Slocombe [a high paid DC Legal Pimp] to completely dissolved the SUNNI MILITARY ---allowing 20,000 Sunnis to form the nidus of a major ‘terrorist phenomena’ that would eventually overrun the country and overthrow the Shi’ite led Govt imposed by the ignorant US officials.
I warned my students that Generals like Tommy Frank,  George Casey,  Abizaid were going to lead them into defeat and mayhem.  The force structure of 75,000 US soldiers was at best inadequate,  at worst criminal.  I also added that Wolfowitz and his Deputy Zalmay Khalizad [Afghan CIA asset] and Doug Feith were completely useless and incapable of creating a post-Saddam Hussein civilian government.   Zalmay was awarded Ambassadorship to Afghanistan and became the ‘token Muslim’ in the Bush Jr administration.  Wolfowitz was rewarded for his egregious incompetency with the Presidency of the World Bank,  he lost that too.

That’s a thumbnail sketch of the history of counter-insurgency and American leaders willingness to fall into this Peter’s Principal of Incompetency or Murphy’s law, then have the nerve to write a stupid book about it.  Take Robert Gates book, Duty (or I call it Doody),  written by a guy who knows nothing about war but a lot about kowtowing to his civilian bosses and how to lie about it.  After I read the book,  I realized how little our CIA and DCI knows about real world issues and how these insulated, corrupt purveyors of self deception promote their idiotic analyses.

What did we really get from the Iraq and Afghanistan war??  Did we get some “war heroes”?  Let’s take General David ‘all in’ Petraeus who created the “counter insurgency strategy” in his army manual FM3-24.  Through an ersatz intellectual slight of hand,  Petraeus applies the failed COIN to the non-existent war on terror.  Amazing isn’t it?  This so called intellectual bullshit goes far in the army,  especially when they don’t listen to or read their own studies at RAND (created by the brilliant Curtis LeMay and my old alma mater).  RAND studied 648 terrorist groups that were active from 1968 to 2006 and concluded that “policing”  not military action was effective 40% of the time in deterring such activities.  What use does Petraeus have for real research and facts when he can manipulate the public perception of the Iraq/Afghanistan war to promote a “surge”??  A surge in his groin is more like it when he gets honey-trapped by his CIA biographer,  Paula Broadwell.

What about the self-made General Stanley McChrystal?   I had met this gentleman at one of my last meetings at the CFR.  He introduced himself as ‘having just run five miles from Brooklyn to Manhattan’.  I was unimpressed.  He deliberately lied about the cover-up of the famous Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire.   This pompous ass forgot that I had also known about his history of detainee abuse and torture at various prisons in Iraq.
I could go on about these self-created publicity hounds that call themselves generals.  These guys are surrounded by cooks, body guards, PR people and travel on private jets while allowing hundreds of our men/women to die or be wounded in meaningless conflicts around the world and throughout our history.  The civilian hawks are evil yes,  but what gives with these military leaders that promote themselves as idols???   The story of Korea, VietNam, Iraq and Afghanistan are wrapped in a painful package of lies contrived by civilian elites and executed by their consorts,  the military leadership.   
The veterans that know better from their own experience need to raise up collectively and say NO to going back into Iraq.  Citizens must educate themselves so they “Don’t Get Fooled Again!”.  I thoroughly devoured The Operators by Michael Hastings.  I read that his next target was John O. Brennan,  perhaps that’s why he is RIP.    An informed citizen will not be fooled nor allow their children to be sacrificed to the greedy, misguided thing we now know as government.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

House Majority Leader Jewish Republican Eric CANTOR: “Chants the Mourner’s Kadish”
Farewell to Jewish Politics Across Both the Republican and Democratic Parties!  America and European Nations Are Moving To The Right!!
Thank God!!
By now,  most of you have heard about how the obnoxious,  arrogant Eric Cantor,  who happens to be Jewish,  lost the primary election to a ‘goyish’ upstart,  Dave Bart,  Economics Professor at Randall-Macon College in Virginia.   I can write about all the abstruse issues that led to the downfall of this self-aggrandizing Jew,  Eric Cantor,  as the “highest Jewish official in American History” or as the first Jewish Vice President [Politico, June 11, 2014, “For Jewish Republicans: OY Vey! By Alexander Burns]; but, I will go to the heart of his defeat- his flaunted Jewishness!
For several years,  both in my blogs and radio appearances since 9/11,  I have warned American Jews,  particularly the Republican Jews,  the neo-cons, as well as the more prominent Democratic Jews in congress that their public espousal of the importance of ISRAEL will cause a major backlash.   These political Jews continued to demonstrate their insatiable obsession to manipulate the American public with issues of Jewish values and false memorials to the “holocaust”.
Unfortunately,  I was right.   I was not interested in being right because it meant that for the third time in my professional and private life I would have to deal with subtle and not too subtle forms of ANTI-SEMITISM.
First,  I had to deal with Nazi anti-semitism.   Next,  Communist anti-semitism.   Finally,  I had to deal with Americas gentleman’s agreement in my College; Med School; and State Department—a more subtle form of anti-Semitism where quotas and silent collusion of professional and residential restrictions are imposed.  Do I resent what happened to me?  Not really.   For me,  different forms of anti-Semitism afforded me the unique opportunity to understand the underlying currents of discontent;  personal and religious hatreds that could lead to someone not liking me for my religion.  That’s the burden of birth of which I am not ashamed.   My faithful readers and listeners may understand that I have many personal and professional attributes that could easily contribute to anyone/everyone disliking me.  No problem there either. 
The major problem has been and is that Jewish “chicken hawks” like Richard Perle,  Elliot Abrams, Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger, Dennis Ross, Robert Kaplan,  Robert Kagan (wife Victoria Nuland),  John Podhoretz,  Midge Decter,  Rahm Emanuel and many others have continuously advocated for war in Iraq/Afghanistan,  in order to establish a fictional notion of American supremacy in the Middle East.   Be they Republicans or Democrats,  everything that was initiated,  implemented or discussed had to have a “JEWISH FILTER” or “OPTICS”.   At the same time,  General David Petraeus declared “ISRAEL AS A STRATEGIC LIABILITY.”

Remember the blog I wrote some time ago,  when the Republican sycophants rushed to kiss the tainted hand of the Mafioso Jewish Casino owner,  Sheldon Adelson?  These would be presidential candidates whored themselves to this ugly Israeli Pimp whose only real concern and question was:  ”Do you support Israel?”  “What will you do for Israel??? (not America)?”   Non Jews: Chris Christie,  Marco Rubio,  Jeb Bush,  Ted Cruz and even Mitt Romney all paid homage to this mafia front man who received his ill-gotten gains from casino chicanery.   So this crooked Jew was in effect determining who would become the next Republican Candidate for the Presidency of the USA???
Have we no shame?  I ask. 
Is it any wonder that we,  Jews,  who represent a fraction of the world’s population have impacted more of the world’s history than any other religious group-- are then resented for our exclusivity, arrogance, bullying and guilt tactics?
The real story is that American Jews along with the so-called “Founding Fathers” of Israel: Ben Gurion and company --did little to nothing to save the diaspora jews during WW II.   How do I know?   Neither the great FDR; nor other Liberal Democrats, did anything to save those of us who were fortunate to escape the Holocaust.  In other words, American Jews were AWOL!!
Here are some lesser known facts about the unsung heroes, who happened to be Christians,  who truly saved thousands of jews during WW II.  Spanish Dictator Franco, Portuguese Dictator Antonio Salazar,  Bulgarian Arch Bishop Stefan,  Lucky Luciano,  Cuba’s Fulgencio Batista were just a few.  Contrary to the narrative that American Jews and Bibi would have you believe,  the German Jews who ran most of the show in WWII (137,000 German Jews joined Hitler’s army) did nothing to save the Polish or Slavic Jews.

Back to my basic point,  I do not care what your religion or political party is BUT you better think of America first!  not Israel first.  If you have NOT served do NOT advocate for war.  America does not belong to the pushy jews who have the most money and will force and manipulate an agenda that is friendly to Zionists but to the determent of Americans.  It will blow back,  trust me.  As Mr Cantor,  who was funded by Goldman-Sachs,  now realizes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Former Ambassador to Syria,  Robert S. Ford,  Quits State Department in Frustration with Obama.  Asks for More Arms Supply to “Moderate Rebels”.

Basic Conclusion:  Robert Ford and other U.S. Ambassadors around the world have become completely irrelevant, as has Sec State John Kerry.  This includes the entire 9,000+ state department.   A recent article in the NYTimes,  by Michael R. Gordon, June 10, 2014, entitled “Former Ambassador To Syria Increasing Arms Supply To Moderate Rebels” relates the trials and tribulations of a career Foreign Service Officer [FSO] and his professional and personal objections to the present US foreign policy which stipulates that CIA will vet out ‘moderate Syrian rebels’ and arm them accordingly without any major US weapons transfer.

If one reads between the lines of the story,  one conclusion appears paramount.  The State Department and those who have served the institution loyally have become irrelevant to any peace process or even the cursory concept of “DIPLOMACY”—whatever that might mean.
For over the past thirty or more years,  I have witnessed the steady demise of State Department’s once lofty presence and reputation.  Yes,  that part of our tax supported government which had pinnacled during my tenures in both the Kissinger and Baker administrations, waned imperceptibly over time.   This attrition of State’s basic power coincided with the increase in budget for military and intelligence functions.

In a far more palatable form,  one could say that the U.S. Military leaders like Gen. Petraeus,  Gen. Stan McCrystal and Gen Martin Dempsey, as well as others,  reflexively assumed the mantle of the Roman Centurion Guards who decided all matters concerning the management of war,  negotiations and policy-- without discussion or remorse.  Theirs was the only decision required and implemented.   The Roman Senators,  the Emperor and even the so-called diplomats were at best an inconvenience,  if not completely inconsequential. 
No Centurion Guard and eventual Emperor could have been more judicious in policy while at the same time acting more ruthlessly in battle than Marcus Aurelius,  the philosopher/warrior.  Clearly we Americans do not possess the likes of anything comparable to a Marcus Aurelius.   However,  we do have Centurion Guards disguised in such fancy and unintelligible acronyms as CINCPAC—Commander of The Pacific Fleet;  CENTCOM—Commander of Central Command [Iraq, Afghanistan, South Asia]; SOUTHCOM- Commander of Southern Command, et. al.
Over the past thirty years,  the military along with the CIA have assumed the functions of the Executive Branch;  the Legislative Branch; and the State Department.  If we taxpayers want to save hundreds of billions of dollars,  we can first eliminate the most antiquated of all parochial systems –The State Department.   At a time when the internet can access anyone/anywhere in nano-seconds,  the need for an Ambassador who in principle represents the POTUS becomes redundant.   Furthermore,  most FSOs are reduced to ersatz ‘travel agents’ arranging CODELS (Congressional Delegations) --- or ‘boondoggles’ for our legislators who have found nothing better to do than waste our taxpayer dollars traveling around the world in extravagantly inane self-designated missions/visits.
Robert Ford will never achieve his misplaced dreams of arming anything but his own pocketbook for espousing ideas which have very little currency in reality, and at best  expresses ‘much sound and fury’ signifying nothing.   I bid a fond adieu to a once noble enterprise entitled ‘Diplomacy’.   I must welcome in the disparate bureaucracies that will act as vultures on a carrion of flesh called “war”, “civil war”, “terrorism” or even “crises”.

Remember:  ‘Money makes the world go around’.
Not exactly a Marcus Aurelius’s aphorism.  But close…it’s from the musical “Cabaret”.
“Cabaret”--the more appropriate metaphor for today’s troubling times.

some background for next post on the state dept
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Good interview with John Young (if you have not seen it), just a giant money sucking machine.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you have not read this excellent piece by the late Michael Hastings (RIP) from Rolling Stone, I urge you to do so.  It details what a shameful mess this is.  I will be posting later.
A little levity for you.!T3Gys

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Here is a good piece from a FB reader,  same subject

CIA  Rats Abandoning the “Sinking Ship of Lies!”  White House/CIA/MI Collusion in 9/11 False Flag
Edward Snowden and Richard A. Clarke admit that Bush/Cheney/Condi/Rumsfeld/Hadley knew about impending 9/11 attack.  Now Clarke demands war tribunal for Bush/Cheney.  Lies tend to float above the flotsam sinking the cowards, traitors and glory-seekers.   Nothing could be more true than the recent timely statements by two different CIA analysts/operatives.
Whom are they really?

One is the self-admitted CIA operative who the world knows as Edward Snowden, a.k.a “whistleblower/traitor”.   As we previously discussed, in my opinion,  he is just the ‘avatar or narrator’ of a new CIA narrative drawing attention away from the CIA to the US military control of the NSA.

The second,  non-apparent CIA Analyst is a man whom I had met occasionally at the State Department Office of INR [Intelligence Coordination between State and CIA].  I met him during the Reagan and Bush administrations,  while he was the DAS for Intelligence to my former colleague Ambassador,  Assistant Secretary of INR,  Mort Abramowitz.  I was never very much impressed by Richard Clarke nor was I ever informed or aware of any expertise he might have had in the field of counter-terrorism.  In my thirty years of working in counter-terrorism and regime change,  his name never surfaced,  nor was he, in my opinion, very important in anyway in a myriad of hostage negotiations; nor was he present in any significant field operations.  Given his flaccid background of operational experience in counter-terrorism,  I would categorize him as an ‘analyst’,  probably recruited by the CIA; because, we, at the State Dept. did not have any real operatives- other than myself and a few others in the Office of Counter-Terrorism.
What is important is that both Snowden and Clarke,  non-Catholics who broke ranks with their Oath of Secrecy in order to emerge into the limelight of Warholian fifteen minutes of fame to denounce present and former civilian and military officials for acts of treason committed against the American citizenry.   In the case of Snowden,  we have finally seen the denouement of a CIA operative playing out the scripted role of his handlers at Langley,  decrying the abusive aggrandizement of power in the NSA,  specifically directed against General Keith Alexander,  Ex-Cyber Command and NSA  Director.
Missing in Snowden’s admission of guilt about the CIA’s knowledge of all the information prior to and after 9/11,  is the indictment of his previous bosses at the CIA—George Tenet,  James Woolsey,  Michael Hayden and John Brennan.   A full confession of CIA guilt without the specific accusations against the aforementioned Directors of the CIA,  is akin to picking up the street ‘whores’ and their respective ‘johns’ without incriminating the Primary Pimps of Deception in their criminal acts against America.  Call it what it is: ABSOLUTE TREASON!!!   Clearly,  Snowden bows before the Gods of Narcissism and self-preservation as one might expect but  in the reflexive emotional genuflection,  he refuses to reveal the true nature of not only his crimes but the crimes of his real masters of death and deceit- The CIA.
In contrast,  Richard A. Clarke,  a functionary of little experiential merit or intellectual foresight,  decided to climb the ‘slippery slope of politics,’  as British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli defined those who ‘fellated’ their way through the labyrinths of lies and ineptitude by having accrued one prestigious meaningless title after another—pronounced that Cheney and Bush Jr should be tried for War Crimes!
Now that is quite a statement!
I really don’t care what lies these two miscreants had to tell in order to acquire their respective moments of fame in the media but when two seemingly CIA officers attack both the present administration and the past administration—that tells me that the CIA RATS are abandoning the Mother Ship!
What is the “MOTHER SHIP”? 
I believe the “MOTHER SHIP” is the “SECRET SOCIETY” of the CIA which President Eisenhower  blackened as the Legacy of Ashes.
From the Snowden point of view,  the CIA is being co-opted by the avarice appetites of the NSA,  first started by the nefarious General Michael Hayden who illegally instituted massive electronic surveillance over the USA.  Next Snowden goes into a detailed discussion of General Keith Alexander’s supernumerary powers by implication, leaving the intel pauper, the CIA,  in the penumbra of destitution and oblivion.   As for Richard Clarke,  he finally had to admit that he was part of the collusion instituted by Bushjr/Cheney and midwifed by Hadley,  Rice, Wolfowitz etc (and the NeoCons) to create a war crime called 9/11 which lead to the outrageous crimes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Sidenote: Lawrence Wilkerson deputy to Sec State Collin Powell,  is also demanding that Bush/Cheney be tried for war crimes. 

The VOICE OF AMERICA has spoken in a thousand different CONSTRUCTIVE WAYS through the internet,  letters, and the alternative media[mainstream media was  lobotomized decades ago]  to finally arrive at the TRUTH.
What is the Truth?
Let’s start with:  Bush Jr and Cheney are American War Criminals guilty of killing thousands of innocent citizens in the World Trade Center.  In addition,  they caused the death of thousands of our soldiers and innocent Iraqi citizens.
Also guilty: Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger  [National Security Advisor to BC]; Steve Hadley,  Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Michael Hayden,  Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalizad, Richard Perle. 
Simple Test for anyone that wants to run in 2016:
Call for an indictment of these criminals who committed these heinous crimes.  Will Hillary call for her husband’s arrest?  Will Jeb label his brother a criminal?  My prediction is that neither potential candidate would ever entertain that self-incriminating idea.  Americans still have a lot of work to do to get some decent, moral leaders.

We need to collect all the evidence now that the rats are leaving the sinking ship of the CIA to indict Bush Jr, Cheney, the CIA, and the other war criminals involved in the American tragedy called ‘9/11’ and the Iraq war.  May we have the fortitude and courage to continue our constructive pursuit of the truth.
BTW,  Clarke and Snowden implicated the FBI, INS, Homeland Security, FAA, MI, NS …but who is missing from the list of culprits?  Our own Secret Service who serve not our country but rather the men/women who destroy our beloved country!  Where is the costly,  useless secret service in all this mess?  And why are they so secret that no one knows what crimes they have been witness to or even abetted?  Freedom is too precious to leave it to our government.  It is a sacred right for which we have fought for two hundred plus years and must continue to fight for….

I was subpoenaed last month for events that happened over 35 years ago in Italy.  I was working for state department and I was a military officer at the time.  No one would help me with this,  had to pay $20K in legal fees.  This is what you are spending your tax payer's $$ on,  harassing ex military/ ex government officials for the "no negotiation" policy.

I will be on Alex Jones again today,  got a few things that I need to get off my chest.