Sunday, June 1, 2014

A good summary, worth the read.


  1. Last night I was watching Paul Krugman and Robert Stiglitz chatting about the world recession.

    They mentioned that Germany is doing very well, but that the Scandanavian countries are doing even better. The Scandanavians are doing great despite their high taxes, big government, strong unions, etc., ....all things Americans claim will depress growth.

    Well look at it this way......

    If you take gun violence in America as an analogy let's consider this.....

    If you look at the level of gun violence in America among people of European descent the level is very very low....

    Along the order of the level of gun violence in Belgium or France or Spain or places like that.

    But if you look at the level of gun violence in America among negros and hispanics then WOW!

    It's really high, like the same level you'd find in Mexico [strict gun control] or Brazil or Columbia or Veniszuela or Honduras.

    Get the picture.

    The most important and ONLY factor that accounts for social issues and economic performance and quality of life is......


    The United States will always have disunity, disharmony, class and ethnic conflict, low economic performance, etc., because it is A POLYGLOT BOARDING HOUSE TO THE WORLD [as the madman Theodore Roosevelt once remarked].

    Give it up Americans. You are doomed.

    For someone like myself whose families came from Scandanavia and Germany why should I even care? Why should I bother what happens in this horrible place ruled by Englishmen and Scotch Irish and populated by Italians, Greeks and Mexicans?

    I really don't know anymore.

  2. And look at the Jews in our mist? Are they largely positive or negative?

    Well Stiglitz and Krugman are both Jews. So are a lot of other high-performing altruistic and benevolent Jews in acedemics, medicine and law and in the arts.

    And then on the other hand they also dominate the darker side of banking/derivitives/etc., and the darker side of the entertainment industry including MTV, gangster rap, cage fighting, garbage movies and television......

    It's definitely and dramtically a mixed bag.

    Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are anti-state zionists more active than any gentile anti-zionists.

    On the other side AIPAC and those people are the worst.....

    It's amazing.

  3. All I know is that there are no Jewish athletes anymore. No more Max Baers fighting and no Jewish football players or in baseball, etc.

    And that's a good thing. Sports is stupid, and for stupid people.

    Rich ugly ones like Steve Balmer and Sterling like to own pro teams, and usually athlete's managers are Jews.

    That's not good.

  4. Look at any gangster rapper and you'll see a young Jewish kid from the suburbs behind him, and the same for the ownership and management of fighters and pro athletes.

    It's strange and exploitative.