Sunday, June 29, 2014

An OP ED piece that states my views,  Michael Gerson calls it the "arrogant, lawless IRS"


  1. Why wouldn't they be arrogant?

    They've been given the authority to collect whatever is owed on any income made in any way anywhere in the world and to seize anything they want with no judicial process and to levy fines and to seek CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of anyone not following their rules.....

    They are the only people for whom if you owe money you are criminally libel rather than civil, and your bankruptcies mean nothing ONLY to them...and your student loans are the only loans which cannot be discharged through bankruptcy...

    In every way imaginable the Federal government has all the power to do everything YOU CANNOT DO to anyone else when money is owed...

    So given all this power in a financial matter which no one else can claim OF COURSE THEY ARE IN A PRIVILEDGED POSITION SO THEY DESERVE TO BE ARROGANT.

    They are arrogant because the laws and statutes make them the absolute power in affairs that for everyone else their is no such power....

    They deserve to be arrogant.

    If I had powers given to me like that I would be entitled to arrogant.

  2. The fact that every Congress upholds these draconian laws and statutes reflects that legislators always work in the sole interest of the Federal government and against the interests of the people who elect them.

    It's US vs. THEM the minute they arrive there.