Monday, June 2, 2014

CIA  Rats Abandoning the “Sinking Ship of Lies!”  White House/CIA/MI Collusion in 9/11 False Flag
Edward Snowden and Richard A. Clarke admit that Bush/Cheney/Condi/Rumsfeld/Hadley knew about impending 9/11 attack.  Now Clarke demands war tribunal for Bush/Cheney.  Lies tend to float above the flotsam sinking the cowards, traitors and glory-seekers.   Nothing could be more true than the recent timely statements by two different CIA analysts/operatives.
Whom are they really?

One is the self-admitted CIA operative who the world knows as Edward Snowden, a.k.a “whistleblower/traitor”.   As we previously discussed, in my opinion,  he is just the ‘avatar or narrator’ of a new CIA narrative drawing attention away from the CIA to the US military control of the NSA.

The second,  non-apparent CIA Analyst is a man whom I had met occasionally at the State Department Office of INR [Intelligence Coordination between State and CIA].  I met him during the Reagan and Bush administrations,  while he was the DAS for Intelligence to my former colleague Ambassador,  Assistant Secretary of INR,  Mort Abramowitz.  I was never very much impressed by Richard Clarke nor was I ever informed or aware of any expertise he might have had in the field of counter-terrorism.  In my thirty years of working in counter-terrorism and regime change,  his name never surfaced,  nor was he, in my opinion, very important in anyway in a myriad of hostage negotiations; nor was he present in any significant field operations.  Given his flaccid background of operational experience in counter-terrorism,  I would categorize him as an ‘analyst’,  probably recruited by the CIA; because, we, at the State Dept. did not have any real operatives- other than myself and a few others in the Office of Counter-Terrorism.
What is important is that both Snowden and Clarke,  non-Catholics who broke ranks with their Oath of Secrecy in order to emerge into the limelight of Warholian fifteen minutes of fame to denounce present and former civilian and military officials for acts of treason committed against the American citizenry.   In the case of Snowden,  we have finally seen the denouement of a CIA operative playing out the scripted role of his handlers at Langley,  decrying the abusive aggrandizement of power in the NSA,  specifically directed against General Keith Alexander,  Ex-Cyber Command and NSA  Director.
Missing in Snowden’s admission of guilt about the CIA’s knowledge of all the information prior to and after 9/11,  is the indictment of his previous bosses at the CIA—George Tenet,  James Woolsey,  Michael Hayden and John Brennan.   A full confession of CIA guilt without the specific accusations against the aforementioned Directors of the CIA,  is akin to picking up the street ‘whores’ and their respective ‘johns’ without incriminating the Primary Pimps of Deception in their criminal acts against America.  Call it what it is: ABSOLUTE TREASON!!!   Clearly,  Snowden bows before the Gods of Narcissism and self-preservation as one might expect but  in the reflexive emotional genuflection,  he refuses to reveal the true nature of not only his crimes but the crimes of his real masters of death and deceit- The CIA.
In contrast,  Richard A. Clarke,  a functionary of little experiential merit or intellectual foresight,  decided to climb the ‘slippery slope of politics,’  as British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli defined those who ‘fellated’ their way through the labyrinths of lies and ineptitude by having accrued one prestigious meaningless title after another—pronounced that Cheney and Bush Jr should be tried for War Crimes!
Now that is quite a statement!
I really don’t care what lies these two miscreants had to tell in order to acquire their respective moments of fame in the media but when two seemingly CIA officers attack both the present administration and the past administration—that tells me that the CIA RATS are abandoning the Mother Ship!
What is the “MOTHER SHIP”? 
I believe the “MOTHER SHIP” is the “SECRET SOCIETY” of the CIA which President Eisenhower  blackened as the Legacy of Ashes.
From the Snowden point of view,  the CIA is being co-opted by the avarice appetites of the NSA,  first started by the nefarious General Michael Hayden who illegally instituted massive electronic surveillance over the USA.  Next Snowden goes into a detailed discussion of General Keith Alexander’s supernumerary powers by implication, leaving the intel pauper, the CIA,  in the penumbra of destitution and oblivion.   As for Richard Clarke,  he finally had to admit that he was part of the collusion instituted by Bushjr/Cheney and midwifed by Hadley,  Rice, Wolfowitz etc (and the NeoCons) to create a war crime called 9/11 which lead to the outrageous crimes of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Sidenote: Lawrence Wilkerson deputy to Sec State Collin Powell,  is also demanding that Bush/Cheney be tried for war crimes. 

The VOICE OF AMERICA has spoken in a thousand different CONSTRUCTIVE WAYS through the internet,  letters, and the alternative media[mainstream media was  lobotomized decades ago]  to finally arrive at the TRUTH.
What is the Truth?
Let’s start with:  Bush Jr and Cheney are American War Criminals guilty of killing thousands of innocent citizens in the World Trade Center.  In addition,  they caused the death of thousands of our soldiers and innocent Iraqi citizens.
Also guilty: Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger  [National Security Advisor to BC]; Steve Hadley,  Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Michael Hayden,  Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalizad, Richard Perle. 
Simple Test for anyone that wants to run in 2016:
Call for an indictment of these criminals who committed these heinous crimes.  Will Hillary call for her husband’s arrest?  Will Jeb label his brother a criminal?  My prediction is that neither potential candidate would ever entertain that self-incriminating idea.  Americans still have a lot of work to do to get some decent, moral leaders.

We need to collect all the evidence now that the rats are leaving the sinking ship of the CIA to indict Bush Jr, Cheney, the CIA, and the other war criminals involved in the American tragedy called ‘9/11’ and the Iraq war.  May we have the fortitude and courage to continue our constructive pursuit of the truth.
BTW,  Clarke and Snowden implicated the FBI, INS, Homeland Security, FAA, MI, NS …but who is missing from the list of culprits?  Our own Secret Service who serve not our country but rather the men/women who destroy our beloved country!  Where is the costly,  useless secret service in all this mess?  And why are they so secret that no one knows what crimes they have been witness to or even abetted?  Freedom is too precious to leave it to our government.  It is a sacred right for which we have fought for two hundred plus years and must continue to fight for….


  1. This is MIT but I can't log onto my google account for some reason from any of my computers.....

  2. About the Southern District of Miami Office.....

    A barrister I know in Australia, David Chaikin, had a client who was framed by that office ten years ago. The client was Reiner Jacobi, and he was framed by Federal Attornies and a Judge in that District for conspiracy to smuggle narcotics based on the jailhouse testimony of Howard Marks while he was still in prison. Shortly thereafter Marks was released early, serving only 4 years out of a 20 year minimum manditory sentence. It took a fortune in legal fees and a huculean effort to get the indictment resended....very hard to do.

    There was at that time a colossal integrity problem in the District office, and may still be.

    Jacobi was then investigating the Marcos heirs/Treasury Dept/Kroll Associates for conspiracy to continue secretion of Marcos accounts in the US and Switzerland.

    Presumably the frame was on behalf of those parties....

  3. In 1987 Kroll Associates and the Treasury Dept. certified that accounts and property of only $720 million in value were discoverable from Marcos plunder...although it was known by many that the Marcos family continued to possess many expensive properties in the United States as well as very large accounts in trust and foundations in Europe.

  4. Regarding the substance of your blog above....

    Only a county District Attorneys Office such as that in Manhattan could empanel a Grand Jury to investigate this issue. New York City citizens tend to be pro-Israel, pro-Patriot Act, and totally convinced that Islam is America's enemy and that Congressman King and Schumer and Leberman and other hawks aren't hawkish enough.

    So that's a hard thing to do.

    Honestly if there's any chance of getting a Grand Jury to investigate issues such as the detained Israelis after 911 and so forth it would have to be some Grand Jury somewhere with jurisdiction. Maybe in D.C. or that place in Pennsyvania where the other plane went down, or maybe Boston or someplace where the plans took off from......

    It would require someone like Garrison in New Orleans to push it, and he would face the same problems or worse. Whoever got close would be shut down, assassinated. Make no mistake.

    As for the CIA rivalry with NSA I don't see that playing a big part in this. Tenant and those around him are guilty of fraud and other crimes also. CIA doesn't have the mission of NSA but CIA has enough missions of covert action and counter-terrorism to keep them busy without the NSA stuff - which frankly hasn't generated a damn thing. Why would CIA want that shit?

    Now as far as not hearing anything in counter-terror about Clarke....

    Did you ever hear of Fred Rustmann?

    1. As was shown in the novel "Body of Lies" the jihadists assumed from the beginning that all electronic communications were vulnerable and stopped using them long ago....

      The NSA programs are truely lunatic and at best only deter any evildoers from using normal means, therefore causing them a lot of inconvenience.

      Now that the scope of the spying has been confirmed has anything changed?

      Well at least the Chancellor of Germany is personally offended and pissed off because [believe it or not] listening to other friendly leaders' personal phone is something no German would ever consider doing.

      It's of course telling that America's other allies in France, the UK and Italy don't give a shit because of course it's what they would do if they could...those scumbags.

  5. No really.....

    If one man like a Jim Garrison took on the Israeli connection to 911 the Israelis would make him have a massive heart attack or fast acting cancer in short order....

    And what's sad is that the Israelis have plenty of Americans here on their side who would be very happy to assist them.

  6. Wonderful summary of the criminal syndicate aka "deep government".

  7. Dr. P.
    Oliver stone has been trying to reach you..he needs some wisdom & a consultant.

    Contact him ASAP before he hires Michael Hayden.

  8. Best yet

  9. New post:
    "Based on that history, and information that has emerged since the Benghazi attack, it is a good bet that Congress will not address the following two issues in their upcoming hearings:

    The first issue likely to be avoided is the Benghazi-based CIA covert-action project, compromised by both the death of the American ambassador to Libya, Stephens, and the immediate political response of Congress following the attacks on the State Department complex – which we now know to have been a State Department cover for a covert CIA weapons interdiction operation run out of the “embassy annex.”

    There is every indication that a pro-active covert action was in play, involving not only CIA personnel but the ambassador himself. Stephens acted as a conduit to Libyans who had come to trust him when the U.S. and NATO worked with them during the insurgency against Muammar Qaddafi.

    The Committee will most likely not call former Richard A. Clarke, the former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism.

    In 1999, Clarke was assigned to conduct a hard-nosed, pragmatic assessment of embassy security, sending multi-agency teams around the world to look at American facilities from the terrorists’ viewpoint. As a result, the Clinton Administration strengthened security at some places, closed posts that could not be made safe, and suspended diplomatic and consular services in nations where the governments were unwilling to provide security.

    That project required money, and it was funded by the Clinton administration and Congress. But, as Clarke relates in his book, “Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror,” these funds were removed from the budget in 2000, and embassy protection slipped to a lower priority – where it has remained ever since."

  10. I think that as a nation we know it is staying a cover up. There is plenty of credible evidence that points to Israeli involvement. It isn't that hard to see. A few hours of research and looking at credible evidence like police reports from East Rutherford NJ on 911 tell the tale. Anyways, all I can say is that I am nauseated by Israel. I think they are the most putrid people on earth. If Iran nukes them I wouldn't shed a would be Karma baby .

    1. If israel was so omnipotent they would have gotten jonathan pollard released from incarceration 30 years ago...
      You are merely seeking a scapegoat...every generation has a new one. Nowadays the conditioning propaganda Is most HATE the Muslims.

      You are immature, a bigot, & lack wisdom.

      You are obsolete.