Tuesday, June 17, 2014

House Of Lies:  The Inevitable Downfall of Iraq,
 a Vietnam Redux!  A Repeated Case Study of America’s Obsessional Need to Delude its People and the World! 
This is the story of a fallen US military and  corrupt US/Vietnamese/Iraq civilian governments,  wrapped in self-delusion;  harnessed by incompetence; and leading us to the inevitable outcome of massive carnage and historical  shame.
As a teenager in Toulouse, France,  the first and last memory I had of French Indochina was that Dien Bien Phu had been overrun by the Viet Cong.  A few years later,  I was to hear those same words of defeat regarding the vicious War in Algeria where France had brutally colonized an Arab country for well over one hundred years.  Clearly,  the country of France and all of its adjunct philosophies expiated its colonial imperialism to spell ‘defeat’, ‘anachronism’ and ‘futility’.

Imagine my reaction when I had heard that a 37 year old French Military Officer named David Galula had written two books entitled:  Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958 and another ironically called,  Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory And Practice written in 1964.  David was part of a school of French Military officers associated with “GUERRE REVOLUTIONNAIRE”.   Rather than accept the fact that the French Army was born,  bred and brainwashed to be nothing more than an instrument of defeat,  these arrogant Organisation de L’Armee Secrete,  or OAS [they tried to assassinate Charles De Gaule],  blamed the French Government for being ineffectual.

This COIN [counterinsurgency] theory of ‘winning the hearts and minds of the restless natives’ became popular with General William Westmoreland [father of our Vietnam Defeat] and my former boss,  Henry no war is a bad war Kissinger.  In addition,  this hearts/minds theory permeated the CIA tentacle in the personages of William Colby,  General Edward Landsdale [“The Quiet American”] and his stool pigeon,  Dan Ellsberg [Pentagon Papers; yesterday’s Snowden].  Thus this nonsensical theory which had never worked in the past two hundred years was used to justify the death of 58,195 American soldiers in VietNam and hundreds of thousands wounded veterans.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Le Durc Tho,  once said to me when I was DAS for East Asia in the late 1980’s that “America was lazy”.  He was being polite.  We were more than ‘lazy’ we were purposefully creating lies and theories of war that had no correspondence to any reality in any country,  then Viet Nam now Iraq and Afghanistan.  My first and last words to my students at the War College at Ft McNair, Washington , DC. about the impending assault in Iraq ‘that it was a major mistake for which we were neither prepared nor understood.’  However,  being right was never a commodity highly valued by our civilians in government or our military.  In turn,  my students [Colonels, Majors, CIA, State Dept.  et. al. ] retorted as one might have expected, “this will be a short war.  Wait till you see the ‘Shock And Awe’…”  You know how that story ends (or doesn’t).
It always amazes me how resistant we,  Americans are to understanding duplicity and deceit practiced by our own civilian/military leaders against us,  the innocent American citizens.  Is this why we never teach contemporary history in our schools?  Better to keep the next generation dumb?
 All the students in my class at Ft McNair had understood the following premises:
[1] Iraq was a deceptive construct created in the 1920’s by Gertrude Bell [British MI-6; “Queen of the Desert”] in order to artificially unite three disparate entities – the Kurds in the north; the minority Sunnis in Baghdad; and the majority Shi’ites in Basra [where the Brits were pumping oil].
[2] 9/11 was a Bush /Cheney/Rumsfeld ‘stand down’ a la Paul Wolfowitz,  Steve Hadley, Condi; Elliot Abrams; David Addington etc.
[3] Paul ‘Jerry’ Bremer was a faux scholar/warrior who wrote a completely nonsensical article in the Mad Magazine or CFR’S “FOREIGN AFFAIRS” Journal—how ‘we,  Americans,  would accrue oil, money and wealth after our ‘successful invasion of Iraq’. 

Sidebar:  Bremer,  an abject reject from the Office of Counter-Terrorism at the State Dept and a DEVOTED MEMBER of OPUS DEI,  made certain along with his legal toddy, Walter Slocombe [a high paid DC Legal Pimp] to completely dissolved the SUNNI MILITARY ---allowing 20,000 Sunnis to form the nidus of a major ‘terrorist phenomena’ that would eventually overrun the country and overthrow the Shi’ite led Govt imposed by the ignorant US officials.
I warned my students that Generals like Tommy Frank,  George Casey,  Abizaid were going to lead them into defeat and mayhem.  The force structure of 75,000 US soldiers was at best inadequate,  at worst criminal.  I also added that Wolfowitz and his Deputy Zalmay Khalizad [Afghan CIA asset] and Doug Feith were completely useless and incapable of creating a post-Saddam Hussein civilian government.   Zalmay was awarded Ambassadorship to Afghanistan and became the ‘token Muslim’ in the Bush Jr administration.  Wolfowitz was rewarded for his egregious incompetency with the Presidency of the World Bank,  he lost that too.

That’s a thumbnail sketch of the history of counter-insurgency and American leaders willingness to fall into this Peter’s Principal of Incompetency or Murphy’s law, then have the nerve to write a stupid book about it.  Take Robert Gates book, Duty (or I call it Doody),  written by a guy who knows nothing about war but a lot about kowtowing to his civilian bosses and how to lie about it.  After I read the book,  I realized how little our CIA and DCI knows about real world issues and how these insulated, corrupt purveyors of self deception promote their idiotic analyses.

What did we really get from the Iraq and Afghanistan war??  Did we get some “war heroes”?  Let’s take General David ‘all in’ Petraeus who created the “counter insurgency strategy” in his army manual FM3-24.  Through an ersatz intellectual slight of hand,  Petraeus applies the failed COIN to the non-existent war on terror.  Amazing isn’t it?  This so called intellectual bullshit goes far in the army,  especially when they don’t listen to or read their own studies at RAND (created by the brilliant Curtis LeMay and my old alma mater).  RAND studied 648 terrorist groups that were active from 1968 to 2006 and concluded that “policing”  not military action was effective 40% of the time in deterring such activities.  What use does Petraeus have for real research and facts when he can manipulate the public perception of the Iraq/Afghanistan war to promote a “surge”??  A surge in his groin is more like it when he gets honey-trapped by his CIA biographer,  Paula Broadwell.

What about the self-made General Stanley McChrystal?   I had met this gentleman at one of my last meetings at the CFR.  He introduced himself as ‘having just run five miles from Brooklyn to Manhattan’.  I was unimpressed.  He deliberately lied about the cover-up of the famous Pat Tillman’s death by friendly fire.   This pompous ass forgot that I had also known about his history of detainee abuse and torture at various prisons in Iraq.
I could go on about these self-created publicity hounds that call themselves generals.  These guys are surrounded by cooks, body guards, PR people and travel on private jets while allowing hundreds of our men/women to die or be wounded in meaningless conflicts around the world and throughout our history.  The civilian hawks are evil yes,  but what gives with these military leaders that promote themselves as idols???   The story of Korea, VietNam, Iraq and Afghanistan are wrapped in a painful package of lies contrived by civilian elites and executed by their consorts,  the military leadership.   
The veterans that know better from their own experience need to raise up collectively and say NO to going back into Iraq.  Citizens must educate themselves so they “Don’t Get Fooled Again!”.  I thoroughly devoured The Operators by Michael Hastings.  I read that his next target was John O. Brennan,  perhaps that’s why he is RIP.    An informed citizen will not be fooled nor allow their children to be sacrificed to the greedy, misguided thing we now know as government.


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    1. The problem is American civic culture, it's media and educational system, all of which give a misleading narrative to the public about the history of their wars.

      Last night Bill O'Reilly gave a speech saying that, "whenever Americans fight it's to bring freedom to someone." This sounds a lot like Madeline Albright's, "I always believed in American power."

      This is what the public is always told, so it's no surprise that it's servicemen believe this also.

    2. But it's impossible to form a strategy if you don't know the motivations of your enemy, or of the public whose sentiments you depend on in theater, or even the actual motives of your own decision-makers.

      Therefore these interventions are doomed from the start, and only the most ruthless servicemen eventually get wise to what's going on and yeild to the only methods which can work when the population is actually against you - terror. As for the balance of the servicemen who never catch on, they are doomed to walk into endless boobitraps or drive over countless land mines [IEDs] placed there by the people whose feelings you can never understand because you don't even know what you're role there actually is.

    3. In Vietnam American servicemen were told that the people had no convictions about communism but were terrorized into cooperation. Therefore they could be persuaded against communism if only their government in Siagon would show a good example of how benevolent capitalism could be.

      The assumption here is that communism couldn't possibly be desired by the people following their own self interest....and this was the opposite of the truth.

      The truth in Vietnam was that it was a feudal society where 90 percent of the public could never own the land they worked, and had no prospect for improvement. What surf living in a feudal society wouldn't choose Marxism to that? The answer is pretty obvious. Add to that the brutal terror of the Siagon regimes, their anti-democratic nature, their alliance with foreign imperial powers, not to mention their indifference to the most basic dignities of their people and their criminal corruption.....

      The truth is that every village in Vietnam wanted to become Marxist, many declaring themselves so even before any Viet Minh or National Liberation Front representatives found them on the map! The only people in Vietnam who didn't want to become communist were the land owners, some merchants [many of whom were not even Vietnamese but Chinese anyway] and the Roman Catholics.....

      So did "hearts and minds" have any chance? Of course not, and the reason is because the choice of the people was between being a surf and Marxism -- not between being a surf and being a surfer on a Malibu beach or a unionized factory worker in Detroit or Altoona Pennsylvania......

      No persuasion could work because the persuasion is based on the false idea that Marxism isn't in their best interests....which it was given the alternatives.

    4. But "hearts and minds" was a fiction told to the servicemen and to lowest level CIA case officers.

      The truth about Vietnam which I describe was KNOWN DAMN WELL by people such as Lucien Conein, Ted Shackley, Bill Colby, Danny Ellsberg and Ed Lansdale.

      To those such as these the game was to continue the terror started by the Diems, and build on it such that the NLF or anyone else could find no support, nothing in which to "swim in like a fish in water.." or in other words, to deny any armed resistance the resources of the public such as the British had in the Boar War.

      The Boar War was the strategy actually used in Vietnam, and that involved denying fighters any resources from the public by terrorizing them into cooperation, destroying their resources, confining them, etc.

      What was followed WAS NOT the British later successful counter-insurgency strategy of 1957 in Maylaya, in which a communist rural insurgency was defeated through special ops.

      Added to the CIA's ruthless tactics, focused primarily on the use of criminals from the prison system and other wanton murderous sociopaths [the only people cruel and purposeless enough to conduct the terror]......

      Many long-serving servicemen in the Air Force and Army grew to finally understand that it was THE CIVILIAN POPULATION which was the enemy, and that therefore mass bombing of South Vietnamese villages was the only effective solution.

    5. In Iraq a similar false narrative was created for a situation in which the mission could never succeed because the basic precepts are based on a melodramic/sentimental view of the morale dimension. In other words, as communism was falsely portrayed in Vietnam as worse than their current conditon, in Iraq Saddam Hussein was viewed as morally worse than anything that might come later.....

      That's why no planning was done. Some wanted to turn the country over immediately to the Iraqis, but Bremmer reported that the Iraqis weren't ready and counldn't handle it - that's why the mission changed over to an occupation.

      But the biggest problem is the ideology, the moralizing melodrama of the Saddam image here. The biggest problem Iraq had wasn't Saddam, as many including CIA case officer there Robert Baer had claimed.

      For those of us who knew the history of the place and the actual feelings of the public we knew what Robert Baer never saw from his immediate perspective there interacting with only a few people........which was.....

      The sectarian divide there was as strong as that in Yougoslavia, and all it needed was a spark to set it off into a situation in which Iraq too would have to be dismembered.

    6. As of today many Iraqi old hands are saying that the inevitable outcome will be DISMEMBERMENT OF IRAQ.

      It looks like that's going to happen.

      When it does this will be the conclusion of a long-standing goal of the Israelis, the Persians, and the Saudis.

      There will be no more Iraq anymore to have to plot contrived wars against, or support internal subversion against, or anything else....

      Because there will be no Iraq.

      There will be a balkanized area of three seperate states.

    7. What Madeline Albright said was, I always believed in THE GOODNESS of American power.

    8. In rural eastern Cambodia if it was seen by the US photo interpreters that the rows of planting were performed in straight line rather than their traditional curved patterns owing to the terracing techniques they had always used....

      Then that village was designated as a "Viet Cong" village and targeted for bombing by US Air Froce assets, either the B-52s or other covert air assets.

      The difference between a "Viet Cong village" in Cambodia or Viet Nam and all other villages was that the Viet Cong villages were the ones where the inhabitants hadn't been terrorized yet into keeping the NLF out....

      It was the opposite of what the Americans were claiming....that a village "fell" into Viet Cong hands becauese of communist propaganda or terror.

      Grunts on the ground were of course dismayed when it eventually dawned on them that the inhabitants of EVERY village viewed them as the enemy. This resulted in different kinds of atrocities.

    9. So CIA and the Green Berets and others would seek to train village inhabitants into "defending their own villages" from "attack from the Viet Cong......"

      In each and every situation those trained to fight as irregulars, etc. in this role where themselves communists like everyone else in the villages and either didn't fight the NLF, or actually joined the NLF after training.

      Therefore the only real fighters available were the mountain peoples such as the Montanyards, etc. which killed any Vietnamese because they hated Vietnamese and didn't give a shit about communism or anything of the kind.

  2. Fucking tragic. Lies piled on top of lies. How could any avg citizen not be incredibly disgusted and dismayed by all the bullshit. Worst part is, most of these people have drunk their OWN koolaid. I don't hold out much hope for a good ending with these psychopathic dimwits calling the shots.

  3. It will take a generation of the next potential recruits for the meat grinder of war to fully wake up to the scam it all is and reject it outright - Great blog Dr. Steve. A real winner.

  4. Any right thinking person not fooled by the propaganda could see where this was going when we went back in a second time. All these pimps had to have known. Their silence keeps them in their high positions.

    The forth branch of government, the media, will not speak the plain truth. God help us all.

  5. Excellent post once again but not one that should come as a shock to regular readers of this blog! I'm finding it very difficult to digest any mainstream view or official statements for that matter" you've got Hilarity blaming the Iraqi government Sarah Palin describing it as gods work with little mention of the $1 billion arms deal being struck between USA/ Iraq! And to top it off we have our very own former prime minister Blair offering up a 2800 word composition of delusional ramblings but with the present home Secretary saying it was right to invade Iraq in the first place! I'd love to know Dr P's impressions on Tony Blair or any of the British government! I sincerely hope the general public do indeed wake up but when I read headline news that describes "jersey royal potatoes being too big eat" I have to shake my head in disbelief!! Regarding Blair's essay I enjoyed the comedian Frankie Boyle's analysis on it, " I have no problem with tony Blair talking about the Iraq invasion its just that it should be in the Hague" At least we can still laugh folks!

  6. "It always amazes me how resistant we, Americans are to understanding duplicity and deceit practiced by our own civilian/military leaders against us, the innocent American citizens."

    Indeed it never ceases to amaze: the level of unreality that Americans are willing to believe, the fairy-tale of American exceptionalism they stubbornly cling to, but with which they are manipulated into committing not just their treasure, but the blood of their sons and daughters.

    Try to explain to them that the justifications for the wars they consent to are all lies, carefully crafted and disseminated to the American people; because in fact without their consent and without their willingness to believe the lie, the war machine would be rendered utterly powerless... But it is like explaining to a five-year old that there is no Santa Claus. They become angry, go into tantrums, plug their ears and go LA-DI-DA-DI I'M NOT LISTENING!!!

    Ultimately, then, because of their abject preference for the lie over the truth, the American people are culpable for the deception and all its resulting bloodshed.

    All we can do is keep plugging away, keep breaking the bad news that they don't want to hear, and hopefully they will snap out of their trance, and soon...

    1. Another case in point, going from the "lie we wanted to believe" to the brutal reality, as told by a Libyan...

      When the world stood up for us in February 2011, we thought we would never be isolated again. The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1973 to “protect civilians” against what it called “systematic attacks” by regime forces. When the Friends of Libya group was formed in March 2011 to help us be free, we naively became more confident in the “international community.” Yet the moment the regime fell and we started at each other’s throats, we looked around to see our “friends” had all but disappeared, stopped being friends or came only for the cake.

      Three years on, more than a million Libyans are living abroad. Hundreds of families are in foreign countries, far from home for no reason other than fear — fear of kidnapping, extortion, torture or arbitrary death at the hands of rogue militias the world helped arm to bring down the Gadhafi regime. Thousands of Libyans are displaced within the country, with the entire population of Tawergha, a coastal city east of Tripoli, unable to return to their now destroyed homes and businesses. In October 2012, Bani Walid, southwest of Tripoli, was under siege for more than six weeks before it was invaded in broad daylight. Scores of women, children and elderly citizens were killed. Since the end of the war in October 2011, the populations of more than a dozen other towns and villages in western Libya were attacked or forced to flee their homes. Hundreds of civilians were killed, and thousands more are languishing in detention centers outside any judicial process. Victims of torture have retold to different international rights groups the sorts of inhumane treatment they have suffered at the hands of their captors.

    2. The public has to believe any story told to them which reinforces their faith that they always are the good guys.

      If you try to tell them that they've been fooled all along and have really been the bad guys they will never...NEVER..believe anything you say.

      They don't understand that the people they always fight against think of themselves as the good guys too.....

      They always accept the propaganda about the atrocities the enemy has committed, and never believe the stories about the atrocities the Americans commit.

      Americans grow up going to public schools which compete against nearby schools in sports, and are very competitive. They always emotionally want to believe in the home team.

  7. Great Post. I was always surprised that Charles De Gaule was able to survive so many assassination attempts by his own side, especially as he was so tall, easy shot for a sniper. Also I have never understood how those with the resources of a state like Saddam or Gaddafi never dispatched a 'team' to take out any leaders who were attacking them, especially when they were going down and had folk who would die for them. As I understand it War is not even about resources in the Smedley Butler/ Brzezinski way anymore but rather for its own sake so the MIC can replenish and grow itself moving on to contractors and then infrastructure rebuilding.The biggest mystery of all is how parents can encourage or let their children join the Military when it is just a big mincing machine for the politicians. Whose disdain for them was encapsulated in the famous Kissinger quote about ' Dumb Animals', how do the politicians like Bush and Cheney get away with being war lovers for the public, yet when it was there turn avoided conflict like the plague. Maybe these inconsistencies are why it is going remote control with Drones so that the public is even more disassociated from the reality and can just get on with Hi-Def sport and celebrity culture, not so many of those troublesome body bags coming home then.

    1. At the same time DeGaule's government was plotting his assassination John Kennedy's government was plotting his as well.

      Some people are simply fated to die while for others the efforts against them always fail.

      Hitler survived so many assassination attempts they can't be counted. The same goes for Castro.

  8. "Once you have digested the fact that America has the world’s largest prison gulag, another major thing to digest is the USA government, and much of America, is primarily a sales organization, whose chief tool is hype and propaganda and outright lies. America is a culture built on sales and advertising; it focuses on portraying an image, not the reality beneath it.

    This is why America was so casual about inventing and selling the lies about “weapons of mass destruction” to help start the Iraq invasion. It was just a question of whatever lies needed to be told, in order to sell the product; there was no concern about afterwards, when the lies were exposed. America just figures it can later send out more salespeople with more lies, in an endless cycle. Tomorrow is just another day, when America will try to sell another product, the “war on terror”, the “spread of freedom”, or whatever.

    The selling never stops, in Washington or Hollywood. America sells political lies like Hollywood sells movies. When the USA President talks about “advancing the cause of freedom”, he basically means freedom for big corporations to do business. He’s not really talking about actual personal freedom for real people. But he grins when he talks about “freedom” because it’s a good word of salesmanship, people hear him and some of them can be duped into believing that America cares about personal or political freedom....

    America’s lies and sleazy arguments to make excuses for torture, or to deny people the rights of the Geneva convention, or holding people for many years without charges, are also just an extension of the deviousness in America’s domestic legal system. Inside America, neither its laws nor its Constitution nor the facts nor evidence nor anything else, no longer have real authority inside the American courts....

    Theoretically, torture and abuse is totally outlawed by America’s Constitution, but some of the nice words in America’s Constitution hold little power anymore, despite how often people quote them. The Americans who still believe the Constitution protects them, are mostly those people who haven’t yet dealt with the judges and lawyers of America’s corrupt legal system...

    Scandals of overseas prison abuse, as in the USA-run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, have arisen from sources much deeper than America’s foreign policy. These scandals are in part replications of inmate abuse inside of America’s domestic prison gulag. Without diminishing the brutality of the crimes committed by Americans in Iraqi prisons, it is also true that such crimes are consistent with the brutality of prisons inside America..."

    1. ..."America’s two big political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, can be seen as another phony game like America’s courts. The two parties actually get their hundreds of millions of dollars in money from the same people at the same big corporations who own the rest of America. These two American parties pretend to argue with each other over emotional issues like gun control and abortion rights, but in the end both of these parties serve the big corporations. Half of Americans are still fooled into thinking that these parties represent them, the other half sense it is phony but feel helpless and don’t know what to do. This is why people don’t vote very much in America; they feel it is hopeless and useless.

      You can also forget about America’s human rights and civil liberties groups, even though it looks, at first, like there are many such groups on the internet. Many such groups are just money-raising groups which don’t help victims, or are tied to the two main political parties or some narrow agenda. They are all scared of the legal system, too, and there is no one with any significant funding or money, who is out there helping the victims of legal corruption. They can’t find lawyers to help them, either. There are some overwhelmed and struggling projects here and there, doing worthy work for a few of the innocent people in prison, but they function in an environment of timidity and fear, and without the resources or clout or media access to expose or change what is happening..."

  9. The flaming homosexual Gore Vidal, who was jealous of John Kennedy for many reasons, always sought to portray him as indecisive and incompetent. This was the opposite of the truth.

    However Barak Obama is actually as Gore Vidal falsely claimed Kennedy to be. Obama never commits to anything, always talks and threatens but never acts, never makes up his mind, delays and dithers, and is afraid to act.

    This is exactly what is needed now in foreign affairs. Hands off, not spending any more money over there, and staying at home and being a spectator is what is needed.

    ISIS can take over parts of Iraq, maybe most of Iraq, maybe all of Iraq, and no one in America will be harmed in the least.

    They can set up a Cahlifate from one end of the muslim world to the other and they won't come the United States and threaten anyone here.

    When southeast asia went communist if didn't harm anyone in the United States and it's the same now.

  10. A very bad film-maker with a big belly who loves to collect guns and write aweful scripts named JOHN MILIUS [sp] which sounds like a Latvian name.....

    Keeps making this "Red Dawn" movie over and over again portraying the American heartland invaded by overseas powers but being saved by teenagers who learn to drink blood and use automatic weapons.

    It takes a mind as fucking stupid as that to believe that the United States would ever be harmed by any of these idiotic conflicts twelve thousand miles away.

    1. agree, recently watched the documentary about him on netflix, what a nut job.

  11. And while we're at it every year I think the sanctions on Cuba are renewed because Cuba is "a direct an imminent threat to the security of the United States....."

    Oh yeah Cuba has been a dagger pointed at the heart of America for 55 years!

    I'm still waiting for the Cubans to get in their fleet of fishing vessels and inner tubes and paddle their way to Florida so they can bring the fruits of socialism to the Seminole indians there, or maybe the crackers living in sheds among the alligators and manatees of the mangroves and everglades!

    I can foresee an ad hoc militia of bikers, meth cooks, and other ner-do-wells of the everglads in a titanic battle of the wetlands seeking to expell the Cubans!

    1. That would be an epic battle for sure Mit, I think the alligators could win. However looking now at our Southern U.S. border, and our questionable "immigration policies", it sorta looks like an invasion, which will have some ripple effects on demographics, voting, healthcare, social welfare etc etc. What are your thoughts on this influx of immigrants as border patrol is tasked & paid now, to look the other way and various charities are facilitating the relocation of these people, mostly children it seems?

    2. Central America is imploding. Pre-teens are usually tapped by their uncles and cousins and by the time they're twenty they've had as many Ninos as white girls in foster care in the USA.....

      These baby-makers are breeding beyond control and it's time we re-visit the writings of M. Sanger and other eugenicists which other libertarians view with horror.

      The ultimate battleground of human happiness is our physical endowments, including our intelligence and moral innate structures.

      The eugenicists were right all along and we need to consider using the state to apply these all important principles.

    Where to begin. This is an embarrassing mess.
    The Truth About Cheney, the Democrats and Saddam's WMD
    June 19, 2014
    RUSH: Megyn Kelly last night on her show on Fox really ripped into the Cheneys. She questioned them from a place that would be close to where the left would question the Cheneys. It was not rude or impolite, but the nature of the questions... well, I'll just tell you, I had a couple people, "What is happening to Fox? Did you see?"
    Which takes me back to Dick Cheney's answer. The second sound bite that we played. After Megyn Kelly asked him this question: "Time and again history's proven you got it wrong as well, sir. You said there's no doubt Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. You said we'd be greeted as liberators, said the Iraq insurgency was in its last throes. You said that after our intervention extremists would have to rethink their strategy of jihad. What do you say to those who say you were so wrong?" And Cheney said he fundamentally disagrees. He said, "You gotta go back --" and, by the way, everything he says here is right on the money, dead-on true.

    "You gotta go back and look at the track record. There was no doubt in anybody's mind about the extent of Saddam's involvement in weapons of mass destruction." If I have to ask Cookie to do this in order to prove this, I will, because we have them. We have sound bites of Bill Clinton in 1998 warning of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, that it's eerie. It's almost -- not quite; it's almost word-for-word for what George W. Bush was saying in 2003 and 2004.
    My point here is that Cheney is exactly right when he says there's no doubt in anybody's mind about the extent of Saddam's involvement in weapons of mass destruction. Everybody around the world, including Colin Powell, believed that Saddam had 'em.
    We had serious people running the country. 9/11 was huge! I think it's already been forgotten except for the family members. Back then if you're president of the United States or vice president, and there is any indication that anybody who had anything to do with it or was planning another one, "Well, we're gonna take 'em out." Revenge, retribution was on everybody's mind. Saddam was out bragging about the weapons of mass destruction that he had. We had data intelligence that backed it up.
    RUSH: Everybody wants to sit here and second-guess going into Iraq. What everybody ought to be second-guessing is the election of Barack Obama, if you want to know the truth. That's what we ought to be second-guessing. Now, look, I'm not gonna sit here and just blindly ignore some things. Cheney was wrong; we were not gonna be greeted as liberators in there. It's a Shi'a country. It's an Islamic country.

    That's why it's screwed up, from our perspective. But everything else about this? Bush put together this coalition; everybody was in favor of it.

    1. Because he "has talent on loan from God."

  13. Speaking of Curt LeMay....

    On Youtube he can be seen appearing, interviewed, after having completed the first US bombing mission against Germany. He's awkward in speaking in front of the camera and he looks very young compared to what you'd be used to.

    I don't know if this is true or not but.....

    Someone from the Navy told me that in the 1960s at some point that a team from Central Security Service was tasked to assassinate LeMay upon the outbreak of any hostilities with Russia.

    I have no idea if that was true.

    1. However I think it may have been true..actually.

  14. I used to believe that nuclear war was very possible, and so a great deal of my time was focused on looking for places of strategic instability.

    The only way normal people would choose strategic war would be if they convinced themselves that they could strike first and prevent the enemy from retaliating with even a handful of weapons.

    I worked and worked on that problem and after all my gaming and study I just couldn't make it work. By the early 1960s each side was going to be able to retaliate with at least a few warhead NO MATTER WHAT YOU TRIED TO DO...

    The problem lied however in that if you had a national leader who thought that losing a few of your own cities was acceptable, then all bets may be off.....

    I only found three individuals who professed that point of view and actually beleived it. Those people were:

    Joseph Stalin
    Curt LeMay
    Tom Powers

    Everyone who worked with LeMay and Powers understood that.

    1. Fidel Castro in his bravado claims that he belongs on that list, but he's lying......

  15. Barry Goldwater used to tell a story about how he was threatened by Curt LeMay after Goldwater asked him about UFOs.

    Who is the celebrity who claimed that Richard Nixon told him he was taken to a base and shown alien corpses?


    Jackie Gleason

    "AND AWAAAY WE GO !!!"

    "And now from Miami Beach...It' s the Jackie Gleason show!!"

  16. So let's say Johnson was President in 1962 and Russian missiles are discovered in Cuba...

    LeMay and the Chiefs would have attacked Cuba and Russians would have responded by using some atomic bombs on the invading Marines, Army and Navy. Soviet subs would have used nuclear torpedos on American ships....

    It would have been a bad day for American sailors and Marines, and for every one killed there would have been ten very badly burned and maimed.

    After that I don't think Johnson or anyone in the Kremlin would have ordered an escalation which would have put every Russian city and seven or eight American cities through the same thing.

    The horror of the first atomic casualties would have caused a pause, without question.

    1. And the President and others would probably hole up at The Greenbrier in give some sanctimonious speech in a room with artificially recreated blue skies with fluffy white clouds telling everyone were winning all while the American flag is blowing in the gentle breeze on the movie screen backdrop. How pleasant nuclear war could be depicted. And as the 40+ ton blast proof door closes, there would be riot gear and shot guns at the entrance to keep out the riff raff. Sounds teriffic. And to pass the idol hours LBJ could do a few dozen bicep curls by lifting dogs up by their ears while he assures the rest of us on the surface not to worry about radiation poisoning. Sign me up.

  17. Today people take it for granted that communism is a bankrupt system that has nothing to offer the public.

    But in the 1950s and 1960s the reason why communism was so feared was because it was viewed as more than competitive - it was viewed as a system which in economic terms might be better for much of the public.

    The reason why it was opposed wasn't because it was economically inferior but because it was murderously cruel and tyrannical in regimenting society into a single conformist mass of drones with no liberty of any kind in order to achieve economic results....that and the fact that it destroyed all religion. It cannot be underestimated the simple religious motivation within anti-communism.

    The families of the victims were doled out an additional $7.1 million. For what? This is on top of what they've already been paid, plus all the donations to their individual websites. Also, a top police investigator of Sandy Hook has died of an unexpected, unknown illness at age 49.

    Sandy Hook Hoax; Another Payoff
    Published on Jun 17, 2014

    Newtown Paid $7.1 Million to Keep Quiet About Hoax
    Published on Jun 20, 2014

    Mystery Death of Sandy Hook Cop - Hidden Connections, and Ties to Vegas Joker?
    Published on Jun 21, 2014