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Call to Action for World Jewry: In the Midst of Bulgarian Domestic Turmoil,  Jews all over the World should Show Support for the Bulgarian People!!
  Unbeknownst to most people in the world,  the Bulgarian people [population—9million] have been protesting the high rise of electricity imposed by the government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
Like many Central European countries, Bulgaria confronts many serious challenges in trying to preserve it’s tenuous relationship with the EU.  In particular, Bulgaria is unable to meet the severe EU-sanctioned financial austerity policies.  As a result,  the price of gas, oil, and electricity has arisen quite dramatically
This extreme price hike has been accompanied by protests and riots all over the major cities of Bulgaria. 
  Quite truthfully, no one is really at fault here.  The Russians who supply the natural gas to Bulgaria have been very tempered in their approach to Bulgaria’s perceived problem.  Russia wants to insure that the construction of the South Stream Natural Gas Pipeline continues therefore it does not want to create any form of political instability.   Russia may even offer Sofia [the capital] short-term natural gas contracts in order to alleviate this problem.   However, this would only be a temporary solution.
  Similarly, Prime Minister Borisov  has dissolved his government in order to respond to the demands of his citizens.  Such a dismissal is also temporary in nature. What Bulgaria really is experiencing is symptomatic of the problems characteristic of the all the Central European country allied with the EU--- a stalling economic growth and increasing unemployment
  So what do the Jews around the world have to do with Bulgaria’s problem which is not really related to any Manichaean,  good-guy, bad-guy scenario? 
  For one thing,  Jews should/can invest in the Bulgarian economy.   We can encourage construction of new plants and fund as ‘angel investors’ multiple start-ups . 
  The Bulgarians are quite youthful, knowledgeable and sophisticated in business.   They all know English and are conversant with several languages.  
How do I know about Bulgaria or why do I care about it?
SIDEBAR: I had invested in real estate there ten years ago for the reasons you will see below. CERTAINLY NOT FOR PROFIT!!! 
  I am a Diaspora Jew, I became acquainted with a very little known story about the bravery and courage of the Bulgarian people during World War II and how this Nazi ally helped save 50,000 Bulgarian Jews in complete defiance of Hitler and his Wehrmacht Army. 
At the time of WWII,   Bulgaria was a country of 7million people who descended from a proud dynasty of Thracians from the Second Century AD. 
  But during this time, Bulgaria unfortunately aligned itself [as it did in WWI] with the Germans/Nazi in a strategic attempt to reconstitute it’s previous hegemony over Macedonia [from Yugoslavia] and Thrace [from Greece] which had been taken away from the Bulgarians after WWI.  
In 1940,  Bulgaria instituted according to the Nuremberg Laws, legal, social and moral restrictions on it’s fifty thousand Jewish Population.   Bulgaria had also deported non-Bulgarian Jews in those territories of Macedonia and Thrace. 
Then in 1943,  the Nazis and Hitler in particular had informed King Boris III that the Bulgarian Jews would have to be deported to Poland and to their inevitable extermination.
  As the deportation date grew closer, the people of Bulgaria, consisting mainly of other minority groups (Armenians, Turks, Greeks and Gypsies) along with the majority of Bulgarian Orthodox Christians rose up in spontaneous protest against their Nazi ally and refused to help the Nazis round-up the Jews.  This moral uprising DID NOT happen in the rest of Christian Europe and Scandinavia. 
  Parliamentary leader Dimitar Peshev led a coalition of forty-three Bulgarian Legislators who registered their official protest at very great risk to their lives
  Simultaneously, the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church,  Archbishop Stefan actively worked against the deportation and issued FAKE BAPTISM CERTIFICATES in an attempt to save all the jews. 
  The Bulgarian newspapers consistently denounced the deportation, and worked underground to popularize their protest. 
  Bishop Cyril, who headed the Church in Plovdiv, threatened to lie down on the railroad tracks and promised the Jews, “WHEREVER YOU GO,  I WILL GO WITH YOU!!”
  Believe me there was not one Christian nation in all of Europe that ever defied and resisted en masse the dictats of their Nazi allies and subsequently saved over fifty thousand jews. 
Finally under public pressure,  King Boris III forbade the DEPORTATION in literally a FACE-TO-FACE confrontation with Hitler.
  As a result,  fearing an unnecessary redeployment of personnel and military assets,  Hitler succumbed to the demands of King Boris III and allowed the Bulgarian jews to survive. 
  Interestingly,  over forty thousand Bulgarian Jews emigrated to Israel.  One of those Jews was an Israeli war hero, General Bar Lev.   In addition, several major members of the Israeli Knesset were part of that act of Bulgarian defiance.  One of those parliamentarians was Michael Bar Zohar,  who later wrote a book called, Beyond Hitler’s Grasp
Now many of you may say very nice  but France, Denmark, Sweden and of course Holland saved a lot of jews in their own way.
True and NOT TRUE!!
  Let me go over the history of anti-semitism and the misbegotten narratives created by conspiratorial pro-Nazi governments in order to hide their nefarious deeds of deportation of the Jews, Christians, Gypsies, Slavs,  Homosexuals and political prisoners.
First,  let me explain why the world had not heard of the quiet HONORABLE DEEDS of the BULGARIAN CHRISTIAN NATION. 
  For decades, the Communists regime that had vanquished the Nazis in Bulgaria had kept this story secret in order to prevent the deification of King Boris III, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church,  and Non-Communist parliamentarians. 
So one system of government created a tarpaulin of silence and denial while other governments flaunted their non-existent heroism during the Nazi occupation.   Their so-called resistance to Jewish or other minority deportation was revisionist at best.
  Let’s closely examine the records of each of the European countries that basked in their vainglorious false narratives of ersatz bravery. 
  On top of my list of liars, has to be Holland.  No one can top the quickly contrived story of Anne Frank and the so-called Dutch defiance of Hitler.
When the Nazis invaded Holland it was very easy for the Germans to come into the country, German and Flemish are very similar languages and 25% of the SS Nazi Elite Unit were Dutch soldiers. 
  But in a far more evil and nefarious scheme, the Nazis allowed German jews to escape into Holland promising them a ‘safe route’.  But that was a lie.  The Dutch were so efficient in their systemic execution of their own and German Jews that they came in second (after Poland) for exterminating the majority of their Jewish population.
So this cowardly nation along with it’s Queen Beatrix had concocted with the help of British Intelligence a false narrative about a poor girl named Anne Frank who hid in an attic etc.  This “story” was disseminated around the world to deflect any attention or inspection into the nefarious past of Holland.
The American jews in their inevitable ignorance bought the story and flogged it all over the theater, movies.  They created memorials, plaques and nonsensical tributes when all the while the true heroes—The Bulgarians were denied their moment in the sun for their selfless bravery.
Next on my list is France.  My father served in the French Army as a Captain, where his first and last orders were to RETREAT!  In order to counteract the image of French collaboration with the Nazis,  Charles DeGaulle created a mythical figure called Jean Moulin who died as a resistance fighter.   In reality, the French police and military under Petain rounded up close to 74,000 innocent men, women and children and sent them to deportation camps, without Nazi orders!  (See the movie:  "Sarah's Key", earlier post)
Then we have the popular narrative that the King of Denmark wore a jewish star and rode a horse in public in order to show his defiance of the NAZI soldiers.  The truth of the matter was that an agent of the Abwehr Intelligence unit was told by Canaris to inform the Prime Minister of Denmark on the Eve of Rosh Hashannah that the 8000 jews would be deported and exterminated.  The Danish Prime Minister refused to help the jews.  So the NAZI INTELLIGENCE AGENT went to the high rabbi on that holiday and in turn the Rabbi organized Danish physicians to spirit the 8000 Danish Jews out of Denmark onto Swedish Fishing Boats in order to escape across the water into Sweden. 
It’s important to remember that everyone of the fishermen had requested and receive BLOOD MONEY for their assistance. 
Let’s talk about Sweden,  shall we…
  The famous Swedish industrialist family, the Wallenbergs,  gave major financial and personal backing to the Nazi party.  Yes, the same Wallenbergs who saved the Hungarian Jews.  However, the truth is a bit different than what we’ve read about or seen in the movies.   In reality, the OSS had ordered Raoul Wallenberg to go down to Hungary and try to save the remaining jews who were being deported late in WWII by giving them false visas.  This act of “heroism” was part of a cover up of the war crimes of the collaborationist government of King Gustav V and the Wallenbergs in particular.  Sweden also allowed 400,000 Nazi soldiers to cross their "neutral" border in order to slaughter the Norweigans.  (I wrote a book called Active Measures its the fictionalized truth of Sweden's hidden dark side)
Did I mention Switzerland yet?  The Swiss claimed neutrality during WWII but they did so in order to profit from both the Nazis and the allies.  They sold munitions, weapons and helped finance the Nazi war machine through Swiss numbered bank accounts.  Even Nestle that sweet corporation flew the Nazi flag in front of its headquarters until the end of the war.
Last but not least, is my own country---USA
  How did we react to the ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians in Europe?  
FDR (had he lived longer) would have had to confront the fact that we refused to let thousands of Jewish refugees into the country.  My parents had to wait seven years to get into the USA,  spending all their money on countless fake visas and eventually waiting it out in Cuba.  I blame a Princeton grad named Breckinridge Long who was assistant sec of state at the time.  He developed a “delay tactic” for U.S. visas that would effectively stop immigration- that was the plan!
After this brief WWII /Jewish history lesson,  you can understand why I think its time we, Jews, recognize BULGARIA for their courage and their humanity.  It’s a beautiful country and its people are strong and smart.  C’mon, lets help them out!   They deserve it!  It’s the least we can do for a country that saved 50,000 Jews especially when other nations took a more cowardly,  greedy path.


I will be posting soon, a dedication blog to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Bulgaria.
Here are some fun facts
I will be posting later tonight on Bulgaria, a beautiful country.  Here is some homework.

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btw, I love "House of Cards" on Netflix.  Really brilliant and entertaining.  I must admit I watched 13 episodes in three days.  Not a commercial,  just loved the writing and the acting, super tight.

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From a reader,  thank you for this very articulate review of ARGO

Cambodia Artifact Highlights Issue of American Greed [Sotheby’s] vs. Khmer Heritage and American Values.
In this blog, I have taken the liberty to address an issue that is not very salient to most Americans and probably will have little import to anyone but me.
The issue is very simple. 
In an inconspicuous article written by NY Times correspondent, Tom Mashberg [Saturday, February 16, 2103], in an  article entitled, “Cambodia Sees Ethical Conflict In Import Panel” highlights an issue that involves the integrity of the US State Department. (posted earlier today)
  In particular, the case at hand involves a simple point of law of who really owns a 10th Century Khmer Statue worth $3million. 
Does the home country Cambodia own it because it’s part and parcel of the Khmer heritage?
  Or does a non-Cambodian Belgian consignor’s wife who claims she bought in good faith from a London Antiquities dealer in 1975 own it?
  The US State Department has warned Sotheby’s [The Famous Premiere Auction House which garners handsome remuneration for selling it even without a legitimate provenance] that in fact that 10th Century Hindu warrior statue was stolen from the crumbling temple in the ancient complex of called Koh Ker and rightfully belongs to Cambodia, not to the Sotheby’s or it’s ‘alleged owners’. 
  Why is this of particular interest to me at this moment in time when so much else is going on around the world? 
The answer lies within the US State Department. 
In the late 1980’s,  at the behest of the one of the more judicious and foresighted Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific,  Dr Richard Solomon, former ex-aide to Dr Henry Kissinger and Director of the RAND Corporation as well as being a China, SE Asia expert, had requested my assistance in his strategy to disarm the Khmer Rouge and create the Paris Peace Conference on Cambodia in 1991. 
  At his direction and supervision, I went out as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State [DAS] and worked along with him, Charles Twining [Cambodia Desk Officer] and other CIA/MI SE Asia experts and implemented a strategy that Solomon had envisioned which was blessed by the Sec State James Baker [one of our finest Sec States ever]. 
In a coalition of Perm Five countries –China, England, France, American, Russia—working in concert with the US State Department,  Dr Solomon and Sec State Baker successfully terminated the thirty year slaughter of Cambodia initiated by the brutal regime of Pol Pot, aided by Mao and his Gang. 
 No American soldiers had to be utilized, although in their extremely useful analytical way,  the Pentagon costed out for me the price of a war in Cambodia and the US Casualty tolls and assured me and others at the State Department that the military option was not on the table. 
  This was an example when a ‘no’ from the Pentagon is far more useful to the national security community than a ‘yes’ for war.  I would hope that more Sec States, Sec Defs and WH personnel learn the beneficent lessons of Foreign Service Diplomacy rather than war and pre-emptive actions.
In short,  a former Khmer Rouge Leader turned Anti-KR by the name of Hun Sen became the new leader of Cambodia.  And for over thirty years,  thanks to his leadership and the foresight of Dr Solomon and Sec State James Baker and in turn, POTUS, Bush SR- peace, stability and ‘democracy’ came to Cambodia.
Now, Cambodia is rightfully requesting to all the dealers and countries around the world to please remit any factotums of antiquities that have been part of their exceedingly rich Khmer Heritage. 
  From my perspective, this issue for Sotheby’s is not a conundrum.  Sotheby’s  and their client should be given a ‘reasonable finder’s fee’ and a ‘free trip to Cambodia’ and fetted by Hun Sen as a “FRIEND OF CAMBODIA”. 
 Maybe a plaque or some recognition should be given to the present holder of the Hindu Statue. 
  As for our State Department, they should honor the request of Cambodia ASAP. 
It’s morally right to allow a formerly ‘raped and ravaged’ country, like Cambodia, to attain some historical/psychological closure.  If any country could have been categorized as having PTSD,  it would have been Cambodia which had entered the reign of terror resulting in no small part because of American “saturation bombing”  initiated by Dr Kissinger---illegally.  
Now, Cambodia must assume it’s rightful place in South East Asia and to do so,  those honorable FSO’s at the State Department should acquiesce to Hun Sen’s requests because now, paradoxically, he is no longer the ex-terrorist Khmer Rouge leader, but the legitimate ruler of Cambodia. 

In this seemingly sidebar article about an insignificant Hindu Warrior statue lies a clue to all the miscreant deeds of past American administrations during the Vietnam Wars and the restorative actions of one Senior Diplomat,  Dr Richard Solomon, who risked his political career to initiate a Peace Treaty that no one thought possible. 
 Even yours truly left the State Department after the 1991 Peace Conference to return to a moment of FANTASY REALISM,  back to HOLLYWOOD for a taste of reality. 
  As I told my William Morris Agent in Hollywood, the studios and the talent agencies made the Khmer Rouge look like ‘pussy cats’.
  But who knew then that in Hollywood everything was a mirror image of reality. “Yes” meant, “no!” 
 “I read the script meant I did not read the script!”
  So thank you, Dr Solomon for allowing me to spend time in the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia in order to realize that life sometimes can be a ‘bitch!’  And if you work hard enough and can be tough enough, someone like me can even get two TV Miniseries completed and shown on TV.
It took, Pol Pot,  his horrendous legacy, Hun Sen, and working with the incredible Perm Five to realize my Hollywood dreams.  Btw,  it was the anti-UN , Ambassador John Bolton who gave Dick and me the necessary money to initiate the Peace Conference. 
 Life is funny,  and of course, the good guys aren’t as good as they seem and the bad guys aren’t as bad as they are portrayed. 
  Hun Sen take back your 10th  century statue.   Let the world understand how great your Khmer culture was and is.

I will be posting a "short" soon, here's the background

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The New “American Terrorists”: The United States Senate Holds Two American Senior Officials “HOSTAGE”!!!!
Over thirty years of counter-terrorism activity and hostage negotiations, I have witnessed and participated in all types of crises. 
  But this one is a completely new type of HOSTAGE TAKING that I could never imagined.
  And believe me, that says something in a topsy turvy Terrorist Game where the bad guy is the so –called ‘terrorist’ one day, then the next day he [usually it’s a  “he”, except for the German Baader Meinhoff Gang—German women are really tougher than their male counterparts—ask CARLOS!!!] is ‘a hero’ and the leader of the nation.
  But this past week completely took me aback as both a so-called ‘counter terrorist expert’ and more importantly as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. 
 I was SHOCKED. 
 And ashamed.
  Never in my wild imaginations would I believe that two nominees, Brennan and Hagel,  would have been literally held ‘hostage’ to LEGISLATIVE PROCEDURES which had nothing to do with the WELL BEING of OUR COUNTRY.  These procedures drone on  in order to extract the ‘truth’ from the Obama administration when in fact the truth had been revealed in the different media outlets that I had talked about in my previous blogs—The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, The NY  Post, The Huffington Post, FOX News, William Morrow Publishing, the great bloggers on the internet and countless others. 
  So what is this CRAP about Brennan? 
  He was in charge of Drone Attacks on innocent civilians? 
  Then if that is or was the case, then vote him out.
As much as I have not been his fan, I still feel that he should be the DCI because he is born, bred and embedded in a community that by nature will deceive, betray and run false flags. 
  So, if you have any guts Senator McCain, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham stop playing games and deny his nomination. 
But you and I know all too well, you cowardly senators, that you just want to hang him up there not because it serves our national security but because it serves your collective narcissistic needs and political ambition.
  Brennan, reminds me a bit of Ambassador Joe Kennedy, father of JFK,  who was one of the best heads of SEC because he was a very corrupt trader in the 1929 depression and had strong ties to the Irish/Italian/Jewish mob.  It takes a crook to know how to manage one.
And so it is with Brennan. I predict that he will turn out to possibly be the best DCI we have ever had because he knows EVERY TRICK and DIRTY SKELETON in the CIA. 
  Furthermore, I am well acquainted with the fact for all of his past miscreant behavior which all of you have read about, Brennan has been an open PROPONENT of PUBLICLY demanding that the Obama administration should have ACKNOWLEDGED the DEADLY DRONE ATTACKS ON INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN PAKISTAN AND YEMEN. 
  Also, he like myself, have been STRONG PROPONENTS of the US MILITARY assuming the drone responsibilities and not out sourcing military/CIA operatives. 
  But let me get to my most serious concern, the hostage taking of ex-senator CHUCK HAGEL.
This FILIBUSTER ACTION by both Senator McCAIN, a former Hagel friend and military comrade [who needs a friend like that!] and Lindsay Graham [a military Reservist in the US Army] have literally blocked the nomination of this incredible war hero, Chuck Hagel. 
  On the surface, let us take the more vitriolic words and contentious behavior of Senator McCain regarding a former military colleague Vietnam veteran, fellow Republican Senator and Iraq conferee…
Ostensibly, the issue concerns the ‘dark secrets’ and ‘lies’ concerning the September 11,  2012 Benghazi fiasco.  I think that most of you, my dear readers, and others around the country have by now, learned about the ‘Palace Coup’ of the Brennan’s Civilian CIA against General Petraeus and his military minions and heroes. 
But unfortunately that is not the issue at hand as far as I am concerned. 
As I just previously mentioned above,  the true story of Benghazi has already been reported by the aforementioned media outlets. 
So, as a psychiatrist, my ‘antennae’ is immediately AROUSED. 
  Because, both the amount of anger, delay and obsessive hatred demonstrated by Senator McCain’s performance in his interrogation of Chuck Hagel made me immediately suspicious that what was going between the both of the them was not political but very, very PERSONAL. 
 I don’t know either one; but quite frankly the absence of not knowing a politician never precluded me from doing my duty according to the precepts of both political psychology and intelligence.
In a very simplistic psychological word,  McCain’s anger and vituperative attitude to an ex-friend and political colleague is MULTI–DETERMINED. 
  What that means in lay terms is that when one encounters a DISPROPORTIONATE EMOTION whether it be love, hate or any other obsessive type of emotion or behavior, one has to consider many different reasons for that reaction.  None of which are apparent at that particular moment. 
  In other words, it’s COUNTER INTUITIVE what is going on in front of your eyes.  McCain’s anger toward Hagel is out of control and misplaced- he resents Hagel for his opposition to “the surge” and his outspokenness on the mess in Iraq.  You see this attacks the very raison d’etre of McCain.
Hagel who had been a Master Sergeant in the Vietnam war and was INCREDIBLY COURAGEOUS in a war that both he and I were against, but nevertheless  became engaged directly or indirectly.  Hagel came out of that conflict, as I did with the conclusion that too many men had died for nothing
That, my dear readers, is why in my own small way, I was always to make certain that in different areas of the world we did not have to send troops to die needlessly
It was my job, if possible, to initiate a ‘regime change’ without guns or boots on the ground.  That was done with my colleagues in both the military and civilian covert world.   The key here is COVERT. Not James Bond, nor Bourne Identity but slow, boring and dangerous self-less anonymity. 

But in Vietnam,  Hagel was THE REAL WARRIOR who through dint of skill and personal courage was promoted to MASTER SERGEANT.   In the real world of the military, a MS, is the most important NCO one might ever encounter.  Give me one Master Sergeant for twenty disastrous Generals like Westmoreland or Maxwell Taylor –both of whom were completely inept at command, strategy and encouraged a needless war on ignorant presidents. 
As a result of his own merits and bravery, Hagel had seen countless deaths and endless maimed bodies.  Hagel has been appropriately influenced by this HORRENDOUS  experience. 
Years after his war years, Hagel was correctly cautious about the success of the SURGE in IRAQ and the endless body count.  More importantly, he defied the Israeli Lobby AIPAC and the NeoCons and correctly decided that we, the USA,  should not go to war every time that Israel decides they want to lose more of their incompetent IDF soldiers.. 
SIDEBAR: Remember, my dear reader, since 1967, Israel  has never won a war without immediate American military support.  Basically ISRAEL is a ward of the state for which you and I pay countless billions of dollars for which we get ingratitude and ‘anti-semitic slurs’

  In contrast, we have John McCain, who never really earned his military rank or military badge for anything other than having been a naval cadet at the Annapolis Naval Academy [an outstanding institution] and graduating with an officers rank.  Then he learned to fly jets, but it is clear from his history that he was a careless erratic fighter pilot who crashed on the Aircraft deck at least once if not twice. 
  He then was shot down over North Vietnamese territory without really having seen too much action and certainly he had never witnessed the HORRORS OF WAR in CLOSE COMBAT. 
  It’s important to remember that I have nothing against the USAF but Jet Fighters and bombardiers have a completely different experience in battle from the foot soldier. Not better. Not worse.  Just different
  So back to our not-so-little hostage siege by ‘senatorial terrorist’ John McCain holding Chuck Hagel ‘hostage’ to McCain’s own PERSONAL PECADDILLO assisted by GRAHAM and our all time favorite Jewish/Israel lobby groups. 
Message to McCain:  put aside your personal jealousies/wounded pride issues with Hagel.  You are the son of an admiral and you got shot down over VietNam, went to a prison camp.  Chuck Hagel was boots on the ground, he saw war close up and personal.  He doesn’t condone useless slaughter for corrupted, farcical ideals like spreading democracy or punishing manufactured terrorists.  
America can forgive you for being a POW.  BUT we never, never forgive man, whomever he might be, who dishonors a WAR HERO and AMERICAN VETERAN like Chuck Hagel.  Nor will we excuse a senator who puts his own personal psychologies/ambitions over his duty to “do his job” to protect and ensure a bright future for the U.S.

I will be posting shortly, here is some homework.

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 I have written extensively about the problem of cyber-security.  As many of you, my dear readers know all too well,  the issue of cyber-attacks against the USG and other private entities has been extensive and relentless. 
  We cannot wish away the problem. 
  We cannot discuss the problem until many our infrastructures collapse for one ‘unknown’ reason or another.
  We cannot cogitate, meditate and rant and rail against government intervention and government intrusion into our privacy [remember I am one of the premier ranters on this issue]. 
Sometimes, we do have to deal with a REALITY that continues to impinge on  OUR very EXISTENCE.
  It’s not a cholera plague.
  It’s not meteorite that has hit us yet, as it did unfortunately in Russia just yesterday [traveling at 19,000 mph].
  However, it is a CONTAGION that we cannot see, smell, hear or anyway perceive until long after it does its damage.
It’s a bombardment of electronics, more specifically ‘one’ and ‘zeros’ raging through the ether of life [light,  sound, or any other means of conductivity] to engage in an INVINCIBLE WAR,  for want of a better Clausewitz Term I will use the word ‘WAR’ against our US FUNCTIONAL and STRUCTURAL ENTITIES. 
  What do I mean by “FUNCTIONAL AND STRUCTURAL ENTITIES?”  It sounds like some Sociological Taxonomy that I may have learned or absorbed by intellectual osmosis in some esoteric ‘Think Tank’. 
Believe me, those FSE’s as I call them are very real.
  Banks,  private industries,  electrical power grids and nuclear power units as well as a multiplicity of airline planes, air-traffic control towers, and a multitude of host entities depended on electricity and the internet---they are all vulnerable to ‘attack’ from any and all sources within and outside the USG. 
  So why do I emphasize the important of the USG in this case and particularly the military as our front line of defense as opposed to our private security companies which I believe are well-intentioned (or profit motivated or both).
  The answer is quite simple.
  As many of you by now know, I had been originally trained, more accurately described as ’exposed’ to the INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA and it’s consequences, CYBER WAR in 1973---yes 1973--- at MIT graduate school at the Center for International Studies,  funded by  DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH AGENCY and the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY . 
That’s right !!
It was not Google or Yahoo.
  It was not NetApp!
  It was not!
  It was not FACEBOOK –despite Mark Zuckerberg’s great flim flam film attempt to take credit for it.
  The INTERNET and the SOCIAL MEDIA were conceived well over forty years ago. 
  So what does that mean for today's lesson? 
  George Santayana,  the philosopher, stated the basic premise of imaginative creation coupled with immediate action, and I will restructure his thoughts to fit my present arguments [who in their right mind would claim that I am objective?]: 
If we don’t learn the history of the past,  those mistakes will repeat themselves again and again. 
Clearly, the point I am laboring on at this moment is that we are already behind the curve.   Russia decimated one of it’s ex-Baltic allies with a cyber-attack several years ago. 
  When I was in Silicon Valley, working as a serial entrepreneur [or at least trying],  I could identify well over four thousand  Chinese “cut out” companies engaged in industrial espionage and cyber -attacks. 
And that was over fifteen years ago
  But we did nothing about it.   Unfortunately,  the FBI literally got two of it’s ‘peckers’ caught in one Chinese Intel Operative who had ‘honey trapped’ two FBI Counter—Intelligence Operatives and compromised the entire FBI CI program for years. 
But thanks to my friend ex-head of the Counter Intelligence Unit at the FBI,  David Major and Paul Redman at the CIA, all those ‘honey traps’ were literally ‘sewed up’ [no pun intended].  
Now back to my main point. 
  POTUS Obama enacted another EXECUTIVE ORDER on February 13, 2013  in order to ‘bolster cyber-security measures’.
Unfortunately,  the Republicans [a party that I once belonged to before they ‘water boarded’ themselves] had derailed the White House-backed cyber security bill  choosing to favor “private business approach.”

  According to this amorphous business group they were properly concerned that the executive action was planting seeds for the future regulation that would require companies to meet certain security standards. 
  Well, so what? 
  According to Obama’s Executive Order,  it directs different agencies and those companies affiliated with those agencies [one can imagine which anagram agencies are involved] to develop and implement a program of voluntary cyber-security standards for companies  running KEY INFRASTRUCTURES [my emphasis]. 
  So where is the problem here?
  My favorite obstructive Republican “what can I do to screw up our national security again” John McCain [R-Arizona] has once again interceded into a SERIOUS National Security problem and OBSTRUCTED NECESSARY LEGISLATION that was REQUIRED YEARS AGO
Now, my fellow citizens, we are faced with an interesting dilemma:
  Do we support another Executive Order by Obamus which does, in my opinion,  provide an immediate ‘band-aid’ protection, for a ‘trade-off’ of ‘business groups’ which are far less interested in the WELFARE of our INFRASTRUCTURES than making PROFITS for their, mostly ANTIQUATED SOFTWARE? 
  In my experience,  I will choose the better of the worse right now.  I would rather go with POTUS’ Executive Order and allow our MILITARY to IMMEDIATELY ENGAGE in BEEFING UP our CYBER-SECURITY.   The U.S. cannot wait for a ‘group’--- of  self interested PROFIT MAKING,  more importantly ANTIQUATED software promoted by McCain and other money-hungry Senators.  These senators are the same ones that blocked the appointment one of their own Vietnam War Heroes, ex-Senator Chuck Hagel
  Furthermore,  I have been thrown off GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, more times than I have been arrested by any FBI, CIA or MI units for my DISSENTING OPINIONS on my blogs. 
  In fact, I have never been arrested or harassed by any of  the government agencies--- if anything they have found my blogs to be ‘funny’, ’irreverent’ , which is what they were intended to be… but the PRIVATE COMPANIES are “more controlling than any totalitarian regime!” Google would be right at home in the old Soviet system.
  I started this blog by telling you about the AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF DARPA and the  EARLY CIA [Pay attention John Brennan] and how the MILITARY/INTEL COMMUNITY foresaw the present day problems long before there were profits and companies to garner wealth from U.S. and other countries' discoveries. 
Now that there is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER,  I have no other recourse than to agree with President Obama and congratulate him and our military/intel community for taking EMERGENCY ACTION before I begin to really see the disasters I had envisioned in my four hour ABC TV Mini Series called, “NET FORCE” !
  But as a physician, national security ‘old hand’ I cannot but exclaim: ”LET US EMBRACE THE DANGERS OF REALITY AND ACT ACCORDINGLY IN A TIMELY, JUDICIAL, TEMPERATE FASHION!” 
Cyber-Attacks, and Cyber-War are not areas for PARTISAN politics.
 This time, we do not have a false flag! IT’s REAL !!!!
  And if you don’t believe me, go ask the leaders of Latvia and other Baltic States what happened to them when they messed with Russia? 
Putin has his charms. But Cyber –Attacks and Cyber-War is not one of them !!!
AMERICA, WAKE UP …. The Chinese are coming!  The Chinese are coming!.. OOOPS… they are already HERE!!!!
Oh by the way,  McCain,  go back to Arizona and leave our national security alone!…. You’ve messed it up enough in IRAQ … THE SURGE… AFGHANISTAN…. 
……..Or go back to Las Vegas…. We have had enough of you and your narcissistic self destructive histrionics!
Remember, you are NO WAR HERO !!!
  Thank you Mr President and our military/intel community.
Once again, DARPA and the CIA come to the forefront in a very, very CONSTRUCTIVE WAY!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: State Of The Union Is “A CHILDISH SPECTACLE”  Right On !
Let's get rid of it as did president Thomas Jefferson who discontinued it, calling it "a speech from the throne"  —"too monarchical!"
That's right, folks!
  From 1801 till 1934,  our founding fathers and including many other POTUS's,  refused to deliver the state of the union speech.   Not until Woodrow Wilson, did it start again.  Now,  what makes "Woodie" so interesting to me is that he was a southern born,  Princeton University Professor who was extremely pretentious and intellectually obtuse.
But even more interesting is the the fact that Wilson was completely the political creation of a Colonel House (Edward M. House 1858-1938),  who really ran the US government along with Wilson’s wife the last one to two years of Woodrow Wilson’s life . 
  The reason? 
  You won’t believe it!! 
  Woodrow Wilson was ostensibly running the country during the last two years of his presidency while he was in a COMA! 
I am not kidding.
  We had the first neurologically comatose president running the U.S., he was completely medically incapacitated…at least he had a legitimate excuse.
  But now, I can say from a  physician’s point of view [POV—movie jargon] that “WOODIE”  had a real medical reason not to show up even though he reinstated his the State of the Union. 
  However, back to Judge Scalia’s MOMENT OF TRUTH and WARNING to the AMERICA PUBLIC:
"The State of the Union has turned into a CHILDISH SPECTACLE [my emphasis].   I don’t want to be there to LEND DIGNITY TO IT."   Scalia said with a certain amount of MISCHIEF. 
“MISCHIEF” –is what we,  ordinary citizens call the "TRUTH". 
The justice as been there for a while now, so Scalia doesn’t go when a Democrat is president.  He stays when the president is Republican. 
In other words, this Italian Scholar,  firearm afficionado,  and "PURVEYOR OF THE TRUTH" is saying forgetta 'bout it!… We Americans are wasting our time and money watching childish play acting….just like Sandy Hook,  9/11,  Benghazi,  Fiscal Cliff  etc.
  So how did our great nation get into this farce of pomp and circumstance signifying less than nothing? From a  Historical [ a.k.a. HYSTERICAL] perspective the practice of the State of the Union arose from a simple ‘command’ given to the president in the Constitution of the United States:
  “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judged necessary and expedient”. 
  Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. 
While not required to deliver a speech,  every president since Woodrow Wilson has made at least one State of the Union speech delivered before a joint Congress. 
Before this time, most POTUS’s delivered the State of the Union as a WRITTEN REPORT!!!!
  Did you get that? A WRITTEN REPORT!!
  Now that’s American tome!! Unpretentious, Simple, Practical and non-intrusive. 
  So the COMMUNICATION between the POTUS and CONGRESS evolved thanks to the radio, television and the increasing SOCIOPATHY and NARCISSISM of our subsequent Presidents since “WOODIE” and especially FDR,  no slouch be he, in the  ‘WATCH ME FLOUT MYSELF DEPARTMENT”--- the written State of the Union message turned into a huge histrionic, monarchical Shakespearean drama with queens and royalty galore.   Ready made for our media sycophants,  ready to spout verbiage aplenty -- filled with platitudes-- vapid insights ---and contentious palaver. 
  Much Sturm und Drang signifying nothing! 
But "Ching, Ching” goes the TV  money machine providing another soap opera for all of us too busy to watch All My Children.
However, there was one recent President who refused to give a televised State of the Union speech.
  Can you guess whom? 
The same POTUS who singlehandedly created the only peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
  And the only POTUS to fire over 4000 USELESS CIA HUMINT OPERATIVES. 
And the same POTUS who first introduced HUMAN RIGHTS into our foreign policy—eventually to become the key variable in taking down the Soviet Union. 
Yes,  I was a DAS under him,  but I also resigned over  his mishandling of the Iran Hostage Siege—not to be confused with Ben Affleck's “ARGO” [total boring entertainment and self –glorification of the INCOMPETENT CIA]. 
You got it, President Jimmy Carter! The Peanut Farmer, himself. 
Hey, folks, despite his many faults , he was never one to put on AIRS---at least not in public. But, I am open to being corrected. 
  Back to the Honorable Judge Scalia [by the way,  I don’t agree with all of his decisions,  if not most of them] but in this case, he goes onto to give us, American citizens,  an insightful perspective in terms of our new MONARCH or EMPEROR OBAMUS and his centurion parasites. 
Scalia continues:
  “I didn’t set this…… 
[ [sic]his talk at the Smithsonian Associates sponsored by NPR Nina Totenberg—go NINA!!!] 
 …up tonight to UPSTAGE THE PRESIDENT, ‘Scalia said, “The State of the Union is NOT SOMETHING I mark on my calendar,  like EASTER AND YOM KIPPUR” .
Now, this is my kind of American –celebrates our Judeo/Christian Heritage …. he asks for forgiveness in the synagogue while he eats the wafer in church.  
Scalia said, “The justices in attendance inevitably keep their eyes on their Chief Justice, who decides when it is appropriate to applaud.”
Scalia continues, "If the President of the United States says that the United States is a great country,  the judges clap away.  But no justice can clap, “if it’s anything anybody CAN DISAGREE WITH.”
  So what do we have here in the Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen? 
  In effect what Scalia is implying is that we have trained monkeys dressed in black robes making constitutional decisions on cue and on demand.
  Hey, what can you tell me now? 
  That the President is just a CIA stooge? 
  Are you going to tell me that our CIA is running the country according to the Irish/American ethos of ethanol and Roman catholic Sodomy/pedophilia?
Are you going to tell me next that the USA Patriot Act which is nobly entitled, “THE PATRIOT ACT” which will in fact  give the federal government full power to take away all your individual liberties?  Please thank,  George Tenet,  James Clapper,  Michael Hayden,  John Brennan  and others in the WH and DOJ!!!!
  Are you going to tell me that congress is the real estate extension of our legislative bordello called the K-Street whorehouse of special interests? 
Are you going to tell me that such honorable and stately senators like Max Baucus [D-Montana] and Orrin Hatch [R-Utah] would insert a costly,  dangerous provision to literally subsidize "Amgen" and "Genentech",  two antiquated, dangerous genomic disasters with over five hundred million dollars of our tax payer's money because each of our “HONEST” REPS received major donations from both Genentech and Amgen—while their products ‘literally kill’ cancer patients. 
Sidenote:Believe me that I know a lot about these two companies since their respective inceptions and ‘fairy tale’ accomplishments’ Ask Sally Fields about “Boniva’ and how she and Genentech were threatened by me to discontinue their dangerous so-called ‘osteoporosis therapy’ ads.  But that's another blog.
Please don’t tell me that our great REPUBLIC is dying while the EMPEROR and his COURTIERS are playing out the last mazurkas of our times [sorry for the mixed metaphor, but I like Chopin].  
  Rome is burning and Emperor is concerned about his LEGACY!!
  From my humble point of view,  he has less than a nil legacy.  In other words, he has done ZIP!  and will continue to do zip!
But in the world of BULLSHITSKI-----he is up there in direct competition with Bill Clinton and his corpulent avatar, Hillary.   A close second of course,  is the war criminal Dick Cheney with his side kick Bush Jr. 
What we don’t know and will not know is the following…..
How long will we, the ordinary hard-working citizens, [including eleven million of us veterans who also fought in wars that were ersatz and completely unnecessary] of every day America, be willing to continue to put up with the FARCE that we call the federal government and its presidency?
I feel like Howard Beale in Network (1976- screen play Paddy Chayefsky) "I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"
The truth is that I can’t be correct and at the same time our government can’t continue their CHARADE as an effective REPUBLIC. 
One of us, has to be wrong!!!
It’s for you, my dear readers to decide!!!
Good Luck!!!
P.S  btw POTUS---from now on,  just put the state of the union speech in an email and send it to everyone,  then we can hit the delete button

Scalia on State of the Union,  I will post my thoughts later.....
For your listening pleasure,  here's a great jazz album featuring the likes of Kenny Kotwitz, Steve Hobbs...its called The Montreal Sessions by the North America Jazz Alliance.  Jazz like it should be played by guys with passion and talent.  Enjoy!  Here's a link

Act quickly, its selling fast...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio flies through the Republican Circus like the childlike Dumbo the Elephant!  This is the best the GOP can do to deliver the rebuttal to state of the Union address???

As a life long republican who felt compelled to vote for Obama, I am still suffering from PTSD incurred by the GOP's IED of inanity of "birth control", "Jesus", "Israel", "pro-life" annunciated by candidates who's recollections of history and Ronald Reagan were at best erroneous and worse fallacious.  Ignorance and arrogance are not just human qualities to be avoided but they seem to be the very threads of which the Republican party is woven……its been like this for three decades.

The Bush/Cheney satanic union was followed by McCain/Palin brain trust which was topped off by the Mitt Romney fiasco.   So now the GOP needs to be more "inclusive" so they pick a less than stellar albeit boyishly handsome "Cuban-American" from Florida (almost Donny Osmond-like).  This is an "insult" to all the Hispanic brothers and sisters in America with roots in Mexico, central and south America.   Most of my Hispanic compatriots are hardworking, many professional men and women who do not brag about their accomplishments but rather are grateful for the opportunity that this country has given them.  They do not exult in their past or brag about how they or their parents 'escaped' persecution….perhaps a side note but never as their reason for being.

But not Marco "Dumbo" Rubio…

His main claim to fame is that his family "escaped Castro", (oops, he had to recant that lie, more on this whopper later) and came here to work hard and get ahead.  Now when I talk to my Salvadorian friends, their first words are not about escaping a civil war where 75,000 citizens were killed thanks to American policy in that country.  My Venezuelan friends do not dwell on how Chavez and this goons are destroying their country just like the bandejos Castro brothers had destroyed the pearl of the Caribbean- Cuba.  People from Peru usually want to discuss the new highway that the Chinese are building across their country and the Colombians want to tell me how safe and beautiful their homeland is now and the diminishing presence of the FARC (a terrorist group of which I had experienced first hand).  However,  no one gloats on the fact that are hispanic or are an immigrant to the United States.

No one but Marco Rubio, the a la carte Cuban Sociopath de jour (a Bushy and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-forvever FLA] love child)

Rubio, or as I like to think of him, Dumbo (cute but…) certainly cannot talk about his brave anti-Castro family because (as I mentioned before) he tried to pull that expected palaver on the Florida public "My parents were forced to flee Cuba in 1956"…The St Petersburg Times and Washington Post both reported this egregious lie on October 2011.
So like a "trained circus animal"  sociopath he retorted, "The real essence of my family's story is not about the date my parents came to the United States, or whether they traveled back and forth between the two nations or even the date they left Castro's Cuba forever and permanently settled here.  The essence of my family story is why they came to America in the first place and why they had to stay."
Wow! That's a slippery slide down the greasy pole of politics!  But you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Here is the essence of Marco Rubio….
1] One June 2012, he was accused of spending $160,000 on company credit card for personal expenses.  That's a lot of nuts Dumbo!
But because he is such a good Catholic and fully embraces the sacrament of repentance, he paid it back in July!  Whew, close call.
Hey if Charles Rangel or some less connected Hispanic pulled that, he/she would be in the hoosegow by now.

2] 2010 showed us that Rubio had some issues with his mortgage payments (as in not paying) on a house he co-owned with another state rep David Rivera. Result: while Rubio served as the speaker of the Florida house, his house went into foreclosure.  This is a real up standing representative of our citizenry!  A real leader!

3] In 2011, our favorite Hispanic TV station, UNIVISION reported extensively on Rubio's brother-in-law had cocaine-trafficking convictions.  The impressive investigative journal, The Miami Herald, corroborated the story and said Rubio was "held hostage by Univision"

So Rubio is the kind of guy the republican party chooses to be the "new face of leadership"…..good call guys, this is right up there with allowing Mark Sanford (you remember the governor of S.C. who got caught w/o his GPS down,  trysting with his South American soul mate) to run for congress.  Colbert sister must be happy.  Not to mention that Dick Cheney the war-criminal frankenstein speaking to the Wyoming Republican Party- spouting on about what a bad job Obama is doing….so that's like an endorsement, right???

Rubio, second rate schools, second rate grades who never really achieved anything but was breast fed by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. (he was her intern and she is the most senior republican women in the house).  When he became senator, he picks Cesar Conda as his chief of staff- Conda was former policy advisor to Dick Cheney.  Scary.

Some advice to the party of my younger days, if you want to pick an "inclusive" leader, one that embodies the true spirit of immigrants who's children achieve greatness, why don't we look at someone like Sonia Sotomayor!  Summa Cum Laude from Princeton!  Yale Law school, JD.  A constitutionalist who was appointed by Obama to the supreme court.  Remember the GOP that the distinguished Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) represents??  Or Ambassador/governor Huntsman, a bit too smart, too independent for you?

I think its appropriate to quote Halle Berry "My picker is broke"…GOP: leave the ashes of the Cheneys, Bushes, Sanfords buried…..go back to your real roots: achievers, real leaders that love America and want to steer it to a bright future.  Forget the political tools like Dumbo Rubio, he may be your spanish do-boy but he can't help America or Hispanic-Americans.