Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I know, consider the source but this set of two videos is worth taking a look at...about 20 minutes or so of your time. The story of Gwenyth Todd, comments welcome.


  1. Thanks for posting this Dr p! Firstly I've considered the source and I presume we mean press TV, well I like their reporting and documentaries and a lot of the guests on it, they put most "western"media outlets to shame so to my mind that gives this story great validity from the outset, what struck me was that there is a willingness by some to engage in constructive dialogue with Iran and rightly so! But there is a undercurrent of Israeli lobbyists in America and over here in the UK that are hellbent on wreaking havoc on Iran (big mistake these Persians have been around for thousands of years) I'd like to congratulate gwenyth for her brave stance and hope all is well for her and I will read more on her. What has always amazed me is the breathtaking arrogance displayed by Israel regarding Iran's affairs when they apparently boast a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons! Meanwhile the Palestinians are treat like crap in their own country, although I took on board comments you made that Israel is becoming a liability and strategicallynot as important anymore and since then this has gatherd a momentum I have begun to notice so just maybe this nonsensical infatuation with Iran's downfall will disappear and cordial relations and common sense prevail.

  2. Letter to Feinstein, chair of Senate "intelligence" Committee

    Re: John Brennan hearing Thursday 2-7-13 2:30pm EST

    John Brennan's fingerprints are all over the Benghazi YouTube video, "Innocence of Muslims".
    Stanley corporation works with his Analysis corporation.
    According to published reports, Stanley Inc. was awarded a $164 million contract to print new U.S. passports in 2006. Two employees of Stanley Inc., along with a third individual employed by another defense contractor identified as The Analysis Corporation, were identified as the perpetrators who breached the records of the U.S. passport office on three occasions in 2008 and “improperly accessed” the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The breaches occurred on January 9, February 21 and March 14, 2008.

    It is important to note that the CEO of the Analysis Corporation at the time of the passport office break-in was John O. Brennan, who served as a close advisor to Obama in 2008 on matters of intelligence and foreign policy. Brennan also contributed to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Brennan also had a 25-year career in the CIA.

    Brennan revised Obama's bonafides in the us passport office in '08 & the whistleblower was convenienly whacked.


    Obama has committed felonies of ineligibility by omission & Brennan knows & has done all the lame cover up, youtube diversions from Passport to Benghazi & put an innocent man in jail to prevent him from revealing the source of the You tube scam.
    He should be in Leavenworth or hung in the Public square

    Confirming a Drunk & LAWLESS criminal for CIA DIRECTOR (having PETRAEUS keep the seat warm temporarily) indicates to all American with a triple digit iq that you Madame, are also a CO-CONSPIRATOR in a criminal government CABAL & a "fakerina extraordinaire".

    Guns are not the issue: TYRANNY BY A GOTCHA GOVERNMENT IS.
    Tyranny never lasts; dictators are ephemeral.
    If you don't like patriots, LEAVE...John Brennan is a danger to America.
    Arrest him for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & conspiracy of Fraud!!!!

    On Feb. 4, California's Fourth District Court of Appeals reinstated a birther case against President Barack Obama after a lower court ordered its dismissal last year. FindLaw, one of the largest legal search engines, reported Monday's surprising decision.


  3. Dr.P I'm hoping you will comment on the leaked White House Memo regarding the "authority" for the President to order the assassination of US citizens if they are "associated" with "al-qaeda" and are a part of an "on-going plan to harm the United States" in an "imminent" way.

    Apparently none of the targets [including US Citizen al-Alaqi] met these strict requirements.

    The memo then goes on to "define" these terms upon which the necessity of the assassination is founded, and the devil lies in these definitons, as they contradict any normal definitions of these terms.

    It seems to me POTUS is on untenable ground.

    If a Court disagrees with these definitions then the Presidents' killings don't comport with his own guidance.

    Other than prosecutors in the countries involved, are there any US prosecutors who could indict POTUS for homicide? What are the jurisdictional issues involved?

    1. I want to make this clear. I have no particular views on the pre-911 laws granting the Executive to order lethal action with by a finding. But those are programmatic, and involve intervention in a war, or on very rare occassions an assassination.

      However what's going on presently is nothing more than "death squad" operated by the President.

      It's neither progrmmatic in supporting a faction in a conflict, nor is it a singular assassination of a political figure.

      It's the White House and it's functionaries killing individuals because of their beliefs and affiliations.

      We have the same kind of government Guatamala and El Salvador had in the 1980s.

    2. From what I have read a secret criminal indictment for Obama Biden Hillary and Panetta has been filed in the International Criminal Court in the Hague sometime in 2012.

    3. I don't think the Hague has secret indictments.

      Since the homocides were planned as a colllusion and on-going criminal enterprise the House can act to impeach based on Federal RICO statutes.

      Also perhaps the DC, Maryland or Virgina Courts can act since their jurisdictions were involved.

      Are there any Republican Judges in Virgina who believe in the rule of law?

  4. Would have to whole heartedly agree with MITMichael's death squad analogy ...I myself just call it what it really is: an exterpation campaign.