Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Representative Trey Gowdy [R-SC], Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Cost American Taxpayers $7Million Dollars with Nothing to Show for it.
Very rarely can a House Representative make a ‘horses ass’ of himself. Yet,Congressman Trey Gowdy [R-SC] did it over an eight hour hearing investigating the Benghazi affair by inadvertently allowing ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to perform at her best. Gowdy and his “Animal House” Republican sycophants, were so completely ignorant of the matter at hand that they fell into a “bear trap” that insulated Hillary from any accusations that she might be a liar.  At the same time, they made her appear stoical,smart,diligent, and resilient all at once.In financial terms, Gowdy and his miscreant staff wasted $7-12M without even having the vaguest idea about what they were trying to achieve neither short and long term.

Even I,a loyal Republican opposition member,  was taken aback as I watched Hillary correctly answer all the questions that Gowdy and his sycophants asked her about the State Department and the so-called failed Benghazi security problem.
South Carolina’s wonder-boy prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, has shown the world that ineptness and narcissism are the crucial ingredients for self-immolation on the stage of worldwide media. Without any semblance of self-awareness, or even a modicum of self-reflection, the ‘Spartanburg Wiz Kid’, Gowdy never asked the right questions about a covert installation that had absolutely nothing to do with the State Department or Ambassador Chris Stevens.
Instead the Benghazi problem revolved almost entirely around what really happens when ‘black ops’ and ‘off the book’ operations get into unforeseen problems. As someone who has been involved in such off line operations around the world, I can categorically state that there are no set rules for protection or safety wherever you might be working. Gowdy and company should have realized this reality from the minute they started researching the Benghazi affair. 
No… they decided to go on air for a good eight hours, demonstrating to me and the world how truly ignorant and incompetent our legislators really are. (CIA gotcha!) Equally disturbing was the $7M cost to the American taxpayers to allow these vapid glory boys to insist on having their one day in the sun in front of countless millions of viewers.
Never again!
I think that Trey Gowdy has done enough damage for one congressman. What a tool! Might suggest that he retire ASAP! I am sure he has a comfy $$$ account based on his NON-work in the Benghazi-Non-Investigation.  Love to see a record of his deposits in his Swiss bank or North Carolina bank account.  Can’t wait for the NEVER READ book that he will get an advance on…from some GOP/DEM PAC.

As for Hillary Clinton, there are many things wrong with her. Yet resilience, hard work, competitiveness, and endurance are not any of them. May the best she-man in the 2016 Presidential race win!
The creator of Peter Pan [i.e. Gowdy] wrote the following suggestion:

“Life is a long lesson in humility.” 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bibi [Israel] and Erdogan [Turkey] Embrace After a Six Year Hiatus of Acrimony!
When the world’s attention is on the EU/Brexit, I would like to congratulate two of my favorite villains: Bibi & Erdogan for normalizing relations between the two countries after six years.In an extremely brilliant strategic movement, both leaders spent months negotiation a deal that restores normal relations between the Jewish State and the primarily Sunni Muslim State.
Not bad for two enemies who have been fighting over a raid which happened six years ago! Reminder: 10 Turkish activists were killed by Israeli navy commandoes when the Turkish boat, Mavi Marmara, tried to break an Israeli blockade of Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.
This new agreement specifies the following:
  • Israeli government apologized for the 2010 raid and agreed to pay $20M in compensation to the families of the bereaved and injured pro-Hamas Turkish activists.
  • Turkey will pass laws indemnifying the Israeli soldiers involved in the raid.
  • Both countries will resume Ambassadorial relations.
  • Israel will explore with Turkey potential lucrative gas deals in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Military weapons, training exercises, and intelligence sharing will resume for both countries.
Why is this important?

Turkey was the first Muslim country that recognized the state of Israel in March,1949. Since that time both countries have had extensive national security/business relations which allowed Israeli jet fighters to fly/practice unencumbered in the vast lands of unoccupied eastern Turkey. In turn, Israel has provided Turkey with advanced weapons systems and made certain that Turkey was secure both internally and externally.
How did this unusual Muslim/Jewish relationship come about?
During the birth of Jewish Zionism [somewhere in the late 1920-30s] when Ben Gurion was developing a foresighted foreign policy for the non-existing Jewish state, he spent an immense amount of time with Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, then the secular leader of Turkey [believed to be a crypto-Jew from Salonika].

Both visionaries foresaw a world where both a Jewish and Muslim state could co-exist and co-operate in a meaningful relationship without resorting to constant religious bickering.
Ben Gurion went even further in his quest to surround the Middle East with Muslim ethnic tribes like the Kurds and others [non-arabs] who could eventually help the nascent state to survive in a hostile environment. For the most part, his vision was successful.
Israel is now in close partnership with Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Jordan and other Arab/Muslim states.These alliances which have been kept secret for the most part have really prospered over the past eight years as the Obama presidency correctly decided to diminish its moral/financial support of Israel.
What we are witnessing today is the growth of Israel from an infantile dependency on the USG into a more mature outgoing country forced to make alliances of all sorts with its presumed enemies—the Muslim/Arab world.

In time, ISIS will disappear. Instead we will see a new balance of relationships where Israel will continue to be a conduit between the Sunni Arab states and the Shi’ite Persian [non-Arab] Iranian hegemony.
Finally, strategic geopolitical and psycho-political imperatives have forced all the countries in the Middle East to make serious accommodations with each other in order to maintain political/economic stability throughout the region.
Mazel Tov and Merci—to both Turkey and Israel!
May their respective people enjoy the mutual bounties/benefits of peace.  


Probably on again at 2PM, talk about Benghazi Report.
Thanks to Patriarch, yesterday's show on Alex Jones.

Monday, June 27, 2016

EU JUNK! Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker!
By now, Brexit has become the “boogey man” of world politics.Everyone is afraid. Yet,they still don’t know why.
The reason is simple. 
A country with a rich, highly textured culture [Britain] has defied the mores of an upstart union of 28 countries [the EU] and decided to leave that union. The EU was led by a man from the tiniest of countries,Luxembourg. Jean Claude Juncker who directed a state ministry of ‘a few dozen employees’ became the big honcho with the title of European Commission President. [Der Spiegel Online International by Peter Muller, Christoph Pauly, Christian Relermann, and Ralf Neukirch].
If anyone wants to understand why the EU is so bloated and incompetent, one must read the Spiegel Online International article written about this bombastic, ego-maniac leader who does not have the faintest clue about managing an organization of 30,000 bureaucrats.
The question is why are there so many people doing publicity [whatever that is]; and/or, wasting good taxpayers’ monies processing 100 page documents which no one reads? The answer lies within the nature of useless, complex organizations. These entities tend to multiply from within like cockroaches scurrying about on a hot, humid day in Hades.They exist simply to exist and collect your money.
When an ethereal bureaucracy is placed on top of another bureaucracy which may be considered nationalistic or legitimate, then we have the EU conundrum. Its a con,a scam or a ponzi scheme. Imagine that some anonymous bureaucrat in Bruxelles, Belgium, is ordering a red-coated Chelsea Pensioner living in London to trim his future earnings?  
All hell breaks loose!
On top of this hot mess, one literally places a ‘horses’ ass’ to lead this misbegotten entourage of supernumeraries. Hence we have Brexit; as well as, the eventual dissolution of the EU. No one wants to take orders from a Kafkaesque personae located in the ether of nowhere [and believe me Belgium qualifies for nowhere].

Allow me the opportunity to quote you a few lines from Spiegel Online concerning Herr Juncker’s major faux pas:
  • “He has even come up with a philosophic framework for his increasingly erratic behavior….  called, Political Commission” wtf??
  • “According to the European treaties the body Juncker leads is a normal government agency that must INSURE that AGREEMENTS REACHED ARE ADHERED TO…however, he sees his job is to break agreements if it is politically advantageous.”
  • “But in Paris, Juncker essentially CLAIMED that he is no longer bound by rules of the economic and MONETARY UNION.”
You get the idea. 
We have a Luxembourg version of Obama/Clintons.The great difference is that we, Americans, are splayed out over such a big country that despite threats to the contrary, it is hard [nearly impossible] to enforce Washington D.C. laws that do not suit our personal predispositions [be it the First or Second Amendments].
Brexit underscores the importance of understanding/accepting the thermodynamic laws of entropy [disorder] which must prevail in the ongoing DEVOLUTION of power from the EU to the individual nation states. 
For a while the financial markets will roil downwards, as it must.Major change and its concomitant partner –uncertainty—go hand-in-glove.
I recommend that the EU: Junk Juncker!
and then, take a good look at the southern tier countries like Spain,Portugal,Italy and Greece – all of which will continue to default on their obscene amount of unsolicited German credit until they admit the dirty little secret that Juncker was trying to hide. They are all bankrupt!
The times are changing. 

Our political elite were completely surprised/stunned by the binary choice of Brexit. Who can blame the EU for their CLOWN JUNCKER when we, Americans, are subsidizing a circus cavorting in Washington D.C with trillions of $$ of citizen’s tax money. I should remember that “people in glass houses should not throw stones.”

I will…till the next time when more countries exit the EU! Until then, a bientot!

from Tony U.P.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Florida Milk Farmer: National Security Problem Vs. George Will or Washington D.C. Supernumerary/ Burn Out!
Yesterday, the highly touted intellectual-conservative literary writer, George Will, left the Republican Party over his disgust with Donald Trump as the 2016 nominee.
Good riddance!
Last night, I spent a lovely evening with my friends, J and N, who run a highly prized dairy farm which specializes in a certain type of milk and cheese that services an indigenous area of several thousand consumers. Today, I sat down and realized that my friends, the dairy farmers, are presenting America with a national security problem. 

In contrast, the effete George Will has been a drain on the good will of this country. The farmers are needed. George is disposable.One received countless media attention [George]. The other lives in total anonymity.Something is wrong with this picture.
Forget the fact that Farmer J served valiantly in our highly sophisticated nuclear submarines during the Vietnam War. Contrast George was AWOL/draft dodger--obtaining one useless academic degree after another in order to avoid the draft.
The fact is that in our great country, fewer than 7% of our farms are family owned.What that means is that we, Americans, will have to depend on mega agriculture corporations to supply us with our daily sustenance over the next several years. The shortage of future farmers is a dire problem for America. Fewer young people want to go into farming because it is damn hard work. [usually more than 18 hour days]!
It is so difficult to run a family farm now that most children of American farmers leave their family to try some easier lifestyle in the big cities. Worse, yet, the price of milk today is so low that it is at the same price that it was in the 1970’s. Five major family farms went bankrupt this year alone in my small area of northern Florida.
Forcefully stated, the present situation of diminishing family farms, constitutes a major national security problem [similar to that of increasing droughts]. Without the food that we Americans have grown accustomed to eat, we will find that we will have fewer fresh items to consume at our local grocery stores. More processed foods are detrimental to our health. 
The reason that farmers today cannot make a decent living is because that the ethanol we still use for gas was made from grains/corns [sugar canes] needed to feed the cows. Accordingly, the price of feed has risen to prohibitive amounts, forcing most farmers to abandon their family farms.

Yet, we no longer need ethanol in our fuel to reduce carbon emissions. In the USA, our ethanol is made from corn primarily grown in the Midwest. Surprisingly, the powerful U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley [R-Iowa] has created an unnecessary glut of ethanol made from corn; primarily subsidized by the American taxpayer at the expense of small family farmers all over the country. Now these family farms can no longer afford to buy that necessary feed for their animals [cows, etc].
In addition, it turns out that ethanol is quite destructive to our car engines which have to be constantly repaired.It’s time for the American public to wake up and insist that we can no longer take our family farmers for granted and address this issue ASAP! We don’t need ethanol in our gas tanks.

We don’t need George Will or any other Republican like him. We do need our family farms for the prosperous future of our country!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

so thats it! An employment agency!!!
now I feel better paying all those taxes....😡

Brexit: The 21st Century Battle of Waterloo: Britain Vanquishes France Once Again!
On June 23, 2016, a major battle was won by the British people. They decided to leave the constricted tentacles of the French-inspired EU.I have entitled this historical event the “21st Century Battle of Waterloo.”
History possesses a sardonic sense of irony. When I applauded this long awaited Brexit phenomenon, I was mindful of a painting which I had seen in Bruxelles,Belgium when I was a teenager-“The Battle Of Waterloo” by William Sadler. Despite the dire warnings of imminent disaster from the miscreant politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, I have encouraged this break-up of the EU for well over ten years.

The EU was a complete fabrication of a laggard group of so-called ‘French intellectuals’ who presumed for no reason other than fear that a European Union had to be created in order to co-opt/impede the belligerence of a post-WWII Germany.
The French,as usual, fell into their own intellectual solipsism, having forgotten how their Corsican [faux French] Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated for the last time at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815.The irony of such a magnificent defeat by the brilliant Irish/English Duke of Wellington and his trusted Prussian ally, the Prince of Wohlstatt, Gebhard Lebrecht von Blucher, echoes through the past 201 years to the present times.
Exactly five days before Brexit was initiated on June 23, 2016, England had defeated France on June 18, 1815. Furthermore, the Battle of Waterloo occurred in present day Bruxelles, Belgium, where the presumptive headquarters of the ephemeral EU  has been located for the past several decades.
My analogy pays homage to the writer/philosopher, George Santayana’s dictum: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Remember how many times I would reiterate the fact that France could not,would not, nor was ever capable of matching,competing, or more importantly, co-opting the more powerful indigenous economic forces of the juggernaut called Germany.

WWI and WWII demonstrated that a defeated Germany could easily conquer any armies except those of Lord Wellington and Stalin’s Soviet Army at Stalingrad.Britain correctly decided along with Queen Elizabeth’s blessing that England had to re-enter the 21st Century with a clean slate. Britain, an economic powerhouse, had to determine whether it could go it alone without the encumbrances of the southern tier countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.
In many ways, the primary dynamic of the 21st century is not globalization, but ‘devolution’.Power will be redistributed from a nation state back to its geopolitical components.
Spain was the country which I targeted in my novels (Tom Clancy’s Op Center)- and blogs as one of the first countries that would fragment into the provinces of Catalonia, Basque, Valencia, etc.That shift from centralized power might further fragment Britain into Scotland, Wales, and so on.

The major issue of our times is that the nation state in the Information Age is antiquated. Twenty years ago, in the Tom Clancy’s NET FORCE series, I postulated/predicted that the internet would create new viable political/economic entities like “Cybernation” and “Cyber-Terrorism” with the concomitant suppressive powers of “Net Force” [read NSA, Cyber Command, etc.].The future has a certain inherent logic to its evolution.
The brave people of Britain spoke with their votes and determined that they wanted to leave an antiquated, disruptive entity: the EU.In November, we, Americans, will have to determine our future. Do we want to stick with the past, or do we enter the future [Trump]?

George Santayana wrote the following:

“We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.”    

Thanks Tony UP, Here's Donald sounding very presidential.

Friday, June 24, 2016

so this is interesting, just saw Trump's speech today in Scotland.  Trump was excellent!  Try to "re-post" from youtube or C-Span web go, comes up Hillary.?? Spooky.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a Must See Film.
This film,directed/produced by Michael Bay,is simply outstanding. It portrays the sequence of events that occurred when a group of Libyan terrorists [one was released from Gitmo] attacked our CIA/State Dept. special complex in Benghazi. The group of actors: James Badge Dale,John Krasinski,Max Martini- as well as the rest of the cast were brilliant.

Both the text and subtext of the film highlights the complete incompetency/prevarication of the Obama Administration and Sec. State Hillary Clinton.I don’t say this gratuitously. The most important part of this high action film was the complete absence of American naval, air and Special Forces support which could have been easily afforded to these beleaguered American warriors at any time during the six-hour-long attack. 
Let me list those names as I deem them to be culpable of cowardliness and treason:
[1] POTUS—Obama was born of the CIA wayward factory of manufactured operatives. His handler, John Brennan, was and still is a serious blemish on the intelligence community.

 [2] Sec. State Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be her worst enemy. She was the main proponent of regime change in Libya without having the vaguest notion of how to accomplish it effectively. She created a huge imbroglio of terrorism in this failed state. Her consistently poor judgement throughout her personal/professional careers was obvious in this film without having any need to mention her name directly.

[3] Gen. David Petraeus [DCI]-a highly overrated military/intelligence operative. His narcissism was far greater than his highly touted meager accomplishments [a faux Princeton Phd]. 
[4] Sec.Def. Leon Panetta—a loser from the day he was first appointed DCI. His inept professional life  was a precise mirror of the dysfunctional WH [Susan Rice,Samantha Powers,Ben Rhodes].
[5] Chairman of JCS, Gen. Martin Dempsey—the little engine that wish he could but completely over his head.
[6] Gen.Ham, AFRICOM—fearful of losing his stars and hefty pension.
[7] Jake Sullivan, Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton—highly-educated pretty choir boy with very little real world international crises experience. He is, like Wendy Sherman, an incredible enabler of the inept sociopath,Hillary.
[8] Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of NSA/Cyber Command—flew drones over the conflict. But he did little to mitigate this avoidable tragedy in Benghazi.
I would proffer this notion. 
Three well known films have bracketed the Bill and Hillary Clinton administrations.

[1] “Black Hawk Down” [2001]—demonstrated how inept POTUS Bill Clinton was when he sent in 123 elite SOFs to capture top lieutenants of a renegade warlord in Mogadishu, Somalia. Instead, the SOFs found themselves in a desperate battle against heavily armed Somalis.
[2] “Hotel Rwanda” [2004]- In 1994 Bill /Hillary Clinton were informed of a potential genocide of Tutsi by Hutu. They did nothing to prevent the genocide of one million innocent victims.
[3] “Zero Dark Thirty” [2013] – a highly fictionalized film about a raid that never took place against Osama Bin Laden,who as most of you know by now,was already dead. Both Obama and Hillary claimed personal/professional credit for the murder of an already dead person, OBL.
There is a lot here to think about. Sociopathy and incompetency cannot be the keystone characteristics of our future leaders.If they are, then we are lost forever, never to regain our foothold as a superpower.

This film,“13 Hours”, hints that we are indeed heading into a future of major hurt.Please see it and tell me whether you think I am right, or I am wrong.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Marco Rubio Re-Runs for Florida Senate!
After some self-reflection, Rubio,a man of few talents and less gravitas,has decided to try to return the U.S. Senate.This institution was aptly described by Rubio during his 2016 Republican Presidential race as “an institution which does nothing”.
Right on !
Then after the non-existent Orlando Pulse massacre of gays,Rubio,a man of significant duplicity, was “shocked by the atrocities” committed against his make-believe constituents. He felt that it was his duty to come back to the Senate apparently to do something about ‘gays’ or ‘guns’.The truth is that Rubio is completely incapable of obtaining any job that is not specifically funded by Norman Braman [who underwrites Rubio’s wife and family].Rubio is like many senators a man without skills or talents of any sort, other than pandering for a living.

Like many closeted gays, Rubio has been in the forefront of anti-gay legislation. He wanted to roll back ‘marriage equality’. He opposed parenting by LGBT. He supports the so-called First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow discrimination through the use of religion as an excuse.[Advocate, June 2016].
In reality, we see that the Senate consists of a body of legislators who really have very little to do. They spend a lot of time supposedly ‘studying issues’ and unnecessarily spending a fortune traveling to distant places. These junkets costs the tax-payer millions!
It’s time for Americans to demand an end to the Senate officers because they do nothing and cost us a fortune. More importantly, they are a body of deadbeats who are antiquated and irrelevant to the running the federal government. At the very least, TERM LIMITS!  no more than 3 six year terms.The reason they stay there forever is because its an easy, well paid life with little accountability and a big fat pension.
As the internet advances in scope, we will eventually be able to vote for any bill or piece of legislation without having to send someone to Washington DC to do nothing but occupy space and waste money.
Rubio is the prime example of the ‘can’t do nothing candidate’ as he once described the major problem of the antiquated body called the U.S. Senate. It’s time to rid ourselves of unnecessary institutions, bureaucracies and federal organizations which amount to nothing more than a welfare state of empty promises and absurd costs.

Florida needs new blood, not a loser-has-been that is out of touch with today’s citizens.  Rubio is a party hack and a Bush lackey.  WAKE UP Florida, get someone new.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Unbearable Being of Lies, Incompetency, and Treason!
From the beginning of Obama’s tenure, the factotum of John Brennan and his misbegotten dwarf “Catholic Choirboys” [CIA], we have had nothing but lies disseminating throughout our Republic. Seems as if reality were a concept ill-suited to the present times. Every utterance of success was accompanied by lies, distortions, and massive deceptions:

  • Osama Bin Laden, already dead, was presumably killed by SEAL/ Admiral MacRaven.
  • Sandy Hook, a complete farce of the greatest order.
  • San Bernardino— Muslim husband/wife who never existed.
  • Orlando- Muslim-CIA-trained father/son team attack gays.
By now, such false flags have replaced the narrative for a Republic consecrated in blood and guts.The 1776 Revolutionary War was a prelude to the bestiality of those who would kill at any expense against those who preferred the status quo with England.During our Revolutionary War, no niceties of warfare were spared on either side. Atrocities included heinous acts of torture, poisoning, and mutilations.
Today, we are confronted, once again, by an imperial rule which blathers at length; while, at the same time, eviscerating the last remnants of decency, honor, or civility in our fading Republic. Each of the past three POTUS were guilty of crimes of state! Yet, neither one of those POTUSs has paid the price of accountability; instead, they fade into memoirs that will never be read and should eventually be discarded.

There was a time when the asymmetry of egregious Presidential power was swiftly realigned with little concern and much alacrity. The assassination of JFK was such an incident. He was completely incapable of functioning on a personal/professional level, fueled by amphetamines, steroids and other daily injections which literally made him psychotic.

Similarly, when LBJ could no longer maintain the lies of the Vietnam War, he had to resign.When Nixon had centralized too much power in the WH, he was summarily dismissed with the sudden appearance of the Watergate Crisis,concocted by the IC. Even the beloved Ronald Reagan could not avoid the contrived wrath of a John Hinckley, a distraught member of a wealthy family closely allied with the nefarious Bush gang of criminals.
So the cycle of tyrants continues to end in abrupt moments of history managed by some unpronounceable stealth or connivance.Obama [The Black Narcissus] has tempted fate far too long with his pathetic ineptitude and miscreant deeds.

Even his own handler, the DCI, John Brennan, has disavowed his allegiance to POTUS in a recent testimony in front of the legislative toadies of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.The DNI, James Clapper, skirts around his discontent with the WH strategy to combat terrorism by professing that he is simply “the lowly coal-stoker of the engine of policy-making” [nonsense].
Obama’s real civilian handler the egregiously fatuous, Sec. State John Kerry has disavowed his own former senate-servant, Barack Obama, by recently turning against his own mentee, to declare that bombing Bashar Assad is the right way to end the Syrian Civil War. This turbulent history of a Republic steeped in violence and lies has come to a tipping point of discontent, and even,rage.
What are we to do with this novitiate who had neither talent, nor past accomplishments to properly deserve the time-honored tradition of the Presidency? Obama and his WH advisors have brought us to the brink of domestic and foreign violence that once had seemed so far away.
Now, whether real or not, the Orlando narrative has called into question the far bigger dilemma of who should remain in power and who should not.
The FBI has demonstrated its gross ineptitude far too many times.The CIA has performed according to script—slipping and sliding; both fighting and abetting world/domestic terrorism,all at the same time. As for POTUS, his absence is far more important to the viability of the Republic, than any other factor. It will be up to his handmaidens to decide how and when he must leave.
Leave, he must!

Propagating lies after lies, constitutes tyranny and crime.There are no more options left for a gay sociopath hiding behind the walls of the White House. Either the Republic erupts in spasms of violence… or POTUS leaves! 
Obama,like most men,is a highly disposable entity. It is now up to those who brought him forth to do what they must.
The brilliant British Foreign Minister, Benjamin Disraeli said the following:
“Frank and explicit—this is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the minds of others.” 

Monday, June 20, 2016

for pure entertainment: Pearl Jam does Who's is good
THX again Tony always informative and entertaining

Brexit: EU is in Trouble! 
On June 23, Britain will vote on whether it will remain in the EU. This will be the first time any member of the EU will exit this flimsy entity of multiple nations. The EU mandate at the behest of France tried to create a European Union which would act to contain the emergence of German industrial/military might.
Irrespective of the original intentions, the reality of the present day EU is one in which Germany still remains as the main economic engine of financial/political growth. In contrast, France, a Socialist country, with very little history of industrious output, is left with an interminable series of strikes and diminishing growth because of incompetent domestic political leadership. 

Now the French government is in the process of warding off a massive series of strikes from all corners of the state, in which the people are demanding the resignation of Hollande and his coterie of bureaucratic incompetents.The Brits, in turn, are tired of having to underwrite the debts of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal while at the same time, bearing the brunt of immigrants from their post-colonial territories of Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Britain has been the financial center of the western world as a result of their extensive financial platforms which can service the world on a 24/7 schedule, unlike the rest of the EU.Now Britain finds itself as the keystone country to unwind the heavily inefficient bureaucratic EU.
Will they exit the EU?
  I think not.
There are too many intricate, complex details concerning the legality of secession which would have to be resolved over a two year period.The next two years would entail a considerable amount of financial/political negotiations between the new government in Britain [Cameron would have to leave] and the angry/vindictive representatives of France, Germany, and the southern tier countries [Italy, Spain, Greece, etc].The fact that Britain is holding a referendum is enough to instill a major anti-EU movement focusing on anti-immigration sentiments. 
From the American point of view, Brexit will strengthen the dollar and lower the Euro to the extent that flight capital will continue to enter the US as a safe haven. Devolution of centralized power will be the harbinger for the future of all nation-states.
Even in America, as the federal government attempts to sustain an artificial hegemony over the states, more and more governors of those economically viable states will withdraw their requests for federal subsidies, relying instead on increasing on states’rights.
These individual states with major potential  economic /political power like NY, California, Texas, Florida have been selected by the feds to experience a “false flag” terrorist episode as a message to their respective citizens that states’ rights must always be subordinate to the will of the federal government.

Similarly, artificial foreign wars will be created in order to sustain a Pax Americana which will mandate subservience to an Empire, the crass manifestation of a corrupt political/military Republic.
With the stroke of a pen, Brits now have a chance to express their will for freedom from a parasitic EU.In contrast, our Founding Fathers had to use guns and pitch forks to separate us from a mad King George. 
Never again,will Britain have this chance for complete freedom without the requisite loss of kin and blood.
Vote Brexit!
The EU is simply a French fantasy that was never intended to work.
Let me quote the great French philosopher/writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
“Man was born free and everywhere he is in shackles.”