Monday, June 20, 2016

Brexit: EU is in Trouble! 
On June 23, Britain will vote on whether it will remain in the EU. This will be the first time any member of the EU will exit this flimsy entity of multiple nations. The EU mandate at the behest of France tried to create a European Union which would act to contain the emergence of German industrial/military might.
Irrespective of the original intentions, the reality of the present day EU is one in which Germany still remains as the main economic engine of financial/political growth. In contrast, France, a Socialist country, with very little history of industrious output, is left with an interminable series of strikes and diminishing growth because of incompetent domestic political leadership. 

Now the French government is in the process of warding off a massive series of strikes from all corners of the state, in which the people are demanding the resignation of Hollande and his coterie of bureaucratic incompetents.The Brits, in turn, are tired of having to underwrite the debts of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal while at the same time, bearing the brunt of immigrants from their post-colonial territories of Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Britain has been the financial center of the western world as a result of their extensive financial platforms which can service the world on a 24/7 schedule, unlike the rest of the EU.Now Britain finds itself as the keystone country to unwind the heavily inefficient bureaucratic EU.
Will they exit the EU?
  I think not.
There are too many intricate, complex details concerning the legality of secession which would have to be resolved over a two year period.The next two years would entail a considerable amount of financial/political negotiations between the new government in Britain [Cameron would have to leave] and the angry/vindictive representatives of France, Germany, and the southern tier countries [Italy, Spain, Greece, etc].The fact that Britain is holding a referendum is enough to instill a major anti-EU movement focusing on anti-immigration sentiments. 
From the American point of view, Brexit will strengthen the dollar and lower the Euro to the extent that flight capital will continue to enter the US as a safe haven. Devolution of centralized power will be the harbinger for the future of all nation-states.
Even in America, as the federal government attempts to sustain an artificial hegemony over the states, more and more governors of those economically viable states will withdraw their requests for federal subsidies, relying instead on increasing on states’rights.
These individual states with major potential  economic /political power like NY, California, Texas, Florida have been selected by the feds to experience a “false flag” terrorist episode as a message to their respective citizens that states’ rights must always be subordinate to the will of the federal government.

Similarly, artificial foreign wars will be created in order to sustain a Pax Americana which will mandate subservience to an Empire, the crass manifestation of a corrupt political/military Republic.
With the stroke of a pen, Brits now have a chance to express their will for freedom from a parasitic EU.In contrast, our Founding Fathers had to use guns and pitch forks to separate us from a mad King George. 
Never again,will Britain have this chance for complete freedom without the requisite loss of kin and blood.
Vote Brexit!
The EU is simply a French fantasy that was never intended to work.
Let me quote the great French philosopher/writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
“Man was born free and everywhere he is in shackles.” 


  1. Isn't it possible for Britain to exit th EU more completely by maintaining that it's entry into it was fraudulent, not sufficiently approved by mandate; and so, therefore legal ramifications or complications are not binding?
    Certainly,no one in Britain could have fully grasped the malevolent ultimate intent of spreading left wing egalitarianism to the economic detriment and hindrance of the stronger nations.
    Look at Switzerland and Israel for example. Consider also missed independent contracts with nations like China.

  2. I doubt the pound will go or Englands independance. I have a feeling the square mile of London under the Lord Mayor has a lot to do with this. King John in 1189 ensured that this square mile is quite independent of and to the rest of the leafy Isles by virtue of the 'little man' sitting just left and behind of the Speaker of the House to ensure no national legislation impinges on those 'Rights' of these institutions and businesses with in this mile. So lets see: a country within a country. Funnily it just has the archaic trappings and theatre of old England but dont happen to pay for it. Infact all they put up is their 'little man' to make sure the looting continues.....

  3. The man on the street is voting leave and what's swinging it is the immigration issues whereas the people whom support remain point to immigration from over the years that without doubt has prospered... BUT that was then and this is now where we are being inundated with mass immigration of refugees at a rate of 200.000 a year because the EU say we say no more and hope to leave but I fear obstacles will be put in the way even if we do leave but that's another issue for after and if we leave...I'm a supporter as indeed many of you Americans are of standing on our own rebuilding infrastructure and once again manufacturing the best be it cars bridges ships or a pair of jeans so here's to the future

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