Friday, June 24, 2016

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a Must See Film.
This film,directed/produced by Michael Bay,is simply outstanding. It portrays the sequence of events that occurred when a group of Libyan terrorists [one was released from Gitmo] attacked our CIA/State Dept. special complex in Benghazi. The group of actors: James Badge Dale,John Krasinski,Max Martini- as well as the rest of the cast were brilliant.

Both the text and subtext of the film highlights the complete incompetency/prevarication of the Obama Administration and Sec. State Hillary Clinton.I don’t say this gratuitously. The most important part of this high action film was the complete absence of American naval, air and Special Forces support which could have been easily afforded to these beleaguered American warriors at any time during the six-hour-long attack. 
Let me list those names as I deem them to be culpable of cowardliness and treason:
[1] POTUS—Obama was born of the CIA wayward factory of manufactured operatives. His handler, John Brennan, was and still is a serious blemish on the intelligence community.

 [2] Sec. State Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be her worst enemy. She was the main proponent of regime change in Libya without having the vaguest notion of how to accomplish it effectively. She created a huge imbroglio of terrorism in this failed state. Her consistently poor judgement throughout her personal/professional careers was obvious in this film without having any need to mention her name directly.

[3] Gen. David Petraeus [DCI]-a highly overrated military/intelligence operative. His narcissism was far greater than his highly touted meager accomplishments [a faux Princeton Phd]. 
[4] Sec.Def. Leon Panetta—a loser from the day he was first appointed DCI. His inept professional life  was a precise mirror of the dysfunctional WH [Susan Rice,Samantha Powers,Ben Rhodes].
[5] Chairman of JCS, Gen. Martin Dempsey—the little engine that wish he could but completely over his head.
[6] Gen.Ham, AFRICOM—fearful of losing his stars and hefty pension.
[7] Jake Sullivan, Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton—highly-educated pretty choir boy with very little real world international crises experience. He is, like Wendy Sherman, an incredible enabler of the inept sociopath,Hillary.
[8] Gen. Keith Alexander, Director of NSA/Cyber Command—flew drones over the conflict. But he did little to mitigate this avoidable tragedy in Benghazi.
I would proffer this notion. 
Three well known films have bracketed the Bill and Hillary Clinton administrations.

[1] “Black Hawk Down” [2001]—demonstrated how inept POTUS Bill Clinton was when he sent in 123 elite SOFs to capture top lieutenants of a renegade warlord in Mogadishu, Somalia. Instead, the SOFs found themselves in a desperate battle against heavily armed Somalis.
[2] “Hotel Rwanda” [2004]- In 1994 Bill /Hillary Clinton were informed of a potential genocide of Tutsi by Hutu. They did nothing to prevent the genocide of one million innocent victims.
[3] “Zero Dark Thirty” [2013] – a highly fictionalized film about a raid that never took place against Osama Bin Laden,who as most of you know by now,was already dead. Both Obama and Hillary claimed personal/professional credit for the murder of an already dead person, OBL.
There is a lot here to think about. Sociopathy and incompetency cannot be the keystone characteristics of our future leaders.If they are, then we are lost forever, never to regain our foothold as a superpower.

This film,“13 Hours”, hints that we are indeed heading into a future of major hurt.Please see it and tell me whether you think I am right, or I am wrong.


  1. American "warriors"? "Cowardice and Treason"?

    Dr.P I agree with you critic of the malfeasance involved, but your "blood and soil" rhetoric is over the top and detracts from the credibility of your presentation.

    I just saw the film in a home occupied by a group of elderly National Socialists and neo Nazis in South Austin and they were as emotional about the topic as yourself.

    It was a real hoot. I encourage everyone to find whatever elderly German National Socialist sympathizers and their teen skinhead neighbors you can find and watch this movie together.

    I did!

  2. The concept of 13 Hrs. is good. It starts out well but became tedious with endless shootouts in the dark. I get it is based on a true story. Dr. P., you may be right about OBL dying of Marfan before 9/11. But what is with this ex-Seal (O'Neill??) who keeps appearing on Fox TV claiming he shot OBL? Your other points with 13 Hrs. sound 100% right.

  3. I agree. Great movie, great cast, great commradere, and great loyalty displayed against unwinnable odds.

    Its just a damn crying shame that leadership isnt even a tiny reflection of warriors in the field. With that said, now that LGBT and illegal residentia are being ushered into the Armed Services of the United States, it will finally have warriors that mirror their leaders.

    1. The United States armed forces consists of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

      We have no "warriors."

      Warriors are primitives like tribal Africans or Native Americans who go on the "war path."

      That's what a "warrior" is.

  4. "Thomas Pickering, one of the country’s most respected diplomats and a and former ambassador to Israel and the United Nations, who also served as co-chairman of the board examining the Benghazi attack response, has been quietly taking money from Boeing while vocally supporting the Iran nuclear deal-testifying before Congress, writing letters to high-level officials, and penning op-eds for outlets like The Washington Post.

    Pickering confirmed via email—from his Boeing corporate email address—that he was on staff at the company from 2001 to 2006 and has been a paid consultant for them ever since.

    'I was a Boeing employee from 1/2001 to 6/2006,” he emailed. “I was a direct consultant to Boeing from 7/2006 until 12/2015 when‎ contract for consulting was moved to Hills for my work.' "


    "Ambassador Thomas Pickering, an outstanding career FSO who has served in more posts than I can recall. He is now in charge of the investigation of the Steven’s murder.

    "Last but not least, is Thomas Pickering, one of the brightest FSO’s with whom I had the pleasure of working with in several different administrations. He was and still is a very clever, wily FSO who knew how to create or untangle a very complex embarrassing diplomatic faux pas.Tom had to know from the very beginning of his investigation into the Libyan fiasco that Hillary was not using the appropriate channels of communications in either the Arab Springs or in Benghazi.

    Now the time has come for these gentlemen to step forward and tell all that they know about their ersatz boss, the woman who played the role of a Secretary of State."

    "the greatest disappointment was I knew that Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering was LYING, trying to PROTECT HILLARY CLINTON and the INTEGRITY OF THE STATE DEPARTMENT.

    I have known and worked with Pickering for over twenty years in everything from peace talks between USG –Israel, issues dealing with the UN and many other areas of concern.
    I found him to be forthright and exceedingly competent. He was always professional, never one to attract attention to himself or the sensitive issues at hand.

    Unfortunately, on this one particular occasion, perhaps the most important one in his long distinguished career, Pickering TARNISHED HIS REPUTATION ---TRYING TO PROTECT a NEFARIOUS HILLARY CLINTON and OBAMA, both of whom would have thought nothing of SACRIFICING PICKERING FOR THEIR OWN PARTICULAR POLITICAL GAINS …. .which is what happened.
    I asked myself, how did a good, serious professional like Pickering go astray?
    Was it political ambition?
    I think not.
    Was he promised to become Secretary of State by the Lucretia Borgia, Hillary Clinton, if she were to become President of the United States?...
    Pickering was a sophisticated reader of people..He had been Ambassador to so many different cultures and positions that he knew how ‘to read the situation’.
    .. I think that Pickering lied, not to protect himself nor even the SecState, but to protect the integrity of the State Department."

  6. Judicial Watch scheduled deposition:
    Wednesday June 29 – Patrick F. Kennedy (Under Secretary for Management since 2007
    and the Secretary of State's principal advisor on management issues, including technology and information services), regarding their involvement with the record system.


      "Pat Kennedy who for thirty years of my career in and out of the State Department would become the premiere manager/administrator of the Department. Today, he is the Under Secretary of State for manager/administrator of the Department."

      "Patrick F. Kennedy, the present Under Secretary of State for Management and then a FSO Administrative Officer. No one knew the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the State Department and how it operated better than Pat Kennedy over the past forty years. He, like Ambassador Thomas Pickering, whom I also knew were on the Accountability Board examining the Benghazi Affair. "

      "Pat Kennedy—a professional Foreign Service officer who had acted accordingly to the rules of the State Department—no receipts, no reimbursements...

      Remember during the Benghazi affair when two FSOs had to resign with pay? They were Eric Boswell [Diplomatic Security] and Pat Kennedy [Management]...if the State Department personnel felt that they must break the rules to suit Hillary, then these FSOs must be held accountable...Pat is a decent, hardworking individual garnering a government salary that was significantly less than what one could earn in private practice. Nevertheless, Pat knows very well that no one sends unclassified documents to the Secretary of State, all correspondence that is inherently ‘confidential’... Pat Kennedy, along with Hillary should be spending some jail time.."

      "Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy knew the most of what was going on both on the ground in Libya as well as the ‘cover up;’ because Pat, whom I knew for over twenty years, is a very EFFECTIVE MANAGER and ADMINISTRATOR. He knows where every PENNY and COVERT OPERATION IS LOCATED. He knows under which rock the CIA hides the payola for the mercenaries. He pays the rent on the bogus embassy used as weapons depot/torture chamber. He knows the rank, names and serial numbers of the individuals who would have been involved overtly or covertly in the Benghazi Affair.

      If the investigators are serious about getting to the truth of Benghazi, all they have to do is to interview PAT KENNEDY and EXAMINE HIS ACCOUNTING LEDGERS and EMAILS.

      Once you follow the money trial from Pat Kennedy’s office, the truth of the matter will come out ASAP.
      Get the emails! Follow the money and it will probably lead to Brennan.
      ...Pickering, Kennedy and Boswell—these were honorable men who committed DISHONORABLE DEEDS.
      Pickering, Kennedy and Boswell had failed as Foreign Service Officers and as Americans.
      They chose to protect the lie over the truth. They indicted themselves and the rest of the FSOs..."

    The president is refusing to answer more inquiries about the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya."

  8. Isn't it true only the President has authority to give "Order to Stand Down"? Murder Of Chris Stevens In Benghazi Attack Ordered By American Military Leadership, Possibly Obama

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