Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bibi [Israel] and Erdogan [Turkey] Embrace After a Six Year Hiatus of Acrimony!
When the world’s attention is on the EU/Brexit, I would like to congratulate two of my favorite villains: Bibi & Erdogan for normalizing relations between the two countries after six years.In an extremely brilliant strategic movement, both leaders spent months negotiation a deal that restores normal relations between the Jewish State and the primarily Sunni Muslim State.
Not bad for two enemies who have been fighting over a raid which happened six years ago! Reminder: 10 Turkish activists were killed by Israeli navy commandoes when the Turkish boat, Mavi Marmara, tried to break an Israeli blockade of Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.
This new agreement specifies the following:
  • Israeli government apologized for the 2010 raid and agreed to pay $20M in compensation to the families of the bereaved and injured pro-Hamas Turkish activists.
  • Turkey will pass laws indemnifying the Israeli soldiers involved in the raid.
  • Both countries will resume Ambassadorial relations.
  • Israel will explore with Turkey potential lucrative gas deals in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Military weapons, training exercises, and intelligence sharing will resume for both countries.
Why is this important?

Turkey was the first Muslim country that recognized the state of Israel in March,1949. Since that time both countries have had extensive national security/business relations which allowed Israeli jet fighters to fly/practice unencumbered in the vast lands of unoccupied eastern Turkey. In turn, Israel has provided Turkey with advanced weapons systems and made certain that Turkey was secure both internally and externally.
How did this unusual Muslim/Jewish relationship come about?
During the birth of Jewish Zionism [somewhere in the late 1920-30s] when Ben Gurion was developing a foresighted foreign policy for the non-existing Jewish state, he spent an immense amount of time with Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, then the secular leader of Turkey [believed to be a crypto-Jew from Salonika].

Both visionaries foresaw a world where both a Jewish and Muslim state could co-exist and co-operate in a meaningful relationship without resorting to constant religious bickering.
Ben Gurion went even further in his quest to surround the Middle East with Muslim ethnic tribes like the Kurds and others [non-arabs] who could eventually help the nascent state to survive in a hostile environment. For the most part, his vision was successful.
Israel is now in close partnership with Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Jordan and other Arab/Muslim states.These alliances which have been kept secret for the most part have really prospered over the past eight years as the Obama presidency correctly decided to diminish its moral/financial support of Israel.
What we are witnessing today is the growth of Israel from an infantile dependency on the USG into a more mature outgoing country forced to make alliances of all sorts with its presumed enemies—the Muslim/Arab world.

In time, ISIS will disappear. Instead we will see a new balance of relationships where Israel will continue to be a conduit between the Sunni Arab states and the Shi’ite Persian [non-Arab] Iranian hegemony.
Finally, strategic geopolitical and psycho-political imperatives have forced all the countries in the Middle East to make serious accommodations with each other in order to maintain political/economic stability throughout the region.
Mazel Tov and Merci—to both Turkey and Israel!
May their respective people enjoy the mutual bounties/benefits of peace.  



  1. It's hard to agree with that if one were to believe that Islam and the construct, ISIS are both intended to reinforce a global-fascist one world hegemony.
    Anyway, two bombs just went off at stature airport.
    Just watched you on Alex. Your insight is so deep ... it is sometimes to hard to get at exactly that level of the chessboard with you.

    1. countries exist, by depending on few expert individuals, giving right expert advices...
      but without abolishment of class based health care inside of USA i do not see any expert going to support USA much longer... he should really be some crazy one dimensional fanatic, but nothing from such

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  2. Two capitalist reactionary united, if capitalist international does not work in Europe any more, lets move international to middle east...
    Wise, wise move... I must admitt...

    1. Lets look what is happening in Europe, this is brutal...

  3. Bibi cannot be all that villainous, huh?

    He negotiated with a Muslim & compromised.

    Speaks volumes.

    But, alas, Muslims practice "Taqiyya" to obtain their goals.

  4. Ben Gurion was originally from Turkey I believe. I remember he practiced law there or something.
    But Dr.P I disagree with your premise that it's a good idea for Israel to have strong security relations with ANY muslim country. I don't think you understand how opinion in these countries is opposed to Israel. These Sunni governments who cozy up to the zionist entity are fueling Islamist reaction against themselves by so doing.
    Back in my government days of the 1980s it as the Shiite government in Iran which cozied up to Israel because of their mutual goal of destroying the Ba'ath Party and government of Iraq. But then the Iranian public never knew that their revolutionary overlords were compromising their beliefs for raw pragmatism. But in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other places their degenerate leaders' giving blow jobs to the circumcized criminals of the zionist entity is well known...and resented.
    All these Sunni governments giving blow jobs to the evil Jewish state are sealing their own fate.
    It is a horrible mistake for which they will pay dearly.

  5. Islam is religion where it is allowed to look non muslim as subhuman. Only socialism can put them in line. You get ISIS when you connect american christian capitalism hungry for creating wars to get out of economic crisis, and CIA mulas on terrain. Then you get new doctire by muslim priests, that God decides who is rich. Mulas were saying that to their flock while USSR was liberating Afganistan.

  6. British and Americans are now coping Russians from past.
    They are your friends even you do not want to play with them any more...

    When militaries of former Warszaw contract had exercies, non stop russian soldiers would rape hungrian soldiers for fun... But that was something different because then Hungarians were enjoying playing with friends... We know it because they said so...

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    Active senior memeber of other party (which is filled we old mumies), (and we in this party are young) he was former boss of shipyard unions, he said that all those Soviet satellite BETRAYED Soviet UNION... WOW that was attitude, he was so right...

    1. filled with old mummies, not we*

      and then i said to old comrade from that senior party (4 of us are in junior party), that it would be best to make manevour like croat communist wanted to do in 1974, in stand off between us and serbian nationalistic reactionary stalinists - capitalists (who are only reason for brake up of Yugoslavia later on)...
      we commies together with croat ustashe nazis (there are also pro-russian left wing ustashas) were having deals with soviets to enter with tanks in to zagreb from hungary...

      something like that is needed today

  7. Germany needs to stop doing business with the Russians, and all European countries need to isolate Russia altogether. Russians are barbarians and their miserable country is a failed state where nothing has ever worked and the population is declining faster than a LADA falling off a cliff.
    Russia is a cleptocracy filled with gangsters, most of which are Jews. The Jews of Russia gave us Bohlshevism and then Oligargic cleptocracy and mafia world on Russian pumped up steroids.
    Under the Czars the Russians kept the Jews in check a little keeping them in the "Pale of Settlement" and then when they got greedy unleashing a little "pogram" now and then.
    But Jews outside Russia falsely portray their history there as one of poverty with "Life in the Shettle" and "Zero Mostell and Fiddler on the Roof" as our guides...
    When in fact there were no "Shettles" or poor Jewish milkmen. All the Jews in Russia were Doctors or Jewelers or Merchants or Professors and the like. The had names like "Gold" or "Silver" or "Perl" and were all about until this day.. And don't forget "Diamonds" as in "Diamond" or "Diamont"
    Russia is beset by Jewish criminals and slavic rapists and drunkards. The whole place needs to be conauered by Germans once again and this time do the job right and send these animals to camps and let the whole area be settled by Germanic peoples who can make use of the land.

  8. Israel is wise to build alliances with its neighbors but most them are built on straw.

    Turkey can turn against Israel again on a dime. The populations of most Arab countries still have a score to settle with Jacob despite what their leaders are doing behind their backs.

    It is interesting that Russia is patching it up with Turkey at the same time with the Turks apologizing for shooting down their aircraft.

    Maybe they have finally agreed to part out Syria. While ISIL may seem to disappear it will actually metastasize into Africa, Asia, Europe and the Mideast.

    Most of Israels mainline state sized enemies will have been shattered. All in all a rather fitting end for those who wrote the playbook of the last 15 years.

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