Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit: The 21st Century Battle of Waterloo: Britain Vanquishes France Once Again!
On June 23, 2016, a major battle was won by the British people. They decided to leave the constricted tentacles of the French-inspired EU.I have entitled this historical event the “21st Century Battle of Waterloo.”
History possesses a sardonic sense of irony. When I applauded this long awaited Brexit phenomenon, I was mindful of a painting which I had seen in Bruxelles,Belgium when I was a teenager-“The Battle Of Waterloo” by William Sadler. Despite the dire warnings of imminent disaster from the miscreant politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, I have encouraged this break-up of the EU for well over ten years.

The EU was a complete fabrication of a laggard group of so-called ‘French intellectuals’ who presumed for no reason other than fear that a European Union had to be created in order to co-opt/impede the belligerence of a post-WWII Germany.
The French,as usual, fell into their own intellectual solipsism, having forgotten how their Corsican [faux French] Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated for the last time at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815.The irony of such a magnificent defeat by the brilliant Irish/English Duke of Wellington and his trusted Prussian ally, the Prince of Wohlstatt, Gebhard Lebrecht von Blucher, echoes through the past 201 years to the present times.
Exactly five days before Brexit was initiated on June 23, 2016, England had defeated France on June 18, 1815. Furthermore, the Battle of Waterloo occurred in present day Bruxelles, Belgium, where the presumptive headquarters of the ephemeral EU  has been located for the past several decades.
My analogy pays homage to the writer/philosopher, George Santayana’s dictum: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Remember how many times I would reiterate the fact that France could not,would not, nor was ever capable of matching,competing, or more importantly, co-opting the more powerful indigenous economic forces of the juggernaut called Germany.

WWI and WWII demonstrated that a defeated Germany could easily conquer any armies except those of Lord Wellington and Stalin’s Soviet Army at Stalingrad.Britain correctly decided along with Queen Elizabeth’s blessing that England had to re-enter the 21st Century with a clean slate. Britain, an economic powerhouse, had to determine whether it could go it alone without the encumbrances of the southern tier countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.
In many ways, the primary dynamic of the 21st century is not globalization, but ‘devolution’.Power will be redistributed from a nation state back to its geopolitical components.
Spain was the country which I targeted in my novels (Tom Clancy’s Op Center)- and blogs as one of the first countries that would fragment into the provinces of Catalonia, Basque, Valencia, etc.That shift from centralized power might further fragment Britain into Scotland, Wales, and so on.

The major issue of our times is that the nation state in the Information Age is antiquated. Twenty years ago, in the Tom Clancy’s NET FORCE series, I postulated/predicted that the internet would create new viable political/economic entities like “Cybernation” and “Cyber-Terrorism” with the concomitant suppressive powers of “Net Force” [read NSA, Cyber Command, etc.].The future has a certain inherent logic to its evolution.
The brave people of Britain spoke with their votes and determined that they wanted to leave an antiquated, disruptive entity: the EU.In November, we, Americans, will have to determine our future. Do we want to stick with the past, or do we enter the future [Trump]?

George Santayana wrote the following:

“We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.”    


  1. Sounds like we are going "Back To The Future".

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  3. The Nation-State is not antiquated, indeed, it is the foundation for peaceful relations among different people and cultures.

    What is the choice?

    Internet communities are not a realistic basis for governing a geographic area.

    Nation-States are the foundation for local regional government and decentralization.

    Dr. Piczenik, we have a stark choice, Nation-States, which aren't prefect, or transnational bodies where the average citizen isn't considered at all.

    In my opinion, the new paradigm is nationalism vs. globalism.

    And there's nothing conservative about globalism, that's the BIG LIE that fake conservatives have been pushing in the Republican Party for 20 years.

    Hopefully, some will come to that realization on their own.

    Others will have to be exposed for the fakes they really are and held up to public ridicule and loss of political influence.

    1. hm, but if there is one economy, then there is one government, but, because everything is in time, in that same moment
      when one government is starting to emerge it is more profitable to start dividing it...
      just how happened in roman empire with diocletian reforms (who intorduced feudalism)...
      simply put, when, for one rich man to pay for military to protect trade route of empire, it starts to be less profitable then to invest that same money locally, you are having emergance of feudalism

      UK is trying I guess to create own economy which starts to be more profitable...
      UK wants own feud, 3d printing will make feuds more economical then paying for military to protect global trade routes, especially because it is more important to invest in cyber security now

      of course that problem of fragmentation can be solved by global socialism, but before that we will have to start like this, it think... with net feudalism... then again net captialism will follow, and then net global capitalism, then we are going to be able to get local net socialism before net global net socialism... pitty

      i am sorry, but there is something US propaganda will never admitt, and that is, that base for society is: 1. military force (as core of society) and 2. demand in economy ... without demand trully described, economy is not good and is inneficient...
      everyone wants mercedes, but most have only for chevy... that cannot be not be functional economy

  4. Everything in Europe with trade was just fine before all these integration efforts came about.

    What I like is the idea of simply turning back the clock.

    If we went back to all the laws and traditions of fifty years ago we'd have the well being and prosperity of those wonderful days gone by.

    And we might have singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole for a start.

    And Andy Williams and Bobby Darrin wouldn't hurt either.

    And Vikki Carr and even someone "modern" like Donna Summer. I always liked Donna Summer, and she had a German name too. And her producer was German.

    1. I am afriad USA lost much of formal cultural hegemony inside of Europe with such move by UK... Costs of ruling Europe are going to be higher now, i think, Unless USA buids some kind of Hong Kong in Ireland, and/or annex Cyprus and do Hong Kong there, and put some Dutch famers over there...
      I guess billUK went to queen with my proposal from last year, for UK to connect it self with N. Korea, and other non-aligned countries...

  5. Great, this is what i was waiting for... UK is gone, air is clear, hunting season on European continent starts...
    Back to normality... First sane formal thing happening from the time of saving GM from going bankrupt...

    I had to leave blog few months ago, because i could not wait, this happening, while being so relaxed (that was like father going to battle, i am sorry), to be able to start working on revolution, in reality...
    Well, because now i am inside, khm... I feel now, round, perky, nice and sitting where I had to... Great feeling!

    Obviously formalities are very important in life also...

    And of course i hope you all are well and healthy also :))

    1. Of course before joining ultra left politcal party here, i called military counter inteligence of USA and informed them, but they were rude because they put my conversation on special line and it was abvious because of skweeky echo i heard going from my voice... ts ts
      Of course they told me to write mail to them...
      So i wrote mail and asked, do they have any objections for me joining such party and because i did not recieve any mail after...
      That means they do not have anything against...
      Also i told them that from my left politics side of view, that whole NA continent could go to hell... but because there is nothing personal in that, there are no need for hard feeling...
      Also i gave tip that USA will have to loose 0.5M soldiers in Iran after 5-10 years of fighting in Iran, while they would loose 2M...
      Also i proposed solution for empire and how my actions in my political work on class based violent socialist revolution are going to be complementary with my solution and they obviously agreed...
      Which is good...

  6. I wondered what happened to you. Glad you are ok.

    Dr. P is a big Trump fan. Most men are so nasty a Trump type doesn't bother them at all. My ex wasn't a perv and he would have NEVER uttered the perv things Trump has.

    1. I know... I think, right wing guys should be castrated, Tesla castrated him self, and he was able to conduct science much bettter then before.

    2. Did he actually cut it off? I knew he focused on science only and was wooed by many a fair maiden...we tend to desire what we can't ascertain....

    3. No you can just cut nerve under... There is also chemical way i think, we could start putting that in to their drink. Imagine Alex Jones with squeaky voice jumping and explaining to us how Hillary is bad because she is too much on right.
      That would be victory.

    4. We need upright and moral leaders...G-d help us. My ex is looking like Jesus right now with the degenerate culture we are in...

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