Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Unbearable Being of Lies, Incompetency, and Treason!
From the beginning of Obama’s tenure, the factotum of John Brennan and his misbegotten dwarf “Catholic Choirboys” [CIA], we have had nothing but lies disseminating throughout our Republic. Seems as if reality were a concept ill-suited to the present times. Every utterance of success was accompanied by lies, distortions, and massive deceptions:

  • Osama Bin Laden, already dead, was presumably killed by SEAL/ Admiral MacRaven.
  • Sandy Hook, a complete farce of the greatest order.
  • San Bernardino— Muslim husband/wife who never existed.
  • Orlando- Muslim-CIA-trained father/son team attack gays.
By now, such false flags have replaced the narrative for a Republic consecrated in blood and guts.The 1776 Revolutionary War was a prelude to the bestiality of those who would kill at any expense against those who preferred the status quo with England.During our Revolutionary War, no niceties of warfare were spared on either side. Atrocities included heinous acts of torture, poisoning, and mutilations.
Today, we are confronted, once again, by an imperial rule which blathers at length; while, at the same time, eviscerating the last remnants of decency, honor, or civility in our fading Republic. Each of the past three POTUS were guilty of crimes of state! Yet, neither one of those POTUSs has paid the price of accountability; instead, they fade into memoirs that will never be read and should eventually be discarded.

There was a time when the asymmetry of egregious Presidential power was swiftly realigned with little concern and much alacrity. The assassination of JFK was such an incident. He was completely incapable of functioning on a personal/professional level, fueled by amphetamines, steroids and other daily injections which literally made him psychotic.

Similarly, when LBJ could no longer maintain the lies of the Vietnam War, he had to resign.When Nixon had centralized too much power in the WH, he was summarily dismissed with the sudden appearance of the Watergate Crisis,concocted by the IC. Even the beloved Ronald Reagan could not avoid the contrived wrath of a John Hinckley, a distraught member of a wealthy family closely allied with the nefarious Bush gang of criminals.
So the cycle of tyrants continues to end in abrupt moments of history managed by some unpronounceable stealth or connivance.Obama [The Black Narcissus] has tempted fate far too long with his pathetic ineptitude and miscreant deeds.

Even his own handler, the DCI, John Brennan, has disavowed his allegiance to POTUS in a recent testimony in front of the legislative toadies of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.The DNI, James Clapper, skirts around his discontent with the WH strategy to combat terrorism by professing that he is simply “the lowly coal-stoker of the engine of policy-making” [nonsense].
Obama’s real civilian handler the egregiously fatuous, Sec. State John Kerry has disavowed his own former senate-servant, Barack Obama, by recently turning against his own mentee, to declare that bombing Bashar Assad is the right way to end the Syrian Civil War. This turbulent history of a Republic steeped in violence and lies has come to a tipping point of discontent, and even,rage.
What are we to do with this novitiate who had neither talent, nor past accomplishments to properly deserve the time-honored tradition of the Presidency? Obama and his WH advisors have brought us to the brink of domestic and foreign violence that once had seemed so far away.
Now, whether real or not, the Orlando narrative has called into question the far bigger dilemma of who should remain in power and who should not.
The FBI has demonstrated its gross ineptitude far too many times.The CIA has performed according to script—slipping and sliding; both fighting and abetting world/domestic terrorism,all at the same time. As for POTUS, his absence is far more important to the viability of the Republic, than any other factor. It will be up to his handmaidens to decide how and when he must leave.
Leave, he must!

Propagating lies after lies, constitutes tyranny and crime.There are no more options left for a gay sociopath hiding behind the walls of the White House. Either the Republic erupts in spasms of violence… or POTUS leaves! 
Obama,like most men,is a highly disposable entity. It is now up to those who brought him forth to do what they must.
The brilliant British Foreign Minister, Benjamin Disraeli said the following:
“Frank and explicit—this is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the minds of others.” 


  1. i wouldn't blame just the roman catholics in the CIA. it's known that brennan isn't catholic anymore, but a devout follower of allah, saudi style, who are his good buddies. even the "F"ing pope isn't roman catholic anymore. whatever he is now, he is not catholic. he's an "anti-pope", an enemy of the church. in my opinion. JFK was the last real president. he took drugs for physical ailments, not to get "high". he was killed because he wanted to disband the CIA, and had fired the evil allen dulles, who somehow landed a position on the warren commission, in a perverse turn of events. it wasn't the catholics in the CIA that killed JFK. why have treasonous criminals like bush sr, b clinton, bush jr, obama, h clinton been allowed to run ammouck and commit heinous crimes without being held accountable? that's the question. there doesn't seem to be any will among democrats or republicans to hold anyone accountable, except for a few, like trey gowdy, jeff sessions, rand paul, and very few others. trump is our best hope, but when you see how trump is being blatantly lied about, and slandered to the US voters, by the despicable cowardly US mainstream news media, who remained completely silent about the genocide of christians in the middle east for 14 years, you can see that trump is a real threat to the reprehensible amoral treasonous powers that be in this country. who comes out the victor may or may not be clear in november.

    1. It's obvious the genocide of Christians in the middle east had a chaotic and abrupt appearance. The anamalistic and barbaric attributes make an atrackive yet dangerous weaponized religion to use against its only real threat, thus preserving a humanistic social order.

    2. It's obvious the genocide of Christians in the middle east had a chaotic and abrupt appearance. The anamalistic and barbaric attributes make an atrackive yet dangerous weaponized religion to use against its only real threat, thus preserving a humanistic social order.

    3. Dr.P this "blog" has now officially gone off the rails.

      To claim that Sandy Hook and San Bernadino were "false flag" inside jobs is an extraordinary claim to say the least. CIA, or no office therein, could or would perpetrate such acts. It is not possible. If you refer to your own government experience you might also reach that conclusion.

      Everyone knows about the shocking documents regarding the "Northwoods" false flag ruminations within the Pentagon in the early 1960s. Those documents refer to possible plans or proposals by the Defense Department to stage phony attacks on American citizens and attribute them to Cuba. Those proposals were requested by General Edward Lansdale, who was also a CIA asset or perhaps officer. It is shocking that these military officers considered such acts, but they didn't act on them. No plans were forthcoming. It is likely that other plans were carried out in particular situations, but nothing in which US citizens were the target.
      In my opinion the assassinations of both Kennedy brothers was conducted by CIA officers and others. But within CIA the current Director at the time was not in the plot, although the former Director may have been. But those officers participating did so on their own, outside the budget and command structure. And most importantly it was NOT PROGRAMMATIC. Like NORTHWOODS, the Kennedy assassinations were conducted as one time events.
      It's one thing to conduct a "false flag" as an ad hoc one time event, and then later followed by another conducted on a different topic or theater or area.
      But to assert the Sandy Hook or San Bernadino were part of on going PROGRAMS is not possible.
      It is not possible to conduct false flag operations as on going programs.
      Continuing programs require large budgets and budgetary approval. They also require Task Forces staffed with large numbers of officers and you can't keep those kinds of things hidden.
      It's just not institutionally possible.

    4. Where did the Sally Abdelmageed go ?
      Scott Pelley interviewed her the very next day ? She saw three tall athletic white males in black chamo outfits with assault rifles unlock a building #3 entrance into the lobby and start shooting . Where did the media stop investing this story and drop the ball ?

    5. CIA Operator:

      Well, loyalty is a good quality... but.

      Regarding Orlando:

      It was pointed out to me, by way of overhead pictures from a drone or helicopter above the Pace night club, there were NO bloody foot prints leaving the club - NONE.

      If there were mass casualties, there would be blood on the floor, and with the chaos and scrambling to leave by survivors, there would be at least some bloody footprints -- there aren't any!

      I have seen video were a supposedly wounded individual was being carried by a news video camera. But when the people carrying the "wounded" man thought they were OFF CAMERA they dropped the guy, who was then able to stand and one of his carriers was seen smiling even laughing.

      That does not happen at a real event -- period, end of story.

      Also, I saw video which looks as if a manikin is being carried past the news video camera.

      Again, completely exposing the fraud.

      One would be enough, but all three?

      Sorry, CIA operator, you are just too loyal for your own good.

      Or would disloyalty be dangerous for your health?

    6. As I explained, it is not possible for budgets and Task Forces to be operated in a Federal bureaucracy conducting illegal activities.

      From time to time illegal activities occur, but when they do they must be conducted off budget and with volunteer personnel because there is no money to pay for them.

      As for Orlando it's documented what the victims were through the hospitals and victim families and friends.

      To ignore that conclusive evidence in favor of a supposed lack of footprints seen from a helicopter is weak at best.

    7. CIA Operator:

      If somebody wants to do something AND has the money, the CIA and associates have black money, they can do it.

      As I stated, it's not just the footprints, it's the obvious crisis actors and a manikin for gosh sake!

      "As for Orlando it's documented what the victims were through the hospitals and victim families and friends."

      I haven't seen documentation.

      Although, I agree video alone is not all the evidence.

      You do need a private investigator with balls of steel to get hard evidence, but you know the private investigator would be putting his life in the cross-hairs.

  2. That's it! Concisely and completely stated, the truth of history. Let us hope it indeed makes the pages of history.

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  4. "JFK....was completely incapable of functioning on a personal/professional level, fueled by amphetamines, steroids and other daily injections which literally made him psychotic." We have many examples of JFK's personal life being a mess...but his professional life? Where's the evidence of his psychosis?...a fascinating read as always.

    1. there is no proof of JFK being unable to perform his professional duties. in fact, the USA and the rest of the world are still here because it was JFK, and not nixon who was negotiating with kruschev and the soviets during the missile crisis. JFK stopped mutual nuclear annihilation with the soviets. he was wise enough to ignore the insane joint chiefs recommendation for a sneak nuclear attack on the soviets. earlier that year 1962, the CIA and the joint chiefs had proposed a false flag in the USA, similar to 9/11, terrorist attacks on US citizens done by CIA covert criminals, called "operation northwoods", and blame it on the cubans and their new commie leader castro, in order to go to war on cuba. a plan that JFK flatly rejected. i am not aware of JFK ever having been incapable of doing his job. but if you have any proof of that mr pieczenik, please let us know. however bad his personal life was, he never committed the kind of traitorous crimes our last 4 presidents have committed. and JFK was a combat vet, unlike clinton, bush jr, and obama. there is even a question now about bush sr's combat service. new info say's that he wasn't shot down in a plane.

    2. JFK did function well enough to fire Allan Dulles from the CIA after the covert invasion of Cuba failed, and that gives Dulles a motive for revenge. JFK was on all types of drugs, however, and he was euphoric. But it was his standoff with the CIA and his brother's aggressive prosecution of organized crime that put them both into the cross hairs of assassins. JFK was even headed enough to avoid nuclear war by his negotiations with Kruschev, and he should not be robbed of his good deeds posthumously.

  5. They've gotten away with it for so long... they don't know where to stop.

    Or their plans brook no stopping (in their minds). A most dangerous mind-set.

    How many people are realizing the agenda is destructive to the United States of America?

    1. according to harry truman, the CIA was never intended to have policy making ability, or military capabilities. they were to be for intelligence purposes only, and were to report to the president, and take orders from the president. in 1961 he called the CIA "the american gestapo." the CIA and all of the other many US intelligence agencies have wealth and power they were never intended to have, and shouldn't have. have they been behind the election of certain reprehensible presidents? it would explain a lot of unpunished scandals committed by presidents in recent years. apparently every president since JFK has been afraid of the CIA and never opposed them for obvious reasons.

  6. steve: angel colon, numerous media interviews, said he was expecting to get shot in head but by grace of god got hit in hand instead: 0:52 of this video, his hands look totally healthy

  7. Steve...

    Your assertions are outrageous. Notice I didn't say untrue. I don't know if they are true or not. Therein lies the rub. How are you still above ground if what you say is true, and I am talking about the preponderance of your work on the net. Just askin'.

  8. JFK was "psychotic?" hardly a narrative I have ever heard.

    How does a psychotic navigate the pathetic CIA orchestrated Bay of Pigs incident, the De Gaulle‎ coup orchestrated by the CIA behind his back, the Berlin blockade, and the Cuban Missile Crisis in variance with all of his advisors in three short years?

    IN reality, it appears he was kicking their proverbial asses and it appears that Dulles orchestrated the assassination and sat as chief of the coverup commission in grande perfection.

    The CIA was born on Wall street and Dulles lived to ensure that survived well into the future.

    It started in WWII and Donovan. Truman set it up and regretted it, Eisenhower fiddled and golfed while it grew and then warned us as the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

    Kennedy realized he had to do something about the cancer and paid for it with his blood.

    We can only see the outcomes, we do not know the real objectives. It may appear to be chaos and insane policy but there is an objective.

    Beelzebub won and will continue to win for a time.

    1. apparently the CIA did the same to MLK, and RFK "with little concern, and much alacrity". was that because of their "egregious power" the "asymmetry" of which needed to be "swiftly realigned?" swiftly means the same thing as alacrity, i looked it up.

  9. A rheumatologist in Dallas,Texas had a twenty point side effects list you had to sign prior to having a cortisone injection. One was erratic mood swings... JFK had regular cortisone injections...

    1. any proof that these shots made JFK incompetent in his professional duties? his back was severely injured in WW2. the reason for the cortizone.

    2. Oh yes, I have hard evidence...(joke)...

    3. why don't you ask mr pieczenik? he seems to have evidence.

  10. Godfather Don Poppy bush & Karl Rove:

    One for all All for one..until his last dying breath...

  11. Brennan is covering fot Obam's gun control agenda. He is a psychopath. He has taken elocution lessons because he is unintelligible...a street thug.

    He "earned the LAWLESS GANGSTER CIA HELM job because he "puts his lips together & know how to blow...don't you, Steve?"

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