Friday, June 10, 2016

Why is American Anti-Semitism on the Rise?
Because of AIPAC, unquestioning Pro-Israel sentiments and certain obnoxious American Jews, all contribute to a major part of the problem.
A friend of mine sent me an article from the Boston Globe, written by Steven R.Rosenberg [June 2,2016] delineating an interesting phenomena in the tony communities of Boston proper. It appears that in Newton and other upscale communities around the Boston/Cambridge environ; the incidents of anti-Semitic acts has risen in the last years. Most of the law-abiding citizens were completely aghast when they encountered over 60 episodes of swastikas and slanderous words chalked over the school buildings.
Clearly,I don’t condone such actions.

Yet,I have been waiting for this uptick in worldwide anti-Semitism for some time now. Having been born in a primarily Catholic country, Cuba; as well as, growing up with Latin-speaking-priests in Toulouse, France, I received a healthy dose of pre-pubescent anti-Semitism. Next,moving into New York’s Harlem, I knew the words,“kike” and ‘honky’ way before I understood how to read, The Jungle Book.
Later on in my professional career, I encountered anti-Semitism at Cornell University when I was informed that one particular fraternity wanted to rush me. Unfortunately, I was not a viable candidate because I was Jewish. So,I joined one of three Jewish fraternities. At Cornell University Medical College [New York Hospital], I encountered both anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism [my Polish last name could be quite confusing]. Not until my graduate education at both Harvard Medical College and MIT did I feel that the burden of this ancient stigmata became, at best, irrelevant; if not, completely absurd.
I worked for a short while for Nixon who was considered anti-Semitic. In fact, he had the greatest numbers of Jews surrounding him and Henry Kissinger; and he was unduly kind to me when he left office. Similarly, James Baker and George Bush Sr. along with the former gracious Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, had to reprimand the Cuban born, NH Governor John Sununu, for his outlandish anti-Semitic comments that he had made during the Bush Sr. presidential race in 1988. 
“Jews” were always a stand-out group of people who could be derided and deprecated.
That truth is not easy to accept.
As long as the Jews have considered themselves to be ‘the chosen people’, a solipsism of theological logic that still mystifies me to this day, some five thousand years later there will always be a ‘chosen people to pick upon’.
Yet, there are major mitigating circumstances to this supposed unforeseen increase in anti-Semitism.The American Jew has been spoiled and they have no idea of what real anti-Semitism feels, looks and sounds like.They have a highly distorted notion of anti-Semitism propagated by AIPAC, Neo-Conservative Jews, and Israel’s propaganda machinery.

Never in the history of a country like America, where you can be whatever you want, have so many self-avowed Jews been so destructive to the welfare of this great nation of immigrants.Let us enumerate the ways American Jews have brought upon themselves this barrage of anti-Semitism:
1) unrestrained pro-Israeli pressure from ersatz lobbying  groups like AIPAC which act more like an extension of Israeli intelligence. AIPAC strong-arms the House of Representatives; the Senate; the US military; and the US Intelligence Community (primarily of Protestants/Catholics).
2) anyone who does not follow the contrived dictates of AIPAC is labeled as ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘anti-Israel’.

3) 9/11 Stand Down/False Flag initiated by the Bush/Cheney administration involved David Wurmser, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Rabbi Dov Zuckheim, Doug Feith, Sandy Berger, Dennis Ross, Michael Chertoff—all Jews whose allegiance to America is highly questionable, if not downright treasonous. Of course there will always be the token Afghani Muslim—Zalmay Khalizad.
4) Muslims [Saudi Arabians, Pakistanis]  were blamed for 9/11 when in fact Mossad operatives were highly crucial to the preparation for the internal demolition of the Twin Towers and Building 7. 

5) Israel uses the contrived Holocaust Narrative to manipulate the world into feeling guilty for actions that they [Ben Gurion,Jewish Committee] helped to inspire—the Judenrats [Germany,Poland]; Moroccan anti-Sepharidic uprisings—as well as the fact that they [Israeli] had no desire to save one Jewish Camp survivor during WWII [they preferred to receive 300 cows]. Both sides of my family were exterminated, BUT the number of six million Jews is both a gross exaggeration and a travesty of Judaic teachings. 
6) we have the loudmouth American “chicken hawks” like Bill Kristol [neocon]; so-called Prof. Alan Dershowitz; Sheldon Adelson [Casino-crook]; flasher Anthony Weiner; Elliot Spitzer;
7) Not to be forgotten, is Bibi Netanyahu, a complete American fabrication along with his entourage of ex-patriates serving as senior officials in the Israeli government.
For every person I have listed above, there are others who have had accomplished much greater achievements with very little notoriety [see List of Israeli Americans in Wikipedia].
My point is simple.
Anti-Semitism has been around for centuries—rightfully or wrongfully. No psychiatrist, Rabbi, Priest or President can wish it, explain it, or educate it away. It’s part and parcel of the fabric of a Judeo/Christian world that arose from narratives which have foundations not in reason-- but in faith and the need to believe.
Similarly, prejudice against Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, and any other forms of belief is inherent in the human condition. It’s part of a complex society riddled with  diversities of gender, religion, ethnicity, economy,  psychology, etc.

It is time for the American Jew as well as the leaders of Israel to keep their collective mouths shut because you all sound increasingly obnoxious and inappropriate. Unlike Anthony Weiner and his recently released documentary, we, Jews, do not have to fixate on our merits, shortfalls or anything else.Just accept the fact that you are an American who happens to be Jewish [about 70% feel that way].
We, the Diaspora/Holocaust Jews, paid the price for establishing the State of Israel as a haven for Jews. We did not pay the inordinate moral/emotional expense for the gratuitous torture and denigration of an innocent people like the Palestinians—ironically, considered as the “Jews of the Middle East”. 

From the pen of the English writer, Martin Farquhar Tupper [Sacra Poesis]:

“Well timed silence has more eloquence than speech.


  1. And don't forget the USS Liberty, on the 49th anniversary thereof... The day Israel attacked America - The Unites States Navy most decorated ship (in a single action) -this coming from an Israeli with a conscience, Miko Peled.

    1. The story of the Jewish people outside since they started wandering around the globe like gypsies is that they are welcomed into someone else's country and then they get greedy and blow it. They just blow it. Except for when they are forced to they don't assimilate. They live in Christian countries although they have pure contempt and loathing for the Christians' messiah. What do they expect? I mean really? This is no joke. For centuries they've shown up in Christian countries although they despise the Christian messiah and then they are surprised when people want to kill them? What balls.
      And then they ply their mercantilist trades and collude among each other to gain wealth at the expense of everyone around them while at the same time holding themselves apart and separate. And then they wonder why people resent them?

      The only question here is why they haven't been persecuted more than they have.

      They need to assimilate. They always have needed to assimilate. They don't really believe in their religion anyway so why don't they just assimilate. In Spain they assimilated and since then everything has been fine. Spain is full of people with Jewish names like Franco, Frankie, and so forth. These people are all from once-Jewish families. Senator Cohen and Casper Weinberger and John Kerry are all from assimilated once Jewish families and it served them well.

      But those Jews who don't really believe in God or their religion but keep on being Jewish because they get some elitest benefit from it at others expense are going to be resented.

    2. Said like a bigot. Jews have assimilated as immigrants as much as any other culture, and far more than Muslims who're a de facto representation of barbaric tribalism.

    3. Don't forget the mathematically proven facts the Gaza genocide, 9/11, Boston Bombings and 7/7 were ALL Kabbalah rituals; count also the follow on “Red Terror” rituals.


      These puppies are using blood rituals that include killing their own 'kids'. (Search also “Ben Gurion scandals PDF” for earlier murders of Jews for motivation purposes.)

      Misc. Kabbalah:

      At Boston they even arrogantly put Solomon's Temple to perfect spec, at the finish line, along with every religion the Tribe of DAN(19) created, coincidentally 3 seconds before the first bomb . ALL major religions were in perfect sequence of birth and color right to left screaming HEBREW, not to even mention how the older boy was murdered and the younger one allowed to live in what smelled of the Leviticus ritual. (Esp. the “Three Yellow Balloon lady” with her pink coded offering headed to the 'temple' with two 'kids' in Ephod Blue. Compare the blue box and 'stage' elevations to Solomon's Temple specs; all three, including celestial are accounted for.)

    4. @Steve: If you can make contact here is would be greatly appreciated as these fracks have been trying to kill me!

  2. Three words to answer your question - READ THE BIBLE.

  3. If Jews kill Arabs are they anti Semitic? Are not the Arabs part of the Semitic race?

    Most Jews are not of Semitic stock. Their numbers shrink by about 50,000 every year.

    The movement against Israel is growing alongside socialism in the US. The youth no longer buy the BS. They are not Christian. Israel is losing its backing of Christians by their slow disappearance from the world scene.

    The old Testament is the story of the children of Abrahams' rebellion against God. They became Jews after the ten of the tribes were exiled, dispersed and disintegrated by the Assyrians and intermarriage. Only Judah, Benjamin and a Levitical branch was left intact.

    The New Testament is the story of Jewish rebellion against God. They fought the growth of Christianity throughout the world. Jewish Christians were not shy about preaching the gospel in the Synagogues.

    The Gentiles were given the opportunity to be grafted in because Israel rejected God and have clung to their Talmudic system to this day.

    The blessing became curses and are clearly pronounced upon the children of Abraham in the Bible hence their horrible experiences throughout history. The Torah clearly delineated what will happen if they reject God.

    During the fall of the last temple the Jews spent more time fighting among themselves killing each other than they did killing Romans. Hence the story of the Jews to this day.

    Eretz Israel is a creation of Kabbalists and will end in disaster. Even today only the US and Britain stands solidly behind Israel.

    It is being propped up by the dismantling of the old regimes in the Middle East and tribal chaos in the Middle east directed by

    The Jews are being in gathered for their future destruction. Eretz Israel will become their graveyard.

    I know I have Jewish blood in my veins but I reject the Talmud as silly and laden with foolish attempts of man to create rules to serve God that are so far from the Creators' will it is sad.

    Jesus promised to return after his resurrection to in gather Israel and destroy the World System. He was the Messiah. The false messiah the Jews will claim when they rebuild the temple during the Eretz Israel period will be their final destruction.

    The New World System is being built by Beelzebub. The message is clear on those points if one cares to take the time to study.

    1. All your ranting aside, neither are Palestinians Arabs. The three founding races of Palestine were Israelites, Canaanites, and Philistines. Not an Arab among 'em. Yet it doesn't stop Arabs from promoting their cause under the false pretense of returning a homeland to its rightful owners. Please don't argue a historic event by using a man made construct like the Bible. It insults us. And if we ARE going to quote the good book, how about a little bit of Revelations? Where Saint(?) John recommends, in fact demands, the killing of all infidels AND THEIR CHILDREN. C'mon now. This is sick. And it's part of the Bible.


    Steve, I remember you on the Alex Jones show once: you left even Alex speachless when you said that God had stopped a solar flare. How then can you believe that anti-semitism has anything to do with political correctness?


    Steve, I remember you on the Alex Jones show once: you left even Alex speachless when you said that God had stopped a solar flare. How then can you believe that anti-semitism has anything to do with political correctness?

  6. Another "good" read. Sad state of affairs, but good read.

  7. I think there is a bit of a clue in the Mossad motto, 'by way of deception' which explains their attitude to 9/11 and other smoke and mirrors they have pulled off.
    As to the rising anti-semitism there are two key things. Jews always seem to be wealthy or at least doing well, which in Europe pisses people off (see Berlin 1936) also the more fundamental sects appear to have a chip on their shoulder about being the 'chosen ones' which I guess makes folk think that they feel they are better than everyone else. Never ends well.

    1. They're doing well by hook and by crook and that's why they piss people off. (Their ground troop sayanim who will terrorize you and kill your children!)

      Dr. Sabrovsky spoke of this and it was edited from his talk before he too was taken out via healthcare. (Protocols!)

  8. So the 6 million Jews killed in WW2 was an exaggeration eh? Well, I guess if you say must be true.
    Truth is I think your conspiratorial standpoint is no more than a cheap trick.

    1. They've even changed the 'memorials', liar! First to four and then to 100K.

      These were TRAITOR JEWS they were after and had 100K Jews in the German army, FOOL!
      (Just kike ours, those in the UK, Russia and China!)