Monday, June 6, 2016

Our Killer Elite on Multiple Deployments
The past fifteen years has seen the evolution of a new type of military warrior—an Army Ranger/Marine with five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In a NYTimes article by Benedict Carey [May 29,2016]:
“The idea that these elite fighters can adapt solely by addressing emotional trauma, some experts said, is badly misplaced. Their primary difficulty is that they thrived in combat. It’s rather a matter of unlearning the very skills that kept them alive: unceasing vigilance; snap decision making; intolerance of carelessness; the urge to act fast and decisively.”

Unlike our recent spate of insolent U.S. Navy Admirals whose primary occupation at sea were to hustle as much money, prostitutes, and payola from the private sector, these elite Army Rangers/Marines perform brilliantly while in combat and commit suicide while in civilian life.

In fact, when they return to civilian life they have a very hard time not acting hyper-vigilant and meditative; worrying about whether they should or should not react in a NY minute ---irrespective of the surrounding situations.Now we see these 90,000 soldiers/marines who have been deployed 4/5 times overseas as new type of warrior, who find ordinary life intensely boring and unworthy of their acquired talents.I can empathize with these men.
No amount of psychotherapy or drugs could tame the savage beast within me that could not tolerate bureaucratic discussions; nor allow for the tiniest errors,nor poor judgements that surrounded my civilian State Dept.job. In part,the sadistic training I received as a medical student,intern, then resident,demanding the greatest amount of precision in the shortest amount of time, prepared me well for my overseas assignments. Such missions required split second timing and accountability for completion of the task and as such allowed me to flourish in distant lands with a ‘natural killer’s instinct’.

However, when I had to come back to civilian life, I found it highly disturbing. It was replete with the unbearable sounds of boredom and enveloping ineptness. In part, I buried myself in my writing of novels as a way to dull the acuity of my heightened existence for survival. My self-therapy prevented me from using my lethal skills against an ordinary person making ordinary mistakes.
Unfortunately, neither the Pentagon nor the VA system has any idea of how to decondition those types of warriors like myself who had multiple tours of duties overseas in different conflicts. The article points out the key characteristics of those people: “who excel in combat or international crises.…  they tend to be assertive, active, and excitement-seeking, and enthusiastic.”
The article continues to define a very disturbing characteristic: “I hate to use the cliché, but these guys who love to be at the TIP OF THE SPEAR, said a psychologist…..It’s more than the camaraderie; there’s a need to protect life directly…. And if necessary…. to take life”
The lesson of war is very simple: It’s Hell!

Yet going into hell on multiple occasions, makes one inured to the horrors of mayhem; as well as completely indifferent to the blood and guts that inevitably spew forth from the intense kinetic action. Unlike the ordinary human being or 85% of the one-tour soldiers, one becomes a virtual vampire feeding off the carrion of destruction for sustenance. This blog is a warning to those civilians [POTUS, Presidential Candidates] who have sent our elite troops to war not once, not twice—but four to five times.
The security of our nation relies on these warriors who have been trained to react in split seconds… for good or for bad.The Dogs of War are not the mercenaries who get paid for their profession. They are the newly conditioned men who have been deployed 4/5 times to the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. They have tough time coming back to civilian life in America.
Beware America!
Wars have become a part of our military/industrial output which sacrifices thousands of brave warriors for billions in worthless paper money.
Genesis 9:6 :
“Who so sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.” 


  1. This is something I happen to know something about, and it's not a new topic.
    From 1983 to 1986 I labored under successive case officers, either supporting Saddam Hussein in his war with Iraq, and then horribly supporting the Afghan fighters resisting their Soviet sponsored communist government.
    The former mission was entirely important and justified, but the latter was a nightmare of evil. Our Afghan fighters were barbaric sadists to a man, and the particular problem I had with them was their tendency to rape boys and captured Russian soldiers. The sexual sadism of these tribal creatures was the final blow, and that's when I informed my case officer that the methods we were employing were "unsound." There is no one more opposed to communism than myself, no one more inclined to kill anyone know matter who they are than myself if they espouse communism and LIE about the barbarism of Stalin and Mao. Show me a lying communist who claims that Communism in the USSR or China or Cambodia wasn't the most evil, amoral systems ever created and I will have no problem blowing that person away in a heartbeat.
    However as decisive as my kill reaction is to all persons communist I had to conceed that in the case of Afghanistan that communism was the best thing for them. The alternative of the Afghan Islamists was so horrific, so ghastly in it's barbarity, that for simple moral reasons I had to cease my opposition to what was really a civilizing mission which the Russians were pursuing in Aghanistan.
    (to be continued. I have to do an errand but will return shortly)

  2. Now I'm back.

    Anyway as I was saying this is what led me to end what I was doing with my case officer and it was a difficult parting of the ways. But after a year I was offered something to do in the US, not field work at all. But this was working with the "cleared psychiatrist" who was monitoring these operators.
    As I have said many times before the statement the psychiatrist made to me was, "They undergo these problems because they were made to do things they were not brought up to do."
    And apt statement.
    Well I'm ambiguous about this topic. I don't think they would be having these issues if their conscious was clear. My conscious is clear. When I was asked to participate in horrendous crimes I bowed out. I never exceeded my moral limits.
    However that doesn't mean that I never killed anyone. I have no problem with killing if the target is an asshole.
    Now this brings us to the matter of those operators I knew for whom their conscious was not the problem. My primary experience was with the one operator who was the biggest killer of them all..and that being in Italy and France and Cuba and even New York, until he was retired in 1967 I think. And he had tremendous problems with PTSD and other matters. But his conscious was clear as far as I could tell. I spoke to him about the other people who had killed themselves and had other issues with depression and guilt. He just shrugged it off.
    So once I told the psychiatrist, "It seems some of these people are sociopaths." And he responded, "You would have to be a sociopath to do this," and then he went on to remind me of the case of the guy in Vietnam who prepared himself to kill this VietCong person, a member of the VC Infrastructure, with a knife and he waited where this communist was supposed to be and the target never showed up. Well this led to a real depression. The fact that the target never showed and our operator couldn't kill this person with the knife led the operator to become very depressed, and he lost his motivation to get out of bed and he started drinking a great deal. This the psychiatrist used casually as an example of sociopathology in that case.
    Anyway when I hear about the suicides among US operators today I don't feel bad at all. They volunteered for that mess and did what they did for their personal reasons. My heart doesn't bleed for Jason Bourne....sorry. I tend to focus more on their victims...and so do they. That's why they can't live with themselves.

  3. And that particular operator who worked in Italy and Cuba was Jewish and I have to say in all candor that he did nothing to attenuate my accumulating anti-Semitic thoughts. He embodied all the aggressive and objectionable, vile qualities which Jews are often accused of. And worse he killed some people with no authorization at all...including former SS members he ran across and for all we know could have been working for the US government at the time our operator murdered them.... This is not a good situation.

    1. So if the SS victim had not been working for the good ol' US govt. would it have been good to kill him? Given that the SS was a barbaric, genocidal organization. Or not. And to kill "without authorization"? Does that mean authorized killing is therefore OK? You seem to have a disconnected line of logic here. But then, I would expect no less from a person who condemns a whole race.

  4. as always, thank you for your contribution. we are, in the end, animals. regardless of whatever myths we make ourselves believe. the true goal is knowledge and resolution. Caution: it may not be pretty.

    1. Keep the faith..."the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen".

    2. You guys are hardcore and I'm grateful that your social and political dogmas parallel mine; and the silent majority of our Great Republic. No flock can survive without its sheep dogs.

      Thank you for your service and thank you for doing what 99.9% has no capacity of doing righteously... and surviving. Power hungry assholes (especially commies) and their ilk should be dispatched.

      Funny, 'the true goal is knowledge and resolution' in the context of 'what is sin' results in a conflicted state of existence.

      Here's why:

      If we humans were in fact made in God's image and the only stipulation was not to eat of the tree of knowledge (we did), then we are at conflict not with ourselves as a species, but with our creator. Its a very simplified explanation, but if you throw in the time apes and monkeys will take to split the atom (our relatives lol) then you sorta have to resolve to common sense and admit, Houston... we have a problem.

      We are not animals, we are self aware, highly intelligent beings in eternal rebellion with our creator. The choice is simple, unlearn the knowledge which led to the rebellion and approach the father as his child, never as his peer. This approach leads to reconciliation for the individual, which applied across the unit, flock, civilization, etc means a better populous... a better tomorrow.

      The first thing any dictator (communist or otherwise) does is take away the personal relationship with the creator. Who established the new covenant? Jesus Christ. Who is the NWO at war with?

      Absolution for the individual begins at accepting foregiveness, knowing that their transgressions are above feeble man's attempt to reconcile the payment for a debt, or sin. Accepting all payments past, present and future was the atonement to our father who presented his own son to take our place in judgement. Jesus accepted the assignment and paid our debt.

      It is done.

    3. I view things differently. Last night on Coast to Coast AM there was an interview with a clinical psychologist to uses regression hypnosis to gain information about people's past lives. I think by now there are enough verifiable evidence on this matter that it's clear that is what's going on. Humans have an animal nature and an animal brain but we do not live in a materialistic or random universe, nor are humans bound to their primitive natures. There are many people like myself who are far from primitive.

    4. What happens if increased knowledge tends to verify the myth?

      It's interesting that your solution begins where the Judaeo-Christian myths start but with the opposite implication than the one we're told was the better choice.

      "resolution. Caution: It may not be pretty."

      Makes me think of the Planned Parenthood undercover videos.

      We are animals - but ones whose cognitive abilities - and I'd say species-defining spirit - created in God's image - makes us more dangerous than any other species - while at the same time spawns the attributes that created the more noble elements of civilization - something the rest of the animal kingdom has had no prayer of accomplishing.

      It's right there in the Eden story: Created in God's image, we were given the choice of ignorant obedience and submission (that gave with Nirvana-like peace, joy, and comfort) or disobedience for the sake of self-aggrandizement via knowledge and power.

      We are a creature that plays god - whether He exists or not. Period.

      We're told that's the same path the Lucifer in the Garden chose before our creation and his fall. He promised knowledge wouldn't lead to death.That God was a liar. He wasn't... And we've been seeking various roads to immortality via knowledge ever sense.

      In short, we are a creature that has the capacity to play god.

      Bill Maher said if you really want to get rid of this killing thing, get rid of religion...

      What in recorded history makes him think man unmoored from his myths will be any less deadly than he has proven himself to be in every epoch?

      Where are the examples of an enlightenment that somehow escaped the traps envisioned as limited to a certain category of knowledge/belief - Religion?

      Existentialism claimed God was dead after WWI. Did that stop WWII? That wasn't particularly a religious war, was it? Nor the first, which slaughtered entire generations in Europe... God wasn't needed as a justification for them.

      Man can produce efficient, cheap, containable nuclear power or Hiroshima.

      In truth, we always produce both.

      No amount of knowledge will change that.

      We have every reason to believe - yes - man void of any sense of God will not be pretty.

  5. Secular socialism worked well in the Middle East. It does not take a genius to figure out that we propelled fundamentalists to wedge against Russian interests.

    Now we are stuck with a 1000 year war we cannot wage indefinitely. Sooner or later men and women are going to figure it out and be repulsed by the military.

    Once in the grasp of that death cycle one cannot just walk away and be at peace. It's an age old conundrum.

    Here we are in a religious war while repudiating religion as a nation. We are welcoming Muslims with open arms and putting men into womens bathrooms and women into the mens restroom.

    A nation steeped in madness will not survive well into the future.

    Rev 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    1. "President Kennedy put men on the moon.
      President Obama put men in woman's restrooms"

  6. Actually Steve our true goal is to Know,love,and serve God i.e.the Holy Trinity.get this one wrong and its like buttoning a shirt and buttoning the wrong hole.You get to the end and your disorded.

  7. Actually Steve our true goal is to Know,love,and serve God i.e.the Holy Trinity.get this one wrong and its like buttoning a shirt and buttoning the wrong hole.You get to the end and your disorded.

  8. I remember reading about Special Forces Soldiers who returned to their Families at Fort Bragg and then several promptly killed their wives, because they were so mentally erect.I wondered then why there was not a 3 step program to decondition these poor guys from their state of hyper readiness. A similar thing happened with Commando types here after WW2 and Korea, when they returned not being able to cope with humdrum civilian life. It is I think a recalibration that is needed a sort of reverse training montage, back to calmness and normal life.

    1. Well it takes a certain kind of maniac to murder you wife when you know you will be caught for doing it. I suspect these morons didn't give a shit anymore about anything. Special Ops people in the American military do have a culture of sadism and barbarity. Look up an asshole named Clint Emerson. That guy is a psycho.

    2. During Vietnam and before it was recognized that these people were dangerous and that's why in the 1980s we had the monitoring program. But when you set up a program like that it's implicit that what you asked them to do was wrong...and there is a stigma attached to what you are doing. So in the 1990s as the Special Forces glorification and culture grew the program was discontinued. Today the military glorifies killing of all kinds, and they would never monitor anyone or admit they might be dangerous...



  9. I did wonder if there was a message there with the picture of your book cover below 'a natural killers instinct', unfortunately my eyes arn't up to the copy size of that book anymore