Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mourning should become POTUS/Hillary/Republicans but no…..
Like jackals on a dog day afternoon,Obama and his consort of sycophants, howl their discontent at Trump’s statements about Muslims. Yet, mourning and self-reflection, should be the standard bearer of our present day discourse.
So why is Trump attacked for his statements about limiting immigration when POTUS has not even hinted at the major malfunction within his own Department of Justice?? His FBI Director, James Comey and his inept team of criminal investigators, have proven once again that their collective performance is a fiction of elaborate proportions. I am talking about the seven or more false flags/gun violence episodes. Take these gun incidents any way you wish: the “truther version” or the mainstream media version; either way DOJ is an Epic Failure.

No official public comment has been uttered about the egregious lack of oversight committed by the British security firm, G4S, born of corruption, greed, and blood money. Ostensibly, G4S promised security and safety; while all the time, violating professional culpability and efficiency in order to maintain a poorly trained work force of over 600K employees scattered all over the world. G4S went out of their way to assure clients that the son of an Afghan Mujahadeen Omar Mateen, was never radicalized by his lying, perfidious, CIA/coddled Mujahadeen-father, Seddique Mir Matten, nor, the internet rantings of ersatz Imams.

How could G4S pass Mateen through their extensive psychological tests and intensive background check for a decade without detecting a hint of Islamic fervor, homophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-black prejudices, or emotional outbursts while on the job? Weren’t there co-workers who had resigned because of Mateen’s insufferable, non-professional, highly toxic behavior?  I am smelling law suit???
There is cause for major wrongdoing here for the presumed victims and families of the victims killed, wounded or traumatized by the horrible mass slaughter of June 13, 2016. As someone, who has both treated lawyers and worked with extensively with lawyers in all sorts of entrepreneurial arenas [books, movies, businesses, hostage taking, etc.], I strongly urge the LGBT legal community of Orlando to consider filing class action lawsuits against the following public and private organizations:
[1] G4S for failure to properly oversee Mateen; and issue him two firearm licenses—one general firearm license; the other, a security officers license [ to buy military grade vests, ammo, and guns].

[2] James Comey [personally]  and the specific FBI investigators for professional malfeasance and negligent homicide.
[3] Mateen’s father—Sedique Mir Mateen for intentionally lying and abetting a known criminal/terrorist.
[4] Mateen’s wife—Noor Zahi Salman for aiding and abetting a known Muslim radicalized criminal/terrorist.
With these 4 legal targets, a proficient legal team, with experience in criminal law and complex liabilities, will fare quite well in garnering a fortune. If the truth prevails or there is some narrative resembling the truth we should find it during the litigation process.

If damage, death and disaster have been inflicted against innocent individuals [who happen to be gay], then the sword of Damocles will cut though all the empty verbiage to determine the true worth of purposefully slaughtering gays. Blood money must prevail once and for all; since our political system has diverted their attenuated attention to empty words rather than corrective actions. May the LGBT lawyers from Orlando inflict massive, if not lethal damage, against the heinous British mercenary company—G4S.

There is an old Danish proverb:
“Bad is never good until worse happens.”  



  1. steve: Comey can be sued for saying there's nothing he can think of that the FBI cud have done differently, then he said that Mateen said that he wanted law enforcement to raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so that he cud martyr himself. And then the FBI background checks for the 2 guns he bot last week were approved.

    1. This event comes at an interesting time.

      Just as the Leftee politician in England was killed by a nationalist we haver this slaughter of homosexuals just as the American media reached an epic pinnacle of pushing their agenda.

      Homosexuals and gender dysphorics and their lobbies in the past year have flooded the media with their message of acceptance and inclusion. It was enough that they narrowly won court sanction for their agenda to destroy traditional marriage. Their cohorts in media and politics pounded day after day their demands for acceptance from the public.
      It's a terrible thing that happened but do homosexuals really believe that the public is ever doing to accept their deviant behavior? Homosexuals and child molesting NAMBLA members and other perverts and pathological weirdos need to be reminded from time to time that their outrages need to be kept hidden. They need to be reminded that the healthy and normal members of society should be, and are, offended and threatened by their public desplays of deviant perversion. They need to be reminded that their compulsions and obsessions for acceptance are just that -- and as such the public owes them no inclusion or tolerance as long as they're going to trumpet their perversions in public.

    2. The professional community can solve this whole problem by re-visiting their previous politically based decsisons to cease defining homosexuality and trangender dysphoria in adults as pathologies.
      Psychiatrists and pyschologist need to to once again define these disorders as such. Once the professional communities once again define these pathologies as disorders these patients will lose the underpinnings of their demands for acceptance and can resume their occult status.

  2. steve: Comey can be sued for saying there's nothing he can think of that the FBI cud have done differently, then he said that Mateen said that he wanted law enforcement to raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so that he cud martyr himself. And then the FBI background checks for the 2 guns he bot last week were approved.

  3. Dr. Pieczenik, I have followed your blog for years and would be honored if I ever had a chance to meet you. I agree with much of what you write. One time you wrote that America's biggest national security problem is our national debt. What about our demographic problem? We wouldn't even need to be talking about an immigration problem if it weren't for our low fertility rates in this country and in the Western world in general. "In contemporary Europe and Japan [and the United States and Israel], [low fertility rates have] reached proportions that threaten catastrophe." - Jack Wertheimer What is the intelligence community doing about this problem?

  4. Dr Steve, If what is been stated in this following article happens there will be huge consequences globally that's for sure!! 'Hillary Clinton Child Rape Photos – Release Imminent!

  5. These "religious radicals" (radical Muslims) are being brought here (UNITED STATES) by THE C.I.A.; and by leaving the SOUTHERN BORDER of the UNITED STATES "wide open," THE C.I.A. has "plausible deniability"!

    What is the "PLAN"???? The "PLAN" is using said "intelligence mercenaries," such as, Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries), ISIS (intelligence mercenaries), and ISIL (intelligence mercenaries) to initiate "MARTIAL LAW" by producing a FALSE FLAG OPERATION for THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, and MOSSAD); and after "MARTIAL LAW" is declared by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (either illegitimate Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton), said "intelligence mercenaries" will be used by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY to efficiently and effectively "take down" THE UNITED STATES within a short period of time!

  6. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    During the last couple of days, WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS has been trying to "FINISH ME OFF" by pulling various "stunts" at various locations around THE SOUTH COAST METRO AREA!

    On June 16, 2016, at about 12:40 a.m., I put the shopping cart (Bed Bath and Beyond) back at Ross Clothing next door to "Bed Bath and Beyond" store; and after that, I walked across the parking lot to the intersection of Sunflower Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California! As I approached said intersection, there were two (2) Afro-American females placed there to possibly "set-me-up" (possible fabricated "sexual assault"); however, I was carrying a lot of things! Therefore, my hands were absolutely NOT FREE to do anything!

    At the said intersection, I pressed the button to walk across the said intersection; and when I pressed the said button, I was at the North/West corner of the said intersection! The light changed, and I started to legally walk across the said intersection from North/West corner to the North/East corner! When I reached the beginning of the Northbound lanes of Bristol St., a older car (B.M.W.?) hit my left foot and leg; and said vehicle was going at least 20 to 25 miles per hour! As a result, the said vehicle was damaged; however, as to my foot and leg, there was not even a scratch! I should have been severely injured in the middle of the said intersection! The driver of the said vehicle was alone, and he (said Driver) pulled into the parking lot in front of The Vitamin Shoppe (3929 South Bristol Street, Building C, Santa Ana, CA 92704); and at that point, while I was at the bus stop (57 Bus Northbound on Bristol St. Santa Ana, California), said Driver approached me, and stated: "WHAT HAPPENED???" I stated: "YOU HIT ME!" Said Driver: "Are you alright??? [REPEATED SEVERAL TIMES]" I kept on telling him: "I am alright!" Said Driver was obviously an OPERATIVE for either WEED AND SEED or THE C.I.A.! And, this was actually a "STUNT" (hitting me) to create a situation get me involved with POLICE, while my "expired" California I.D. is still tied to mentioned ORANGE COUNTY CASE 11CF0028!

  7. This Censored Comment was re-entered 6/18/16 @ 7am pst!

    Don't forget the mathematically proven facts the Gaza genocide, 9/11, Boston Bombings and 7/7 were ALL Kabbalah rituals; count also the follow-on “Red Terror” rituals, of which Boston was only one.


    These puppies are using blood rituals that include killing their own 'kids' .
    (Search: “Ben Gurion scandals PDF” for earlier motivational murders of Jews, Hitler style.)

    Misc. Kabbalah:

    At the Boston ritual they arrogantly put Solomon's Temple, to perfect spec, at the finish line, along with every religion the Tribe of DAN(19) created, coincidentally 3 seconds before the first bomb . ALL major religions were in perfect sequence of birth and color right to left screaming “HEBREW!”, not to even mention how the older boy was murdered and the younger one allowed to live in what smelled of the Leviticus ritual.

    Notable too at Boston was “Three Yellow Balloon lady” with her pink coded “kid” offerings, one marked for death in the black hat, all three, {1priestess+2kids=ritual (3)} , headed to the 'temple' dressed in “Ephod Blue”. Compare the finish line “blue box” and stage elevations to Solomon's Temple specs; all three, including celestial are accounted for.

    Watch this comment vanish again like Jewish “magic”!