Thursday, October 31, 2013

Angela Merkel’s Hysterical Outbursts about N.S.A Spying on her is Deliberately Created to Divert Attention from a Failing German Economy!

Most of you are aware that in the world of INTEL,   be it a domestic issue or an international concern,   there is usually some other NARRATIVE that is missing or being PURPOSEFULLY DISCARDED.
  What could that be with regards to Angela Merkel’s recent  “Wagnerian Overtures”  about OUR N.S.A monitoring HER PERSONAL CELL PHONE?
Remember the old adage that Bush Sr forgot?
  “It’s the ECONOMY…. STUPID!”

Let us look at the recent WARNINGS that MERKEL JUST RECEIVED  [Wednesday, 10/31/2013]  from our US TREASURY DEPARTMENT:
Always follow the money trial….
  In this case,   Germany is accused of being a CURRENCY MANIPULATOR,   using their EXPORTS TO CREATE A DE-FLATIONARY FINANCIAL MARKET  17 EURO COUNTRIES.   Now the German economy is feeling the adverse consequences of their aggression toward other nations.
  Why is this a problem?
  Our own country is having trouble growing it’s GDP because we have a very weak economy,  high unemployment,  and a Federal Reserve which is flooding our financial markets with so much cash that we are creating ‘zombie’ banks and ‘zombie’ financial institutions  [money markets, insurance companies, mortgage companies].   
  At the same time,  we have a completely dysfunctional White House and Congress.    All these ingredients add up to a real mess or as I like to state it ---A SERIOUS NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM!    Now imagine if we place another really toxic financial poison on top of our disintegrating U.S. Economy and what do we get?
  This is what the U.S. Treasury has been saying about Germany for the past eight years….
  Here is the most serious part of the US Treasury Report:
In other words,   Merkel is purposefully DISTORTING the world financial markets in order to allow  GERMANY to BENEFIT FROM EXPORTS while they are at the same time creating a SERIOUS CONDITION of WORLD DEFLATION—lowering of wages,  pensions,  value of goods—LEADING to a 1929-like WORLD DEPRESSION.
Once again GERMANY is at WAR!!
This time German troops don’t have to cross the Polish border at DANZIG on SEPTEMBER 1,  1939 in order to INITIATE WORLD WAR II.
  They have crossed more than borders ECONOMICALLY and destroyed more EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and their RESPECTIVE ECONOMIES THAN HITLER could have ever accomplished with his BLITZKRIEG and STUKA DIVERS!!
  Merkel does not need a GUERNICA—SPANISH CIVIL WAR—to destroy the millions of  innocent SPANISH LIVES!    She has already done it ECONOMICALLY!!   Spain has 26% unemployment and it’s economy  is in RUINS!
  Greece was ravaged by the German Blitzkrieg!    Merkel RAVAGED GREECE without ONE GERMAN SOLDIER!!!
  The same story goes  for Italy;  Portugal;  Poland;  Hungary;  Bulgaria;  the Balkan Countries; and the former Sudetenland  [the present Czech Republic].
This German Financial Juggernaut continues UNABATED-- destroying one country after another-- all around the world.
  Until it’s rapacious,  uncontrolled,  highly manipulated economy affects …. THE USA!!!

But the real fact of the matter is that even after having been conquered,  divided up,  Germany still refuses to play by NORMAL WORLD STANDARDS OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR!!
Here is what this American citizen-soldier recommends:
[1]  We never explain our NSA surveillance of Merkel and other world leaders; and for certain,  WE NEVER APOLOGIZE!!
[2]  Revamp and re-focus on American manufacturing.  We need to make high quality products so we do not have to buy German.
[3]  Increase our USA Manufacturing Capacities with new technologies ---3D Printing Manufacturing,  expand high tech
[4]  Elect Presidents Congressmen/Congresswomen who SUPPORT AMERICA FIRST!!!!  Favorable tax strategies,  incentives to manufacture here in America,  better educational preparation for information age jobs
[5]  Drop the Dollar!  Then- export American products overseas -- especially into GERMANY!!!

We are in another type of warfare nowadays.   It’s called ECONOMIC WARFARE!!!   America needs to get its Sheisse together!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Defense of American Intelligence—HUMINT/CYBER/ SURVEILLANCE-- Overseas!
From the very first days of the founding of America as British terrorist colony,   our founding fathers set up a Committee of Secrecy in order to penetrate British,  French,  Spanish, and Dutch  intelligence and banking institutions.
  What do I mean?
  Both Benjamin Franklin and Robert Morris [financier] set up a secret committee unbeknownst to the other members of the Continental Congress in order to secure valuable intelligence and more importantly,  the requisite finances for the ‘illegal acquisitions’ of muskets and gun powder.
  Please remember,  that our ‘terrorist‘ colony was in a full scale rebellion,   not once,  but twice,  against it’s oppressor,  our present ally,  Britain.
 My point?

  Without Human Intelligence [HUMINT],  Electronic [ELINT],  Signal [SIGINT],  and Cyber intelligence,  the viability of our country as a nation state is highly compromised.    Intelligence is to national security as X-RAYs,  CAT SCANs,  MRIs  are to physicians and surgeons.    No ethical,  efficient physician would dream of executing any invasive procedures without some form of lab tests or other indicators which allow the physician to determine the most efficient and least dangerous cure for the viability of his/her patient.
  That analogy applies to the gathering of FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE by the USG OVERSEAS by any and all  “LEGITIMATE” methods.    Therefore,  the recent complaints by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Francois Hollande of France are at best DISINGENUOUS and at extreme beyond absurd.    Both Germany and France have been some of the top ten intelligence ‘penetrators’ of American society and American intelligence.
  Let me be more specific.
  When I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia under Bush Sr/Baker,   I was one of the principal architects of the International Peace Conference On Cambodia in 1991.   Most of my time was spent between Thailand,  Singapore,  Cambodia and France.   But which of the aforementioned countries literally ransacked  my personal possessions while I was under DIPLOMATIC PROTECTION?
  If you guessed –FRANCE!!    You hit it right on the nose!
  It may seem counter-intuitive that one of our closest allies—France,   would spend countless hours monitoring my activities in France and abroad.   But that was the proper job of the Deuxieme Bureau or "La Piscine".     Their job was to find out what I knew about a complicated situation regarding the disarming of the French sponsored Khmer Rouge and what I would do about it.   Their ‘attempted penetration’ involved ‘honey trap’,  ‘rifling through my medicine bag’  and ‘monitoring conversations’ on “AIR FRANCE”.     That’s right, folks,  the French,  Germans and Israelis as well as other countries use their stewardesses and electronic equipment to start monitoring  a ‘foreigner’s activities’ the minute they enter the airplane.
  Silly! but true.
Remember,  the most active countries trying to steal American ‘secrets’ are China [to be expected];  Russia [technology secrets];  Israel [they want to know if you are pro or anti-Israel];  Britain [they never stop ‘bugging us’].

In other words,  everyone spies on everyone else.
Me thinks that Madame Merkel PROTEST TOO MUCH!
  Let let me tell you what little I may know about her without revealing any ‘deep secrets’.
  First and foremost,  she was born and grew up in East Germany.   That presents a basic problem.   Was she or anyone in her family or friends an East German spy—STASI??
We know that her father,  a brave religious leader,  left West Berlin to go to East Germany to start,   I believe,  a Lutheran Congregation.    That congregation,  decades later, was part of the riots that our covert intel community inspired in order to bring down the BERLIN WALL.
  Do you get what I am getting at?
Merkel family was part of a movement  with collaboration of brave CIA /DIA operatives to instigate agitation propaganda in order to force the ‘take down’ of the Berlin Wall.   Now you can see,   that without US Intelligence working in concert with overseas groups—NGOs;  religious groups; students;  professors etc--- we could never have implemented the strategy that I helped create at the RAND Corporation for the take down of the Soviet Union and East Germany.
  Am I a spy?
Technically no!   I  never officially accepted the CIA overtures to join.    But does that mean I did not work with brave men and women of the CIA, DIA, NRO. NSA?     In order to be an effective Senior State Dept official,   one needs the tools provided by the covert operatives of our country.
  What is most important is knowing how to use these covert operatives and their information.
  Unfortunately,   I found that most Civilians in the State Dept and other agencies,  including the White House,  did not really know how to use these operatives and their intelligence.    I saw too many operatives mocked,  derided or abused.    For the most part,   covert operatives in both the military and civilian agencies were at best TOLERATED BY SENIOR OFFICIALS IN the WHITE HOUSE AND STATE DEPARTMENT.    Shameful that many policy people never learned how to use INTEL properly.

  From civilian ignorance arose civilian abuses of Electronic Surveillance of  Americans citizens and a completely unnecessary,  cruel,  ‘drone war’ overseas. 
What are my conclusions?
[1]   We need to reorganize sixteen different intelligence agencies in the USG in order to streamline them and eliminate REDUNDANCY.
[2]   Better and more extensive reliance on HUMINT.
[3]   Develop a more rigorous COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE CAPACITY as more and more Chinese,  Russians,  Europeans,  Israelis,  and others migrate to the USA for permanent residency.
[4]   Never apologize for our overseas intelligence successes.   They usually lead to policy changes,   like the present Obama shift from Saudi Arabia to Iran.    Bravo!!
I will then leave you , my dear readers, with a Old Testament Proverb:
  Moses said onto Aaron when he went on to Canaan to spy:
“Send men that they may spy out the land of Cannan…..every one a prince among them"

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare: Drowns in a Flood of Rapacious Incompetency!
Fire!  Ms. Cheryl R. Campbell,  CGI Federal;  Andrew M.Slavitt,  United Health Care/Quality Software Services Inc.
Flush!  Deadwood Professional Democrats and Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee-especially John Dingell [“Demented”];  and Aged Republican Texans who splattered nonsensical palaver. 

Only John Shimkus of  [R-Illinois ] and Ann Eshoo [D-Silicon Valley] stood out for Practicality and Accountability.
I will not burden you with the pathetic sight of a group of useless,  professional Republicans and Democrats presiding over the COMPLETE FIASCO called Obamacare.    I want to go straight to what should be done with regard to Obamacare—A PRISTINE PARADIGM of POLITICAL  CORRUPTION and PRIVATE/GOVT INCOMPETENCY!
Here are the following points I would like to bring up about the "rollout" of our landmark healthcare system:

CGI Federal FRONTED by an ignorant,  token African-American woman,  Cheryl Campbell,  is a FRENCH CANADIAN COMPANY BASED IN MONTREAL,  QUEBEC. 
This is both ABSURD and UN-AMERICAN!
  This government contractor,  CGI Federal,  was founded by three  French Canadians in 1976—Serge Godin;  Andre Imbeau; and Jean Bassard.   These three CANADIAN SOCIALISTS then bought up an AMERICAN COMPANY called  AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS [AMS].
The exact real FRENCH name of CGI Federal is Conseille En Gestion  Et Informatique which translated awkwardly into English as follows: INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS.    So Obama and his minions had to pick a French Canadian company to develop and implement the software/website for their legacy legislation??    Not an American Silicon Valley Company??   So now Obama has a big old frenchie failure on his hands!!

This travesty of INCOMPETENCY is not over by any means.
  Not  only did this UNAMERICAN CGI FEDERAL company create a  NON FUNCTIONING WEBSITE and END-TO-END INTERNET DISASTER –  they also acquired one of the MOST CORRUPT AMERICAN  USG CONTRACTORS—AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS,   or AMS in order to employ over 69,000 WORKERS,   in 400 OFFICES in 40 Countries.
Here is what I personally and professionally know about one of the key founders of AMS—IVAN SELIN who is typical of the other Whiz Kids Co-Founders-Charles Rossotti,  Frank Nicolai, Patrick Gross,  and Jan Lodal.     Ivan like most of the so-called ‘Whiz Kids’ all worked for the self-professed ‘War Criminal’ Robert McNamara while he was lying to the American public about the disastrous Vietnam War.     Ivan,   along with his co-conspirators acquired ‘blood money‘  by reporting ‘false data’ about the Vietnam War.    Never one to admit mistakes or his corrupt background,   Ivan ‘sucked‘  his way up the Democratic Political Hierarchy to ‘buy’ his way into a senior position in the Carter Admn's State Dept.    Fortunately for America,   neither Cyrus Vance nor Warren Christopher thought very highly of this pushy,  incompetent  blowheart.    And he was eventually dismissed.     Next Ivan went into Florida real estate where I happened to espy him and his obnoxious wife,   parading around their crass ill-gained nouveau riche lifestyle,  only to find himself,  once again as a complete failure and a ‘social pariah’. 
Between  a FOREIGN,   FRENCH/CANADIAN COMPANY and a CORRUPT AMERICAN COMPANY [AMS],   we americans are led to believe that we are to place our health and well-being in the hands of these MALCONTENTS,  MISCREANTS?
No way!  mon ami!!
We are AMERICANS!!  and any  COMPANY THAT IS NOT AMERICAN SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED—especially if they are expensive,  incompetent liars! 
But the corrupt mess doesn't stop with CGI/AMS….
Next we have the Shmendrick Slavitt,   who admitted sheepishly that his company,  ironically  named: “QUALITY SOFTWARE SERVICES INC.”  was completely at fault but did not know how to fix the problems and did not Beta test the internet systems.    Both his and Ms Campbell’s disastrous testimonies in front of congress compelled the following statement from the ONLY DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE WHO HAD “BALLS’ AND “ANGER”,   MS. ANNA  G. ESHOO [D-Silicon Valley]   Here is what she said in frustration:
  “I represent the Silicon Valley,   this is the 21st century.   There are THOUSANDS OF WEB SITES THAT HANDLE CONCURRENT VOLUMES LARGER THAN WHAT HEALTHCARE.GOV  WAS FACED WITH.”
She went on to brilliantly illustrate her point:

Andrew Slavitt meekly had to declare that he was an ‘INDEPENDENT TESTER‘ of the DATA.
  However,   like most of our Federal govt contractors-  they lie and betray.
Here are the UGLY FACTS about UHG:
[2]   Their NON-PARTISAN LEWIN GROUP – A COMPLETE JOKE!!    They call themselves NONPARTISAN,  however  I have known about this corrupt DC/MARYLAND BASED CONSULTING GROUP for over 40 years.     They are the whores of health care consulting in the USG.
[3]   In 2010,   UGH spent more than $1.8M lobbying both the LONG-STANDING ANTIQUATED  DEMS/REPS on this committee.
[4]   Not happy to steal and rob the American public,  UGH, was INDICTED by the SEC in  JULY 2006  for BACKDATING STOCK OPTIONS.   NJ Governor Thomas Kean and CEO WillIam W. McGUIRE M.D. [doctors have become the new Robber Barons] were forced to resign and repay $468M .
[5]   In June 2006,  The American Chiropractic Association filed a NATIONAL CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST USG ON A RICO CHARGE.
 Friends,  you see how effective RICO can be when used?
[6]   In February 2008,   NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo INDICTED UGH For MANIPULATING CUSTOMARY RATES .
[7]   On January 13, 2009 UHG and it’s Subsidiary INGENIX paid In REPARATION 50 Million$.
[8]   After having been indicted for CORRUPTION,  DR McGUIRE left with a COMPENSATION PACKAGE of $1.1 BILLION.
[9]   The American Medical Association [AMA—very conservative group]  filed  a CLASS ACTION SUIT against UHG.  
[10]  AG Cuomo collected from UHG,  Aetna,  Well Point,   over $100 million in settlements.

Folks, I could go on and on.
  These are the sad facts about our incompetent president's legacy legislation.
  The perverse irony of this entire Obamacare  fiasco is that a complete NONENTITY with TIES  to the  CIA,  OBAMA,  was put into office by the EXPERTISE OF SILICON VALLEY and the internet/social media that it created.    This same social media and internet now must help us get rid of this incompetent,  disastrous POTUS before he does any more damage to America.   Lets start with getting rid of the French Canadian CGI Federal and the corrupt,  inept UHG.    Americansto your devices (phone, tablet, pc, laptop)!   Arise and revolt!  Demand Accountability!  and a Government that works for you!   Who needs enemies when we have Obama,  Congress and Government Contractors!?!

Friday, October 25, 2013

When Reality Exceeds Fiction:  Please Read Jofi Joseph’s Tweets About Obama WH;  Clintons;  Cheney,  and Washington  Bumpkins!
Thank you!  Jofi Joseph,   former Director of National Security for Nuclear Non-Proliferation in The White House.   It’s quite a responsible position.   He was in charge of WH policy on North Korea.   Sorry you were fired but love your self proclaimed "snarkiness!"

Let’s enjoy his Tweets as @NatSecWonk:
SecState Hillary Clinton:  ”She had FEW POLICY GOALS…and NO WINS!”
Valerie Jarrett:  “A voracious cipher!”
SecDef Chuck Hagel: ”I liked the way how Women’s  Wear Daily suggested new Sec Def Hagel get something for his puffy eyes. The man looks  LIKE A FUCKING SAD SACK Aeyore[sic].” 

These particular tweets are my favorites:
“Liz Cheney is what happens when RANK NEPOTISM MEETS SHEER STUPIDITY.   Also, she takes after her FATHER---she’s like 30 pounds overweight.’
"Was Huma Abedin wearing BEER GOGGLES the night she met ANTHONY WEINER?” 
“Has rich kid Tagg Romney [Mitt Romney’s oldest son] ever been in a FIGHT? WHAT PIECE OF SHIT! He needs to tell his mom to LOSE ABOUT 15 POUNDS.” 
“Who are the two blonds flanking Chelsea Clinton? And is it just me, or has she put on some weight?”

Lest you think that this Jofi Tweeter is partisan,   let me just tell you that according to his biography,   he has served both sides of the political aisles.
  Despite the fact that he served [clearly he had been fired]  the Democrats and the Obama administration,   Jofi has close connections to the Neo-Conservatives through his wife,  Carolyn Leddy who served in the Bush Jr State Dept and on the Bush Jr National Security Council.
Also Jofi is a member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies [pretty ‘fishy‘sounding name].    This organization includes such luminaries as Dr. Charles Krauthammer, M.D [whom I know very well as a Harvard psychiatric resident],  Dick Heartless Cheney,   Eric Dumb and Dumber Cantor  and Gary Bauer [Praise the Lord and hand me your wallet].  

You get the idea.
Reality trumps fiction.
What Jofi points out is what we have known for a long time.   There are no statesmen (women) left in D.C. …they are now all circus freakscomposite Hollywood caricatures performing in a sick soap opera.

From my TV experience,   I would say that we,  Americans,  are paying TRILLIONS of DOLLARS to watch a FARCE  called Washington D.C!    Let's reduce government by half and save all that wasted tax money that supports this dangerous nonsense!    After getting rid of these scoundrels we can use a bit of the money we have saved to sign up for expanded cable and Netflix.    Entertain ourselves by binge watching the following:
"House of Cards"  on Netflix…..American version then the original BBC version (much more violent).
Then  cross match that Washington Insider tale with false crisis management episodes from "Scandal".
If you are tired of D.C. action,  switch to really bad rich people on Long Island with "Revenge".
Still need some more assurance that good guys are really nasty,  egotistical and dangerous?  for dessert,  end your sybaritic feast with, "Breaking Bad".

However,   if you want to see real Theater of the Absurd,   wait for the resurgence of Cheney,  Spitzer,  Obama,  and Weiner.    As I stated up front,   nothing beat fiction like reality.    But  the one advantage that we,  Americans,  have sublimating our disgust for our USG is that we can turn off the Television set!

It’s not as easy as SHUTTING DOWN THE COUNTRY!
  Or maybe…. It is!
  Where are you,  Ted Cruz?
When we really need you?

If  Americans are lucky,   the buffoons in our USG  may even win the Academy Awards or…. Is it the EMMY”S? 
In any case,  it’s time to change all the Washington Scenarios with new characters.   Term limits!
Perhaps,  a more ‘gentler and kinder’  and honorable ensemble of characters?
Why not dream? 
That’s what Hollywood and Washington are about… a DREAM FACTORY!!!!

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Thanks Patriarch,  term limits is PHASE 1,  must happen now.  The only way to stop this nonsense.
Candidates could run on this platform alone.  Local first,  state and then national...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Congressional Extortion:  Let’s RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] American Politicians and Presidents!!

Thousands of bills are introduced into Congress each year,  but only five per cent attain the status of a law.
  So why are so many bills being written by our Corrupt Politicians?
To  EXTORT MONEY from GROUPS,  AMERICAN CITIZENS and COMPANIES!  The government we elect is robbing us!!!  Extorting money from us!
Congressional Racketeering Practices:
[1] The speaker of a powerful house committee purposely creates a PROCEDURAL OBSTRUCTION or POSTPONEMENT on the EVE of an IMPORTANT VOTE.
[2] Campaign contributions are EXPLICITLY and IMPLICITLY SOLICITED .
[3] IF the LEGAL EXTORTION is too LOW,  or the OPPONENT offers MORE MONEY,   then the bill is DELAYED AND KILLED.

Effete,  ineffectual,  spray-tanned,   John A. Boehner is a MASTER OF TOLLBOOTH!   Or in the Soprano/Godfather Parlance,   he is the CAPO DE CAPO.
Boehner delayed scheduling on votes for months on the Wireless Tax Fairness Act,  after which he PERSONALLY COLLECTED 37 CHECKS from wireless executives- totaling $40,000.
Boehner also DELAYED VOTES on the Access to Capital for Job Creators Act and the Small Capital Formation Act until HE EXTORTED ANOTHER $91,000 from Investment banks;  $32,450 from Bank Holding Companies;  and $46,500 from ‘self-described investors’.
Boehner  EXTORTED close to $200,000  over a 48 HOUR PERIOD between the SCHEDULING the VOTE and THE VOTE BEING HELD ON THE HOUSE FLOOR.
What a RACKET!!!

This is a technique to ‘milk’ donations and contributions from individuals or corporations that are vulnerable to the passage of the bill.
DOUBLE MIKER BILL—pit two industries against each other in order to raise the monetary  stakes.
Incompetent Obama and  VP Biden are the MAJOR HIT MEN!!
  Examples of ‘Milk’ and “Double Milk”:
In first half of 2011,  crooked Obama announced that he would ‘probably’ sign the ANTI-PIRACY Bill.
Silicon Valley initially  kicked in $1.7M to Obama PERSONALLY.
Narcissistic Hollywood dumped in $4.7M to change the vote.
Suddenly Obama announced along with Biden that the WH had problems with the bill.
Both Silicon Valley and Hollywood lost.
Only Obama and Biden won on a DOUBLE DOWN EXTORTION SCHEME. 

“He [Obama] didn’t just throw us under the bus,  one longtime supporter of Obama said, ”he ran us down,  reversed the bus and ran us over again.” 
The moral of the story is simple!
Let’s get the Legislative Bums out of Congress and out of the White House! 
Also,   let’s prosecute them under the RACKETEERING INFLUENCED and CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT!  
RICO them!

We have RICO'd the following miscreants:
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
Catholic Sex Abuse Cases.
Whitey Bolger [decades after his crimes committed].
Michael Milken.
Gambino Crime Family.
Kwame Kilpatrick.
  Now it’s time,  my dear American citizens,   to demand that our Federal Prosecutors,  FBI and other Law Enforcement Agencies,  enforce the RICO charges against our collusively corrupt legislators and Presidents.
  Let’s start now to clean up our corruption!!!    Let's see a young patriotic state attorney or hell,  city attorney go balls to wall  and challenge these DC elites under the RICO act.   We are working too hard for these greedy bastards to take away our children's future.   As I stated in the Sebelius blog,  ENOUGH is ENOUGH…..get rid of these incompetents!

I guess the stewart/sebelius video was blocked,  here is another version from The Blaze,  scroll to the mid point of text,  click on video link.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Enough is Enough!  It is Time for HHS Secretary Kathleen [Gilligan] Sebelius to Resign or Be Fired --ASAP !!!

The recent imbroglio between Obama and the American Legislative body demonstrated very clearly that Congress does not work for us.   In these past few weeks,  Obama's lack of any political/legislative leadership capability was highlighted as the "shutdown chickie-game blazed on."    Obama will stay a few more years and  more financial/legislative disasters will inevitably ensue for the simple reason that Obama is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT on so many levels.   A man who has accomplished nothing in life but gratify his own ego is fit to be nothing more than a PRETENDER TO THE THRONE.    He is not the first, and, unfortunately,  he won’t be the last.    We,  as Americans,  get the government we deserve!   Please let's demand more from our elected officials.   At least,   insist on accountability when a system that cost us billions fails!
The issue at hand is a specific product of Obama’s MANAGERIAL INEPTNESS called Obamacare and that it's execution is assigned to the POLITICAL TAR BABY—HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
  She was born into politics:  her father Jack Gilligan was former congressman and governor of Ohio,  father-in-law was Republican Congressman Keith Sebelius  from western Kansas.
The case against her incompetence is very simply stated by her CLOSEST FAMILY FRIEND;   FORMER AIDE to KEITH SEBELIUS;  and the SENATOR WHO NOMINATED HER--- PAT ROBERTS.
This is what he said about his protégé:
  Lest you think that I am politically biased,  let me quote one of her former Democratic Colleagues who worked with her very closely.
  ROBERT GIBBS,   the former WH press secretary  said:
  The Mr Gibbs added this prescient statement:
  “After the problems are fixed,  I HOPE THEY FIRE SOME PEOPLE”.
  Of course,  he directed his comments at Ms. Sebelius.

Political patronage is part of the dregs of American politics and it’s presumed viability.
  INCOMPETENCY in the executive branch is NOT  COVERED by a  POLITICAL UMBRELLA.   The legislators crafted a faulty and complicated piece of legislation without regard to the executive branches capability to implement Obamacare.    This is analogous to an architect who knows nothing about construction,  design, or blueprints.    Those of you who have encountered this common problem with architects and so-called ‘Managers’ of Construction Companies,   know that the first thing that is IMMEDIATELY addressed:  the FIRING of both the ARCHITECT and the CONTRACTOR.   Well,    the Architects of Obamacare will be fired hopefully in the forthcoming elections.
However,  the Contractor,   Ms Sebelius resides in the insulated world of the spoiled,  childish dysfunctional,  wishful-thinkers,  who can pronounce the following words:
“I think we are on target.   We are on track to FLIP THE SWITCH ON OCTOBER 1,  2013 and say to people,  “COME ON SIGN UP”.
Folks,   if you think that the Tea Party had held the USA HOSTAGE…. Think about this statement made by Ms. Sebelius’s THREATENING SISTER,  Ms. GILLIGAN:
  Now,  how many more American Terrorists can we tolerate ?
  Obama?  Tea Party?  Ms. Sebelius?  
And now her Sister,  Ms. Gilligan?

Here is the Jon Stewart/Kathleen Sebelius interview
another background tidbit on tonights post
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beginning of The End of Saudi Arabia:  Ma’a As-Salama!! Bye-Bye!!!

For some time now,   I have been warning you about the moribund state of Saudi Arabia.    More than ever,  as the USG,  thanks to the Obama administration,  is approaching a rapprochement with Iran;   Saudi Arabia will be in the Intensive Care Unit of viability as a unified state.
  What do I mean?
  Without malicious intent,   I am attempting to describe a phenomenon that in my humble opinion is inevitable—the dissolution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  First,  a little refresher course in world history….
For the most part,  Saudi Arabia was a convenient British post-WWI contrivance.    It was artificially created by MI-6 and British diplomacy,   garnished with the fanciful tales of the flaming self-aggrandizing,  "Lawrence of  Arabia."    Thanks to film director David Lean and the brilliant portrayal by Peter O’Toole,  we have  a completely distorted image of the so-called ‘guerrilla war’ hero.    In reality it was the British that appointed the King Abdullah bin Abdulazziz and his family to the ersatz title of ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ in Mecca.

Officially,  British intention was to control the present and past hajj [annual pilgrimage to Mecca] through the quartz crystal fiction of a Saudi Kingship.    The true descendants of The Holy Prophet Mohammed,  the Hashemites,  were dispersed to two artificially created nation-states –Jordan and Iraq just after WWI.    In order to establish and maintain the so-called “LEGITIMACY” of the present ROYAL SAUDI family–which is in complete disarray—the Brits/American pretend that the present SENILE KING ABDULLAH BIN  ABDULAZZI should be in charge of organizing the  TWO MILLION INGRESS of MUSLIMS from ALL OVER THE WORLD.    The whole 90 year history of Saudi Arabia is a farce!

  The Iranian Shi’ites know this.  The Israelis know this. 
In fact,   this farce is so well known in the national security community that there is an ongoing bet as to how long it will take before Iranian Shi’ites disrupt the Hajj.   For over twenty-five years,   the Saudis have been seriously worried about this Hajj being used for POLITICAL DEMONSTRATIONS.   You and I both know what trouble makers Saudis are.   They certainly deserve to experience some contrived mischief  such that they have doled out to the rest of the world---in  kind. 

What are the Saudis specifically worried about?
Unrest,  instability,  evaporating power base.
During the Hajj of 1987,   Shi’ites muslim pilgrims CORRECTLY DEMONSTRATED against the INJUSTICES perpetrated by the USG and Israel-- forcing Saudi security forces [trained by USG, Israel and other mercenaries] to crack down on the innocent Shi’ite muslim pilgrims.    Unfortunately,   over four hundred or more Shi’ites were mercilessly killed and another thousand or so, were seriously wounded.
  Thanks to the USG self-inflicted wounds of 9/11 and the incredibly stupid and dangerous invasion of Iraq-  Iran became inadvertently the winner due to America’s faux-pas.    Next,   the  USG support along with Saudi Arabian support of Syria Rebels placed the Saudi Kingdom—dumb,  dumber—in major geopolitical problem in the Middle East.   More embarrassing for these ‘dumb and dumber’ Saudi royalty is the fact that everyone of the Sunnis’ or whatever rebels they armed in Syria are now fighting among themselves with Saudi/UAE supported-- American military weapons.
Remember the Benghazi Affair?   That’s where the so-called non-event took place.   Saudis shipped weapons under the graces of DCI John Brennan to Syria via Libya with Hillary’s approval.   We all know what a hot mess that turned out to be,  with valuable American personnel murdered.   

What will happen next?
Start with the riots in Eastern Saudi/Bahrain and add to it the incompetence of Saudi rulers,  these ersatz  royalty- who over three generations never bothered to build a foundation of civil society,  what you have is the beginning of the end of this Koncocted Kingdom.    The likelihood of Iran becoming The Muslim Power in the Middle East foreshadows the death of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi support for Salafist, or extreme Sunni Muslims at the behest of America,  Britain,  Israel,  France has pretty much come to its natural ending.   There is not much the Saudi royalty can do about it other than flee to their haunts in London,  Geneva,  Marbella and the like.   For countless decades,  Saudi princes,  too lazy and inept to govern their own country,  paid everyone money to ensure their viability.   Saudi Arabia was the ultimate patsy on the Middle East block,  prostituting their oil and paying off every type of bully: Salafists, Sunnis, America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and of course,   Israel.   Now this patsy serves no one's interests,  so like Israel,  Saudi Arabia becomes a strategic liability.

Remember,   America has no real friends or enemies….we have only national interests.    Iran is indispensable to our national security interest.   

Background for tonight's post

Friday, October 18, 2013

“Slappy Pappy”,  Your Blogger,  Thanks all Concerned for Maintaining the Legal Integrity of First Amendment!
Kudos to ACLU,  Donald B. Verrilli Jr,  The United State Solicitor General and The Supreme Court!!

We have just come through some turbulent times with the unnecessary but vital confrontations of ideological differences in our esteemed,  or perhaps,  not so esteemed,  legislative  body.
 The result of this imbroglio is still uncertain.    But by nature and profession,   I live in the world of doubt,  fear,  and inexactitude.   That of course,  is not everyone’s cup of tea.    And I respect that!

FYI,   I am now known by my close friends and enemies as ‘Slappy Pappy’ for the incessant but hopefully constructive ‘bitch slaps’ that I have directed over thirty years against all types of perceived or real government injustices.   (I think its a compliment?)   After all my slappin' over the recent political antics,   I am exceedingly happy over a little noticed accomplishment that blossomed within the dark penumbra of the shutdown.
  In a NY Times article on Thursday,  October 17, 2013,  entitled U.S. Legal Shift May Open Door For Challenge to Secret Wiretaps by Charles Savage (posted yesterday),   a Department of Justice U.S Solicitor General,   Donald B. Verrilli Jr. is  “setting up a potential  Supreme Court TEST [my emphasis] if whether it is CONSTITUTIONAL [my emphasis] by notifying a criminal defendant---for the first time—that EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM DERIVED FROM THE EAVESDROPPING is LEGAL [my emphasis and addition].

In other words,  what we have here folks,  is the USG responding accordingly  to  a culmination of  events both contrived and organic including:
- the cataclysmic  “Snowden Affair”:  
- the illegal WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE,  initiated by Senator Diane Feinstein [D-Calf];  
- the pro-active,  ever vigilant ACLU protection of our individual rights; 
- and  finally,  the imperative of the Department of Justice to test the legal validity of the laws of the land in the Supreme Court.

As far as I am concerned,   this is the way  REAL DEMOCRACY works.    Btw folks,   despite the hysteria of our extreme ideologues on all sides of the political spectra--- DEMOCRACY IS WORKING !!!
Let me share some of my personal experience over thirty years  in order to illustrate what I mean when I say ‘American Democracy’ is well and alive-  even today.    I have not been shy, in any way,   to ‘bitch slap’ our American presidents;  legislators;  Sec States;  Sec Defs;  US military; the CIA;  DIA;  FBI;  NSA; DOJ;  Secret Service; FEMA;  or any other acronym in the federal,  state or local  government.   When I saw a ‘false flag’ or a ‘stand down’,   I happily used my blog and radio presence to share my views.    But,  under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, was I EVER WARNED,  CENSORED OR THREATENED by my ‘vitriolic verbal attacks’.
I had even been asked politely by several different organizations was it okay for them to monitor my statements both on the blog and on the radio,  and I happily agreed.
 These different groups,  many whom I did not know personally or professionally,   had as much right to hear what I had to say or write as I had the right to state or write my personal positions.   Over the past three decades since 9/11,    I have never received a threat nor a warning to cease or desist in any way.
Many of you,  my dear readers and listeners,  have been very much concerned about my personal safety.    And I can’t thank you all enough for your gracious  out pouring.   But  as I have often tried to explain to my audience both here and abroad,   my liberties are not a foregone conclusion or even a presumed entitlement on my part.    My fight for free speech and a transparent democracy is part of a long standing tradition on my part and on the part of all the great US Presidents whom I had served or better said allowed me the privilege to serve my country in an official capacity while at the same time disagreeing with them in my own personal way.

Let me be more specific:
I was interrogated both in the Soviet Union and in the Middle East by ‘authoritarian regimes’ :
Why do I work for the American government ? 
Why am I willing to sacrifice my life countless number of times? 
I responded this way:
I explained to my interrogators that only in America,  could I serve Presidents Nixon,  Ford,  Carter,  Reagan and Bush Sr during the day and protest against certain parts of their agenda at night in full sight of the FBI,  Secret Service,  CIA, and many of my dear colleagues.     I explained that in America  even in the Intelligence community we all had our own particular differences but collectively we could and did work together to insure that peace,  prosperity and our form of democracy could survive ‘suppression’,  ‘tyranny’ and ‘internal subversion’.
Clearly my interrogators were completely baffled!
I explained to the KGB/GRU that although we loved to make childish play parks like the Walt DisneyWorld,   those same people were able to create ICBMs that could be quite devastating.   In the Middle East-  I explained that in American Society,  Christians,  Jews,  Muslims,  Zoroastrians,  Suffis and all other religious groups worked together because we did not care about someone’s religion.    We only cared about their civil duties and their contribution to our American society. 
Simple concept yet extremely difficult to explain.
Numerous times in several different parts of the world where authoritarian rule prevailed,   I was asked ‘don’t you resent your muddling,  inefficient democracy’?   When our ‘authoritarian society’ was far more efficient?
My response was simple but disturbing to those I was answering.    I told my interrogators –this time in Asia,  the following:
Our founding fathers had purposefully created an INEFFICIENT GOVERNMENT.    I added that our founding fathers deliberately DIFFUSED POWER among local,  state, and federal government agencies so that no one person,  not even the President,   could be that powerful in order to deny the American citizens of their rightful privileges and democratic freedoms.   I went on to explain that even the legislative branches were created to accomplish very little and what little it could do,  had to be done slowly.
All the interrogators in all the authoritarian countries in which I had been questioned were  completely bemused,   if not annoyed,  by my explanations.   To make matters somewhat simpler- and to add more salt to their frustrations,   I added that our founding fathers did not trust man’s nature.   They felt we were ‘self-serving’ and ‘corrupt’.    Therefore,  they decided it to pit one self-serving politician against another in order to thwart any design for accretion of power.     In effect,   GRIDLOCK was the best offense against Lord Acton’s Law:   “Power corrupts.   Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY!!!”

  Continue! to comment on my blogs,  FB posts and others that you think are worth sharing.  You are NOT powerless!  On the contrary:  disseminate your opinions and protests-- because the Digital Information Age,   is the great equalizer for a democratic process.    Take advantage of the internet and continue to protest and agitate CONSTRUCTIVELY.     And don’t be afraid of INFRINGEMENT OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT. 
Rest assured that your private internet providers know much more about you than the NSA or the FEDS who don’t try to sell you merchandise—
They,  the USG,  just try to sell you a NARRATIVE –which can be FALSE or TRUE!!
How you accept that narrative completely depends upon you!
  Slappy Pappy  orders you  to continue to do your vigilant homework ---24/7!!