Friday, October 18, 2013

“Slappy Pappy”,  Your Blogger,  Thanks all Concerned for Maintaining the Legal Integrity of First Amendment!
Kudos to ACLU,  Donald B. Verrilli Jr,  The United State Solicitor General and The Supreme Court!!

We have just come through some turbulent times with the unnecessary but vital confrontations of ideological differences in our esteemed,  or perhaps,  not so esteemed,  legislative  body.
 The result of this imbroglio is still uncertain.    But by nature and profession,   I live in the world of doubt,  fear,  and inexactitude.   That of course,  is not everyone’s cup of tea.    And I respect that!

FYI,   I am now known by my close friends and enemies as ‘Slappy Pappy’ for the incessant but hopefully constructive ‘bitch slaps’ that I have directed over thirty years against all types of perceived or real government injustices.   (I think its a compliment?)   After all my slappin' over the recent political antics,   I am exceedingly happy over a little noticed accomplishment that blossomed within the dark penumbra of the shutdown.
  In a NY Times article on Thursday,  October 17, 2013,  entitled U.S. Legal Shift May Open Door For Challenge to Secret Wiretaps by Charles Savage (posted yesterday),   a Department of Justice U.S Solicitor General,   Donald B. Verrilli Jr. is  “setting up a potential  Supreme Court TEST [my emphasis] if whether it is CONSTITUTIONAL [my emphasis] by notifying a criminal defendant---for the first time—that EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM DERIVED FROM THE EAVESDROPPING is LEGAL [my emphasis and addition].

In other words,  what we have here folks,  is the USG responding accordingly  to  a culmination of  events both contrived and organic including:
- the cataclysmic  “Snowden Affair”:  
- the illegal WARRANTLESS SURVEILLANCE,  initiated by Senator Diane Feinstein [D-Calf];  
- the pro-active,  ever vigilant ACLU protection of our individual rights; 
- and  finally,  the imperative of the Department of Justice to test the legal validity of the laws of the land in the Supreme Court.

As far as I am concerned,   this is the way  REAL DEMOCRACY works.    Btw folks,   despite the hysteria of our extreme ideologues on all sides of the political spectra--- DEMOCRACY IS WORKING !!!
Let me share some of my personal experience over thirty years  in order to illustrate what I mean when I say ‘American Democracy’ is well and alive-  even today.    I have not been shy, in any way,   to ‘bitch slap’ our American presidents;  legislators;  Sec States;  Sec Defs;  US military; the CIA;  DIA;  FBI;  NSA; DOJ;  Secret Service; FEMA;  or any other acronym in the federal,  state or local  government.   When I saw a ‘false flag’ or a ‘stand down’,   I happily used my blog and radio presence to share my views.    But,  under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, was I EVER WARNED,  CENSORED OR THREATENED by my ‘vitriolic verbal attacks’.
I had even been asked politely by several different organizations was it okay for them to monitor my statements both on the blog and on the radio,  and I happily agreed.
 These different groups,  many whom I did not know personally or professionally,   had as much right to hear what I had to say or write as I had the right to state or write my personal positions.   Over the past three decades since 9/11,    I have never received a threat nor a warning to cease or desist in any way.
Many of you,  my dear readers and listeners,  have been very much concerned about my personal safety.    And I can’t thank you all enough for your gracious  out pouring.   But  as I have often tried to explain to my audience both here and abroad,   my liberties are not a foregone conclusion or even a presumed entitlement on my part.    My fight for free speech and a transparent democracy is part of a long standing tradition on my part and on the part of all the great US Presidents whom I had served or better said allowed me the privilege to serve my country in an official capacity while at the same time disagreeing with them in my own personal way.

Let me be more specific:
I was interrogated both in the Soviet Union and in the Middle East by ‘authoritarian regimes’ :
Why do I work for the American government ? 
Why am I willing to sacrifice my life countless number of times? 
I responded this way:
I explained to my interrogators that only in America,  could I serve Presidents Nixon,  Ford,  Carter,  Reagan and Bush Sr during the day and protest against certain parts of their agenda at night in full sight of the FBI,  Secret Service,  CIA, and many of my dear colleagues.     I explained that in America  even in the Intelligence community we all had our own particular differences but collectively we could and did work together to insure that peace,  prosperity and our form of democracy could survive ‘suppression’,  ‘tyranny’ and ‘internal subversion’.
Clearly my interrogators were completely baffled!
I explained to the KGB/GRU that although we loved to make childish play parks like the Walt DisneyWorld,   those same people were able to create ICBMs that could be quite devastating.   In the Middle East-  I explained that in American Society,  Christians,  Jews,  Muslims,  Zoroastrians,  Suffis and all other religious groups worked together because we did not care about someone’s religion.    We only cared about their civil duties and their contribution to our American society. 
Simple concept yet extremely difficult to explain.
Numerous times in several different parts of the world where authoritarian rule prevailed,   I was asked ‘don’t you resent your muddling,  inefficient democracy’?   When our ‘authoritarian society’ was far more efficient?
My response was simple but disturbing to those I was answering.    I told my interrogators –this time in Asia,  the following:
Our founding fathers had purposefully created an INEFFICIENT GOVERNMENT.    I added that our founding fathers deliberately DIFFUSED POWER among local,  state, and federal government agencies so that no one person,  not even the President,   could be that powerful in order to deny the American citizens of their rightful privileges and democratic freedoms.   I went on to explain that even the legislative branches were created to accomplish very little and what little it could do,  had to be done slowly.
All the interrogators in all the authoritarian countries in which I had been questioned were  completely bemused,   if not annoyed,  by my explanations.   To make matters somewhat simpler- and to add more salt to their frustrations,   I added that our founding fathers did not trust man’s nature.   They felt we were ‘self-serving’ and ‘corrupt’.    Therefore,  they decided it to pit one self-serving politician against another in order to thwart any design for accretion of power.     In effect,   GRIDLOCK was the best offense against Lord Acton’s Law:   “Power corrupts.   Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY!!!”

  Continue! to comment on my blogs,  FB posts and others that you think are worth sharing.  You are NOT powerless!  On the contrary:  disseminate your opinions and protests-- because the Digital Information Age,   is the great equalizer for a democratic process.    Take advantage of the internet and continue to protest and agitate CONSTRUCTIVELY.     And don’t be afraid of INFRINGEMENT OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT. 
Rest assured that your private internet providers know much more about you than the NSA or the FEDS who don’t try to sell you merchandise—
They,  the USG,  just try to sell you a NARRATIVE –which can be FALSE or TRUE!!
How you accept that narrative completely depends upon you!
  Slappy Pappy  orders you  to continue to do your vigilant homework ---24/7!!


  1. Smedley Butler Trailer

    A line of white battleships plowing through the waves.


    The most important virtues of any people are it's virtues for war.

    CUT TO:
    A squad of Marines slowly approaching a burning village in the Phillipines


    Now is the moment in our history when we'll decide whether we...


    ...will be mere bystanders in world affairs or whether we will take up the call to greatness.

    CUT TO:
    BUTLER and his MARINES ducking from fire from Spanish rifles somewhere in Central America.


    I believe the American people will choose greatness!

    BUTLER and his MARINES in various combat, BUTLER being awarded medals and promotions, BUTLER at the MARINES HEADQUARTERS, BUTLER defending himself against Court Marshall.

    CUT TO:
    BUTLER in a trench in war again, bloody and battered...

    [V/O BUTLER]

    This isn't what I wanted.

    White screen with title in red, SMEDLEY BUTLER. Below title a row of sixteen vintage medals.







    Stanley Inc. was acquired by CGI Group in 2010. There is also a note that Stanley acquired Oberon Associates, also a defense contractor in June 2008. They also acquired Techrizon LLC out of Lawton, Oklahoma in April 2007. Stanley’s biggest customers ? They are our Army, Marines, Navy, DOS, and Homeland Security. Note that wiki includes the fact that it operates facilities to produce US passports. Now we include the corporate structure of CGI Group who’s key people are Serge Godin and Michael E. Roach. Note the name George Schindler also. Serge Godin founded CGI in 1976 in Montreal, Canada. In May 2010 they announced the acquisition of Stanley for 10.07 B. CGI has markets in the following areas.

    Let’s look at those. Banking, Credit Unions, Distribution, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail, Telecommunications, Utilities, Wealth managment and Financial Services. They sell software to all of them.


    On May 7, 2010, CGI Group Inc., a leading provider of information technology and business processing services, announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire Stanley. The merger was finalized in August 2010.,_Inc.

    John Brennan head of the CIA worked for Stanley Inc. During this time Obama’s McCain’s and Hillary’s passport files were accessed by 2 unauthorized employees. One employees Lieut Quarles Harris was murdered soon after by being shot in an alley by an unknown assailant. Now Michael Hastings was investigating Brennan:

    In July, a source provided the station with an email hacked from “super secret CIA contractor” Stratfor’s President Fred Burton and subsequently posted on WikiLeaks that suggested Brennan was in charge of the Obama administration’s surveillance of investigative journalists.

    Michael Hastings and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett at President Obama’s election-night victory party in 2012 (Photo: John V. Santore)

    So lets see: CGI connected to Stanley Inc connected to Brennan, head of CIA. Obamacare is being used purely as a vehicle to SPY on americans and punish those who step out of line.

    1. Correction, Brennan didn't work for Stanley, he was CEO of the Analysis Corporation. Read the Corsi WND article, the other links are rather sloppy. The Freedom Outpost article incorrectly states that all 3 employees (of Stanley and Analysis) were fired. The two from Stanley were fired, but the one from Analysis was only reprimanded, since he was said to have "extensive" experience working on State dept. contracts and the incident was considered and "aberration". More here...

      One more thing.... a former VP at CGI Barbara G. Fast is a "friend" of NSA chief Keith Alexander...

    2. Thank you. The INFERENCE HERE IS GRAFT- a $500 million + no bid contract between cronies. Brennan will direct government business toward his partners while he is employed by the Feds. He gets his "finders fee" in cash along with Jarrett & Obama. (Laundered)
      You don't believe obama is a disinterested party do you?

      As for Alexander he was on cspan giving a public speech Friday night, instillling FEAR & LYING THROUGH HIS DROOPY EYES to the audience. He is at NSA BECAUSE OF CGI & Brennan & will most likely return to CGI AS A GOVERMNENT LIASON. He has given "his notice" this week, most likely a heads up from a Senator.

      The website is inoperable. If it was human the Death panel would refuse any more treatment & give it a pain killer. WHERE DID THE MONEY INVESTED GO?

      IT WAS DIVESTED .....

    3. What purpose does it serve to pick apart the careers of particular individuals such as Brennan, et. al.?

      Don't you think there are bigger problems at stake then whether this person did this particular thing or that.

      That focuses everything on personalities and that's not productive.

    4. "Between 2009 and 2013, CMS officials awarded 185 separate task orders to CGI totaling $678 million for work of all kinds, according to, a federal spending database.The Obamacare website design contract was for $93 million.

      There is no evidence CMS issued any public solicitation for the Obamacare website contract. The Examiner asked both CMS and CGI for copies of any public solicitation notice for the task orders. Neither CMS nor CGI furnished any such public notice.Linda F. Odorisio, a spokeswoman for CGI, and Matthew H. Stearns, a spokesman for UnitedHealth, refused last week and again on Monday to answer questions about their companies’ performance. Both companies said they had passed operational readiness reviews conducted last month by the federal government."

      "...CGI Federal was awarded a $93.7* million contract to build and other technology portions of the FFEs.....a conservative estimate puts the cost so far at over $500 million. Considering the GAO estimates it will cost approximately $2 billion to build-out and operate the FFEs in 2014, this is, if anything, likely far too low...

      (*93.7 looks better than 100 million if all interested parties get a %.)

    5. "It makes me wonder if this is the first paid application created by these developers. How much did the contractor receive for creating this awful solution? Was it awarded to the lowest price bidder? As a taxpayer, I hope we didn’t pay a premium for this because it needs to be rebuilt. And fixing, testing, and redeploying a live application like this is non-trivial. The managers who approved this system before it went live should be held accountable, along with the people who selected them."
      Luke Chung, President, founded FMS in 1986 to provide custom database solutions.

      For 27 years, FMS has provided professional software solutions through its commercial products, Sentinel Visualizer link analysis product, and database consulting services for Windows, web and mobile platform. He has directed the company’s product development and consulting services efforts as the database industry evolved. In addition to being a primary author and designer of many FMS commercial products, Luke has personally provided consulting services to a wide range of clients.

      FMS has tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries

      A recognized database expert and highly regarded authority in the Microsoft Access developer community, Luke was featured by Microsoft as an Access Hero during Access' 10 year anniversary celebration. Luke is a popular speaker at conferences in the US, Europe and Australia, and has published many articles in industry journals. He recently changed the national discourse on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) website with his non-partisan, technical assessment blog post is a Technological Disaster. That article resulted in coverage in the New York Times, national news broadcasts on CBS, CNN, and Fox, plus radio.

      He is a Microsoft MVP, past president of the Washington, DC chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO Network), and serves on the Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee and the School Superintendent's Business and Community Advisory Council. Luke is a graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor degree in Engineering and Applied Sciences, and a Masters in Physical Oceanography.

    6. ombshell: Obamacare Website Company Was Fired by Canadian Government for Poor Performance
      "CGI Federal’s parent company, Montreal-based CGI Group, was officially terminated in September 2012 by an Ontario government health agency after the firm missed three years of deadlines and failed to deliver the province’s flagship online medical registry."


    8. Jim Demint wsj:

    9. Your focus on personalities and individuals is misguided.

      If it wasn't Brennan that did these things it would have been someone else because the problem is the system, not the individual opportunists who function therein.

    10. Obama says he wants Jay Johnson to be the new head of "Homeland Security" because he is "a team player...."


      A team player?

      How is that what Obama ran on in 2008 or 2012?

      A government of team players?

      Why would Obama run on one thing and then do another?

      Answer that question and you'll be making some progress instead of slandering Brennan with his bad acts and misdeeds.

      There's a big reason why we have what we have, and we arn't going to get anything different....


      The alternative media was all for Obama and look what they got instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Only a revolutionary, fanatical movement which institutes TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE will make any difference.

    11. MITmichael, your point is well taken about the systemic flaws, but should we then give a pass to those who exploit those flaws in committing high crimes and misdemeanors? It seems you would portray Brennan as just some poor bloke inhabiting a flawed system. Now, while it may be true that he is simply a bag-man for the real power players who do a better job at concealing their tracks, nevertheless as we find him proximate to the center of so much malfeasance in recent history, from 9/11 to "enhanced interrogation" to Benghazi and to the targeting of the press, he does warrant special scrutiny. I've assembled much of the evidence against him here...

  4. “Those Republican rebels in Congress may have demonstrated, at least until the shutdown ended, that there are some GOP leaders still standing for principles and understanding spending and Obamacare are moral issues of the day,” said Solomon Yue, a founder of the RNC’s Conservative Caucus. “If we are not willing to fight on those issues, Republicans could become Whigs. Therefore, the shutdown drama not only re-energized our demoralized base but also preserved our GOP army for the fight in 2014 and beyond as far as our grass roots are concerned....If the Founders made their decisions based on poll numbers: 33 percent for revolution, 33 percent for King George and 33 percent in the middle, we would not have America,” Mr. Yue said.

    1. I don't know where these numbers on the revolution come from because there were no polls in those days.

      However I think it's clear that the popular support for independence would never have materialized if it were not for the pamphlet "Common Sense."

  5. Dr.P,

    I wish I were as optumistic as you are about the chances to accomplish meaningful change.

    I will say this though, that there are two things which can accomplish change.

    One is to use media, and this means asserting oneself into large media formats such as owning cable networks and the like. Alternative media is simply preaching to the choir.

    The second thing is to groom and fund new candidates for office who are ambitious. This involves recruiting people not in politics and persuading them to begin political careers, or finding existing ones putzing around unambitiously in local politics and backing them for higher office.

    Necessarily all these things require finance. This country's politics is run on finance.

  6. I liked watching Oliver Stone and Kuznick's "Untold History," as it gave a wealth of facts which are otherwise obscure.

    However what I didn't like so much was Kuznick's editorializing and making moral statements continuously therefore making the whole show a kind of leftist melodrama.

    Why couldn't Kuznick just tell the little-known facts and leave it at that?

    If he'd done so the program would have had credibility, but as it is with his moralizing against facism, and apologizing for communism and distorting Henry Wallace Stone and Kuznick really just cooked up a biased, leftist screed.

    What a shame.

    1. Stone's problem is that he's one of these people who wants to believe in ideologies and personalities. When he was young he believed in the right, then when he became dissillusioned he embraced the left with the same lack of critical thinking.

      He needs to learn that the left and the right are both wrong on many things and right on many things. Until he reaches that kind of cynicism and objectivity he's always going to be a pawn of leftist polemicists like Hugo Chavez and this historian Kuznick...

    2. Any historian who preaches against facism or national socialism isn't much of a historian.

      Any real historian will look beyond the flaws of these movements and explain their success based on their performance at the time.

      There were reasons why the Nazis became more and more popular during the 1930s - it's because they performed on every issue and solved the major problems Germany was facing. You can't just look at the injustices that also happened and "condemn" them as all malfactors. That's not explaining what really happened and gets no one anywhere.

    3. All you have to do is look at Europe today and you can see why the far right is making such gains.

      The multiculturalism and nanny state that the left has given Europe threatens to destroy their cultures and safety, and all for what? A platitude about helping our fellow man? Where has it got them?

      I think it's pretty clear that the far right is going to flourish in Europe in the decades to come.

      Most people in Europe can see the leftist utopian dream has led them to a far worser state then they've ever been in.

    4. A principle reason why asian countries are outperforming the west is because asian countries still are nationalistic and unified - they have not adopted multicultural ideals.

      The only way that smaller countries can compete is when they maintain their sense of national character and find unity and common purpose thereby.

      Flooding small countries with hoards of third world refugees with different religions and civic cultures is a recipe for total disaster.

    5. Come now,
      MIT Micheal you are starting to bore me.
      Change occurs when there’s some ‘significant technological’ advancement, so as such creates a ‘new generation of ideology. And without such procurement, there is ‘only the continued maintenance of what is ‘known to exist, followed by the ever changing ‘processes to obscure the obsolescence.

      And now this must be significant….so what advancement must take place?

      Now this will make good story, because reiterating past things (although important) only reminds more so, of how we arrived here today. Forward thinking is required.

    6. At the heart of multiculturalism is actually patronizing chauvanism - the idea that for a Somali that Somalia isn't good enough....that for a Tunisian that Tunisia isn't good enough...that only OUR western countries and OUR western values are suitable for anyone to live in. It's the height of arrogance.

    7. D'Anderhold,

      Do you really believe that TECHNOLOGY changes societies?


      I dare say technology is the LEAST thing that causes positive change.

      Look around you and tell me that people are happier or better off today in America than they were thirty years ago.

      Every measure is that as technology and modernization of financial and information systems has increased most people have become less well off materially, more alienated, less cohesive and more individualistic in a malevolent way.

    8. If you really believe that technology has been used positively than look to the malevolant personalities of the misanthropic pirates of that world - the Bill Gateses, the Steve Jobs, the Larry Ellisons and the Elon Musks of this world. What have any of them done other than take their production offshore, race all wages and benefits of labor to the bottom, wipe out in and all competitors and innovators, steal other's ideas and patents, etc., etc.......

      The pirates of high tech are nothing more than a gaggle of misanthropic megalomanic sociopaths who make the Rothchilds, Carnegies and Mellons look like choir boys.

      Wake up.

    9. Let me attempt to add some value, or opinion if permitted.
      The ‘environment’ has changed, and therefore stories must change as of this result. If the typical narrative propagates due to some adverse affects within the 'existence' of a desired environment (presently exist), then this story can be more so the overcoming of obstacles in ways as to maintain preservation within the ‘desired environment. And the narratives and obstacles may vary, but consequently have some Beginning and End, where the ending ‘exist within this desired environment. However, if the existing environment is ‘not the desired, then the narrative of this story may begin from the Ending (depicting the desired environment) then propagate toward the beginning (the past), or otherwise start at the beginning (the past), then how such obstacles were overcome to create the End, or the desired environment. Or the future environment created by overcoming past obstacles, and such will be the greatest challenge.
      And this requires forward thinking, and more reality based.

    10. "Forward thinking...."


      What's really gone on under "modernization" is that the international economy has reverted to a state of 16th century FEUDALISM using "technology" and "modernization" and "forward thinking" and "change is good" as a smokescreen.

      What's needed is to TURN BACK ALL LAWS AND SOCIAL POLICY TO WHAT IT WAS IN THE 1950s........which was the height of social progress in the world before the internationalists, transnationalsists, and other con men of the financial class started TEARING APART ALL THE PROGRESS WE'D MADE IN THE LAST 600 YEARS.........

    11. I submit Sir that you have been....


    12. Oh and by the way.....

      That means repealing all the laws since the 1950s which were directed at the phoney ills of social injustice such as the "Voting Rights Act" and the "Civil Rights Act" and the "Americans with Disabilities Act" as all these did was CODIFY IN THE PUBLIC'S MIND THAT THE ONLY EVILS IN THE WORLD ARE "INTOLERANCE" AND "DISCRIMINATION" WHEN IN FACT THESE ARE DISTRACTIONS TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM NOT NOTICING THAT THE ELITES ARE TURNING BACK TO CLOCK ON ALL OUR LIBERTIES AND ECONOMIC RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ethnic discrimination is a small, small social ill.

      It's not the ultimate evil the media and elites want us to focus on.

    13. MIT Micheal,

      Allow me to reiterate,
      Your not ‘boring because you write allot, and yet creative while when doing so.

      Your boring because your ‘predictable’.

      That’s all.

    14. If I'm being accused of consistency then I wear that as a badge of honor.

  7. A MODEST REFORM..........................................................



    That Congress shall enact an excess profits tax directing the Apple Corporation to pay 90% of their gross profits to the Treasury of the United States until they have repatriated all the manufacturing contracts they have outsourced to foreign countries.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    1. In real terms Apple makes about 80% profit on every item they sell, whereas if they manufactured them in the U.S. they would only make 50%.

      If that doesn't deserve action by the government than I don't know what would.

      It's time for the people to strike back against the billionaires and aristocrats.

      That's what the Nazis did and it worked for them. Their popularity went from 29% approval in 1933 to 90% approval in 1938.

      What we need is a fanatic, revolutionary nationalistic movement to bring back all jobs, put the bankers and speculators in jail, and MAKE OUR OWN PROPAFAL SO THAT THE STATES CAN CARRY OUT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT WITHOUT MORALIZING EUROPEAN LEFTISITS TO LECTURE US ABOUT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.

    2. We need to round up the assholes like Bill Gates and his ugly wife, as well as Warren Buffett, and bring them to the gillotine!

      Let these assholes think twice when they make a 50 billion dollar personal fortune through speculation without creating a single fucking innovation, product or service.

      These leaches and parasites of America should have their heads chopped off as an example.

    3. Warren Buffett's idea of America is investing in Coca Cola, Dairy Queen and Ashley Furniture.....

      Is THAT the America we want?

      He and his two wives [he's polygamous] have sucked a trillion dollars out of this economy to line their pockets and those of their friends by CREATING NOTHING.

      Send him to the gallows!

    4. When I worked for 3M in Austin making connectors for Singapore's fiberopic system our labor burdon of cost of goods delivered was 11.5%

      When I worked for Sulzer Medica making surgical implants our labor burdon was 9% and then we lowered it to 7% by lowering our starting manufacturing wage from $9. an hour to $7 an hour.........

      Go figure.

    5. At Sulzer we hired people with no high school education, we hired from prisons and so forth too....

      Afterall we were only making Class 3 Critical Medical Devices.

      When we shipped out 40,000 of them which were adulterated because we didn't know what we were doing all we had to do was hire the most expensive lawyer we could find [Richard Scruggs/ now in prison for jury tampering] and the most expensive PR firm around [Hill and Knowlton] and they lied to the Courts and the public about everything LOL!

    6. American capitalism is a cesspool Dudes.

      Take it from one who knows.

      And it ain't changing or getting any better.

  8. And I'm not joking.

    If our basic freedoms and nationhood are not worth fighting for then nothing is.

    The time has come for what Jefferson termed, "the tree of liberty to be watered with the blood of patriots."

    Without this kind of fanaticism NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

  9. A lot of people on this board have correctly perceived that I have been indifferent and non-nationalistic about the U.S., but that's because there's no sense of nationalism here among anyone who matters. It's more useful for me to feel a sense of nationalism toward my ethnic countries of Germany or Norway giiven their tremendous unity and common purpose as opposed to America - which is every dog for himself.

    But if a nationalistic movement based on uncompromising principles of the founders were to arise here.....


    1. Michael,

      Your far more talented, build the 'unknown object'.

    2. First I would have to travel to the "unknown country" and I'm too timid for that.


    3. I'll say it again...

      The answer isn't any object, thing or device.

      The answer is the reform of power relationships between people.

    4. The reform of power relations between people?

      Power Relations – Am I missing something here?

    5. You appear to hold out material things as transforming society and bringing about progress.

      I think it's the opposite.

      Technology is easily used to bring about a distopia.

      The struggle for social justice and fairness is as old as dirt, and way predated any technology.

  10. Smedley Butler's story is important because he was foolish enough to believe in American patriotism, and only later did he realize that he was being used by the WASP/British/Scotch Irish assholes who really run this country and don't give a shit about the common good.

    When I hear Dr.P or Anaconda or others talk about "patriotism" and "wanting to serve the country" what I think is that they're as foolish as Butler was until he woke up.

    The only people that matter in this country are trans-nationalist people of English or Scottish decent who have always held their imperialistic and class social system beliefs and practices.

    The Nazi movement in Germany succeeded because it was a anti-capital, anti-speculation, anti-banking, anti-aristocracy movement which furthered the interests of industrial workers, entrepreneurs and farmers.

    In four years they eliminated unemployment, doubled wages, instituted paid holidays, and yet German products were still price competitive with anyone in the world.

    The German aristocrats hated this. Fuck 'um.

  11. Under the Nazis the German government REPUTIATED it's foreign debt!!

    They told the international bankers to FUCK OFF.

    If that isn't what we need I don't know what we do.....

  12. In short.....

    Yes Dr.P I think your idea of democracy is a pipe dream.

    The only thing which will save this country would be a fanatic revolution to address the problems which have existed here since it's founding.

    And I don't see how this polyglot nation of multicultural individualists and robber-barrons will ever make a real revolution based on unity and the common good.

    Say what you will but in human nature only nationalism, common language, customs and religion are what draws people together. All the rest is a dream.

  13. I mean look at who sells all the illegal drugs in this country!

    A bunch of demon-worshipping, de-capitating illiterate Mexicans!

    We don't even have a decent criminal class in this country to keep out people like that from taking over our BIGGEST RACKET!

    If that isn't PATHETIC.

    1. MIT Micheal,
      Is the above part of your ‘script?
      Question: How often are your ‘new scripts issued, every several weeks or so?

      What is 'predictable, scripts?

    2. Look, this is the story about my film-writing.

      I don't believe in wasting time writing on spec.

      I have written two television series, both un-produced, on contract for two major producers, Warren Skaaran and Dino DeLaurentis.

      Unless someone bellies up and signs something I'm not writing anything except a teaser now and then.

      A person can spend a lifetime chasing those dreams. Life is short.

    3. In fact life is so short that both Warren and Dino both died in the middle of our projects together.

      Move on.

    4. What is someone who ‘pretends to wish and pursue change, then cleverly inserts remarks regarding discrimination of certain peoples?

      A ‘person operating from a (script), who wishes to contaminate any constructive debate. Sometimes they are quite ‘predictable.

    5. Would you like me to move ‘further? I can do so in ways that will make a spectacular and most entertaining movie. But it's not related to the above Topic and subject matter,

      And do apologize to the author of this short article.

    6. My point about discrimination is that it's the ONLY social ill the media and liberal acedemics harps on, and there's a reason for this.

      Liberal acedemics used to concern themselves with these issues of social justice....

      1. race
      2. class
      3. gender

      Now it's ONLY ABOUT RACE and gender is restricted to HOMOSEXUALITY.

      There is a reason for this....

      There is a reason why issues of finance, economic justice, and class struggle have been OMITTED FROM THE LEXICON OF LIBERAL GRIEVANCES.

      By focusing on race relations and race discrimination it creates a meladramatic myth of "hate" and "hate" and "hate" and "more hate" which ISN'T AT ALL WHAT LAY BEHIND RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

      It was never about "hate."

      It was always about 'distain" and the right of people to freely associate with their own kind. That's not about "hate."

    7. We live in a society where the bottom 90% of working people have lost the value of their labor over the last thirty years.

      In the last thirty years working people have seen their incomes slashed to the point where the middle class is all but a memory....

      And in this situation all we hear about is....


      That's just fucked up.



  14. And furthermore race relations in this country are probably worse than they've been in sixty years because of the outrageous behavior of icons of black culture - their thuggery has turned so many white and hispanic people against them that there really is hate against blacks for the first time in the history of this country.

    Racism is growing in this country, not declining.

  15. MIT,
    You are in Texas where the state troopers recently did body cavity searches, four orafices, on two women with the same glove! Knowing they were on video too! I'll bet those women never toss a cigarette butt out of their window again on a Texas freeway! That was ALL they did "wrong". They were brave enough to sue, and the state trooper pr folks defended their searches!


    Expecting any indictments on any of the big boys lis delusional. It ain't gonna happen. Send the link of this search to your family in Norway. They won't believe it. They might jusy fly over and kidnap you to take you to a mountain retreat to get you deprogrammed of you of your attachment to Texas/US.
    What can you do here, in a country that does crap like that everyday? The fat lady has begun to sing.
    Not everyone has the option you have, and tming is everything. I missed a couple of opportunities to get out. Don't do the same.

    And don't be tossing anything outta your car window now, ya' hear?

    1. I saw the dashcam video and I think the officers, one a woman and one a man, were both fired.

      Anyway if I were those girls' father I would have found the male officer and cut off his hands.

      That's the only thing these assholes understand - is terror.

      That's the kind of revolution we need.

      Otherwise it's all a game to these creeps.

    2. I'll bet a townie in Somerville would have taken them to task right then and there. Their brother, father, etc., would have then finished the job later. People think the men are all sissies up here, and they are not. This would never happen here. I live on the North Shore now and people as tough here as you can find in this country.

      The state troopers were not initially fired, their behavior was publically defended by the higher ups. This is not the only time in Texas this has occurred.

    3. I agree completely that law enforcement in Texas is a criminal element in the community here.

      I have only distain for law enforcement in Texas.

    4. I avoid NYC these days due to their random stop and frisks. Savage called him Mayor Banberg one night. Hahaha. I love Savage, MOST of the time. I'll bet he has never worked for $10 an hour as a type 1 diabetic in this costly ins. market.

      Have you read 13th Gen? Generation X? You are a '60 or '61 birth year. Coupland, author of Gen X is a '61 byear. Andy, Claire and Dag all '61-'64.

      The last chapter of 13th Gen is a must read. And the first chapter.


    For those of you who missed this beaut. They did win their lawsuit against the troopers.