Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Enough is Enough!  It is Time for HHS Secretary Kathleen [Gilligan] Sebelius to Resign or Be Fired --ASAP !!!

The recent imbroglio between Obama and the American Legislative body demonstrated very clearly that Congress does not work for us.   In these past few weeks,  Obama's lack of any political/legislative leadership capability was highlighted as the "shutdown chickie-game blazed on."    Obama will stay a few more years and  more financial/legislative disasters will inevitably ensue for the simple reason that Obama is COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT on so many levels.   A man who has accomplished nothing in life but gratify his own ego is fit to be nothing more than a PRETENDER TO THE THRONE.    He is not the first, and, unfortunately,  he won’t be the last.    We,  as Americans,  get the government we deserve!   Please let's demand more from our elected officials.   At least,   insist on accountability when a system that cost us billions fails!
The issue at hand is a specific product of Obama’s MANAGERIAL INEPTNESS called Obamacare and that it's execution is assigned to the POLITICAL TAR BABY—HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
  She was born into politics:  her father Jack Gilligan was former congressman and governor of Ohio,  father-in-law was Republican Congressman Keith Sebelius  from western Kansas.
The case against her incompetence is very simply stated by her CLOSEST FAMILY FRIEND;   FORMER AIDE to KEITH SEBELIUS;  and the SENATOR WHO NOMINATED HER--- PAT ROBERTS.
This is what he said about his protégé:
  Lest you think that I am politically biased,  let me quote one of her former Democratic Colleagues who worked with her very closely.
  ROBERT GIBBS,   the former WH press secretary  said:
  The Mr Gibbs added this prescient statement:
  “After the problems are fixed,  I HOPE THEY FIRE SOME PEOPLE”.
  Of course,  he directed his comments at Ms. Sebelius.

Political patronage is part of the dregs of American politics and it’s presumed viability.
  INCOMPETENCY in the executive branch is NOT  COVERED by a  POLITICAL UMBRELLA.   The legislators crafted a faulty and complicated piece of legislation without regard to the executive branches capability to implement Obamacare.    This is analogous to an architect who knows nothing about construction,  design, or blueprints.    Those of you who have encountered this common problem with architects and so-called ‘Managers’ of Construction Companies,   know that the first thing that is IMMEDIATELY addressed:  the FIRING of both the ARCHITECT and the CONTRACTOR.   Well,    the Architects of Obamacare will be fired hopefully in the forthcoming elections.
However,  the Contractor,   Ms Sebelius resides in the insulated world of the spoiled,  childish dysfunctional,  wishful-thinkers,  who can pronounce the following words:
“I think we are on target.   We are on track to FLIP THE SWITCH ON OCTOBER 1,  2013 and say to people,  “COME ON SIGN UP”.
Folks,   if you think that the Tea Party had held the USA HOSTAGE…. Think about this statement made by Ms. Sebelius’s THREATENING SISTER,  Ms. GILLIGAN:
  Now,  how many more American Terrorists can we tolerate ?
  Obama?  Tea Party?  Ms. Sebelius?  
And now her Sister,  Ms. Gilligan?


  1. No politician in Washington wants accountability. Accountability to them is like a cruxifice to a vampire.

    Clearly the Democrats should have impeached George W. Bush, and once out of office should have indicted him for numerous crimes.

    But instead the Democrats not only announced that they wouldn't hold him accountable for anything but then they went about to repeat his same crimes contrary to every thing they said they would do!

    Yesterday I saw a picture of Bill Clinton smiling at the side of George H.W. Bush, laughing about Bush's funny socks, while in his wheelchair.

    These guys are only about each other, their elitist fraternal and incestual meglamaniacal ambitions.

    There's no principle or even good will in any of them because all of them are highly neurotic, self-absorbed narsiccists.

    I'm only being slightly insincere when I say that what they all really deserve is the gillotine. In fact I think I'm going to buy a trailer and put a gillotine on it and drive around with it everywhere I go just to make a statement. My statement is that we the people are ready for a real revolution. I'm starting on my gillotine tomorrow.

  2. What would happen if thousands of people across the US drove around with gillotines behind their cars, and when the press asks what they are doing they declare:

    "I am a terrorist. I advocate for the violent overthrow of the Federal government because of it's crimes of tyranny against the people. I stand with Jefferson and Washington in their declarations that the people must rise up against tyrants and shed their blood. I AM A TERRORIST."

  3. The mere fact that people today would be afraid to even make that statement because the government would have the right to kill them just for saying it means.....



  4. What are you trying to say? You sound like you are in a fantasy world:

    To wit--

    Obama BRENNAN & Holder are the TERRORISTS. They have murdered AMERICANS quarterly since taking power from fast & furious to EXTORTION 17, to the Boston Massacre, not to mention stealing our TRUST & depleting our GDP WITH MALICE of forethought.

    Bari has a Death Wish. He is self hating & must hate others more than himself to keep his sense of self.

    For a shrink you should have figured that out long all historical DESPOTS, he will be left on the dustheap.

    I conjecture that Holder will serve time for racketeering & be disbarred.

    You are misdirecting your frustration---
    The White House Health Czar Deparle, is liable. She resigned in September & worked as a "scholar" under Strobe Talbott at Brookings. She just got a cushy Board Appointment.
    Now why did she take a hike? Perhaps because it was BRENNAN'S CRONY WHO GOT ThE NO BID CONTRACT:
    to build the website & she realized her reputation will always be forever tainted. You don't walk away 30 days before your precedent setting debut unless something is rotten in Denmark:

    not SEBELIUS . She is merely a crony & political figurehead. She never had a hand in any of this. She merely reads talking points given to her.
    You should know all cabinet appointees are lost in space--you 've seen Tenet BRENNAN & Clapper testify & ad lib...

    Bari is asleep at the wheel & has no organizational or analytical skills to participate in policy, be it domestic or international.

    He is a lazy indolent insecure "puer" pretending to know what in TRUTH he is completely disinterested in knowing.

    He is wasted daily. HE IS HIGH & addicted to drugs, a Trayvon Martin clone.

    Don't you remember the stupor he was in at the 1st debate?
    the disoriented man was exposed as he truly appears off the stage.

    This law was in Ted Kennedy's drawer since the 90's. It was his last dying wish, which is why Obama was placed in the White House.

    They didn't even edit it: it was a rough draft, inserted in an existing pending defense appropriation bill & Reid deleted the original appropriations completely, passed it in the dead of night as "reconciliation" of which congress had no input-ZERO!

    Harry Houdini couldn't have pulled off these Death Panels & exempt himself from the Law.

    Harry Reid deserves life in prison & 1 trillion in restitution to the us treasury.

    Holder is the bagman extorting GOP donors with criminal charges if they don't give their SACRED HONOR AT THE FEET OF THE PREVARICATING, murderous THUG AKA BARI MALIK SHABBAZ, THE GREATEST IMPOSTER IN WORLD HISTORY!!

    SEBELIUS is a political appointee & figurehead.
    She has undersecretaries draft the policy & regulations.
    Obama has a health care czar who directs all.

    Stop blaming the tea party. They want to throw out everyone in DC & clean up the theft of our assets. You have a complete misunderstanding of their tenets.

    You need to do some RESEARCH & write a blog on the goals of the TEA (taxed enough already!) Party.

    We have been stung by criminal thugs. There is no honor among thieves.

    By 2015 we will become a full fledged Banana republic, with the 2nd amendment replaced with DEATH panels.

    I hope I die before that comes to pass.

    1. The tea party's major agenda is support for the war on terror, including all it's anti-Constitutional aspects.

      The tea party believes that Osama Bin-Ladin was the mastermind of the 9-11 attack.

      The tea party is disapproved of by 75% of the public, the same 75% which also disapproves of Obamacare.

      The tea party is pro-statist, pro-law enforcement, pro-CIA, pro-DEA, pro-ATF, pro-military, and ANTI- Constitutionalist.

    2. The biggest figure in the tea party is Sarah Palin LOL.

      What a joke.

  5. As some may know, I moved from Texas back to New York. My health insurance was canceled, but in the 90 remaining days, it TRIPLED!

    I now have no healthcare at all. Our family tried to sign on at the government's website, but we couldn't do it.

    Kathleen Sebelius absolutely must go. She lied to Jon Stewart multiple times. She has plenty of other sins that I could go on and on about. Yes, she's not completely responsible for everything and just reads the talking points (like Susan Rice did), but the talking points and lies and she knows it. Her resignation is just a start.

    I've been reading that the no-bid contract for the website went to the firm that did the Hope & Change website for Obama's election, and that all of the coding is out of date. This is a major scandal.

    Obama and all of the members of Congress don't have Obamacare. They have something better. Because they are our rulers, clearly better than we are.

    My family has no health insurance because of my government and its "Affordable Care Act." I'm mad as hell.

    1. Okay so what are you going to do about it?

    2. I don't have any health insurance because I believe that life goes on without a contract with a corporation somewhere to pay for your medical bills.

      Do what I do.

      Save the money you'd waste on insurance premiums and when you have a medical bill pay it yourself.

      The idea that insurance is a necessity of life is ridiculous.

      In my opinion your loss of an insurance contract is a blessing in disguise.

    3. The principle reason why medical procedures cost 500% to 1000% more in the US rather than in Europe is because of 3rd party payment.

      Health insurance has bankrupted the US.

      Health insurance is a bad idea from the start.

      When you pay for something yourself you spend a lot wiser.

    4. The answer to health costs is for the government to guarantee private loans to people in the event that they have a large medical bill.

      Only when people pay their own medical bills will health costs decline.

      Every person should pay their own bills, and if they have a large bill then they should use credit and pay for it over time.

    5. In the 1970s my father's fortune 500 insurance coverage ONLY COVERED HOSPITALIZATION.

      That's the way all employer health insurance was.

      Then in the 1980s the "preventive care" revolution came and conned the public into believing that illnesses should be cured by screening.

      This is untrue.

      Screening only creates an endless search by clinicians seeking deseases that are not there.

      Screening has increased medical costs by a factor of 10.

      99.99% of screening procedures turn up nothing, and when they do find something it's not more treatable because of the screening.

      Screening was a scam.

    6. Studies have shown that "the annual checkup" is a waste of time and money.

      Flu shots have proven to be more dangerous than they are beneficial.

      At the same time that super bateria are emerging everywhere because of the negligent use of anti-biotics THERE ARE NO PHARMACUETICAL COMAPNIES WORKING ON NEW ANTI-BIOTICS TO TREAT THEM BECAUSE THERE'S NOT ENOUGH PROFIT IN SUCH NEW DRUGS.

      Pharma companies now only develop new drugs for chronic conditions which require the user to take the drug for the rest of their lives....or they manufacture new vaccines.

      If a drug is intended to be used only once then the pharma companies won't bother.....

    7. If you tell your clinician or provider when you check in that you are self pay they will be more reasonable with you about your billing and costs.

      3rd party billing is very expensive for the doctors, and they have to hire expensive staff with software, etc., and then wait and wait for re-imbursement.

      If you pay in cash the doctor WILL THANK YOU AND CHARGE YOU LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. I pay my auto mechanic in cash whenever I have a repair and he thanks me and thanks me.......

      Medical costs are just the same.

      Forget your credit cards, debit cards and checks.


      Doctors love cash.

    9. Cash is the only form of payment which is immediate and costs the payee nothing.

      Any other form of payment costs the payee and he must wait and there's no guarantee the transaction will actually go through.

      Even honest people bounce checks all the time. In my businesses I prefer not to take checks or anything other than cash.

      Everything should be paid for only with cash.

    10. When pharmacuetical companies develop new vaccines they try to create them so they will require several vaccines for them to be effective, or have to take them every year.

      Vaccine manufacturers used to make vaccines that only had to be taken once.....but not any more.

      It's only about the money kiddoes.

    11. When my mother was hospitalized for a stroke five years ago she was given a vaccine for peumonia. This was routine and she had never had peumonia. They said it would be "partially effective."

      Six months later for the first time in her life she developed peumonia.

    12. When I was at Sulzer a female coworker had a premature baby which was very misshapen, retarded, and with many complications. He tried to die 42 times. 42 times he stopped breathing and was brought back to life. After 340,000 dollars of treatment he lives today with a swollen head, a tube out of his brain to drain fluids, and cannot speak. There is no chance for improvement. He tried to die 42 times but no one would let him.

      That's our system.

      Sulzer's insurance paid the cost.

    13. Both of my grandfathers died the same way...killed by thier doctors.

      Both went into hospitals for gall bladder surgery and then developed infections which didn't respond to any anti-biotic.

      Both died that way, one in 1966 and the other in 1973.

      My advise is to stay away from hospitals.

      Tens of thousands of people die every year from hospital born super infections, and many more die from medical errors and medication mistakes.

      Just say no.

    14. If you have to have surgery have it in your doctors office. I had my cancer surgery in my doctor's office in New York.

  6. In 2008 in a meeting between Henry Paulson and the Chinese Minister of Finance the Chinese Minister threatened to destroy the American economy by dumping it's American debt holdings, but said he would forgoe doing it because China needed the US as a market.

    The US is so indebted to China and Russia that they own us.

    The only reason why they let us continue is because we're useful to them at the time.

    The US government has invited Mexican drug gangs, in particular the Sinaloa group, into the United States to monopolize all drug trafficking here.

    Fast and Furious was a purposeful program to arm the Sinaloa group, just as the war in Juarez was a war by Mexico City to destroy the Juarez cartel so Sinaloa would have the plaza there.

  7. Pundits like Jim Rogers say that the answer to the debt is to slash Federal spending, but if that happened aggregate demand in the US would plunge overnight, and so would unemployment.

    The only thing keeping the US economy out of a depression is Federal spending, but the private sector can no longer support it through taxes because the private sector has shrunk because of outsourcing manufacturing.

    There is no answer except to bring back all manufacturing.

    This cannot be accomplished without a revolution.

  8. Every American has the right to declare themselves a terrorist.

    That's what the founders fought for.

    It's time for every American to choose. Do you choose Jefferson, Washington and Adams......or do you choose Bush and Obama?

    You decide.

  9. Today the average, ordinary and honest citizen is afraid of HIS OWN government.

    It's supposed to be the other way around.

  10. MIT,
    You have advanced delusions of grandeur. You attach yourself to this blog like the Fly imbibing its own droppings.

    You are misleading:
    Tea Party Patriots support millions of grassroots Americans seeking to improve America through renewed support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free market economic policies. Its mission: to restore America’s founding principles of
    1) Fiscal Responsibility, (not overspending, and not burdening our children.)
    2) Constitutionally Limited Government (power resides with the people and not with the government at the most local level possible where it can be held accountable.)
    3) Free Markets (provided each subsequent generation of Americans more opportunities and higher standards of living. We have an erosion of our free markets & economic decline because of overextended spiraling government debt. Government-controlled financial markets helped spark the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.)

    The etiology of this metastatic disease: the seven deadly sins.

    1. You're just dead wrong.

      I've attended tea party rallies and all they talked about was going to the Middle East and killing the terrorists who want to kill us because we are free and they hate us for it.

      The tea party supports drone, guantanamo bay, torture, the power of the President to imprison without charge or to kill anyone labeled as a terrorist.

      Frankly your characterization so far to the opposite of the truth that I think you're actually an idiot.

      If you've ever attended an actual tea party rally as I have you wouldn't say to stupid things you just said.

  11. FYI, I have Crohn's Disease. I was hospitalized in 2011 to fix an abscess and in 2013 to clean out my lung. We had a huge deductible ($20,000), so it was basically just catastrophic care. But we can't even get that anymore!

    We moved from Texas back to NY to be near relatives (mine and my wife's). The kids (4 and 5) really enjoy seeing them. A simple annual "vacation" back to NYC cost us $5,000 each time. The best Crohn's doctors are in NYC.

    From Rush Limbaugh today, on Obamacare and Kathleen Sebelius (as easy as shooting fish in a barrel at this point):
    Kathleen Sebelius is a former governor. She has been the Health and Human Services secretary for over five years. Obama kept her for his second term. He has praised her often. She is an absolute disaster. There has been -- and I mean this -- stone-cold lying about every aspect of this; about what it's gonna cost people; about how available it is going to be for people; about being able to keep your plan if you like it; about being able to keep your doctor if you like him or her; about having no interruption; about having your premiums reduced $2,500. The level of lying willfully, knowingly lying, and now the best they can do is to say, "Well, Obama was so busy with the shutdown, he didn't know." Well, that's some president. That's some CEO. That's some chief executive. That's some messiah.

    1. If you do the research you'll see that Crohn's disease has been successfully treated with diet. There are now several peer reviewed articles on that, and you can find popular publications and articles on the internet about this.

      Additionally there are other research areas having to do with all inflamatory diseases linking insulin levels and carbohydrate rich diets to all inflamatory diseases including Crohns and coronary artery disease.

      I think you will find that all inflamatory conditions have a common metabolic cause, and the diets that have been effective are simple remedies.

      In addition you might want to consider regular exercise to stabilize your insulin levels.

    2. I tried the SCD diet for over a year. I thought it was working until I became weak and had to go to the hospital again.

      My doctors suggested Remicade, at about $100,000 a year forever. What a scam. I got off that.

      Now that we're settled in after the move, I'll probably go back on the SCD diet and try to get some exercise walking to town. Texas was so hot we just drove from one air-conditioned place to another. The kids were so young we just stayed home all the time.

    3. There are other diets which have been studied further and are better documented. They involve eating raw vegetables and salads.

      If I were you I would stop eating all carbs of any kind, getting regular exercise, and eat only leafy greens and other vegetables with fish and maybe some beef and chicken.

      Look up the green leafy salad diets that have been documented about five years ago for teenage Crohns patients.

    4. Check out macrobiotic diets also.

  12. Under Obamacare millions of people are having their premiums skyrocket to unaffordable levels because the insurance companies are forced to cover all expenses for things like pregnancy, etc., that many people choose not to purchase but now have no choice.

    Obamacare is a disaster from start to finish and it's emblematic of how insane the Democratic party is.

  13. Frankly a single payer system would be better than this.

  14. You are correct there, MIT. The costs of my type 1 supplies alone are $1200 a month. Humalog insulin $180 a bottle in the US. $30 in other nations. When you are being paid $12 an die in this system.