Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare: Drowns in a Flood of Rapacious Incompetency!
Fire!  Ms. Cheryl R. Campbell,  CGI Federal;  Andrew M.Slavitt,  United Health Care/Quality Software Services Inc.
Flush!  Deadwood Professional Democrats and Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee-especially John Dingell [“Demented”];  and Aged Republican Texans who splattered nonsensical palaver. 

Only John Shimkus of  [R-Illinois ] and Ann Eshoo [D-Silicon Valley] stood out for Practicality and Accountability.
I will not burden you with the pathetic sight of a group of useless,  professional Republicans and Democrats presiding over the COMPLETE FIASCO called Obamacare.    I want to go straight to what should be done with regard to Obamacare—A PRISTINE PARADIGM of POLITICAL  CORRUPTION and PRIVATE/GOVT INCOMPETENCY!
Here are the following points I would like to bring up about the "rollout" of our landmark healthcare system:

CGI Federal FRONTED by an ignorant,  token African-American woman,  Cheryl Campbell,  is a FRENCH CANADIAN COMPANY BASED IN MONTREAL,  QUEBEC. 
This is both ABSURD and UN-AMERICAN!
  This government contractor,  CGI Federal,  was founded by three  French Canadians in 1976—Serge Godin;  Andre Imbeau; and Jean Bassard.   These three CANADIAN SOCIALISTS then bought up an AMERICAN COMPANY called  AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS [AMS].
The exact real FRENCH name of CGI Federal is Conseille En Gestion  Et Informatique which translated awkwardly into English as follows: INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS.    So Obama and his minions had to pick a French Canadian company to develop and implement the software/website for their legacy legislation??    Not an American Silicon Valley Company??   So now Obama has a big old frenchie failure on his hands!!

This travesty of INCOMPETENCY is not over by any means.
  Not  only did this UNAMERICAN CGI FEDERAL company create a  NON FUNCTIONING WEBSITE and END-TO-END INTERNET DISASTER –  they also acquired one of the MOST CORRUPT AMERICAN  USG CONTRACTORS—AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS,   or AMS in order to employ over 69,000 WORKERS,   in 400 OFFICES in 40 Countries.
Here is what I personally and professionally know about one of the key founders of AMS—IVAN SELIN who is typical of the other Whiz Kids Co-Founders-Charles Rossotti,  Frank Nicolai, Patrick Gross,  and Jan Lodal.     Ivan like most of the so-called ‘Whiz Kids’ all worked for the self-professed ‘War Criminal’ Robert McNamara while he was lying to the American public about the disastrous Vietnam War.     Ivan,   along with his co-conspirators acquired ‘blood money‘  by reporting ‘false data’ about the Vietnam War.    Never one to admit mistakes or his corrupt background,   Ivan ‘sucked‘  his way up the Democratic Political Hierarchy to ‘buy’ his way into a senior position in the Carter Admn's State Dept.    Fortunately for America,   neither Cyrus Vance nor Warren Christopher thought very highly of this pushy,  incompetent  blowheart.    And he was eventually dismissed.     Next Ivan went into Florida real estate where I happened to espy him and his obnoxious wife,   parading around their crass ill-gained nouveau riche lifestyle,  only to find himself,  once again as a complete failure and a ‘social pariah’. 
Between  a FOREIGN,   FRENCH/CANADIAN COMPANY and a CORRUPT AMERICAN COMPANY [AMS],   we americans are led to believe that we are to place our health and well-being in the hands of these MALCONTENTS,  MISCREANTS?
No way!  mon ami!!
We are AMERICANS!!  and any  COMPANY THAT IS NOT AMERICAN SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED—especially if they are expensive,  incompetent liars! 
But the corrupt mess doesn't stop with CGI/AMS….
Next we have the Shmendrick Slavitt,   who admitted sheepishly that his company,  ironically  named: “QUALITY SOFTWARE SERVICES INC.”  was completely at fault but did not know how to fix the problems and did not Beta test the internet systems.    Both his and Ms Campbell’s disastrous testimonies in front of congress compelled the following statement from the ONLY DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE WHO HAD “BALLS’ AND “ANGER”,   MS. ANNA  G. ESHOO [D-Silicon Valley]   Here is what she said in frustration:
  “I represent the Silicon Valley,   this is the 21st century.   There are THOUSANDS OF WEB SITES THAT HANDLE CONCURRENT VOLUMES LARGER THAN WHAT HEALTHCARE.GOV  WAS FACED WITH.”
She went on to brilliantly illustrate her point:

Andrew Slavitt meekly had to declare that he was an ‘INDEPENDENT TESTER‘ of the DATA.
  However,   like most of our Federal govt contractors-  they lie and betray.
Here are the UGLY FACTS about UHG:
[2]   Their NON-PARTISAN LEWIN GROUP – A COMPLETE JOKE!!    They call themselves NONPARTISAN,  however  I have known about this corrupt DC/MARYLAND BASED CONSULTING GROUP for over 40 years.     They are the whores of health care consulting in the USG.
[3]   In 2010,   UGH spent more than $1.8M lobbying both the LONG-STANDING ANTIQUATED  DEMS/REPS on this committee.
[4]   Not happy to steal and rob the American public,  UGH, was INDICTED by the SEC in  JULY 2006  for BACKDATING STOCK OPTIONS.   NJ Governor Thomas Kean and CEO WillIam W. McGUIRE M.D. [doctors have become the new Robber Barons] were forced to resign and repay $468M .
[5]   In June 2006,  The American Chiropractic Association filed a NATIONAL CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST USG ON A RICO CHARGE.
 Friends,  you see how effective RICO can be when used?
[6]   In February 2008,   NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo INDICTED UGH For MANIPULATING CUSTOMARY RATES .
[7]   On January 13, 2009 UHG and it’s Subsidiary INGENIX paid In REPARATION 50 Million$.
[8]   After having been indicted for CORRUPTION,  DR McGUIRE left with a COMPENSATION PACKAGE of $1.1 BILLION.
[9]   The American Medical Association [AMA—very conservative group]  filed  a CLASS ACTION SUIT against UHG.  
[10]  AG Cuomo collected from UHG,  Aetna,  Well Point,   over $100 million in settlements.

Folks, I could go on and on.
  These are the sad facts about our incompetent president's legacy legislation.
  The perverse irony of this entire Obamacare  fiasco is that a complete NONENTITY with TIES  to the  CIA,  OBAMA,  was put into office by the EXPERTISE OF SILICON VALLEY and the internet/social media that it created.    This same social media and internet now must help us get rid of this incompetent,  disastrous POTUS before he does any more damage to America.   Lets start with getting rid of the French Canadian CGI Federal and the corrupt,  inept UHG.    Americansto your devices (phone, tablet, pc, laptop)!   Arise and revolt!  Demand Accountability!  and a Government that works for you!   Who needs enemies when we have Obama,  Congress and Government Contractors!?!


  1. Very disturbing set of facts here Dr. Pieczenik. Been a healthcare provider for over 20 years, and I see this latest debacle as business as usual from our Government representatives. So sad to see our healthcare system gutted with what I hear were no bid contracts as well. Cronyism at its best! So much for fair competition in the free market. It certainly explains the booming medical tourism business in places like Thailand and India. Seems so wrong on so many levels. It is mind-boggling. Its all about control and not about healthcare in my opinion. People will at some point realize that having healthcare insurance, does not equate to healthcare treatment. Which explains why I meet people from places like Canada for example, who have socialized medicine, and who have become tired of being on a waiting list for treatment, who then bring their loved ones to the U.S. for various procedures, because they believe their loved one's treatment requires more immediate medical intervention, from heart valve replacements to joint replacements.
    Perhaps the solution would be to require all those in our Government who vote for these changes, to be subject to, rather than be insulated from, the same Obama Care treatment, i.e. Chief Justice Roberts for example. On a side note, I wonder if Chief Justice Rhenquist would have caved the same way as Chief Justice Roberts at the 12th hour and voted for this? Again mind-boggling to me, because I always believed that freedom from contractual relations/privity of contract, was part of our Constitutional Right in America. Silly me.
    So when you see how say the late Ted Kennedy who had a malignant glioma of his parietal lobe, and who was pro healthcare reform in his home State of Massachusetts procured his healthcare when he needed a brain surgeon for his condition, one sees grace under fire, and great courage perhaps, as well as hypocrisy. He has a helicopter pick him up with several attendants. He subsequently decides to transfer his care to a Hospital and Doctor outside of his home State of Massachusetts for what he believes to be the best treatment and doctor for his condition. He was able to make empowering choices as a patient, which he believed would give him the best shot at survival. I like that kind of patient empowerment that comes from being able to choose from various; insurance plans, doctors, hospitals and treatments. This surgery was performed at Duke University in North Carolina by Dr. Allan Friedman. So that which is prescribed by our Government officials for themselves, is usually something very different than what is prescribed for their constituents. Like I say business as usual in Washington by our Public Servants.
    Without fee for service, and with the advent of the HMO, and ERISA and Supreme Court cases like; Aetna v Davila, and DiFelice v. Aetna U.S. Healthcare, one has to wonder where we are heading with this charted course. Perhaps Justice Ginburg's statement gives a little hint in the context of state law claims against ERISA governed managed care plans for injuries allegedly caused by their coverage decisions, when she stated "the broad construction of ERISA's preemptive provisions, coupled with the "cramped"construction of equitable relief allowable under 502(a)(3) has created a "regulatory vacuum"in which virtually all state law remedies are preempted but few federal substitutes are provided.
    Perhaps this bumper sticker I spotted sums it up:
    Socialized Medicine: The compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the Post Office, all at Pentagon prices !
    God help us all to stay healthy !

    1. In other words; "If you have money, you get better and faster service by the best doctors. If you don't, you get a mediocre baseline care and will deal with the formidable bureaucracy of a federal system". As one Dr. so aptly stated.

  2. Well it's not what people were promised.

    I wonder why...............

    As I've said before the problem with all private health insurance is that you have to have a whole lotta people paying in who never get out as much as they've put in.

    Insurance carriers have overhead, salaries, and profit to pay.

    They also have to pay for the large claims that come in from a small number of policyholders.

    If the invincible young and healthy people don't join the whole thing is a bust.

    From the beginning it was about forcing people for whom insurance is a bad deal to join anyway.

    That's okay as a social policy for safety net programs like Medicare and Medicaid which are funded by taxes and we all expect not to get out what we pay in because it's basically a welfare program.

    But this is altogether different.

    I wish Obama would do what Sterling Hayden did in Dr. Strangelove - put a towel around his neck and retreat into the bathroom and then....BANG!

    [but that's not gonna happen]

    1. Obama loves himself too much for that. And when he retreats into the bathroom it's usually to smoke cigarettes and drink his malt liquor.

    2. Because when he proposed it, he wanted to get re-elected, and knew what a fiasco this would be so he ducked and covered and postponed delivery of the roll out much later in his Presidency. He knew people would be unhappy, so he didn't tell them the whole truth. He's not stupid. ; )

    3. Actually he is stupid. He's totally stupid.

    Cgi bought stanley inc owned by JOHN BRENNAN.. FOLLOW THE $$$....OBAMA IS TOO DUMB TO MAKE DEALS. He is merely a recipient of the goodies.
    Obama believes he can scam everyone by playing dumb. HE WILL CONTINUE THIS GRAND THEFT UNTIL HE IS ARRESTED. Most clandestine corruption since 2008 ORIGINATES WITH JOHN "BAGMAN" BRENNAN.

    Phase IV:
    THE WINDS OF CHANGE: The Congressional Reform Act of 2013.
    My son forwarded this to me today. Please do likewise:
    "Winds of Change"

    Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have this message.

    This is one idea that really should
    be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2013

    1. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman/woman collects a
    salary while in office, and receives no
    pay when they're out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the CongressionalRetirementFund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into
    the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congressmen/women can purchase their own retirement plans, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise
    by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same
    health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/31/13. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

    Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

    If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S. ) to receive the message.
    Don't you think it's time?


    If you agree with the above, pass it on.
    If not, just delete.

    Marvin Kadesh,
    The Kadesh Travel Center
    American Express Rep.

    1. Hey why won't American Express provide me with another credit card?

      They sent me one in 1986 and when they didn't receive a payment on time within the first few months they told a bartender at a strip club I was at to cut it up in front of me.....

      As a result of that stupid little misunderstanding all those decades ago they have my name on a black list and refuse to do any business with me no matter how good my credit has been over the last thirty years!

      If you are an American Express Rep then do you have an answer for that?

      Or are we to conclude that company is just full of s***.

    2. And here's the capper to that story.

      The ugly bartender who cut up my card was a real asshole at that club. He was a tightass who was always threatening the girls, etc... He was sort of a Jack Ruby character, and like Ruby he was Jewish and was always telling people how pius he was.

      Twenty years later here in Austin I saw him milling around the University Hillel Center, and carrying on and so forth.

      Then a few weeks later I was at a Taco Cabana, the one on Burnett Road, and we were both having breakfast. He ordered extra bacon and loaded his taco with all this bacon and chowed down!

      Oh yeah that's one really pius orthodox Jew!

    3. At that time American Express had ads going on everywhere that no matter where you were in the world that if you ran into trouble that all you had to do was call American Express and you could use your card to get out of it!

      They never told you that if you were a new customer and they didn't get one of your payments on time they'd ask the merchant in whatever country you're in to take the card away and cut it in two while you watched.

      I'd like you to tell me why that company isn't a crock of shit.

    4. You know come to mention Jack Ruby I've known at least ten people here in Texas who knew him and every person said he was a total asshole.

      Everyone here who knew Rubinstein said he was totally corrupt, would do anything at all for money, had no honor or integrity whatsoever of any kind, was a predator toward women, was a buddy of all the crooked cops in north Texas.....

      He was utterly dispised. Everyone said he was simply a bookie who owned a series of strip clubs fronted for the Chicago outfit and that no one liked him.

    5. They are not totally full of shit, because they hired Karl Malden to do their commercials, remember his dialogue in the American Express Commercial in his trench coat and hat? " You are away from home and your wallet is stolen... what will you do, what will you do? Fan of Karl because of his role in the movie The French Connection. Of course Karl didn't have to worry about getting his wallet stolen, because he was able to hide his wallet in his nose. So yes maybe their one redeeming quality that I can think of at the moment, is that they hired Karl Malden to do their commercials. But otherwise, yes, probably full of shit, but not quite as bad as some of the other types of creditors that raise interest rates unilaterally to usury levels. As a side note, which politician is known as Mr. MBNA after the credit card company? Mr. V.P. Biden. I wonder why.....

    6. I hate to tell you this but Karl Malden wasn't in The French Connection.

      I like to watch him though in "The Streets of San Francisco!"

      And after I'd watch that I'd listen to the radio for the Delfonics, the Stylistics, and all my other favorite R&B artists.

      What ever happened to our world?

      Why has everything gone so bad?

      "Na na na na na na na means....I love you...."

      Well Dr.P I wish you had an answer.

    7. American Express! My family owned American Express stock for decades. From 1984-1994, there was a merger with a company called Lehman Brothers.

      When Lehman Brothers spun off, I had Lehman Brothers stock. I held that until...

      ...and no one goes to jail! During this Obamacare fiasco, no one has been fired and no one has gone to jail. JPMorganChase just got assessed a $13 billion fine--and no one goes to jail! I lost money with Lehman Brothers, my healthcare premiums tripled before my family was dropped, and no one suffers but average guys like me.

    8. Well Dr.P I'm gonna answer it for you [why has everything gone so bad over what things used to be].

      It was the permissiveness of the 1960s.

      The simple truth is that most people are basically malevolant, selfish, crude, immoral, talentless, of low IQ................

      For society to work there has to be strong measures of social control imposed by authority to punish people when they behave outrageously.

      Most humans are basically bad and must be controlled. Their minds must be controlled.

    9. People who think otherwise are DREAMERS.

      The left is full of dreamers.

      They don't understand human nature.

    10. You are right, got my leading man confused with Gene Hackman in the French Connection, stand corrected, not Karl Malden.

  4. Speaking of Dr.Strangelove I think it would be a good idea if each of us got out a good blueray edition of that film and watched it again.

    It would do us all good.

  5. No scratch that.

    I can't watch Dr.Strangelove or any other movie knowing that MORGAN FREEMAN is still walking around free, planning to marry his own grand-daughter, and that he's been fucking her since she was a teen.

    I mean is Hollywood totally mad??????????????????

    Have they no decency whatsoever????????????????

    I mean here's an old Coon, and ugly as sin to boot, and he's been screwing this mixed-race cute little piece of ass who HAPPENS TO BE HIS OWN GRAND-DAUGHTER???????

    And she likes it?

    She wants to marry this old uncle Coon?

    And this is the same town where Kim Kardashian just had an out-of-wedlock love child with KANYE WEST. But we shouldn't be suprised because 74% of all children of negro men are ILLEGITIMATE.

    KANYE has a persecution complex and considers himself to be oppressed by the entire world. My favorite tune [he can't sing or play any instrument] of his is "New Slaves."

    My favorite part is where he repeats....

    "I'd rather be a prick than a swallower."

    "I'd rather be a prick than a swallower."

    Oh yeah, Mr Kanye West is one fine example of manhood.

    1. Hey, I have a question. I remember about a month or so ago you made a post doing a "psychological profile on Barack Obama" based on your psychological operations experience.

      Do you mind doing one on Kanye West? Is Kanye West really a narcissistic asshole? Or is he a misunderstood genius? I often hear arguments from both sides, where do you stand. I know people who think he is extraordinarily talented because he's won 21 Grammy Awards (tied for most all time for a male).

    2. What you have to understand about rap and hip hop is that the content of the raps is only about the rapper. The content of the rap is about the life, feelings and rage of the artist. As such the nature of the media encourages the artists to behave as self-absorbed and narcissistic even if they may not be in real life.

      It's difficult therefore for me identify what of Kanye's antics is calculated to portray himself as brooding and enraged for effect....and what is really him.

      As for his 21 grammys I can't give that any weight. The grammys are determined by a small group of people in the recording business, which is the most corrupt industry you'll ever find. It's not based on merit.

    3. Hollywood is all glitter and glitz on the surface, but all that glitters is not gold... pretty morally bankrupt often times. Reminds me of Woody Allen doin his step daughter, and Polanski doin a 13 year old in Nicholson's house when he wasn't home. It does make you wonder.

  6. And by "a teen" I mean MORGAN FREEMAN was fucking his grand-daughter when she was WAY YOUNGER THAN EIGHTEEN.

    Try like sixteen.

  7. Let me be honest with you about this...

    I don't believe that all negro men are evil.

    But the fact that society celebrates and upholds the ones who are evil makes me not want to like any of them.

    The only ones with any celebrity are totally malevolant. So what am I supposed to do?

    1. Like Chris Brown who just got arrested again for assault, while on probation for previously beating up his girlfriend Rihanna? Yes, pitiful celebrity behavior.

    2. My favorite two singers are Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole.

      But they were from a different planet now. I have to deal with present realities.

  8. Kanye West's mother was killed by a charlatain negro MD who had his own television show portraying him as a plastic surgeon when in fact he was not trained or certified as a plastic surgeon. He was just another cool-looking, smooth talking negro who was a fake. Kanye's mother died of his negligence on his operating table.

    As well of course Michael Jackson was killed by his negro Doctor.

    Where are all the Doctor Huckstables out there?

    Here in Austin some time ago there was a negro who was posing as a gynacologist and advertised his practice and had a long line of mostly white women and girls come to his office for exams and treatments of their white vaginas.

    After many months a few of them became suspicious and it turned out he was not an MD at all. I don't think he'd graduated from any college or anything.

    So what am I to think?

  9. That there's a guy that really enjoys what he does.

  10. >>Socialized Medicine: The compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the Post Office, all at Pentagon prices !<<

    Origin of "Efficiency of the post office, compassion of the IRS."

    This is just a coincidence, I'm sure. From The Daily Caller:

    Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website
    4:57 PM 10/25/2013
    First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.

    Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

    Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

    1. This is very thin.

      Did they know each other?

      Nothing suspicious just because they went to the same college at the same time.

      I'd hate to think of all the people who graduated from my school when I did.

    2. From Newsmax:

      White House Logs Show Visits by CGI Official, Classmate of Michelle Obama
      Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013 08:29 AM
      By Andrea Billups
      Toni Townes-Whitley, a college classmate of Michelle Obama and a senior executive at besieged Obamacare website contractor CGI Federal, has visited the White House several times for both personal and professional reasons.

      Townes-Whitley visited the White House complex on four occasions earlier this year to meet with administration officials in her role as vice president for at CGI Federal, which secured a $678 million no-bid contract to build the Obamacare exchange web portal.

      Townes-Whitley, a Princeton University classmate of first lady Michelle Obama, and her husband, John Whitley, who works as an engineer for CBS News, also attended a White House Christmas gathering together in 2010, posing for photos with the president and first lady.

  11. Dr. P, oh it gets worse... Look who's a senior VP at CGI Federal, one Barbara G. Fast...

    You might recognize the name, she was in the news about 10 years ago due to her association with the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, in her position as a senior intelligence officer in Iraq. While she was "exonerated" in the Fay Report, a lot of people aren't buying it. History Commons reports, you decide...

    Her Muckety page doesn't tell us a whole lot more, other than her only friend appears to be General Keith Alexander, director of NSA/Cyber Command.

    Isn't that reassuring?