Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Congressional Extortion:  Let’s RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] American Politicians and Presidents!!

Thousands of bills are introduced into Congress each year,  but only five per cent attain the status of a law.
  So why are so many bills being written by our Corrupt Politicians?
To  EXTORT MONEY from GROUPS,  AMERICAN CITIZENS and COMPANIES!  The government we elect is robbing us!!!  Extorting money from us!
Congressional Racketeering Practices:
[1] The speaker of a powerful house committee purposely creates a PROCEDURAL OBSTRUCTION or POSTPONEMENT on the EVE of an IMPORTANT VOTE.
[2] Campaign contributions are EXPLICITLY and IMPLICITLY SOLICITED .
[3] IF the LEGAL EXTORTION is too LOW,  or the OPPONENT offers MORE MONEY,   then the bill is DELAYED AND KILLED.

Effete,  ineffectual,  spray-tanned,   John A. Boehner is a MASTER OF TOLLBOOTH!   Or in the Soprano/Godfather Parlance,   he is the CAPO DE CAPO.
Boehner delayed scheduling on votes for months on the Wireless Tax Fairness Act,  after which he PERSONALLY COLLECTED 37 CHECKS from wireless executives- totaling $40,000.
Boehner also DELAYED VOTES on the Access to Capital for Job Creators Act and the Small Capital Formation Act until HE EXTORTED ANOTHER $91,000 from Investment banks;  $32,450 from Bank Holding Companies;  and $46,500 from ‘self-described investors’.
Boehner  EXTORTED close to $200,000  over a 48 HOUR PERIOD between the SCHEDULING the VOTE and THE VOTE BEING HELD ON THE HOUSE FLOOR.
What a RACKET!!!

This is a technique to ‘milk’ donations and contributions from individuals or corporations that are vulnerable to the passage of the bill.
DOUBLE MIKER BILL—pit two industries against each other in order to raise the monetary  stakes.
Incompetent Obama and  VP Biden are the MAJOR HIT MEN!!
  Examples of ‘Milk’ and “Double Milk”:
In first half of 2011,  crooked Obama announced that he would ‘probably’ sign the ANTI-PIRACY Bill.
Silicon Valley initially  kicked in $1.7M to Obama PERSONALLY.
Narcissistic Hollywood dumped in $4.7M to change the vote.
Suddenly Obama announced along with Biden that the WH had problems with the bill.
Both Silicon Valley and Hollywood lost.
Only Obama and Biden won on a DOUBLE DOWN EXTORTION SCHEME. 

“He [Obama] didn’t just throw us under the bus,  one longtime supporter of Obama said, ”he ran us down,  reversed the bus and ran us over again.” 
The moral of the story is simple!
Let’s get the Legislative Bums out of Congress and out of the White House! 
Also,   let’s prosecute them under the RACKETEERING INFLUENCED and CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT!  
RICO them!

We have RICO'd the following miscreants:
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
Catholic Sex Abuse Cases.
Whitey Bolger [decades after his crimes committed].
Michael Milken.
Gambino Crime Family.
Kwame Kilpatrick.
  Now it’s time,  my dear American citizens,   to demand that our Federal Prosecutors,  FBI and other Law Enforcement Agencies,  enforce the RICO charges against our collusively corrupt legislators and Presidents.
  Let’s start now to clean up our corruption!!!    Let's see a young patriotic state attorney or hell,  city attorney go balls to wall  and challenge these DC elites under the RICO act.   We are working too hard for these greedy bastards to take away our children's future.   As I stated in the Sebelius blog,  ENOUGH is ENOUGH…..get rid of these incompetents!


  1. It's "Capo di tutti Capo" [the Captain above all Captains]

  2. Look I think what you're referring to is outrageous but it doesn't constitute criminal acts and no law enforcement action can happen.

    But let's talk about some real criminal acts by this President which should cause him to be impeached.

    There are several high level members of the Sinaloa Cartel who are testifying that they entered into an agreement with Federal Officials from 2008 onwards in which they were given freedom from investigation in exchange for information on other cartels.

    As a part of this the Obama Administration and Eric Holder in particular sent the Sinaloa cartel thousands of assault rifles with no trackers whatsoever in a transparent effort to arm them and them falsely claim that they were seeking to track the arms.

    There is now credibile circumstantial and testimonial evidence that the Obama White House has done what Obama and his ilk did in Chicago - enter into agreements with violent organized criminal groups for political and career benefit.

    So far there has been no Congressional investigation regarding Fast and Furious or the other evidence regarding these crimes.

    There is no longer an independent special prosecutor law which can be used to investigate the President and he's not going to investigate himself so he's going to get away with this just like he got away with murder, extortion, and graft for twenty years in Chicago while school kids were killing each other daily in his neighborhood and all he did about it was smoke his camel cigarettes and drink more malt liquor.

    Obama is basically a negro thug.

    He should be put in a cage just like the rest of his kind.

  3. Btw now that Breaking Bad has imploded I've been watching Boardwalk Empire and this season is much improved.

    That series started out laborious, tedious and boring, but now it's really hit it's stride.

    If you wanna see the kind of world Obama functioned in this recreation of 1920s prohibition Chicago and New Jersey hits the mark.

    1. Doesn't Obama like to hang out with JayZ?

      Yo yo yo

  4. Here is Allen West's response:

  5. The ghost of Christmas Future:

  6. Who here has an opinion on making glass-steagall a law again? Dr. P do you have an opinion. I'm in favor of it.

    1. Glass-Steagall doesn't go far enough.

      These parasite speculating trolls need to be taken into the street in front of the Stock Exchange building and be be-headed.

      After a few be-headings by the people and you'll see these Gordon Gekko assholes scatter.

    2. glass-steagall immediately turns their derivatives and swaps to garbage and immediately ends their bail "in/ bail" outs and relieves countries from the banks austerity calls. upon its implementation all the banks are immediately bankrupt and lose the power to grease the skids. it is just a first step. if you want trials after that that's up to the population. they have committed lot of crimes no doubt.

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      If there's a place that doesn't need any of my money it's Qatar or Abu Dhabi or any of those desert dictatorships in the Persian Gulf.

      Dubai is a joke, and so is all the other gown-wearing, Koran-spouting Muslims of the Middle East. On a personal level I like Arabs, and I wish them all the luck in the world. But Islam is a malevolent ideology which barbaric, cruel and unjust. It is impossible for any society to progress until it's disposed of Islam altogether, and that's never going to happen. Islam is yoke which will always prevent Arabs and Persians from building rational societies in which people can find happiness.

    2. bTW...

      Arab women are the cutest women in the world, them and Persian women. And look at how they're treated.
      What a shame.


    After Listening, please post on Facebook and other blogs. It must go viral so the participants will stay safe from homocide.

    thank you.

    1. Bari Malik Shabazz is the illegitimate son of Malcolm Earl Little Shabazz X and a young jewish teenage groupie, Joanne Newman.

      The Power behind Bari rests in his Uncle Fred Newman, Joanne's older brother. Joanne, aka Elizabeth Duke is alive. She is a domestic terrorist on the FBI's MOST WANTED LIST. "Obama" has her arrest warrant thrown out by a magistrate (illegal magistrates cannot sign judicial orders) his first year as "POTUS".
      The FBI still believes she is a fugitive. Bari had a bench warrant for his arrest in Hawaii thrown out in 2003, even though he "died" in the SSDI in 1994. Bari always uses the Courts to force his opposition to bow out as a candidate for office. Bari uses the courts for Corruption and Evil.

      Here is the Backstory of Uncle Fred Newman, Lyndon Larouche, Sonia Sotamayor, and Michael Bloomberg:

      Barack Obama” sprung from a family-run political activist network which, since the 1960s, has been diligently “organizing” to achieve their socialist vision of America. A network spearheaded by “Uncle Fred” Newman, the primary purpose of which was to “organize” the overthrow of America’s socio-politico-economic system - that is, to shift the American model from one of democracy and capitalism to marxist socialism.
      Fred, the older brother of Bari's Teenage Mother, Joanne, was born 6-17-1935 to Jewish parents and raised in working-class Bronx County, New York City, not far from Yankee Stadium, graduating from Stuyvesant High School in 1952.
      “Uncle Fred”'s essay “The Women I Live With” [published in Practice, Winter 1990]:
      “I am an American Marxist Leninist revolutionary living at a time when orthodox communism throughout the world has died. And if that weren’t enough I am a controversial revolutionary. I’ve never been part of the official US left family. I don’t like the institution of the family in any of its forms. People I’ve never met and who know nothing of me often say terribly nasty things about me. Oh well, as my mother (as anti-Family a mom as ever was) used to say, 'if you can’t stand the goddamn heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.'

    2. In 1992, “Obama" positioned himself as altruistic Ivy League ‘champion of the underclass’ - working as a Community Organizer (Agitator) under the auspices of Sanford Newman, his cousin, Uncle Fred's son, and Project Vote [ACORN's progenitor].

      The Fred Newman & Lyndon LaRouche connection:

      Quotes from 1992 New Alliance Party Convention by Dr. Fred Newman


      Watch it here:

      How the radical left managed to infiltrate and seize power from the Democratic Party is credited to “Uncle Fred” Newman.

      In November 1995, the Anti-Defamation League exposed “Uncle Fred’s” political operating genius in ”A Cult By Any Other Name: The New Alliance Party Dismantled And Reincarnated”.

      “Uncle Fred’s” International Workers Party – a Marxist-Leninist [i.e. Communist] Party intending to evoke worldwide socialist revolution – is the foundation upon which all Fred’s political activity was built.
      “Uncle Fred” Newman’s Marxist-Leninist International Workers Party is the c.p.u. of what he cleverly presented as a democratic New Alliance Party.
      Fred boasted that it was his Independence Party support of Bloomberg that threw him the election; in return, Fred’s numerous enterprises have received great financial and other support from The City Of New York.
      ...via “Barack Obama” Fred Newman managed to pull off the greatest coup in American Political History - commandeering the Democratic Party, without Party Operatives even noticing he was doing it.

      “Obama’s” first nominee for United States Supreme Court Justice - Sonia Sotomayor – for several years before her appointment, worked for Fred Newman causes as did AL SHARPTON:


      Not only did Fred devote his life’s work to assisting and defending African Americans; his core political m. o. integrated that of Malcolm X: “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”.

      So taken with Malcolm X was he, Fred wrote a play about Malcolm X: "Billie And Malcolm [A Demonstration]"

      Fred Newman’s effective recruitment techniques, his glaringly evident hatred of those with money and position, and his manipulation of the emotions of the ‘underclass’ to evoke in them rage and retaliation against the United States Government have all come to the forefront of American political power in the genius creation of “Barack Obama II”.

      Bari Malik Shabazz– with great, effective stealth – morphed a country that is ontologically, happily theocentric, to one imposed with radical secular humanism..His goal in memory of his Jewish born Uncle: To stomp out Our Founding Father’s Judaeo-Christian Vision Of America, and in its place raise up “Uncle Fred’s” Atheistic Vision of ‘Socially Just’ – i.e. Socialist – America.


    3. Obama isn't governing as a communist.

      Obama is governing like an urban black gangster. The best we can hope for is that a rival gang like the Crips or someone will get him in a drive-by. You talk a lot about his uncle Fred, but the real influence on his life was his uncle Junebug. Junebug taught Barry how to sell crack, run hoes, and rap and shoot hoops. Junebug was born in Mississippi and his father was lynched by the Klan after he raped and murdered a white woman, Viola Caperton. After the savage lynching of his daddy, Junebug moved to Indiana where he sold heroin and pimped out his three illegitimate daughters - Shaniqua, Taminka and Heather.

      Junebug later married his own grand-daughter, an old Mississippi tradition.

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