Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I think I am on Alex Jones in about 5 minutes or so....take a listen if you can.


  1. First of all sincere condolences on the passing of Tom Clancy who had a great many readers here in the UK and it was s fitting tribute you gave on the show. Secondly what particularly resonated was how you described the US government ect are entering the world in which you and Tom Clancy were in! I'm my humble opinion you don't get on radio shows enough as you possess the "knack" of breaking subject matter down to a simple and easy to understand level which to my mind is of paramount importance to awaken the people! Extremely looking forward to your next guest slot next week on Alex Jones

  2. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (October 3, 2013), while I was at Callen's Common and Bristol St. (near and at Bank of America making deposits) Santa Ana, California, I lost (possibly pick-pocketed) two (2) receipts and a one dollar bill! I am concerned, because my finger prints are on said items! As stated in other comments, the C.I.A. and support (including local corrupt GOVERNMENT) have illegally erased and/or modified my ENTIRE BACKGROUND to substantiate an "IDENTITY SWITCH"!

    One of their (C.I.A. and support) operatives stated that there is a LIST! This said LIST supposedly contains certain individuals the C.I.A. is giving my identity too! Same operative stated three (3) specific individuals! Johnny Lawrence Simeone, Matthew Alan Faris, and John Edward Addington (said operative)!

    Johnny Lawrence Simeone has several aliases, recent felony case (Spring 2012), and Johnny Lawrence Simeone is supposedly deceased (during 2012)! According to John Edward Addington, part of my identity was switched to Johnny Lawrence Simeone before he (Johnny) died!

    Johnny Lawrence Simeone was about 5' 11" TALL, about 160 lbs., brown hair, and green eyes! Furthermore, Johnny Lawrence Simeone had severe arthritis in both hips, Hepatitis C, and H.I.V. (supposedly dirty needles)! In addition, Johnny Lawrence Simeone right arm was severely injured (acute nerve damage in shoulder and elbow) in a fall (night time and raining) at the CIVIC CENTER (Santa Ana, California)! Most of the time, Johnny Lawrence Simeone was confined to a wheelchair, because of the severe arthritis in both hips!

    There was three (3) occasions were my I.D.'s were stolen! The first time was at the NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY! The second time was at SANTA ANA COLLEGE (July 2010 (SECURITY REPORT and S.A.P.D. REPORT)), when my locker was broken into (School I.D. and STATE I.D. was not taken this time)! Armed Robbery (S.A.P.D. REPORT/November 2009) by three (3) Mexican Gangsters possibly connected to very corrupt "WEED AND SEED" OPERATIONS (mostly very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT by prior SHERIFF (five (5) and a half years in Colorado Federal Prison)) on Birch St. near Warner Ave. (industrial complex) Santa Ana, California!