Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Koch Brothers Industries = Dr Armand Hammer’s Occidental Petroleum Company = Both Born and Nurtured by Stalin/Soviet Communist 1920’s Oil Fields

1] Koch Brothers = Faux Libertarians.   Corrupt “Robber Barons” suckling the financial teats of the United States Oil/Gas Tax credits;  bank bail-outs;  and EPA forgiveness. 
Neither brother served US military.   Along with father,  both brothers cleverly avoided serving our country but they allowed our soldiers to die for their overseas economic interests.
Faux Libertarianism covers incredible dependency on USG ‘HANDOUTS’ and intricate government regulations which they can exploit.      

2] Ted Cruz = The New  Republican Trotsky [father fought with Fidel Castro in Cuba].   As above, do no GOOD.   Just create Agitation Propaganda and Permanent Revolution without any Resolutions.    TC also avoided serving US military.    Born in Calgary,  Canada to ‘ex-Fidelistas’ who entered Texas oil business via Bush Family assistance program for ‘Cubans’ whom they can control (like Senator Marco Rubio.)  

3] Political Extremism on either Left and Right=Extremely Destructive to USA.
The recent government shutdown allows me to reflect more carefully on the techniques of both the left and the right.    Both sides reveal an uncanny resemblance to past extremism in both the USA and the Soviet Union.     As a professional who worked in the field of psyops,  agitprop and other ‘black ops’,   many patterns became apparent to me.
The calculated so-called ‘conservative’ Republican strategy of the ‘defunding Obamacare’  which was initiated by the not too bright Koch Brothers and Edwin Meese III [Known in the Reagan Administration as Mr McGoo] turned out to be exactly what more practically minded Senators  predicted:  Self-destructive and stupid.
  Senator Richard M. Burr [R-NC]—“defunding the law was the DUMBEST IDEA I’ve ever heard.”
  Senators Lindsay Graham [R-SC] and Lamar Alexander [R-Tenn]  both practical Republicans are in agreement with the inane tactics of the “Cruz-Koch Burlesque Show”.  

However,   nothing attracts my interest more than the hypocrisy of Cruz and the Koch Brothers,   both espousing narratives completely opposite from the truth.   Arrogance and stupidity always arouse my interest and no two could be more arrogant and stupid than the MIT siblings who,  me thinks protest too much—The Koch Brothers.  

Fred Koch (father),  like the Communist Robber Baron Dr Armand Hammer,  whom I had interviewed at his headquarters in LA,  both started their oil/gas careers not in the good old USA but in the 1920’s SOVIET UNION with the full  APPROVAL and ASSISTANCE OF THE BARBARIC BOLSHEVISTIC  REGIME. 
Under Stalin and Lenin’s collective approval,  the Koch brothers’  father built not ONE but FIFTEEN FRACKING UNITS between 1929-1932 DURING THE SOVIET PURGES .
(Sidebar: President Nixon forbade Armand Hammer from ever coming into the White House.)
Koch Industries could not make an HONEST PENNY WITHOUT VIOLATING THE FOLLOWING  American LAWS:
  March 1999—Koch Petroleum acknowledged dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of aviation fuel into the wetlands in Rosemount, Minnesota.    Also DUMPED HIGH –AMMONIA WASTEWATER into the Mississippi river.
Paid $20 million for FELONY in CORPUS CHRISTI , TEXAS refinery.
Multiple fines for Air Pollution in 10 violations of the Clean Air Act in it’s Alaska oil refinery.
In 2000,   Koch Industries  was fined  for over THREE HUNDRED OIL SPILLS over SIX STATES.

These two RED BABIES are not really American Entrepreneurs but nothing more than corrupt political operatives whose only concern is to make MONEY BY ANY ILLEGAL,  UNETHICAL MEANS POSSIBLE.     They cover their miscreant activities with their support of the Libertarian Welfare Academies-  The Heritage Foundation and other nonsensical groups that have no idea about the true American Values.

  Why Trotsky?
Examine his father’s career as ‘a professional Cuban Exile’  [it’s a full time job-look at Marco Rubio] this father,  like son really does not care what ideology they follow.
  First it’s the extreme left,   as his father willingly admits,  then the eventual disappointment with the left causes a sharp shift to the Extreme Right.
  The famous studies by Adorno on the Authoritarian Personality show that people like Ted Cruz or father,  only want to feed their Narcissistic NEED TO BE RECOGNIZED!!  Regardless of the verbiage!
Ted like Trotsky,   always want to agitate for what we professionals call "A PERMANENT REVOLUTION!"  who cares about outcomes? who cares who gets crushed?its about ME! Me! ME!    As long as Ted/Trotsky could be at the head of that Revolution and be lauded or condemned.    Like Trotsky,   expect a new book by Ted Cruz about ‘HIS CRUSADES’. 

Now back to the real problems of our present situation.
  It’s clear to me and perhaps to others,   that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have failed in their respective exercise of power.
I propose that we abolish the most dangerous Supreme Court Law passed by the nefarious Supreme Court Justice Roberts allowing political parties to be funded ad infinitum  (Citizens United Decision).
Next I would propose that the grassroots create new political parties reflecting the various interests of  a diverse ethnic population and dilute both the Dems and Repub.
  Let’s reformulate out constitution for the 21st century.
Just remember neither party has our welfare in mind.
They only care about themselves and making money off of our hard earned dollars.
 Even the so-called RICH RED BABY BILLIONAIRES like the Koch Brothers and TROTSKY CRUZ. 
 I feel like singing the Internationale –the anthem of the Communist Party  – I last heard when we took down the Soviet Union under Reagan/Bush.
 Apparently we forgot to take down the RedBabies in Texas!!!!   


  1. I am not sure you have the facts on your side with Cruz. He would be exposed with oppositional research during these controversial days. no one has touched him at all.

    Yet I am suspicious he got his start in the Bush White House and married a staffer he met there.

    Jim DeMint former SC Senator is who "discovered" Cruz. I happen to like him and believe he is a pragmatic patriot.

    Lindsey Graham is far more needy of Face Time than Cruz- he is pathetic.

    As for the Koch (Coke) Bros. they work both sides of the aisle and yes, do not garner my respect.

    1. I'm in Austin and actually there was no oppostion research on Cruz at all.

      Cruz represents a wing of the Republican party here who was opposed to our wacky Lt.Governor David Dewhurst [formerly a CIA Case Officer in Bolivia] becoming the Senator.

      As for the Democrats who ran against Cruz in the general election they're not even a factor here. Democrats in Texas are irrelevant.

    2. When one has no defense, they invalidate with ad hominems..consider this:

      Didn't Joe McCarthy DEMAND WITNESSES "name names"?
      To wit:

      I received this email dated 10-9-13

      "In a private meeting, this Republican senator attacked Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and conservatives everywhere."

      "Fellow Conservatives:

      We have troubling news to share. Please read this carefully.

      Last week, POLITICO reported that Senate Republicans "lashed" conservatives Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) in a private meeting for their efforts to stop Obamacare funding and for supporting the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF).

      These unnamed Republicans attacked SCF and our grassroots supporters across the country because we ran TV and radio ads calling on them to join the fight to defund Obamacare.

      They're mad because you're holding them accountable.

      Thankfully, you have some true friends in Washington. When pressed by their colleagues to disavow you, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee refused. In fact, POLITICO reported that Cruz defiantly shot back, "I will not."

      Now that's what courage looks like.

      We wish the story ended here, but it does not.

      Yesterday, Glenn Beck revealed the identity of the Republican senator who led the attack against conservatives and said that anyone who supports the Senate Conservatives Fund is a traitor and should be treated like an enemy.

      That senator was Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Republican Leader.

      Mitch McConnell thinks you're a traitor, but he's the one who quietly worked with Harry Reid (D-NV) and President Obama to raise the debt limit, increase taxes, and fund Obamacare. He's the one who betrayed the voters in his own party and abandoned our nation's founding principles.

      Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell wasn't just speaking for himself. His hostility toward conservatives is shared by many other Republicans who don't want to fight for our values.

      This is a major problem and it's up to us -- the grassroots -- to solve it.

      We must rise up and put these people out of business. If we work together, we can elect strong leaders who will turn this country around.

      The Senate Conservatives Fund will suggest steps to take in the coming days, but for now please pray for our country. These are troubling times and our nation needs wisdom and courage to choose the right way forward.

      Thank you for your continued support.

      Best regards,

      Matt Hoskins
      Executive Director"

    3. And here is wimpy Ron Johnson who will not give a senate speech on the floor because "no one listens anyway".

      Listen to him whine.

      Time to remove. & replace him Wisconsoners....

    4. The case of Navey Baker....

      When Navey was a four year old girl she started mimicing the family dog.

      She began eating out of dog bowels, dragging her ass on the rug, and so forth. Then her father witnessed her deficating in the back yard, and then kicking the grass back with her hind legs as a dog would do.

      As far as we know Navey is conscious and aware of her canine compulsions.

      in early adolescence Navey saw animal mascots of ball teams and became obcessed with obtaining a tiger mascot suit. When her parents told her she couldn't show up at the high school football games with the mascot she told them it "was because they loved other people more than they loved her...."

      Against her parents' instructions she showed up at games and amazed everyone with her extraordinary skills as an acrobatic mascot.

      At sixteen Navey is an introverted, almost aliented girl who is the opposite when wearing her mascot suit.

      Furthermore she cannot perform many of the acrobatic feats while not wearing the suit. Many times Navey has tried and failed to perform cartwheels, handstands, etc., all of which she easily performs while wearing the tiger mascot suit.



    The case of homosexuality illustrates the comparative weakness of conventional psychological ideology when compared to the explanitory power of the model of the human mind developed by psychological warfare practicioners in the Directorate of Plans of the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s.

    According to the CIA model the human mind is composed of different levels of unconsciousness which construct the conscious personality which is exhibited by others.

    Because the conscious mind is a construction, almost like a fictional character in a film, it lacks the authenticity that other individuals nominally grant it.

    This is how multiple personality disorder patients operate. This is a disorder for which conventional psychological doctrine has no explaination.

    In a multiple personality disorder patient the unconscious mind fabricate different characters in the same way that it fabricates narratives and characters in the dream state for presentation and experience to the conscious mind, albiet while sleeping.

    During dreams different levels of the unconscious mind, which has no language of its own, fabricate narratives to convey important emotions and awareness to the conscious mind. To do this the unconscious mind formulates a complete narrative from beginning to end, in three parts or acts, and then displays them to the sleeping conscious mind. In the dream particular ideas or persons must be represented by other icons, archtypes or personalities according to the associative patterns of the individual.

    Therefore in multiple personality disorder patients the conscious and normal personality which the world knows as the patient may be displaced temporarily by an alter personality which the patient isn't consciously aware of or experiencing.

    It is a phenomena so strange that most psychologists dismiss it as conscious fabrications of the patients but there is no evidence for this view. By now there has been a mountain of evidence regarding these patients, most of whom are treated by one clinic here in Texas, and I'm persuaded that what I was taught in government about them is true - that their disorder stems directly from severe early childhood trauma, more often than not sexual trauma.

    1. Anyone who's had a long, very emotional dream which they remember can see that the end of the dream was a climax which could only have happened if it were formulated prior to experiencing the beginning and middle.

      The ability of the unconscious and subconscious to create such elaborate and elegant narratives illustrate the extreme. perhap infinite, complexity of the non-conscious mind for creativity.

      Anyone who's had strong narrative dreams can easily see that it's well within the ability of the non-conscious mind to construct very complex conscious mental characteristics.

      Because of the implications of this the existence of narrative dreams in under attack by empirical as well an psychological academics. It's very challenging to docrtinaire academics to conceed that the unconscious mind could possess such completity or segregation from the conscious mind.

    2. And for the same reason many or most academics now claim that hypnosis and multiple personality disorder don't exist, although as far as I know none of the academics have any experience or experimental or epidemiological/clinical experience in these issues.

      For them simple denial of the existence of these phenomana make it possible for them to promote their own theories which would collapse when confronted with these anomalous behaviors.


    In applying this model to homosexuality we should explain what homosexuality is in modern psychological doctrine first and therefore uncover the shortcomings in that model.

    Modern psychological doctrine used to define homosexuality, transexuality, cross-dressing and gender disphoria as disorders.

    This was the case primarily because homsexuality is an attitude or emotional state which prevents the individual from using his reproductive system as it was intended.

    The core functions of any organism are to intake nurishment, to create energy and tissues from nurishment, to expell waste, and to reproduce. These are the core functions of any organism, and all organisms which are not in disorder will have the ability to perform these functions.

    Clearly homosexuality is a disorder because it's an emotional state or behavior which prevents the individual from possessing the motivation to mate and reproduce with members of the opposite sex.

    However this previous standard medical and psychological consideration has been overturned, in my observation for reasons which are only political in nature. Modern psychological doctrine holds that homosexuality is not a disorder merely because homosexuals claim that they live satisfied personal lives if they can overcome social stigmas and gain social acceptance. Because of these claims that they are not harmed by their condition psychologists and MDs have stricken homosexuality from their list of disorders.

    Furthermore advocates of homosexuality have contrived a set of pseudo-scientific explainations to seek to claim that homosexuality is "natural." Let's look at these in turn. First, please realize that each of these explainations applies ONLY to male homosexuality. This is because only male homosexuals have organized into well-funded lobbies and organizations to seek to undertake scientific findings to claim "normality" or that homosexuality is "natural."


    Homosexuality is a state of mind in which an individual is physically and emotionally attracted only to members of the opposite sex for reasons of sexual bonding. Homosexuals are repulsed by the genitals or other gender characteristics of the sex opposite to their own, but become sexually aroused by the gender characteristics of their own sex.

    Transexuality - a subset of homosexuality in which the individual believes that he is actually of the opposite sex and is extremely uncomfortable, or disphoric, when required to dress or outwardly express any gender characteristics which are cultural and which should be under his control.

    Cross-Dressing - This is not homosexuality. Cross dressing is a practice of psychological well-being or sexual stimulation by a heterosexual by temporarily taking on some cultural characteristics of the opposite sex. A cross-dresser according to the CIA model is an individual who experienced the same kind of trauma which a homosexual experiences but responded differently according to that individual's response to truama.

    Bi-sexuality - This is not homosexuality either. Bi-sexuality is the physical attraction which can happen between heterosexuals for whom their sexual preference for the opposite sex is transitorily disturbed. For example, men in close quarters in prison perform sexual acts because they cannot do so with females, females who bond with each other because they have been emotionally harmed by men, etc.

    Bi-sexuality is ubiqutious in nature and many or most animals engage in sexual activity with the same sex when they cannot find a partner of the opposite sex to mate with. However there are NO EXAMPLES IN NATURE WHERE AN INDIVIDUAL IS ATTRACTED ONLY TO THE SAME SEX.

    1. In the definition above I meant to say, "homosexuality is a state in which the individual is attracted to the SAME sex for reasons of sexual bonding...."

    2. Correction: "homosexuality - attraction to members of the same sex'; you said "opposite sex" in first paragraph.
      Why are you bloviating here?
      Why not apply for a sex ed teaching position in your local schools? With your CIA curriculum vitae you should get hired easily. Besides it will keep you preoccupied.

      For a young man, you have far too much solitary time on your hands. You have severed contacts with your peers.

    3. I'm 53 years old.

      I just heard on the radio that in Argentina a six year old boy has been given gender re-assignment surgery and a new birth certificate with a female name.

      This is not as outrageous as it sounds.

      There are cases of 4 and 5 year olds who are so disphoric when made to dress as their actual sex that they are disabled and non-functional. This particular kind of extreme childhood gender disphoria always happens after 4 years of age.

      I don't believe that conventional psychology has any explaination for why or how this occurs, however the model I am discussing I believes provides a cogent explaination.


    Having defined what homosexuality is and isn't let's examine the pseudo-scientific explainations for homosexuality funded by the male homosexual lobby.

    Actually there are no examples in nature of any animal which mates only with the same sex when there are members of the opposite sex available to them. This is conflating all sexual activity between members of the same sex as homosexuality, when it is not. Homosexuality isn't characterized by a behavior. Homosexuality is characterized by motivations.

    The simple fact is that homosexuality is found only in humans, and this is because the human personality is a construction unique to the human mind.

    Unlike animals, whose personalities are determined soley by their genetics and some environmental inputs, human personalities are the product of complex fabrications of the unconscious mind in which the unconscious mind forms and regulates the personality in the same way that it constructs a character in a dream.


    It's true that there are some minor aggregate differences observable in MRIs between males and females which carry over into homosexuals. However these differences are functional and not structural. If an individual has a unconscious mind which tells him he's supposed to behave the way he observes females behaving he's going to seek to think and feel like they do as well. This is why those areas of the brain light up under the MRI.

    The fact is however that no amount of image scanning has found any structural difference between male homosexuals and male heterosexuals. If there were actually physically-determined rather than purely psychological causes there would be visible structural differences.


    Yes but how? So far there's been no finding anywhere of any gene, chromosome, or anything that would explain this degree of variation associated with sexual preference. In fact it is rather the opposite.

    Within each gender there is a degree or spectrum of gender characteristics well within their discreet gender. For example, on the far masculine end of males are those with two Y chromosomes when most males only have one. YY males have exaggerated male physical and behavioral characteristics. Then going down the spectrum there will be lesser degrees of male characteristics such as brow protrusion, depth of voice, skelatal structure, etc. On the other end of the spectrum are males fully heterosexual with narrow shoulders, higher pitched voices and smaller brow protrusions such as Michael Jackson or the artist formerly known as Prince. Although most negro males have generally higher testosterone levels than non-negros these two celebrities are examples of heterosexual males which have lesser male characteristics though within the spectrum.

    There are clearly however homosexuals which are clearly on the masculine end of the spectrum. Actor Harvey Firestien for example has a deep voice characteristic associated with vocal chord formation due to strong androgenic determinants. However he uses his strongly androgenic vocal chord in a way to mimic, as much as he subconsciously can, the voice of a female according to what he has observed. He also has protruding brows and other strongly antrogenic characteristics.

    Therefore it's the case that homosexual motivation runs across all the spectrum of androgenic characteristics within the male gender spectrum. Among homosexuals there are some which are butch and some which are fems, or twinks, but they all behave as they've witnessed females behave. They seek, albiet unconsciously, to speak, think, feel, and even walk, like they've seen women do.

    The subject of male homosexual gate, or walking, is very telling.


    Some homosexual men with very narrow pelvises walk with an exaggerated hip movement like that of a woman with a wide pelvis. In fact it appears to be only homosexual men with very narrow hips which do this, as though they are aware of their infeminine hips and are trying to compensate for it. This cannot be explained by any physical characteristics, and therefore must be explained by behavior. Clearly this is not conscious behavior anymore than the individual's feminized speech or thinking or emotional patterns. Clearly the seat of this behavior and emotion is unconscious.


    Remember that this 'physical' explaination can be said to apply only to men, and has nothing to say about how females become homosexual.

    The theory is that over successive pregnancies that the mother will see the male fetus as 'a foreigner' and 'create anit-bodies to seek to feminize the fetus.....'

    This is actually a theory being used by Universities, however it has no evidence. There are no 'anti-bodies' created by a mother against her male fetus, certainly none which would 'over successive pregnancies become more adept at feminizing the fetus....'
    And as I've stated before male homosexuality happens to males on all points of the male gender spectum, not just to "feminized" males like Michael Jackson or the artist formerly known as Prince.

    It's true that birth order increases the probability of a male being homosexual, but birth order has many strong environmental effects which have been far more documented over theories of physical differences based on birth order.


    According to the CIA model homosexuality is the result of early childhood trauma.

    If you ask a homosexual how long they've been attracted to the same sex they will all say since as long as they can remember, or at least the age of 4.

    However no child has sexual attraction to the opposite sex, or any sex, by age 4. This is not to say that the homosexual respondants are responding untruthfully. They are merely responding as well as they know how. What they mean to say is that they always felt as though they should not be their real gender by the age of 4. What they mean is that they always felt emotionally by age 4 that they were supposed to feel, look, act, and behave like the other sex.

    What can account for this?

    It's very simple. Anything which would cause a toddler to feel rejected in favor of someone who is the opposite sex. Toddlers are in the mental stage of language development. During this phase their subconscious mind is open so it can receive direct input from the environment to learn language symbols and all other cultural factors, which are directly imprinted into the subconscious.

    If a toddler experiences a trauma of rejection in favor of the opposite sex at this phase of development the subconscious mind will imprint it within the unconscious and construct a personality accordingly.

    This explains not only the lack of physical causes and the existence along all points of the gender spectrum, but it also explains everything else.

    1. Personally I'm not even convinced that infants and toddlers have a conscious mind. As far as I can tell it's somewhere before the age of three that the conscious mind is formed.

      The pioneering work of Martin illustrated the fixed nature of choice and reward postponment in the personalities of four year olds.

      Martin's study took four year olds in the 1950s and divided them into those which would wait five minutes to get two cookies from those which wouldn't wait the five minutes and grabbed the one cookie.

      The children who grabbed the one cookie illustrated impusliveness all their subsequent lives and ended up failures, with problems of all kinds including criminality, etc.

      The group which waited the five minute to get two cookies led happier lives free from the problems of the other group.

      The age of four was the lowest age for which this characteristic could be found.

    2. I just dropped my chocolate chip cookie into my glass of milk here. I may be doubly fu@##$$'d here guys ! No pun intended. : )

  7. A most interesting post from Dr. Pieczenik. I would appreciate "opposition research" on Ted Cruz. I like Ted Cruz, but I have also observed that he does engage in grandstanding on a regular basis. Cruz grandstanded the Hagel nomination with McCarthy like tactics, innuendo, and smears.

    As I stated before, I disagreed with this tactic because I thought Obamacare would fail of its own weight, which all indications show it will. But I did appreciate his filibuster because it was informational and focused opposition to Obama care. Then Obama's blame game, intransigence, and intentional making it a punishment by closing the World War Two Memorial and other closings, plus the reality that 85% of spending goes on and 63% of federal workers still working, it's a contrived crisis on Obama's part because he thought he could win the propaganda war. For that reason I did support the so-called "shutdown" as putting a spotlight on Obama's intransigence and the failures of Obamacare. Maybe Obama will win the propaganda war, but most people blame Washington D. C. collectively. Low information citizens blame Republicans because the corporate media has been unrelenting in carrying water for Obama and the Democratic Leadership.

    But I also agree there needs to be an exit strategy. It is not acceptable to take the government over the cliff in a default scenario. Ted Cruz if he is a real leader must lead the Tea Party out of this corner. Ted Cruz if he wanted to could claim victory and lead his followers in the Tea Party to say, "I will be the statesman because Obama is unreasonable and not leading, not willing to compromise, etc. I will take the high road.

    But Dr. Pieczenik's thesis is intriguing and based on his professional experience, is worth exploring.

    Egomaniacs will crash and burn their followers and if this ultimately hurts Republicans and Tea Party supporters, that will be extremely telling.

    If Cruz is more than a grandstander and is actually a leader, a well-crafted statement will persuade his followers that Cruz and Republicans are the statesman, in this showdown.

    And, the American populace will see that in the end Obama was the one not willing to lead and being irresponsible.

    And if such ends up being the political perception of the American People, Republicans will be elevated as the responsible party and Obamacare will be seen as the disaster it truly is.

    Senator Cruz the ball is in your court. Senator Cruz are you the leader and statesman your followers believe you to be?

    Or, are you agitator who doesn't have solutions and lead your supporters over the political cliff.

    Senator Cruz, what is your exit strategy.

    Any chance you have for the presidency (he likely isn't constitutionally eligible, in any event), hangs on how you lead Republicans and the Tea Party out of this political crisis.

    1. Sorry, Cruz: "I will take the high road of statesmanship and lead Republicans to vote for a continuing resolution for current spending including Obamacare because the point has been made regarding President Obama's lack of leadership, America can not have a default, nor indefinite partial "shutdown".

      "We will take this issue to the American People in the 2014 elections and we will prevail because Obamacare is fundamentally flawed and needs to be repealed, and further, into the 2016 election for president if President Obama vetoes a bill of repeal of Obamacare duly passed by both houses of Congress.

      I think his followers would respect that kind of leadership.

    2. Cruz has partners: lee sessions inhofe demint, etc. they have been advising him. Cruz went to Princeton & Harvard maybe on meritorious affirmative action but definitely not on family ties ( Cheater teddy Kennedy & learning disabled W. bush)

      He is brilliant & if you have doubts, it must be because he has charisma & someone out of nowhere is shaking up the CORRUPTION.

      His is educating the low information naive dreamers.

      Hagel was a senator; his confirmation was rubber stamped an IOU from the boys in the Dirksen building.

      Someone had to expose Hagel & the contrived political appointment. Nothing is free.

      Hagel is a drunk & unemployable. He was peter principled into secy defense & Cruz was exposing it in the confirmation hearings .

      He told OBAMA that the budget would cover death benefits & OBAMA lacking zero empathy told Hagel to withhold the compensation to the fallens' families.

      Obama is PURE EVIL. He is a DARPA MARS JUMPING TEST TUBE CREATION OF PURE VENGEANCE. He has no shame. Sociopaths have no capacity for shame. (HANNIBAL LECTER) There is no better time than now to remove him from office. It is now apparent to the masses there is a CRIMINAL OCCUPATION OF 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      Hagel will take the fall for Obama's devious misanthropy & sociopathy.


      Obama has proven he is THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE- DOMESTIC TERRORIST UNO. - & world leaders GET IT !

      This criminal enterprise must be defumigated:

      "And be these juggling fiends no more believ'd,
      That palter with us in a double sense;
      That keep the word of promise to our ear,
      And break it to our hope."

    3. Patriarch, as I wrote, above, I like Ted Cruz and he is undoubtedly a smart man.

      But regarding Hagel, Cruz was shameless, making baseless allegations, literally waving a piece of paper, regarding an allegation that had zero merit.

      Let me state this, brilliant men don't resort to innuendo, and smears to raise objections regarding another individual.


      But, hey, I don't want to dismiss Ted Cruz because of one episode of poor judgment.

      Does Ted Cruz have charisma?

      Yes. And he's used his charisma effectively many times. And I've supported him, as I did in his filibuster.

      Patriarch, where I've questioned Ted Cruz it is because of policy or tactics.

      Watch yourself, patriarch, the opposition to Hagel's nomination was all about pleasing neoconservatives and AIPAC.

      Do you really want to go there?

      The nomination process is over and Hagel was confirmed. I don't care to rehash it.

      Patriarch, as I stated before, you're a good man, you care about your country, the United States of America.

      Let's leave it at that.

      Regarding Obama, I agree with you, let's aim our fire at Obama and his failed policies.

      Obama is down to 37% approval rating, the American People are holding him accountable and Ted Cruz was a leader, some would say, the leader, for exposing Obamacare as a dangerous fraud.

      I appreciate Cruz's leadership.

      But leaders must also have exit strategies or plan B's, in their back pocket, because the best laid plans don't always go as planned.

      Right now among informed voters Obama is losing his credibility, as it should be.

      But just as we don't encourage young men playing chicken with cars, whether who will be the last to jump out, before the car going over the cliff, or the last driver to swerve to avoid a head on collision in that form of "chicken", we shouldn't generally encourage this kind of politics.

      And this kind of politics, while at times it seems necessary, is not the best way to run a government:

      From crisis to crisis -- now, 75% of this is on Obama's head.

      Republicans can win, possibly are winning. But you aren't a statesman if this type of politics is your 'standard operating procedure'.

      Ted Cruz is better than that in my current opinion of him. I hope he lives up to my assessment of him.

      We, the American People, need leaders.

      Ted Cruz will have the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills, I hope my expectations of his abilities prove correct and he and the American People succeed in taking back our government.

      I watch with anticipation.

    4. I would add, I have been doing my part and so have you, Patriarch, let's keep it up and take back America from these creeps that have gotten ahold of our government and are running it, and America, into the ditch.

      I call them, "bloody fucking bastards," because that's exactly what they are in my judgment.

    5. Who is the Trotsky & the McCarthy in this private GOP MEETING? Hmn?
      Watch the clip:

    6. I don't know about The Conservative Fund, but Freedom Works is a so-called "free trade" supporting group, which is directed from Washington D. C., with chapters in most of the states.

      So, while neither political party, the Democratic Leadership or the Republican Leadership, has an economic plan to revive this country, they promote policies, which lead to offshoring & outsourcing of American jobs.

      Because of my understanding of Freedom Works' pro offshoring & outsourcing positions and that it is a Washington D. C. centric organization, I find no use for it.

  8. PSYOPS CONT.....

    It explains how some heterosexuals can be cross-dressers, desire to express cultural female characteristics, and yet only be attracted to women.

    It also explains why homosexuals, both male and female, take on the gate, walking style and body movements of the opposite sex even though their skelatal and muscle structures do not support such.

    And finally it explains why homosexuals have the facial characteristics of the opposite sex ONLY WITHIN THE SOFT TISSUES.

    Although the bone structure of a homosexual will remain in accordance with its true gender, the faces of homosexuals often appear to have characteristics of the opposite sex because their soft tissues have formed that way.

    This is explained by the unconscious mind slowly over the years forming the muscles and other tissues so that they will look more like the opposite sex.

    The unconscious mind has great flexibility to change the body as much as it possibly can when motivated.

    Multiple personality disorder patients who are legally blind can see much better when in another personality.

    Suggestable people given placebo pills wil often feel what they think they are supposed to.

    Suggestable people under different levels of hypnosis can experience physical changes according to what their unconscious mind want to have happen as much as it has the ability to do so.......

    And that is a astoundingly wide range.

    1. some good points, but what about the he man super jock type homosexual, the ones that think they are straight because they always play the male role to another male, and never the female role? Nobody seems to deal with this phenomenon much. Neither do the ultra feminine "fem" type lesbians get attention it is only the ones who don't fit the gender stereotype and seem to be trying to be the opposite that get attention.

      But it is these who are masculine gays and feminine lesbians who are the most trouble. The former do the rapes of other men, the latter can slither into situations and corrupt women and children.

    2. As mentioned, and contrary to public stereotypes, homosexuality happens at every point of the gender spectrum for each sex.

      A lot of what you're referring to results from the life experiences of the individuals. Not every highly androgenic and muscular male homosexual is a predator but some are. Some are just big rolly-polly bears who wouldn't want to hurt a fly while others delight in the domination they've learned they can meet out onto others who either submit willingly in games, or unwillingly by force.

      As for male homosexuals who are not so androgenic in sexual power games they have socialized to learn that they are not physically empowered to dominate and therefore seek submissive roles.

      Woman homosexuals often pair off in sex roles which mimic the male-female power relationship they are seeking in which the male-acting partner plays a dominant role while the feminine-acting partner can play the submissive female role.

      Look at the marriage of Ellen DeGeneris to Carla DeRossi and you will see that it's not an equal relationahip.

      DeRossi is the feminine acting one and she's the one who changed her name to that of her male-acting partner, DeGeneris. DeGeneris is fond of calling DeRossi her wife when DeRossi is never or rarely heard ever calling DeGeneris her "wife."

    3. okay, you were focussing primarily on the male scene.
      however I take issue with the definition of homosexuality as strictly attraction to same sex. The bisexual is also abnormal, though perhaps in some ways less consistently so, a part time homosexual, but the problem is, that ANY willingness to copulate with same sex even if isolated from opposite sex, shows something is seriously wrong. To do this, either the sexuality has become deranged, same as a full time homosexual only retaining flexibility, or is suppressed in favor of issues of getting gain or not being beaten up.

      The sort of person who is screw anything, is theoretically capable of reproduction, because sooner or later he or she will screw a member of the opposite sex of the same species. But that doesn't say much.

      Consider ancient Athens, where wives were for reproduction, educated courtesans (hetarae) for pleasure, and other men and boys for love. The issue is homosexual actions and attraction per se, not merely is it solely that or only part of the time. This is a bit more complex. And it might well have to do with the separation of sex from emotion and attachment on the one hand, so that promiscuity (hetero) is possible; and associating it too much with emotion like the eroticizing of masculinity in a man's mind, or eroticizing of some other admired characteristic. Male bonding of a heart and soul sort combined with contempt for women, may never act out as homosexual actions, but certainly played a role in the homosexual cultures in Germany and ancient Greece. The average person who engages in homosexual romps has opposite sex mate and family.

      Perversion is perversion.



    Once a personality has developed into homosexuality, which happens before the age of four years, there is nothing which can be done to change or reform it.

    Homosexuals might also possess other latent personality or temperamental characteristics which explain why their traumatic experience caused them to become homosexual, while others may have responded to the same trauma by becoming a cross-dresser, and others had no gender disphoric consequences at all.

    What is clear is that homosexuals are obcessed with social acceptance. And this should be expected of anyone who experienced an early childhood trauma of rejection.

    On top of their gender disphoria homosexuals experience secondary social rejection due to their behavior which is particularly painful to them because of past early childhood trauma.

    However there are also other co-incidental characteristics of homosexuals, both male and female, which are anti-social.

    All homosexuals possess anti-social inclinations toward domination, sadism, and subjagation of others.

    The CIA model has clear explainations for this however it is complex and will have to await another treatment.

    Often these tendencies will not counter-vailed but be a source of internal conflict within the individual according to his inclination to experience empathy. An empathetic homosexual will experience internal conflict regarding his desire for domination and cruelty.

    If however the individual is not particulary empathetic then clear anti-social behavior will be exhibited.

    1. This is the reason why I strongly discourage that society condone homosexuals joining the military or law enforcement.

      In military and law enforcement culture it is very easy to minimize empathetic behavior and encourage anti-social behavior.

      Homosexuals should always stay in environments which would tend to minimize their latent propensity for cruelty.

  10. If you haven't gathered this already please note that implicit in this model is what Chomsky learned in the MIT Cognative Studies Lab in the 1950s.......

    The human brain, unlike all other animals, is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PROCESS CULTURE.

    Gender cues are a combination of the inherent with layers of culture placed on top. The toddler brain receives these cues equally and cannot tell the difference between what is an inherent cultural trait, like pitch of voice, and a cultural one, such as dressing. So the toddler mind treats them both with equal power.

    1. I meant to say that the toddler brain cannot tell the difference between what is an inherant GENDER trait, like pitch of voice, and a purely cultural one, such as clothes or dressing.....So the toddler mind treats them both with equal power.

  11. When you understand this model you can see how critical the role of mothering is in CREATING THE MIND OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

    Everything that a toddler experiences is directly imprinted on the unconsious mind and will determine that individual's personality and capacity for happiness.

    Upon women does all humanity rest.

  12. Contrary to what psychology used to teach, human beings do have instincts and animal motivations like all other animals.

    However humans also have layers of cultural choices which are layered on top of the animal motivations, and these cultural factors such such as language and gender identity are used by the unconscious to formulate a personality to solve the problems the unconscious mind is negotiating when under development.

    This explains the issue of pathological lying also....

    It's a problem-solving tool formulated by the subconscious.

    1. Human Behavior by Bjork seems like a good fit here. Grab your tambourines, turn it up and dance a bit.

  13. Off topic, but relates to prior post by Dr. Pieczenik: Britain takes steps to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran.

    Reuters: Britain says in talks with Iran about reopening embassies (October 8, 2013)

    Reuters report of above article

    This is intriguing because Britain has been leading indicator of public opinion in America and official opinion in Washington D. C. see British Parliament's vote against Syrian bombing campaign. Then clime down of Obama administration's intended bombing campaign, to throw it to Congress for authorization. And final clime down against bombing campaign with Russian President Putin's diplomatic breakthrough.

    Could this set the stage for serious Washington D. C. re-evaluation of diplomatic deal with Iran despite Netanyahu's objection and Israeli government objection along with neocon Washington establishment objection?

    Could Obama see it in his personal political legacy benefit to come to a deal with Iran after failure in Syria?

    Could be?

    Remember, Obama wants a legacy, so far he does not have it, but a deal with Iran could be classed in the realm of "Nixon goes to China" if a deal is successfully concluded.

    Watch what Britain does with Iran as an indicator of what the Obama administration will do with Iran.

    1. Interesting anaconda! I always look to the USA for indicators believe it or not!!! Suffice to say I shall be watching closely any outcome regarding this topic! The Iranian President seems to be playing with a fair deck of cards and all Israel can muster is the supposed lack of denim jeans worn in Iran as a sign of lack of freedom

  14. And just one last thing.....

    If the human brain was specifically designed to process culture than how could it have evolved that way without culture existing first?

    This problem is a challenge, in my opinion, to neo-Darwinism.

    I think it's clear that culture preceded the evolution of the brain, and that has implications for how the brain could have evolved.

    1. MIT what are you saying here? (Lucy you got some 'splainin to do !) Please clarify; how does culture preceed the evolution of the brain? I mean what form would the creature take, and what type of culture are you alluding to?

  15. Chomsky also has observed that empathy is a cross-cultural trait and argues that the lack of empathy must be imprinted.

    I agree. Animals do not exhibit any exhileration or gratification when exhibiting cruel behavior.

    Animals behave cruelly not out of malice at all. Animals who cause other animals to suffer do so not out of any will to cause suffering. The suffering is merely something that happens while the animal is focused by his motivations to kill and eat.

    Only humans have the capacity for malice, and to inflict suffering purposefully for the sole reason of causing others to suffer. In order for this to happen there must be a latent desire to dominate and subjagate others combined with an unusually low capacity for empathy.

    Many individuals have a latent motivation for cruelty which is either counter-vailed by empathy [internal conflict] or merely deterred by fear of social retribution [deterrence].

    Such individuals often seek out sexual scenarios in which they can fantacize about sexual domination, rape, torture, etc.

    Unfortunately when such individuals find themselves in a culture where such cruelty is permitted, if they do not have sufficient counter-vailing empathy then deterrence may fail and they will act out on their motivations by raping others, men or women.

    1. i.e. sexual sadistic games, etc. are these "scenarios..." Even spanking, verbal or other humiliation, are all part of those sought out by the "alternative" community....

      Strange that they never seem to ask themselves why?

    2. Rape of men is also widespread in the American armed forces.

    3. Courageous dialogue! Thank you so much for the contribution.

  16. Mit, interesting, thank you for your exposition.

    1. Thank you. I have to put myself in a more mature state of mind to do this, and I hope it may spark some thought or even debate.

    2. I have to say that some of this information is eye opening and brilliant! It will certainly spark thought but I couldn't attempt to debate it! But I'll be discussing with my friends!! Many thanks for these shared observations

    3. I met a young man in Portland, Oregon in 2005ish. I got into a moving pickle and rang him up one night. He came to my rescue, and as he approached Powell's bookstore area, I noticed his hair was much longer since we had met a year earlier. We proceeded to his apt. where I noticed make up, Clinique, in the restroom. I inquired if he had a roomate, etc. He said no. I then asked him if he wore the make up. He said yes. We talked. After listening to his story, learning he was taking the horomone injections, we had a very clinical show and tell. He took his baggy sweatshirt off...I felt his developing breast tissue, then let him compare with mine. He was so grateful. We cuddled up on the single and only bed and I told him to please wait for the surgery until he was a bit older, he was like 20yrs. old, and encouragex him to see a decent MSW, prefer them to psych's, as he had serious unresolved anger issues with his mainstream father. I held him as we drifted to sleep. We arose early, he discreetly shadowed my make up session and we then went for a cafe breakfast and proceeded to take the train to rent the moving truck. We worked hard packing up my stuff, and he worked so respectfully, in the place of a jerk pastor who stood me up to help me move. I took him to the train so he could get to his uni class on time. We hugged there as the train approached. He refused my cash for helping me. I am no longer in contact with him, do not know if he proceeded with surgery, but it was one of the most pure exchanges I have ever had with another human.

    4. Trans-sexuals are highly motivated to alter themselves as much as possible to resemble their opposite sex. However there is of course nothing that can be done to actually change an individual's gender. Surgery may amputate the organs, hormones can diminish androgenic characteristics and emphasize estrogenic ones. However the individual will never have functioning genitalia or different genes or chromosomes.

      The relief that trans-sexuals feel through their alterations relies on their perception that they have become the opposite sex due to visual cues and suggestion.

    5. I had another experience with a male to female cross dresser who was showing me a room share in Jamaica Plain. He was quiet pleasant during the home show. He asked me if I would like to attend an auction party with some of the house members that was raising funds for a dogs vet bills. He went inside to change and came out with floor length black sequined dress. He began the make up and I offered my eye liner, feeling quite proud I was not running in horror as this had a very different vibe than the Oregon lad I wrote about earlier. I really am a bit conservative as well. He handed me my eyeliner back and I placed it into my makeup bag. Next day, it was not there when I was getting ready to go to work. He had to have ventured back into my bag and stolen it. He did look better with my superior product. Good thing maybe, as eyeliner sharing high risk behavior. So...two very different experiences in this transgender world, one just seemed perverted and attention seeking, but the other like soul searching in part due to abuse from the father.

  17. There's a couple of other ubiquitious homosexual characteristics which are explained by this model.

    One is the strong motivation homosexuals have for public displays of affection. Public displays of affection are rare among heterosexuals, and it's clear that heterosexuals have no particular motivation for it. However among homosexuals these displays are common, and we must conclude that they receive a great degree of satisfaction from them.

    This is explained by their obcession for public acceptance. Displaying their homosexuality in public to strangers where they believe they are safe in doing so re-inforces their reassurance that they are therefore not public outcasts. They find it very comforting that they can trumpet their homosexual nature openly and not be ridiculed.

    The other characteristic has to do with the strong motivation of homosexuals to dress and groom according to their homosexual identity.

    Particularly among female homosexuals, many though not all are very uncomforatable when dressed in ways their culture ascribes to females. Therefore these lesbians are more comfortable when they cut their hair short, wear no facial cosmetics, and wear slacks, shirts and jackets other than what they've observed culture associates with females.

    Part of this may be to trumpet to society their homosexual identity for reassurance of public acceptance, however unlike public displays of affection [which only happen in particular places where they know they won't be ridiculed] these lesbians grooming practices occur everywhere they are, including places where they have no particular reason to think they will be accepted.

    Therefore these dressing motivations may be seated in an associated way with all other gender identification cues imprinted in early childhood. As with cross-dressers, these lesbians are imprinted with the cultural cues which were observed in development, and are as powerfully imprinted as any other gender cue which they observed.

    To many homosexuals, as well as heterosexual cross-dressers, their unconscious minds are as convinced that the cultural choices of apparel are as identifying as anything else when defining gender, and is no less important then sexual attraction preference or emotional motivation, pitch of voice, etc.

  18. Sometimes when people casually ask me what I believe the cause of homosexuality is I reply that, "It's something that happens because of language acquistion."

    At that point the person asking looks totally puzzelled, and I leave it at that.

    But it's the most accurate way to describe it in one sentence.

    1. Why god created homos:

  19. OFF TOPIC: October is the month of financial collapses, so let's look at today's news.

    Janet Yellen will replace Ben Bernanke as chair of the Federal Reserve. Nothing will change--the United States will continue to print money from nothing to paper over deficits. QE (quantitative easing) won't taper. Bernanke, rather than going to jail, will ride off into the sunset to play golf, or accept some highly paid position somewhere for doing little work.

    Everyone knows that the U.S. dollar is becoming worthless, but gold and silver must be driven down to keep up the illusion that the dollar is strong. So, again today, with stunning regularity, gold and silver dropped in the early morning hours as our criminal cartel government (not shut down) did its work yet again, without fear of any punishment. From Zero Hedge:

    Beware Sudden Unexplained Collapses In Commodity Prices
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/09/2013 08:29 -0400
    Yellen is in; nothing is resolved in DC; and there's no news on the wires - so it makes perfect sense that once again as the 830ET period ticks by that commodity prices - especially gold, silver, and copper enter what many in the business call "free fall." All sarcasm aside, this is becoming far too ubiquitous - but of course with the CFTC closed for business, while the cat's away the algos will play.
    Wed, 10/09/2013 - 09:17
    What a fucking joke this has all become.

    And as all here understand, it makes fuck all difference if the CFTC is in place "Doing it's Job" or not. The only further concern is that these assholes have become so totally shameless, they obviously don't give a shit that everyone KNOWS what is going on, because they know that they can do whatever they want without any fear of prosecution.

    1. As for the dollar becoming worthless, I think it still has a lot of worth but it's discouraging that it no longer is more valuable than most other currencies. For example, who'd ever thought that the Canadian dollar would be more valuable.

      For inflation to occur there needs to be more than merely "a larger amount of currency chasing the same amount of product."

      The creation of huge amounts of new dollars won't result in inflation so long as unemployment and consumer demand is sluggish. As well the new money that's created isn't just handed to consumers so they'll be able to buy more, which would cause inflation.

    2. Mitt

      Canadian dollar was worth more back in the year 1979 or there abouts. Would go down to Spokane Washington and party abit..

    3. Are the markets rigged? Of course! From

      A Shining Gift From The ESF
      By Richard Daughty
      The Mogambu Guru
      October 10, 2013
      At first, you know, I was predictably grumpy, visibly upset by the ugly news that the lawsuit against the Commodities Futures Trading Corporation, et al, for rigging and manipulating the silver market, was thrown out. The reason? The court ruled that the Treasury actually has the legal right to rig and manipulate anything in any financial markets, including silver, and to lie about it to boot, according to the slimy provisions of the government’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF)!

      Therefore, the court ruled, since the government created the ESF, by its provisions it is now perfectly legal for the government to cheat people, and have civilian accomplices cheat people, and then everybody lie about it.

  20. “They’re coming to town because they’re 100 percent fed up," Andrews said. "Just like the American people are."

    Fox News reports:

    When asked what the goal of the protest was, Andrews explained: "We want the president of the United States removed from office. He is a threat to national security, he is a threat to our way of life, he is a threat to our future generations."

    The truckers plan to arrive in Washington around 3:00pm ET Friday,


    1. Obama is calling up national guard in Pa Md & Va to close I-495.

      Truckers' demands

      McCain Graham & Voters of NDAA & OBAMA Leave office forthwith.
      Proof CIA trained Tim Osman aka Osama bin laden died YEARS AGO (whistleblower).
      No debt ceiling raise.
      Investigate all bombings false flags


  21. FYI, for the fourth day in a row, at precisely the same time in the morning, the price of gold was massively manipulated downward. The manipulation is incredibly obvious to all, but no one will ever go to jail.

    From Zero Hedge:

    Massive Sell Order Takes Out Gold Bidstack, Sends Metal To Three Month Lows
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/11/2013 09:08 -0400
    In what world is it rational to decide that dumping 800,000 ounces of notional gold into the London Fix (or COMEX open) makes sense? In the space of 4 minutes, almost 2 million ounces notional were flushed into the gold futures markets dumping the price of gold to 3-month lows.
    Fri, 10/11/2013 - 09:11
    It's called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Its purpose is to keep the Federal Reserve Note or fiat dollar stable. For that to happen they need to keep gold Unstabilized.

    From Zero Hedge:

    "Stop Logic" Gold Slam Was So Furious It Shut Down CME Trading Again
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/11/2013 09:49 -0400
    So what is an investor who believes this was manipulative trading to do? Well, nothing. Recall that the ever helpful Bart Chilton already made it clear that commodity (read precious metal) traders are on their own because, as a result of the furlough, the regulator simply incapable of doing anything.
    Expect market halting gold trading dumps to continue indefinitely, and certainly for the duration of the CFTC's "shutdown", which of course is helpful to those, like China, who continue to convert increasingly more diluted fiat into hard stores of value.
    Fri, 10/11/2013 - 11:16
    There have been whistleblowers including Andrew Maguire who told them what they do and how, and predicted how they would move the markets before it did what he said it would do. He testified before the CFTC . . . and nothing came of it.

    The Fix is In.
    Fri, 10/11/2013 - 10:17
    Peter Schiff is covering this on his radio show now. He plugged ZH twice.

  23. ""All that is necessary for the triumph of EVIL is that GOOD men do NOTHING." (Sir Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

    Those who profess to be good seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often.

    Alex Jones Guest, "Dr. Jim Garrow" 10-11-13:
    Nukes are disappearing.
    Obama had a suitcase nuke planned to be transferred to SC as a pretext to go to war with Syria, but the military man refused.
    Today, both the nuke general in charge of nukes and his assistant were fired.

    AP agreed not to publish it. Internal email exposed the suppression.

    Now Jack Weinstein is in charge of the Nukes. (leaked)

    Until October 3, 2013, "Garrow" was a CIA operative in the Obama Administration, and was fired from the CIA by President Obama, or “outed” he called it, for his blowing the cover on the Military Litmus Test. The President’s branch director forced Dr. Garrow into early retirement for leaking “classified” information:


    Clancy was getting to close to a secret they don’t want the world to know. It takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. The doctors did not perform an autopsy on Tom Clancy’s body for 5 days, "cause of death: Unknown".

    read the comments here:

    "Obama is a American ever thought someone like this would ever be POTUS..ALEX, you are at the TOP OF HIS LIST! OBAMA CREATES THE CRISIS AND MANAGES AND TAKES THE CREDIT" if we haven't figured it out by now.

    He revealed that Obama’s administration was made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Dr. Garrow said that it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed.

    Eric Rush is writng an expose on Garrow. Wonder what will happen to him?

    Obama must be arrested now.

    Tell me you didn't have an epiphany about Clancy's sudden demise?

    Obama is Desperate...he feels he is omnipotent and no one will interfere with his goals of EVIL.


    1. De-nile is not a river in Egypt:

    2. Dr. P,
      I saw this story early this am, but was too tired to take time to post it. Thank you Patriarch, my gut said you would do a great post, and you did.

      Alex replay on now, I could not listen to it live, but sounds like he is covering this on todays show.

      Would you please oblige us here with a post?
      Can you blow your whistle louder, more visibly?
      This is all so ridiculous.

    3. Alex's audio interview hasn't been posted but this youtube is far more comprehensive. This guy's writer Eric Rush will not live to see his expose published. someone should warn him.


      Your Critical Thinking Skills are letting you down.


    4. Bio

  24. Have no fear, Patriarch. When Obama declares martial law, it'll be all good.

  25. lenin & obama aka bari malik shabazz


    It's deja vu all over again (Yogi Berra)

    Following the election of Barack Obama, People magazine film critic Leah Rozen included Gabriel over the White House as one of "five films you should absolutely see before inauguration day." Asked "Why is this a film we have to see before Obama comes into the White House?" Rozen said "it couldn't be more timely... it's at a time of economic panic, huge financial disaster... You kind of go, 'Gee, did they just write this now?

    A real you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it movie, "Gabriel Over The White House" seems like it should be a cautionary tale, warning American moviegoers of what’ll happen if they’re not more diligent about the leaders they elect. But that’s not what Hearst had in mind at all; rather, he wanted this movie to show how great America could be if, to quote one of Hammond’s lackeys, we could “cut through the red tape of legal procedures and get back to first principles.” Throughout the film, the story keeps seeming like it’s about to take a turn that never comes, to show how Hammond’s un-democratic defense of our democracy is misguided

    1. The clip was deleted by Warner Bros, but just found a copy:

      pretty disconcerting--art imitating lilfe.

    2. here's a real time clip: Martial Law