Friday, October 25, 2013

When Reality Exceeds Fiction:  Please Read Jofi Joseph’s Tweets About Obama WH;  Clintons;  Cheney,  and Washington  Bumpkins!
Thank you!  Jofi Joseph,   former Director of National Security for Nuclear Non-Proliferation in The White House.   It’s quite a responsible position.   He was in charge of WH policy on North Korea.   Sorry you were fired but love your self proclaimed "snarkiness!"

Let’s enjoy his Tweets as @NatSecWonk:
SecState Hillary Clinton:  ”She had FEW POLICY GOALS…and NO WINS!”
Valerie Jarrett:  “A voracious cipher!”
SecDef Chuck Hagel: ”I liked the way how Women’s  Wear Daily suggested new Sec Def Hagel get something for his puffy eyes. The man looks  LIKE A FUCKING SAD SACK Aeyore[sic].” 

These particular tweets are my favorites:
“Liz Cheney is what happens when RANK NEPOTISM MEETS SHEER STUPIDITY.   Also, she takes after her FATHER---she’s like 30 pounds overweight.’
"Was Huma Abedin wearing BEER GOGGLES the night she met ANTHONY WEINER?” 
“Has rich kid Tagg Romney [Mitt Romney’s oldest son] ever been in a FIGHT? WHAT PIECE OF SHIT! He needs to tell his mom to LOSE ABOUT 15 POUNDS.” 
“Who are the two blonds flanking Chelsea Clinton? And is it just me, or has she put on some weight?”

Lest you think that this Jofi Tweeter is partisan,   let me just tell you that according to his biography,   he has served both sides of the political aisles.
  Despite the fact that he served [clearly he had been fired]  the Democrats and the Obama administration,   Jofi has close connections to the Neo-Conservatives through his wife,  Carolyn Leddy who served in the Bush Jr State Dept and on the Bush Jr National Security Council.
Also Jofi is a member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies [pretty ‘fishy‘sounding name].    This organization includes such luminaries as Dr. Charles Krauthammer, M.D [whom I know very well as a Harvard psychiatric resident],  Dick Heartless Cheney,   Eric Dumb and Dumber Cantor  and Gary Bauer [Praise the Lord and hand me your wallet].  

You get the idea.
Reality trumps fiction.
What Jofi points out is what we have known for a long time.   There are no statesmen (women) left in D.C. …they are now all circus freakscomposite Hollywood caricatures performing in a sick soap opera.

From my TV experience,   I would say that we,  Americans,  are paying TRILLIONS of DOLLARS to watch a FARCE  called Washington D.C!    Let's reduce government by half and save all that wasted tax money that supports this dangerous nonsense!    After getting rid of these scoundrels we can use a bit of the money we have saved to sign up for expanded cable and Netflix.    Entertain ourselves by binge watching the following:
"House of Cards"  on Netflix…..American version then the original BBC version (much more violent).
Then  cross match that Washington Insider tale with false crisis management episodes from "Scandal".
If you are tired of D.C. action,  switch to really bad rich people on Long Island with "Revenge".
Still need some more assurance that good guys are really nasty,  egotistical and dangerous?  for dessert,  end your sybaritic feast with, "Breaking Bad".

However,   if you want to see real Theater of the Absurd,   wait for the resurgence of Cheney,  Spitzer,  Obama,  and Weiner.    As I stated up front,   nothing beat fiction like reality.    But  the one advantage that we,  Americans,  have sublimating our disgust for our USG is that we can turn off the Television set!

It’s not as easy as SHUTTING DOWN THE COUNTRY!
  Or maybe…. It is!
  Where are you,  Ted Cruz?
When we really need you?

If  Americans are lucky,   the buffoons in our USG  may even win the Academy Awards or…. Is it the EMMY”S? 
In any case,  it’s time to change all the Washington Scenarios with new characters.   Term limits!
Perhaps,  a more ‘gentler and kinder’  and honorable ensemble of characters?
Why not dream? 
That’s what Hollywood and Washington are about… a DREAM FACTORY!!!!


  1. Term limits won't solve anything. It will just be a faster revolving door of scumbags.

    The things which can help are increasing the term length and contribution reform. I think only individual citizens should be able to contribute. Otherwise there should be a "presumption" of influence buying.

    I don't think limiting contributions to individuals only would impinge on anyone's free speech, and it needs to be in the Constitution.

  2. Let's begin with any law they pass must apply to EVERY citizen. NO EXEMPTIONS.if not, no law. that requires a constitutional amendment by 2/3 of the states.

  3. To "REMOVE" the "TRAITORS," RECALL THE "TRAITORS"! RECALL REID! RECALL REID! RECALL HARRY REID! Send Harry Reid back to Bohemian Grove, where Harry Reid can properly learn how to HANDLE THE BUSH! Of course, THE BUSH is nothing without a "DICK" CHENEY!

    Most of the other "TRAITORS" are at HOME AT BOHEMIAN GROVE, where there is PLENTY OF ACTION! This is where training begins for the "BEND-OVER" [F**K U.S.]!

    Of course, they DO NOT "CARE"! That has been "BURNT"! But WAIT..... FOOLS! FOOLS! YOU THINK YOU CAN "BURN" ME [CARE]! Where is the "sacred flame"??? Oh, It went out.

    1. btw...

      The President of the Bohemian Grove is Ben Dover.

  4. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Two days ago (October 24, 2013) I lost my dirty shirt. After I cleaned-up inn the restroom, I took the said shirt with me in a plastic bag. I know I had possession of the said shirt until the evening hours.

    The next morning I went to wash my clothes. When I looked for the shirt, it was not there. Why is this important??? Because, the C.I.A. has been trying very hard, along with corrupt GOVERNMENT, to "FINISH-ME-OFF"! This includes possible "FRAME JOBS"! Basically, the C.I.A. and said corrupt GOVERNMENT want to put into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY"!

    In addition to clothes missing, the C.I.A. and other FEDERAL AGENCIES have been possibly messing around with my YOU TUBE CHANNELS (THREE and all under user name Raymond H Carlson)! There has been strange things happening; such as, after I post a comment(s), the comment shows at first and then disappears! And, at a later time shows-up again! I believe my comments may not be actually posting where people viewing YOU TUBE can actually see them (said comments)! I may be wrong. All my comments basically state the same thing. I am exposing the "MAIN AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and I substantiate my said comments with other peoples YOU TUBE VIDOES as EVIDENCE!

    Dr. Pieczenik, when are you going to REPLY??? I never get any reply FROM YOU! I feel all alone here! As you know, I am a introverted completely isolated transient living in Santa Ana, California! I mean COMPLETELY ISOLATED! I have NO FAMILY, NO FRIENDS, NO MONEY, and NOW NO "IDENTITY"! This due to the C.I.A., SKULL AND BONES, and corrupt GOVERNMENT illegally modifying and erasing all of MY RECORDS (S.S.A. HEALTH, S.S.A. SIX IDENTITY QUESTIONS, RAP SHEET, FINGER PRINTS, COURT RECORDS (CIVIL AND CRIMINAL), STATE RECORDS (PAROLE, CALIFORNIA DEPT. OF REHAB., D.M.V., ECT.), ECT.! I would like to hear from you and possibly meet with you; therefore, I can show you all of my EVIDENCE (various documents), that has no baring unless there is a lawyer willing to go up against the SYSTEM!

    1. You are mistaken. The agency which is tampering with your Youtube channels is the Central Security Service of the NSA.

      They are doing the same thing to me.

    2. The Central Security Service has agents parked around the corner of my apartment and watch everything I do, my comings and goings and all. They are the super secret master spies and that's why they're so preoccupied with myself.

    3. Today (October 29, 2013), while I was using the computer at the APPLE STORE (SOUTH COAST PLAZA Costa Mesa, California), the comments I was posting on YOU TUBE were being erased as I was posting said comment(s)! In addition, the YOU TUBE "SIGN IN" PAGE has been mysteriously modified just recently!

    4. Raymond, chill out dude, listen to me carefully, every time I do my laundry, a sock goes missing, and where the hell does it go? I am not sure, but I am beginning to suspect some unknown fourth dimension, where a ton of orphan socks have accumulated. However, given this disturbing trend, I still do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories regarding this universal mystery. This strange phenomena surely cannot just be happening to me however. I would venture to guess that this is a worldwide phenomena. I am sure of it. As such, I think I will be emailing Stephen Hawkins, to garner his perspective on the aforementioned inexplicable events. Perhaps somewhere on the other side of a black hole, someone, something has more socks than they know what to do with ....

  5. Nothing like the truth!! I particularly loved the beer goggles one liner! What's the old joke about them? That's it! "I've never been to bed with an ugly woman but I woke up with a few!!! A sure case of " in vino veritas"

  6. Dr.P,
    Charles Krauthammer was in Boston as a psych resident from 1975-78. We're you also there then?

    He was 25-28 at the time & wheel chair bound.
    Fox has a biop on him this weekend. Repeats tonight but during the World Series .
    Psychiatry was a compromise to please his dad. ( Jewish Guilt)
    The last time he saw his dad was to show him his Pulitzer, which was an acknowledgement that in fact he not only had succeeded but also that he had arrived in the career he chose for himself.
    Interesting "Barbara Walters" model interview.

    1. I don't like his foreign policy views of course, but otherwise he is the most human and down to earth of the far right pundits. He really is a human being. He has some humility.

  7. Backstory: vacuous cipher
    “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is. . . . He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability — the extraordinary, uncanny ability — to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually. . . . So what I sensed in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy. . . . He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”

    1. This is what happens when you have a bunch of negros in government.

      We have a government like any African or Caribbean country has, and it's totally fucked because by white standards negros are all sociopaths.

      The way we got into this is because Obama's predicessor was a stupid white man.

      Our only choices seem to be between white bread stupid white men of British ancestry or negros.

      If you want to see why the Germanic people will always outperform all other peoples go to Youtube and look up "BBC - Makde Me A German."

      Watch that documentary and will understand.

    2. Unfortunately the Germans in America are not ambitious. Germans are just not ambitious people because they are not prone to megalomania. Germans know what makes for happiness in life, and grasping and climbing doesn't do anything for them. Grasping and climbing is for British, Italian, Jewish and Negro megalomaniacs.

    3. Before he reversed himself in 1864 Abraham Lincoln advocated for the total removal of all freed negro slaves back to Africa.

      Lincoln believed what Jefferson, Madison and Washington all believed - that the American republic wasn't intended for Africans. They repeatedly said that such a system requires that it's constituents be responsible for their decisions, and none of these founders believed, due to their extensive observations, that Africans were capable of self-governance.

      If sixty years of history in Africa since independence is any example than their opinions were correct.

    4. Are their any German billionaires?


      No German wants to be a Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Steven Cohen or Steve Jobs.

      Germans just want to work hard at their various jobs so they can get off early, work only thirty hours a week, have five weeks of paid vacation, and spend the rest of their time with their families eating kraut, potatoes and sausage, and traveling around watching how fucked up all the other people of Europe are.

      Watch, "BBC - Make Me A German" and you'll see the reality of how Germans are.

      Germans are simple people, and they can't understand why or how other peoples can be so WICKED.

      It's the Germans' incomprehension of wickedness that explains why they over-react when confronted with it such as they did in the Nazi era.

      The Nazis were ordinary Germans who were so appalled with the wickness of homosexuals, communists and Jews that they just wanted to eliminate them, albeit with the most painless ways they could think of.

    5. The truth about Jews in Germany is that they were more assimilated and inter-bred with gentiles than any other country.

      There were more Jews with gentile parents in Germany than there were pure-blooded Jews.

      Germany was the one place in Europe where there had been no oppression against Jews - NONE.

      This stand in contrast to Italy, Spain, France, England, and all of Eastern Europe, where Jews were from time to time hunted down like animals and killed.

      Germany was the one place where Jews had found a safe home, and most Jews there were secular and inter-married with non-Jewish Germans.

    6. In England until the 15th century there was a large community of Jewish bankers and merchants who lived happily until one day when the king decided to persecute them. First he required them to wear stars and restricted their economic rights. After a brief interval of this he finally decided to act. His police and soldiers went to every Jewish home and killed the owner. Over 4,000 Jewish men were murdered, all the Jewish men in the country.

    7. The last truely English king of England was Harold, who was killed by William the Conqueror of French Normandy in 1066.

      Since that time England has been ruled by a variety of monarchs - ALL OF WHOM ARE FOREIGNERS.

      For much of England's history their kings didn't even speak English.

      Understand that and you'll understand why the British are the most fucked up people in Europe.

    8. The key to understanding German success is to understand their tremendous UNITY and sense of common purpose.

      The English have never had any unity whatsoever.

      Britain is like America - it's every dog for himself.

    9. N-e-g-r-o-E-s

    10. If you go back into English history you'll see that the same words in documents are often spelled differently.

      The reason for this is because there's really no correct or incorrect way to spell English language words.

      I know this isn't what you were taught in elementary school, but it's the truth.

      The dictionary is a fraud, and there isn't really any correct or incorrect way to spell words in the English language.

    11. There is no official conclave or authority on how to spell English words.

      There is only privately owned and published dictionaries which purport to be authoratitive, but they are not.

      Dictionaries are merely privately published frauds purporting to be officialdom.

  8. England has the highest rate of serious drug use in Europe, and also the highest crime rates in Europe.

    Go figure.

    1. Can't argue a single point! Take it from me us English are very tribal so therefore lack any real unity

  9. Steve, a good piece as usual, but do you have to yell?