Monday, October 7, 2013

Four Star Marine General  James. F. Amos Forces the Retirement of Two Marine Corps Generals for Fatal Security Breaches! 

Finally the US Military is acting in a time-honored tradition Of firing subordinates who have performed less than par.
  Now it’s time for the civilians in the USG to act accordingly—with accountability.
  The  NY Times article written by Thom Shanker (posted earlier)  describes an incident that as a former military officer,  I have long awaited---the firing of incompetent senior military officers.    As a longtime fan of General George Marshall,   the brilliant strategist and tactician that oversaw the development and implementation of two major theaters of war –Japan and Europe,   I learned one lesson—immediately fire the ‘dead wood’ and promote those who have hidden potentials.
  Marshall appointed a 56 year old Lieutenant Colonel that had never been in war as the Supreme Allied Commander for the invasions of North Africa,  Sicily and France. 
  His name was Eisenhower.

Marshall had fired over 600 hundred Senior Military officers before he picked  Eisenhower,  Patton,  Bradley,  Ridgway,  Doolittle,  Arnold,  Nimitz and the rest of the heroes of WWII.   In a similarly innovative move,  General James F. Amos,  the Marine Corps Commandant,  enacted an UNPRECEDENTED ACTION in the modern marine corps history.    He literally FIRED Major General Charles M. Gurganus,  formerly NATO’s regional commander in southwestern Afghanistan,  and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant,  the former commander of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing forces assigned to Afghanistan.
The specific details of the combat situations can be read in the article.
  As for me,   the most important part of Gen. Amos’s action was a very clear delineation of what was and was not required of these wanting commanders.   And Amos was not coy about his reasons for firing them.
  Here is what he said:
“General Amos in his review,  wrote that every commander is ‘forced to balance the ever-present and continuing mission of force-projection against force-protection requirements’. 
In simple english, Amos said:  "Do your job! Or else!"
Despite the constant carping of General Gurganus who asked for more forces and was often turned down, "in the end,  I believe he [Gurganus] COULD AND SHOULD have DONE MORE".
  WOW !!
  For a professional like me,   those are wonderful words to hear.
  In fact,   I have not heard those words in decades,  either in medicine,  psychiatry,  business,  intelligence,  publishing, or any other field of endeavor in which I might have participated.    The medical field that was once the province of the caring physician and the clinician has transformed into a money machine for the greedy and inept ‘glorified technicians’ who basically read ‘lab reports’ and call themselves ‘doctors’.    Psychiatry has become the province of Big Pharma in collusion with academia,   NIMH and psychiatric residency programs training the novitiates to pass out antiquated anti-psychotic and anti-depression  pills like a Pez Dispenser with unintended consequences.

American business has become an endeavor of cronyism,  elaborate business plans that have no correspondence to reality or fiscal discipline.    Publishing has entered into the twilight of it’s existence as the NY Times Book Review section declares another female inept writer as the ‘newest,  finest writer’ since  the antiquated, “Medieval Nun’s Masturbatory Confessions On Mount Herman”. 
In effect, we have become a civil society lacking in accountability,   personal responsibility or pride in our work/profession.

So thank you General James F. Amos,  Marine Corps Commandant,  for bringing me back some hope,  that once again, we have a military which will hold it’s own accountable--- for life and limb.   You set a very good example for others to follow.


  1. Point taken but I can't help but feel there's a level of arrogance as if to say the enemy(in there own country) have no right to carry out such an attack! But maybe your right and individuals in general are to be held accountable, having said that I'm sure the generals are to be remunerated handsomely in their retirement! Still think they have been made scapegoats but the sentiment of accountability is a correct one in general

  2. I don't share your admiration for Marshall. I don't think he was any strategist, and the American campaigns in Africa and Italy were pretty horrible. After that the US kinda followed Britain's lead into France and beyond. As for the Pacific campaign that was better organized but it was Nimitz and McArthur who did all that. Marshall was a bureaucrat, and when any President spoke to him he demanded on being addressed by them the particular way he insisted. I was told someone wanted to create a five star General ranking and call it "Marshall," but it was intended only for the self-important Marshall, who would then have been, "Marshall Marshall."

    It was Bill Kaufmann at MIT who told me that.

    Not that any of the other self-appointed know-it-alls on this board would have every met Kaufmann or anyone else of his kind.

    1. Yeah pretty much everyone else on this board except for myself and Dr.P get their ideas from conspiracy radio and the like, and then they have the nerve to ask me on what I base my opinions. Duh, uh, thirty years of government work?

    2. I guess my little and unimportant "career" in intelligence work doesn't compare however to the knowledge of someone like David Icke and the others who can clearly see what I don't - that the world is actually ruled by bloodlines of humanoid hybrids doing the will of malevolent reptoid aliens from another galaxy.

    3. Mit, if you relate something directly linked to your intelligence work, that would be interesting.

      Otherwise you come across as arrogant and unpleasant, aka, a bore.

    4. Point to one thing I've posted which isn't directly related to my intelligence work......

    5. To be more specific....

      Look at the column directly below and point to one thing which I wouldn't know if I hadn't had a government career?

      Just one thing.....

      You can't.

      The simple truth is that everything I post is directly related to my government career, including my conversation with Bill Kaufmann about the plan to make George Marshal into "Marshall Marshall," which is the kind of thing you couldn't know anything about because you are a spectator in American government and wouldn't have a clue as to the way things actually happen.

      You are entitled to your opinons, regardless of what they're based on, however I draw the line when you claim that my narratives "provide no facts of evidence" when that's not the format of this board.

      That's merely something you throw out when you have no reply...."Where are footnotes!"

    6. And what about this.....

      I[ve posted long content recently about my training in psychological warfare because it's not available anywhere else.....

      You never commented on that..

    7. Ha ha! A stinging assessment on David icke! But reptoid or not the theory of bloodlines controlling the world stands does it not? Your probably correct on these " golden" boys in uniform though! But fairs fair MIT! Self appointed know it alls? You have to be an agent provocateur!

    8. I don't believe bloodlines rule the world. There were political reasons why royalty in Europe married each other but this didn't prevent them from warring against each other also....

      I think history is full of individuals who great power with no blue blood involved.

      What frustrates me about some of the other posters is that they take it for granted that their opinons, which are founded from commercial/popular products rather than direct experience of scholarship is the gospel truth and they take it really personally when others don't agree.

      I know I post a lot on this board when I have the time, but there are reasons why I take the time to do this.
      And I think the reason why is because I'm pretty sure that people in government, young people early in their careers like I used to be, are reading this board.

      My audience isn't the other posters but the poor Dudes in government assigned to reading this stuff.

    9. Mit, I read your psyops material and thought it was interesting. I could have patted you on the back. But I didn't have anything to add or dispute.

    10. Fair point MIT but the fact the " bloodlines" intermarry speaks for itself dies it not? But I totally agree with you one point you make regarding opinion and as Gandhi said" often a little disagreement is a good sign of progress" and I for one encourage you to keep posting

  3. Dr.P let me be more blunt about this.....

    Whenever I hear people like yourself talking about how much you care for the American military to me it's like listening to a street hoe defending how great her pimp is!

    When are people like yourself ever gonna learn.

    The American military has a few nice guys around, but it's mostly comprised of assholes who care only about their careers and will do any stupid thing they're told, such as invading other countries for no reason and then lying about the causes, covering up for the psychos among them who rape all the cute girls under their command, etc....etc....etc.....

    The American military is a God-damn cesspool and you would see that yourself if you'd WAKE UP the way that you always tell others to about the horrors of their government.

    In my observation the military IS THE WORST PART OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.....NOT THE BEST!

    What other branch of the US armed forces would have in it's officer corps high ranking commanders who were practicing Satanists such as Michael Aquino and Anton LeVey????


    You have an explaination for that?

    How about the dozens of children who got STDs in California from the sex rituals performed on them by US Army Officers?

    As a psychiatrist in the government at the time do you remember that?

    And the fact that no one was punished?

    And how many Officers and Non-coms have been punished for all the rapes that go on routinely....almost NONE.

    yes Dr.P I do like you but when it comes to the American military you need to wake up and stop all this idiotic sentamentality and romance you project on it.

    This is the military which attacked Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa and France. This is the military which shoots prisoners left and right and never holds anyone accountable when it's soldiers rape or murder civilians [unless of course it gets out of hand and there's like a dozen or more victims at a time, otherwise it's ok].

    I think the entire American military is controlled by Satan, and the actual Satanists are just the only ones aware of who they're serving!

    1. btw....

      In the German army under the Nazis rape was punishable by death. Put that in your American pipe and smoke it.

    2. Oh and as for "the Navy"......

      I think the Village People had the right idea about it.

      When I was still doing government work there was the "Tailhook Scandal" [oh those naughty boys] and then the Navy brass tried to cover-up what happens when an 18 inch turret explodes by claiming that "it must have been some fag throwing a cigar lighter in there or something....."

      What a joke.

    3. Just wait...just wait....

      The US military isn't going to be able to resist the "T" in LGBT for very much longer.....


      By their own logic it's only a matter of time before we will be sayin, "Thank you for your service to our country" to a 6'7" hulking Dude wearing lipstick and a wig.

      Prepare for what all trans-sexuals desire - gender re-assignment surgery and hormone therapy while serving in the American military.

      It's on it's way!


  4. "I loath the military."

    -- William Jefferson Clinton

    [in a rare moment of sanity]

  5. What kind of people love the idea of wearing authoratative uniforms, carrying intimidating lethal weapons, and ordering subordinates around and dominating people?



    Uh.....people with masculinity fantasies like sadistic homsexuals and lesbians?

    Right On!

    Uh....Heterosexuals who like to torure and dominate ordinary human beings?

    What kind of people find themselves compulsively applying to join the armed forces and law enforcement?


    1. Or put another way....

      It's the dream of every leather-loving, boot-liking faggot to join the military.

      Go figure.

  6. Now this is a true story.

    A couple of years ago I was in the locker room of the Gold's Gym on I-35 and Highway 290 in Austin and two young cute guys were getting dressed next to me. But they were both kind of short actually, and sort of lean.

    One of them put on his state trooper uniform on, that's our "DPS" or "Department of Public Safety" highway patrol which also guards the capitol here, etc. You may have seen them in movies like the "Sugarland Express."

    Anyway the guy getting dressed up like a boot-licking Nazi asshole was grinning and smiling as his cute little buddy was gazing at him getting all dressed up in his handsome uniform and doing likewise....

    Oh think of the awesome corn-holing session they must have had together after work!

    Only Gore Vidal could imagine.

  7. Here in Austin our city police department, which has in the past been investigated by the FBI for videotaping sex parties with fourteen year olds.....

    Well Austin is a very "progressive" city, and despite the fact that our "policeman's union" allows them to kill any citizen and not face any investigation over it...

    This happened again here a couple of months ago when an Austin police Detective shot a man in the back of the head and them went home, leaving the victim under a bridge. The Detective correctly cited the union contract which states that he doesn't have to cooperate with any investigation. Two weeks later his attorney explained that the Detective's "gun went off by accident" while chasing the victim under a bridge.....


    Since Austin is so progressive and cares so much about people the city police have their own "gay and lesbian police officers association!"


    The murdering, narcotics dealing, sex-romping and raping Austin police Department welcomes into its fold all of those otherwise persecuted and oppressed leather-loving, boot-licking, jack-booted women who dress like men and men who dress like.....Idunnoe.

    Go to Youtube and you'll see the their video presentation where they cry and cry about how rejected they were by their families and communities UNTIL THEY FOUND THEIR HOMES IN THE PROGRESSIVE CITY OF AUSTIN POLICE.

    And you'll get to see the Austin Police Chief [a Cuban-born banana-republic police chief from the Rampart Division of LA] say that these people are just "a little different."

    1. You can find the Austin Gay Police video on Youtube under "it gets better" which is an international effort of homosexuals and their police/black uniformed/leather-and-whip loving police buddies to promote homosexuality among police under the guise that they are a persecuted minority otherwise prone to suicide because society doesn't accept them.

  8. 10-7-13
    Joe diGenova on Obama's lawless unconstitutional activities:

    1. The Heartland is Rising from their Slumber...
      god help those who help themselves:

      3,000 Outraged Truckers To Descend On D.C., Demand Obama Impeachment

      'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen

  9. Oh and another thing....

    During the Iraq war to meet recruitment standards the US Army issued 'moral wavers' so that criminals could enter.

    As a result the Army now estimates it has at least 10,000 active gang members in it's ranks, including MS-13, Aryan Brotherhood, Nortenios, Mexican Mafia, et........

    The Hell's Angles and other criminal biker gangs were founded by Army veterans looking for violent fun after their combat experiences.

    There's nothing new about this in the American Army, but training active gang members so they can go back to their gangs with combat training is like what happened in Mexico with the Zetas, who were trained by American Special Forces and then they turned around and invaded the United States.

    No, I think my assessment of the pure evil of the American armed forces is correct.

    American soldiers are the bad guys in the world, not the good ones.

    "I always believed in the goodness of American power"

    -- Madeline Albright

  10. America is like a lot of other republics in the past - it's pretty good to it's own citizens and really bad to outsiders.

    I really don't know what to do about this. On the one hand I can recognize that America has always been an evil power and then stand by and watch while it finally sinks under the waves.

    Or on the other hand I can use my position here, such as it is, to reform it.

    I haven't made up my mind but I'm inclining toward reform because....why not?

  11. What do we know about CIA Mit?

    Mit claims his father was in the CIA.

    Mit claims he has 30 years intelligence experience.

    Mit claims he comments, here, for low level intelligence people (CIA, or whatever) to read.,, no pun intended :-)

    Mit, consistently promotes the CIA party line on current events. Syrian covert operation, and so on. Mit denies Obama is CIA connected, and so on.

    Who really knows if Mit's claims are accurate... we don't.

    But in any event:

    Here is Wayne Madsen's reports on Obama's provenance (because Mit complained I didn't provide any facts & evidence).

    The Story of Obama: All in the Company

    By Wayne Madsen, September 10, 2010

    And a recap:

    Promotional short for Dreams From My Real Father

    short promo ...Real Father, focus on racy pictures

    Here are two short promos for Dreams From My Real Father, the first is a preview of the full documentary, and the second focusses on the racy pictures alleged to be Stanley Ann Dunham. Watch the first, three minute promo above, which has an acknowledged picture of Stanley Ann Dunham from her high school year book, then watch this shorter promo. It's the same woman in the high school year book picture, a known picture of Ms. Dunham and the woman in the racy photographs.

    Put the Madsen reports and the video documentary together and you have a good synopsis of Obama's provenance.

    Anybody associated with intelligence services or more specifically, the CIA, will hate the fact that their leaders and controllers would conspire to have a person like Obama become president. A man mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted communist and pornographer.

    Obama is a "Manchurian candidate" of the "deep state", a term coined by Peter Dale Scott. The CIA is the most visible organ of the "deep state" which is most closely associated with the transnational corporate elite who have no loyalty to the United States.

    Interesting, how, again and again, CIA Mit expresses his own disloyalty to the United States, perhaps he got that disloyalty from his CIA father, or did he develop his disloyalty from his work in the intelligence arena?

    Mit, trashes the military and police, but while there are bad apples, the vast majority are loyal, patriotic Americans.

    But for the CIA, perhaps, a large number are like Mit, cynical, disloyal, and mercenary, just like their sponsors in the transnational elite.

    I don't really know, but certainly if you wanted to breed disdain for the military & police and cover-up the disgusting, disloyal filth in your own bailiwick, long-winded rants, such as Mit's might be one way to do it.

    Of all the branches of the federal government, the CIA is the most rotten, with the most personnel who are like Mit, disloyal, personally warped by their own belief systems, and jealous of other branches of government who operate by codes of honor, while in their own branch, disloyalty is significant.

    1. After all, there never was a lot of love for spies (even from their own countrymen), rather spies are a necessary evil, not something to held up and venerated. In other words, spies, by their very nature and work are not honorable.

      It is well known the CIA has a tendency to attract to its ranks people who are liars and egomaniacs, which seems appropriate given that the transnational elite are liars and egomaniacs.

      We certainly have a good example right here in the form of Mit.

      If there is any government agency which most fits Mit's ranting & ravings it is the CIA (I acknowledge there are patriotic & honorable Americans in the CIA, but it's the agency most subject to abuse).

      Mit, you game is up.

      Why would Mit trash the military and police for the benefit of his low level intelligence people? Because, in reality, the honorable people in the military and police are the people most able to stop this transnational elite police state in waiting.

      And the U. S. government agency most in need of a thorough overhaul, cleaning of house, and restructuring?

      Why the CIA, of course.

      Kennedy was right. The CIA needs to be reigned in, big time.

      Back to the Dr. Pieczenik's post:

      Mit spews hatred for the military. Of course, there are bad apples as in any organization. Mit spews hatred for the police, again, there are bad apples as in any organization.

      But there are a majority of good people who want to serve their country or community in the military and police, respectively.

      But the CIA is primarily, especially field officers, an agency connected and acts for the interests of the "deep state",

      Mit's attitude is manifest: Trash the military & police and distract from the moral cesspool which is the CIA, the most disloyal of any branch of the U. S. government.

    2. Anaconda,

      Well you're doing what you always do when I post something you don't like, you make personal attacks because you're incapable of simply posting an opposing opinion.

      As for following the CIA line, there is no CIA line, and if you knew anything about the CIA or government at all you'd be aware of that.

      CIA is a highly diverse organization and within it are widely different opinions on any topic.

      However as far as CIA policy is concerned I've always posted consistently that I'm opposed to almost everything they've ever done.

      CIA was an action force which used unsound and malevolent methods to suppress communism everywhere in the world every bit as much as the military did.

      I have no doubt that senior officers of the CIA conspired to kill President Kennedy, as well as perpetrated genocides in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the list goes on and on.....

      But on the plus side at least they don't rape subordinates everyday or have practicing Satanists fucking toddlers in the ass like the Army has done.

  12. Let's review some U. S. military history:

    The U. S. military's WWII North African campaign (distinct from today's corrupt U. S. policy in North Africa, see Libya and beyond, primarily spear-headed by the CIA) was a success. The landings were mostly unopposed and while there were setbacks, such as Kasserlne Pass, acted as a training ground for the U. S. to prepare for the coming continental invasion of Europe. The U. S. military in conjunction with the British military defeated the NAZI's best field commander, Rommel, and gave the Germans a significant defeat and ended any German designs on the Middle East.

    Germany's defeat in North Africa was its first at the hands of the U. S. and Britain and set the stage for further U. S. victories.

    The invasion of the European continent was also a success. And, here, American force of arms was primary. The British took a second seat due to American preponderance of men & arms.

    Yes, the Italian campaign was not particularly a success, but did prevent Germany from moving more troops & material to France, which is where Germany's defeat was accomplished via U. S. and British forces (it must be acknowledged Soviet forces inflicted significant loses on German forces in the Eastern Front).

    So, here, we have Mit mostly rewriting history in his hateful rant against the U. S. military and for anything honorable & noble.

    Mit spews division & hate, exactly the strategy of the transnational elite, who, while wanting to centralize control in entities above the law and control of nation-states, see Trans-Pacific Partnership, use tactics of divide & rule, of which, division and hatred is a foremost tactic.

    Mit is a good little cabin boy minion of the transnational, corporate elite in this regard.

  13. I think we all know that the Germans were pulled down by the combined weight of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States, which outnumbered the Germans 10 to 1 or more in men, armor, and supplies.

    That doesn't mean that the American performance wasn't a mess.

    As far as "spewing division & hate"..........

    I pretty much ridicule individuals and groups who act outrageously. If you wanna label that hate then so be it.

    But I noticed that you have nothing to say to refute my specific points that Michael Aquino and Anton LeVey were the heads of Satanic churches while serving in the military, and that they were linked to the ritual abuse of hundreds of children in California in which many acquired STDs and that no one was punished for it.....

    Why do you voice support for a military of Satan worshippers?

    Why do you call me a hater because I hate Satan and those who worship him?

    Are you a Satanist?

    1. Lemme be perfectly clear about this matter of the Satanists in the US armed forces, as well as the MS-13 members, rapists and other asssholes which constitute the United States armed forces.

      If I were the parent of one of the children who was sodomized by an American Army Officer I would have found the offending officer and would have cut off his hands and maybe his genitals.

      That's what I would have done.

      If I were the father of a girl in the military who was raped by her commanding officer I would find the offending officer and I would first cut off his hands, then I would cut out his eyes so he couldn't identify me.

      That's the way I do things.

      If that makes me a hater or a wildman then that's just me all over.

      I think I'm like people always used to be until this society became a tyrrany, which is what it's been for the last hundred years at least.

      People living today have no fucking idea what it really is to live in a free society.

      What we have today is so far from what the founders knew or would accept that it's fucking pathetic.

    2. We live in a country where a harmless and obviously disturbed single black mom driving a compact car gets surrounded by a dozen capitol police all holding guns on her when she clearly isn't armed, and then they shoot at her when all she's doing is driving away.

      A harmless single black mom....unarmed.

      And there's almost no complaint about this.

    3. I'm sure all those capitol police cowards who were afraid of her were ass-fucking faggots who aren't man enough to even take on one disturbed single black mom in a car without unloading their clips into her out of blind panic and fear.

    4. And the reason why there's almost no public criticism of those coward police is because all members of the public would have panicked in exactly the same way.

      All the public today is such a mass of cowardly, frightened little pussies that the idea of a black mom in a compact driving irratically is enough to make any of them want to kill her out of total fear.

      That's why thousands of girls in the military get raped every year - because this society is now one of predators and victims because it's a tyranny controlled by the predators like every tyranny is.

      The political system of any society is based on the core values and national character of it's individuals.

      The tyranny which exists now reflects the power structure legitimacy which actually exists between individuals here at this time, which is completely different than what their grandparents and ancestors
      took for granted.

    5. And as for you feminists out there.....

      What possible progress can you point to when every cute girl who joins the military is raped, not once, but usually several times by different commanding officers?

      What possible actual progress have women made by formally and structurally giving women the "right" to serve alongside men when this is the result and nothing's done about it?

      Where are all the feminist organizations and lobbies and pressure groups now?

      I mean really.....

      I think my grandmothers's generation had a better deal.

    6. The only girls who get through their military service without being raped are the ones that are so ugly that the predators don't mess with them. But each and every single cute one is raped.

    7. Mit, you're right, I didn't say anything about Michael Aquino and Anton LeVey. Perhaps, I should have, you are right, they are complete scum, but my response was to your implication the entire military is corrupt. That isn't true.

      No, I follow the Golden Rule: Do onto others as you would have done onto you.

      In regards to the sexual assault problem in the military, here's my solution: In the old days before WWII, and probably many years after, there were open brothels in the cities closest to a military base. No questions were asked about said use, as it was understood single men need sexual outlets, which brothels provide.

      I have serious doubts about the wisdom of placing young women in combat roles or on Navy ships outnumbered hundreds to one, it breeds an atmosphere of abuse towards women with a "male group think" of the lowest common denominator.

      But at this point, strict enforcement is a must, I would strongly discourage any young female from going into military service. Military service is about killing and breaking things. In my own opinion I don't think it is in society's interest to encourage women in that kind of activity. It's not really in society's interest for men to be trained this way, but we need an army, navy, and air force, manned by men, who have certain proclivities by nature.

      But these men must be closely trained to keep them honorable and those who break regulations must be held accountable, even general officers, no exceptions, which is Dr. Pieczenik's point.

      Also, perhaps, Dr. Pieczenik is suggesting we need to cut a lot of dead wood from our political ranks of leadership as well.

      I totally support cutting out dead wood, it makes for a healthier Tree of Liberty, with more growth and productivity.

    8. Did I just hear you say that the reason why male officers rape their female subordinates is because they don't have prostitutes around to service them?

      Is that REALLY what you just said?

      Are you REALLY saying that the "solution" is to have whore houses for the men to use so that they won't have to RAPE WOMEN AROUND THEM?

    9. Are there any female members of this board who would care to respond, or did they all just exit this site for all time to come.

    10. MIT,
      You said it well. Thank you.

  14. When I heard about the rape and torture going on at Abu Grahb prison in Iraq do you think I was suprised?

    Do you really believe that what went on there wasn't sanctioned by officers?

    Do you really think it doesn't go on in other places all the time?

    Remember that "American Taliban" kid from San Francisco who was captured in 2001? Whatever his name was?

    Look up the stories about how when he was tied to a board the Army "special forces" soldiers took turns urinating on him....

    Was anything ever done about that?

    People you have no fucking idea.

    And Dr.P frankly I doubt whether you do either. I think when it comes to the military your head is way down in the sandy depths.

    1. One of the few truely manly special forces guys around recently was the football hero Pat Tilmann, and of course they murdered him.

      Another former ranger I like is a guy here in Austin named Antonio Buehler, who's taking on the faggot-controlled Austin Police Department for murdering unarmed people and fabricating arrest reports so they can "lock up" anyone who they don't like - like the real men who live here that they are jealous over because they're mostly homosexuals.

    2. Mit, I agree with you about Abu Grahb. It's clear this went way up the command chain, the things they did with the prisoners ranged from low level abuse to very sophisticated psychological operations that no low-level "turn key" could think up on their own.

      There is evidence that the orders for the abuse and systematic torture came all the way from the top: Donald Rumsfeld.

    3. In other words, the orders for abuse and systematic torture came from the civilian leadership. To the extent, the military chain of command failed to object to these illegal orders, that is to their everlasting shame & dishonor.

    4. There isn't a shred of evidence that civilians caused the American personnel at Abu Grahb to torture and rape male and females there.

      It was all US service personnel, including officers, and it's gone on in one fashion or another as long as there's been an American military.

      The same things happened in Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, and countless other places that you can check up on.

      It's simply the nature of the American armed sercives which the nicer guys in uniform chose not to focus on.

  15. CIA Mit, in fact, all militaries, down through history have had problems with sexual assault. Your focus on the U. S. Military, speaks more to your determination to trash the U. S. Military and distract from the thugs, psychopaths, and mercenaries who inhabit the CIA.

    Mit wrote: "There isn't a shred of evidence that civilians..." were complicit in Abu Grahb.


    Donald Rumsfeld Charged with Torture During Trip to France

    Complaint Filed Against Former Defense Secretary for Torture, Abuse at Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib

    Now, I'm not saying what the quality of evidence exists, but there is evidence Donald Rumsfeld ordered "enhanced interrogation"... wink, wink, nod, nod, plus the legal memorandums from John Yew justifying "enhanced interrogation", again, this is from the civilian leadership.

    Please, you come off as nothing, but a CIA cat's paw. We know Donald Rumsfeld is square in the middle of this transnational, corporatist elite. Frankly, historically it has usually been the civilian leadership which has been the driving force for this kind of abuse.

    Why? Because civilians sit behind their desks, not fighting and dying, and have little care for soldiers fate upon capture, while honorable commanders do.

    Kind of like the fact that almost every military commander was against dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, but it was the civilian leadership who pushed and pushed hard for dropping the bomb to demonstrate United States power.

    Now, don't take this as a justification for the military not being under civilian leadership. I strongly support civilian leadership having the final calls about military action. What I am calling for is getting rid of corrupt civilian leadership. Getting rid of the immoral, dead wood, in government is the highest priority.

  16. Sometimes we, no, I, get caught up in our own priorities, fighting the last battle, the last blog exchange of comments, instead of being polite & courteous to our host and properly considering his ideas and opinions.

    Dr. Pieczenik discusses President Eisenhower: It is appropriate to give consideration to this great American warrior, who, during his presidency, turned into a 'Peace Warrior'.

    A great many of us, readers of this website, know of President Eisenhower's Farewell Address in which he warns of the Military-Industrial Complex, but his concerns in this area started much earlier in his administration.

    President Eisenhower gave a speech called the "Cross of Iron" speech delivered on April 16, 1953, less than three months into his presidency:

    Here is an audio portion of that speech which gives a flavor both of the man and his motivation for his policies:

    (Less than three minutes long.)

    audio portion of Eisenhower's "Cross of Iron" speech

    A transcript portion of the same "Cross of Iron" speech:

    "[...] We welcome every honest act of peace.

    We care nothing for mere rhetoric.

    We are only for sincerity of peaceful purpose attested by deeds. The opportunities for such deeds are many. The performance of a great number of them waits upon no complex protocol but upon the simple will to do them. Even a few such clear and specific acts, such as the Soviet Union's signature upon the Austrian treaty or its release of thousands of prisoners still held from World War II, would be impressive signs of sincere intent. They would carry a power of persuasion not to be matched by any amount of oratory.

    This we do know: a world that begins to witness the rebirth of trust among nations can find its way to a peace that is neither partial nor punitive.[...]"

    full transcript of "Cross of Iron" speech

    Contrast this with the leading neoconservative, Bill Kristol, he wrote a commentary where he bemoaned that America wasn 't continuously at war since WWII. Think of that, Kristol publically stated he preferred war over peace on a continual basis.

    The monstrousness of his preferred policy is stunning and head scratching.

    The Republican Party has been infiltrated and corrupted by neoconservative thinking, but as the Syrian crisis showed, Republicans are slowly and gradually coming out of the influence of the neoconservatives, much as a drug addict gradually recovers from a dangerous addiction.

    But Republicans are far from a complete recovery.

    Why is President Eisenhower so important to a complete recovery from neoconservatism?

    Because Eisenhower was a warrior, the commander of all allied forces in Europe and was completely victorious -- only in their wet dreams have neoconservatives been so victorious -- most never put on a military uniform.

    Eisenhower cut military spending in the midst of the Cold War, a confrontation with the real possibility of existential consequences, as opposed to today, with the faux "war on terror", where even if true, does not require huge standing armies and vast military expenditures.

    Yes, there are some Republicans who see Eisenhower as a soft & squishy "moderate" (most often these are committed neoconservatives who know the danger Eisenhower's example presents to their quest for continuous war).

    But a strong majority of Republicans are open to Eisenhower's idea & policy example. And, what's better, because Eisenhower is an undisputed warrior, his person and polices, while privately hated by neoconservatives, is not easily attacked in the open.

    For if the neoconservatives do engage in such open attack, they risk exposure for what they really are: Warmongers.

    Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for reminding me of President Eisenhower. Republicans need his example now more than ever to cast off the neoconservative straightjacket.

  17. Seems like a Vice Admiral got his walking papers as well for using 'fake gambling chips'. Sounds like an excuse to get rid of some more military officers.

  18. MIT - I appreciate your opposing view of the Dunhams. Like you, I do not buy into the Frank Marshall Davis narrative, but I dance with the x story line.

    Others here have pointed to Wayne Madsen's work. Well, if you were pointed to the breadth of his work, and you took the time to review it, you may be inclined to accept the CIA background of the Dunham clan.

    Here is a link to the latest in many reports, including interviews, of Madsen and his work - "Grandma “Toot’s” Hawaiian banking intrigue" and here's the link

    Note that at the bottom of Madsen's latest update there is a very long list of his reports on the Dunham clan. I am the owner of the T-Room blog and I have posted every story Madsen has written, with his permission. Before ridiculing me or the posts, please bother yourself and read them, all of them.

    Another individual who has documented McCain, Obama and Bush is a fellow by the name of Don Nicoloff. He titled his series, which was posted in 2008, as "The Three Stooges Go To Washington." Google or DuckDuckGo the series. He has a fascinating theory on who 0's parents are. No one has disproved it and few have posted his genealogy work, but he's good. Very good.

    Now, for on topic, another military officer was fired, from the Hill -

    "Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, head of 20th Air Force, was relieved of command Thursday by Air Force Global Strike Command chief Lt. Gen Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, according to a service statement."

    Here's the link -

    Finally, Dr. P I ran this story over at my blog today. It concerns me greatly and would sincerely appreciate your input. It is about an anti-malaria pill given to Iraq soldiers while in theater. You will note in the article it is no longer being given to our Special Forces guys but it is still being administered to our troops. Given your psychiatric background, learning all you can about this drug and its affects could go a very long way in forcing the military to end giving it to our troops, which I have a sneaky suspicion is one of many reasons our kids are having such a tough time assimilating after Iraq and Afghanistan theater. If this doc is right, and my suspicions are correct, I fear our troops have been guinea pigs for Big Pharma once again.

    Please, I beg you to look into it and report back. You have the opportunity to not only save our troops from debilitating neurological and psychiatric disorders, but their families from suffering when their loved ones commit suicide for no apparent reason. Please, I'm on bended knee...

  19. Snippet -

    "Nevin’s research into the toxic effects of mefloquine was instrumental in a recent decision by the FDA requiring that the drug carry a boxed warning—the strongest safety category—detailing neurological side effects could be permanent. The drug already carried warnings of adverse psychiatric effects."

    "A DrPH student in Mental Health, Nevin, MD, MPH ’04, began studying the drug in 2007 as an Army physician in Afghanistan, and has led criticism of its use in the military. He maintains that thousands of service personnel who took mefloquine are suffering from associated neurologic or psychiatric conditions and are routinely misdiagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury, or dismissed as malingering."

    “Not a day goes by that I don’t receive an impassioned email from a family member (of a victim) or a victim of the drug,” says Nevin."

    I will gladly post your work on this subject which needs additional research AND exposure. I'm doing what I can. Please do what you can. Our troops deserve nothing less.

    And MIT you might want to listen to a recent interview with Greg Ford, the Doc who blew the whistle on Abu Graihb for the diabolical torture chamber it truly became. If you can't find the time to do that, at least honor him by reading the transcript -

    Oh, and MIT, I don't converse with those who are not informed. Do not ask me anything unless you've taken the time to do your homework. And ridicule means nothing to me. I've been on this merry-go-round for a very, very, very long time now. So save your barbs for those who want to defend. I lack any and all desire to engage in petty tit-for-tat dialogue with a guy I don't even know. Capiche

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