Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Modest Proposal:   Americans,  Let’s Create a Third Independent Party based on Developing a Vibrant American Economy with Full Private/Government Cooperation and Pragmatism—Not Ideology!!  

The recent ideological turbulence that highlighted the preferred legislative roads of personal self-aggrandizement over national concern has highlighted the need for a third political party.

Both Democrats and Republicans faired poorly in the recent brinksmanship that showcased legislative narcissism over national concern.   Fighting in the proverbial sandbox of government, throwing  noisome verbiage at one another belies a serious impediment of our present legislative system.   For the most part,   it has been structured along a bicameral system where both parties sever their allegiance to the nation along party lines or ersatz ideology formulated around legislation.    What is missing is a serious reappraisal of the limitations of a two party system.
  Our country was never based on simply adhering to one or another form of ideology.    We were always a practical people.   We were resourceful,  constructive in our approach to life’s problems and respectful of individual differences.    The organized eruption or eructation of a few immature and seriously malignant narcissists of both parties demonstrates the inherent limitation of a two party system.    Due to lack of interest,  laziness or hopelessness many disaffected voters have opted out of our participative democracy.

As a people,  most of us are concerned primarily about our jobs,  families,  income,  pension and quality of life.   No matter what anyone says,  most have very little  concern for abortion  or so-called ‘wars on terrorism’ when more practical factors like unemployment;  the ability to start up a business and make a living for our families,  are really foremost on our minds.    In more simple jingoistic terms,  we have lost our Manifest Destiny.    So let's develop a political platform based on the following:
Cease and desist overseas military incursions-  save billions and rehab the negative USA image.
Develop domestic economic and social stability appropriate for the information age. 
▪     Establish term limits for all members of congress - ending congressional welfare system.  Re-make representative government!
Mandate that all citizens serve the US national interest by giving two years of their life to a domestic project or overseas service.   This applies to nature-born and naturalized citizens.
Relocate overseas corporate profits to the USA.
Close tax loopholes which involve ‘dummy overseas corporations’ which really don’t exist but are ‘legal paper chicanery’.

Sidebar: Most people don’t realize that when the very rich claim that their assets are in a ‘Cayman Islands’ or ‘Irish Tax Free Account’ , the money is physically located in a NYC bank or investment bank and not ‘overseas’. It’s just a trick of the ‘pen’.
Renovate/ReHab our K-12 Education system based on the new digital age and not an antiquated ‘child labor market’.
Return American manufacturing  under any or all  conditions,  to the USA.
Re-evaluate all functions of the USG in a systematic,  practical way consistent with well-established modern management practices-  cut the fat!
Re-Vamp our medical systems:  concentrate not on symptoms and big pharma-- but on prevention, diet, and exercise.
Repeal/overturn Citizens United decision by corrupt Roberts Supreme Court,  return government and politics back to the regular people not the UBER RICH PEOPLE!
What I am suggesting,  is neither radical nor particularly new.     My recommendations are just common sense!    Americans in general,   have to take a greater interest in our their/our welfare,  starting at the grass roots level.     From there,  build a national organization that becomes a clear and viable alternative to constant ‘brinksmanship’ and ‘doomsday’ scenarios.   For many of us who lived through the Soviet-US nuclear confrontations,  fears generated by two nations constantly at war,  has been enough for one lifetime---at least for me.     Let us not  scare ourselves into potential self-destruction.    Fear is not American attribute.    It belongs to another century,  and another place.

It’s time to rebuild America from within and create a new political party that has no agenda other than serving our own collective needs without prejudice or malice.


  1. The only way to motivate people to turn out and do the labor needed for any party is to do what the tea party did, and that means boiling complex issues down to simple ideas which can be adopted by simple people who have some time on their hands - retired people and youth, etc...

    Trying to get people motivated by appealing to logic and reason is a lost cause.

    But I think the biggest problem is this - that the parties are choosing idiots for their Presidential nominees. They always have, and there's always been a line of idiots, morons or psychopaths as President. In this system the President calls the shots, and the Congress mostly follows. The Congress does cook-up a lot of crazy bad policy for their contributors and pressure groups which the President then endorses, but the major problem is the inability of any President to understand what's wrong with the country and what's needed to reform it.

    If I had to endorse any third party which could improve things it would be a party based simply on the loss of freedom.

    Many though not most people have libertarian sentiments and a lot could be accomplished which would benefit the economy and other problems simply by returning the role of government to what it used to be - and this is what so many people say they want.

    In particular the Constitution must be amended to guarantee all the rights and protections previously interpreted into it which have been interpreted out in favor of statist causes of the left and the right.

  2. I'd support any party whose agenda is to add these amendments to the Constitution.

    1.No person shall have their life, liberty or property taken without complete judicial process of law.

    2.No person shall be confined into a jail except by the order of a magistrate.

    3.No individual shall have their person, property, including vehicles, investigated or searched randomly or without probable cause.

    4.Any agent of the state may use lethal force only in self-defense when either their death or capture is imminent and certain.

    5.No criminal laws will be upheld or enacted in which the offense contains no malice or intention or will to damage property or cause injury to body or mind.

    6.No military unit or individual shall be used for the purpose of enforcement of domestic law.

    1. Number 5 should have been:

      No criminal laws will be upheld or enacted in which the offense contains no malice, or no intention or will to damage property or cause injury to body or mind.

  3. The entire system must be imploded.

  4. Unfortunately there is to much corruption and dysfunction in the system that a 3rd or 4th party could overcome. The strategy is a 3rd party. The division of the republican party will split the republican vote ensuring a democratic dominance going forward.

    1. That happened once before. It was called the Bull Moose. All this has happened before.

  5. I agree with most of your reform proposals, but the problem is where is the constituency for them? Who is going to advocate for returning manufacturing or limiting capital flight? Who is going to support major regulation of the medical industry?

    The only way for these kinds of reforms to happen is for some President to be elected who will press for them even though the public is indifferent and there's huge special interests which will oppose change.

    No, the public never hears a word in the media, their media, about manufacturing or industrial issues, or financial issues, or medical issues.

    The only things the public thinks are worth addressing are simple issues of social justice like "inclusion" and "tolerance" and "fairness" such as the kinds of "hope and change" platitudes they voted for recently.

  6. Or maybe Jesse Ventura could run for president.

    Alex Jones talked about missing nukes and some firings on Sunday. What's the deal with that?

    Top Nuke Commanders Terminated Following Missing Nuclear Warheads Report
    Top nuke commanders Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina and Maj. Gen. Michael Carey terminated following exclusive high level military intelligence over secret nuclear warheads transfer
    By Anthony Gucciardi