Saturday, October 5, 2013

President Obama:  The 21st Century Re-emergence of 1950’s “McCarthyism”  
Promulgating Fear,  Intimidation,  Abuse;  as well as Unrelenting Intimidation of the American Citizens and US Military.

The recent travesties of public confidence initiated by President Obama  utilizing psychological techniques of fear,  intimidation, and false flags operations as manifested in the Newtown Massacre and the hysteria at the US Naval Yard (add in the government shutdown crisis)  forced me to reconsider my assessment of this president.

I had to ask myself,  as both a trained psychiatrist and experienced psyops expert (practicing the very principles of fear,  false flag,  intimidation,  agitation propaganda and crisis instigation and crisis management)  what and why was Obama so heavily invested in the covert techniques of controlling the American citizenry both domestically and abroad??

At first,   I considered Obama to be a novitiate of the covert arts.   He was indoctrinated by his familial ties to his mother [former CIA operative in Indonesia];  his maternal grandmother and grandfather [both distinguished CIA operatives working at the East-West Institute in Hawaii].    But is this simple genetic coding that makes Obama use a constant myriad of  covert techniques against his own American citizenry (including lying about the ‘killing’ of an already ‘dead’ Marfanoid Osama bin Laden and the ludicrous “false flag’ operations in Newton and the Navy Yard)??   His DNA did not quite explain Obama’s almost compulsive need to use the threat of force,  domestically and on foreign soil.     Remember,  he did not hesitate to intimidate and kill innocent victims in the Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia, Sudan –with the Drone Strikes.   Obama’s boorish vainglorious proclamation that he had ‘personally killed’ Osama bin Laden was at best inappropriate for any leader of any country to assert—let alone the President of the USA!   Now we have this domestic fear factor raging……

However,  his professional faux-pas and novitiate transgressions lie far beyond Obama’s psyche than even I as a psychiatrist,  but more importantly,  as a citizen care to admit.    When  I am perplexed by  present political/psychological conundrum I usually comb the past for clues to the present.     After some thought,    I zeroed in on a time in history in which I was a teenage witness,  the Eisenhower Presidency.    However,   General Eisenhower was not the subject of my interest but rather Eisenhower’s bête-noire---the Republican  Junior Senator from Wisconsin—Joseph McCarthy.

For those of you who had not been born or know very little about this nefarious individual,   I would strongly recommend the book,   Eisenhower: Soldier And President  by Stephen Ambrose.    In that book,   you will read of the incredible spurious campaign of slander,   intimidation,  and outright abuse that Senator McCarthy engaged in-  accusing honorable members of the State Department,  Voice Of America,  the American Library System,  Hollywood,   NYC Public Schools,  and most appalling our esteemed US military of Communist infiltration.
  I remember so vividly while I was still in grade school at PS 165 in Harlem, NY,   two men in the plain clothes came into my class unannounced and immediately whisked away my elementary/middle grade teachers into Ford car.   They never returned to the classroom.    That was my first personal encounter with the ‘terror of McCarthyism’.    I was told later on that these teachers had belonged to some type of a union that had ‘collective bargaining’—whatever that meant to a twelve year old.

But in researching Eisenhower’s reluctance to reprimand McCarthy’ and halt his reign of terror despite sage advice from Ambassador Cabot Lodge,  James Hagerty [spokesman] and other prestigious Republicans-  Eisenhower, once the SACEUR Commander of Overlord—the allied invasion of Europe—allowed McCarthy to publicly denigrate a highly decorated WWII General Ralph Zwicker.   McCarthy was allowed to accuse Zwicker of the most ridiculous impertinent  charges that embarrassed both the general himself,  the US Military and the Secretary of Defense.   But no one did anything  to stop McCarthy’s rampage against civilians,  military and the Atomic Energy Commission!!

Allow me to give you a flavor of how low McCarthy would stoop in order to degrade his opponents and dominate the public opinion….. 
  Zwicker and Eisenhower were both West Pointers,  graduating a few years behind each other.   But they knew each other very well.   General Zwicker had gone ashore on D-Day as Chief of Staff for the Second Division.   He had led his men into combat,  against heavy opposition and was subsequently wounded in action for which he won a major decoration.    Zwicker continued to wear the Army uniform,   carrying on a very distinguished career despite the public humiliation by McCarthy.    No thanks to the Eisenhower or any legislators who did not stand up to defend the General.    To make this point of McCarthyism a little more poignant,    let me quote to you what McCarthy had to say about he distinguished war hero:
McCarthy browbeat Zwicker in the most abusive fashion,   telling the General that he "DID NOT HAVE THE  BRAINS OF A FIVE –YEAR-OLD CHILD and that HE WAS NOT FIT TO WEAR THE US ARMY UNIFORM."

The vitriolic McCarthyism rampage went on for years.   Until a New England Judge,   John Welch stopped it by asking the Senator, ”Have  you no shame, sir?”  McCarthy died early (48 years old) a drunk and closeted homosexual.

Since the very first days in office,   Obama has presented nothing but proposals and actions based on fear,  intimidation,  lies, and ‘false flags’.
Even his Obama care bill (his hallmark legislation??) is so patently ridiculous that a liberal legislator admitted to me that congress created the ‘cumbersome bill’  but the executive had to implement it.    How's that working for the American citizens so far?   The Obamacare implementation has been faulty-  rife with corruption,  deceit and the hallmark of this president’s modus operandi –Incompetency.
  It would have been sufficient just for Obama to fail.   But he had to prove himself as something that he was not--- a leader of a free democracy and a warrior of peace.   He failed so miserably on both accounts that his hubris allowed him to grab the Nobel Peace Prize and then declare a unconstitutional war against innocent civilians in Pakistan,  Afghanistan, Yemen,  Sudan,  Bahrain, etc.
To make matter worse,   he made certain that gun control which was not even a top  concern of the American public  despite  the ‘false flags’ of Newtown and the Navy Yard in Washington DC.
Obama is incapable of telling the truth,  he lied about OBL and Benghazi and hides behind the petticoats of indifference,  arrogance and dissociation.   He is now no more than an bit player reciting lies and making pronouncements like some automaton shakespearean actor in some dis-topian farce.
Obama is the redux of McCarthyism in the cloak of a Black Democrat who never learned the lessons of history nor cared to embrace the values of a true America citizen/warrior.
For that malfeasance,  he must go—either voluntarily or by legal means.
But he would not be the first President to be impeached for incompetency and the dissemination of terror.   He truly belongs in the pantheon of American terrorists like Cheney,  Rumsfeld,  Bush Jr and now Obama.
  Hubris at nemesis!
  Pride will be your downfall!!! 

Americans will get the government they deserve if they don't wake up!   Use the information age to fuel those leaders that will stand up to and defeat  the McCarthy tactics of Obama and his court.


  1. I'm sorry but I'm not convinced that Obama's mother and her parents were CIA assets or agents.

    Obama's mom was a total mess. She was rejected by her father, who gave her a man's name [Stanley] because he wanted a boy, and grew up with horrible insecurities and neuroses which caused her to make the destructive choices in her relationships. When she was a teen she was seduced by Obama's father, who was ugly as sin, old, and already married. She got knocked up by this tribal ogre from Kenya, who then beat her up and abandoned her. As best we can tell she never had any normal relationships with normal men, and then took up with a officer of the murderous, genocidal Indonesian military who ordered her to send Barry back to Hawaii because like all asians he hated negros.

    Stanley was intelligent and did a lot of good and interesting work in the area of anthropology but she was extremely emotionally unstable and flakey. I just don't believe that she would have been useful as an agent in any capacity at all, particularly given her parents' communist views, which I believe were sincere.

    Stanley's parents were extreme left-wing goofballs who encouraged her to get fucked by third world assholes. They loved communists, radicals, anyone claiming to belong to a disadvantaged or oppressed group. They were typical mid-century American communist dopes who thought the world was run by evil white men and spent all their time and money getting pretty much conned and dupped by negro freedom-fighters and other phonies of the left.

    I have not found a single thing that would lead me to the conclusion that Stanley and her parents' actions were a cover.
    Everything I've been able to learn about them is that they were sincere dopes and morons who never used their postion among communists to fuck them back in return.

    I mean if they were using communism as a cover do you think they'd go so far as to let their only daughter be fucked and knocked up, beaten up and abandoned by a communist nigger from Africa?

    That makes me laugh actually.

    No, only real communist white bread idiots would let that happen.

  2. If anyone really has any proof, not just conjecture or circumstance, that Obama's family were CIA please tell me what it is.

    I just don't believe that anyone working for CIA and using communism as a cover would sacrifice their only daughter by sending her to a communist prepatory school to indoctrinate her in leftist politics, and then let her get knocked up by an African communist asshole when she's only a teenager.

    I've heard of people going too far to establish a cover but that's ridiculous.

  3. I've dug really deep into Obama's family because he's extremely neurotic and the roots of his pathology obviously lie with his also highly neurotic mother and her extremely neurotic parents.

    It's a miserable and pathetic story of people with money who were extremely unhappy in their lives and projected their own psychological dissatisfactions onto the world and it's social ills and need for repair.

    That's the pattern with all rich white people who become radicals, and it's as old as dirt.

  4. It's because Obama's family were disfunctional and preached political doctrine that OBAMA GREW UP NOT BELIEVING IN ANYTHING!

    Early on Obama saw the stupidity and fruitlessness of his family's political convictions and made up his mind that political convictions of any kind are stupid.

    He's like a preacher's kid who sees the shortcomings in his father-preacher and therefore doesn't believe in religion.

    Obama is a purely narcissistic and opportunistic character who appeals insincerely to other peoples' need to hear the voice of conviction.

    He gives his followers what they want to hear but he doesn't believe a word of it.

    He just wants everyone to like him.

  5. I'm actually thinking about writing a political psychological study of Obama because it's about time that the public got the benefit of some kind of diciplined explaination or understanding of these characters they're electing to high office.

    I mean the guy's really a psycho case and shouldn't be making any decisions. I've been facitiously calling for his removal based on mental impairment but it's not far from the truth.

  6. Dr.P my explaination for why Obama uses so much intimidation is simply that those around him want him to use harsh measures to secure the state, as statist bureaucrats, and he just goes along with whatever they ask because he wants them to like him. He wants to belong, and he finds himself working in the state bureacracy. If the head of this or that agency comes to him and says, "Barry, this Dude out there is harming our childrens' security by telling what he knows about this or that while working in government. We have to make America safe and shut this guy up," what do you think Obama's gonna do?

    He's not gonna say, "But wait! As a constitutional scholar I think there's broader issues here than punishing this person! I think we need to understand why he did this and maybe see his point of view!"

    At that point Barry would have lost a friend, the bureaucrat who came to him with the accusation.

    So Barry says, "Yes! We must make America safe! Stop that wrongdoer any way you think is best for the nation!"

  7. On a different topic but very important...


    GO to Youtube and see the first TESLA MODEL S burning after it's lithium ion batteries blew up and ignited the front tires!!!!!


    The same lithium-ion batteries which Boeing took out of the 787 when they exploded and caught fire on now BLOWING UP IN THE TESLA MODEL S sedan!

    What do you have to say now Elon Musk, you neurotic megalomaniac tech guru who was told BY EVERY ENGINEER ON THE PLANET THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

    Yes Mr. Jewish communist South African anti-apartheid deserter from the South African army, Mr. Elon Musk, who falsely claims that his lithium-ion battery pack is "automotive grade" when in fact....


    Tesla stock lost 2 billion overnight.

    1. Yes Mr.Musk I read your trophy wife's divorce petition AND IT AIN'T PRETTY.


      Mr. Musk it seems you are a horribly insecure person when it comes to your manhood, and maybe this explains why you request all the hot female employees at your other company SPACE-X to go out to the parking lot, bunch together, and chant your name in ADORATION....

      Elon! Elon! Elon!

      Does that take the edge off your masculinity insecurities?

      Just because you have a billion dollar in the bank doesn't mean you can really be anything you want.

      Being a man means something else entirely.

    2. hint...

      Real men like cats, not rotweillers.

  8. Studies of pathological liars have shown that they are just people who want to be liked and make up stories so that they'll fit in and please everybody. They also usually have more white matter than average, and have a greater capacity to make mental connections and associations which they use in a problem solving way by making up stories.

    Anyone who knows Obama's history knows he's a pure pathological liar.

    1. Ronald Reagan was also a pathological liar, and was accused of fantacization and not knowing the difference between truth and fiction.

      He had an alcoholic father who was abuse when drunk and just wanted everyone to like him. No matter how much fame or acceptance he obtained though it was never never is.

    2. I mean Reagan just wanted everyone to like him because of his father's abuse and so forth. I didn't mean his father wanted everyone to like him.

  9. What's scarry about Obama is that he's not a rational decision maker.

    When Dr.P says about him that, "he never learned this or that...."

    I mean, get real.

    Obama never makes any decision based on learning or anything purposeful or rational. For him everything is based soley on pleasing those around him.

  10. Steve, do you remember President Obama had a transgender childhood nanny in Indonesia? like what sort of family would allow that sort of thing? also too remember Obama's grandfather let this fellow Frank Marshall Davis rear Obama as a child as well, this Davis had a very bad history and was involved in some very questionable sexual practises as well!

  11. I note in the pic of McCarthy the face also of the sinister ROY COHN!

    Roy Cohn was a sadistic sociopath who was a homosexual who liked to dress up in leather, tie young men to posts, whip them and rape them [all in fun].

    What homosexuals DON'T LIKE FOR YOU TO KNOW is....

    That all of them are sexual sadists who fantacize, and often act out, scenarios involving rape, humiliation, domination, torture, and just otherwise using sex to be mean.

    Anyone familiar with the REALITIES of the "gay" personality is aware of these shocking truths.

    So it would seem that male homosexuality isn't as benign as it's advocates [so to speak] claim, or that their personalities are just like anyone else except that they like to be fucked in the ass by other men, etc.

    Now last week I promised to continue my tutoral on psychological warfare and the human mind as I was trained by my CIA mentors, but I haven't been able to concentrate enough this week because of difficulties and stress in my business matters.

    When I continue the tutoral I will use the example of homosexuality as a case to explain why the CIA mind model has impeccabile explainitory power over the theories of modern psychiatry and psychology.

    When I write this I need to be able to focus more soberly because this topic is not a joke, it's very serious and following the CIA model of behavior actually has great importance for understanding people.

  12. There was once an OSS officer who later became a CIA agent who was from New Orleans, His name was Clay Shaw.

    When he was indicted for conspiring to murder President Kennedy the New Orleans police and District Attorney personnel entered and searched his home.

    Upstairs in Mr. Shaw's home were rooms full of posts with handcuffs, whips, chains, lots of leather, giant phalluses, lubricant, lots of torture and cruelty images and artifacts....

    These are the kind of people who killed our President.

    This is a really sick country.

  13. MIt, better watch Dreams From My Real Father and read Wayne Madsen's research on Obama.

    You write that you "dug really deep".

    But you seem to be unaware of Madsen's research.

    And, the documentary, Dreams From My Real Father.

    You seem to be unaware of Obama's grandmother working as a vice president of a bank, hardly the job given to a communist, a bank known as a front or conduit for CIA money. And, both the East-West Center's known association with the CIA. Given what you've stated, you seem to be passing along the conventional narrative of Obama's life.

    There's more to it than that.

  14. I've seen the "Dreams" and Madsen materials and am totally aware of the grandmothers' bank career.

    The grandmother and her husband were not exactly rich but they were very well off.

    It's exactly these kind of people who at that time became extreme leftees. The bank career is actually exactly what people like them do, particularly in a place like Hawaii.

    1. "Dreams of my Real Father" is untrue. The alleged commie dad was a buddy and used the grandparents as chumps, but didn't fuck their daughter or tie her up with fishnet and sodomize her as the stupid book claims.

      Barak Obama has his mother's father's face, not anyone elses. His grandfather had the exact same bone structure as Barak. Look at their pics and you'll see it's amazing.

      Madsen's materials are all conjecture. No hard facts there.

    2. Mit, It's the video (I have not seen or read the book), the video speaks for itself. But as a forensic documentary, it's well done. And persuasive (sure, it's meant to be persuasive, I get that), because of the facts & evidence, via documents & photographs and timelines.

      Interestingly, Madsen's research and Gilbert's work line up regarding the grandparents working for the CIA. Madsen provides good evidence of the mother's involvement with the CIA during her work in Indonesia.

      As far as I can see, Mit, you come off as a CIA troll.
      Regarding current events (not ancient history) you always take the CIA line.

      Backing the bullshit CIA Syria operation and now disputing Obama's CIA connections. And, promoting the conventional narrative, albeit, with the addition that Obama is neurotic, but that doesn't have any weight, but the CIA connections matter, today.

      And, no, Madsen's material is not "all conjecture".

      Sorry, Mit, we've seen your lies, one too many times. Your conclusionary statements don't carry any weight, and you hardly ever provide anything else.

      But Dr. Pieczenik does something significant, here. Doc puts it all on Obama, but it's not, obviously, there are lot's of people around him carrying out these operations. Obama couldn't get away with this stuff if there wasn't bi-partisan cooperation, that runs deep into both parties and deep into the government.

      Notice how Dr. Pieczenik correctly states Obama's CIA connections (or is it sponsorship?), but passes right over the ethical considerations that the "deep state" obviously helped this "Manchurian candidate" get into office. Obviously, these same people have great influence in the media, too.

      Remember, how conservatives castigated Obama because he was supposedly hesitating in ordering (pulling the trigger) the fake bin Laden hit, after all the logistics and intelligence was saying bin Laden was available to be taken out?

      Actually it was all the logistics & intelligence of setting up the fake bin Laden hit.

      That was Obama hesitating because he knew he would be "crossing the Rubicon" of going into this fake shit. Obama would then be subject to blackmail and manipulation. Notice all this false flag stuff started happening after the bin Laden fake hit?

      That tells you Obama didn't come up with the fake bin Laden hit, others came up with the idea and set the scheme in motion. As others have referred to it as the "deep state", a term coined by Peter Dale Scott.

      Is Obama have a weak character? You bet, but he didn't come up with all this shit on his own, you can abet that, also.

      In that sense, Dr. Pieczenik is acting as a cover-up for the "deep state" by laying blame entirely on Obama and ignoring that all these things were carried out by others and likely planned by others.

      And this wasn't all in the political personnel surrounding Obama, this has to come from permanent structures of government by people who are assumed to be non-political.

      Obama is a man who is not his own master; some call this being a puppet.

      The point is that Obama is in essence a "Manchurian candidate", but not of a foreign government, but by those who control the "deep state" in this country and any foreign control, rather input or counsel, is by mutual agreement in the transnational, western elite, who have no loyalty to any government in any event.

      For the transnational, western elite, governments (and the countries they represent) are owed any loyalty to, but only to dominate and control.

      Dr. Pieczenik, you really have to do better than that.

    3. Off-topic, the black women shot by the D. C. police was shot (probably in the back) after she had existed the car and was running away. She didn't have access to a weapon (the car) when she was shot & killed. Fleeing suspects are not to be shot in the back, Michael Savage is right, it's fascist police tactics.

      See, that is Dr. Pieczenik's purpose, keep it focused & narrow, keep it on Obama, don't focus on how wide-spread this cancer really is -- that the "deep state" pervades and penetrates, controls, many branches of government.

      Notice he defends the indefensible spying because it reflects not just several individuals, but entire agencies of government.

      Dr. Pieczenik, I wish you would just come clean and tell us how extensive this rot, corruption, domination, whatever you want to call it, goes. I bet you have a pretty good idea. But you don't say.

      Why not? That's what I want to know.

    4. Oh please she wasn't running down the street on foot. That's just stupid. Do you really believe anything?

      The truth is just as bad.

      She was an unarmed crazy woman shot in her car for no reason other than the police are pussy cowards who won't take any risk at all of any kind and shoot first and ask questions later.

      American police are all scum and the biggest criminal element in the United States.

    5. Mit, I stand corrected. From photographs, where police were pointing their guns into the car, it appears she was still in the car, the car being a potential weapon. I was wrong. Once, the car is used in a threatening manner, that changes the situation. Now, you and others state whatever driving actions she engaged in where not enough to warrant the shooting. You maybe right, but cops are pretty touchy when the possibility exists they will be run over by a car. Since I was wrong. I'll simply not offer an opinion one way or anther, and leave that to others.

      Perhaps, this phrase from the USAToday paper was the reason for the mistake: "She was shot and killed fleeing her car near the Hart Senate Office Building."

      In any event, thanks for pointing out my mistake.

    6. A peace offering to Dr. Pieczenik: Why would he not expose this "deep state" by keeping the focus as an individual? Well, if you go for the larger exposure, that likely "burns many bridges" to those who are part of this "deep state" or could be considered part of the "deep state". We all are humans, it's difficult to turn on the many friends and associates one develops over the years in the government structure. Also, such exposure would likely end contacts providing information on a confidential basis.

      But here's the reality: As in the American Civil War, any hope of stopping this "deep state" and their transnational elite controllers from completely subverting whatever is left of the Founding Father's republic, will require a non-violent revolution.

      While this is possible with 70% support from the American People, it will also turn friend against friend, brother against brother, even father against son.

      Many people are not going to be able to maintain cordial relations with members of the "deep state" or those who are sympathetic to the structures of the "deep state" if this non-violent revolution is going to be successful.

      Al least in my opinion.

      But I also believe there are many with knowledge of this "deep state", even those in government, not just retired, who are patriots and reject it.

      That offers reason for hope.

      But that's also why the "deep state" wants a bitterly divided 50%/50% nation which can be pushed slightly either way, depending on the issue so the "deep state" gets what it wants and Americans can't effectively unite or at least form a 70% majority to stop all this transnational bullshit.

  15. MIT continues to occupy this Blog with his redundancies...give us a break!!

    Joe McCarthy, the orator, had the first amendment to tarnish his own reputation: some of his declarations were valid: many members of the CPUSA DID WORK IN THE FEDERAL Government as the Muslim brotherhood has infiltrated today.

    McCarthy doesn't hold a candle to the serial Whacking & Racketeering Conspiracy operating our of the executive branch.

    Sticks & stones is not Murder Inc.
    Poor analogy.

    Better OBAMA be compared to his mentor poppy bush:

    You omitted Gabby Giffords, Aurora movie theater, & Boston massacre, all are lab rat expendable patsies with the the same profile - on anti depressant hallucinating concoctions.

    As for Obama's lineage, the story the public has been fed is a cut & paste scrapbook released to the public so Madsen et al. would investigate based upon a fabricated story line tracing the fairy tale shepherd's "grandson".
    Obama true identity will be OUTTED by eyewitnesses who knew his mother Joann NEWMAN aka fugitive Elizabeth Duke & his uncle Fred Newman noted communist activist in NYC, all Jewish by birthright.

    Don't believe Anything originating from the fraud who willfully sealed his records in 1-20-09: HE HAS MUCH TO HIDE.
    "You can fool some of the people all of the time" - Abraham Lincoln.

    I am calling it here: THE RED SOX WILL WIN THE WORLD SERIES.. In the 7th game. That was predetermined on April 30....

    1. Patriarch, you're a good man, but you bit on the wrong bait. The theory you subscribe to is either wrong conclusions, made in good faith, or is intentional disinformation, I don't know which is the case, but, in any event, is wrong.

      Watch (if you can find the video), Dreams From My Real Father and read the Madsen reports.

      Based on my research (which goes much further than those two sets of documentation) are a pretty good synopsis of Obama's background.

      Obama really is a red diaper, doper, baby.

      Which sounds completely strange, considering his CIA provenance, but if you know how Communism plays into this transnational elite bullshit, it makes sense.

      Oh, Mit, by the way, the grandparents were keeping tabs on the communists. CIA did a lot of that kind of stuff. for many reasons, sometimes to observe, sometimes to stop, sometimes to use.

      Another thing CIA Mit doesn't like about the Madsen stuff, it spells out the links between the CIA and transnational corporations and the elite who run them.

      The CIA is the most visible organ of the "deep state".

      That was the final straw in Kennedy's assassination, he wanted to breakup the CIA. The transnational, disloyal, corporate elite weren't going to have their most effective "deep state" apparatus in government broken up, no how, no way.

    2. Mit, the grandparents didn't intentionally allow their daughter to get caught up in Frank Marshall Davis's crude men's photographs or allow his sexual predation on their young daughter, that was Davis's machinations.

      But, obviously, they knew Davis and his communist activities (it wasn't a secret, Davis was a public face and writer in Oahu, Hawaii, with a regular column in the local communist paper) and were keeping tabs on Davis, their daughter, being alone and vulnerable, and hanging with a charismatic man, who knew how to groom a young vulnerable girl.

      Girls liked having their photographs taken, then, just as they do now. Probably started out with all her clothes on, then progressed to racy undergarments, then full nudes and the sexual seduction happened after that.

      Possibly, the grandparents didn't know of Davis's hobby of taking pictures of women in various states of undress and his proclivity to seduce young girls.

      Mistakes happen and girls get pregnant.

      But even in Hawaii, liberal back then, too, that's why communism flourished in the islands, it wouldn't be cool to have it know your daughter was knocked up by the local black, communist, pornographer.

      Better to have a foreign, up and coming (so the spooks thought, they thought wrong) black man from Kenya be identified as the father.

      You know, Mit, I appreciate your counterpoint on this blog... it wouldn't be half as good without you :-) to bounce my points off... good backboard and rim.

      It's fun to tomahawk dunk over your flailing guard.

      White men can't jump :-)

    3. Everything you just said is pure conjecture. "It probably started out this way....."

      "Mistakes happen and girls get pregnant....."

      Look ------------

      There isn't one shred of evidence that Frank Davis fucked Stanley.

      On the other hand there's scores of people who witnessed Barak Obama Sr. in his relationship with Stanley.

      The Frank Davis story about fathering Barry is pure shit. Pure fantasy.

      Dude you've gotta learn the difference between what the evidence says and WHAT YOU WANNA BELIEVE.

    4. Patriarch,

      The Dunhams were not "keeping tabs" on communists for the CIA.

      The Dunhams WERE THE COMMUNISTS.

      There isn't one shred of evidence otherwise.

      For God's sake do you think they'd allow their own teenage daughter to get knocked up by one of them just to keep their cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You're an idiot.

  16. Patriarch and Anaconda:

    You're both starting to show yourselves as nothing more than non-critical conspiracy nuts who want to believe just anything without any evidence just because you want to.

    It's guys like yourselves that discredit all the legitimate research into the true and real conspiracies that exist and are supported with facts instead of conjecture.

    1. And, since you offer nothing, of substance, to contradict what is offered in the Dreams From My Real Father, your criticism has no merit.

      Seen the photographs of Stanley Dunham?

      You know it is Ms. Dunham in the photographs... so who else took those pictures beside Davis who was known to take photographs of young women in various states of undress.

      Just to refresh your recollection:

      Promotional short for Dreams From My Real Father

      Please, the photos are Stanley Ann Dunham and Davis is known to have taken these type pictures, and he had opportunity and, given, his admitted proclivities, motive.

    2. Mit wrote: "On the other hand there's scores of people who witnessed Barak Obama Sr. in his relationship with Stanley."

      Actually, that's false, numerous investigators have failed to find people who saw Obama Sr. and Stanley Dunham together, acting as husband and wife or even hanging out together.

      Mit, I give you credit, when you got your CIA troll hat on, it doesn't matter how outlandish your bullshit is, you still shovel it when it steaming.

  17. Mit, here's another short promo for Dreams From My Real Father, which is shorter, but focusses on the racy pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham. Watch the first, three minute promo above, which has Stanley Ann Dunham's high school year book picture, then watch this shorter promo.

    short promo ...Real Father, focus on racy pictures

    It's the same woman in the high school year book picture, Ms. Dunham, and in the racy photographs.

    By the way, nobody seriously disputes the "Frank" from Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father, is Frank Marshall Davis the avowed communist, who mentored Obama in his high school years.

    But, you put the two videos together, the high school year book photograph of Ann Dunham, from the first longer promo and the racy photos from the second short promo, and it leaves no doubt, it is the same woman.

    Again, it's not hard to put two and two together.

    Frank Marshal Davis, the communist, was taking naked photos of Stanley Ann Dunham and in the process seduced her and impregnated her and is the blood father of Barak Obama.

  18. All this brings up the question: Why did the powers that be want Barak Obama, the socialist, mentored by a communist, Frank Marshall Davis, to be president?

    Beyond the blackmail & manipulation, look at his political support: African Americans, for understandable reasons are a rock solid base of support, no matter what Obama does; liberal whites (many with a guilt complex) are loathe to turn on Obama after voting for him; other minorities, and liberal intellectuals (many soft on communism) are loath to turn on Obama.

    What does Obama want to do?

    The powers that be intend to induce Americans to adopt their own 'restructuring' towards centralization (Obamacare, as an example, which benefits the huge insurance companies) of power where the American populace is more easily controlled and to introduce an increasing level of socialistic government control, over individuals via Obama's face, as an alternative to the classic American system, where individuals are not dependent on the government, thus, more able to object to government policies that erode national sovereignty in favor of transnationalism, beyond the reach of increasingly disenchanted citizenry.

    Obama has furthered a surveillance state more than Bush could ever hope to do and has furthered a police state in waiting more than any white Democrat or Republican could ever hope to do.

    Obama has had a more aggressive, imperialist foreign policy, albeit, partly covert and partly overt than any white Democrat or Republican could do (because he has a base of political support that normally opposes such policies, but due to his ethnic background, is loath to oppose Obama, thus, policies normally opposed by these groups are shrugged off).

    Oppose the policies and you often get called a racist.

    Dr. Pieczenik is right that Obama is limited as a leader when a fluid, political situation arises.

    But none of this was supposed to depend on Obama's political leadership in fluid situations, likely this was well-scripted out.

    A set piece, as in Obama can be excellent with a teleprompter.

    But events are breaking down and diverting from scripted sequence, leaving Obama in a position he was not designed to handle. Obama is a C...I...A test tube baby.

    The transnational elite want corporations to be above the law.

    Open immigration lowers wages and reduces the possibility of the American People successfully stopping this process.

    The Transpacific Partnership provides a framework for corporations being beyond classical sovereignty where national governments can regulate their activity. The powers that be end up regulating themselves... sweet if you can get it.

    Obama has done nothing to reign in huge banks, in fact, the Fed has pumped billions (by now trillions) into the big banks who in turn have been pumping up the stock prices of these same corporations who want to be above the law.

    Obama was the perfect vehicle for the "deep state" and their controllers to get what they want.

    Seriously, do you think the powers that be want Americans to retain their gun rights?

    I know it's counter-intuitive, but Obama's socialism is exactly what the powers that be want to have happen for the little people, while they reap huge profits from the international arena, through their "American" empire. But it isn't really "American", it's something else altogether.

    1. I disagree . The investigators followed the dots created in his fictitious biography penned by domestic terrorist u of Chicago English professor bill ayers.
      If you follow the fake narrative & the photoshopped photos, especially the one with his head imposed on john travolta's body in Saturday night Fever as a "posed" prom picture, you arrive at the dunhams as his family.

      Why has NOT ONE PERSON IN THAT PROM PICTURE BEEN INTERVIEWED MERELY FOR PURPOSES OF NOSTALGIA? Because they like newtown & Aurora & boston & The navy yard &Tuscon & the fake video behind the Benghazi ruse DO NOT EXIST.

      Either obama is a brainwashed humanoid or perhaps the worst mentally deranged despot in history.

      Grandma coincindentally "died" just before his inauguration. You hear zero fom his "half-sister". Only his mother in law & brother- in -law robinsons are around.

      You have to ask your great great grand kids to keep you apprised.
      In the interim,
      Read this carefully:

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