Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beginning of The End of Saudi Arabia:  Ma’a As-Salama!! Bye-Bye!!!

For some time now,   I have been warning you about the moribund state of Saudi Arabia.    More than ever,  as the USG,  thanks to the Obama administration,  is approaching a rapprochement with Iran;   Saudi Arabia will be in the Intensive Care Unit of viability as a unified state.
  What do I mean?
  Without malicious intent,   I am attempting to describe a phenomenon that in my humble opinion is inevitable—the dissolution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  First,  a little refresher course in world history….
For the most part,  Saudi Arabia was a convenient British post-WWI contrivance.    It was artificially created by MI-6 and British diplomacy,   garnished with the fanciful tales of the flaming self-aggrandizing,  "Lawrence of  Arabia."    Thanks to film director David Lean and the brilliant portrayal by Peter O’Toole,  we have  a completely distorted image of the so-called ‘guerrilla war’ hero.    In reality it was the British that appointed the King Abdullah bin Abdulazziz and his family to the ersatz title of ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ in Mecca.

Officially,  British intention was to control the present and past hajj [annual pilgrimage to Mecca] through the quartz crystal fiction of a Saudi Kingship.    The true descendants of The Holy Prophet Mohammed,  the Hashemites,  were dispersed to two artificially created nation-states –Jordan and Iraq just after WWI.    In order to establish and maintain the so-called “LEGITIMACY” of the present ROYAL SAUDI family–which is in complete disarray—the Brits/American pretend that the present SENILE KING ABDULLAH BIN  ABDULAZZI should be in charge of organizing the  TWO MILLION INGRESS of MUSLIMS from ALL OVER THE WORLD.    The whole 90 year history of Saudi Arabia is a farce!

  The Iranian Shi’ites know this.  The Israelis know this. 
In fact,   this farce is so well known in the national security community that there is an ongoing bet as to how long it will take before Iranian Shi’ites disrupt the Hajj.   For over twenty-five years,   the Saudis have been seriously worried about this Hajj being used for POLITICAL DEMONSTRATIONS.   You and I both know what trouble makers Saudis are.   They certainly deserve to experience some contrived mischief  such that they have doled out to the rest of the world---in  kind. 

What are the Saudis specifically worried about?
Unrest,  instability,  evaporating power base.
During the Hajj of 1987,   Shi’ites muslim pilgrims CORRECTLY DEMONSTRATED against the INJUSTICES perpetrated by the USG and Israel-- forcing Saudi security forces [trained by USG, Israel and other mercenaries] to crack down on the innocent Shi’ite muslim pilgrims.    Unfortunately,   over four hundred or more Shi’ites were mercilessly killed and another thousand or so, were seriously wounded.
  Thanks to the USG self-inflicted wounds of 9/11 and the incredibly stupid and dangerous invasion of Iraq-  Iran became inadvertently the winner due to America’s faux-pas.    Next,   the  USG support along with Saudi Arabian support of Syria Rebels placed the Saudi Kingdom—dumb,  dumber—in major geopolitical problem in the Middle East.   More embarrassing for these ‘dumb and dumber’ Saudi royalty is the fact that everyone of the Sunnis’ or whatever rebels they armed in Syria are now fighting among themselves with Saudi/UAE supported-- American military weapons.
Remember the Benghazi Affair?   That’s where the so-called non-event took place.   Saudis shipped weapons under the graces of DCI John Brennan to Syria via Libya with Hillary’s approval.   We all know what a hot mess that turned out to be,  with valuable American personnel murdered.   

What will happen next?
Start with the riots in Eastern Saudi/Bahrain and add to it the incompetence of Saudi rulers,  these ersatz  royalty- who over three generations never bothered to build a foundation of civil society,  what you have is the beginning of the end of this Koncocted Kingdom.    The likelihood of Iran becoming The Muslim Power in the Middle East foreshadows the death of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi support for Salafist, or extreme Sunni Muslims at the behest of America,  Britain,  Israel,  France has pretty much come to its natural ending.   There is not much the Saudi royalty can do about it other than flee to their haunts in London,  Geneva,  Marbella and the like.   For countless decades,  Saudi princes,  too lazy and inept to govern their own country,  paid everyone money to ensure their viability.   Saudi Arabia was the ultimate patsy on the Middle East block,  prostituting their oil and paying off every type of bully: Salafists, Sunnis, America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and of course,   Israel.   Now this patsy serves no one's interests,  so like Israel,  Saudi Arabia becomes a strategic liability.

Remember,   America has no real friends or enemies….we have only national interests.    Iran is indispensable to our national security interest.   


  1. Prince Bandar will not take a liking to your prognostication.

    1. Bandar is a pervert and can stay the hell out of my country. I'd like to see him alone in a dark alley or too in Houston, maybe introduce him to some of my Nazi friends there and they can show him a thing or two.....

  2. Well I agree with your facts but I don't reach your conclusions.

    I think Iran and the Saudis can co-exist just fine together. What tension there is exists because Iran has loyalties to Shi'i here and there and there are militant Sunnis in Saudi Arabia but they are not part of the government there.

    The Saudi Royals just want to be left alone to drink campaign and sodomize little boys and girls. They have to put up with the militant Sunnis in their mist, and so they tolerate their support of fighters here and there, but the Saudi royals don't have any real interest in confronting Iran on those or any other issues.

    Yes there's dissent here and there among the Shi'i in the eastern provence, etc., but the Saudi security state is solid and these malcontents are easily controlled in a total police state like the Saudis have erected.

    There simply isn't any room for a revolution in a place like Saudi Arabia, and whenever a group does start do grumble the Saudi royals just buy them off with some cash - that's all.

    No Dr.P I think you're exaggerating here. The Saudis will still ber here long after you and I have seen the last roundup.

  3. After the Iranian revolution in 1979 there was a real threat of Iran's example to other Shi'i and this was why Saddam Hussein was put in power in Iraq and then attacked Iran in a desperate bid to counter this threat.

    The Saudis and others in fear of the revolutionary example of Shi'i Iran at that time supported Iraq in what Christine Moss Helms called, "Iraq: The Eastern Front of the Arab World..."

    And I supported all those arguments and I believed that, but what happened in the end.....nothing.

    So if that tremendous threat didn't bring the Saudis down how would these little nat stings do the job against them?

    No way.

  4. The economies and social ills of places like Syria, Tunsia and Egypt are very different from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia doesn't have tens of millions of unemployed young men wandering around horny as hell with blue balls and not enough money to get married and therefore get laid....

    Let's look at the realities of these causes.

    1. I will never look at a map of the Middle East the same again.

  5. If you wanna discuss something interesting let's talk about the situation in Yemen, and the conditions of Eritrians crossing over into Yemen where they are captured and enslaved, tortured, raped and murdered by the thousands.

    Yemen in the place where there's poverty, horror and terror on an unimaginable scale - NOT Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudis will still be fondling and boning little boys long after we on this board will have written our last screeds.

  6. FYI.....

    Viagra loses its efficacy over time. Several old perverts in Saudi Arabia have died from taking handfuls of viagra which have become necessary for them to achieve erections.

    In the Wikileaks materials the US embassy staff memorialized their fears that King Saud was now using such large doses of viagra that he was in peril of death thereby......

    1. Sounds like a conspiracy theory MIT, do you have any HARD evidence? LoL !

  7. As far as the US-Iranian detente....

    What have I been saying would happen?

    Neither the US nor Israel has a military option against Iran.

    The Iranins ramped up their atom bomb program to deter the US from attacking them when the US was in Iraq, etc., but that threat is over now.

    The Iranians now realize that their bomb program isn't necessary and is more trouble than it's worth.

    This doesn't mean that the US has to chose between Iran and Saudi Arabia or anyone else.

    Everything's going to go along just like before. No changes.

  8. What few people know is that the Iraqi ba'ath party was Israel's biggest perceived threat.

    When Iran and Iraq were at war the revolutionary government in Iran had all kinds of clandestine activities and cooperations with Israel, largely based on their mutual wish to destroy the Iraqi ba'ath.

    Having seen how extensive their activities were in the 1980s I've been facinated lately to see how much enmity there is now that their mutual enemy has been vanquished.

    The Iranians have the Israelis trembling in their sandals and all hysterical. It's sort of funny.

    1. The Iraqi ba'ath party was a close to an Arab National Socialist party as there can be. The Iraqi ba'ath not only held the country together [which the US tore apart] but also used Nazi principles to empower women, promote the working classes, expand education and employment, and seek the common good for the common people AGAINST the self-interest of the rich!

      And this is why the Saudis were always in fear of the Iraqi ba'ath, and the Israelis were scared to death of them because they were the only group in the Arab world which truely wanted Israel wiped off the map entirely. If it were not for the war with Iran, which the Israeli's fueled, Iraq's oil wealth would have made it the strongest country in the region, and all that wealth would have gone to it's people and military.

      As it is now it's all going to a small group of corrupt rich billionaire assholes following in the American/Saudi example.

      Saddam Hussein was a gentleman, a reader of books and a writer of books, as opposed to the ignoramous, drug and alchoholic George Bush who murdered him.

      I hope George W. Bush dies and goes straight to hell where he can confront the spirits of all the murdered Iraqi children who died horrible deaths in his "war for democracy."

      Rot in hell George W. Bush and your Satan-worshipping father and grandfather. All of you belong in the Skull and Bones Cript together, masterbating while your fraternity brothers watch.

  9. Dr. Steve Pieczenik,
    Would you like to explain what MITmichael is doing in these comments sections, or do you prefer my explanation? Do you truly wish to evaluate by skill sets, we can call him element {1} for starters.
    Apparently MITmichael does not understand the meaning of ‘pattern.

    1. Reminds me of Farm, and what does the 'Farmer do?

      But of course, they plant seeds.

    2. Now whether this ‘farmer of some sort is good or bad, depends on whether or not the seeds they are planting are 'legal. I believe we know the answer to this question.

    3. Listen buddy anyone who speaks in such incomprehensible abstract ways must be on mushrooms or something.

      If you wanna take issue with anything I've said I'm ready to debate, but I can't debate with a loone.

  10. Well let's put our money where our mouths are.

    I'm willing to bet anyone here $5,000. that five years from now the Saudis are still running Saudi Arabia.

    Any takers?

  11. When I worked at Sulzer there was this know-it-all who kept claiming that he was able to handicap any football game.

    I got so tired of this guys bullshit that I gave him $200. to place on two pro games of his choice.

    Both his choices lost and he never said another word about his "skills" again.

    It was the best $200. I ever spent.

  12. I mean really, money talks and bullshit walks.

    1. I will in an article, it will explain 'seeding and the technological aspects of why people perform such acts.

      Something you can look forward to in the near future, and you know precisely what I'm talking about.

      But for now generally speaking, I don't wish to expose the 'article.

    2. I was in need of some additional samples, and thank you for your contributions.

    3. You're most welcome.

      Now as far as I'm concerned the only thing the public needs to know about the Saudis is that they're a bunch of pedophile perverted mother-f******s who from time to time lure cute blonde girls from the United States or Scandanavia to make them slaves for their smelly, viagra-gulping, gown-wearing Koran-spouting Arabs.

      Maybe we should actually encourage the Iranians to invade and conquer those creeps on the Penninsula, but the Iranians won't do it and even today the US agreed to sell another ten billion in arms to those Saudi perverts.

      I don't think we'd be selling them all these arms if we intended to pull the rug out from under them, and they have some pretty impressive rugs over there - the best in the world.

  13. Fascinating observations Dr p! With some fascinating comments by MIT! I'd have to say I'd agree that Saudi Arabia/ Israel should be worried as they no longer hold the strategic importance of yesteryear and the middle east in general is dropping to bits and there is a great deal of truth in the authors and MIT's commentary! What I would say from a very basic perspective is that it seems we've used the middle east for our own gains(well the power structures gains) eg looted oil reserves introduced a non indigenous people slap bang in the middle, introduced a power structure that's totally useless in Saudi Arabia whilst bringing down any regime that seems to do anything worthwhile for its people! It doesn't seem difficult to work it out does it! The title "grand chessboard" rings true! I won't be taking up MIT's offer of a bet but I can't argue Dr P's points either!

  14. You've gotta remember that these high oil prices have changed everything.

    The US now produces more oil than it imports.

    The US is now the largest producer of oil, producing more than Russia or Saudi Arabia.

    Oil exporters like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Norway are accumulating huge amounts of cash.

    The real place which can gain is Iraq. Watch what goes on there.

  15. Mandatory Listening: no way is this the end of Saudia Arabia.. Saudi agent Barack Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz.

    Also, the other side of the Dimon Story:

    "Dimon’s real sin, was his withering critique of the Obama economic agenda, which he said was holding back the US economy.

    For a while, Dimon (a longtime Democrat) was a rarity in Corporate America in that he refused to be cowed by the Washington political class and keep his mouth shut in the face of the absurdity this administration was administering to businesses in the form of taxes, regulation and now a new health-care system where even something as vital as designing a workable Web site to sign up new recruits doesn’t work.

    By speaking out, Dimon became de facto public enemy No. 1....

    Holder’s demanding some sort of concession of guilt from the bank, which is basically a multibillion-dollar gift to the administration’s buddies in the trial bar, who are waiting anxiously to see exactly how much the bank will be forced to ’fess up to before their lawsuits start to fly.

    In other words, the shareholders of JP Morgan are subsidizing Wall Street ambulance chasing....Friends of Dimon say they can’t believe he’ll take much more of the abuse; he doesn’t need the money and would love nothing more than to become a college professor. Maybe he can teach a course in what it’s like to be extorted."

    Is Dimon going to sing? he will be left as another Obama "suicide" if he does.


    1. President Reagan warned about socialized medicine, and ironically I quoted his warning in my closing remarks during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate: “If you don’t do this and if I don’t do it, one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.”

    2. America hasn't been free for a long time now.

      Typical Reagan distortion.