Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Defense of American Intelligence—HUMINT/CYBER/ SURVEILLANCE-- Overseas!
From the very first days of the founding of America as British terrorist colony,   our founding fathers set up a Committee of Secrecy in order to penetrate British,  French,  Spanish, and Dutch  intelligence and banking institutions.
  What do I mean?
  Both Benjamin Franklin and Robert Morris [financier] set up a secret committee unbeknownst to the other members of the Continental Congress in order to secure valuable intelligence and more importantly,  the requisite finances for the ‘illegal acquisitions’ of muskets and gun powder.
  Please remember,  that our ‘terrorist‘ colony was in a full scale rebellion,   not once,  but twice,  against it’s oppressor,  our present ally,  Britain.
 My point?

  Without Human Intelligence [HUMINT],  Electronic [ELINT],  Signal [SIGINT],  and Cyber intelligence,  the viability of our country as a nation state is highly compromised.    Intelligence is to national security as X-RAYs,  CAT SCANs,  MRIs  are to physicians and surgeons.    No ethical,  efficient physician would dream of executing any invasive procedures without some form of lab tests or other indicators which allow the physician to determine the most efficient and least dangerous cure for the viability of his/her patient.
  That analogy applies to the gathering of FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE by the USG OVERSEAS by any and all  “LEGITIMATE” methods.    Therefore,  the recent complaints by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Francois Hollande of France are at best DISINGENUOUS and at extreme beyond absurd.    Both Germany and France have been some of the top ten intelligence ‘penetrators’ of American society and American intelligence.
  Let me be more specific.
  When I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia under Bush Sr/Baker,   I was one of the principal architects of the International Peace Conference On Cambodia in 1991.   Most of my time was spent between Thailand,  Singapore,  Cambodia and France.   But which of the aforementioned countries literally ransacked  my personal possessions while I was under DIPLOMATIC PROTECTION?
  If you guessed –FRANCE!!    You hit it right on the nose!
  It may seem counter-intuitive that one of our closest allies—France,   would spend countless hours monitoring my activities in France and abroad.   But that was the proper job of the Deuxieme Bureau or "La Piscine".     Their job was to find out what I knew about a complicated situation regarding the disarming of the French sponsored Khmer Rouge and what I would do about it.   Their ‘attempted penetration’ involved ‘honey trap’,  ‘rifling through my medicine bag’  and ‘monitoring conversations’ on “AIR FRANCE”.     That’s right, folks,  the French,  Germans and Israelis as well as other countries use their stewardesses and electronic equipment to start monitoring  a ‘foreigner’s activities’ the minute they enter the airplane.
  Silly! but true.
Remember,  the most active countries trying to steal American ‘secrets’ are China [to be expected];  Russia [technology secrets];  Israel [they want to know if you are pro or anti-Israel];  Britain [they never stop ‘bugging us’].

In other words,  everyone spies on everyone else.
Me thinks that Madame Merkel PROTEST TOO MUCH!
  Let let me tell you what little I may know about her without revealing any ‘deep secrets’.
  First and foremost,  she was born and grew up in East Germany.   That presents a basic problem.   Was she or anyone in her family or friends an East German spy—STASI??
We know that her father,  a brave religious leader,  left West Berlin to go to East Germany to start,   I believe,  a Lutheran Congregation.    That congregation,  decades later, was part of the riots that our covert intel community inspired in order to bring down the BERLIN WALL.
  Do you get what I am getting at?
Merkel family was part of a movement  with collaboration of brave CIA /DIA operatives to instigate agitation propaganda in order to force the ‘take down’ of the Berlin Wall.   Now you can see,   that without US Intelligence working in concert with overseas groups—NGOs;  religious groups; students;  professors etc--- we could never have implemented the strategy that I helped create at the RAND Corporation for the take down of the Soviet Union and East Germany.
  Am I a spy?
Technically no!   I  never officially accepted the CIA overtures to join.    But does that mean I did not work with brave men and women of the CIA, DIA, NRO. NSA?     In order to be an effective Senior State Dept official,   one needs the tools provided by the covert operatives of our country.
  What is most important is knowing how to use these covert operatives and their information.
  Unfortunately,   I found that most Civilians in the State Dept and other agencies,  including the White House,  did not really know how to use these operatives and their intelligence.    I saw too many operatives mocked,  derided or abused.    For the most part,   covert operatives in both the military and civilian agencies were at best TOLERATED BY SENIOR OFFICIALS IN the WHITE HOUSE AND STATE DEPARTMENT.    Shameful that many policy people never learned how to use INTEL properly.

  From civilian ignorance arose civilian abuses of Electronic Surveillance of  Americans citizens and a completely unnecessary,  cruel,  ‘drone war’ overseas. 
What are my conclusions?
[1]   We need to reorganize sixteen different intelligence agencies in the USG in order to streamline them and eliminate REDUNDANCY.
[2]   Better and more extensive reliance on HUMINT.
[3]   Develop a more rigorous COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE CAPACITY as more and more Chinese,  Russians,  Europeans,  Israelis,  and others migrate to the USA for permanent residency.
[4]   Never apologize for our overseas intelligence successes.   They usually lead to policy changes,   like the present Obama shift from Saudi Arabia to Iran.    Bravo!!
I will then leave you , my dear readers, with a Old Testament Proverb:
  Moses said onto Aaron when he went on to Canaan to spy:
“Send men that they may spy out the land of Cannan…..every one a prince among them"


  1. What's all this about?

    Like all government people you seem to looking for enemies where there are none.


    The US doesn't have any enemies who can attack the United States with anything more than a puny little "terror" attack once in a while.

    The US will always have it's strategic nuclear forces and some conventional force projection abilities.

    What intelligence we need should be focused on this mission...


    By that I mean that when a group of activists like the Israeli Likud NeoCons make false claims about Iran or Iraq that there should be an authoratative intel community who can be called upon to de-bunk such claims.

    Unfortunately that's against the career interests of the intel community so they're not going to do that. Instead they'll do the opposite and exaggerate the threats so they can get more money, employment, etc.

    I always like to refer to Vietnam because what happened there is a perfect example of the exaggeration that all government people, including yourself, always do when describing foreign "threats."

    We all know the extreme level of cost to the US in prosecuting that war, and everyone involved did so because they'd been convinced that losing Vietnam to communism would have dire consequences for America.

    But it didn't.

    When South Vietnam fell to the communists in 1975 absolutely no harm came to any American anywhere, and the American economy and business interests went on undamaged.

    Go figure.

    We are not at war except for the wars we've started. There's no reason to keep this kind of colossal intel capability active.

    Shut it down and let everyone find a real life.

  2. Now if you want to talk about a real threat to Americans let's talk about the Mexican government and it's drug cartels who sell drugs all over the United States, murdering and torturing any American citizen living here who gets in their way or doesn't pay their bills, etc.

    What is your American intel community doing about that?


    It's all politics anyway.

    It's all a cluster of distortions and untruths.

    1. I would venture to guess that its not al-queda nor the mexican cartels doing the most damage. With heart disease killing most americans, I believe Ronald McDonald is contributing to more deaths than the aforementioned combined. But thats just my guesstimate. The heart claims 1 person dies every 33 seconds in the U.S. from cardiovascular disease, claiming approximately 1 million men and women annually in the U.S. alone. I really think we can combine the TSA, with Obamacare, and while we are getting scanned at the airport, and palpated, we should leave a urine specimen and maybe get an ultrasound of our carotid arteries as well. Think about it, we would win win win ! We save money, reduce redundancy of Government agencies, by combining of TSA and Obamacare. And we fight Terrorism and heart disease all in one shot ! But I digress.

    2. Patients with lowered cholesterol due to taking statin drugs have the same rates of heart attack as patients with higher levels of cholesterol. The direct link between cholesterol and coronary artery disease has been de-bunked.

      A Harvard study released last week demonstrated that people who ate red meat and lots of fats had less coronary artery disease than vegetarians.

      The problem with treating coronary artery disease is that MDs adopted a false theory fourty years ago that eating fats causes cholesterol levels to increase and that high cholesterol causes arteries to become blocked.

      This entire theory never had any evidence whatsoever and has now been completely de-bunked.

      Cholesterol like all fats or oils are created by the body itself in a process involving the storage of energy from carbohydrates in conjunction with insulin activity.

      When you see a fat cow in a feed lot all the fat on that cow was created by the cow itself because it was fed lots of corn and molases. All the fat on the cow didn't accumulate because the cow ate a high-fat diet and the fats ingested find their way through the blood and deposit as fat in the cow LOL.

      I laugh when MDs make that idiotic claim, and for anyone who knows anything about animals and their feeding it's totally ridiculous that a person's fat deposits could be due to eating fat of any kind - whether animal fat or tropical oils or anything.

      The only way that fat contributes to a person gaining fat is only because fat contains calories just like sugars and carbohydrates, and it's all these sources which are converted into oils such as cholesterol.

      All forms of cholesterol are highly necessary and beneficial for neurons, and many other tissues. There is no such thing as a good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

      It may also be that there is an inflamatory process which causes cholesterol to deposit in arteries as a patching process. There is some evidence to suggest that coronary artery blockage from cholesterol is primarily due to infamatory disease.

      Regretably for MDs to change their "standard treatments" involving these issues they'd have to break from convention and if something goes wrong they'd be accused of malpractice so it's unlikely many MDs will incorporate these studies and findings in their recommendations.

      It's also very difficult for MDs to accept that everything they've previously been doing is wrong as well.

    3. People taking low calorie/low carbohydrate diets have the least coronary artery disease of anyone.

      Coronary artery disease can be largely avoided by eating a low calorie diet [as well as increasing longevity from other causes as well].

      In addition if coronary artery disease forms despite such a diet then inflamatory disease may be present and can be treated accordingly. If coronary arteries are blocked then remedial stints may be considered, however personally I think by-pass surgery should only be used in emergency circumstances and never as a prophlactic. By-pass surgery is lucrative for the clinicians but is extremely dangerous and carries much discomfort and risk. As well if the causes of artery occlusion are not addressed the new arteries can become blocked as well.

    4. It's been known since the early 70s that feeding rats and other mammals a calorie-restricted diet increases their longevity dramatically.

      There is much reason to believe that doing so with humans will also increase their longevity as well as decrease their morbidity.

      Other major sources of longevity can be found in anti-oxidents as it appears that major sources of tissue loss from aging is actually due to oxidative stress.

      The long lifespans of certain birds such as parrots is due to their inherent production of certain anti-oxidents which other mammals lack.

      I have a friend in Italy with a parrot which is 93 years old and spews out "Mussolini Mussolini IL Duche! IL Duche!"

      He lives in a time warp.

    5. Unless a person exercises a lot [which btw is a good idea] then eating little or no carbohydrates, sugars, and few calories from other sources.....

      Will make for a long and healthy life.

    6. Hitler advocated vegetarianism and his health was not good.

      The reason why he liked vegetarianism was because of the huge amount of grains needed to feed animals, and Germany lost the Great War because of it's dependence on foreign sources of grain. Much of Hitler's theories of land expansion were actually based on this one factor, and the fact that Germany's population was too large for it's available grain capacity under early twentieth century agricultural processes.

    7. BILL CLINTON...........

      He put off by-pass surgery until he was out of office.

      Then when he had it there were huge complications. He almost died during surgery, and then infections set in which required more thorasic surgery months later.

      His by-pass surgery ruined his health and it took him almost two years to recover. Then his doctors put him on statin drugs and a fat-elimination diet which did two thing........

      1.He remained in poor health, with dry skin, eyes and hair. His mental capacities were degraded, he was wasting, without energy or resistance to disease.

      2.His new arteries clogged up with cholesteral.

      So he has stints put into his new arteries and looked for dietary alternative.

      In the last three years he's changed to a vegetarian diet which includes oils and fats, but restricts carbohydrates.

      His health has subsequently improved dramatically.

    8. Despite everything he's been through due to his previous Doctor's standard practice methods......

      He's now in better health than he's been in for the last fifty years.

      It goes to show you the body can get back into a balanced and healthy condition even though it's been abused and traumatized for many decades.

      The precision of the human body and brain is astonishing. Both are incredibly resilient.

    9. Everyday members of the Mexican drug cartels take American citizens back to Mexico in the trunks of cars, trailers, etc. for torture.

      They also daily take kidnapped girls back to Mexico to be used as sex slaves by the cartels. Some American citizen girls traveling in Mexico have also been kidnapped and then killed after torture and rape.

      Kidnapping for ransom is now so common in Mexico that most people expect to be kidnapped at one time or another. Kidnapping victims almost never file complaints for fear of their former captors and because they believe the police are also in the kidnapping racket.

      Many taxi drivers perpetrate "express kidnappings" by taking foreigners to ATM machines and forcing them to draw out money. Sometimes the foreigners are released, but many times they are taken to police officers who murder them on the driver's behalf.

      Nobody's doing anything about this.

    10. I believe Obama and the former Mexican President entered into an agreement with the Sinaloa cartel. I believe the Fast and Furious program was an intentional effort to strengthen Sinaloa. The war in Juarez a few years ago was an intervention by the Mexican government to destroy the Juarez cartel so the Sinaloa would possess it. There have been no prosecutions of Sinaloa members in Mexico although they dominate the drug market.

      I believe that to Obama this was an easy decision given that he spent the last twenty years in south Chicago. In his mind why would a bunch of illiterate devil-worshiping Mexican peasants selling drugs be any different than what he grew to accept in Chicago?

      No big deal.

    11. Agree with your analysis MIT, however keep in mind 1 Big Mac, 1 Large Coke, 1 Large Fries, and 1 Hot Fudge Sundae = about 1700 calories & 79% Daily Value of Carbohydrates and that is just one meal. This epidemic of obesity that we are experiencing in the U.S., will shorten lives. Think about this for a moment, for every pound of fat gained our body will make 7 miles of blood vessels. So obesity and heart disease often go together. The heart has to work harder the fatter we become. So I agree with caloric restriction for the same reasons. The saying that there are fat people, and there are old people, but there are not a lot of fat old people, is true.

    12. Also keep in mind the as a person gets fatter, their risk of developing hypertension and type II diabetes increases. And diabetes is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease.

  3. Thats why the new spy agency use a program like Google analytics that use the sphere program to connect the dots or contacts etc as it may be
    it look like a lot of bubbles all cross connected but the computer does the matching and search out the patterns for radicals/gang affiliation for law enforcement/ and the list goes on how the data can be cross correlated for any purpose right down to sending you a free bot program in your cp or computer to aid there tracking and monitoring

  4. I have found these latest revelations made by the now exiled in Russia ex operative mildly amusing! I would like to think any normal thinking person would just assume that everyone spies on everyone else! Be it industrial, scientific,or just plain old boring counter intelligence!! he has no enemies but his friends dislike him intensely, that seems an apt adage regarding this subject!!!

  5. Now let me say something about Moses, Aaron, and their campaign in Canaan.

    If you read the story you'll see that what Moses did was take his Hebrew army from one village in Canaan to another and slaughter everyone in the village so Moses could take their land.

    This was so appalling that their was dissent among some of the Hebrews, so Moses killed them too.

    Then Moses and Aaron and their Hebrew army continued their campaign of genocide against the Canaanites.

    You can draw your own conclusions.

    1. Somehow I'm just not able to follow Moses' "Ten Commandments," or anything else from him or his ilk.

  6. Dr. Pieczenik, this is great information. It's very interesting and I hope you have much more to say on the topic, mostly because I WANT TO HEAR more on the topic :).

    1. I'll tell you all you need to know.

      The US doesn't need to be spying on foreign allies such as the Germans. Nor does the US need to be collecting the email or telephone data of Americans unless there's probable cause of wrongdoing. Nor do American police need to randomly run peoples' license plates or randomly stop drivers without cause.

      All these things happen because these agencies are over-funded and there isn't enough legitimate work for them to do.

      That's all there is to know.

      As for Dr.Piecaenik's views on the topic I think he's still living in the Cold War.

  7. Caspar Weinberger made an example of Jonathan Pollard, A "FUNDAMENTAL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE".

    Time to apply the same sentencing guidelines to Keith Alexander, Michael Hayden & Bari Malik SHABAZZ:

    "This is the worst crime in American history. There’s nothing worse than this. It’s on the same order but vastly larger than the Benedict Arnold trial. We can’t find this crime happening in any other country anyplace in history: a foreign enemy agent – this guy is a Muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – wound up becoming president by a conspiracy between communists and Islamists to install him in office so he can destroy the country from within. That’s what the crime is. These people better understand that if it gets to a grand jury and they find that the evidence I have is correct – and they’ll find more of the conspiracy – the penalty for treason is death. I can’t imagine these people escaping that particular penalty because of the nature of the crime and what Obama has done to the country in getting us to over $8 or $9 trillion more debt than Bush had when he left office. These people are going to hang. It’s the worst crime in American history; nothing comes close. "