Friday, October 25, 2013

Thanks Patriarch,  term limits is PHASE 1,  must happen now.  The only way to stop this nonsense.
Candidates could run on this platform alone.  Local first,  state and then national...


  1. Allen West is a liar and a creep playing the role of Clarence Thomas in the Congress until his own district voted his lying ass out. West is a darling of Fox News and all other right-wing whitebread idiots who love to find an opportunistic negro who they can put forward as an example of a colored who's stupid enough to babble their line.

    West is just like Clarence Thomas, Allen Keyes, and that 9-9-9 creep. All these guys are just about making money in the white word so they an bone white women.

  2. again MIT you dominate without knowledge:
    West was gerrymandering out of his district and "assigned" to an adjacent district when the congressman got into trouble there.

    he had no imput. it was the Florida Republican Party who wanted tea parties out of commission (Jeb bush???)

    Lois Frankel, former mayor of West Palm Beach and a Democrat was adopted as the favorite daughter. The inference is this gift was an iou between both florida Demogotcha-gogues and the reprobate Repulsives parties; she never interacts with any of her constituents except in screened participation.

    West is considering the Senate. Nelson is a useless eater, nothing more.

    as for making money, how about you getting up in the morning? at least these "opportunistic negroes" are.

    1. What a bunch of bull. Stop making excuses for this lying negro who just wants of fuck white women. Try to spin it anyway you want, but the fact is that he lost the election, and I don't care what the reasons were. The fact is a bunch of people in a district wanted someone else, maybe this Jewish Princess Frankel, and that's why West is out. West reminds me of that asshole Kanye West and his asshole cousin Cornell West, both of whom are playing the race card continually as is this asshole Allen West.

      Can you believe that Allen West was an officer in the Army? Can you imagine having that asshole as your commnder?

      Allen West is a huge advocate of the war on terror, drone attacks, CIA rendering and so forth.

      By singing the praises of Allen West you've shown your true "colors."

  3. That is what you call a Zinger ! : ) Rofl !

  4. Phase II:
    Ted Cruz has a better recipe than when cardiologists want EVERY PATIENT TO TAKE A DaIly BABY ASPIRIN (more side effects than Cruz' s)

    1. DON'T TAKE ASPIRIN EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Studies have shown that people who take aspirin have blood that's too thin, and it results in small hemorages in the brain and everywhere else.

      Most elderly people who begin taking aspirin will start having bruises on their arms and other visible places, but what you can't see is the similar leeking of blood in their brains and other organs.


  5. Phase III:

    No TelePrompTer needed here.
    "If you read the New York Times, that's your FIRST PROBLEM."
    "The Tail wagging the dog...what does that mean?,,,the tail is here in Iowa; the dog was left behind in DC."
    For the sake of YOUR POSTERITY & MINE, reconsider your illogical POV & join the GRASSROOTS REVOLUTION.
    DUMP THEM ALL INTO THE TIDAL BASIN..let em drown in their own feces!
    Watch & think pragmatically.

    1. And then what? What do we do then? Are we gonna elect a bunch of teabaggers like Ted Cruz instead? Maybe Sarah Palin of teaparty fame? You're dreaming.

      The only thing that will improve matters is to buy up the mainstream media and run for office yourself.

      Do you have the sand for that?

    2. We need more positive solutions and less destructive impulses here.