Thursday, October 31, 2013

Angela Merkel’s Hysterical Outbursts about N.S.A Spying on her is Deliberately Created to Divert Attention from a Failing German Economy!

Most of you are aware that in the world of INTEL,   be it a domestic issue or an international concern,   there is usually some other NARRATIVE that is missing or being PURPOSEFULLY DISCARDED.
  What could that be with regards to Angela Merkel’s recent  “Wagnerian Overtures”  about OUR N.S.A monitoring HER PERSONAL CELL PHONE?
Remember the old adage that Bush Sr forgot?
  “It’s the ECONOMY…. STUPID!”

Let us look at the recent WARNINGS that MERKEL JUST RECEIVED  [Wednesday, 10/31/2013]  from our US TREASURY DEPARTMENT:
Always follow the money trial….
  In this case,   Germany is accused of being a CURRENCY MANIPULATOR,   using their EXPORTS TO CREATE A DE-FLATIONARY FINANCIAL MARKET  17 EURO COUNTRIES.   Now the German economy is feeling the adverse consequences of their aggression toward other nations.
  Why is this a problem?
  Our own country is having trouble growing it’s GDP because we have a very weak economy,  high unemployment,  and a Federal Reserve which is flooding our financial markets with so much cash that we are creating ‘zombie’ banks and ‘zombie’ financial institutions  [money markets, insurance companies, mortgage companies].   
  At the same time,  we have a completely dysfunctional White House and Congress.    All these ingredients add up to a real mess or as I like to state it ---A SERIOUS NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM!    Now imagine if we place another really toxic financial poison on top of our disintegrating U.S. Economy and what do we get?
  This is what the U.S. Treasury has been saying about Germany for the past eight years….
  Here is the most serious part of the US Treasury Report:
In other words,   Merkel is purposefully DISTORTING the world financial markets in order to allow  GERMANY to BENEFIT FROM EXPORTS while they are at the same time creating a SERIOUS CONDITION of WORLD DEFLATION—lowering of wages,  pensions,  value of goods—LEADING to a 1929-like WORLD DEPRESSION.
Once again GERMANY is at WAR!!
This time German troops don’t have to cross the Polish border at DANZIG on SEPTEMBER 1,  1939 in order to INITIATE WORLD WAR II.
  They have crossed more than borders ECONOMICALLY and destroyed more EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and their RESPECTIVE ECONOMIES THAN HITLER could have ever accomplished with his BLITZKRIEG and STUKA DIVERS!!
  Merkel does not need a GUERNICA—SPANISH CIVIL WAR—to destroy the millions of  innocent SPANISH LIVES!    She has already done it ECONOMICALLY!!   Spain has 26% unemployment and it’s economy  is in RUINS!
  Greece was ravaged by the German Blitzkrieg!    Merkel RAVAGED GREECE without ONE GERMAN SOLDIER!!!
  The same story goes  for Italy;  Portugal;  Poland;  Hungary;  Bulgaria;  the Balkan Countries; and the former Sudetenland  [the present Czech Republic].
This German Financial Juggernaut continues UNABATED-- destroying one country after another-- all around the world.
  Until it’s rapacious,  uncontrolled,  highly manipulated economy affects …. THE USA!!!

But the real fact of the matter is that even after having been conquered,  divided up,  Germany still refuses to play by NORMAL WORLD STANDARDS OF POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR!!
Here is what this American citizen-soldier recommends:
[1]  We never explain our NSA surveillance of Merkel and other world leaders; and for certain,  WE NEVER APOLOGIZE!!
[2]  Revamp and re-focus on American manufacturing.  We need to make high quality products so we do not have to buy German.
[3]  Increase our USA Manufacturing Capacities with new technologies ---3D Printing Manufacturing,  expand high tech
[4]  Elect Presidents Congressmen/Congresswomen who SUPPORT AMERICA FIRST!!!!  Favorable tax strategies,  incentives to manufacture here in America,  better educational preparation for information age jobs
[5]  Drop the Dollar!  Then- export American products overseas -- especially into GERMANY!!!

We are in another type of warfare nowadays.   It’s called ECONOMIC WARFARE!!!   America needs to get its Sheisse together!


  1. Germany has been the dominant exporter of manufactures in Europe since the beginning of industrialization. In large measure this has been because other countries couldn't match German quality and innovation in machine tools, capital equipment and consumer sub-componants. Since the end of WWII Germany has also emphesized consumer products such as firearms and automobiles. In both fields they dominate even today. For example, the highest regarded handguns are all German or Austrian [Heckler and Koch, Sig Sauer, Walther (my personal favorite) Glock, Styre].

    There are many reasons why German exports have remained strong and kept Germany the only healthy Euro economy, but one is it's extensive representation in China. When I was in China last year I could clearly see that German products and companies were represented more than those of any other country - including of course the US.

    I believe that the US economy will never recover unless it can somehow bring back it's manufacturing, however I don't see any way this can come about short of extreme Congressional action - and by that I mean the Congress literally forcing major corporations like Apple and Delco to produce their products here.

    Short of such coercion the US economy will never recover and it's present dependence on Federal spending and debt will become unsustainable. Federal tax revenues have increased a little recently but it's not nearly enough to form the necessary trend.

    Unfortunately unemployment is much higher than measured. If all men currently not in the work force are counted it's at an alltime low of only 64%.

    Additionally median family income dropped from a high of 57,000 in 2007 to only 51,000 presently, and it's not increasing.

    At the same time the income of the top 4% of earners has increased by about 7% in the last six years alone.

    I'm afraid the American economy is headed for a crisis at the end of Obama's second term when the debt will exceed 20 trillion and the economy remains stagnant. The interest cost alone will be staggering, and if interest rates should increase it will be unsustainable.

    Perhaps the 2016 election may be about economics, trade and the debt instead of purely unemployment. Despite the unemployment of 2012 their was little effect given that most unemployed men didn't vote.

  2. I think what will happen in 2016 is that the Democrats will be very weakened by the failure of the Obama Presidency. I think whoever the Republican Nominee is he will have the advantage. I think the Republican Nominee under such crisis conditions will likely be someone close to a Tea Party platform of slashing spending.

    If this comes about it may save the US from default, however the consequences on aggregate demand and unemployment will be horrendous. It will be an austerity program with no plan for recovery. The only "recovery plan" will be an ideological platitude that "the free market will drive expansion............"

    However this can't come about because there's not enough manufacturing remaining and the private sector isn't large enough anymore to create previous levels of growth, income, or tax revenues.

  3. According to the US Dept. of Labor only 64% of adult males are now in the workforce, and this is an all-time low. Many are people who've retired, given up on employment altogether, or have been forced into the underground economy such as finding odd jobs on Craigslist or are drug dealers, etc..........................

    This is a horrendous indicator of how little employment is actually being created.

  4. Under such conditions the underground economy of drug dealing and finding work for cash on Craigslist has exploded.

    Needless to say the government doesn't raise any tax revenues from such activities, and many people are now completely generating their income from such work.

  5. Look....................................................................................

    If anyone here is really serious about this I'll agree to start and invest in a manufacturing company which will source it's components only from the US.

    I'll be more than happy to join any organization whose purpose is to lobby the Congress to pressure other manufacturers to do the same.

    I'd be happy to support any organization which lobbies to return jobs back to the US from Mexico in particular given that everything the US buys from Mexico is made by US companies there and this is in violation of the theory and intent of NAFTA.

    I'd be happy to support any organization which lobbies for the repeal of NAFTA.

    I have years of experience in manufacturing, etc. and I'm willing to go to work if anyone here is serious.

    Talk is one thing but despite what people might think for every hour I spend on this board 20 hours of my time is spent actually doing something.

  6. This guy who owns American Apparel is doing just that and he's as profitable as he needs to be.

    He makes everything in one factory in Los Angeles.

    It can be done if anyone wants. No body's even trying.

  7. And I continue to urge Dr.P to pursue the production of a feature film about General Butler because........

    Hollywood is still America's only manufacturing which has a comparative advantage. American film, television and recording products still dominate the world.

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  9. It's all their fault. That is a disappointing analyses. All governments misbehave, or at least they have a grave tendency to do so. Are you needing a war to divert domestic attention? Germany is close enough to Russia to put them in the enemy camp again? By the way, German manufacturing is great, superior quality. If they can export, that's their choice and freedom; if other countries import those products, that's their choice and if that's a problem it's their problem not Germany's problem. USA products don't cut it to German standards, just the way it is, it looks that's not going to change but will become radically worse as the USA becomes ever more repressive and plan-economic like. In a plan-economy you don't get innovation anymore, the corrupt blobs of banking and corporate conglomerates are simply going to absorb startups that threaten them, and work some of that into their delapidaded production processes - see the low quality of microsoft as an example. USA is going down, you got businesses in the hundreds of thousands of employees I heard - of course it's a disaster, what else could it be. With that much corruption, it's going to affect everything. I'm not saying Europe is therefore great, it's not; the EU is a tremendous danger to the world. Then again, what isn't. Of course Merkel is faking it, Obama is faking it too, sigh. The benefit of all the nonsense is that we may be itching closer toward a revolution point.

    1. I am in agreement with joshb here. What a bloody disappointing analysis and infantile finger pointing. If not FOR Germany, the Euro would have tanked a long time ago. Nothing manipulates the currency like the IMF and the ECB; which I see that the good Doctor failed to include. It was not Germany who forced Greece, Italy and Portugal into crushing debt
      ; most of which was not their debt to begin with. It was the IMF and ECB. Germany has sustained the Euro economy for years and it simply cannot any longer. So, I am in agreement that physicist Merkel being "unhinged" about spying is a distraction on the slowdown on the German economy. But NOT for the reasons you suggest. Perhaps the good Doctor should stick to his day job.

    2. I agree. Dr.P's accusations against Germany are without foundation. Germany has paid dearly to bail out the other, lesser members of the Euro.

      If you wanna see why Germany outperforms others see the Youtube program, "BBC - Make Me A German."

  10. A great commentary! I would argue Germany never actually lost the war to be honest! When you look at my country Britain and Germany their seems to be a chasm of differences in the Germanic standard of living and ours namely wages are higher ect and more holidays ect(i watched the BBC documentary MIT mentioned in an earlier post!) I wouldn't know anything about the failing economy over there but I certainly see the point made as regards Merkel "crying wolf" to deflect any attention from more important matters and its going on all over the place! Take England just like the USA whereas its had its manufacturing heart ripped out and where the USA has had the obamacare debacle we have had energy prices shoot up nearly double in a decade as well as similar banking disaster's but it passes with barely a whimper and why? Well to my mind when the shit hits the fan why not expose a famous child abuser regardless of whether they have committed these terrible acts for years untouched by authorities?? Its certainly happening over here and no I ain't trivialising, quite the opposite in fact! At least in Germany they can watch soccer as a form of escapism at £15 or so! In England its £50!!!! But I'm once again digressing but its maddening! So to conclude an excellent post and I'm in full agreement with reinstating manufacturing to yours and my countries and full marks MIT you have peered above the trench as regarding bringing jobs back

  11. If I had the time and money I'd build a domestic manufacturing industry here and lobby others to do the same.

    It wouldn't matter to me if it were in firearms, automotive, footwear or electronics.

    But I certainly can't do such a thing on my own, and all the investment bankers and others I know WOULDN'T GO ALONG WITH IT because they all believe that anyone manufacturing in the US IS REDUCING THEIR PROFITS.

    I know plenty of investment bankers, venture capitalists, etc.....

    And none of them will back a domestic manufacturing company because they believe it won't be as profitable as a foreign one.

    The financial markets demand that every cent of profit be drawn out..........

  12. Dr. P if you wanna form a VC company for companies which only manufacture in the US I'll invest in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let's role.

  13. Okay so no one wants to do anything.

    Including Dr.P who invests his money in Bulgaria of all places LOL.

    Okay then I'll start my own VC firm, and do the other things, while the rest of you merely talk.

    1. Will you pay high enough wages to afford health care?

      I thought the same thoughts re: Dr. P's supporting investors going into Bulgaria. The Hungarians had the same thing happen to them and not too happy about it.

      I sometimes wonder if you are Dr. P's alter ego on this blog. Haha.

    2. I would actually prefer to be self-insured and operate a wellness program but I don't think self-insurance is permitted under Obamacare.

    3. Self insurance not an option pre Obamacare for me, denied due to pre-existing condition.

  14. I guess it takes a German like me to do something like this, the kind of thing which keeps Germany successful, while the Jews around here put their money other places where they squeeze out every penny from their investments.

    Draw your lessons accordingly.

    I hate to be cynical about this but it looks like this is an object lesson.