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Here is the blog that got James Tracy fired from Florida Atlantic University.
So much for free speech in America.  Florida Atlantic U prof fired for denying Sandy Hook

“The Danish Girl”—A Gem Of A Movie!
Deserves to Win Most of the Academy Awards.
This British/American film, directed brilliantly by Tom Hooper, is perfect example of a well-made pristine picture about an esoteric subject like the first known recipient of sex reassignment surgery in the late 1920’s—Lili Elbe. As if that subject matter were not strange enough, the acting by Eddie Redmayne, the exceedingly talented actor who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the neurologically impaired Dr Stephen Hawkins [in “The Theory Of Everything”], once again presents a tour de force as the first transgender individual to request the difficult trans-gender surgery. Eddie plays off his gender transformation against the powerful, Swedish beauty, Alicia Vikander. Both actors were simply marvelous. They played off each other in a fugue of verbiage and passion that was immaculately directed by Tom Hooper, the Brit, who won the Academy Award for “The King’s Speech”. The part of the surgeon was played by the impressive German actor--  Sebastian Koch [who starred in that haunting film, “Lives Of Others”].
The cinematography by Danny Cohen was simply spectacular. Each frame of the picture reminded me  of a Vermeer painting; especially the one entitled, “Girl With A Pearl Earring.”  The screenplay by Lucinda Coxon based on the biography by David Ebershoff was smart, incisive and bereft of any maudlin sentiments. This film, perhaps more than any other one that I have reviewed; or seen, deserves to receive the Academy Award in all the possible categories.

Eddie Redmayne should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor—bar none.
Alicia Vikander—deserves the award for Best Supporting Female Actress.
Tom Hooper—should, once again, receive the Academy Award for Best Directing.
Lucinda  Coxon – clearly deserves the Oscar for the tightest most apt screenplay I have seen so far.
Danny Cohen—above all else, must receive an award for Outstanding Cinematography. This film should be studied for its composition of subjects and colors by all aspiring film directors.
The producing team of Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Anne Harrison, Tom Hooper and Gail Mutrux should win  for the Best Film of 2015.
I know that I have recommended other small films to win the coveted Oscar.  I feel that this year, more than ever, the small independent films should win awards in far greater numbers than the big blockbusters; whose critical mass will literally scoop up all the available cash for making these types of smaller films.
There is something about British actors and directors that make them brave enough to create outstanding small films. Perhaps it is the laborious process of learning and tutoring that we, in America, have abandoned a long time ago. Or, perhaps, they don’t need to titillate us with prurient words and emotions to describe to us a landmark event in human behavior.
The budget for this film [$15M] was less than the standard deviation of a major American block buster. Yet, I guarantee that this film will have a far greater impact on the viewing public than any of the shlock films that the Hollywood machinery produced this year. 

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From Patriarch, the Sey Hersh article

Madame Grudet, “Madame Claude” The Most Elegant French Pimp Dies in Penury!
How sad a tale in French History! A recent article in the NYTimes, Dec. 23, 2015, by William Grimes writes an obituary of a French prostitute who achieved the pinnacle of success by becoming the most famous pimp [Madame] in recent French history. Like France, itself, her history is exceedingly clouded when it comes to her rise to power. It is believed that she started as prostitute of modest means. Then she recognized that money was better made by managing the bodies of other beautiful women; as opposed to lending her own body to be used several times.
As the article states:
Ms. Grudet zeroed in on “failed models and actresses, the ones who just missed the cut…” for movie stardom and high fashion modeling. Like Princeton or Yale, the selection process was grueling. Only one candidate in twenty would make the cut and receive the requisite history, literature and current events tutoring. In order to test how good these women were in bed, just like the Ivy Leagues, Madame sent in a male recruiter to do the ‘terrible deed’ of assessing their basic sexual talents.

She charged a pittance,$1,500 per night, without any psychotherapy. Her clientele, often described as ‘amis’, included the following famous names: JFK [who insisted on screwing a Jacqueline Kennedy-look-alike with “passion”]; Shah of Iran; Muammar el-Qaddafi; Gianni Agnelli; Moshe Dayan; Marc Chagall; Rex Harrison and King Hussein of Jordan. All of the aforementioned artists/politicians carried the same creed as their respective prostitutes—keep smiling while you seduce the public.

Ms Gaudet was particularly excited by the fact that these famous men and state leaders sounded like little boys while soliciting a prostitute for their evening services [double entendre]. Of course, when it comes to her past during the Nazi Occupations of Paris, Ms Gaudet, like France, concocted the most elaborate nonsensical story about fighting with the Resistance [when in fact French Resistance was at best minimal if non-existent]. Eventually, like all politicians who have prostituted themselves and revealed their inner most secrets, Ms Gaudet had to pay the nominal price of going to jail for tax evasion. Her political ‘johns’ were threatened by the knowledge she had about them; and as political cowards are wont to do, they jailed her to teach her a lesson [silence is golden].

I thought this story was appropriate for the end of the year 2015 as we, Americans, have finished a time of seeming chaos created by a POTUS about whom we really know nothing; other than the lies he wrote, spoke and initiated. Yet, Obama is not the only one who harbors a panoply of sexual, emotional and intellectual secrets. There are others. Clearly Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a woman without any sort of blemish. Nonsense!

 Then we have Graham Lindsay, Rand Paul, Marc Rubio and many others. What they conceal is their business. Yet if anyone of those candidates becomes POTUS then it behooves this country to completely vet out any and all secrets that the candidate has hidden.
For certain, our so-called secret organizations: Intelligence/ Military Community and Secret Service have absolutely no courage whatsoever to reveal the hidden tales that allowed our respective senior leaders to ascend the “greasy pole” of politics [Benjamin Disraeli]. America has become the whorehouse of the world where the bankers and CEO’s of military industrial giants have ridden rough-over our bodies and psyches in order to gain nothing more than few more shekels at the cost of brave American warriors; all the while invoking the ersatz phrase ‘democracy and national security’.
Its time to shutdown the whorehouse and send a few of the girls to jail. We, Americans, are not the prostitutes whom our different Presidents—Bush jr, Clinton, Obama—think that they can demand different bodily/emotional sacrifices for their sadistic pleasures. Apparently, Madame Grudet did exactly what our Presidents have done to us. “Once she took a girl on, the makeover put the GIRL IN DEBT…. It was INDENTURED SERVITUDE”…

Sound familiar?
Let’s finish off the second oldest profession and elect someone who has not been a pimp or prostitute in politics.
Have a Happy Holiday!!! 

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Finally got a chance to watch "Incontrovertible" by Tony Rooke.  You need two hours and please get your friends and family to watch it.  Shows in more detail, not only the lies, but how government agents intimidate, fine and control those individuals who question the "official story". Thx Tony Unplugged.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

“Spotlight” An important but painful film.
In 2001, a group of Boston Globe reporters working on the “Spotlight” section of that paper, uncovered a major Catholic Church conspiracy [I emphasize that word]; wherein 87 Boston priests had molested close to 1000 young boys (and girls). The investigation was led by Walter “Robby” Robinson [brilliantly played by Michael Keaton] and included a sharp team of investigators [all outstanding actors] :
Michael Rezendes: Mark Ruffalo-should get Best Supporting Actor nomination.
Sacha Pfeiffer: Rachel McAdams. 
Matt Carroll: Brian d’Arcy.
This team, at the insistence of the new Jewish publisher from the NY Times, Matty Baron [Liev Schreiber] and the chief editor, Ben Bradlee Jr [John Slattery] probe the silent terror of a massive Boston Catholic Church’s cover-up instituted by Cardinal Law. Every aspect of this film should be recognized and lauded; from the creative direction of Tom McCarthy to the sharp script by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer. The entire producing team of Blye Faust, Steve Golin, Nicole Rocklin, and Michael Singer should be congratulated for a film well-made and well-timed for our present culture of national conspiracies.

A special mention must go to the writer/director Tom McCarthy who cleverly inserted another topic that might be considered a major cover-up [or conspiracy]--- and that, my dear friends, is the stand-down/false flag of 9/11. This film delves into the intricacies of lies, deceptions and co-optations involved in the large scale cover-up of the rampant pedophilia committed by the Catholic priests in Boston and in the rest of the USA[eventually the entire world]. 
“Spotlight” takes us into the world of the poor victims skillfully defended by the attorney, Mitchell Garabedian. The highly gifted actor, Stanley Tucci, plays the soulful part of an unappreciated lawyer who has to continuously fight the corrupt legal/religious systems in Mass. until victory appears unexpectedly from a reporter’s diligent efforts [Ruffalo]. The film systematically unfolds the full scope of the pedophilia epidemic committed by the priests of the Catholic Church which is overwhelming. The complicity and cover-up by various authorities is even more mind boggling until we realize that this complicity happens time and again throughout our history.

I am ashamed to say that while I worked at Mass. Mental Health Center [during 1970-72], we knew absolutely nothing about this raging epidemic of pedophilia; despite the fact that the Chairman of the Department had been the Director of Mental Health Services for the State of Massachusetts for several years beforehand. Clearly, we, in psychiatry, had failed; as well as, the legal and cleric institutions of corrupt Boston.
After having watched “Black Mass” with Johnny Depp as Whitey Bolger, I had a feeling that Boston had been dredged of all its moral pollutants….and.. Hollywood had been satiated.  If you have a chance, take some time out and see, “Spotlight”.  It’s really worth it.
You may come out of the theater with the feeling that not all of the press is corrupted by mega least… not at that time… in 2001.
Good luck, Boston! I hope there is nothing more to uncover!   

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Fascist Tendencies of the U.S. Liberal Press [NY Times] to Label Trump with Nazi Comparisons!
For some time now, we have been listening or reading that Trump; who has delineated some harsh realities like ‘hold Muslim immigration UNTIL the USG figures out what to do’; is akin to Hitler in Nazi Germany. Such accusations and comparisons demonstrate how little knowledge the writers/commentators know about the history of the Weimar Republic which gave rise to Nazi Germany.

First and foremost, Trump is a very real American entrepreneur who unlike Hitler earned a massive amount of money on his own. Trump’s career in politics is an after-thought which did not motivate his rise to financial and political power. In contrast, Hitler was funded initially by the German/American industrial barons who owned Krupp Industries; Opel [General Motors]; IBM [CEO,Watson sold the information to the Nazis as to who was Jewish, Lutheran, Roma, Catholic]; the Bush family;  and many other mega-businesses [including General Electric]. Interestingly enough, the so-called American liberal institutions like Stanford, Carnegie Endowment and the Rockefeller Foundation had directly and indirectly funded the Nazi studies in eugenics [enhancing desired physical/mental features] conducted by many German physicians and scientists including Dr. Joseph Mengele before and during WWII. We could see comparisons to contemporaries in American Politics who are sponsored by big corporations from the onset of their careers as political panderers.

More history: during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, the German Jewish owner of the NY Times [the Sulzberger family] showed no desire to expose the nefarious deeds of these so-called “honorable American institutions.” Not even the American financial/legal institutions overseen by the traitorous brothers John and Allen Dulles; representing the ‘white shoe’ law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell; who were cryptically inserted into the rise and maintenance of the Nazi war machinery and their eventual preservation of post-WWII Nazi assets. Nowhere in the NY Times, before, during or after the war, was mention ever made of these insidious covert financial/legal activities of the exceedingly prominent members of the so-called, “Loyal Republican Establishment”. One might have expected that these American German Jews who owned the NYTimes [and were ashamed of their religious heritage] would investigate the truth about the impending Holocaust culminating in the massive slaughter of Jews, Christians, Poles, Slavs, homosexuals, Gypsies, and Seventh Day Adventists. Yet we know the truth about this, nothing was done.
Trump’s involvement in politics has been nothing less than courageous and inspiring considering the fact that he must listen to the absolute nonsense of an untutored media bereft of intellect and sagacity. The media has reacted in a predictably reflexive way (or directed way) denouncing any Trump statement that can be argued reduction ad absurdum. In reality, the liberal press is falling into the propaganda trap that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels’ used: part-truths; complete distortions; and constant repetition of the big lie.

In a recent NY Times Op-Ed column, entitled “Trump’s Weimar America”[12/14/2015], written by Roger Cohen, the author reveals a major lacunae of history and judgment when he tries valiantly to strain at the discordant cords of words uttered by Trump to insinuate that Americans are approaching a fascist state. Clearly the author has never lived or witnessed the severe restrictions and limitations of fascism; otherwise he would not have been allowed to write the words of inanity that he has been prone to do. The simple point is that ‘those who live in glass houses—should not throw stones’.
It may turn out that the stones will shatter the façade of hypocrisy and ignorance that American Liberalism has spewed in the name of ‘truth’. Nothing is more dangerous than trying to describe ‘fascism’ when those people who are writing the adjectives are truly practicing the art of propaganda , which we in the intelligence community call: agitation propaganda or ‘agitprop’. It would be best if words that are being used on both sides of any argument be carefully titrated for meaning, intention and consequences.
Trump should follow that advice without restricting his right to express what he genuinely feels.
Shakespeare said it best:
“Such as we are made of; such we be.” 

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you need 36 mins, but good research on Sandy Hook BS

“Concussion”—A Powerful Medical Thriller Starring Will Smith
Dramatizes the Fight Between Dr. Bennet Omalu, A Forensic Pathologist and The National Football League [NFL] --Over The Issue of Extensive Brain Damage Caused by the Game of Football.
This year, a few films have been both extremely entertaining and highly instructive. “Concussion” along with “Spotlight” are two such films. “Concussion” depicts the battle that Nigerian born Forensic Pathologist, Dr Bennet Omalu, had against the corrupt money behemoth, the NFL, over his untoward findings that football is extremely dangerous for the players’ health. In fact, it is so dangerous that many of the well-known players like the Pittsburgh’s Steelers, Mike Webster, Dave Dueson, Justin Strzelczyk all died from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy [CTE].

The movie, both written and directed by the talented Peter Landesman, shows the underlying tension between a forensic pathologist, brilliantly played by Will Smith and the representatives of the NFL [Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson]. The NFL tried for years to cover up Dr. Omalu’s scientific findings that football caused concussions which led to suicides because these accurate pathological findings would eventually destroy the lucrative, corrupt NFL; a multi-billion dollar business.
“Concussion” should be seen by all mothers and fathers who may be thinking about their sons playing the seemingly harmless, macho sport of football. The damage that football body contact induces is massive. Yet unlike most car injuries, or other accidents, one cannot detect the initial neurological changes on a CAT Scan, or MRI. Usually the damage occurs at the histological level where healthy neurons are severely compromised and are transformed into a form of amyloid protein plaques. Those protein particles in turn lead to psychological changes which manifest itself in a wide array of symptoms: depression, anger, self-destructive behavior, and suicide.

Dr Omalu’s findings were denied by the NFL which has mega-billions of dollars invested in covering up Omalu’s findings; forcing him and his lovely wife, Premo Mutiso [played by Gugu Mbatha –Raw], out of Pittsburgh to Lodi, California. Another notable actor was Albert Brooks; who played Smith’s boss, Dr Cyril Wecht; a sardonic physician who teaches his protege to go with the punches [so to speak].
I recommend this film. It’s both entertaining and highly instructive to all parents and adults who play football or any other contact sport. Equally important, I would strongly recommend the Iraqi/Afghanistan War Veterans who are suffering from PTSD see this film. It is my personal opinion that many of these veterans are suffering from a form of neurological damage akin to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  An IED, or any other type of explosion, is the equivalent of a major body blow that invariably injures the neurological system.

Back to the film, David Morse, the perennial character actor, should be considered for a Best Supporting Role for his amazing portrayal of the self-destructive football Steeler, Mike Webster. Movies are meant to entertain. However, when they offer an insight into a popular sport like football, one must pay special attention to what that film has to say.
“Concussion” is literally a  ‘knock out’ film! 


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The House of Islam is Starting to Collapse:  
Justifiable Worldwide Muslim Outcry for Mecca and Medina to be Taken Away from the Inept, Corrupt House of Saud—Saudi Arabia!
For those terrorists who believed what they were told by an Imam; or, some forlorn western intelligence agent that violence works to attain a political goal, I have a nasty surprise. The truth is that rampant terrorism in the name of Islam has caused a major blowback against the primary funders: Saudi Arabia and their Salafists minions. Close to 2 billion Muslims worldwide are demanding that the two most holy sites of Islam –Mecca and Medina—should no longer be controlled by the corrosive influence of Saudi Arabia and its dysfunctional self-anointed rulers.
Over the past few years, I have warned Saudi Arabia and their minions that eventually their export of violence in the name of Islam would be the beginning of the end for this failed state, created by the greedy Brits in conjunction with the barbaric, ethnic tribe encapsulated in the term-- House of Saud. When the Ottoman Empire was dissolved over eighty years ago, no one institution or entity could represent the billions of diversified Muslims from Indonesia/Malaysia to Pakistan/ India/ Middle East.

The untoward stampede that occurred several months ago during the yearly Hajj pilgrimage has brought to the forefront the well-known fact that Saudi Arabia has been mismanaging these two holy sites for decades. Over 700 people died and close to 1000 worshippers were injured in the poorly managed stampeding crowd near the Jamarat Bridge. As of several days ago, the total death count has risen to almost 2,500 dead. There has been mounting criticism from the Muslim community that Saudi Arabia can longer administer the two holy sites because the Saudi government has repeatedly destroyed the ancillary holy sites surrounding these two cities; in order to build expensive condominiums and hotels.
Historically, the two holy sites were controlled by the Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus. Then it was transferred to the Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad. From there it went to the Fatimids of Cairo. So, as you can see, the Saudis have no inherent legitimate claim to Mecca and Medina; other than the fact that the British helped a lowly tribesman named Abdulaziz Ibn Saud to falsely declare that he was a king of Saudi Arabia [which was concocted by the British to facilitate the export of oil]; as well as “The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”.
Now, like all absurdities of history, this particular farce is about to end quite soon. The rulers of Saudi Arabia have proven themselves to be craven and corrupt to the extent that the only initiative they could make in the past century was to pay off any contenders or threats to the kingdom with money, gold or oil. This is the case of the warped Salafists, whose interpretation of the Holy Book, The Koran, is equivalent to a grade school imbecile reading the simple letters on an eye chart.

I have worked and met the esteemed representatives of Saudi Arabia. I must admit their intellectual integrity is far more impressive than the actions of their cowardly government which bows to all demands that the British and Americans have made of them over decades. Now, it is time for the House of Islam to decide which group of Muslims,  around the world, must take over both Mecca and Medina –before the House of Saud –disappears into very the sands of Daria –the village from which they had emerged a century ago.
May God Will This Final Ending To Such Perfidious Idolaters Of Greed And Corruption!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7th interview on Alex Jones, in case you missed it.

December 7th -The Anniversary of the First Major Stand-Down at Pearl Harbor that Led Us into WWII!
As the world is immersed in a series of dizzying so-called, “terrorist attacks”, I could not resist writing a blog about the first major stand down: when FDR purposefully allowed the Japanese Zeros to attack Pearl Harbor. This stand down was created to allow the USG to enter WWII against the Nazis and Japanese. Ironically, Hitler was completely taken back by the fact that we justified this Japanese attack as a prelude to our war against him. Nevertheless, FDR initiated it and allowed the attack to occur.

Sixty years later, on 9/11, Bush Jr/ Cheney created, with the assistance of Pakistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia [an unholy alliance], a stand down along with a false flag. However, this time around they were not successful in achieving the desired goal of re-adjusting the Middle East where Israel would be the dominant power in concert with the USA. The desired scenario went belly up as Iraq fell into a nightmare of warring factions as a result of incompetent foresight and planning by the US/Intel complex.

Next Obama, a man of no accomplishments, no history and even less talent, decided to carry the notion of deceiving the American public one step further. He claimed, without any basis of reality, that he ordered the assassination of the already dead Osama bin Laden by the SEAL team in a house near Pakistan’s Military Academy. Of course, that was a blatant lie which was amplified by the discredited SEALS’ self-aggrandizing books released only days after the supposed assassination. The CIA along with Obama, Hillary, Brennan and the entire circus of IC poseurs literally dictated the film script to the exceedingly gullible woman/director Katherine Bigelow for her CIA-inspired propaganda film:”Zero Dark Thirty”. It took only a few of us to remind the world that OBL had died fourteen years before from renal failure due to his genetic disease-- Marfan Syndrome.

However, criminal deceit and political corruption remained a cornerstone of the Obama administration as the Benghazi tragedy took on the veneer of a gruesome tale of ineptness and lackluster leadership. Clinton, Rice, and Power were embroiled in contretemps themes of lies, distortions and absurdities that no fiction writer could have imagined. Please don’t forget that the “video” inspired the attack on Benghazi, or so they said at the beginning of the cover-up.
However, Obama, born and bred of the family imbedded in lies [CIA mother; CIA maternal grandmother/grandfather] initiated another false flag this time at Sandy Hook Elementary School which had been abandoned since 2008. Sandy Hook was used as a false flag episode where  a mentally challenged individual was able to kill countless numbers of children and adults in a New York minute with an arsenal that even Schwarzenegger could not have handled. It turned out that the death of the children had never occurred. Instead, crises actors were hired at taxpayer’s expense to grieve and mourn the loss of their non-existent relatives in the name of ‘gun control’.
So ‘gun control’ was the shibboleth of Obama’s next four year tenure after instituting a failure of a health care program. At the same time, overseas, Obama directed his CIA/SOCOM soldiers to create ISIS. This Sunni makeshift entity was developed to allow for massive military interventions from all sides of the globe. This ensures the worldwide industry of war-making could flourish. 
We continue the false flag charade in Paris, ‘Hebdo;’ and, even possibly one in St Bernardino; where, a ninety pound waif of a woman was a master shooter/tweeter and killer; and active-shooter drills were practiced at a disability center on weekly basis.
Nonsense! Wake up!
We have entered an era of complete self-delusions and so-called ‘terrorist’ contrivances. These acts are committed by POTUS and his minions in order to instill fear and compliance in the American public so that gun control legislation may be passed. These faux acts are also used as a distraction from run-away corruption in Chicago (cover-up for anointed mayors and hidden secrets), on Wall Street and in Washington. 

December 7th is now a day that will remain in infamy not just for the incident in1941. This day will now remind us how we have been played by mind games and stand downs since September 1, 2001. Thank you to our Presidents as well as the IC/Military community, for making certain that we, Americans, have wasted our men, blood and money for nothing more than your own sick, criminal contrivances.

We will need a massive, new type of American Revolution to end this spree of self-destruction. I call on our decent American citizens to demand the right kind of leadership for our troubling times before its too late. 
The French newspaper, Le Monde summarized our situation as follows:
“America and its demons; Europe and its ghosts.”  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

“The Big Short”, A Highly Didactic Movie Explains Why Americans Can Never Trust Our USG and Wall Street Banks!
The Subprime Mortgage Scandal was Never Really Fixed and Will Occur Again. “The Big Short” produced by Brad Pitt [who has a small part in the film] and Arnon Milchan [a full-fledged Israeli operative who has produced over 130 films] have brought to the forefront a very interesting, quirky small film which tries hard to explain the rise of the 2007 financial crash on Wall Street which completely eliminated two major Jewish banking firms—Solomon Brothers and Bear Stearns.
The film used every conceivable trick in screenwriting [written by Director Adam McKay] in an attempt to describe such esoteric financial instruments as Collateralized Debt Obligations [CDOs] and Derivative Swaps to short the CDOs. Some of the explanatory devices were quite creative; employing a beauty in a bubble bath, Selena Gomez and Anthony Bourdain.

Needless to say, financial bubbles like the subprime mortgage crisis are a combination of extreme greed and criminal activities of the major bankers [JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia] and the rating agencies like Moody and Standard & Poor. Everyone up and down the financial trough made money somehow, someway. In a very funny scene where Steve Carell plays a brilliant, Orthodox Jewish money manager based on the real life of Steve Eisman whose FrontPoint Partners LLC, a unit of Morgan Stanley, uncovers the fact that a Miami-based stripper had bought five houses with no money down and no credit rating. Carell realizes that the whole subprime mortgage backed securities pyramid was a complete fraud based on everyone’s greed, arrogance and stupidity.

Alongside of Carell, is the equally talented Christian Bale, who delivers a compelling performance as Dr Michael Burry, a one-eyed, ex-neurologist, founder of Scion Capital LLC hedge fund, who after countless hours of financial detective work uncovers the basic truth of the highly valued AAA credited Mortgage Bonds: they are all junk and worthless. After some dramatic twists and turns, he shorts all of the subprime mortgages in several banks [Deutsch, Goldman Sachs, etc.] to make an absolute fortune approaching billions of dollars in risk capital.
Now, I can’t recommend this film unless the viewer is interested in understanding the complete stupidity and avarice of our SEC, Fannie Mae, Treasury, President’s Council on Economics and other financial/ regulatory institutions. The so-called ‘bail out’ principals really were the source of the subprime mortgage crisis: Hank Paulson, Goldman Sach’s Investment Banker and Ben Bernanke, the Fed Chairman; as well as his incredibly arrogant, insipid  mentor, Alan Greenspan.

The film reminds us that it was Bill Clinton’s need to curry favor with his minority voters that released trillions of dollars of liquidity into the housing markets so that everyone without a credit or financial history could obtain a mortgage loan for a house they could not pay for.
Next, George W. Bush Jr follows in the miscreant footsteps of his corrupt, moronic brothers, Neil and Marvin, as he continued to encourage the false notion that there was no housing bubble and brought in so-called ‘experts’ who knew absolutely nothing about financial instruments [Paulson, Bernanke].
The “Big Short” indicts us all for having lived in a world where truth is not valued; and the easy buck becomes the paramount tenet of our faith and lifestyle. This movie is worth seeing if you are at all interested in how Wall Street in concert with the rating agencies and our Federal Government can continue to screw our lives with impunity.
Go long on the “Big Short” !

Friday, December 4, 2015

Congratulations to Alex Jones and Donald Trump for their Landmark Interview on!
This event represents a major shift in the media coverage of the present-day “Truthers” and the new American Revolution!
Dear readers, the impossible just happened. Donald Trump, at the behest of his advisor, Roger Stone [a well-known Republican strategist], has been interviewed on for thirty minutes. What makes this unusual interview a landmark event is that Trump, long-considered a maverick by the Republican Party, has finally granted a form of legitimacy that no other presidential candidate could have given to Alex Jones and his brilliant radio show— 
Alex Jones, known as a brave Texan [Austin], started almost two decades ago when the alternative media was still in its infancy. At that time, he and a few other intrepid radio broadcasters decided to declare a war for the truth; which had been co-opted by the chicanery of Federal Government and their lackeys in the mainstream media. 

Like Trump, I, a former member of the political elite, first went on Alex’s radio show to reveal what I had known about 9/11. I reiterated the point that I had made on 9/11 that this travesty of justice had been planned and executed by Bush Jr/Cheney and our CIA/military establishment; and not some Islamic Terrorist group. The purpose of this false flag/stand down was to create a causa bella for the unnecessary war in Iraq/Afghanistan. It was not conjecture on my part. I possessed hard evidence that implicated Bush Jr/Cheney/ Rumsfeld and the neocon chicken hawks as co-conspirators.  
I was so sure of my facts that I predicted on Alex Jones’ radio show some 14 years ago: that whoever would be POTUS [Democrat or Republican ] would terminate the so-called self-contrived “war on terrorism” by falsely declaring that he/she had killed Osama bin Laden --at the end of the first four years of the Presidency. Obama and his minions were the insipid naves who fell right into this psyop trap; and thereby incriminated themselves by abetting a former administration of crimes committed against America civilians. 

When Admiral McRaven [a self-aggrandizing Navy SEAL ] declared that he had just killed OBL, I went on the Jones show to refute his lies. I stated from the very beginning [9/11] that OSBL had Marfan’s Syndrome, a genetic abnormality that accounted for his carrying a portable kidney dialysis machine; as well as, the fact that he would be dead soon after 9/11 from this genetic abnormality.
Throughout the subsequent fourteen years, Alex Jones was always there for me and many others who were not afraid to broadcast the truth that our USG had co-opted. I hold a very strong belief that “the truth” is neither relative nor malleable. It is absolute and worthy of losing one’s life to both expose it, as well as, perpetuate it.
“Sandy Hook” was another case of Obama’s pathological inability to tell the truth. He, like his sycophant, Eric Holder, had staged a false scenario of a mass killing by an Asperger man whose non-existent psychiatric background was contrived by Yale/Mass Mental Health psychiatrist/nurses who had collectively sold their professional soul for a few shekels. Obama had not only compromised our military/intelligence apparatus; but he had no problem paying off the public[especially the corrupt state police] officials of Connecticut to stage this non-event. 
Alex has never been afraid to broadcast his well-tutored opinions. He often spends a lot of time studying a particular issue and then explaining what he had learned to his vast worldwide radio audience of 20 million listeners. We “truthers” [I am proud to carry that label for life] owe much to this man and his venerable radio crew [who I have gotten to know and are really quite ‘cool’.] Yet, no one was more surprised than I when I watched Donald Trump bravely discuss in detail the problems in Afghanistan and the wasted war we were waging there; while, at the same time, Trump continued to explain that the ‘smarter Chinese’ were collecting rare minerals on the other side of the Afghan mountains with no concern for their safety. 
Next, Donald ventured on to discuss a topic that Jeb and Rubio had avoided for personal  reasons: the tax dodging issue of ‘inversion’ committed by our Big Pharma and other transnational corporations. 

Perhaps the most telling point that Trump made on the Alex Jones show was the insight that the problems in this country stem not only from the gross incompetency of Obama and his political minions; but equally to blame were the ineffectual Republican legislators like “Miss Lindsay” Graham; as well as, the  “Hanoi Hilton traitor”, John McCain. For the remainder of the time, Trump went onto describe the morass of other politicians whose major job is to do nothing more than pander to the mainstream press and solicit funds from large financial donors.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones are the face and voice, respectively, of the NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION. As many of you know, I have been agitating for this new style of Revolution for over twenty years. In Montana, Steven Quayle was brave enough to invite me on his radio shows; when we both realized that I was being monitored by most, if not all of the American intelligence agencies [I happen to like them anyway].
Nothing has made me happier than to see such a distinguished American like Donald Trump willing to brave the inane verbiage of mainstream media that has labeled Alex and I to be some type of ‘crack pots;’ or, even more ridiculous, ‘right wing extremists’.
What makes Donald Donald is something American citizens have not seen in decades and that is his indomitable courage, integrity and willingness to be different and effective in order to fight for a Greater America. Under no condition did Donald fold to the underhanded pressures and manipulations from the staid, antiquated Republican mainstream [whoever they may be]; nor did he fear to enter the new age of social media and the alternative news channels that he has now singlehandedly made “mainstream”.

So-called brave conservatives like Sen. Rand Paul [physician] and Sean Hannity were too afraid to appear on the Alex Jones Show for fear that the mainstream media might label them as ‘crocks’.  For that alone, I consider Donald Trump to be worthy of the America Presidency—not tomorrow—but today.
He, Alex and I agree that we do not have much time to turn this country around. We don’t have years or even a few more presidential terms. We only have fewer than a baker’s dozen months; and, even that, is asking a lot of two brave American Heroes –Alex Jones and Donald Trump!!!

President Woodrow Wilson stated the following:
“The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.”  
May Alex and Donald keep on swimming toward the shores of freedom, valor and the right for all Americans to live our lives accordingly without unnecessary government interference… or false flags/stand downs… like 9/11…  and  Sandy Hook. 

Trump hits best poll numbers yet.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sandy Berger: When Dead Men Talk!
Sandy Berger died yesterday at the ripe old age of 70. He was not a household name nor should he be. His epitaph will be written more incisively by his past miscreant deeds than by any accomplishment which he may have considered worthwhile. 
I knew “Sandy”[ nickname]. On the surface, it may have appeared that we had a lot in common. We both graduated from Cornell University on or about the same time. We lived in proximity to one another; and we both served in the USG.
However, no two people could have been different. He and I knew that. We rarely socialized with each other; although, we had some common friends. Unfortunately for him, I had very little respect for him.  He was insightful enough to recognize that fact. 

He was a Democratic political hack whose rise to become Director of Bill Clinton’s National Security Council had more to do with the inadequacies of the Clinton administration than any particular strengths that Sandy might have possessed. With mediocre talents like ex-Sec. State Madeleine Albright and other Clinton minions including Richard Holbrooke, Sandy fit right in. Like most politicos whose breeding ground consists of pandering for favors, Sandy earned his stripes of valor as a speech writer; bereft of any military/intelligence credibility; other than pouring tea for the ex-British courtesan, Pamela Harriman. He was a man with little or no gravitas. Like his contemporaries at Cornell University, the den of 9/11 iniquity, he walked [or stumbled] in the footsteps of idiot-savants like Steve Hadley, Paul Wolfowitz, and the most pretentious of them all –Frank “Hegel Wannabe” Fukuyama.
Yet, I come here not to bury Sandy but to praise his death. For in his death, he has become truly valuable to the American narrative concerning Hillary’s present history of corruption, deceit and national security violations. Inadvertently, Sandy’s untoward death opens the shuttered windows of shame created by Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal. Even such liberal Democratic luminaries as the Washington Post and the NYTimes are proffering questions that have arisen from Sandy’s sudden death.

Americans already know what should concern those of us who have watched Tiger Lady, sociopath par excellent, “shuck and jive” around the truth. How can Hillary claim, with any credence, that emails sent by the following top secret organizations were not classified!?!
Here is a list some of the federal agencies which Hillary claims sent her “NON-CLASSIFIED materials”:
Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA]
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency [environmentally sensitive] 
Director of National Intelligence.
What I can write that adds anything more to this travesty of justice? Some medical professional could declare her delusional or psychotic. That would be the least of our problems. She, along with the Chinese hackers who stole 22 million information from the Office of Personnel Management, has evolved as a major national security threat to our country. Yet, the kind-hearted Socialist, Bernie Sanders from Burlington Vermont, has publicly dismissed her culpability in one verbal swoop of public disgust in the Democratic Debates of 2016.
However, dead men don’t lie!
Unfortunately, Berger’s death is a bold-faced reminder to us all that both his former boss, Bill Clinton and his spouse, Hillary, are entrenched in the morass of suspicion and guilt for travesties committed against the welfare of our nation. In my last blog [12/1/2015] concerning James Comey’s eminent rise to judicial history, I reiterated my concerns that no one, other than the FBI, and it’s director, have the moral obligation to ascend above petty politics and enter into the national annals of judicial prosecution in order to determine whether Hillary is guilty… or not.
As for Sandy, his professional life outside of government was capped by selling the Japanese (with the approval of Bush Sr.’s administration) the naval ultra-secrets regarding  the technical details of our nuclear submarines and how they can remain undetectable underwater. The Japanese in turn resold those secrets to China, our newly found enemy-friend.

At least, Sandy Berger was consistent. In both his personal and professional life, he was compromised by his avarice, political cronyism, and inability to understand what true service to America really meant –much like his fellow criminal Cornelians. “Far above Cayuga’s waters there is an awful smell, some say it’s Cayuga’s waters; I say it’s Cornell!”
Thank you, Sandy Berger, for all that you had not done for our great country! 
Don’t worry Sandy, Emperor Napolean Bonaparte, said it best:
“Glory is fleeting; but obscurity is forever.”