Friday, December 25, 2015

Madame Grudet, “Madame Claude” The Most Elegant French Pimp Dies in Penury!
How sad a tale in French History! A recent article in the NYTimes, Dec. 23, 2015, by William Grimes writes an obituary of a French prostitute who achieved the pinnacle of success by becoming the most famous pimp [Madame] in recent French history. Like France, itself, her history is exceedingly clouded when it comes to her rise to power. It is believed that she started as prostitute of modest means. Then she recognized that money was better made by managing the bodies of other beautiful women; as opposed to lending her own body to be used several times.
As the article states:
Ms. Grudet zeroed in on “failed models and actresses, the ones who just missed the cut…” for movie stardom and high fashion modeling. Like Princeton or Yale, the selection process was grueling. Only one candidate in twenty would make the cut and receive the requisite history, literature and current events tutoring. In order to test how good these women were in bed, just like the Ivy Leagues, Madame sent in a male recruiter to do the ‘terrible deed’ of assessing their basic sexual talents.

She charged a pittance,$1,500 per night, without any psychotherapy. Her clientele, often described as ‘amis’, included the following famous names: JFK [who insisted on screwing a Jacqueline Kennedy-look-alike with “passion”]; Shah of Iran; Muammar el-Qaddafi; Gianni Agnelli; Moshe Dayan; Marc Chagall; Rex Harrison and King Hussein of Jordan. All of the aforementioned artists/politicians carried the same creed as their respective prostitutes—keep smiling while you seduce the public.

Ms Gaudet was particularly excited by the fact that these famous men and state leaders sounded like little boys while soliciting a prostitute for their evening services [double entendre]. Of course, when it comes to her past during the Nazi Occupations of Paris, Ms Gaudet, like France, concocted the most elaborate nonsensical story about fighting with the Resistance [when in fact French Resistance was at best minimal if non-existent]. Eventually, like all politicians who have prostituted themselves and revealed their inner most secrets, Ms Gaudet had to pay the nominal price of going to jail for tax evasion. Her political ‘johns’ were threatened by the knowledge she had about them; and as political cowards are wont to do, they jailed her to teach her a lesson [silence is golden].

I thought this story was appropriate for the end of the year 2015 as we, Americans, have finished a time of seeming chaos created by a POTUS about whom we really know nothing; other than the lies he wrote, spoke and initiated. Yet, Obama is not the only one who harbors a panoply of sexual, emotional and intellectual secrets. There are others. Clearly Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a woman without any sort of blemish. Nonsense!

 Then we have Graham Lindsay, Rand Paul, Marc Rubio and many others. What they conceal is their business. Yet if anyone of those candidates becomes POTUS then it behooves this country to completely vet out any and all secrets that the candidate has hidden.
For certain, our so-called secret organizations: Intelligence/ Military Community and Secret Service have absolutely no courage whatsoever to reveal the hidden tales that allowed our respective senior leaders to ascend the “greasy pole” of politics [Benjamin Disraeli]. America has become the whorehouse of the world where the bankers and CEO’s of military industrial giants have ridden rough-over our bodies and psyches in order to gain nothing more than few more shekels at the cost of brave American warriors; all the while invoking the ersatz phrase ‘democracy and national security’.
Its time to shutdown the whorehouse and send a few of the girls to jail. We, Americans, are not the prostitutes whom our different Presidents—Bush jr, Clinton, Obama—think that they can demand different bodily/emotional sacrifices for their sadistic pleasures. Apparently, Madame Grudet did exactly what our Presidents have done to us. “Once she took a girl on, the makeover put the GIRL IN DEBT…. It was INDENTURED SERVITUDE”…

Sound familiar?
Let’s finish off the second oldest profession and elect someone who has not been a pimp or prostitute in politics.
Have a Happy Holiday!!! 


  1. Cruz, Rubio, & Jindal (histoire) are ineligible to be POTUS as they do not meet the article II, section 1 constitutional requirement of "Natural born citizen".

    Trump knows this & if Cruz moves into his "territory" , he will historical event.


    Unless the voting machines are FIXED to record a vote for Hillary when you vote for Trump, (which is quite believable),
    Trump will win.

    Roger Stone says that they have been looking at oppositional research-DNC- to get evidence he is mobbed up, Stone says they can't find anything, because he's CLEAN.

    CONSIDERING HIS EDICTS TO HIS KIDS: no smoking drugs, or Drinking, I believe him.

    The RNC & DNC have a court agreement that they will not come contest elections dud to voter FRAUDULENT IS THAT?

    1. How clean is Trump? Seems he's been just a little too chummy with one Jeffery Epstein....

  2. This is a disturbing post by Dr.P. The manner in which he moralistically and ignorantly demeans the topic of prostitution is horrible. It evidences an extreme immaturity about sex, and an ignorance about the nature of prostitution.

    For a moment I thought I was reading a screed by an evangelical minister or maybe an adolescent blogger....

    To think that someone with such ignorant views and emotionally immature views actually practiced psychiatry?????

    It makes me wonder what other immature prejudices he possesses? Is he also a hater of pornography? What is his problem?

    As someone who has operated call girl rings and escort services and bordellos in the past let me give Dr.P some advice....

    Find a beautiful woman who like most women on this planet uses her sexuality to pay her bills and then make love to her and see what really happens.

    You might learn something about the real world.

    Having been in that business I can tell you that there is absolutely no way that the list of supposed client you provide could have been real clients. In that business you about who your clients are. If you did you'd be dealt with.

    So don't believe the bullshit.

  3. While I'm at it let me share some inside info with you about this "Madame" and all others....

    Everytime you hear about a huge prostitution ring finally after a long time being interrupted by law enforcement it always turns out that the person operating it is a woman..

    Such as the Washington ring four years ago or the Heidi Fleiss thing or the Mayflower Madame or whoever like the French woman.

    But never a man running these things..why?

    The reason is because females in that business are notoriously unbusinesslike and take everything personally and have their egos totally involved in what goes on and therefore they end up pissing everybody off and making enemies out of everyone.

    Females cannot last long in that business because they can't operate without making everyone unhappy and angry with them.

    For females prostitution is not a business. It is a competition. To them they value themselves based on their sexual value relative to other girls. They are extremely competitive and egotistical and they see themselves as having value only in terms of their desirability over other girls. Try telling this to a feminist LOL. But women value themselves primarily according to their ability to be sexier than other girls, and to gain more money and status versus other girls by virtue of their superior sexual value in the marketplace.

    That's the simple truth about all girls. They value themselves only according to their sexual value in relation to, and in competiton with, other girls.

    This is why females cannot run prostition businesses as a business and it always goes wrong for them