Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7th -The Anniversary of the First Major Stand-Down at Pearl Harbor that Led Us into WWII!
As the world is immersed in a series of dizzying so-called, “terrorist attacks”, I could not resist writing a blog about the first major stand down: when FDR purposefully allowed the Japanese Zeros to attack Pearl Harbor. This stand down was created to allow the USG to enter WWII against the Nazis and Japanese. Ironically, Hitler was completely taken back by the fact that we justified this Japanese attack as a prelude to our war against him. Nevertheless, FDR initiated it and allowed the attack to occur.

Sixty years later, on 9/11, Bush Jr/ Cheney created, with the assistance of Pakistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia [an unholy alliance], a stand down along with a false flag. However, this time around they were not successful in achieving the desired goal of re-adjusting the Middle East where Israel would be the dominant power in concert with the USA. The desired scenario went belly up as Iraq fell into a nightmare of warring factions as a result of incompetent foresight and planning by the US/Intel complex.

Next Obama, a man of no accomplishments, no history and even less talent, decided to carry the notion of deceiving the American public one step further. He claimed, without any basis of reality, that he ordered the assassination of the already dead Osama bin Laden by the SEAL team in a house near Pakistan’s Military Academy. Of course, that was a blatant lie which was amplified by the discredited SEALS’ self-aggrandizing books released only days after the supposed assassination. The CIA along with Obama, Hillary, Brennan and the entire circus of IC poseurs literally dictated the film script to the exceedingly gullible woman/director Katherine Bigelow for her CIA-inspired propaganda film:”Zero Dark Thirty”. It took only a few of us to remind the world that OBL had died fourteen years before from renal failure due to his genetic disease-- Marfan Syndrome.

However, criminal deceit and political corruption remained a cornerstone of the Obama administration as the Benghazi tragedy took on the veneer of a gruesome tale of ineptness and lackluster leadership. Clinton, Rice, and Power were embroiled in contretemps themes of lies, distortions and absurdities that no fiction writer could have imagined. Please don’t forget that the “video” inspired the attack on Benghazi, or so they said at the beginning of the cover-up.
However, Obama, born and bred of the family imbedded in lies [CIA mother; CIA maternal grandmother/grandfather] initiated another false flag this time at Sandy Hook Elementary School which had been abandoned since 2008. Sandy Hook was used as a false flag episode where  a mentally challenged individual was able to kill countless numbers of children and adults in a New York minute with an arsenal that even Schwarzenegger could not have handled. It turned out that the death of the children had never occurred. Instead, crises actors were hired at taxpayer’s expense to grieve and mourn the loss of their non-existent relatives in the name of ‘gun control’.
So ‘gun control’ was the shibboleth of Obama’s next four year tenure after instituting a failure of a health care program. At the same time, overseas, Obama directed his CIA/SOCOM soldiers to create ISIS. This Sunni makeshift entity was developed to allow for massive military interventions from all sides of the globe. This ensures the worldwide industry of war-making could flourish. 
We continue the false flag charade in Paris, ‘Hebdo;’ and, even possibly one in St Bernardino; where, a ninety pound waif of a woman was a master shooter/tweeter and killer; and active-shooter drills were practiced at a disability center on weekly basis.
Nonsense! Wake up!
We have entered an era of complete self-delusions and so-called ‘terrorist’ contrivances. These acts are committed by POTUS and his minions in order to instill fear and compliance in the American public so that gun control legislation may be passed. These faux acts are also used as a distraction from run-away corruption in Chicago (cover-up for anointed mayors and hidden secrets), on Wall Street and in Washington. 

December 7th is now a day that will remain in infamy not just for the incident in1941. This day will now remind us how we have been played by mind games and stand downs since September 1, 2001. Thank you to our Presidents as well as the IC/Military community, for making certain that we, Americans, have wasted our men, blood and money for nothing more than your own sick, criminal contrivances.

We will need a massive, new type of American Revolution to end this spree of self-destruction. I call on our decent American citizens to demand the right kind of leadership for our troubling times before its too late. 
The French newspaper, Le Monde summarized our situation as follows:
“America and its demons; Europe and its ghosts.”  


  1. Like your buddy Alex Jones you're functioning as the best asset imaginable to those who perpetrated the 9-11 event as well as the Kennedy assaination and other provable conspiracies.

    By conflating proven conspiracies with actual evidence with baseless accusations of conspiracies such as Sandy Hook, San Bernadino and Pearl Harbor, you give the strong impression that all truthers are nuts.

    Let's begin with Pearl Harbor. There was no stand down. This has been studied and studied and studied to death. The commanders on Hawaii just didn't get the information, but they did nothing to stand down their forces. They made all the decisions out there and were not told what to do by anyone. Roosevelt violated American neutrality in countless ways which led the Japanese to attack, and for Hitler to declare war on America, but he did not give any orders to Hawaii to stand down. He might have withheld information from them, but he gave them no orders.

    Now on Sandy Hook and the other "mass shootings," you have a very large burdeon of proof to demonstrate that these events were false flags. There is no evidence of that. These events had real dead bodies and real victims, not crisis actors. There are hundreds of witnesses to these deaths and the witnesses are not military or intelligence officers who can be held to secrecy. These witnesses are non government employees who cannot be made to lie.

    You and Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones provide no evidence of anything for your outrageous claims, and your baseless claims harms the image of all truthers such as the engineers and architects and pilots who have studied 9-11 exhaustively or the legion of Kennedy assassination researchers who have studied that issue in detail.

    Your problem Dr.P is that you never actually study anything...nothing.

    You use your former career, which actually was not that important, to claim an expertise on matters which you have not studied at all.

    You are an armchair expert on these matters who gives only the slightest examination of any of these matters and then proclaims your opinions based on your former career, which has nothing to do with these events in question.

    You're like so many former military and intl people who blather your instant opinions about current events as though you have inside information when you don't. You're government career has nothing to do with Sandy Hook or Pearl Harbor.

    In actuality your career NEVER brought you into contact with the actual intl operators who would be the persons to carry out any false flags. You never were a part of any false flag. You never participated in any conspiracy of any kind. You have no direct experience of anything of the kind.

    1. Im a little nobody commenting upon matters of which i know nothing (which is typical in our modern, open, but dumbed-down society). I have been struck by Pieczenik's constant inconsistency over Putin. Although the world is messy, even little me has grown suspicious of his self-contradiction and flip-flopping about Putin, from month to month.
      Also, it might seem trivial, but I can't trust a guy who claims to be a Dr and PhD, yet who cant use basic punctuation!

    2. You are certainly a disrespectful piece of crap but most certainly as observed over a few years you are forever flip flopping about like a regular psycho which fits well enough but most important is you would need cement in the brain to not see Sandy Hook as a hoax as it has been extremely well documented and you are again delusional. And as far as Peal Harbour is concerned what you are telling us is that the Australians that well monitoring the whole South Pacific region didn't notice this Armada of ships sailing on by. Right. Got it.

    3. MIT, I get your point about being selective in making claims. But are you sure that Dr.P has never been "involved in any conspiracy of any kind".

      We don't know everything about the Aldo Moro incident.

      Prosecutors in Rome said there is "serious evidence" suggesting Steve Pieczenik, a former State Department international crisis manager, participated in the murder that shocked Italy.

      Dr.P seems to have successfully fought this charge, but there has to be a back-story that led to this accusation.

    4. James Rae,

      Are you really suggesting that the dead kids in Sandy Hook are not really dead? Are you suggesting that all their families, the entire municipal government of the town, the county, it's school district, were all in on this conspiracy? It is simply impossible.

      As for the Australians and their tracking of a japanese fleet, as I said it might have been that information was witheld from the Hawaii commanders. However that's different than ordering them to stand down, which never happened.

      btw when you use invectives it only makes you look less credible.

    5. Please answer Wolfgang Halbig's questions.

    6. C_I_A_operator: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. In my brief career working with intl figures I at least actually lived and worked with such people. I actually heard the stories and listened to the accounts of false flags, participated in planting false stories, bribing journalists, and planning killings. I at least had some direct experience with these matters because I actually lived and worked with the persons who conduct these things. I gained an impression of how they think and what's possible and what's not.

    You on the other hand were in the STATE DEPARTMENT...the STATE DEPARTMENT. You sat at the right hand of that fat slob Lawrence Eagleberger and other State Department diplomats who personally have nothing to do with Covert Action matters.

    You never even worked with the NSC or other agencies involved with National Security decisions.

  3. When I worked with Walt Rostow, who was the President's National Security Advisor in 1967, he admitted to me that there was a deliberate stand down involving the attack on the USS Liberty. Then later another CI officer who worked with Rostow and James Angleton informed me that the stand down was because the Israeli attack was intended by the NSC to be used as a provocation for the US to attack Egypt.

    Now those are from first hand primary sources of actors who were there.

    You never provide anything of the kind because you were not dealing with those kinds of actors.

  4. Dr. P. On Alex Jones, a day which will live in infamy.

    I remember it well.

  5. Like 'Climate Change', the issues (false flag conspiracies) have large dissenting groups of experts with impressive credentials that should not be ignored. Leaving the Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Kennedy and the Gulf of Tonkin out of the conversation because the Internet wasn't around then, consider the following:

    911: what about the PBS documentary where top PhD's in structural engineering, architecture, chemistry, et all, are all asking the same obvious questions which have yet to be answered for? If you haven't watched it, then you're missing an incredible presentation with very thought provoking information delivered by EXPERTS. There are thousands of credentialed professionals in those fields who've signed on to the petition requesting information on key evidence 'missed' from the investigation. Aren't we not all interested in truth and justice? Shouldn't such a significant event warrant a second, third and fourth look? You said it yourself, the wars were totally illegal. Why did you say that?

    What about the simple unanswered questions of Wolfgang Halbig, the nation's TOP expert on school shootings/security? Joined by countless other security and law enforcement professionals who have signed on to the petition to release the evidence on a few crucial, what seem to be overlooked points in the investigation? Are they all idiots too?

    For the tens of millions of interested parties in these paradigm shifting events, it appears as though the 'authorties' have already made up their minds and closed the cases. Does that mean the final report is the truth? If so, who's truth? All lot of freedoms are at risk here....

    Anybody can spin just about anything and who cares anymore. I mean my Dallas Cowboys still have a shot at the playoffs and Kim and Kanye have a new sex tape...WOOHOO!

    Like the 'experts' (assholes) who guaranteed the ice caps would melt by now and poor fucking Tonga would be underwater, do you seriously think for one minute the system producing that dogshit can be trusted to get these other ones right without a little outside examination? Without experts not on the payroll?

    It is illogical to be satisfied with a final report without a thorough examination of the questions posed by independent experts in the field of discussion. Go ahead and call me a moron and an asshole, but I'd say E=MC2 is proven not because Einstein said so, but because thousands of his peers with no affiliation have said so.

    1. Sandy Hook is a textbook hoax that should be studied in school. It is a fucking comedy. CIA/Mitt is an asshole narcissist textbook classic.

    2. For Sandy Hook to have been a hoax the entire city, county, school district, parents and so forth would have to have been involved in the deception and that is not possible.

      If there are inconsistencies or alleged issues they should be examined, but it's not possible to stage a hoax of that kind.

    3. I think I said that regarding 9-11 the bulk of expert opinion is that the government story could not be true. It doesn't comport with known facts and evidence.

      My point is that Dr.P pronounces each and every allegation of false flag events as false flags, even the cases for which there is no evidence. Doing this discredits the serious researchers on issue such as the Kennedy assassinations, 9-11, the USS Liberty, and so forth. He makes us all look like nuts because there isn't a single serious researcher who claims Sandy Hook or San Bernadino are hoaxes...not one serious researcher. Just nutballs on those particular matters.

    4. You ought to look into Wolfgang Halbig's resume as the country's top expert in school shootings/security.

      See what a REAL EXPERT has to say on the event. Nevermind, I'm sure the Connecticut Mounties assigned to that little province did a thorough job...

    5. Mr.Halbig was only a Florida state peace officer. He is not an expert on anything any more than Ted Gunderson was. Gunderson was a retired FBI Special Agent who cooked up fanciful tails and mixed some true stories with fabrications. Halbig is the same. He is not the foremost authority on anything as he has not the education or credentials for that.

      In law enforcement there are huge numbers of charlatains who get idiot judges to have them recognized in their courts as "expert witnesses" even though they have no real credentials. Usually this is because idiot police departments let amateurs train their officers based on the theory that "street people" with no credentials have knowledge needed by officers.

      Another example of this is police/firearms advocate Mossad Ayoob, who testifies in court cases constantly and trains police all over America but he has no acedemic credentials, never went to law school, and is only a part time reserve police officer LOL. Ayoob is just a guy who set up a pro-police private training "institute" out of his garage and says whatever the police want him to say.

    6. I get it, since he's no expert, Mr. Halbig's questions are a moot point.

    7. I get it, since he's no expert, Mr. Halbig's questions are a moot point.

  6. Nah, Mike's a cool dude you'd enjoy having a beer with who's just playing devils advocate to flush out the leaks.

    Btw, isn't weird we aren't having a national moment, or reminder of all those poor murdered children at SH? Like it never happened now... weird right? Wasn't even mentioned in the latest speech regarding gun control.

    Nothing to see here... move along!

    1. I don't drink any alcohol and I'm not being a devil's advocate.

      Dr.P is way, way off. In fact he's usually way off.

      My point is that he should stick to matters germane to his experience in diplomacy and hostage negotiating and stop making claims about false flags and other Covert Action issues when he has no experience in Covert Action and never worked in intelligence at all.

      He's like the "Colonels" and "Generals" who appear on Fox News talking about diplomacy or International Politics when all they were were soldiers!

      Dr.P knows little or nothing about Covert Action.

      The closest he had to do with it was the efforts to weaken the Soviet government in the 1980s, and he wildly overstates the impact of those efforts on the collapse of the communist party there.

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  8. 911 was a hoax the planes were CGI, pearl harbor was a fraud to get us into world war 2, sandy hook and San Bernardino more hoaxes that can easily be covered up through the CIA intimidation and crisis actors deal. Look up how the u s. Left behind thousands of pow/mias at the end of the Vietnam war with sightings that continue to this day. Alex Jones is a Zionist agent and his real name is bill hicks, the Jews run the media, our politicians, they run all wars including the holohoax lie. So while Steve and Alex send you on a goose chase after the globalists, Israel mossad and the Zionists run the world, look up the dancing Israelis on 911.

  9. 9/11 and JFK were obviously own goals, in fact embarrassingly so. Pearl Harbour was definitely intended, Churchill knew about it in advance as did Stephenson and even David Ogilvy the Advertising Guru.There were no carriers there because they knew they would be needed for the Pacific Wars and two Japanese midget submarines were totally ignored. The Japanese Embassy in Washington the night before were furiously destroying documents and US Intelligence was well aware of this. No PH no War it had to happen and they had been winding up the Japs for some time to ensure it did. Regarding Sandy Hook nobody knows what happened but it is fishy as hell, I have shown some of the parents interviews to people and everyone thinks they are phoney everything about them from the smiles to the well groomed presentation is plastic. Regarding Dr P in his spare time he used to go around destabilizing countries and has run ins with household name Dictators. He is who Clancy based Jack Ryan on! His CV is so good that on Randi's Sceptic's forum they thought he was a made up character, then it went a bit quiet when they checked out his education and works through press clippings which show he is a real bloke.

    1. Actually Clancy didn't base Jack Ryan on Dr.P. Ryan was a CIA officer steeped in Covert Action but never did anything deceptive or underhanded...strange. Dr.P on the other hand had nothing to do with CIA and Covert Action. He was in the State Department and worked on Hostage Negotiation and psychological strategies for diplomancy. His career is altogether different.

  10. Good youtube vids on Sandy hook include " we need to talk about Sandy Hook " and " Sofia
    Smallstorm Sandy Hook ". You cannot dodge or get around this hoax and it is and has opened millions of Americans eyes to the evils within and points directly at Eric Holder who has a deeply criminal track record from prior events.

    1. The parents and cousins and grandparents of the dead kids are all still there. So all these people in on the hoax? The the dead kids themselves are off in Paraguay?

      That is not possible.

    2. Every family had their fund me sites and every family got millions. Watch the videos. What the brutally poor acting.

  11. Sandy Hook is a village within the town of Newtown. Suzanne Collins ( Hunger Games ) and Kaitlyn ( Bruce ) Jenner were born there. It is a strange place I am sure. A cult town of some sort.

    1. It takes a lot more than that to get thousands of people to all go along with such a conspiracy. People talk. Look at me. I talk. I talk because I can. You can only keep secrets when you are dealing with government employees who sign contracts and face imprisonment or being locked up in a psychiatric hospital being treated by Dr.P if they talk.

      The only times government employees talk to the media or make recorded statements is when they are on their death beds.

      Ordinary people even if they live in a strange town just won't stop talking LOL. In fact all they do is talk.

  12. Regarding "stand-downs".....

    It now appears likely that it was HILLARY CLINTON who was behind the military stand-down to defend the diplomatic compound at Benghazi.

    Excerpt from Fox News:

    As the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was unfolding, a high-ranking Pentagon official urgently messaged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top deputies to offer military help, according to an email obtained by Judicial Watch.

    The email was sent out at 7:19 p.m. ET on Sept. 11, 2012, in the early stages of the eight-hour siege that also claimed the lives of Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALs, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, private CIA contractors who raced to the aid of embattled State Department workers.

    “This leaves no doubt military assets were offered and ready to go, and awaiting State Department signoff, which did not come,” Judicial Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog said in a statement.

    Bash’s email, which bore the subject line “Libya,” was sent to Clinton’s then-deputy chief of staff Jacob Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman and Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas Nides.


  13. I believe it's highly unlikely that Hillary Clinton would be part of a stand down. She's not the type for that sort of thing by any means at all. The kinds of people who conduct those kinds of things are men, not women. Men can be brought along to do diabolical acts in collusion with others, but women are not capable of that. Hillary has many flaws, but doing the kinds of things that Lyndon Johnson did or that Walt Rostow of Admiral Limnitzer or Allen Dulles did. No. No woman would do that.

  14. So here is the thing. It is starting to look like your San Bernardino shooting was ably assisted by three stalwarts of Craft International, you remember the fellas that kept losing their backpacks at the Boston Bombing. My question is how much would you have to pay someone highly trained like these gentleman to kill non-combative innocent folk?

    1. There were no Craft International operators at the Boston Bombing. There were a couple of guys around with "punisher" caps, but Craft International didn't own that logo. There are all kinds of people with that symbol on their guns, hats, shoe, underwear... It's everywhere. The people who pointed those guys out and claimed they worked for Craft International were...stupid fabricators. Fabricators because they know "punisher" is a ubiquitous emblem, and STUPID because DO YOU REALLY THINK IF THEY WERE THERE TO COMMIT A BOMBING THEY WOULD WEAR THEIR COMPANY LOGO???


      WAKE UP!!

      Think for a minute. If anyone was there to commit a bombing they are not going to wear the uniform of the company they work for...duh....

      Furthermore there is no reliable evidence that anyone was shooting at San Bernadino other than the two so far implicated. There are conflicting witness reports and that's all. For every witness claiming there were three tall men there are ten saying otherwise.

  15. Glad you brought it up, it is called HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT! If ever I was to do something nefarious, I would wear a security, Police or Plumbers outfit because you disappear. When I was involved in security in the early 80's when Met Police came through I used to insist on ID as I pointed out anyone can buy a uniform. With Boston if the local Police and security were informed at their briefings that Craft were back up and to leave them alone, they would, that is the point within a false flag, if stopped you are part of a drill. If you look athletic with short military hair and no logos you look very suspicious, especially if you leave your backpack around for all to see.Being part of 'security' means you have total access and everyone backs off. Those gentleman were so involved in the days events as all the pictures show. Thinking about it wasn't RFK shot from behind by a security guard in UNIFORM in the Hotel Kitchens then he just melted away. As I recall Onassis or the CIA helped Bobby shuffle of his coil.

    1. You would wear the emblem of the company who paid you to stage the bombing?

      That's not what you're talking about.

      Look, the living kid admitted the whole thing, just as the living culprit in Oklahoma City admitted that he bombed the Federal Building there.

      That's different from Sirhan Sirhan who says he can't remember anything or Lee Oswald who said he didn't do it.

      These recent events are not false flags. There is no evidence for it and ample evidence to the contrary.

  16. All these events are absolute pieces of crap and have no bearing on reality. They are constructed for people who cannot think and see or are too afraid to see and CIA is a shill.

  17. I have an brother in law, an ivy league educated attorney, and I know he would lie cheat, steal, break any law, and kill to get gun control passed.

    If we are that far gone, and I believe we are, God help us all.

    1. No one would stage false flags at this time to enact gun control because no amount of mass shootings will cause the Congress to enact it because the majorities in both Houses are too much against it.

      Given that there is no motive...none.

      All the rest is bullshit.

  18. Maybe the motive is for; re-approving collection of metadata by Govt and/or some way to put a hole into encrypted msgs. So Govt can decipher "terrorist's" msgs. ?

  19. As usual at Paris attack along with the usual loonies who blow themselves up, we have white athletic usual suspect merc types being driven in black Mercedes to dispatch Parisians. Getting a bit old is it not.

  20. Is it true there was a 'Health Adjustment Bureau' in the CIA?